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The New Akatsuki: The End (Time Skip)

Ryu here with the last chapter in the New Akatsuki title. No it is not the end of my story. Read the end. It explains my reasons. So the final chapter, The End



Zetsu leaves to report back to Madara and the Cloud ninjas have been brief on the situation that just occurred. Killer Bee was sent later that day to the mysterious Island. Because the original plans the Raikage had in mind had be scratched do to Naruto being “unavailable” at the time, The Raikage had to send more of his own men to be Bee’s bodyguards. Do to his sensory abilities Shi was picked to be one of the guards but not without protest for he wants to be on the battlefield. Kasumi and Omoi asked to go with Bee to the island. It had been a long time since they went and wanted to protect their sensei with their lives. Raikage agreed and the 4 of them along with the man named Motoi were off across the sea to their destination. Still unbeknownst to them, Kisame Hoshigaki was right there with them.

The Konoha and Suna allies stayed to see Bee off. Once that was done, the Raikage told the young Kages he would hold a meeting in a week back in Kumo to discuss the alliance. Once finished and everyone bid each group farewell, Konoha was on their way back to the village.

Along the way Kakashi received a message from a messager pigeon of some great and terrible news. Tsunade had recovered and was briefed on the situation. She took over the duties of Hokage again while Kakashi was gone. Happy of these detail but knows with him still being appointed the sixth Hokage, Kakashi was not out of the woods yet. The terrible news, Anko and her search team were found with her the only survivor. Upon reading this info Kakashi knew that the mission to track and taking down Kabuto Yakushi was unsuccessful.  He had to know if Kabuto gave any info about his plans. From his run in with him in the past, Kakashi knows a hit of his plans would be in Kabuto’s message. He just can resist doing this. So his group sped up to return to village and prepare for the up and coming Fourth Ninja War and the possibility of this new threat.


Orochimaru’s hideout

Once Madara was done with implanting Itachi’s eyes into Sasuke, Zetsu returned with the news of the battle between the Cloud brothers and Kisame’s infiltration. Zetsu figured Madara would be upset that the eight tailed beast was gone but Madara emotions were the complete opposite. He was glad that his plan was going ahead of schedule. He had figured that because this Island was the only place Madara had not been within Kumo over the years because the location was a secret only a select few knew, he had to know its location. He knew from the past that during the wars, to keep their Jinchuuriki safe Kumo would send the host to this island. So he came up with a plan and explained it to Zetsu. He’s plan was for Kisame to infiltrate the Island via Samehada and once the location is known send a message back and proceed to capture Hachibi. With little info on this Island, something powerful could be on this island that could help or hurt his chances to win this war.


The next day.

Madara called a meet minus Sasuke. He wanted to let everyone know that everything was going according to plan which gave Naruto some strange and uneasy feeling that his own plans had just been put in major jeopardy.

Because Sasuke seems to trust Naruto, Madara allowed Naruto space to do what he must do to prepare for the up and coming battles, however Madara still had mixed feelings because of Naruto obsession to bring Sasuke back in the past but if Naruto was there then maybe he was wrong about the Nine Tailed Jinchuuriki. However Madara could tell Sakura had strong emotional ties the Konoha and may try to kill Sasuke but he needs her medical hands to increase Sasuke’s recovery time. She was “asked” to heal Sasuke’s “wounded” eyes. She was not to remove the bandages and during her time with Sasuke, Jugo was to be by her side at all times. Once that was done Madara and Zetsu disappeared to “tend to some important battle arrangements”. Once alone again, Naruto quickly sent word though his toads to Lord Fukasaku and for him to send word to Kakashi of the situation


Mount Myouboku

After a discussion about giving Naruto the “key” to the Kyubi’s full powers, the Great Elder Toad order for Naruto to be sent to Mount Myouboku to reread his future and ask him if he was up to the task. While Naruto was sleep in his room Fukasaku reverse summoned Naruto in front of the Great Elder. It was here that Naruto was given the choice to take the key or go on and finish his duties before taking on this tasks and responsibilities of the key. Naruto knew that if the key was with him and if he was taken by Madara he could put the entire world endanger but remembering his father and both his teachers and sensei’s words of encouragement and belief in him. Naruto knew the time would come when he must try to control the fox and that time would come very soon. So he decided to take the responsibility.  Soon after Gerotora entered Naruto, he asked to be returned to his room in the hideout a.s.a.p. If he was missing for too long the other members would get suspicious. He was sent back where he lay back in the bed, and began to think of how he would get to Sasuke with Madara constantly around.


Back in the hideout

Sakura everyday for four days would enter Sasuke’s room with Jugo in tow. She would get Sasuke to lie down and begin to heal the swollen nerve endings and muscle tissue. She wanted so bad to tell Sasuke how she and Naruto really felt but knew Sasuke was far to gone to understand their hearts. Many of times she would begin to cry and tear drops would fall on Sasuke’s cheek. At first he would get annoyed but for some reason he begin to feel something deep inside himself. Were these his true friends’ tears? But then Itachi face would bounce back into his mind and his anger would swell again.

On the fourth day Madara returned to assess the healing process. He knew Sasuke was ready but had to finish his preparations first. So he asked Sasuke to wait for him to finish his side as to keep other hidden villages out the way of help Konoha when they attack.

For those same four days Naruto continued to train himself to staying in Sage Mode longer. When word came down to Naruto that Sasuke was healed and Madara would leave again soon. He felt it was time for him and Sasuke to have a one on one talk.



A week has passed.

The meeting of the Kage and other Alliance members had come into session. Tsunade and Kakashi both represented Konoha. It was here that with Killer Bee on the Island that would give the Alliance a lot more time to deal with this Moon Eye plan of Madara’s. Even though every Kage let Naruto deal with Sasuke, once Kakashi told them the truth about where Naruto really was, the Raikage nearly had a heart attack and really wanted to strangle Kakashi but Tsunade stepped in and let them know Naruto would not let Madara take him without a fight and by that time that happened the war would be over. Though anger the Raikage did promise and will live by his word not to interfere unless Konoha can’t deal with the situation.

Fukasaku appeared suddenly with word from Naruto of the situation going on at the hideout with the Akatsuki. This gave the Alliance a better description of how to handle this war. Also Kakashi warned of the possibility that Kabuto would appear and with his newly augmented powers he could be an even more dangerous foe then Orochimaru himself was. Finally once the meeting was finished the Kages left back to their respective villages to finish preparing for the war and unless some movement from the Akatsuki was spotted then they would meet again with their forces in another weeks to head after Madara.


Orochimaru’s hideout

Days after Madara asked Sasuke to wait; he searched for the remains of Nagato without confronting Konan. However once he, nor Zetsu could not find the place themselves Madara face Konan to force her into telling him of the whereabouts of Nagato. Madara defeated Konan and was close to finishing his preparations after he had obtained the Rinnengan from Konan (Chapter 509 ) and implanted one in left eye. It was time to ready his army of White Zetsus.

Once he was ready for war he would march on but he decided to let Sasuke and Naruto have their revenge first. This would get Konoha out of the way for a much more effective advantage in the war. During this time, Naruto decided to make his move to try and somehow talk Sasuke out of this foolishness.  Sasuke himself healed but waiting on word from Madara that he was ready to move, was outside the hideout over looking the view of the sunset over the sea next to the hideout. With a Akatsuki robe’s hood over his head, hiding his new Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, Sasuke closes his eyes and dreams until he hears footsteps coming from behind him.


Yes I know this is not my best work but as it says at the top this is the end of this part of my story. I had to end it this way or you all would be looking at 5 or 6 more boring chapters with no battles. I am also ending this title and going with a new title more appropriate to the way this story is heading. Also in this new part of the story we will see way more battles and the fated fight between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

End of the New Akatsuki (New Atasuki)