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It’s out… Brought to you by mart1


I just want to say that I called Kabuto being overpowered some 7-10 weeks ago when I left shannaro, and that when kishi closes one plot hole he opens another… (I’ll see if bob picks up on, if not I’ll explain)


46 Responses

  1. I’ve been gone for a while so here are my thoughts:

    1. If shin can break edo tensei, Itachi and Nagato will probably join the alliance (unless Kabuto put more effort into controlling them than “root member X”)

    2. Kabuto didn’t bring back Konan

    3. Who do you think is more overpowered, Kabuto or Madara?

    4. Why is the black zetsu special?

  2. Do the tailed beast count as trapped souls? Maybe Naruto and KB won’t have to die after the fox and the octupus ox leave their bodies. They each just have to have lived a full life, maybe?
    And kabuto is so done right now.

  3. @Walmart
    So far all we know about black zetsu is that he likes to consume dead bodies with white zetsu and that he is walking DVR. Seriously, I think madara has a special relationship with black zetsu, like a person who just lovesTivo to death.Black zetsu is also gloomy, and serious compared to white zetsu who seems to act all happy and innocent. I don’t know what use black zetsu is a battle, though.

  4. There is only one black zetsu while there are millions of white ones. (he’s a minority) Also he is kept off the frontline but still trusted to protect Sasuke. I think that he/madara did to himself what Kabuto did to the white zetsu with the various bodies he consumed in order to locate the six paths’ genetic offspring. Causing his change/uniqueness.

  5. the whole breaking edo tensei thing came too early and showed a gross lack of creativity that insulted my intelligence as a fan of this manga additionally kishi has managed to defecate on the grave of the third! Next week also looks primed to showcase kishi’s love of plotholes!

  6. great chapter, welcome back mart1, kisu might be mad you beat him to the punch on the whole “its out,” for sure bob has alot to say on this chapter, especially on sais brother soul being released from eido tensei, dont want to say too much so let bob-o do his thing, ah doesnt anyone think this battle was too short for it to be over

  7. I agree w/ Profess on the fight being to fast. seems that kish is just trying to finish this thing, plotholes and all.

  8. i think kankuro was pwnage in this fight he did most of the work

  9. I agree with ZepWolfX after Tobi’s introduction. Kishi is doing things incredibly fast. Just remember how long was Sakura and Chiyos fight against Sasori. And that whole Sai’s brother release from edo tensei only show us that Kishi made jutsu and now is changing rules during game. I know that he couldn’t expect how that jutsu will evolve before Third fight against First and Second, but I think we expected when Kabuto ressurected those guys, proper matchs with some deeper and psychological battle involved. Not just looking at picture and freely broke one of the strongest jutsu without any damage done to Sai. At least we can see Kabuto’s limits he seems to encounter serious problems in controling so many bodies at once.

  10. this is bullshit!
    wht’s with kishi, the stongest jutsu being pawned with nothing but emotions,ha
    is this the limit of edo tensei or kishi is out of track of creating s’thing better to counter it.
    the strongest duo r defeated by losers. Akatsuki were hell of a strong people when they were alive, with this level of strength even ino could take them out.

    it was as if sasori and deidara never tried to fight.
    crap this was not expected out of the final fight

  11. wow i can understand peoples disappointment, but really, i thought it was quite touching. 🙂 i mean one of the most over powered jutsus, edo tensei has a rather complex and not so simple solution. emotion is one of the hardest things to get right. your soul is not about strength, but about emotion. it makes sense that the key of the correct emotion would be the release of a bound soul.

  12. MART! Welcome back! I’ll let you get away with posting the “Its Out” post this week 😛

    Now let me help spread the hate for this chapter. This is what I said yesterday immediately after reading the chapter

    “So only when a soul comes to peace with what they thought they left unfinished do they get to rest… but what does that say of Zabuza and Haku? If I recall both of them died peacefully. didn’t Chiyo as well? Kishi is asspulling and its stupid! He just trolled freaking Sasori and Deidara. The ENTIRE Suna army couldnt do crap against them when they were separated and we’re supposed to believe that 3 guys could do that? Its beyond silly. This is so Bleach-like. In Bleach when someone dies and has something left to do on Earth they stay in the living world until they become a Hollow. This is so far beyond ridiculous I’ll have to make up a new word to describe it…its RIDONCULOUS! This feels like Ichigo vs Butterflaizen all over again *facepalm*”

    Hooray for Plothole No jutsu.

  13. Sai’s ‘brother”s soul is freed by an event like seeing Sai’s drawing. Maybe other souls will be freed too.

  14. the begining was good but the end sucks…

  15. Diedara and Sasori was waaay to weak. I understand that the other twos (threes) power level have increased (DBZ) but still doesnt mean total pwnage.

    Welcome back Mart,
    Madara is overpowered
    and maybe Black Zetsu holds a different power relatively opposite of the white zetsu. We know their personality differs, so why not their prowess? Just a thought.

  16. *Diedara and sasori were waaay to weak.

    Sorry for Typo.

    Another thing to add to my previous comment, we dont know a lot about Zetsu. He’s really close winded with Madara, is their anyway he would plan a coup. The cliche “I know your every trick now let me kill you” Plan. Happened with Renji and with Gin. Both failed absurdly, but we get the point.

  17. Some people say Deidara and sasori were too weak but they didnt get the time to improve whilst the other used their time well.

  18. Hey hey hey everyone, CHILL.

    Personally I think this shows the limitation in Kabuto controling SO MANY bodies. Orochimaru had complete control, so the personalities were supressed, this means after the Fuda were placed the 1st and 2nd Hokage had no emotions (until the DDCS was used on them). This means that the 3rd Hokage had no chance to influence them in the same way that Sai did with his brother.

    Also, I think it was a fitting way for Sai to beat Shin, it caps Sai’s transformation from a Root member to getting his emotions back. Sai’s journey of bonds is now complete I think.

    Granted, I don’t think all of the Edo Tensei’ed bodies will be destroyed that way, but I think a bunch of them will before Kabuto realizes his mistake.

  19. @ Ultimate- yes i agree with you! We didnt know how Strong Omoi was and we havent seen kankuro in a good while! Sasori had none of his scolls to conjur his 100 puppets or however many he could control! he only had his real body so he had all of his concealed weapons taken away from him and we have not seen him fight without his weapons and puppets….

    Deidra on the other hand is a very tough fighter! he might of underestimated his opponents and the tactical knowledge given to kankuro that was passed on to Omoi about nulifying his clay was vital!

  20. now that ripcord put into perspective; I understand. Still thought the fight could’of lasted longer, tho.

  21. The problem of Deidara was that all his abilities and weak points were revealed without all this intel they would have a quite tougher time. They knew how to detect his bombs and they knew that his bombs were earth based and about his suicide bomb and as mattmaru mentioned he was too cocky of his immortal status

  22. Sai was a beast this chapter. Kankuro did cool stuff without even trying. Omoi did some awesome things, but I was expecting more of the battle to center around him. Instead kankuro and sai did most of the fighting.

  23. @Ultimate, I would imagine Iwagakure gave out the info on Deidara since sasugay sure as hell didn’t tell anyone. But im surprised they knew about the suicide bomb though. Btw, it wasnt even a year and you’re telling me Kankuro moved from not being able to touch Sasori to pwning him? YEAH RIGHT! lol

  24. The whole chapter can be summed up in this lines:”Dude, your brother is beating the crap out of us. Tell him you’re sorry quick or he’ll never leave us alone.”

  25. On Sasori vs. Kankuro: I think that Kankuro learned a lot from studying Sasori’s red secret technique (this would only at most make him AS good as Sasori) and then improved his skills through training and modifying his puppets. Finnaly Sasori was weakened by losing his puppets. But if half a year seems a small time frame to gain the advantage, just remember 1. Sasori isn’t dead yet and 2. Naruto took on Pein in much less time (not to mention all of his akatsuki battles)

  26. i actually liked this chapter and the length of the fight. all those complaining should keep in mind that this was only the first battle of many to come in a war that involes the whole world, kishi cant afford to dwell on it for too long. also, remeber wat kank sId int his chapter, sasori is not as strong as he was when he was alive, and during the time he was dead, kank has mastered his own black secret tech (that he might hav been workin on since before he first fought sasori. omoi had the right element to counter diedara’s bombs, and having summoned sp many bodies, it was only natural that kabuto’s control over them nd the seal keeping their souls in the world of the living wud be limited. so i dont mind that sai’s bro broke his seal.

    Last but to least, awesome chapters from both naruto and bleach. Cant wait to read next weeks’s 🙂

  27. Good point of view ripcord, so I guess the next upcoming battles will be similar to this one. Freeing a person soul through emotion, because Kabuto didn’t surpessed the personalities. I hope Kabuto surpress the personalities quick, because if he doesn’t, that would be really gay. I’m on Naruto wiki trying to figure out the backgrounds of the shonobi fighting in this match up. I’m hoping that the Zetsu army will be much stronger.

    “Who do you think is more overpowered, Kabuto or Madara?”

    I can’t determine that just yet, Madara obtaining the Rinnegan gives him more options in his arsenal, if Kabuto surpesses the resurrected shonobi, this war would not be a physiological war. I can’t choose one.

    “1. If shin can break edo tensei, Itachi and Nagato will probably join the alliance (unless Kabuto put more effort into controlling them than “root member X”)”

    Speaking of Danzo, I wonder if he was resurrected by Kabuto will that seal he stampped over Konoha’s ANBU Root squad reappear agian? And if Itachi & Nagato join the alliance the war would be over real quick

  28. @nasri I agree completely. People want these battles to last 4 chapters per fight like at the beginning but honestly these just appetizers. I really didn’t mind this chapter and enjoyed the quick skirmish. Would I rather read 4 chapters of weakened sasori and diedra vs a squad? No thanks give me long chapters of battles worth my time

  29. “Would I rather read 4 chapters of weakened sasori and diedra vs a squad?”- I Think that people want a NON weakened sasori and diedara battle. For instance, Deidara in his two previous battles took up 4+ chapters of back and forth in each where as here he didn’t even analyze his opponent at all.

  30. Is there even one risk to the caster of Edo Tensei? It has to have one or else it wouldn’t be forbidden, right?

  31. It’s only forbidden because of the human sacrifice/zombie aspect. Forbidden jutsu don’t have to hurt the user.

  32. @mart well u would have 4 chapters of a weal sasori not because of the jutsu but because what made sasori dangerous was his puppet body and his puppet army. He is now in his human body with no puppets yo control. Yea no Thanks I’m glad this is over quick. I saw diedra and sasori battle already. Time to move thru the story. These 2 were my least favorite anyways and maybe kishi will spend time on nagato and itachis summon. But like I said glad this battle was quick. Didn’t deserve 4 chapters.

  33. Kishimoto could have had a much more strategic battle (considering Sasori’s intelligence) for instance he could have had sasori retake his puppet body then have red technique vs. Black technique, have a repeat of Sasori destroying Kankuro’s puppets then Kankuro using his knowledge of Sasori’s puppet to break that, reassembling his own (because Sasori destroying them was fake) THEN using the underground trap method, THAT would be much more interesting, plus some fodder ninja could die to the Sasori/Sasori combo.

  34. I also want to say that the panel with Sai’s bloodshot eyes was totally badass. I mean, you could just tell that his calmness from Root was totally gone and he was fighting with his heart.

  35. Didn’t enjoy this chapter, since when can Sai teleport?

  36. One would also think Sasori foundhis peace in death the first time since he LET HIMSELF GET KILLED. And then he gave them info on Oro, what more could the dude have wanted? Kisu vanish

  37. “you could just tell that his calmness from Root was totally gone and he was fighting with his heart.”

    if that’s so then its dumb. You can get away with fighting with ur heart on regular missions, but this is war! Its time for them to start acting like real ninja (like Zabuza and Kisame) instead of loose cannons. I thought Root would be indispensable in this war BECAUSE they had no emotions and wouldnt hesitate to give up their lives. *sigh

  38. Since Edo Tensei doesn’t end if the caster or the summon getskilled, I see three ways this kind of battle can end.The key is to break the bond between the caster and the summon

    1. You seal the soul away, like kankuro said or like the third hokage did.
    2. You trick the caster into ending the technique, also like kankuro said
    3. You provoke the summoned spirit to leave of its own free will, like the result of what happened between sai and his brother

    Like it or not most battles will have to end like option 3, unless I missed one. Not every team comes equipped with a seal expert, so option one can be over used. Since there isn’t anyone on the Shinnobi’s side who isremotely close to Kabuto right now, option 2 is useless as well; Ino’s clan might be able to intercept Kabuto’s mind control with their jutsu, but I don’t think it is strong enough to break kabuto’s connection. All three options can be done, but I think kishi will be relying on p[tion 3 the most. It takes more of the guesswork about how these batles will end, but if kishi takes more development time, it could be interesting to tsee more of the past characters deepest desires play a role in upcoming battles.
    I just hope that the former jinchuuriki don’t all get pwned for having the same dreams. I don’t really know much about them, except for gaara.

  39. @kisuzachi In the anime I think zabuza and haku’s regrets are explained. I may be wrong on this but haku he couldn’t be everything that zabuza needed at the time, he couldn’t satisfy his lust for revenge. Zabuza had the opposite issue he couldn’t let go of revenge long enough to enjoy haku’s friendship. I think their grievances will be settled if they could somehow pass away at the same time. Zabuza seemed especially worried that he would never be with haku again right after he died. So I guess neither one of them was truly at peace after death.
    It makes pein’s beliefs seem even more rational. Peace is never fully achieved in life. It takes enough courage just to do what you have to do in order to get along.

  40. “And if Itachi & Nagato join the alliance the war would be over real quick”

    Im not understanding that comment…
    As we just saw when someone soul gets released like sai’s brother they turn back to ash. Why do people think they have an option to join the alliance? I hate to say it but all these people are dead. once the sould is gone they go back to dust in the ground. Am I right?

  41. I could understand if someone from the alliance summoned itachi and nagato once the soul has been released but I doubt the alliance would get that desperate to use a forbidden jutsu.
    By the way that makes me curious about something…..What would happen if someone tries summoning one of the dead souls kabuto had already summoned? Would it not work or do they gain control of the soul?

  42. “they turn back to ash”: Pein controls life and death, so he could bring himself back instead of moving on and Itachi’s so strong with genjutsu that mind controlling him seems like a difficult task. Also just because Shin passed on doesn’t mean they all have too, they could fight the jutsu then stay on.

  43. @mart actually once they r broken from the jutsu it looks like they no longer fight…. shin regained control and once the control over him was broken poof he’s gone. They can’t be brought back to life like that….. they r back but only as long as the jutsu lasts not for eternity

  44. And nagato can’t bring himself back…. cause he is already summoned. His soul is here already so fwhat could he Res of himself?

  45. @mart
    Yeah I get what your saying but when pein brought the people from the village back to life they were all dead for a couple of minutes or hours. Nagato himself has been dead for a while. His body hasnt turned to dust yet but hes been dead too long and were still not sure if nagato still has his rinnegan after hes been summoned. Hes probably gonna have some questions for madarra when he sees that his body had been ransacked for his eyes.

  46. @token
    Yeah you get what im talking about lol

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