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Naruto Chapter 517 – First Blood

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Wow, this was a sweet chapter to start off the war. With first blood already drawn, the good guys have already suffered casualties from the elites of Kabuto’s Edo Tensei army. I’m expecting great things from Kishi in the chapters to come, this is the kind of dark and merciless fighting which I think has been missing from Naruto for sometime now. We’ve been hearing about the brutality of the previous ninja wars from older characters in the series, but now we’ll see it played out in front of us for the first time. But I think we should expect this war to be bloodier than all others – as we’ve seen already, Akatsuki doesn’t obey any conventional rules of engagement; for them, nothing is taboo. That said, I’m more than ever convinced that this is the beginning of the last arc of Naruto, simply because I can’t think of a more epic way to end this series. But with the scale of this war and the sheer number of characters involved, don’t expect a quick end anytime soon though 🙂

Well, we’ve already have some deaths so far on the ambush squad’s side. Anko’s advanced scout team got annihilated. There wasn’t any doubt that Anko would be outclassed by Kabuto in the encounter last chapter. Although chapter 517 doesn’t directly state whether Anko is just unconscious or dead, my gut tells me she’s a goner. Even if Kabuto is keeping her alive, you can expect him to use her against our heroes down the line. This appears to be a theme that’s going to be exploited by Akatsuki to the fullest in the battles to come. Sai is the first victim to this psychological warfare, will he be able to fight against the only person he can truly call family in this whole world? It’s an especially sad situation for Sai as well since it is the value of bonds and family that Naruto had instilled in him that is partially making him hesitate in this situation. The old Sai of Roots, as cold as he was, would probably have been unfazed.

It’s a blast to see Sasori and Deidara in action again as a team. Sure, we’ve seen them fight before, but always as individuals. This could be the first time we see them fighting as a duel, and despite their constant bickering, they need to admit that they make a devastating combo team. The use of that Aburame as a walking suicide bomber is just plain evil, but so very effective as an opener to the battle between ambush squads. And I never realized it until now, but Sasori could turn any dead enemies’ body into a fighting minion right on the battlefield. And remembering his 100 puppet technique, this means he could easily muster up a small army with the corpses of the alliance shinobi they kill here. This combined with Kabuto’s Edo Tensei, means that Akatsuki’s army will only grow stronger as the alliance suffers more and more casualties. If this war is dragged on, the alliance will be eventually destroyed. I think if the kages plan to win, they need to strike at the core and take other either Kabuto or Madara as soon as possible.

Other points I’d like to mention:
– no Naruto sighting in this chapter at all, but I don’t mind the least. I rather like the scenario of him training like crazy to master his new powers and come to the rescue like a superstar when the situation looks grimmest – like during Pein’s attack on Konoha.
– I like how the restrictions on the Edo Tensei were outlined in this chapter. As expected, it’s an overpowered jutsu. There’s no way to stop the summons even if they kill Kabuto. They must either permanently immobilize the body (such as sealing technique) or trick Kabuto to stop the technique through genjutsu. The latter scenario gave me an interesting idea for a plot twist: what if Sasuke was the one who uses genjutsu to trick Kabuto? One reason for Sasuke to do this is that Kabuto has resurrected Itachi as one of his minions. And although Kabuto hasn’t faced Sasuke yet since partnering with Madara, we know the two hate each other.
– Omoi looks like he means business and judging by the chapter’s title (Omoi’s war), the next few chapters will focus on him. I’m expecting some great jutsus from him to come, his only set back is his youth and inexperience. But I think Omoi’s situation is representative of what will happen to all the characters of the original Konoha 11 — this war will be the greatest lesson of their lives.


113 Responses

  1. Great analysis Bob
    i agree with on the whole epicness of the war
    One thing that is really aggravating me is the edo tensei is just way too powerfull. I mean how in the world is it possible to beat these zombies and on top of that they are one of the strongest characters in the hol story. I think that naruto will learn “that” jutsu that will tip the favor in the alliance side, oh he already knows that jutsu is just he never used it because Jayria to him not to use it, so i think that naruto will be a key role in this war DUHHHH he’s the main character!!!

  2. I love all the ninja we’ve seen so far from the cloud village. Besides konoha of course, the cloud is my favorite

  3. I think Anko’s alive she is Kishi favorite girl so he would not off screen her like that her past with Oro would make an interesting talk with Kabuto

    my bet is that he is going to look at the curse seal of heven that she has and then send her back to alliance with info or as a sleeper agent using a mind control tech in order to control both sides

  4. it’s great that Kankorou & Sasori faced again. Time for another puppetmasters’ face-off. Hope Kankorou can hold his own this time.

  5. Good Job Bob-o. You said something interesting, nothing is too taboo for akatsuki. Its like new-age thinkers vs the old-age ones (the Kages and their rigid beliefs) and smack in the middle are the youngins (basically everyone under 25).

    lol I’m all for a long war, but lets hope this doesn’t get too Bleach-like where 200+ chapters of battles only = to one day. Can’t wait until the next chapter to see Omoi kicking butt. I wonder what jutsus he has. According to the second fanbook, Kumogakure holds Kenjutsu (sword techniques) and Taijutsu in high regard, he’s already shown he’s good at kenjutsu.

    I don’t think Anko’s dead, she’s Kishi’s favorite Kunoichi…OF COURSE! Kishi hates Kunoichis so being his favorite doesn’t say much. One of the only 3 good Kunoichi in this manga died a couple chapters ago (Konan), leaving only Mei Terumi and Tsunade (in my opinion Tsunade sucks too, but some ppl think she’s good so meh).

    I never even thought of Sasori manipulating the dead bodies on the battlefield, no wonder you’re Bob, in fact, at first I thought it was Kabuto’s Dead Soul Jutsu controlling them (different from Edo Tensei) Its genius, Sasori controls your injured friend, you run to help him only for him to blow up. I see lots of Medical Ninja being put down if Sasori and Deidara continue like this. If you wanna see Sasori and Deidara work together, just check out one of their tag movies in Narutimate 4. Its brilliantly evil

  6. I just remembered. Poor Itachi. He’ll be in the thing that traumatized him as a child, war. Helpless as he mows down the ninja he tried to protect by killing the Uchihas… serves you right for being Assgay’s number 1 fan 😛

  7. Oh wow, Kisu! You changed your avatar after sooo much time! 🙂

    Anyway, great chapter that leads to other greater chapters! We will start betting who is gonna die… later at this rate!…

  8. @Woi Ai Ni, its still Szayel (Bleach) 😛

  9. @ Kisu

    I know, who wouldn’t recognize this pink hair?? (And you still don’t like Sakura? 🙂 )

  10. The first image of Sai’s brother looks a bit like Sakura

  11. as with what the third did with the dead demon summoning seal, can naruto do that with his own shadow clones, without using himself? or if he wants to use that jutsu does he then have no choice but to end his own life?

  12. I think someone said that a jinchuriki cannot use dead demon seal but im not sure…

  13. great chapter, this is the start of a devastating war, every villian will have their screen time, maybe the big ball that inos dad was doing is some type of way to trick kabuto, just a guess, very anxious for the next several chapters, im glad its coming out on wed instead of thur, well cheers to naruto epic war

  14. So to my knowledge Naruto could obliterate a Edo Tensei Zombie body with a Rasenshurriken and that way it wouldnt come back am i correct? if thats the Case i wonder how many Rasenshurrikens Naruto can produce in the controlled kyubi form? he could only create 2 Rasenshurrikens per shadow clone when he was in Sage mode and he had 3 clones plus his origional self! so thats 8 rasenshurikens if naruto chooses just to do sage mode and thats if he hits them first time! i counted 24 edo tensei zombies and there is probably more! im sure naruto is not the only one that can obliterate them though!!

  15. @ Profess

    That jutsu, which was created by intel squad will be some sort of world map, which will help shinobi nations to coordinate their attacks etc. Just my opinion

  16. man, i never thought abt it but sasori and deidara is best team! they r so cool together and at the same time seriously deadly.
    i love the look on alliance forces face( man we’re done for), i doubt if any of the ambush team can hold against them, rem till now only deidara and saori is in action leaving the other mysterious guys still holding back, being powerful is awesome.
    i am totally on akatsuki side its not appropriate but its thrilling.

    first time ever feels like could wait a long time without seeing narutoverse lead characters in action

  17. enough of leads playing around, didn’t know supporting characters could be so cool and interesting.
    Heads off to deidara and sasori, perfect deadly duo.
    Anko is alive but poor girl may be terrible condition.

    konoha lost 3 shinobies that cruel.
    kankorou can never be a match for sasori and rest of the team is half dead with shock.
    who can be good at mind games better than akatsuki.
    PLZ sasuke and naruto stay outta this fight, the war is interesting even without u guyz.

  18. enough of leads playing around, didn’t know supporting characters could be so cool and interesting.
    Heads off to deidara and sasori, perfect deadly duo.
    Anko is alive but poor girl may be terrible condition.

    konoha lost 3 shinobies that cruel.
    kankorou can never be a match for sasori and rest of the team is half dead with shock.
    who can be good at mind games better than akatsuki.
    PLZ sasuke and naruto stay outta this fight, the war is interesting even without u guyz.

  19. @?, Minato said a Jinchuriki cannot use the Shiki Fujin.

    @Mattmaru, you’re assuming Naruto comes to the battle in Sage Mode, correct? Otherwise he can only create 2 Shadow Clones and it takes both of them plus himself to create one Rasenshuriken :/

    @Woi Ai Ni, its blasphemy to compare the awesomeness of Szayel’s pink hair with the lamitude of Sakura’s 😦

    Hopefully Hinata, Ino and Tenten either die or get so injured that their careers as ninjas are done 😀


  21. only girl i want living is kuro-sama

  22. “PLZ sasuke and naruto stay outta this fight, the war is interesting even without u guyz.”

    Lemme rephrase that for you. “Please Sasuke, stay out of this fight. Its so good and we don’t want you to ruin it” 🙂

  23. Ok lets think of who is able to actually obliterate an actual edo tensei Zombie? cos all the rest troops our cannon fodder really lets face it! The Akatsuki have over 24 Universal soldiers lol! Who is gonna step up to the plate and seal some of these bad boys and girls lets not be sexist ha ha?

  24. this is going to be great seing the Naruto finally having full access to the 9 tailfox and Killer bee with the 8 tail, they should be enough to take down few enemies, I wonder if mama toad and papa toad are going to be in on this!

  25. Great analysis Bob, as usual. A few extra things to note that weren’t mentioned yet:

    Sasori is in his original body, not his puppet body, I think that’s pretty clear here. This is also supported by the fact that Deidra does not have his telescoping eye device (although strangely in the last chapter he was able to use it?!? not sure how that worked). Also, in the last chapter, the “Root Member” was shown, I don’t understand why Kishimoto didn’t just give the ninja a name, it isn’t like Sai’s “brother” was named previously and we’d go “OOOOH Sai’s brother,” of course my rant could just be caused by not realizing it last week.

    I like the idea of Sasuke using genjutsu to eliminate the Edo Tensei, though I don’t think that will happen for a long time.

    Also, yes it is interesting that Kishimoto introduced a lot of other ninjas from the villages, BUT this allows him to cause losses to the alliance without actually killing off any of the Konoha 11. I actually don’t see Omoi, Kankuro, or Sai dying here, the other ninjas perhaps, but they won’t be wiped out.

    Sai I think is the only one with a jutsu capable of capturing the Edo Tensei bodies, if you recall he attempted to trap Sasuke (which Sasuke quickly escaped due to his sharingan) and was quite surprised that Sasuke escaped it. So the way I see it, Omoi keeps everyone else occupied until Sai can subdue his “brother” and then Sai captures Sasori and Deidra, although this may not be the end of their involvement.

  26. there’s gotta be atleast one more arc before it ends because kisi aint present lord jashin yet

  27. how does Kankuro team get to know that Kabuto could use Edo Tensei before the confront the dead bodies?

  28. also, no mention of the Hotspring country by anyone? It’s Hidan’s home village for crying out loud! Did no one else realize this? Anyway, I thought he wiped them out when they went from being a Village to being a resort. I guess there were survivors :/

  29. @NSSK, I think its common knowledge now. Remember Anko and her team was watching when Kabuto first used Edo Tensei and sent the info back to Konoha. So everyone in the Alliance knows about it now.

  30. @Ripcord, Sai’s brother’s name is Shin.

  31. I don’t think, I’ve has a agreed with you more Bob, this is going to be an epic war and your post has made me more excited about Naruto. I just don’t want to believe it’s coming to an end, I just hope he gives us more and more.

  32. I think Anko is alive, Kabuto left those trails just so he could capture her. I guess he needs something from her, maybe the curse seal? Transfer it on to himself or something?

    Im just wondering what Kabuto’s real intentions is.
    Is it to battle Naruto, as he said when they talked out in the forrest some time ago? And if it is, will he summon Jiraiya and Minato (and maybe Kushina?) to fuck with Naruto’s mind?
    And what will he do if Sasuke enters the battlefield? He also said that he wanted to avenge Oro..

    What are your thoughts?

  33. I think we miss a couple of things. First if naruto can mix kyubi chakra into his rasen shuriken that would be crazy because of the corrosive nature of the chakra.

    Also. Kyubi powered sage mode. What kind of abilities will that unlock?

  34. @Groff

    We can’t be sure about Kabuto’s intension, but I think when Sasuke killed Oro for Kabuto after a while it was more like release he could find out who he really is without Oro and his true intensions are absolutely diffrent 😀 that’s my point of view.

    Hey guys do u think that now it will be possible for Naruto to synchronise with mama and papa toad when he fully control his fox inside him?

  35. @bringerofkaos

    The 9-tails chakra Naruto can use now is not corrosive anymore. This is indicated by the fact that his chakra cloak no longer harms him AND the chakra is no longer red, it is now yellow, the same color as Naruto’s chakra.

    It seems that the 9-tails chakra affects life-energy in general, this would explain the healing affect on Naruto, and the corrosive nature (if you include the hatred from the Kyuubi). Without the corrosive nature, I believe that the chakra no longer has that destructive component. Now, it may be possible that Naruto learns to work with the Kyuubi and that will help him add it back in, but I doubt that.

  36. @LordErcan

    I was wondering that about Ma and Pa toad myself! I think it would require complete cooperation with the 9-tails, so in the current state I believe the 9-tails could still resist the fusion.

  37. @ripcord regarding ma and pa toad I’m not sure the kyuubi can interfere anymore. Naruto has completely sealed of the nine tails influence and can now access its chakra without worry of the kyuubi influencing him so I’m not Sure the kyuubi has the power to interfere anymore (I may be wrong about how naruto sealed off the kyuubi though)

  38. thanks for clearing that up. 🙂 although minato used it to seal half on the demon fox chakra away (cos he didn’t have the chakra to seal all of it). so why couldn’t a jinjuriki use the seal? is it because the will of the tailed beast would fight it or the tailed beast would escape?

  39. @?, a Jinchuriki cant use the seal because Minato said so. Its the same reason why you have to die when you use it, or why it takes chakra to use jutsus, namely, Kishi said so. We can speculate WHY they can’t use it, but there’s no way to be sure if what we’d be saying is accurate or not. (also, Minato sealed half in Naruto because its impossible to seal all of the Kyubi in one vessel, so his being out of chakra or not didn’t play a role in that)

  40. Forgive me this is a stupid question, but where did minato seal the rest of the kyuubi?

  41. @kisu. so until kishi explains it further, its just a no go jinjuriki can’t do the seal. 🙂 i thought i recalled minato stating he didn’t have enough chakra to do the full sealing? but im too lazy, to go back and check. so i’ll believe you. you tend to know what you’re talking about.

  42. @kakasan.
    The other half of the kyuubi’s chakra is sealed inside the deadgod technique

  43. @kisuzachi: The whole Kyuubi can be sealed into one vessel, just look at Mito and Kushina.
    The Fox comes out, all of it, not only half. http://citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-501/10-11/

    Maybe Minato didn’t have enough chakra like ? said or maybe Shiki Fūjin (dead demon consuming seal) has some limitations.

  44. first narutos mother had the whole kyuubi sealed inside her. and we are forgetting that naruto was an infant when all this took place minato probably knew at that stage of the game baby naruto wouldnt be able to handle all the chakra/ infulance of the fox. i mean lets face it the kyuubi is malice and hatred in physical form

  45. @$&£, Minato said its physically and conceptually impossible to completely seal something as powerful as the Kyubi. Perhaps the Kyubi can only be completely sealed if the Jinchuriki in question doesn’t use its power (like Kushina), but if you want the power only half is feasible (like Naruto). But that’s just me trying to explain this contradiction.


  46. something about the top of page 7 made it one of the creepiest panels I have ever read in Naruto

  47. Stupid link broke. Ok here’s the real link:


  48. ok great chapter.

    I think M

  49. Ssorry, i meant i think minato’s prefered option was to seal the deamon away completely. but seeing as how that was impossible and would upset the balance of the tailed beast, he opted to seal it in naruto. the problem he faced with that is that doing so would put naruto in danger. as am infant, there was no way he could have resited the full force of the biju as his mother had done (btw she also had a special bloodline tech that allowed her to subdue the beast, something naruto did not have). so the only option minato had was to seal half the deamon away permanently while also leaving behind some of it to maintain the balance and give his son a fight chance against madara.

  50. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke will be the key in defeating the undead Army of Akatsuki and they will become legends due to this war just like the Sannin were. As we learned from Kankuro’s explanation, the only way to stop the bodies is to restrict their movement or make the user of Edo Tensei end the technique, but as we all know, from playing video games, the undead or “zombies” are not invincible if you “heal” them they become fodder. This is were Sakura and her healing techs comes in as well Tsunade. Sasuke’s genjutsu can stop the bodies and force Kabuto to end the technique. Naruto who now radiates “life” from his body can very well be the perfect counter to the “undead”, if you know what I mean. He also has access to Sage Genjutsu which “paralyzes, ergo Naruto will be the main key, someone just get him a megaphone or something…What better way for Kishi to make them the next Sannin?

  51. Since kankuro and sasori are probably gonna be fighting soon. i wonder how sasori will react when he realizes kankuro is using his former body as a puppet. id be pretty pissed lol

  52. i think minato meant that it was impossible for him to completely seal the kyuubi. even if kushina didn’t use the 9-tails power she still had the whole thing sealed in her making it possible.sorry if i’m coming off as argumentative especially cause its my first time actually putting my two cents in. just thought it was an interesting topic.

  53. @sasukethebeast: I’m looking forward to that as well, hopefully Kankuro has improved tho

  54. heavenscursed1, welcome to Shannaro. The more argumentative the better, its all about the debate ;). Anyway, I would say its because he’s low on chakra, except he said the words “conceptually impossible”. Can anyone find 2 more translations?

  55. @ kisuzachi

    This is the translation of Sleepy Fans:


    And this is the translation of Mangastream:


  56. @John

    not going to happen ever

    Edo tensei Zombies are not the healing magic kills them types it won’t work

    Naruto is not god so he is not bringing them back to life ether

    Kabuto is better at Genjutsu then Sasuke

  57. could it be that only the uzumaki clan can properly seal the full nine-tails because they have the highest level of chakra reserves? more than what most ninja have anyway. i would also like to see naruto use the chain technique that kushina had. he should have that bloodline link too, well hopefully he can be taught it. 🙂

  58. sealing doesnt suit naruto, it isnt his style :/

  59. thanks kisuzachi. and it’s great to know i can be a D*$@% hahahaha.. but just cant wrap my head around it being “impossible”!! i would like to think that our loved #1 knuckle headed ninja would be able to use the 9-tails to its full potential. and maybe what “?, on” if that is the right name said about the uzumaki clan has some weight to it…… but only kishimoto knows for sure! and i would also like to see naruto learn the tech. his mother had but unfortunately no ones around to school him on it.

  60. As far as ive read Minato did not Seal the whole of the Kyubi in Naruto because he couldnt contain all of it! it was to powerful! maybe that weas because he was a baby or because he was such a small vessel he couldnt actually hold all that Chakra inside of him at the time!

  61. its about time for danzo and the third hokage to make their appearances, especially danzo..now they can further explore danzo’s abilities, since he was kiiled right when they started showcasing his abilities….that would be awesome. just a thought,

  62. I don’t think the third and forth hokages can be brought back with Edo Tensei by Kabuto because they used the demon dead seal on themselves and sealed away their sould as well. Is this correct/

  63. @BenjiD, I think you’re right. They sealed their souls away when they performed the technique so they shouldn’t be summonable. None of the past Hokages should appear during the war because of DDS…now Jiraiya, that’s a whole other story 🙂

  64. I believe that Minato’s justification for not sealing all of the Kyuubi in Naruto was because Naruto was just a baby. The 8-trigrams seal was what actually put the Kyuubi into Naruto (and from the Kyuubi’s reaction, this was what sealed the Kyuubi into Kushina and probably Mito).

    So, Minato removed half of the 9-tails chakra with the DDCS so that the rest could be put in Naruto along with Minato’s and Kushina’s chakra. I don’t think the DDCS had anything to do with preventing Madara’s plans from going forward, but it could still be that way though.

  65. Well obviously with only half of the kyubi inside Naruto Madara wont be able to make the jubi! I dont know if its common knowledge or that only Minato and Kushina knew about it? Kushina told Naruto eventually when she came out to help naruto against the kyubi. Doesnt seem that any of Naruto’s Sensei’s know about Naruto only having half of the Kyubi inside him or am i wrong?

  66. @kisu, yeah I do agree with you, that sasuke must be out of the fight so not to ruin it…

    I dont like sasuke either

  67. Im pretty sure that Kankuro has Sasori’s Puppet body so it would be very cool to see Kankuro fight Sasori with his own Puppet lol! how cool would that be? Obviously the Sasori puppet wouldnt be as effective as Sasori had it because he intergrated into his body but it would still be really good fight.

  68. regarding the edo tensei, it has a weakness…naruto in sage of the six path body form…remember the first time naruto activated it, the wood tech by yamato sprouted a leaves, which means, for me associates to life…

    this is just my theory, an edo tensei is a technique of bringing these deceased ninjas back to real world…the key idea here is that their bodies are already been dead…Naruto’s chakra of this form alone can negate the technique, by reverting the dead object/zombie’s chakra, would mean cancelling the technique. Im not saying that the zombie will become alive rather, the chakra will reverse edo tensei, making the soul to be freed…Its like cleansing…somewhat synonymous to genjutsu, but in this case, only the chakra from naruto could be possibly be used due to its ability…

    I know this chakra cant be easily injected to the point where the soul is sealed but naruto will always find a way

  69. Good theory rj. The yang Chakra only seems to react to things that have already got life in them though and just makes it grow even more! Unless the Chakra does something else though? Im thinking that Naruto may be able to do some sort of healing with this chakra maybe if he flowing the chakra into a damaged ally.

  70. Just Reading what Yang Chakra can actually do as far as its been Documented and this is the link to tell you what it says.


    So it can breath life into Form! With the Wooden Totem it had form and it turned into a huge tree by just being close to the Yang chakra! So Maybe a Edo Tensei Summon could be brought back to life because it already has the Spirit within the Formed Vessel.

  71. lol I just thought of something. Why doesn’t Deidara just self-destruct, revive, self-destruct, revive ad infinitum until the alliance is no more?

  72. @kisu

    That would make the most sense destruction-wise, but the one limitation I think could be that it would consume all of his chakra. We don’t know the amount of chakra ET bodies have, but I would assume until told otherwise that it regenerates at the same rate as normal ninjas (not that we know what THAT is either).

  73. what if this edo tensei is a weaker version of oro’s??? So that yea kabuto can bring them back, however they are unable to regenerate should they die? Just a theory and maybe kabuto has made edo tensei ridiculously broken, but this whole undead summon technique seems too broken to be like the one oro originally used

  74. Think about the possibilities of madara being related to the third hokage and the sarutobi clan. It would explain his nickname “tobi” and his vast knowledge of ninjutsu. The third hokage is one of the driving forces in the manga. Many major storylines in the series involve the third.

  75. @token, it isnt weaker. Deidara himself said it they can’t die so its the same basically.

    @ripcord, I never factored in the chakra consumption, but if I recall Deidara was tired too when he used it on Sasugay, so it couldn’t have take THAT much chakra to make.

    When techniques are factored in I think Deidara can be the alliances biggest problem. His C4 Karura’s nano explosions will kill everyone that doesn’t have a dojutsu+lightning chakra (shows just how lucky Sasugay was) and his CO was so huge it towered over mountains. But then Plot Induced Stupidity is keeping Deidara from just going really high and dropping his C3 (the same bomb that would’ve taken out most of Suna if Gaara didn’t stop it) 😛

  76. @rj, that’s a good idea man. It makes sense too, I mean the alliance could be getting creamed by the edo tensei zombies and all of a sudden Naruto shows up like the knight in orange armor and does this without knowing it.

  77. Hmm Yang chakra does not thing brings to life it only support their vital functions like those wooden totems they were already “alive” , so I think it could not be used on edo tensei summons bodies area already dead without vital functions

  78. @LordErcan, nope yang chakra gives life, while yin chakra creates things from nothingness.


  79. Im just going by what the Wiki Site said! Madara Stated that Yin Chakra creates Form! and Yang chakra breathes life into form! So just having Yang Chakra Creates life. So if a totem which was once a Tree now is not alive! I assume the Yang Chakra Gives it life and changed it into a Tree.

    Like the Edo tensei summons! they once where alive but now there dead! they may not be there origional Bodies but they do have there Spirits in there vessels they currently are using! So Yang Chakra could possibly breathe life into them!

  80. Yeah what u said Kisu 😛

  81. i just wanna see some good fighting, i dont know about you guys.

  82. Naruto has so much chakra he can summon all the toads at wants. It would be nice to see him do all time of things he is from the uzumaki clan.

  83. I have been wondering about this being the final arc. If it is, then it is likely that Naruto isn’t going to learn any new techniques (other than using the 9-tails chakra as KB does), and this would mean no FTG…. and that makes me sad.

  84. I dont knw about u guys but I want this to be the final arc. I mean, the whole world is going to war! What else could Kishi come up with after this without Jumping the Shark and ending the series poorly? Think of the greatest story out of Japan, DBZ. Had it ended with either the Cell or Frieza arc it would’ve been great (as the mangaka intended) but because fans and editors wanted more he had to do another saga, the Buu saga and that ending was “meh” at best. If Naruto ends with a huge war where everyone gets to show off what they can do then I wont feel like I wasted 5 years of my life watching the anime and reading the manga 😀

  85. @kisu

    I agree that this arc seems so epic that (all fanservice things of Naruto learning Uzumaki and Namakazi techniques aside) it would be the best way to end the manga. I mean, I would prefer it ends perfectly at the end of this arc than Kishimoto extend it to just statsify the fan’s desires.

    Naruto isn’t Minato, and truthfully Naruto has actually incorporated aspects of his dad, his “grandfather” Jiraiya, and his sensei Kakashi, so to wish him to be a complete Minato clone (but better) is probably a misplaced wish.

    So, if Kishimoto were to end it after this arc though there are a LOT of loose ends. I guess I find it hard to see how they will get tied up, but truthfully he can’t tie up all the loose ends. I think a lot of people would be upset if Naruto doesn’t get to be Hokage, and Naruto’s proclamation that he will die with Sasuke is probably to create suspense in that…. but lets say that the series ends with the war, if Kakashi was BARELY experienced enough to be Hokage, Naruto isn’t even close right now. So, there needs to be another timeskip before we see that.

    Granted, the war could end and then we have a timeskip and a miniarc that shows us what life is like years later in a time of peace, but somehow that doesn’t feel completely satisfying either.

  86. @rip I agree with most that u said except the fact that kakashi was barely experienced enough. Lest we forget minato himself was a very young hokage and kakashi has been doing high rank missions and led them from a young age so I think he is very qualified but I like it better that he’s Not. I do agree that alotttt has to happen for this to be the least arc.

  87. I personally dont think it will be the end! it would be great to see Naruto either on his own journey like Jiraiya or being a Sesnsei to Konohamaru and his team!

  88. I have a feeling that neji and hinata will be huge contributors vs zombies. Why them specifically? Because they have the best byakugans that we know of. Well maybe best that recieve significant face time. I think gentle fist may be able to incapacitate the zombies via destroying the chakra system. I admit that I have a bias towards Hinata and that I’m commenting crazy late so I probably won’t get much backing/criticism.
    And damn I really haven’t commented in months have I? I missed this place

  89. @kisu Yea, I forgot about that explanation. It just seems not very likely to me that it would bring their bodies to life or just Yang aura, which Naruto has right now is not enough, He needs to learn maybe how to use it, but if he become Hokage he can heal all wounds, which will occur during war, when he will learn how to use it.

  90. 89 responses only? Disappointing guys.
    good analysis Bob.
    Nice chapter, Not much to say that hasnt been said. Sai’s bro appeared -major bogus- and now Sai will finally cry. Wa. Wa. Wa.

  91. @Mattmaru, unless the ninjas Naruto meet on his journey are gonna be as strong as or stronger than Madara, then I really wouldn’t care to read a manga about his travels. Think of it this way, if some guy stopped an entire alien invasion, would you want to read another story with the same guy just living a normal life? lol Ps. Naruto is only 3 years older than Konoamaru and Ebisu is a way better teacher than Naruto probably will ever be (I know I’m gonna get flaq for this lol)

    @Eaglesfan, Neji’s Byakugan is more useful here. Hinata’s Byakugan is specialized for tracking while Neji’s Byakugan is more general purpose. Think of their individual Byakugans like Tokubetsu Jonin (crippling over-specialization) and regular Jonin (jack-of-all-trades ninja like Kakashi). I’d say probably every Byakugan but Hinata’s (and Byakugans like hers) will be useful on the frontlines.

    @LordErcan, I’d say perhaps Yin chakra is better suited for healing. You know, since yin creates you could create cells to help heal a person. I don’t see how breathing more life into an injured person would help. As for the whole heal a zombie to kill it thing, thts corny video game logic. I’d prefer just seeing huge explosions and sealing techniques.

  92. @DK (u should change your name to donkey kong, thts just cool), these guys are pretty mellow unless character bashing is involved or if Nagato (the greatest ninja to ever live and will never be surpassed) is mentioned

  93. @kisu naruto did teach konohamaru the rasengan sooooo I would think naruto could be a decent sensei :-p

  94. @token, oh I dont doubt that. Naruto wouldnt just be decent, he’d be kickass. But I don’t think he’d be a good sensei to a genius student like Neji or Assgay. I see Naruto training less gifted students. Aaaanyway Ebisu’s a better teacher because that is what he solely specializes in, teaching (crippling over specialization).

  95. You know my only problem with the story is that you have 16 an 17 year olds as strong as the older more experienced shinobi honestly jiraiya nagato orochimaru being surpassed by kids more than half there age is just crazy anyone else agree?

  96. @minatofan well actually thats kind of the point of this manga… the new generation will surpass the older.

  97. Do you think Naruto is the best Ninja now at Chakra control? he seems to have a wide variety of powerful Chakra which difficult to use and control! I would say Killer Bee would be just a bit better then him only because he has mastered using his bijuu.

  98. @minatofan, I actually agree with you on that one.

    @Token, yeah we get that, and its trues. The old generation always gets surpassed, but not by in 15-16 years. The Shippuden timeskip should’ve been more like 10 years instead of three. It really does make Kakashi and all the grownups look bad that their students surpassed them in only three years. And if Naruto and Sasugay can do this much destruction at 16, that means by the time they’re 30 they’ll be blowing up planets lol.

    @Mattmaru, I’d say he’s one of the best at chakra control (mastering the Rasengan), but practically every medical ninja would put Narutos chakra control to shame :/

  99. I think a more reasonable time skip would have been 5 or 6 years. (So they would be about 18 yrs old)

  100. I think when it comes to Chakra control Naruto i would compare him to the likes of a samurai sword! he has skill and control and knows when to use it! where as i would compare medical ninja like a surgical knife! they are procise and know how to channel it to the finest degree in some cases! So its kinda hard to compare those too because there not really in the same fields so to speak!

  101. @kisu, I think the two together is ideal. Neji can only a half mile(800 meters) so he would be prone to the ambush squads but Hinata can see 10 kilometers so like 6.2 miles or something around that. Plus Hinata does have the lions fist jutsu which made Pain flinch the first time around so I’m hoping kishi didn’t just rip us off and make her yet another underpowered ninja with a cool looking jutsu. Especially cause he kinda ripped her off by performing a half fan service with her during the invasion arc.

  102. @Eaglesfan, lol the anime already showed what her lions can do..and its pretty unimpressive. That technique looks cool but fails in practicality… like a missile the size of an island would look cool, but if it only leaves the same amount of damage a normal missile would then its a fail as well lol

  103. 518 is out

  104. Ok that chapter was just stupid. This is the same Akatsuki that entire villages fear and they’re taken down by basically just 3 guys. I’m gonna hate myself for saying this, but screw you Kishi. That was beyond dumb. And for souls to go away they have to fulfill their last wish? That’s so Bleach.

  105. I saw your drawing sai now my soul can be free wtf! This is supposed to be a damn war

  106. Just a horrible ch. Thank god for one piece

  107. ok 518 not a great chapter but what an awesome drawing of sai. he looked so epic that deserved an entire page

  108. The end wasnt good but the rest…..wasnt bad

  109. @kisu Well what other choice do most squads have? Not all squads have a sealing expert with them.
    Finally! Edo Tensei shows a weak spot. No wonder kabuto wouldn’t mind if a few of the summons had their personalities erased.
    This idea goes beyond bleach.This concept of fufilling a soul’s last wish is the classic motive for any ghost character. I think this explains why everyone can’t be summoned by ET. For example, Jiraiya and the Third hokage looked like they died in peace. You are not allowed to summon a soul at peace any more than you are permitted to wake a sleep walker while they are (LOL) living out their dreams. What’s more, I assume that people like the White Fang who have made their amends after death have reached their nirvanana too. So, no resurrections for Naruto’s mom and dad either.
    kisuzachi, I think you and I will agree that this development will sort of cheapen all the awesome matchups that we imagined earlier. That, my friend, is so bleach. Shortening the battles that really count makes me mad too.
    I wonder what Asuma’s biggest regret is. Does it involve kakashi, shikamaru, kurenai or some other person?IF he still intends to talk to kurenai, THEN he could be sticking around for a while. Pregnancy and heated battle don’t mix.
    My comment’s a little long. I hope that I’m not repeating anyone’s ideas.

  110. @monkeyman I agree. Sai looks outraged! Love It!

  111. @ MInatoFan

    I agree

  112. @Naruto Tutor, nice theory, but what does that say of Zabuza and Haku. If I recall both of them died peacefully. didn’t Chiyo as well? Kishi is asspulling and its stupid! He just trolled freaking Sasori and Deidara. The ENTIRE Suna army couldnt do crap against them when they were separated and we’re supposed to believe that 3 guys could do that? Its beyond silly. And yes it is very Bleach-like. In Bleach when someone dies and has something left to do on Earth they stay in the living world until they become a Hollow. This is so far beyond ridiculous I’ll have to make up a new word to describe it…its RIDONCULOUS! This feels like Ichigo vs Butterflaizen all over again. I’m done until chapter 519 comes out *facepalm*

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