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Naruto 517 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He’s so epic he gets a chapter title (just as Kisu predicted ^_^)


45 Responses

  1. Well, now its time to actually read the chapter

  2. I’ve read it. looks like the 2 ambush teams are now gonna duke it out….. and it turns out whoever said the undead tech ends with the users death turned out to be wrong (lol). This can’t end well since enemy side has undestroyable bodys.

    The best tatic in this situation would be to flee but I don’t think the evemy gonna give them the chance… plus from the look of things they don’t feel like running.

  3. yep, finally got around to reading the chapter and Omoi is gonna be kicking serious butts next week. By the looks of it, he’s the strongest guy in the ambush squad (and earns his place in Kisu’s Top 10).

  4. i’ll wait for bob’s blog to comment.

  5. Is it just me or is this edo tensei even more ridiculous than we thought? I mean even with the user DYING the technique still goes on…. this feels completely unbalanced and lacking any significant downside which is just plan hacks.

  6. it was said that the tech would no were if the user was killed 400 chapters ago or so we already knew this

    anyway well Anko has been captured but at least she is alive

  7. I guess Sai’s brother must have been rediculously strong, because otherwise we have a major plot hole as to why the monkeys he has been summoned. It wouldn’t make sense for Kabuto to summon people to annoy random weak ninja. More to say after Bob’s analysis is published.

    -pcgnome out

  8. No-one else knows the awesomeness of Omoi?

  9. @ kisu

    I dont think hes so awesome only because hes always worried “/ . But Darui is pretty awesome imo. Hes like the kakashi of the cloud village.

  10. “Hes like the kakashi of the cloud village.”

    Lol, I said the exact same thing in the Chapter Discussion of 516. But I like Omoi as well because he’s cool and doesn’t pay much attention to the people around him, in a good way. Maybe he picked that up from being partners with Karui lol

  11. I do remember some one comparing him to kakashi, guess it was you lol. They have that same relaxed, “2 kool 4 skool” look. Omoi must be something special too if Kishi is giving him this much attention.

  12. he had a fancy name for his.sword move, maybe related to a swordsman? Father perhaps left the mist, who knows, but something big

  13. @renzokuken, Omoi called his attack CLOUD Style Crescent Moon Cutter, like Hayate Gekko’s LEAF Style Crescent Moon Dance. The connection I make here is that each village has its own version

  14. @thanks Ripcord for that…. odd bit of info

  15. I like all the cloud nins shown so far except that punk ass sensor type

  16. I think Omoi is going to end up dying or captured, not like a punk mind you, but I bet he will sacrifice himself to allow the rest of the ambush team to tactically retreat, why else would Kishi spend a chapter on a minor support character, he will probably develop him only to have him killed, just a feeling, don’t really want him to die, but who knows. I think Kankuro as captain, is handling himself pretty well, he is cool, calm and collected considering the fact that he is practically up against 2 undead Akatsuki, it’s not his fault the sensor dude disobeyed him and even then he saved his ass. Good chapter, I’m surprised Suna has such knowledge on Edo Tensei’s workings.

  17. @john the sensor dude I’m talking about was in the kage arc. He was with the raikage and darui

  18. @ a lost shinobi
    Yeah, I know. I was commenting on the sensor dude that almost got killed on this chapter, because he went to try and help that Aburame character. I know you mean the guy that got pawned by Sasuke, during the Raikage vs Sasuke Arc. This guy. lol


  19. i dnt like this chapter

  20. @clinton, that’s just clutter being immature and quite frankly I’m tired of it.

    @John, I doubt Omoi’ll get killed here.I wouldn’t call him a minor character. Remember the Raikage specifically chose him, Karui and Samui to go to Konoha. I just can’t wait t osee what this guy can do 😀

    @a lost shinobu, lol no love for Shi?

  21. @kisu.
    I was goin to say that about the ripcord post. Glad someone pointed it out.

    I seriously hope there is more then one way to kill them summons. I cant believe the only way is to seal away there soul. That being said killing kabuto could mean the less enthusiastic summons could switch sides. I for one would love too see that.

    In 1 chapter i all ready like sais brother more then him.

  22. I think Darui is like kakashi yeah but he has a kekkei genkai doesnt he! and can use also two elements consecutively without stopping the first one which is pretty darn cool and i havent seen that before. he used water element and then went straight into a lightning element whilst he was still pumping out water through his mouth at the kage summit.

    Omoi seems like a head on fighter! rather large sword he has there is he over compensating lol! x

  23. Well you can tell that the Ripcord post earlier was an impostor, he does not have my stylish Gravitar.

  24. ha ha! true true! u know it would be quite funny if Darui had a Sharingan behind his fringe lol

  25. @Mattmaru, I wouldn’t put that past Kishi since he developed a Sharingan fetish X_X

  26. Glad to see there is some love for the cloud ninjas. I agree with the other posters…Darui is basically the Kakashi of the cloud village and a badass in his own right. Omoni is pretty cool as well.

  27. @kisuzachi

    i´m sorry to say that i think that Omoi is going to die. Thats my feelin, the chapter focused on him like he´s the one whos going to die by some heroic action or something…
    But i hope that he won´t die beacuse I like him

  28. yea, I think omoi is gonna die too. kishi seems to be building this war as a kill-fest. shinobis are going to die left and right (which is how wars should be)

  29. so obivous that is a fake kisuzachi… just look at the ikon, it´s diffrent than the real kisuzachi

  30. All I can say is the maturity level of this discussion just took a nose dive. Who ever is the impostor (could it be clutter? durp) you’re using the same icon over so when you use some one else’s name we know its the same person…Just a little heads up so next time you wont look so dumb 😉

  31. @Kisu’s_my_hero and Yoda, if anyone’s gonna die it should be Ino, Tenten and Hinata cuz they’re pretty weak, especially Hinata. The other two are somewhat strong-willed and can manage the burden of war, but I wouldn’t put it past Hinata to hang herself when she sees all of her comrades dying. Aaaaanyway, one or all of those three should die to add some realism to the war since they wont have senseis holding their hands. The only members of the Konoha 11 I wanna see fight are Neji, Shino and Lee (Sai doesn’t count :P)

  32. @JJ, what impostor? I see no impostor, only someone that wants to be me 😉

  33. @ kisu

    Not to sound messed up but I hope hinata dies…im sakura’s fanboy lol. And not to mention how frustratingly weak she is. Especially since she’s a hyuuga!
    And I think the comments before got removed. You have a fan club I guess 😀

  34. “You have a fan club I guess”

    Yeah, I always wondered why it took so long for people to form it. 🙂

    I want Hinata to die because she’s weak. It looks bad on the Hyuga Clan that its possible future head is so pathetic compared to a member from the side branch (Neji). I don’t particularly hate her for anything else really. Yeah, I hate weak characters that get lots of popularity for their weakness and don’t try to change. I dont hate Konohamaru because he genuinely tries to get stronger and doesn’t have fans that make it look like he could beat the Kyubi. Hinata’s fans will tell you she can beat anyone (truth be told, she can’t even beat Sakura), and she does try to get stronger… but is always significantly weaker than everyone else.

    Oh hell, I went into a rant.

  35. I think Konohamaru could become very very strong at some point! He could inherit the monkey king enma contract! and also he has the potential to be as good as the 3rd down to his genes! doesnt mean he will though! He seems like a determined kid with intelligence! would be good to see him in some battles sometime in the near future!

  36. @Mattmaru, I see Konohamaru becoming as strong as, if not stronger, than Naruto himself. Remember he considers Naruto his rival, and at only 12-13 years old he defeated on of Pain’s bodies (admittedly, not one meant for fighting directly). Enma, I’d be happier if he found his own summons. Enma just doesn’t cut it when compared to Gamabunta, Manda2 and Katsuyu. But yeah, one thing is for sure though, he’ll definitely surpass Asuma! lol

  37. I dont know really enma is allot smaller thats true! but its like having an expert ninja being summoned who is super strong, quick and can transform into a partiularly lethal weapon on command! Plus he does have hands so maybe he can perform jutsus! he wasnt excatly fully shown the extent of his powers when he was fighting along side Hiruzen!

    I could see Konohamaru possibly signing the toad contract though and following Naruto in sage art! but you do have to have big Chakra reserve for that so maybe thats not gonna happen!

    Lol pass Asuma for sure! Asuma was high on the bounty list! we didnt get to see much of his skills! i did like that Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder thing though! Asuma doesnt seem to have the smarts like Shikamaru though hey!

  38. you might like the association that Enma could be compared to the likes of Frieza’s final form where it was very small compared to his other forms of course! Enma was allot smaller then the likes of the sannin’s summons BUT Hiruzen wouldnt have him if he wasnt an effective summon now would he so maybe we havent seen the last of the monkey king Enma 😀

  39. For Kankuro wanting to face Sasori despite knowing his strength seems to suggest that he can fight on par with him now, or at least he thinks he can.
    Sasori will know the mechanics to Kankuro’s new puppet (it’s his old body) but it seems like Kankuro has manufactured him quiet a bit + Sasori doesn’t have any puppets to control. Gonna be a good fight, Kankuro is so badass.

  40. I read some where that at the time that he was summoned, Enma was stronger than any of the other summons that had been introduced in Naruto yet. Orochimaru actually got genuinely worried when the third summoned him.
    @ Mattmaru is your exclamation point key broken! lol

  41. @Mattmaru, Frieza’s final form was only so strong because so much power was compressed into such a small size, but I dont see Enma being that strong. You said perhaps we haven’t see all of his abilities, but what if he didn’t have anything else to show lol? One would think he’d do the best he could to save his old friend and master (if he was hiding anything then he’s a total dick).

    @BrokenBonds, Sasori can still summon all his other puppets. He had 298 puppets when he was in Suna, but in his fight against Chiyo and Sakura he only used 103 including himself.

    @JJ, well I’d be worried too if an old man summoned a big stick to pummel me with. :/

  42. @Kisu
    He used scrolls to summon the puppets, I don’t believe Edo Tensei would provide him with them. I also think Sasori was summoned into his real body rather than his puppet buddy (Edo Tensei creates a copy of your body, his puppet body was artificial), so he has no way of controlling more than 10.

  43. @Brokenbonds, that makes little sense because Kimimaro was reborn with his Cursed Mark, which he wasn’t born with, so Sasori should still have his modifications. If they weren’t restored by Edo Tensei then that’s a plothole because Deidara has his mouth arms, and Kakuzu still looks like a doll. time to read Bob’s analysis.

  44. Nice stick joke kisu lol.

    Btw if any one cares, if you go to chapter 460 page 5 you’ll see why Darui resembles kakashi so much. The cloud’s kage smashes through a wall to go find sasuke and Darui has his hand behind his head with an apologetic smile with his LEFT EYE covered by his hair as he says sorry about the broken wall. Typical kakashi moment. coincidence? i think not.

  45. @Kisu
    Wouldn’t Sasori be restored in the body he died in then? He died in a random puppet body with non of the scrolls on his back.

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