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Naruto Chapter 516 – Mobilization

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

A decent chapter this week, the wow factor after the revelations of the opposing war forces is diminished a bit this week as we transition into the mobilization phase. Seeing as the villages are throwing their entire combined army into this, this’ll be an all or nothing kind of battle. Both sides are moving out and vying for an advantageous position over their opponent. Madara moving his entire Zetsu army underground is an interesting tactic, but it’s been shown that a Byakugan user can detect them easily. But maybe he already knows the alliance army is moving to intercept them over land and has no other choice. I wouldn’t be surprised if Madara has a few hidden spies within the alliance ranks. Remember that he was pretty much in control of the previous Mizukage for some time in the past. Also, remember that Sasori had sleeper agents within many of the villages, would it be possible for zombie Sasori to activate them?

The first page of this chapter looks a bit rough, you can still see the sketch marks on some of the characters. I guess Kishi was in a rush to get this one done in time this week. But anyways, I’m glad to see Kabuto give us a little more explanation as to just what the limits are of his Edo Tensei jutsu. So Kabuto does have direct control over the dead summons’s bodies, and can even suppress their personalities if need be. He demonstrated this chapter that he can control the movements of multiple summons at the same time and presumably over long distances. Does this remind any of you of Pein’s technique? While Pein was able to control only six bodies at once, Kabuto is managing to control 20-30… And we thought the Rinnegan was overpowered. When Orochimaru summoned the first and second Hokages to fight the Third, both were capable of using their techniques without restriction – meaning Kabuto should be able to access each of his summons’ special powers, even kekkei genkais. Yeah, I know, it’s totally hax0rz, but I personally would like to see the bloodline abilities of Kimimaro or Haku again.

I can imagine some sick matchups in the making. Here’s my quick wishlist, and I want people to list their favourite matchups as well in the comments:
All Jinchuuriki vs kyuubi-powered Naruto and Killer Bee
Zabuza vs Kakashi rematch, or Zabuza vs Killer Bee (swords matchup)
Deidara vs Gaara (grudge match)
Dan vs Tsunade (psychological warfare)
Asuma vs Shikamaru (psychological warfare)
Haku vs Neji (I just feel they’re very similar in personalities and fighting style)
Chiyo vs Sakura (psychological warfare) or vs Kankuro

As for Gaara’s speech this chapter…. I was not that impressed honestly. As readers, we can definitely understand why Gaara is getting so emotional talking about how Naruto helped him see the light and how everyone should cooperate, but I have a hard time believing the common shinobi in the crowd would be moved this way. You have to keep in mind the history of warfare and retribution that the five villages share. They might not be at open war anymore, but like that one guy in the crowd said, his father was killed by the opposing faction and now he’s expected to work with them? Decades of warfare can imbue deep hatred within people, just look at what happened to Nagato. So it’s kind of hard to believe that these shinobi are convinced to cooperate so easily, regardless of the cause. But maybe I should stop being such a pessimist and believe that this united front against Madara is what will ultimately bring about that peace Jiraiya was talking about… my enemy’s enemy is my friend and such.

Other thoughts:
– goodbye Anko and team, nice knowing you 😦
– Gaara was wrong when he said “there are only shinobi here”, those samurai guys from Iron Country are not shinobi, lol
– I’m interested in what Bee is going to teach Naruto next; that line “you’re gonna feel helpless” makes me very curious.
– I think that water bubble Aoi is making for Inoichi is actually going to be a crystal ball type of jutsu that’ll allow them to see enemy movement.

No poll this week, instead I’d like to see people’s favorite match-ups for Kabuto’s Edo Tensei summons in their comments.


99 Responses

  1. 1st!! Great insight Bob. 1 thing on Zabuza, he doesn’t have his sword. He wont be as deadly as he was.

  2. This chapter was week but it must be said that kabuto even said he was having trouble managing his summons. I wonder if that will turn into something later on.

  3. Jsan Zabuza does not need his sword to be strong unlike Kisame his sword did not give him any powers

    Anko won’t die she is Kishi’s faveorite Konouichi Kabuto always knew that she was fallowing him or else he would not have left the trail i bet that he will beat her up a bit and let her go to give info on Madara’s movments and the zetsu’s being under ground

  4. also Kankuro vs Sasori Kankuro has Sasori’s puppet body so that would be cool

    Sai vs Deidara Art birds vs Deidara’s art

  5. Perhaps I should post all the random info I got here? I’ll do that with my next post. Good job Bob-o. I agree with what you said about the ninjas suddenly becoming friends, its just unbelievable. Yeah, but if that happened, I’ve lost hope in Kishi. There’s no doubt in my mind now that Naruto’s final answer to Nagato’s question will be impractical and clichéd

  6. the match ups i’m looking forward to is

    -naruto v itachi/nagato rematch im sure both of them have some more advice for him
    -neji’s father vs his twin brother.
    -garra v his father

    other than that this chapter was so-so.

  7. I want to see Sai vs Shin (his adoptive brother).

    They will fight it out epicly, in doing so Sai will look awesome and not as weak as people claim. Then before Shin departs (idk how considering Edo Tensei guys are immortal) Sai will give him the picture book, the present he could never give him when he was alive ='(.

    I really hope Kabuto gets a taste of his own medicine and the Edo Tensei’d Zombies turn on him.

  8. i believe that kisu is bob’s alter ego or vice versa. But onto the manga, ‘you will feel helpless’ this could refer to kb relayin his own experience to naruto, but given that the situation is different i’m hoping 4 kyuubi-sage mode i hate redundant jutsu, kishi needs to assimilate all naruto knows going forward.
    @bob: yea that speech did suck. But this will show us whether kishi wants to end this manga on a high or just move on, because this should last over 100chapters with revelations, deaths, double agents, torn relationships, etc. Just hope kishi can do it.

  9. i believe that kisu is bob’s alter ego or vice versa. But onto the manga, ‘you will feel helpless’ this could refer to kb relayin his own experience to naruto, but given that the situation is different i’m hoping 4 kyuubi-sage mode i hate redundant jutsu, kishi needs to assimilate all naruto knows going forward.
    @bob: yea that speech did suck. But this will show us whether kishi wants to end this manga on a high or just move on, because this should last over 100chapters with revelations, deaths, double agents, torn relationships, etc. Just hope kishi can do it.
    Regarding edo tensei i don’t think its as strong as nagato’s jutsu, for its more akin to commanding an army; you give them orders and they execute as they see fit. Nagato was his psyche in 6bodies. I don’t think kabuto has the necessary chakra to directly control all the zombies in a sasori fashion, or all seeing eyes like nagato.

    Gaara v the zombie kazekage i.e. Sand v iron sand.

  10. Does anybody have any ideals who was in the was in the coffin that kabuto summoned? I think it was probably the 1st Hokage. In chp 490 pg 5 Madara asked “how did you did this?” and Kabuto responded by saying “Oh you know.” In light of the one hundred thousand Zetsu man march this seems like the most logical thing.

  11. I actually think what KillerBee means when he says Naruto is going to feel helpless is that he is going to have to allow the Kyuubi to take over and for them to trust each other, once the Kyuubi takes over Naruto is going to feel helpless. It’s just a theory but I know someone is going disagree.

  12. what about jiraiya? can’t kabuto revive him? white fang?

  13. Making match ups is kinda hard seeing as how Zabuza doesn’t have his sword, Nobody know’s the abilities or fighting style of the 3 shinobi that were sacrificed in Naruto Movie 3. Did Madara give each of the former Jinchuuriki their old tailed beast , so they can fight in battle with them? Here’s the match up’s I wanna see.

    *Also I still think there is summons Kishi didn’t show us to surprise us later through out the war, such as Kakashi’s dad Sakumo, Rin, Jiraiya, Kisame, Fu, Torune, and Danzo just to name a few*

    Gaara vs His Father (Fourth Kazekage)

    Zabuza vs Suigestu or Chōjūrō

    Dan vs Tsunade

    Hizashi vs Hiashi

    Well these are the only battles I wanna see, because I still think Kabuto has some surprise summons up his sleeve – The return of the Uchiha clan maybe??? I’ll be rooting for the bad guys, because I still can’t figure out how they’re gonna beat a group of summons that can’t die. Kishi can’t make the new upgraded Zetsu’s look weak and I’m expecting Madara will fight aswell seeing as how he has nothing else to do. I don’t think Anko is going down without a fight, I say next week we will see Anko in FULL control of her curse seal like Sasuke and Jugo!

  14. I like the speech of gaara even others dont, All the ninjas present there know that there is upcoming war, the reason they are there on that place is that they will unify and not to fight each other, gaara’s speech is just an adds on, but quite inspiring…its just natural for a person to have an ideals…naruto was one..for me its possible that gaara and pain were convinced by his ideals…they really saw how naruto persevere to overcome the trials out of them…

  15. i like pain vs tsunade, they havent fight each other the first time they met

    shikamaru vs kakuzu…a total revenge, hidan was punished now kakuzu must taste his own

    diedara vs gaara…a turn about

  16. Zabuza and Sasori were epic this chapter lol. Sasori dissed Kabuto even though Kabuto’s the one that resurrected him lol.

    @Madzikage, the Kazekage resurrected was not the Third, it was Gaara’s father, the Fourth. He got killed by Orochimaru and Kimimaro so we don’t know what his abilities are.

    For those that didn’t see this:

    “I think I know who the nameless ninjas are! Did everyone watch Naruto Movie 3!? If you didn’t then go watch it now! You’ll be pleasantly surprised

    (I didn’t make these)”- Kisu

    I don’t think Anko will die here because Kishi said she’s his favorite Kunoichi. when you’re Kishi’s favorite anything you survive against and beat opponents way stronger than you, isnt that right Shikamaru?

    The whole speech thing was cool and all, but that really shouldn’t have been enough to wash away decades of war and hatred. The change should have been more gradual. Like in the middle of war as they fight alongside each other and defend each other they develop a sense of unity. It would take longer than a magic speech, but it would feel more realistic.

    As for Naruto’s training, right now there’s only ONE thing KB can do that Naruto can’t, a complete transformation. That’s what he’s gonna teach Naruto next, and remember that Naruto said he’d talk to the Kyubi some day (man I feel sorry for that fat, lazy fox).

    My dream matches would be:

    Naruto vs Utakata (just to see if Kishi acknowledges the best filler in Naruto history)
    Naruto and KB vs all Jinchuriki
    Yagura vs Mei Terumi (Mizukage vs Mizukage, Bloodmist vs Crappy lovey-dovey)
    Neji vs Hizashi Hyuga (father vs son, basically I just want to see how Neji handles the daddy issues he has)
    Gaara vs 4th Kazekage (Kazekage vs Kazekage, just to see how Gaara handles his daddy issues)
    Dan vs Tsunade (psychological torture)
    A vs 3rd Raikage (Raikage vs Raikage, just to see how A deals with his dad, well they look alike anyway)
    Haku vs Hinata (just so everyone can see that Hinata is pretty weak)
    Zabuza vs Chojuro (2 swordsmen of the mist)
    Random ppl from Movie 3 vs Random members of the Konoha 11
    Chiyo vs Sakura
    Sasori vs Kankuro (just so Sasori can beat him up again)
    Deidara vs Guy (2 fundamentally different styles and so Guy can see how Kisame felt when he fought an opponent that was the perfect person to counter him)
    Itachi vs Kakashi (to see just how much stronger Kakashi has gotten since Itachi curbstomped him a few years ago)
    Kakuzu vs Darui (Darui is badass and so is Kakuzu)

    AAAnyway, I thought I’d share this dirty Naruto joke with you all. It gave me some lolz


  17. @rj, are you serious? Pain vs Tsunade? You do realize that this is Nagato, meaning all 7 Paths in one body right? I doubt Tsunade could beat God Realm, so she doesn’t stand a chance against the Outer Path (Nagato) lol

  18. @kisuzachi

    What about partial transformations? Naruto is only able to use one chakra arm at a time, he should be able to use 9, right?

    I personally think that the matchups will be entirely about psychology and relationships, which basically means I agree with Kisu’s picks except I would make these changes:

    Hinata & Neji vs Hizashi
    Deidra vs Kitsuchi

    I could also imagine this: the alliance TRIES to keep its ranks, but when each group sees their corresponding Edo Tensei’ed ninja, they will go off to fight it. I want to say Team 10 would be more disciplined than that, but could you blame Choji or Ino for leaving their squad to help Shikamaru fight Asuma?

  19. I also think that Gaara’s inspired peace is going to be quasi-short lived. What I mean is that it’s like the “banishing” of dark Naruto at the falls. It actually wasn’t complete, Naruto hadn’t won entirely, but it was a start. The real battle in their hearts has yet to take place, and I think some of them will turn on each other perhaps, but the majority will find a way to see peace.

  20. @kisu: thanks for the correction. I still think that we overestimate the power of edo tensei especially compared to thd great pein! As previously mentioned, kabuto will not be able to exert more control that ‘go attack’ and ‘return’ commands for the clones to be effective in battle. With pein all bodies were him, all with his consciousness, that is epic

  21. I can’t believe that no one has said haku v. naruto yet. Thanks to haku, we became aware of naruto’s potential and I think he started to develop his ninja way after that battle. It’s kind of cliche, but Naruto would be coming full circle if he can fully control the nine-tails power against haku. It’s kind of a logical choice for kishi.

  22. @Naruto Tutor

    Naruto is WAY above Haku’s level now. Naruto has a huge power boost, not to mention his speed boost from back then.

  23. I agree with Kisu match-ups, but I think forgot to add Kimmimaro vs Rock lee( rematch, seeing how training and power of youth can beat bloodline)

  24. Not to defend Kishi in anyway because it is hella cliche, however it is a proven fact that in a tense situation when a powerful leader takes the reigns and no one challenges him he/she can convince people who would otherwise think the opposite way. It’s called groupthink.

    Sorry for that lecture I was just studying for an exam as I read the chapter and I thought it was so funny how naruto actually helped by showing an example

  25. overall ok chapter. I liked it, but I wasn’t like OMG about it. as far as the issues that people have been commenting about:

    Gaara’s Speech – I agree w/ most of you on how a speech shouldn’t just convince people to forget years of hatred. That being said, I don’t think that it did. Just cause those two guys apologizes to each other, doesn’t mean they squashed anything. Maybe in their minds they’re still wishing to rip the other guys heart off. I believe the intensity of Gaara’s speech just shut them up. . . for now.

    Sakumo/White Fang – I doubt he was resurrected. Wasn’t he in limbo or something like that? He’s probably still roasting marshmallows. lol. On the resurrection note…

    I still think that some of the zombies are gonna find a way to gain control of their bodies and revolt against Kabuto. That’s just me tho. lol.

    Match-Ups: I agree w/ most of your match-ups. Here are my concerns.

    Neji vs Hiashi (Hiashi still has the curse seal, can’t Hizashi just stop him?)

    Zabuza vs any sword wielder (not fair for Zabuza)

    Nagato vs anybody (umm, i don’t think he has his Rinnegan anymore. Wonder how he fights w/o it.)

    Itachi vs anybody (see Nagato vs anybody, n switch Rinnegan w/ Sharingan)

    Naruto movie 3 people (aren’t movies fillers? confused? o.O)

    And I end with this. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone had a forgotten jutsu that summoned that Shin demon thing, and let you retrieve any soul inside it (i.e. Minato, Harisama, Tobisama, Hiruzen) as long as you sacrifice another to take their place. just a thought and wishfull thinking. lol.

  26. @yellowflash2, that’s not a bad idea. I think it can be one of two things; it can be about further continuing his training, in which case your idea had good validity, or it can mean injecting him into the war. I thought this fit because Naruto would watch all the ninja dying and feel helpless to stop them. Killer Bee’s words to me were a tough one to figure out what exactly he was talking about.

  27. @zepwolf
    I agree on the zombies. I thought kabuto saying he was having trounle just controlling them all was foreshadowing to the jutsu breaking. I imagine after he does some fighting and uses up a good chunk of chakra it will be even harder. My thoughts are he will underestimate anko and loose the link to some of his zombies.

    On a side note with orochimorow dead, does anko still have her curse mark to use?

  28. @ ripcord I just like the idea of naruto v. haku rematch because it is a good way to gauge how much naruto has grown throughout the series both physically and mentally.

    With that said, I’m still undecided: If naruto does end up fighting haku or zabuza again, I do not know if it’s better for their emotions to be turned off or not. If they are, naruto, who presumably knows nothing about the impure resurrection jutsu will surely try to encourage them to resist kabuto’s control. If they aren’t, naruto’s motives will not change, and we’ll just have to listen to how much zabuza and haku do not wish to fight at all as they try to destroy naruto. It would be like the first time they fought.
    @ bob Gaara’s probably more likely to fight the former jinchuuriki than Naruto or KB. Because he’s a former jinchuuriki as well, he can understand the pain they went through in life as well as the relative peace that they may have felt in death.This chapter may have set up the theme for Gaara’s matchups,from being the product of all the evils of the ninja world to being the preserver of all its good. This kind of match up would make sense for him. Of course, even gaara can’t beat them all alone, so maybe naruto and KB will provide backup.

  29. @ZepWolfX

    I would think that a jutsu like that would require the sacrifice of an additional person as a fee for the soul exchange.

  30. Lee would get crushed by Kimmimaro who was around Orochimaru’s level of power when he was not sick even if you team Lee up with Gaara again he would still they would still be crushed

  31. Orochimaru is not dead naruto totor he is sealed Anko should still have the curse mark maybe she will activate level 2 at last

  32. I believe Itachi gave Naruto the ability to control itachi’s eyes. The EMS will be too strong for Naruto so Naruto will probably have no choice but to make Susake blind. Remember itachi already knew he was going to let Susake win (die during their battle) and intended for Sasuke to take his powers (and his eyes). This is the only gift he can offer Naruto…the guaranteed ability to self destruct (cancel if not by blindness) his own eyes/abilities.

  33. “The EMS will be too strong for Naruto”


  34. @envy im not exactly sure kimmimaro would crush gaara given it has been 2 or 3 years since the first battle and it would be dumb to say gaara has not progressed far and beyond his previous power as kimi would have not gained in power. Lee the verdict it still out for me… we havent seen much of him so its hard to tell if his power is greater than before by a significant amount. as for gaara though i think now he could take on kimmimaro easily. I mean gaara now has become kage of his village, which usually means that he is one of if not the strongest ninja in his village and could go toe to toe with quite a few living ninja. Kimmimaro would be destroyed by gaara now.

  35. “he is one of if not the strongest ninja in his village”

    That doesn’t say much. Suna is the weakest of the 5 Great Villages and 2 Akatsuki members destroyed their entire military easily, and in their invasion of Konoha they were annihilated once Konoha retaliated, despite joining forces with Oto. Now Raikage being stronger than everyone in his village means something because Kumo is the strongest

  36. @Kisu
    You give Gaara to little credit, he has improved by a lot, and dismissing Suna as completely weak in comparison to the other villages is not accurate anymore, what made Suna weak back then was the Wind Damaiyo’s policies which cut down Suna’s military strength and economy, it in no way reflects the strength of their individual ninja’s, if you think about it each village has only a few individuals that stand out for exceptional skill, the rest are fodder, Gaara’s power’s were sufficient enough to be considered on par with the other Kage, he still had to be accepted by the other Kage to get his Kage title acknowledged. If power was gauged by village rating then that would make Kimimaro weaker that Suna, since the Sound is now defunct. I’m not saying Kimimaro gets owned by Gaara, but Gaara isn’t a noob anymore, and he has mastered his powers to a far greater extent, more so than 3 years ago.

  37. @Bob I will disagree. If you remember Naruto speech to Naguto that change his mind after years of hatred towards Konoha to bring back all the people he killed when he attacked Naruto’s village.

  38. @kisuzachi, you know that they have not fight the first time they met…and we dont know the real potential of tsunade…if pain had the hard time against jiraiya, and tsunade is once known as legendary sannin, how could you underestemate her. Remember to be hokage is but great…if that happens, tsunade in her prime, will give a zombie pain a kick in the ass

  39. @kisu, about suna to be the weakest….excuse me you are not Kishi to say that, many known to be weak if not weakest that becomes one of the greatest…you cant conclude right away by just little known information…because the strength of a village cant be measured by that alone…many are saying that fire country is strong, but then destroyed by pain with just single technique…but that does not changed the idea that they are strong. Sorry to say this, but you are fond of underestimating one’s capabilities. you can’t be a leader if your weak, and you cant be trusted if other believe you cant manage your country well…gaara is the over all general…leader of all the shinobi armies, for all the kage to trust gaara their people show he has great skills in controlling and managing his people…come to think of this

  40. Kimmi was at 5 to 10% of his power at best when he fought Gaara all those years ago he is at Orochimaru’s level of power aka Orochimaru who could fight to a draw with 4 tailed Naruto with out really trying and being at his body’s limit and killed the 3rd

    Kimmimaro would crush Garra easily in a rematch when he is not sick he was on life support before their fight and moving out of pure will power and even then Nothing could hurt him

    Lee is a chunin so he is no match for Kimmimaro and I can’t belive people even think that

  41. @rj, I don’t have to be Kishi because he gave a detailed description of all the villages in the second Fanbook released last year. And of all the Villages Suna got the lowest scores in all areas. I always know what I’m talking about, must I say that every time?

  42. @John, I didn’t say Gaara was weak, all I said was Suna’s standards are low compared to the other Villages. Also, the other Kages don’t need to accept him for him to be Kazekage, its his Village’s decision, and when everyone else is so weak…

    I mean Baki is supposed to be one of their most if not the most elite Jonin in Suna, yet he is only as strong as Genma (a Tokubetsu Jonin in Konoha). True, every villages has its few exceptional ninja, but Suna has NONE. The only good ninjas Suna has are Gaara, Kankuro and Temari, and when Gaara is sompared with the other Kages he’s basically outclassed, and the same goes for his brother and sister when compared to other named Jonin. Kisu knows what he is talking about.

    In fact, Suna is so shitty that two Kages in a row disappeared. Suna really screwed the pooch when it comes to raising ninjas. That’s probably the reason Suna’s own Feudal Lord doesn’t rely on them and would rather give money to Konoha, because Suna is shitttttt.

    Since I’m already ranting I might as well turn it up to 11 and just call out Gaara as well. Gaara’s track record is less than perfect. He’s killed lots of canon fodder ninja, but chokes whenever he fights a real opponent. Lee kicked the holy shit out of him (but ultimately lost), Kimimaro would’ve killed him if he only had one more second (Kimi died when his bone was a few centimeters from Gaara’s eye), he got schooled by Deidara (despite Deidara not trying to kill him and fighting with not even half the clay he had when he fought Sasugay), then Gaara made a cool entrace in Sasugay vs the Raikage but couldn’t get the job done and kill Sasugay. Gaara is being overhyped. I’d put him in the same league as Neji (and apparently Kishi did as well in 2008 since Gaara’s total was only 2 points over Neji’s score of 27 despite being a Kage, while Fpart 1 REAKING ASUMA was 32.5…oh and since we’re talking stats, in Part 1 Kimimaro was only 15 years old and at the start of Part 2 so was gaara, but Kimi’s stat total was 1.5 points higher showing that despite being a sick bastard he was still stronger than Gaara as Kazekage). Also, Gaara only seems so strong because his one fight in Shippuden was IN A DESERT. In other words, he got a field power bonus (Yu-Gi-Oh FTW) and still couldn’t beat Deidara despitew having copious amounts of advantage.

    As for this Kimimaro business, you can’t deny that when he fought Gaara and Lee he was at his weakness, yet he would’ve killed them both if his body had given him even just 10 more seconds. With Edo Tensei in play he’s even deadlier now because he can’t die. Kimimaro da man.

    Rant over.

  43. The only good ninja Suna produced was Sasori, and I can see why he left that dump as soon as he got the chance.

  44. Crap now I’m spamming. I forgot to add Chiyo.

  45. Ha ha ha awesome kisu

  46. Do you have a link to the data books? I tried to find em but failed

  47. @kisu…. do u really wanna do the whole data book argument? well according to the third data book ur right asuma is 32.5… naruto in the third book is at 26 so I guess asuma can beat naruto? after all they are 6.5 points apart so asuma must be stronger than naruto….. note sarcasm

  48. and while on the subject naruto and sakura have the exact same score of 26… so i guess sakura can go toe to toe with sasuke!!!

  49. and asuma and kisame are both 32.5 so asuma could handle bee and maybe even defeat him?? even though as we saw kisame could easily handle asuma without breakin a sweat……

  50. I don’t think Killer Bee knows about the war either

  51. This Edo Tensei Jutsu has gotten be define more by Kishi and i think we get to know the limits of it over the course of the Battle but at the mo its just far to powerful it seems!

    I think its different to the 6th paths because EACH vessel should have only a a certain amount of Chakra stored that Kabuto gave to them like a battery! after they have used the chakra the vessel should either dissapear or stop working! if it does not do that and carries on contineuously pumping out mega jutsu’s after Mega Jutsu’s then its Vastly Superior to The the 6 paths of pain and to me is a stupidly powerful Jutsu.

    Like Ive said before and just picking up from What Kabuto said! Each Zombie has its own personality and knows his Style Well! there Personalities and Free will make there style more dangerous because of how they go about fighting. So to take away there Free will make there fighting style weaker i shou ld imagine! how does Kabuto use them? It doesnt seem that he has to be in view of them for the Zombies to work effectively. I guess he just gives them a command and they do it?

  52. @Token, you misunderstand, the databook came out in 2008, and a lot has changed since then. I only used it to show that in three years worth of training Gaara stats still weren’t as high as a 9 tenths dead Kimimaro. And yes, at the start of Shippuden Naruto and Sakura were equal (which just shows how useless she is), and Asuma could’ve beaten Naruto at that point as well (despite being a crappy Jonin). But for the most part, using the stats to see who is stronger is wrong, which is why I used it to compare growths. -_-

  53. naruto is weak and i hate it he comes from this geat clan and doesnt show it. why dont he have more jutsu ?

  54. @miles, look at it this way, Iruka probably has way more jutsu than Naruto, but none of his jutsu can come anywhere near the levels of Naruto’s jutsus. It doesn’t matter how many jutsus you have if you can crush your opponent with raw power alone. Naruto isnt weak.

  55. @miles, Naruto is far from weak. He is from the Uzumaki clan so has amazing physical vitality and stamine, he is a sage, and he has control over the nine tails; if that’s weak I’d be scared of strong. If you think about it he has a lot of jutsu, but when being compared to someone like Kakashi and Sasuke it seems like he doesn’t. He has the shadow clones, rasengan, rasenshuriken, summoning, senjutsu, and now whatever he can do with the nine tails. He may only use variants of most of these jutsu but I still think that is a good amount.

  56. It’s not that he is weak just that he has a lot of potential and i would like to see it. I just would like to see him use sage jutsu and sealing jutsu even wind more. and i just hate how much sasuke has grown compared to naruto. Naruto didn’t complete sage training there is more that he can learn. He does have a lot of charka tho. do you know anything about yin and yang ?

  57. @Zep, Kakashi’s father moved on to the afterlife when Kakashi told him he forgave him. And apparently the movie 3 people aren’t fillers since they were resurrected with Edo Tensei.

  58. so…all it should take to break kabuto’s grip on edo tensei is the same seal that Minato performed on Madara to break his control of the Kyuubi right?

  59. If there are any DBZ fans here, check out this awesome One Shot by its creator, Akira Toriyama. You won’t regret it


  60. @ Miles – i agree he doesnt have allot of Jutsu’s he has allot of variations of the same Jutsu’s and they get strogner and more complex. With his unique training methods he could easily create some wind elemental based jutsu’s in no time as he doesnt Need Yamato to control the kyubi chakra anymore now! he could create thousands of shadow clones and make some new jutsu’s up!

    He did create the Rasanshurriken. lets hope he can creat more!

    I think have air bullet would be really cool for naruto like Danzo used.

  61. i must agree. im actually a little disapointed that after they found a way to quicken his training to such a rapid rate that they havent found the time to start teaching him more jutsu. especially now. and i feel that with what naruto has managed to do with rasen shuriken and learning to throw it that his ability to command his wind chakra is high enough that he should probaly learn a new element. probaly water to counter sasukes fire.

    on top of that he needs to try mixing sage chakra in kyubi mode. im interested to know what would happen and what abilities he could onlock unique only to him when he is mixing the three chakra’s. can anyone say super saiyan 3?

    plus he needs more functional jutsu, like the replacement technique for instance.

  62. Thanks guys. Can you tell me more about yin and yang someone please. itachi gift to naruto is going to be something good and on top of that the mix of the two bloodlines is going to make him even stronger.

  63. “can anyone say super saiyan 3? ”

    Meh, I’m pretty sure Raditz could single-handedly destroy every character in Naruto at once >_>

  64. @kisu, regarding suna as the weakest, you cant base it on a databook, or whatever statistics…they are mere figures, and you cant based it on the individual fights of the village’s ninjas…they are mere individual capabilities, and does not speak the village in general…you cant say konoha is strong because kakashi, naruto or sasuke are there…being strong or weak is simply a mindset…

    and how sure you are gaara is weak against kimimaru?

  65. @rj, did u read any of my comments? I not only gave stats, I also gave reasons as to why Suna is weak. The stats provided by KISHIMOTO himself proves my point, that Suna is the weakest village. There’s no denying that Suna is the weakest… well you could deny it, but then you’d just be ignoring all the evidence

    “they are mere individual capabilities, and does not speak the village in general”

    So the Suna army (with backup from Otogakura) being defeated by Konoha in moments and them being ineffective against Deidara and sasori somehow doesn’t prove the village is weak? Ok then

  66. @kisu, ive read your comments, thats why im writing here to give my comments too, are you sure that what kishi implied regarding suna, would mean that kishi concluding that this village is the weakest…you actually mention about growth…then it follows that all has possibility to improve… and has right to prove themselves that a weaker ones can be stronger soon…to conclude based on a previous figures regarding a qualitative capability of one person or place is quite awkward…description here is developmental…gaara in a sense is well respcted leader, even at young age…bringing your country in peace is a great merit and one indication of being a strong country…strength cant be measure only on how the people fights physically..

    maybe kishi puts some weak points to the suna…but this village are one of the villages that mostly focus in the story and showed to have great part in war…

    looking at the idea of kimimaru and gaara…neither of them can be considered as stronger nor weaker…they are special on their own right…we cant really say that naruto is stronger as compare to sasuke, but then one of them will prevail later on…just like the first and madara, lately madara stated that winner is not actually the one belived by many who win on the fight…

  67. regarding the idea that raditz can defeat any of the naruverse character, I doubt….

    since youre talking about evidence, can you give even one convincing evidence to show your argument? (as in any?)

  68. Okay Kisu, agree with you on a lot of stuff when it comes to Suna but you have to give Gaara more credit. You say, Kimmimaro could have beat Gaara but you forget he didn’t even use the Shukaku chakra, so I think ultimately he would have still destroyed Kimmimaro even if Kimmimaro wasn’t dying because then Gaara has bijuu level chakra reserves.

    You are right when it comes to Suna’s strength as a whole because if they were on the same level as the other villages they would have chosen a stronger Kazekage which is not to say Gaara isn’t strong. However, you can’t put Gaara against the other Kage because they are older and more experienced and know more about forbidden jutsu and secret techniques so I wouldn’t expect him to be stronger than the others. However, I would say Gaara could take down Tsunade and maybe the Mizukage. I think the Raikage would kick his ass only because of his lightning based chakra and who knows what else and I’m not totally sure about the Tsuchikage which would be a great match but just by the fact that the Tsuchikage battled Madara and survived, I say the Tsuchikage would win as well.

    Also, you said the only reason Gaara when as far as he did with Deidara was because he was in the desert but you have to remember he can create sand where ever he wants and maybe has no limit to how much. People think that just because he lost the Shukaku he is a weak little child but come on he still has a huge amount of chakra, I wouldn’t count Gaara out. I can’t wait to see him in action as the Commander General.

    1. When he fought Deidara he was using his chakra not Shukaku so all those awesome moved he pull on Deidara was all him.

    2. This also means that the Sand will still come to his defense.

    3. You can’t just call Suna weak because they seem pretty strong to me.
    A. Sasori
    B.Third kazekage ( Imagine if her were alive)
    C. GAARA
    D. Temari
    E. Chiyo
    I’m not going to say Kankurou because he seems weak to me.

  69. Man, it makes me wish my comp wasn’t broken, so many comments. I can end the Kimmimaro arguments right now:

    In the fight with Gaara, Kimmimaro had THE CURSED SEAL which he will not have now in death because it was not his body’s to begin with, at least that’s what I believe. Granted, his power will be better than it was when he was sick, but he can no longer amplify his abilities.

    I agree that Sunagakure doesn’t have a lot of good ninjas, but Gaara was able to keep up with Sasuke and his Amaterasu at the Kage summit, and odds are that if Gaara had gone up against Sasuke in that moment (and Sasuke hadn’t run away like a little girl) Sasuke would have lost.

  70. @rj, lol I see ur the Care Bears everyon is special type lol. That’s cool though. But think of it this way, if a war was to break out between the 4 villages (Kirigakure isn’t on the mainland so they aren’t usually in the wars), who’d be the first to be defeated? Anyway, King Piccolo could destroy cities, just like Pain, except he wasn’t dog tired after doing it, and his power level was only 260. Raditz’s power level is 1200 plus he routinely conquers planets lol.

    yellowflash, I don’t really want to debate this because the whole point of my rant above was to prove Gaara isn’t the god everyone thinks he is… so yeah

  71. @ripcord, I don’t think Sasori was born a puppet, but he came back in his puppet body. Anyway on this page you can see Kimimaro’s Earth Seal on his chest as it always was


  72. @Yellow, curiosity made me read your entire comment and ok how could Gaara have killed Kimimaro even with the Shukaku? The Shukaku is the weakest Biju and was getting schooled by Gamabunta. Kimimaro’s bones make it impossible for Gaara to kill him (he normally kills with pressure). And actually, I gave a lot of reasons why Gaara had advantages over Deidara.

    1. A. Gaara was fighting in a desert so he didn’t have to waste chakra to create sand
    1. B. Deidara had to hold back because he wouldn’t want to kill the Jinchuriki
    1. C. Deidara didn’t bring enough clay for him to fight for real. So he was holding back while at a disadvantage! lol
    (In Gaara’s defense however, he did have to protect his people, so let’s just say Deidara only had 2 disadvantages)

    2. Who cares if the Sand will defend him? It can be outmaneuvered, outpaced, and overpowered.

    3. Kumogakure has:
    the god damned RAIKAGE
    Darui (their version of Kakashi)
    (you can’t compare Temari to ANY of those guys)

    Kirigakure has:
    The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist (7 ninja ranging in power from Zabuza-level – Kisame-level)
    Mei freaking Terumi (the chick with 2 badass Kekkei Genkai)
    Yagura (a perfect Jinchuriki)
    Utakata (bubble boy)
    (I’m having a lot of fun with this lol, also you can’t compare them with Temari)

    Konohagakure has:
    lol do I even need to list them? And once again, they’re all way above Temari’s level

    Iwagakure has:
    (we really don’t know much about these guys, but they could stomp Temari)

    I specifically picked on Temari because she’s strong, but not up to the levels of the usual Jonin we see. Kakashi would kill her in seconds, same with Guy. She was promoted to Jonin in Suna, but she’s probably still only the level of the Konoha 11. Neji would crush her.

    Sasori and Chiyo…well those were 2 genuinely good ninja.

    Third Kazekage, what kind of Kage gets kidnapped? There should have at least been a struggle to alert the ninjas that their Kage was in danger. Being the most powerful in Suna’s history doesn’t say a lot.

  73. Weren’t most of the seven swordsmen killed singlehandedly by konoha ninja? Kisame lost to Guy zabuza to kakashi. Meanwhile kisame trashed KB and didn’t kill him onlly cause they needed the biju. So I guess Guy is better than KB than? And kumo I guess really only has raikage as a kickass ninja?

  74. @Token, Darui, Raikage and KB are kickass. Aaaanyway, did you forget that Kisame wasn’t at full strength when he fought Guy, didn’t have samehada, and was trying to get away more than he was actually trying to fight. And if memory serves correctly, it took Gato’s entire organization + Kakashi to put Zabuza down 😀

  75. lol Actually kakashi would have taken zabuza down but haku took chidori instead. Not to mention kakshi had mercy on zabuza and thats y he didnt finish the job after haku died although kakashi very well could have killed zabuza. And how come when the opponents have a disadvantage u mention it and yet when someone like gaara has a disadvantage like protecting a whole village rather than worry only about fighting at full strength u dismiss it?? If u give kisame a excuse than the same has to apply for gaara, etc. Cant be hypocritical and only use excuses when it benefits ur case….

  76. o and btw what exactly makes darui badass??? Has he even been involved in a fight or am i missing something???

  77. actually he was in a fight against suigetsu but than again i dotn think any of us would even consider suigetsu a good opponent lol

  78. @kisu

    OK good eyes. I guess that is because the cursed seal was still attached to Kimmimaro when he died.

  79. @token, if you read my comment I mentioned Gaara’s one disadvantage and mentioned Deidara’s three, then I just canceled them out and said Deidara had 2. But yeah, I was being a smartass with the whole Zabuza thing. Kakashi was stronger than him…well in the second fight at least because if Naruto and Sasugay hadn’t interfered Zabuza would’ve killed Kakashi…but that’s a whole other debate. And Darui is badass because he beat down Suigetsu without any effort and stood up to all of the Kages’ bodyguards (Shii is useless so it was all Darui). Besides, anyone that gets a spot on Kisu’s top 10 has to be strong (I’m still waiting for Omoi to get into a fight).

  80. @kisu, “The god damned RAIKAGE”. This made me lol

  81. just a something that is on my mind, if kabuto brought back all of the strongest shinobi to fight in the war, then where are the 3rd and 4th hokage, and better yet where is jiraiya, i mean the dude wants the best right, so i have the feeling that the pervy sage is gonna make an appearance in this war either dead as kabuto slave, or as a miraculous survival of the battle of pein……i don’t want any negative shit cause this is suppose to be a site where we can bounce off ideas, that is just one of my ideas, what do u guys think

  82. @just passing: I think that kabuto is not 100% on board with tobi otherwise i think he would have brought more kickass ninja instead of people like zabuza and haku….. it is weird to me that he managed to get dna from kakuza, itachi etc. and yet couldnt get jiryia or the 4th. Also since hes so in love with oro how come he didnt bring him back to life? This whole edo tensei hacks given to kabuto seems unbalanced and leaves too many questions that i dont think kishi will ever be able to answer.

  83. @ token, i was thinking the same thing with oro, but remember that anko has the cursed seal still intact, and if i am not mistaken, that is a way for oro to come back to life, i mean when itachi and sasuke fought, itachi didn’t stop until the cursed mark was gone….but i also feel that kabuto isn’t fully on board with madara, and that he is hiding more shinobi. but sadly after this war i think the series is finished, there can’t be a continuation of this manga after this.// but i will keep my fingers crossed for a jiraiya apperance, thanks token for the response.

  84. @Token, we dont know how Edo Tensei works. We don’t know if you need someone’s DNA to summon them. And the reason none of the Hokages are there is cuz they’re all being yummy in the Shinigami’s tummy. Oro isn’t dead, he’s sealed in the Sword of Totsuka, if memory serves.

  85. @just passing

    The difference between Anko’s cursed seal and Sasuke’s was that Sasuke had absorbed Orochimaru into himself, Anko only has a little bit of something that makes the transfer of Orochimaru easier, it doesn’t actually contain Orochimaru.

    As to Jiraiya being summoned, I think Kabuto is saving that for his trump card vs. Naruto. I wonder though if Ma and Pa toad would be forced to help Jiraiya if he summons them, probably not.

  86. just wanna say this, isn’t kabuto is the strongest around here as kid is practically is fighting alone with 5 nations( as zetsu will be useless,and dead frm Edo Tensei won’t dye until there very soul is sealed or taken away frm the body)

  87. Hi bob good work as usual. i have few questions
    Did Zetsu army have the ability to observe chakra then shinobi army will be in big trouble.
    Did Zetsu army have tailed beast chakra level since they made by using the chakar of tailed beast
    Did Zetsu army have any Jutsu of First Hokage or his ability to control the tailed beast

  88. @NSSK,

    1. The original white Zetsu has the ability, maybe these do, maybe not

    2. They can’t have Biju level chakra. 7 Biju, 100,000 Zetsus, you do the math.

    3. Zetsu’s never used any of Hashi’s jutsus so who knows

  89. @kisu and NSSK

    If white zetsu had that power, it would have made sense to have white zetsu help with the bijuu capture wouldn’t it? Especially vs. KB.

  90. @ManishUchiha, Yes Kabuto is the strongest, before him it was Pain.

    I’m curious to know how much stronger those Zetsu’s got, The groups that’s fighting on the ground are going to have big disadvantage seeing as how the Zetsu’s can become one with the Earth, Tree trunks, even through walls I think (Sasuke & Itachi fight). Wassup with the Black Zetsu?? I think Black Zetsu is the one who can imitate another shinobi and become them, while the White Zetsu is the spy, so I agree with Ripcord, it doesn’t make much sense to have White Zetsu as the frontline, unless Madara is saving that side for something important

  91. @Rinnegan Invasion, it was the White Zetsu that imitated Kisame. The Black Zetsu is still a mystery

  92. Ok my bad, I thought at one point in time the Black Zetsu was used for something. I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see.

  93. spoilers are up, pretty interesting http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65473

  94. dang it, Profess beat me to it. Now I wont getto ruin the next chapter for you all 😦

  95. Just to remind everyone! Kimmimaru when fought Gaara was very very weak! he was sparing his body on by sheer will alone and heavily medicated! not to take anything away from Gaara!


  97. Naruto 517 is out!!
    at mangastream

  98. Rinnegan’s Ghost Realm is the easiest way to take down Edo Tensei

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