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Naruto Chapter 516 – Mobilization

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

A decent chapter this week, the wow factor after the revelations of the opposing war forces is diminished a bit this week as we transition into the mobilization phase. Seeing as the villages are throwing their entire combined army into this, this’ll be an all or nothing kind of battle. Both sides are moving out and vying for an advantageous position over their opponent. Madara moving his entire Zetsu army underground is an interesting tactic, but it’s been shown that a Byakugan user can detect them easily. But maybe he already knows the alliance army is moving to intercept them over land and has no other choice. I wouldn’t be surprised if Madara has a few hidden spies within the alliance ranks. Remember that he was pretty much in control of the previous Mizukage for some time in the past. Also, remember that Sasori had sleeper agents within many of the villages, would it be possible for zombie Sasori to activate them?

The first page of this chapter looks a bit rough, you can still see the sketch marks on some of the characters. I guess Kishi was in a rush to get this one done in time this week. But anyways, I’m glad to see Kabuto give us a little more explanation as to just what the limits are of his Edo Tensei jutsu. So Kabuto does have direct control over the dead summons’s bodies, and can even suppress their personalities if need be. He demonstrated this chapter that he can control the movements of multiple summons at the same time and presumably over long distances. Does this remind any of you of Pein’s technique? While Pein was able to control only six bodies at once, Kabuto is managing to control 20-30… And we thought the Rinnegan was overpowered. When Orochimaru summoned the first and second Hokages to fight the Third, both were capable of using their techniques without restriction – meaning Kabuto should be able to access each of his summons’ special powers, even kekkei genkais. Yeah, I know, it’s totally hax0rz, but I personally would like to see the bloodline abilities of Kimimaro or Haku again.

I can imagine some sick matchups in the making. Here’s my quick wishlist, and I want people to list their favourite matchups as well in the comments:
All Jinchuuriki vs kyuubi-powered Naruto and Killer Bee
Zabuza vs Kakashi rematch, or Zabuza vs Killer Bee (swords matchup)
Deidara vs Gaara (grudge match)
Dan vs Tsunade (psychological warfare)
Asuma vs Shikamaru (psychological warfare)
Haku vs Neji (I just feel they’re very similar in personalities and fighting style)
Chiyo vs Sakura (psychological warfare) or vs Kankuro

As for Gaara’s speech this chapter…. I was not that impressed honestly. As readers, we can definitely understand why Gaara is getting so emotional talking about how Naruto helped him see the light and how everyone should cooperate, but I have a hard time believing the common shinobi in the crowd would be moved this way. You have to keep in mind the history of warfare and retribution that the five villages share. They might not be at open war anymore, but like that one guy in the crowd said, his father was killed by the opposing faction and now he’s expected to work with them? Decades of warfare can imbue deep hatred within people, just look at what happened to Nagato. So it’s kind of hard to believe that these shinobi are convinced to cooperate so easily, regardless of the cause. But maybe I should stop being such a pessimist and believe that this united front against Madara is what will ultimately bring about that peace Jiraiya was talking about… my enemy’s enemy is my friend and such.

Other thoughts:
– goodbye Anko and team, nice knowing you 😦
– Gaara was wrong when he said “there are only shinobi here”, those samurai guys from Iron Country are not shinobi, lol
– I’m interested in what Bee is going to teach Naruto next; that line “you’re gonna feel helpless” makes me very curious.
– I think that water bubble Aoi is making for Inoichi is actually going to be a crystal ball type of jutsu that’ll allow them to see enemy movement.

No poll this week, instead I’d like to see people’s favorite match-ups for Kabuto’s Edo Tensei summons in their comments.


Bleach Chapter 426 – The Starter 2

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Hey guys sorry this is out a little late. I’ll probably have my computor back next week but until then I’m still a little short on time so this will be quick.

Ichigo and Uryuu have revived their former relationship as rivals now that Ichigo isn’t out of his league anymore. It seems Urahara has started employing the Quincy in Ichigo’s absense, which is a little odd considering he or his entourage could easily take care of that job themselves.

What Ichigo points out is also odd is that Urahara knows well what Quincy powers do to the balance of souls in the universe, yet…


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