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Naruto Chapter 516 Is Out!



50 Responses

  1. this is the perfect time for us to finally see Rock Lee’s, Tenten’s and Sakura’s parent(s)?

    Btw, the art in this chapter was a tad… sketchy :/ (pun intended)

    Zabuza FTW!

  2. yea this chapter looked rushed

  3. Zabuza calling Edo Tensei bull was hilarious, definitely FTW. It’s official, Gaara knows how to deliver speeches, glad he isn’t a Tea Gardener person, making lame friendship speeches when they are not needed, he knows how and when to deliver them. Gaara is the man, being so young and being already at the pinnacle of the Shinnobi world. I guess that mystery dude was a ninja from the Hidden Mist, maybe a Hidden Mist Swordsman? Good chapter.

  4. i think it was an all right chapter. by no means game changing. we did learn one thing though about edo tensei kabuto is having trouble controlling all his summons. that can be very important. i wonder if it is possible for the emotions of the summons to make it more difficult. if that is the case i wonder if edo tensei would potentially break when say dan fights tsunade or hiashi fights neji. before kabuto shuts there emotions off. we also clearly see how unhappy many of the summons are at being used as a play thing. we didnt see it to this extent when oro summoned his. also apparently kabuto doesnt have to be close to to shut off the emotions, or comunicate his intent since they tracked down the members of anko’s group seemingly after they left kabuto, though i cant be possible about that last one.

  5. This was a great chapter, I liked Gaara’s speech, cant wait to see the fighting between the Shinobis and Atskuski

  6. still curious about a few things

    the rinnegan in particular and how come madara states they were his.

    I was hoping that naruto would master more of the “yellow flash” tech!

    i think that would have been super cool.

  7. Gaara is the man. Its clear the new generation is taking over, especially with gaara leading the troops. Also did anyone notice the mizukage m.i.a this ch.

  8. his is the perfect time for us to finally see Rock Lee’s, Tenten’s and Sakura’s parent(s)?
    please WTF again WHAT THE FUCK is this guy talking about we didn t see them….

  9. @johnny333

    i think he means that this would be a good time to bring them into the manga if they were brought in at all

  10. It feels kinda unrealistic that decades of enmity between the villages could be cured with a simple speech like that, but I guess intervillage fighting might be one too many plot threads for Kishi to deal with during what’s sure to be a massive story arc.

    John, when you say tea gardener, do you mean Tea Party?

    Does anybody know what Yamanaka and the Mist sensor guy are doing on the last page?

    As for the final stage of Naruto’s training, I imagine it involves giving his body over to the Fox to bring out his full form like KB does. That’s why he’s going to “feel helpless”.

  11. Wow looks like this arc is gonna be massive!! Still got so much to see with this manga like:

    – The 4th Ninja World War battles and who’s gonna die
    – The Truth about “Madara” (Tobi) AND Zetsu
    – The Juubi revival (if it happens)
    – Who the Final villian is
    – The Final battle between EMS Sasuke vs 9Tail Naruto

    And why do i get the feeling that Orochimaru will somehow find a way back into it??!!

    Also i think Neji vs His Dad would be a badass fight seeing as we havent seen a proper Hyuga Fight in shippuden to date!!! (Hinata vs Pain doesnt count btw!)

  12. Finally, naruto’s side seems to have the advantage over madara’s side, thanks to Gaara.

  13. @Johnny333, you didn’t get what I meant :/. We’ve never seen their parents so now is the perfect time to introduce them since an all out ninja war is about to happen -_-‘

    @Daniel, I agree, these ninjas are a more easily-convinced crowd than the one in Captain Planet

    Note: WATCH FROM 6:55-8:09 to see the 2nd most fickle crowd ever lol

  14. I liked this chapter but I thought Kishi could have included this in the last chapter but it was nice to see Gaara show some emotions and it’s great to see how much he’s grown and that he really deserves to be the Kazekage.

    Also, I can’t wait to see Naruto’s last training step and finally see him and Sasuke in battle, individually and together. Let the Fourth Great Ninja War begin!!!!!!!!!

  15. I just noticed something! The Root member Kabuto resurrected was Sai’s “brother”!

  16. @Tensa Gizzla

    Final villain is obviously Madara T_T it would be trolling if he weren’t considering the massive hype he has been getting for the role.

  17. @Kisu
    Kind of obvious you silly ^_^, I think his name is Shin.

  18. How do we know Killer Bee was actually talking about more training? Maybe I misinterpreted it but I kinda got the feeling that he was implying that Naruto would finally experience the war and know what it’s like to watch people die and not be able to do anything about it, the feel helpless.

  19. Sakumo ‘white fang’ hatake should be summoned too. Allow for a number of ninja to die as a result of being too emotional go battle. I have a question, is the kazekage who has been summoned, gaara’s father? Kabuto really must have abandonment issues considering all the family reunions he’s having!

  20. @BrokenBonds
    I thought Kishi said in an interview that Madara wasnt the final bad guy….maybe i got it wrong tho

  21. quick question, since kabuto hasnt summoned him, and lets have an open mind about his, but is Jaraiya dead??? i mean if i was kabuto wouldnt he be one of the first to summon, one of the legendary sanin, so could that mean hes not dead, hell he ressurected asuma, why not jaraiya……

  22. alright chapter, lets hear what bob has to say

  23. anko’s gonna die?? n the three spies too 😦

  24. on to the chapter then, yes kisu, I noticed that the root guy is sai’s brother too – thumbs up toi kishi in that.

    I get the feeling all these summons will come back to kabuto. there’s no way he will be able to keep track of so many corpses.

    I’m still wondering who’s the edo tensei’d corpse madara was so afraid of. my best guess still points to it being the body of the real Madara.

    one thing for sure, masked guy is NOT madara. there’s too much foreshadowing. besides, why have a mask at all if he’s gonna be who he claims to be, right?

  25. didn’t that scene in the hideout during konan’s battle confirm jiraiya’s death because they had all come back? Alternatively with the way he was so a part of myokoban i wouldn’t be suprised if he was given some form of seal to prevent his body bein usurped after death. I mean imagine it, the zombie jiraiya could summon ma and pa for sage mode-doesn’t seem quite right does it.

  26. The thing With Edo Tensei is as soon as he flciks the switch and they dont have there personalities! I would pressume that they would not be as effective as kabuto did incinuate some of them are best left with the switch flicked on! So how they are programmed is beyond me but they may not be as effective!

  27. @Kisu
    CHiiiillll i didnt realize D:
    Thats messed up -___- but i guess it was a smart move. Now i really want to see this battle.
    On the side note,
    Good chapter
    Epic speech by Gaara, expect nothing less. Naruto isnt gonna like what Bee’s about to tell him, probably about the war. I hope Naruto goes all epic and just doesnt yell/hyperventilate
    I need more naruto epicness scenes

  28. @Mattmaru, he would flip the switch off because a lot of those dead guys probably have big mouths and would just give information to the other side. When he says he’ll leave some of them with their personalities its because the ninja that are close to them will be weakened by seeing their friends/relative/lover on the battlefield and get cut down because of it.

    @madzi, Jiraiya is as dead as dead can be.

    @shykss, nah don’t count Anko out just yet. she’s Kishi’s favorite Kunoichi (and being Kishi’s favorite guarantees you can beat opponents way stronger than you and that you wont die, just ask Shikamaru).

    Since Killerbee’s first training was the Chakra arms, it only means the next step must be total transformation. I think we’ll be seeing the Kyubi again pretty soon

  29. @Tensa Gizzla
    Interview is obviously fake. Kishimoto would NEVER release an interview containing spoilers, it’s as fake as the interview of him saying Minato is the strongest dead guy.

    Considering the hype he has gotten; Minato saying he will be the harbringer of the worlds destruction, Madara being described as “the darkness” and Naruto being described as “the light”, him being the source of all bad things in Sasuke and Naruto’s life, Sasuke being in the darkness because of him, him being the strongest man alive (BY FAR), he has the final plan and started the war. Sasuke isn’t final villain material (doesn’t even have a master plan <_<), and Kabuto's master plan will only involve Sasuke, Madara's plan involves the entire world.

  30. Why ain´t Kakashi´s dad ressurected? The white fang is far more legenderous that Dan and Asuma

  31. and far more lengederous than Zabusa and Haku to

  32. I´ve ben thinking about the Zetu clone army.. Are they alla the same? We don´t know any thing yet, but are the close combat or midrange or distans? or are there diffrents zetsu clones? or is all one and the same type? and do they have the same type och element chakra? Beacuse if they are all the the same they shouldnt be so hard to deffeat is you find there weaknes then they all have the same weaknes…

  33. @Broken bonds

    um Kishi said he was the strongest dead Shinobi along with the 3rd

    the sage of the six paths is not a shinobi so no loop hole and this was before people like Nagato died so for all we know Nagato is stronger (i doubt it though) I would put the 3rd above Minato anyway

  34. I think I know who the nameless ninjas are! Did everyone watch Naruto Movie 3!? If you didn’t then go watch it now! You’ll be pleasantly surprised

    (I didn’t make these)

  35. @ kisuzachi

    Wow, it looks true! o_O

    How can this be possible? Have the guys that make the (filler) movies known these insignificant and unknown characters, two years before their official manga appearance??

  36. Damn Kisu you wanna researching lil bastard (That was a compliment). So if that is true then Kishi had to go to non canon movies to get ideas? Good catch man.

  37. @clinton
    That interview was fake.

  38. @Kisu
    Did you get that little info off of Naruto forums? Someone made a thread saying that awhile ago.

  39. @Excel

    Triple comment -_-, Kishimoto foresaw the movie and created its plot.

  40. @Kisu I don’t remember those 3, but I’ll rewatch the movie though

  41. @RinneganInvasion, they weren’t really in the movie in the conventional sense. They were already dead and that Hiruko guy had absorbed their kekkei genkais

    @BrokenBonds, actually I got it from another site. Someone posted it and I just had to share it with you guys. Also the interview isn’t fake. Its even on one of Narutowiki’s talk pages. Aaaand Kishi really didn’t have anything to do with the 3rd movie, if he did it would have been as epic as One Piece Strong World (which was basically written by Oda). Bleach’s Tite Kubo is overseeing the new Bleach movie, so perhaps this new Naruto movie will be overseen by Kishi.

    @Ryu, hahaha I knew it was a compliment the moment I saw it. But I can’t take credit for research because it was a complete coincidence that I saw it

  42. @Kisu, I just watched the movie and that is definitely them. Now that leaves to wonder if that movie is canon? Because if not then they would have all had to die a different way then that. I don’t know, seems like it could make sense but then again who knows.

  43. @Kisu
    I read somewhere Kishimoto atleast looked over the project, and didn’t he say something at the end of the movie like “I hope you like ma movie guiz :D” or something.
    If it were real, it would be in the trivia box or in Minato’s abilities, anyone could edit the talk page.
    “That interview is fake, or at least the translation is.”
    THE ShounenSuki agrees with me ^_^

  44. ““That interview is fake, or at least the translation is.”

    could u post a link?

  45. Is anyone else spamming the refresh button every couple of minutes to see if Bob’s post is up or not? haha

  46. @BrokenBonds no its real don’t know why you would think its fake

  47. ok now i know but how do we know that shiki is not lying or wrong

  48. @Envy
    If it were real there would be massive media coverage, people would be able to verify it with that issue of Shonen Jump (people at Narutopedia would check to see if it were verified or not, if it were there would be some note on any of the pages), and when asked to provide pictures of the issue he completely ignored them… Most of Naruto Forums don’t take it seriously and ShounenSuki said it was most likely fake.

  49. I personally feel like Kabuto is up to something. I don’t think he would completely slide with Madara and aide him 100% with the war without getting something out of it. Plus. For him to test Sasuke is not enough. Then again what is Kabuto charka reserve for him to do so many summon and still be able to attack Anko is something. Wouldn’t we expect him to be hidden in a room or something to focus on all the summons movement and moves. Is there something we don’t know about him!

    But I must say that this is one of the best chapter we have had in awhile, I guess since Naruto met his mom and heard of their story. I been feeling like the last couple of arces just been rushed to get to the war. But I am now looking forward to this epic war and this will give Kishi

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