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Revenge of the YellowFlash IX

I know it looks like a long chapter and I’m rushing through things but I just want to end this part soon and bring on a time skip, but I hope you guys still like it.

Minato and Team 7 arrives just in time to stop the Raikage and Itachi’s clash.

Minato: May I cut in?

Shisuko: It’s the Fourth Hokage!?

Raikage: How dare you interfere!?

Minato: How dare you attack a Konoha shinobi? He’s a missing-nin from our village.

Raikage: He attacked our village! I will not allow him to get away with that!

Minato: Itachi will pay for his wrong doings, I assure you of that, I’ll take it from here.

Itachi: What makes you think I won’t kill you both where you stand?

Kisame: (Thinking) Itachi should be completely out of chakra after using all three doujutsu in a row but instead he seems completely fine, what’s his secret?

Raikage: That’s it, he’s mine!

The Raikage breaks free from Minato and dashes at Itachi punching Susanoo with great force but is unable to break through.

Itachi: It’s futile, no one can break through Susanoo, it an ultimate defense.

Sasuke: Itachi is mine, I’m the only one who will kill him!

Minato appears in front of the Raikage and punches him in the face sliding the Raikage back a few feet, then the Raikage dashes at Minato at a blinding speed and Minato also dashes, they both hit each other giving off massive amounts of chakra. They then soar through the air exchanging blows causing giant shock waves through the air. (Think of DBZ) They both land on the ground forming hand signs, Minato activates Wind Style: Air bomb and the Raikage activates his Earth Style: Mud Cannon, both the attacks connects causing a powerful tremble as everyone looks on.

Kisame: They are completely ignoring us, let’s say we get serious now Itachi.

Itachi: ( Bringing down Susanoo) No, we are clearly out numbered and at a disadvantage, we’ll leave for now.

Sasuke: I won’t let you!

Sasuke dashes forward at Itachi activating his Chidori.

Itachi: This again?

Kakashi: Sasuke!

As Sasuke gets in range Kisame grabs Samehada and swings it at Sasuke but out of nowhere Naruto unleashes his chakra chains wrapping them around Samehada and smashing others into Kisame knocking him into the side of the mountain. As Kisame stands from the dust he sees Naruto using his chakra chains holding Samehada over his head in mid-air.

Naruto: Looking for this?

Kisame: (Thinking) He managed to hit me, and how is he holding Samehada? His chakra should be completely absorbed by now, that little brat!

Itachi: Power of the Senju, huh?

Kakashi: That chakra, has he learned to control it already?

Sakura: Is this Naruto!?

Naruto: I’m the only one who can beat up on Sasuke!

Shisuko: This kid has the same abilities we were after all those years ago! Where did he get this kind of power!?

Kasumi: I don’t know but it feels enormous!

Itachi grabs Sasuke by the throat while everyone is distracted.

Itachi: You still continue on attacking me when you know you can’t win. Maybe I should kill you now to spare you from anymore embarrassment.

The ground suddenly turns to a thick mud stopping everyone’s movements as a giant snakes erupts from the mud pool, Orochimaru burst from the snakes mouth and spits out his Kusunagi sword stabbing Itachi through the chest, Itachi drops Sasuke and explodes into a flock of crows.

Orochimaru: Take your hands off my vessel!

Kakashi: Orochimaru!

Orochimaru goes after Sasuke but Kakashi stabs him through the chest with his Raikiri. Orochimaru then spits out another copy of himself and the other one dissolves around Kakashi paralyzing him with the toxins and poisons that’s spewing from his melting corpse. Orochimaru aims to finish Kakashi off, he grabs his Kusunagi sword and starts to strike but Naruto uses his chakra chains and throws Samehada at Orochimaru making him jump back giving Kakashi the chance to form hand signs, Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu, trapping Orochimaru!

Kisame: He knows that technique? He must have learned it from that worm Zabuza.

Kakashi: Well done Naruto, now stand back and stay on guard.

Naruto: Right!

The giant snake Orochimaru summoned earlier slithers toward Kakashi about to slam into him, Kakashi is forced to let Orochimaru go and evade the attack. Orochimaru picks up his sword and goes on the attack but Shisuko appears in front of him and puts up his force field while Kasumi attacks from behind with a katana. Kasumi stabs him through the back with his katana but Orochimaru explodes into mud signalling he was an earth clone. He then appears behind Kasumi and shoots a snake from his sleeves biting Kasumi on the neck sending poison throughout his body. Kasumi starts to shake heavily, scream violently in horror until his body explodes into millions of pieces.

Kakashi: What was that!?

Shisuko: Kasumi! You bastards!

Shisuko forms hand signs, Secret Jutsu: Deadly Bubble! A sphere-like force field appears around Orochimaru shrinking about to crush him but Orochimaru uses his replacement technique to escape leaving behind a dozen exploding notes causing a great explosion blasting Shisuko away knocking him unconscious.

Orochimaru: These Cloud-nin are useless.

Sasuke, still focused on Itachi attacks with a kunai but he blocks with a kunai of his own.

Itachi: When will you learn?

Itachi pushes him off with his kunai and spins around kicking him the chest sending hims flying and then Itachi dashes toward him getting ready to finish him off.

Kakashi: When will you?

Kakashi jumps in front of Itachi forming hand signs creating a giant earth wall between the two brothers stopping Itachi right in his tracks. Kakashi from off top of the wall activates another Raikiri, runs down the wall at full fiery but out of nowhere a water dragon created by Kisame smashes into Kakashi destroying the earth wall. Kakashi uses his lightning and sends a current through the water dragon electrocuting Kisame.

Kakashi: (Landing  in front of Sasuke) Sasuke, don’t interfere, you’re going to get yourself killed!

Kakashi punches Itachi in the face as he pants in exhaustion from the overuse of his eyes. They both engage in taijutsu, each of them trying to land blows. Itachi flips backwards as Kakashi runs after him, Itachi lands on his feet and throws a barrage of shuriken, Kakashi counters by throwing a kunai with an explosive note attached destroying the shuriken. Itachi appears from out of the smoke kicking Kakashi in the chest forcing him into the air, Itachi jumps up behind him wrapping his body with metal chains sending him spinning head first into the ground.

Itachi: You looks tired, Kakashi-san.

Kakashi: (Panting) I’m far from done, but you’re the one getting slower. I noticed your fatigue the last time you hit me with your Tsukuyomi and that was only one of your doujutsu. This time you’ve used all three doujutsu, so you should be completely out of chakra.

Itachi: Let’s find out.

Itachi forms hand signs, Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu! An enormous fire dragon flies out of Itachi’s mouth at Kakashi but Kakashi quickly copies with his Sharingan and counters with a fire dragon of his own. They both struggle to defeat each others fire dragons but out of nowhere a clone of Itachi appears behind Kakashi exploding, the explosion combines with the fire and a gigantic blast fill the sky.

Kisame: Where is Itachi getting this power!?

Kakashi: A fire dragon of that size and strength, along with a clone, unreal!?

Minato and the Raikage’s battle rages on, the Raikage dashes toward Minato smashing him in the chest with his forearm and shoulder sending him flying but uses his body flicker technique to appear onside of him catching him by the throat charging him with electricity and throws him in the air.

Minato: ( Thinking) He’s trying to numb my body with the lightning current!

Minato, while in the air charges his body with his wind chakra to cancel out the lightning that’s surging through his body and then flips with his hands landing on his feet. Minato uses his body flicker techniques and appears right below the Raikage and kicks him into the air landing blows one after another sending him further and further into the air then he teleports on top of him slamming his full powered Rasengan into his chest. Both of the Kages fall to the ground from tens of feet in the air at an incredible speed creating a giant crater.

Minato: (Inside the crater on top of the Raikage) Looks like lightning armor protected you from the fall.

Raikage: But your Rasengan broke through damaging me significantly, impressive.

Minato: Hey, after those super-human punches of yours  and the lighting current I’m not exactly feeling good here. I don’t want to fight you, let’s end this and work together in defeating them.

Raikage: You’re right, you aren’t the one I’m after. Fine, let’s at least hurry before they get away.

When the smoke and debris settle after Itachi’s attack, Kakashi appears in a puff of smoke.

Itachi: So, you used a space/time ninjutsu to escape the explosion. I underestimated you Kakashi-san.

Kisame appears onside of Itachi facing Kakashi as the Raikage and Minato walks up behind Kakashi along with Team 7.

Kakashi: Done already?

Kisame: I admire this guys spunk.

Itachi: He isn’t in the bingo book for nothing.

Minato: You know you can’t beat us all and your plans to get a jinchuuriki from this village is now over.

Kisame: You think you’re going to stop us? We can fight for days.

Itachi: Enough Kisame, it’s not the time for all out war, we’ll have our day soon enough.

Sasuke: So will we, when I gain true strength I’ll face you once more and one of us will die.

Itachi: Soon all of our faiths will be realized and then only then can we follow our true paths.


Itachi: You’ll find out exactly what I mean soon enough.

Kisame: Don’t think you are exempt from these new realities, Yondaime Hokage, you’ll soon come up against the Akatsuki’s secret weapon.

Minato stares intensely.

Kisame and Itachi disperse in a whirlpool of water.

Raikage: Damn it! They got away!

Orochimaru: (Walking from the shadows) You will never know true power Sasuke, as long as they hold you back, you will never be able to beat Itachi.

Sakura: You are like a stain that never gets out, just leave us alone already!

Orochimaru: I can show you true power beyond your wildest dreams and together we can defeat Itachi. Don’t let yourself be hindered by the hopes and dreams of these fools, follow your own path. When you are ready, seek me out, after all you owe me for saving your life today.

Raikage: By the way, I won’t forget what you did to my comrades, the next time we meet, you’re dead!

Orochimaru disperses!

Everyones stands still quietly thinking about the words of their enemies as the leaves and mist blow into the wind.

Raikage: looks like Kumo has just joined your village in the quest of destroying Akatsuki.

Minato: Thanks Raikage, with your help we should win for sure.

Far away in a hideout Madara stands talking to Pein.

Madara: It’s time we go after the prize of Akatsuki.

God Realm Pein: The Fourth Hokage won’t be an easy opponent.

Madara: With your abilities and the Rinnegan you should be able to take him no problem. Also once we have our secret weapon, we’ll be unstoppable.

Pein disperses!

Itachi: You think, I’m going to allow you anywhere near Konoha or Sasuke.

Madara: Itachi, you’re back already?

Itachi: No games! (Itachi activates his Sharingan)

Madara: Sasuke will be a great addition to Akatsuki once he learns the truth about Konoha along with the Kyuubi.

Itachi: You mean your truth.

Madara: What’s the difference?

Itachi: You and I both know what you are really after.

Madara: What disrespect, even after I helped you today against the Leaf and Cloud. Oh what, you didn’t really think that was all you? Hahaha.

Itachi: (Staring at Zetsu) I knew all along it was your Zetsu replenishing my chakra just like I know what you are planning. I’m warning you to stand down, you and I both know you don’t have the power to defeat me.

Madara: You do not possess the Eternal Mangekyou yet, Itachi.

Itachi: I won’t need it to defeat you, your nothing but a shell of your former self.

Madara: Don’t underestimate me,boy!

Itachi: We do things my way or you won’t ever achieve your goal, not why I’m alive. (Itachi disperses!)

Zetsu: He’s beginning to be a pain.

Madara: As long as he’s in our way we won’t be able to fulfill me plan, that’s why I’m hoping that last encounter did the trick.

Zetsu: I wonder if Itachi knows you are the one who informed the leaf on Itachi’s whereabouts.

Madara: I knew Sasuke needed one last encounter with his brother before he acted, soon he will gain true power and once he does he will kill Itachi opening the gates to my resurrection.

Zetsu: That plan is good but it won’t eliminate the Fourth Hokage and what if Pein isn’t enough?

Madara: Don’t worry, I have a plan B.

The same night Naruto sits on top of the roof of his home while Minato is away.

Naruto: I wonder what Sasuke is doing right about now.

Madara: (Appearing behind him) Hello, Naruto.

Naruto quickly turns around and throws a kunai which goes right through him.

Naruto: Who the hell are you!?

Madara: Calm down, I’m not here to fight. I’m not the enemy.

Naruto: Then what do you want?

Madara: It’s simple, to help you find your true destiny that’s all.

Naruto: True destiny?…….. My destiny is to become Hokage, I know exactly what I want so get lost!

Madara: That’s all good but that’s not your true destiny. Your destiny is not only to become the strongest most respected ninja in your village but throughout the world. Naruto, you have within you the power to bring true peace to each and every person throughout the ninja world, because you are the destined child!

Naruto: My dad calls me that.

Madara: I have to tell you the truth Naruto but before I do you must promise to listen to everything I say before you answer.

Naruto: You have nothing to say that I want to hear!

Madara: I knew your mother a long time ago.

Naruto: What, you knew my mother, how?

Madara: Let’s just say we were old friends. She was one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, she loved life and when she found out she was pregnant she was so happy…. and a little scared.

Naruto: Scared?

Madara: To understand why she felt this way I must start from the beginning, Kushina wasn’t originally from the Leaf, she along with her father moved here when she was a young girl from the old Whirlpool Country from a powerful clan called Senju.

Naruto: I already know this!

Madara:  You think you know everything but yet you know nothing. She was a lot like you a fun, happy but strong child and had a short temper and like you she loved her father very much but in the end she was betrayed (Catching Naruto’s attention). She thought she had moved here to start over after the Whirlpool country and the Senju Clan was destroyed during the Third Great ninja War but in fact it was the Leaf village itself who destroyed the Whirlpool country. Her father was a spy from the Whirlpool working for the Leaf village, something like a double agent, and once he fulfilled his mission he was allowed to become a full-fledged ninja of the leaf. Thinking he would prosper more in the Leaf village he took your mother and left. Once he joined the village he was disillusioned that he didn’t receive everything he was promised.

Naruto: What was he promised?

Madara: All the secret techiques left behind by the Senju Clan. He went to the Third Hokage and vowed to reveal the truth to the entire ninja world if they didn’t comply with his wishes but in return they had him killed forever hiding this horrible secret and taking the secret techniques of the Senju for themselves. Your mother witnessed his filling her with hidden hatred that hunted her most of her life. Kushina always wondered why they kept her alive, because she was living proof of the Leaf’s treachery but one night her question was answered. One night the Anbu Black ops went into her home and kidnapped her and the leaders of this village sealed way the Nine Tailed Fox inside her.

Naruto: What!?

Madara: That’s right, your mother was the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki of Konoha.

Naruto: I can’t believe it!

Madara: They were after her all along, or after her power, the same power you possess, the power to control tailed beast or chakra monsters and with her power she was the perfect host to contain a bijuu.

Naruto: So, why was she scared when she found out she was pregnant?

Madara: Because once a jinchuuriki has a child the bijuu would have a chance to escape her body which would kill her and that’s exactly what the Leaf intended to happen. Kushina knew you would be the next host of the Kyuubi because you were her son and would inherit the Senju power to surpress Bijuu. She didn’t want you to go through the same loneliness and pain she went through, the same pain all hosts go through.


Madara: Your mother went on living here in this village a slave until one night, the night of your birth, the night your father killed her!


On the other-side of the village,  Sasuke sits at the lake flashing back to his encounters with Itachi, remembering Itachi telling him he is weak and lacks hatred as he pounds him into the wall. He then remembers his conversations with Kakashi about letting go of hatred and revenge and then his conversation with the fourth promising him to help him. He lastly remembers his growth and Naruto’s growth since they became genin and he grows angry after witnessing Naruto’s Chakra Chains. Sasuke grabs his bag and walk into the dark forest leaving Konoha.