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Naruto Chapter 515 – On the Warpath

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Woah, this week’s early release caught me by surprise. Good job Kishi and Mangastream on rolling it out almost 2 days early; bad job by me not being to get one out earlier because of exams. There’s already been 100+ comments, so apologies if what I say here has already been said, that’s what I get for being tardy.

There’s not much going on for Naruto’s role in the story this week either, I can’t believe they’ve still managed to keep him in the dark about the war’s progress and Yamato’s kidnapping. And I wonder if it’s even worth trying to hide it from Naruto any longer, I mean this war is on the march towards them now and that’s not something you can conceal from Naruto. The other thing is that now that Yamato is captured and presumably been interrogated by the end of this chapter, Naruto’s whereabouts and potential hiding spots have been compromised so wouldn’t be smarter to inform him what is really happening so he’d be prepared for the ensuing onslaught? One thing I do like seeing is Killer Bee actually starting to training Naruto on using his Jinchuriki powers…. But why didn’t he do this sooner?!? The war’s almost on top of them, will Naruto be ready to take on the new “Itachi-eyes” Sasuke?

Now, onto the war preparations themselves, I got so many little points I want to mention so I’m going to be lazy and use point form again:
– loved the color spread page this chapter and the subtext of how the young uns will experience war for the first time in their lives. That’s right, no more kiddy gloves, everything that’s happened til now was just training for the real thing. This war will be epic!
– Tsuchikage’s ability is nuts. This chapter with carrying the turtle by himself pretty much solidifies the theory that his power is gravity based. My thoughts is that it’s a earth/wind kekki genkai that actually nullifies an object’s weight or reduced the force of gravity on it, thereby allowing him to use wind elemental to carry the object upwards (ie. fly) like the wind carries a feather. I can see such abuse with this power, I mean he can literally uplift an entire section of the ground and throw it like it was nothing.

– I like the new shinobi army divisions, Kishi must have worked like a madman trying to plan everything out and have all the secondary characters have a role in each division. I think almost all the groupings and leader selections are dead on:
Ambush Division: Kankuro seems a bit young as leader, but he’s got the battle experience. I’m chuckling that Sai’s already becoming a pain in the ass for Kankuro.
Medical Division: Shizune is probably the only senior medical nin we’ve been introduced to who’s suitable for the leadership role. Why isn’t Sakura not in this division?
Intel Division: no comments here, I’m just glad that screw-up Aoba’s been relegated to a non-combat role
Sensor Division: ugh, that useless senor-type bodyguard for the Raikage is back.
Division 1 (midrange): I think Tenten is more long-range fighter, and why isn’t Choji’s father a close-range fighter? Darui as leader: dunno enough about him to comment.
Division 2 (close-range): This is where all the cool kids hang out. Don’t know much about the leader, Kitsuchi other than he’s Kurotsuchi’s father and the Tsuchikage’s son.
Division 3 (close/midrange): I think Choji and his dad belong here. A nice hybrid unit, I think this Division will fill a lot of roles in combat. Glad to see Kakashi in charge of it.
Division 4 (long-range): Shikamaru is essentially the leader here, we’ll be hearing no end to his “mendokusai”s until the wars over, I’m loving it.
Division 5 (spec ops): the outcasts, lol. Shino is too cool to be in this division, send him up to long-range.
– Hacks! I know a lot of us have been calling Kabuto’s new upsurge of new powers/abilities to be too unbalanced, but this chapter’s revelation about the extent of his undead summonings just tops everything we’ve been complaining about. I think what we really need an answer to is the exact restrictions of this forbidden jutsu. Because essentially this chapter tells us that Edo Tensei can bring back anyone from the dead and allow Kabuto to use it as his minion. This technique is so broken that it’s pointless to rant about it any further, however I can see why Kishi chose to allow it to be abused this way….

– Zabuza, Haku, Hanzo, Kimimaro, Chiyo, Asuma, Dan (Tsunade’s boyfriend), Neji’s dad, the previous kages, Akatsuki and jinchuuriki’s and add pretty much anybody who is known to have died in the Naruto universe… yes, they’re all coming back in zombie form. It almost makes the Kabuto hax0rz forgivable; we’ll have to see just how much power these undead copies retain of their living counterpart. But I also get the feeling these summons were selected to have more of a psychological impact on the allied shinobi forces. I can see some sick match-ups down the line to really mess with the minds and morale of our protagonists: Shikamaru forced to fight Asuma, Tsunade vs Dan, Neji vs his father, current kages vs dead kages, the list can go on. No doubt about it, expect some of the most epic match-ups down the road.
– Some character that haven’t been shown to be resurrected but potentially still could appear: Jiraiya, Konan, Minato, Third Hokage… am I missing anyone important? Either of Jiraiya or Minato will be a hard fight for Naruto, or worse yet… he had to fight both of them together.


137 Responses

  1. Very cool chapter. Can’t wait to see the next chapter.

  2. cool, im actually on time for this discussion. im really glad so many characters r coming back into the picture, either by adding some of the side characters to the army or by reviving dead ppl as zombies. i personally am not expecting Minato or Hiruzen as that would make Reaper Death Seal (forget the japanese name) seem much weaker than it did before, but either way it would b epic. although, u do have a point, it really cheapens Kabuto:

  3. my how xciting, I cannot wait for this to start. And its good naruto doesn’t know yet. This will allow him to take some time and train with kb. And we all know that the hero always arrives tardy to the scene.
    Also bob, how come you didn’t mention the most badass kage? Commander Gaara wooo

  4. no offense to any Muslims on that last one ^_^*, i was just running out of ideas and Jesus would b just to cliche

  5. none taken

  6. Why Sakura is on close/midrange division?
    Very funny seeing Guy falling haha
    I think he saw his general and thought “Fuck, my rival is my general???” lol

  7. nice post. I like the idea of the psychological match ups, just like oro v third. But what interests me is why madara prior to kabuto and suped up zetsu still assumed he could win. This added power boost for the axis will require a deus ex machina for the allies

  8. I’m pretty sure that souls sealed with Edo Tensei can’t be resurrected, otherwise he would definitely have brought back the first through fourth Hokages.

  9. I wonder if the alliance took Tsunade’s advice and put a medical nin in each division, that would explain why Sakura is in that division, plus she is also a close-range type if she is involved in combat.

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing Shikamaru complain day in and day out.

  10. Also, what in the world are the other Kages doing? I mean, Gaara is leading the army in general, and a division. Perhaps the other Kages are in the “guard the jinchurriki” division, I would expect the Raikage would want to be close to his brother the whole time.

    that is all

  12. @Bob, I dont think we’re gonna see any Hokages being resurrected. They’re all in the Shinigami’s stomach lol. Nice call on the Tsuchikage’s technique though, that was my first thought when I saw him lift the Lion Tur….err..I mean the Island Turt….I mean the Kumo turtle.

    I predict Kimimaro, Zabuza, Itachi, and Nagato kicking copious amounts of ass. I can’t wait to see Kakuzu’s reaction to fighting without being paid lmao!!!

    And we finally find out where Hidan’s old village was (Hotspring). This chapter was epic amounts of win. ^^ Btw, I voted Darui’s division because he’s the coolest Kumo-nin after Bee and Raikage (He pwned Suigetsu XD)

    @Jpua, Cthulhu is just overkill >_>

  13. i love the fact that shikamaru is on team with temari.

    what is your speculation on naruto’s effectivness of rasen-shuriken vs edo tensei summons?

    i want to believe that because of the way naruto’s rasen shuriken attacks the body,. and specificly the chakra network im hoping it will have some effect. but what im really thinking is naruto will learn to mix the fox’s chakra into his rasenshuriken to add that corrosive element to the attack that we saw during his fight with orochimaru.

  14. @those who think Jiraiya is alive because he wasnt revived, Kisame wasn’t revived either, so that means he MUST be alive as well….yeah >_>

  15. what i don´t understend is why naruto still dont know i mean he can now sense chakra-emotions in this kyuubi-super sayan form. is so obvious sense this bunch of chakra all together. so or his is really stupid or he knows what is happenend and is playing along. i just hope is the second

  16. and is time for kishi to give naruto a new outfit one cool. in other point hinata looks hot very hot

  17. jiraiya saddly is dead thats for sure. i hope to see him revive as zombie not because i want see him under kabuto control i just want him to see how much naruto have progresed (spelled)

  18. i have a question for you guys. who is going to fight/defeat hanzo?
    i mean he fight the sannin when thay still young and ended without a scratch. pain was the only one who pawned hanzo.
    so against him the only names in my mind taht can fight hanzo are naruto and bee. and maybe the kages team up

  19. @JE

    i think he can only detect intent. not necisarily emotions.

  20. @JE

    as far as hanzo goes that was a long time ago. as they say each generation surpasses the last. when you think about it the 3rd was able to fight both the 1st and 2nd edo summons on his own, and kinda win. as much as i couldnt throw out many names i suspect there is probaly enough talent to fight him, hell i bet kakashi would be able to give him a run for the money, seeing as how he was able to fight kakazu and hidan, while covering choji, ino, and to a lesser extent shikamaru.

  21. and last but not least i have discovered that madara uchiha is tobi for sure if you look back at chapter 509 there a close up on tobi eyes while he has the mask on if you compare tobi eyes to madara uchiha eyes they are exactly the same so its official madara uchiha is tobi YAY

  22. This chapter was EPIC!!!

    @kisuzachi even if the Hokages are in the shinigami stomach, there is a posibility that they could be resurected because when orochimaru revived the first and the second kages, the third prevented him to revive another person which i believe is the fourth even if he was in the shinigami’s stomach…

    When naryto is in sayan mode, i thought he was a kind of sensor as he was able to sense kisame but he didnt notice that yamato was not on the island…

  23. great post bob but why no mention of the madaras great army i mean team guy had a hard time fighting their clones so just imagine army of 100,000 zetsu marching to the cloud village and they can copy everybodies chakra and moves it should be a long battle

  24. I guess Sakura will have a fight coming up soon.
    I wish we had an ask Bob day, I really want to know more of his opinions… They’re always so in-depth and so fun to read.

  25. @mangaman
    The third casket in that fight was only in the anime not the manga. The 4th is there from sealing away the kyubi.

  26. @bringerofkaos
    Actually, the third coffin was in the canon manga version. Though it was only mentioned not seen, look at chapters either 117 or 118 (pretty sure their fight started one of the chapters). If it’s 117 it will be close to the end of the chapter, if it’s 118 near the beginning.

  27. @J-E Im glad some one said it. That orange jumpsuit is just embarassing -_-. I know that orange is “his thing” but cmon hes a ninja wearing one of the brightest colors in the rainbow. I hope he invests in a Konoha vest. (btw I thought those were called Jonin vests but lesser ranks wear them.Im probably wrong)

  28. @JJ
    No, they are meant for Chunin + people, Shikamaru wore one after he was promoted in Part 1 and Rock Lee has worn one for the duration of Part 2.

  29. Did anyone else notice that in the map showing where the enemy was in relation to the joint army, the country right next to Cloud was MIST? I thought mist was on an island?

  30. Kabuto should be ranked 40. He resurrected everybody who’s anybody!!! How can the joint forces win this war?? Remember when Choji turned skinny when they were trying to bring Sasuke back against Sound Four, Kishi gave Choji, Neji, Lee, and I think Shikamaru a boost of strength before almost getting killed. I hope Kishi gives them a boost agian this time, and I know people wanna see Neji vs his father, but I hope Kishi makes Sasuke go up against Neji, because we never seen the 2 users go against each other, and I think that battle would be more epic then Neji fighting his father.

    I read some where that Iwa had a insect type clan (bee users) that had some kind of beef with the Aburame clan. Will there be tension? Also the 5th Mizukage bodyguard Ao who defeated a Hyuga clansman and took his right eye out. Will the Hyuga’s let that s#!t slide??? Idk just a thought, let the games begin.

    Other key notes
    – Zabuza doesn’t have his sword
    – Will Suigetsu & Jugo fight with the joint force?
    – Jugo vs Kimimaro?

    that’s all i can think of

  31. @ Jiraiya being alive

    I will say it again: this scene, where Jiraiya taps Naruto on his shoulder, is a filler one. It’s not depicted in the actual manga story. And he was actually described as “diceased” in the last Databook.

    The reason Jiraiya was not summoned is simple: he died abruptly and his corpse is not buried anywhere to be found, it’s lost in the ocean. That’s my guess, though.

  32. Concerning Naruto’s training I wonder if by the end of it whether he will finally learn to do a rasengan with one hand.
    Concerning sasuke, something tells me that madara took the liberty to give sasuke the right eye of the rinnegan. It didn’t take so long for madara to heal from his transplant. Sasuke gets all the cool stuff. He’s a regular teacher’s pet.
    Concerning zetsu, all that’s changed physically is that his body seems to be reinforced by thorns now. He looks tougher though. Kabuto gets points for style.
    Concerning kabuto, he has an amazing memory; he xeroxed all his notes before giving them to the enemy; he really got a lot of information out of zetsu in a short amount of time. Any way you look at it, kabuto’s ability amass personal characteristics about hundreds of ninja and then use it all efficiently seems extraordinarily complicated and impressive at the same time. Kabuto is an interesting character because we do not know so much about what he plans to do.
    Concerning the wae, I think that it’s a little more complicated than a simple civil war amongst shinnobi. This war seems to be more like an manifestation of the frustrating parts of the ninja world portrayed in the Narutoverse. Madara’s got village leaders enemies of thhpse villages, and many of their best shinnobi fighting on his side. All of them in one way or another protested against the way things were. Madara seems like the revolutionary in this conflict. Often, when a revolutionaries occur, they win out right.
    It seems to me that Madara is trying to force true peace in the world as nagato would have, but also in a way that minato and jiraiya might also have considered. They were always comp\l;aining about the senseless violence that has drove some ninja to commit controversial acts. Madara’s war has in a matter of speaking just raised this issue to a whole new level. If Naruto truly wants to bring about peace in his own way, this war is his best opportunity. Things will probabably change after this war, for better or worse.

  33. What about “the current generation will always surpass the previous generation”…..

  34. I’m finally loving Naruto again, I hope it isn’t like before when Kishi gets us all excited then annoy us more with boring chapters.
    1. How strong is Kabuto? This guys power has grown to an even faster rate than Sasuke’s but I wonder who is stronger. Also who is the bigger threat, Kabuto or Madara, right now it seems that Kabuto is holding all the cards and the one who is making Akatsuki strong again.
    2. In my opinion, I wouldn’t count Madara’s power out, he was ready to take on the entire ninja world by himself before Kabuto came along.
    3. Is Naruto really as strong as he should be? I’m glad they are giving him full control over the kyuubi and great speed like his dad but i just wish he learn more jutsu.
    4. I love the teams that Kishi matched up but i would like to see Sakura on the Medical squad and can’t wait to see Gaara in action.
    This is the most awesome epic chapter ever!

  35. I see now that they are keeping Naruto in the dark this will explain why him and Shikamaru is suppose to get closer, Kishi said that everyone will start keeping things from him except Shikamaru.

  36. I can’t wait till this war starts, I want to see what new abilities the Zetsu’s have and just totally epic battles, man I haven’t been this excited since the beginning of the Shippuuden. Kishi can hurry up now, I also wonder if Konan, and Yahiko will be revived.

    This war is so epic and even though I hate how strong they Kabuto but he has really spruced up this war!!!!!!!

  37. Weekly reader, first time poster. I want to address a few points, but I can’t be bothered going through everything I’ve read pinpointing individual posts:

    – Zetsu’s power: I know his power has been upgraded thanks to Kabuto, but don’t you think that with the sudden uprising of all notable characters in the Naruverse that his power has been undermined? Just like pawns in Chess, I believe comparatively that Zetsu(s) won’t be as much of a challenge. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but just like Magneto’s quote from X-Men: The Last Stand – “In chess, the pawns go first.”

    – Sakura’s placement: With medical ninja’s from all the other countries joining together, I think that it would be one way or the other for Sakura. Yes, she has the medical capabilities, but her immense strength is an asset that hasn’t been focused on too much. In a war of this caliber, and with so many other medic-nins, I think that her un-refined but raw strength should be put to use on the offence, rather than sitting on the sidelines.

    – Kage’s role: I think the remaining Kage’s will be in charge of focusing on the safety of the Jinchuuriki. Not that it will be an easy task, but with Gaara as Captain Commander, coupled with the fact that there are many notable Jonins as his subordinates, this will take a lot of the responsibility off of the remaining Kage’s chests. I also don’t see them going into battle from the get go. Using my reference to Chess, the “Kings” are often the last pieces to make their move, with said reference applying to both the Kage’s and Madara.

    Wow, feels good to post after reading this forum for so long. Let’s just hope I’ve brought something relevant to the table.

  38. ryu is gay

  39. @bringerofkaos the third coffin was in the manga too like BrokenBonds said


  40. @ Nemo Prime

    Prophet Mohammed you have mentioned is the greatest Man In the History

    You Should Apologize More Properly Because You Have Offended More than One Sixth Of The World Population

    And Think How Would You Like Them To Apologize If They Offended Jesus “The Won’t Offend Him What so ever Because They Know Very Well And More Than More Than You That He is A Messenger Of God And A prophet Came Before Prophet Mohammed For The Jews”

  41. @muslim
    no one should speak about religion, nemo apalogized no need to drag it along, even though im proud of what i am, it doesnt need to be said over and over

    how old are you really, like i said before, a little boy has figured out how to type, show some maturity even though its a dificult task

    now to the chapter, this is why i read this manga, the anticipation is growing in my stomach, naruto is coming along, good to see, the joint army squadrons look strong, i still see kabuto turning on tobi or tobi turning on kabuto, he seems very pissed that kabuto know so much, i commend who ever said suigetsu and jugo will fight with the shinobi army, im suprised that no one mentioned sauske or mentioned what zetsu said to sauske, how does he know how diferent the ems perception will be, i still think zetsu plays a bigger character role than we all think to be, i wonder if his dark half will join the fight, its safe to say that many battles will take place in the next several chapters

  42. @Bringerofkaos,
    Re: what is your speculation on naruto’s effectivness of rasen-shuriken vs edo tensei summons?

    I still think the summons won’t hold up to the real deals so I think Nauto’s rasen plus his suped up new powers should have a problem against most of them. Kishi wants him to fight Sasuke so there’s no way he will lose to a zombie, though if Jiraiya or Minato were to show up….

  43. The sound 4 weren’t resurrected either so they must be alive as well 😀

  44. Poor Yamato. He’s helpless now. He can’t use any of his techs or even move. Did kabuto poison him or something?

  45. @Naruto Tutor, yeah. He created a poison specially designed to cancel Hashirama’s power.

  46. @kisu Thanks. There’s one more thing I’d like to comment on: madara seems very eager to shed blood. Why is that?

  47. Those red tags that orochimaru used to put in his edo-tensei summons: are they needed in order for the summons to function, or are they used to deprive them of their will? Im curious because if the summon was let’s say, beheaded, and the tag was seperated from the body, would that defeat the summons completely?

  48. Well…lock at page 19.

    On Neji´s father has a swastika on his forehad.
    Does that mean that Konoha is similar to the Third Reich? :D:D
    Sry, just joking….

    Anyway great chapter, love to see those epic fights!

  49. Profess, the last clutter comment saying “ryu is gay” isn’t from me. go ask kizu or one of the admins to check the IP of the sender and the one am using now, they’ll tell you we’re coming from different IPs. so I hope you dont just go on throwing accusations. for all we know that comment could be from ryu, just so he can get sympathies from you.

    kizu, I still maintain my theory that jiraiya is still alive. naruto will be clashing with the edo tensei’d kushina and minato. again, there’s too much foreshadowing suggesting jiraiya is still alive (the halfway turned panel, him not being part of the nagato-yahiko-konan soul conversation, etc.). let it be known that it’s me who threw out the thoery first. 😉

    anyway, lost in all this is the second hokage. i still think there’s a good chance he’s madara. we’ve seen too much of the first, heard too much of the 3rd, and learned too much of the 4th. the second (who created edo tensei AND had teleportation techs) has to have some part in this. sibling rivalry, anyone?

  50. If Naruto wasnt under high protection where do you think he would fit in the Multitude of Divisions? I guess he would be in close range really wouldnt he!

    With Naruto Have his Kyubi Mode near to perfection he could create an Army himself could he really! thousands of Clones armed with Rasengans. So leave the Zetsu’s upto Naruto and every one can concentrate on the other forces lol!

  51. @ Excel- you wouldnt need Jiraiyas’ body to resurrect him just some DNA! but i dont think Jiraiya is alive and i don’t think he will be resurrected either.

  52. @Storm

    That is the “Bird in the Cage” jutsu used to control the branch house. Neji has it too. In the anime, it was changed to an “X” for the american release from the swastica.

    It’s called “using another computer” or “while on wireless refresh your randomly generated IP address.” Checking the IP address is no defense.

  53. well then go sue me ripcord. the burden of proof is always on the one making the accusation, the one jumping on conclusions. I already said it wasnt me who made the “ryu is gay” comment, why not let it go?

  54. Well if you were a little nicer around here, people would give you the benefit of the doubt. Besides, we aren’t in court here, you speak all about how people should do things properly and yet you don’t treat people with respect around here. Just because you THINK you are better than someone doesn’t mean you are, and you can be surprised who you can learn from if you keep an open mind.

  55. I dont have to lick ass just for guys like to be nice to me. people I come across with outside the real world actually talk to me, so maybe that’s why I dont go around trying to seek your approval.

    I’m getting tired of this. I try to veer away from all the bashing and fucktards like you go messing with me. what do you want fatboy? are you ryu’s boyfie? go suck each other’s balls, just don’t make me part of it.

    I’m minding my own business, so i suggest you do that too.

  56. @ripcord

    ye i know that jutsu, but in the german tv they surely do not show a swastika 😀
    in the naruto vs neji fight i just saw an X as you said

    so i was quite confused about that…

    lol nazis everywhere… even in the manga 😀

  57. no tobi is madara i have proof of that hes definitely madara for sure i know that for a fact

  58. @tatsmaru

    Ok, show us the page, where is the proof? I think it is equally likely to be either Madara or not Madara, and truthfully Kishimoto has kept the evidence for both sides pretty balanced.

    Yes, the people in the Narutoverse are pretty convinced he is Madara, and if Tobi is NOT then he certainly did a fantastic job. The reason why I love the idea that he’s not:

    Itachi spent a lot of time creating an illusion that he was something he wasn’t, and everyone who didn’t know about his involvement with Danzo, etc., truly believed the illusion Itachi created. If Itachi can create something like that, then another Uchiha certainly can create something a little bigger. Kishi loves to show us a small example of a big idea early on, so that the big idea doesn’t seem so far fetched (like Gaara struggling with the One Tails before we see Naruto’s struggles with the 9).

  59. @clutter hmm seems like u are arguing to yourself in your post. If Jiraya would be alive and u are using not summonning him by Edo tensei as evidence, then we can say that there is no chance that Madara is Second or that Second is alive using same reasoning because Second was summoned by edo tensei when Oro was fighting against 3rd.

    Btw, I mentioned it in my previous post, but for me its becoming more and more obvious that Tobi, Oro and Danzo had some business before and they knew who Tobi actually was. That’s why Oro did so many research on Hasharima’s cells and collected many info about Tobi’s plans, which now Kabuto can use. Also that’s why Tobi used Sasuke to kill them both, because then they would be able to stop him.

    TOBI 4ever 😀

  60. @mattmaru I completely agree. When naruto was facing the fox he had a crap load of giant rasengans created by thousands of clones to bombard the fox. Now this took place in his mind so its plausible that his powers may have been ‘increased’ in his mind; however now that he has the kyuubis full power at his command and a new form on top of it its not beyond possibility that naruto could create a army of sage mode clones capable of making gargantun rasengans to occupy the zetsu armies; im thinking that the zetsus r really pawns like mentioned before and that while they may take out a good part of the alliance, the good shinobi like neji, kakashi, gaara etc can handle them handily and they should focus on the edo tensei summons while narutos army and a couple other divisions take care of the zetsu army.

  61. Cripes, keep it civil guys, the topic is always this week’s chapter, no religion talk or flame wars. I’m lazy enough as it is, don’t make more work for me always having to moderate comments.

  62. i think kabuto’s “strengthening” of zetsu will appear to strengthen the clones, but he will secretly implant a fatal weakness for him to expose and take tobi down, down the line.

  63. btw this might be my favorite naruto chapter ever

  64. @clutter, Imma quote Jiraiya here “[compared to the other authors] I’m just a tadpole”. I don’t have the authority to to do the cool stuff 😦

    @Profess, I suppose it feels good being the only Zetsu fan here with all these revelations about him happening :D….Now what’s up with Blacksu (Black Zetsu)?

  65. i don’t think zetsu is a pawn it took bee and the raikage too beat the zetsu clone of sharky, so imagine just a complete copy of the joint army , all the summonings, and 20,000 more zetsus madara has a powerful army plus we don’t know how much power kabuto gave them yo yeah and zetsu can steal chakra and give it to madara the question is how many kages will remain true to the cause?

  66. What’s with the downplay of the 1st and 2nd Hokage again? They were being controlled by Oro and limited. So please enough with the 3rd taking on both of them just because he’s that good.

    Anyway, I’m surprised no one mentioned this. Do you remember Kabuto poisoning Yamato? What if that poison is some how transferred to the Zestu clones and he can control them or shut them down himself?

    Also yes! Jariya and the 4th are able to be summoned and many more we haven’t seen. That ability is way to crazy. It can’t be allayed.

  67. @king Eric actually the real kisame battled for the majority of the fight. Kisame switched out while in the dome after KB was beaten a good deal. Also perhaps this is y samehada went to KB near the end cause the clone didn’t have as much chakra as kisame did.

  68. A lot of you folk my think I am crazy, Maybe I have lost it with this stuff he been putting me through, but clutter does have a point on the Jiariya theroy. Think about it. why would he not summon him if he is dead. He was one of the most powerful ninjas past or present in the Naruverse. He is much more powerful then most of the fighters that were resurrected and with the small bet convincing evidence he is still alive. I feel he will be one of the turning points in this war towards the alliance side if this theory is true.

    Yes this is me Ryu saying this. No IP mistake. Not imposter. It is yours truly. Now I do not agree with the second hokage theory for the simple face he was summoning in the 3th Hokage vs Oro fight however that does not say his body was not used, but this one we can agree on and I will stick by your theory until you are proven wrong clutter. Still don’t like though.

  69. This chapter was SICK!!!! I really cant wait to see this great nija war…
    Could anybody tell me all the names of the ninjas Kabuto revived plz??

  70. could Oruchimaru be revived too?? i really think so….

  71. @clutter, no hard feelings eh? I’m just messing with ya 🙂 That’s ur theory and there are even crazier ones out there >_>

  72. @Lil.M09

    I was thinking the same. But if he lives in Kabuto as he said Oro’s cells were fighting to take over when he first appeared after Oro’s death that could mean Oro may make another appearance later on again like he did with Sasuke.

    Now one thing that caught my eyes, along with Jiariya and Konan not appearing. Kisame is not among the walking dead either. Any theories on that one for I have none

  73. They don’t show hidan either :(. Guess he’s still in his hole… And kisame and jiraiya had… Wait for it…. Flashbacks. Nuff said ^.^

  74. Hidan could in theory also be brought back, if Kabuto could find him. In the anime version I expect they will bring back some filler characters too.

    Kisame can’t come back due to his body being eaten I guess, Jiraya could potentially show up, but Kishimoto might not want to do that, too dark.

    If the resurrected people maintain the same powers they had in life Hanzo is going to destroy people.

  75. “Kisame can’t come back due to his body being eaten I guess”

    Deidara was blown to pieces…hell, he disintegrated even. If Edo Tensei can bring him back, it can bring ANYONE destroyed body back >_>

  76. din´t Edon Tensei use a sacriface body? so even if your body is totaly gone that means that you inly need some DNA and a nother body, but the reason Kisame isn´t there is beacuse he just died and he died on the turtle island and Kabuto havn´t ben able to take any DNA from Kisame

  77. i wouldn’t have thought that edo tensei could be used on an immortal, such as hidan as he still has his soul or has already given his soul to another to become immortal.

  78. @?, Hidan isn’t there, he’s still cursing in that hole he’s stuck in. And no, he didn’t give up his soul to be immortal, he is just naturally immortal (don’t ask me how, take that up with Kishi)

  79. wow great chp, but its makes me sad as the end of this epic manga is near(if only kishi have s’thing else in mind that could help to bulk up manga volume??)
    i would love to see it going as “one piece”.

    anyway i think akatsuki r too powerful with these immortal zombies that can’t be destroyed,as seen in fight between hokage and oro.

  80. @Manis, I can’t wait for Naruto to end. That way it can end on a high note instead of being dragged on until the plot gets harder to find than Tenten’s usefulness (like a certain whitening liquid whose name shall not be mentioned)

  81. i believe that Kabuto did something to the Zestu clones to be able to control them in case madara turn against him. it still the real intention of Kabuto not reviled yet.
    why he did guide Kanoha to madara hideout and even madara moon eye plan will not benefit him.
    finally something tell me that Yamato will be the key to disable all Zestu clones may be not it just my feeling

  82. I think a great ending would be to c naruto actually becoming Hokage! I mean that was his dream the whole manga so it just wouldn’t feel complete if that never happens.

    As for this chapter, im glad to c things starting to happen, also i don’t know if i missed this be who was the secret person in the coffin that kabuto showed madara a few chapters back – do we know yet?

  83. On the “Naruto 515 is out” post, someone argued that sasuke couldn’t have been implanted with the other eye of the rinnegan because madara wouldn’t dare give that much power to sasuke, but I disagree. I think that he woulld do it. Madara and sasuke seem to relate more than pretty much everyone else in their lives .

    Madara probably matched up the rinnegan with the sharingan for three reasons:
    1. he is still proud of his uchiha bloodline.
    2. he is genuinely excited to have the rinnegan back in his possession.
    3. he probably wants to negate the adverse effects of using the rinnegan, like an emaciated body.

    Madara probably set up the same pattern for sasuke for these reasons:
    1. He still needs sasuke to synch up with the Gedo Mazo Statue.
    2. He wanted to leave an unexpected and indelible mark on sasuke like orochimaru’s curse mark.
    3. he wants to help sasuke with his revenge because Madara is just as much the avenger as sasuke.
    That being said, the argument against Madara’s decision to do this to sasuke is important because:
    1. Sasuke’s obsession with revenge will eventually drive him to betray Madara just like he did with everyone else in his life.
    2. Sasuke will probably be abuse the rinnegan’s power and and become even more corrupt, compelling him to take the other eye from madara.
    3. Sorry, I can’t think of a third point (so much for consistency).

    While it may be risky for Madara to entrust the rinnegan to sasuke, he might just be too pressed for time in his plans to do anything less. All I know is that everyone who associates themselves with sasuke wind up treating him like family, sharing all of their inheritence with him. Everytime that happens the end is similar:Sasuke eventually turns the tables on his companions while they are completely unguarded. He show that he has no use for people who get in his way.

    Since Madara also shares Sasuke’s world view and has had it for much longer than sasuke, he probably sees these events coming downt he line. We will see if he has a contingency plan already in place. What do you guys think? Based on Madara’s plans for Sasuke and what he knows about this kid, would he willingly give him the powers of the sharingan and the rinnegan?

  84. i was thinking the same thing too i think madara gave him the rinnegan becausezestu said you will see the whole world diffrently then sasuke said is it time yet and he no its not time yet

  85. @NSSK if he did madara will kill all them zestus with one blow

  86. have you guys seen the first hokage taijustu he was extra fast when he was fighting the third

  87. they should make a naruto game where you can make your on naruto character and be able to make your own story and have your own justu and wichclan your from that would be an awsome naruto game ever

  88. @ripcord compare a close up picture of tobi in chapter 509 and compare is eyes with madara eyes there exactly the same he is madara uchiha

  89. @Ryu

    Oro can’t be brought back because he is not dead yet he is sealed but not dead

    no body is necessary and as far as we know no dna too some one just made that up

    Hidan is still alive his immortality will wear off eventually but according to Kishi he will die from decomposing first

    its not like the dude was strong anyway we did not see the faces of all of Kabuto’s summons so Jiraiya could be with them

  90. @Clinton

    true, true

  91. If no dna is necessary,then maybe Edo Tensei works because the user has a memory, feeling, or some other strong connection to the person summoned. Looking at it this way allows me to speculate that the dead summons might just as well be reimagined shadows of their former selves. For instance, when orochimaru used this technique aginst the Third, it has been assumed, that he was just bringing the four hokages together: hirashima, tobirama, hiuzen(living) and minato. What if, instead, he was actually trying to do it in order, with the appearance of the third coffin? That way, he could have brought the Third back to when he was in his prime. It could be why the the third was so adamant about not letting that one open. One thing that always puts me to shame is having to look at an old picture of myself; I can’t do half the stuff I did five years ago; imagine having that fact being proven in a contest of skill; for normal people, it’s just embarrassing, but for ninja and other warrior types, it’s more of an exploitable weakness. There is not much evidence to prove it. Most of the people summoned by Edo Tensei have clearly been dead for a while, and I think even the name edo tensei implies that those summoned are in fact deceased. However, there are also things that need to be cleared up about Edo Tensei. The idea that Edo Tensei is powered by a strong connection with someone rather than that someone’s apparent loss of existence might be one of a few convienient omissions left out by kishi about how the jutsu works. Besides, what else could scare the likes of the Third Hokage and Madara Uchiha other than the sight of themselves with much more hair ? Just a thought. 🙂

  92. Edo Tenshi has be a mystery to everyone. Yeah Kabuto explain some things but what do we really know? When the 3th/Oro fight when the Hokages showing up we all seen this coffin coming up in the anime and yes it had the yon (four ) written on it, but Chapter 117 the coffin never rose. So we all assume it was Minato about to be resurrected. But as we can see a person or peoples who’s souls were completely taken in by the Dead Demon Consuming Seal have not shown up during Kabuto’s massive Edo Tenshi jutsu. So lets assume Kishi at the time of the fight was going to say it was Minato but since the coffin did not rise in the manga he can go back and say it was someone else like the 3th’s Dad, Kakashi’s dad, or something of that nature. This would keep the Edo Tenshi and Dead Demon Consuming Seal appearance in the manga canon. This would also explain why none of the late Hokages have appeared.

    One thing I like to know. What will Sasuke do to Kabuto for resurrecting Itachi when he, and he will, find out?

  93. @Tatsmaru

    Tobi’s eyes are also nearly identical to Obito’s, and some people have suggested that Tobi’s eyes look very similar to another unnamed Uchiha seen when Madara’s backstory is being told.

    If it was so simple as matching a small fraction of the face, Kishimoto wouldn’t keep Tobi’s face hidden still.

    About Edo Tensei, there has to be SOMETHING that the caster has to get from the soul he/she wishes to summon. Tobi seemed very surprised that Kabuto was able to obtain a particular soul, so it must have been hard to collect whatever he had to collect. Blood seems the most likely thing, or cells perhaps, since blood in Naruto is so involved in many other things.

  94. i thot kirigakure was out in the ocean so how wud they be able to go thru it to war??????????????? wtf

  95. @kisu, sorry i was responding to anonymous who said kabuto could have resurrected hidan. i just meant that hidan is immortal and therefore in control of his soul still, not dead where is soul is wondering aimlessly free for anyone to take. unless edo tensei is really kick butt and can control the souls of people alive too.

  96. I know it’s already a poll question, but I just have to ask: What’s your favorite division of the joint army? My favorite is the Intel Division because I don’t really fight that much, but I love to confirm important bits of information.

  97. @ripcord obito eyes are nothing like tobi eyes lol wow do u read manga and tobi is not obito hes madara for christ sake can people tell this guy that tobi is not obito that thoery has been put to rest eversince he had a new mask and the madara fan

  98. In fact, the inflection on the inside of the right eyebrow looks identical to Obito’s.

  99. http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-399/05/

    And interestingly enough (sorry about the multiple posts), Madara’s right side of his face looks similar.

    If you look here though, the wrinkle after the eyebrow is in the wrong place:

    So I’m not saying it is definitively one way or the other. I like the story much better if it is Obito (I feel it has more depth/complexity), but if it’s Madara, that’s OK with me too.

  100. Oh and the person in the middle of the right center frame here has been considered to possibly be Obito as well:


  101. Err, I meant Tobi in my last post. OK I am biased I admit it, but I have no problem dumpster diving for evidence either.

  102. naruto vs his dad….. doesn’t sound so nice. but didn’t kabuto actually keep some of their “sanity” in place? like what he did with deidara. deidara was just a hater, that’s why he probably didn’t mind fighting anyone and everyone, i’m not sure it’s the same with the others, unless kabuto completely keeps his absolute control over his zombies.

    sounds freaky to me.

  103. there seams to be a lot of talk about hidan being immortal. granted from what we have seen it would appear that way but i dont think it is so. we know little about how he managed to be the way he was, but at one point kakazu said

    “there is no such thing as true immortality”

    i think this was an indication that hidan wasnt truly immortal. i suspect that it is something related to how his jutsu worked with an opponets blood. the only way we ever saw him kill to my memory was usually with his curse, and i think that the curse he used also provided him with the ability he had. i suspect by now in the manga that he has probally died in that hole, or is probally getting close.

  104. @ripcord maybe your right man that middle guy do look like tobi but madara would be more better den obito because obito really hasnt done anything but die madara has more of an history background but how would obito know all that much about senju anyway he got crushed by huge boulder have of his body gone how could possibly learn hokage level justu teleportation it just would make since especially the timline madara the come obito because madara is older than kakashi unless madara had a son his name was tobi he was born an uchiha or something but good theory though i wish kishi would just make take off that mask so we could see whos theory is right or wrong about tobi being madara or obito

  105. Coming up next, another Left for Dead spoof: Naruto edition!

  106. @Tatsmaru

    Obito has a connection to the story, particularly for the following reasons:

    1. He changed Kakashi’s view on how to be a ninja.
    2. His view parallels Naruto’s quite well.
    3. Just like Madara, Obito was assumed to be dead, it appears one way or another one of them is alive.
    4. Perhaps Obito learned the teleportation jutsu by unlocking his MS under the rocks, he teleported himself out… well I’m not sure how the rest goes. OK that is the hardest part of the theory, but it’s possible…
    5. Obito said he would be able to see the future once Kakashi took his sharingan… I just keep holding onto that being true. If it is, well then he knows everything that’s going to happen and he’s preparing Naruto for something big.

    So basically my hopes rest in #4 and 5 being true. If not, then it doesn’t hold water. I just love the idea that Kakashi Gaiden had a big part in the story of Naruto and that it wasn’t just some backstory or fun thing that Kishimoto wanted to tell. I guess if he wanted to just create mystery about Tobi, then Kishimoto succeeded with that.

  107. @ripcord nah i think it was just a back story really im hopin its madara rather then obito madara history is way better then obitos ripcord

  108. Madara is not Obito…..

  109. @ripcord damn you! I had to hold strong not to be convinced that Tobi is Obito. U sir are good.

  110. @rip all ur points r valid except for 3…. I don’t see how obito could unlock his sharingan And his Ms seconds apart. Just doesn’t seem plausible enough. I think zetsu saving him is more likely

  111. @kisuzachi, your avatar is sexy ❤ . This chapter was the best in a long time, can't wait 4 the next one

  112. @token yea thats what i dnt get token how is it possible he could do all of that in short amount of time

  113. My Question is why would it be Obito? Besides Kakashi and “Madara” both having TIme-space Doujutsu’s. And how would it benefit the Storyline because Obito was a good guy and to my knowledge had no evil past to turn him bad? the only thing i could suggest is that Madara kept him as a vessel to use when he passed away and transfered his essence into Obito.

  114. ok that previous message would probably frustrate ripcord cos he said suggestions to why it would be obito above! but its quite valid as too how it would benefit the story….

  115. I am completely sure we’ll find out Kabuto’s brought back Jiraiya and Minato too. And I’m gonna get VERY mad!!!

    My brother and I made up a theory: during the battle, Sasuke will find out Kabuto’s playing with Itachi’s corpse (you’re a bad boy, Kabuto!) He’ll get mad and he’ll kill Kabuto. Then he’ll try to kill Madara too. But he hasn’t got a chance against Madara, so he’ll die.

  116. @Mattmaru

    OK I know that this is just speculation, but take what Obito said as truth, that he was able to see the future after Kakashi took his sharingan. This means 3 things:

    1. Because Obito was such a good guy, he is preparing the ninja world for something big, something they wouldn’t be ready for if he didn’t cause so much trouble.
    1a. I take Obito/Tobi to be the ULTIMATE Itachi. He was able to create a cherade bigger than Itachi did. Itachi had everyone fooled, even unto his death, that he was a huge villain, and he was in fact one of the best good guys out there. So why can’t Tobi/Obito do that? This plays right into Kabuto saying that he will keep Tobi’s secret.
    2. Kakashi lives through it, or at least up until the event. If Kakakshi died, the eye wouldn’t see anymore and Obito wouldn’t know what happens. This I think was kept alive when Kakashi was revived by Nagato.
    3. Obito could unlock his MS just by seeing the future, he would know how it works. I know this is a circular argument of time-travel. If you don’t agree with that, then I think the trauma of being burried under those rocks and seeing the future, that might be enough.

    I understand that it’s a bit of a stretch, but considering Kabuto’s hax0r skillz these days it isn’t so so far out there.

  117. @ripcord

    Yep this theory looks convincing and it would add more depth to story and also interesting twist and Kishi’s words would come true that Tobi is not main vilain, because he just would unite all shinobis to fight against someone else, but here it comes 😛 don’t u think that Obito’s words that he would see future were more like metaphor that he will see world throught his sharingan implanted into Kakashi’s eye socket ? I think it was meant this way not like he will obtain ability to see future after Kakashi will obtain his eye. Just my opinion, but point for u ripcord how u made people consider again Obito’s theory 😀

  118. I love hearing all the Tobi is Obito talk, it’s my favorite theory. I think Ripcord made some great points to reignite the fire of the theory that seems like it’s been around forever. No matter the odds of it happening or not, I don’t want to give up on it because I can just picture finally giving up on it and then Kishi throws it out like a week later and I feel stupid lol.

  119. @ripcord well good theory but im still not convinced i still think tobi is madara how would obito be able to obtain his madara fan answer that question

  120. @ripcord
    dont worry homie, i still think its tobi is obito, plus didnt obito say that he was goin to change the ninja world or something like that

  121. @ ripcord, hey thats a really good Theory! i wasnt saying it wasnt him i was just curious to what your theory was so thank you! Like most Ninja’s they start out with the best intentions and some of them turn to the darkside to try to inherit power so they can fulfill there dream of peace which has been distorted down the line!

    I would say to your Theory though is that if Obito is playing the biggest game of Bluff ever! he certainly Sacrificed allot of people to make it happen! some would say that is a fraction compared to what could be killed i guess but you also run the risk of killing good NInjas which shouldnt be sacrificed but thats why there Ninjas though to put there life on the line for the sake of peace within there Hidden Village!

  122. omg maybe obito is tobi because kakashi was the only one who noticed he had sharingan i forgot all about that i still hopin madara is tobi still though no offense i just lik madara better than obito

  123. Kisame did say that it was Madara! but i dunno maybe tobi made a genjutsu or something! but i would of thought that would of been pointless to do that unless tobi would of thought Kisame would not of followed some no mark he didnt know and respect!

    Whats puzzling is that Madara did state that he purposely lost though to gain the power of the Senju!

    Now he couldnt really do a Orochimaru and swap bodies unless he was able to take over his DNA to the hosts body he is currently in now!
    Now if it is Obito! he must of cultured some sort of DNA and transfered it into Obito’s Body which i find hard to believe but anything is posisble in Naruto land he he.

  124. i dont know if this was mentioned or not but i think white fang will be resurected

  125. The way things are going, any body that has died in the past is fair game for a resurrection

  126. yea i agree everyone can be resurected in the land of naruto

  127. @ Mattmaru

    Kisame said it was Mizukage and not Madara that’s huge difference, because Kishi actually did not show us Mizukage’s face, so there are still more evidence that Tobi is not Madara. If, he is actually Obito or some kind of clone with Madara’s DNA or someone other we’ll see depends on Kishi, but I read again Kakashi’s gaiden and if Tobi is Obito it would fit nicely to story also because of his similarity with Naruto and strong ties to Konoha, Kakashi etc,

  128. Hey. Just one question about this obito being tobi.
    Why would he realese the kyubi on konoha?

  129. @Jon

    To ensure the Kyuubi was sealed into Naruto. Then Naruto would be able to become powerful enough to face whatever danger Obito was able to see when he saw the future.

    Then answer to your question Jon really is why would Obito do any of that, kill any of the people he killed, etc. He ruined a lot of lives. But if you think about it, Itachi killed a lot of people too, I don’t think all the Uchiha were guilty, and I’m sure there were people Itachi had to kill while in Akatsuki that he didn’t want to. Interestingly enough though, Itachi left Konoha alone, he didn’t kill anyone from there, in fact he did everything he could throughout the manga to ensure their safety from the rest of Akatsuki. Granted, Tobi hasn’t quite shown the same “love” for Konoha or anyone else in the ninja world, so it is clearly just speculation at the moment.


    Yeah, you’re totally right about that one.

  130. @ripcord Based on your theory about Obito being tobi/madara, do you think that kabuto can summon half a dead body with Edo Tensei. Half of obito was crushed in kakashi gaiden. That would certainly scare madara, right?(he must have been plenty angry at Oro and Kabuto for figuring it out). Plus, having obito be the mastermind behind the war would give solid credibility to kishi’s claims that this is the “Year of Kakashi.”

  131. @Naruto Tutor

    Well not exactly. Based on my theory, the body that Kabuto summoned was the real Madara Uchiha, who WAS killed at the Valley of the End. I agree with your statement that this would really make it Kakashi’s year (of course having him almost become Hokage and now be the leader of one of the divisions is almost enough), but I don’t think Kishimoto will quite reveal who Tobi is yet.

    Thinking about it now, I wonder how did Tobi get Hashirama’s cells if he isn’t Madara. Of course, how did Orochimaru get his hands on Hashirama’s cells too? My guess is that Tobi or Orochimaru got the cells from one or the other.

    My guess is that Edo Tensei requires some DNA or piece of the living to create the initial summon, which would make Madara a difficult find. Tobi (this is just theory) was able to locate some of Madara’s cells (Black Zetsu) and this would add to Tobi’s surprise that Kabuto was able to obtain some as well. It is possible that Kabuto/Orochimaru obtained some of the cells from Black Zetsu, if he is indeed a Madara clone.

    This makes the most sense to me because Tobi was experimenting with combining Senju and Uchiha cells, so he made a creature composed of both. Of course, Black Zetsu would be harder to regrow, so he was rarely risked in battle situations. This explains why Black Zetsu knows more than White Zetsu, he is older, the original Black Zetsu, whereas White Zetsu was remade many times.

    Just some ideas.

  132. FYI Naruto 516 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. 5 words: Gaara you´re the man

  134. this may be WAY off topic, but isnt this the perfect time for us to finally see Rock Lee’s, Tenten’s and Sakura’s parent(s)?

    Btw, the art in this chapter was a tad… sketchy :/ (pun intended) 😉

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