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Naruto 515 is OUT!!!



117 Responses

  1. Dang it, just when I was about to quit manga, Kishi restores my faith. Naruto is back my friends, back and better than ever! The last couple chapters were about an Armadillo’s penis for crying out loud lol!

    Zabuza, Kimimaro, Chiyo, Nagato! BACK BACK BACK! (btw, where’s Kisame?) This is gonna be epic! Unless Kishi screws up…

    Naruto’s fox cloak thingy is yellow! He’s a Super Saiyan…If I wasn’t a fan I’d say he was pulling a Tite >_>

  2. I am curious on the kind of info/intel they pulled from yamato. they said they’re going to use it to hit where it hurts the most. does this mean death to those closest to the main characters (ie kakashi, sai, tsunade, gaara, shikamaru etc)? for this to be truly an epic showdown, and in turn, manga, there has to be death – no way around it. heck, a naruto death could be an intriguing ending (arguably not the best, but definitely intriguing).

    by the way, let me put it out there that I’m a huge fan of ryu’s work. only a genius like him can work for the president of the usa, have kids, a wife, and still come up with earth-shaking, world peace-creating, shakespeare-humbling fan-fic.

    let us all bow down, pray and sing praises to his work. CHANT with me please

    “ryu is a god”


    “ryu is perfect”


    “ryu would eat a minced yellowflash, kishi and bob omelette for breakfast”


  3. AMEN!!!

    that was wicked clutter. i dont know what your beef with that ryu guy, but you sure pawned him (sorry RYU!).

    still cant stop laughing, still cant get cult-like humming off my head, LOL

    3rd by the wayz!!!

  4. Where would madara be without kabuto. Hell kabuto has brought all the fire power for this war. I mean the kages, previous host, and a gang of dead bad ass shinobi’s. What the hell is the joint forces to do. madara has nothing but war vetson his side. besides kabuto and sauske

  5. get off the internet kids!!!

    although Imma agree dat teh riu (RYU? RAY? watevah) putz up garbage stories you dont havA a ryt to put imma down. yah, he’s a patehtic author now, but wait when he grows up. giv him 10, 20 years and he can be very good.

    bak to the manga, oonoki sure is one bad-ass muthafucka. it’s a bit too ampossible though. kishi, kishi, kishi.

    also down with naruto being zo stupid. com on kishimoto! his the main character for criying outz loud!

    at this rate, even shikamaru’s cooler than im.

  6. to the guy above this post = SHUT UP!

    give him 10, 20 years you say? he’s 30 years old NOW! he’ll be 40 or 50 after that 10-20 years. he is what he is (a god-awful but obnoxious writer), there’s no way he can be better.

    gotta agree with the oonoki part though, that’s weak sauce kishi. also hated that naruto is still too damn stupid!

    kishi is rushing the story, cant wait to get to his stupid baseball manga – UGH!

  7. Why must you fellows behave in such a childish manner?

  8. sorry ’bout that kisu, will try to hold off my urges to point out that ryu’s obnoxiousness is only proportional to how much his fanfic sucks

    anyway, yea, I’m shutting my mouth now, for the good of the shannaro community.

  9. clutter
    I really do not know what or why you doing this but I am not falling for this. You can badger me, diss me, insult me or my family but you will not get me off this site or stop me from doing fanfic.

    I will not disrespect anyone else’s post with BS comments to you but whenever i post my next one and you bring you butt and comment then I will pwn you like i did on my last one.

    Because you think I am SSD you go on and create ten-mah-ree. funny. You can try and change the writing from this ten’s first post and act getto but we all know it’s you.

    Sorry to everyone if this young man continues to attack me. Ruining the sites once positive ways. I am trying to create a good story that many of you are enjoying. When you got a middle school brat that has nothing himself better to do than diss a working married man with kids who just loves to write story even though they are not the best instead of play sports, doing his homework, or even playing his video games, he has to attack me.

    Fine I will take it. But again clutter take you remakes to my story or are you too scared to get pwned again. Leave everyone else post alone with attacks on me. And one other thing I’m 24 fucking years old, how old are you?

  10. sorry kisu, I promised to shut up but this ryu guy here goes on his obnoxious ways again.

    pwn me? when? where? losers like you who spend time writing fanfic when they dont even know how to write can never come out winning anything.

    you say it’s unfair that I diss you? well it’s unfair that you continue to force feed us with your crappy articles. you think youre only trying to improve your writing thru posts? well learn the goddamn language first moron.

    You cant get to point C from point B without going thru point B first. (I hope the metaphor isnt too complicated for you, POTUS protege). let me spell it out for you (since spelling is one of your many weaknesses).

    Before you try to learn how to write, learn proper punctuation, grammar, sentence construction, and other basics first. Then move on to figures of speech (I doubt if you know the difference between a simile and a hyperbole). THEN WRITE!!!

    Lastly, even if youve managed to learn to be so good, dont be an obnoxious pig!

    How do you spell pathetic? You begin with R, move on to Y, and then U (homonym of “you” in case you missed it).

    Now that’s pwnage.

  11. By the way, SSD’s IP is, which happens to be the IP of ryu too.

    SSD happens to be praising ryu’s works, same with Idara (whose IP is also

    So how do you spell pathetic again? R-Y-U.

    *blows smoke from pwnage blaster*

  12. *edit

    You cant get to point C from point A without going thru point B first

  13. Boy this “It’s Out!” post sure has taken a turn for not about the release…worst. Sorry I couldn’t make that more intelligent but then again, ranting on a board that is supposed to be about healthy discussion of one of our favorite manga isn’t all that intelligent or productive.

    I’ll save my actual comments for Bob’s analysis. Everyone have a good day.

  14. stfu fire fist, this don’t involve you. I have to go to work clutter, I’ll get back to your sorry ass later, whiny boy.

  15. Well that’s not very polite.

  16. Don’t tell fire fist to shut up… he’s saying what were all thinking. A “Its out” post is about commenting on the manga not aguing about fan fic.

    clutter – If you don’t like this persons fan fic then don’t read it. it’s as simple as that there is no need to flame someone about something you don’t like no one is forcing you to read it.

    Back to the chapter: looks like things are gonna get very interesting soon. I’m wondering how this war will effect the characters and who will be killed off during it.

  17. Wow. I have been going to this site for years and I haven’t seen this much bashing since some of kisu and sothe’s old rants…. You guys need a life.

    This chapter looks pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to Naruto’s conversation with whichever kage his comes in contact with first when he finds out there is a war and that he isn’t supposed to be a part of it. Should be unique.

    -pcgnome out

  18. wow havent been here in a long ass time. First off don’t argue about a persons blog just because you dont like it, i think we went throught this a long time ago. keep your comments to yourself if your going to talk shit. AND ILL BE BACK IN A MONTH OR TWO LOL HAVENT VISITED IN A LONG TIME,WELL I GUESS THIS IS WHERE I TAKE MY LEAVE..GOODBYE!

  19. hey has anyone noticed sasuke has bandages on his eye i wonder what was placed in his eyes

  20. @tats itachis eyes were implanted with his. thats y he has the bandages on.

  21. Clutter you just put a random IP address up there. For one I don’t see how you can get an IP address from someone who computer has a private IP address from your home computer. That is why I told you if you can get it get it. Wow I don’t know who Idara is or SSD plus you’re trying to use my title to diss fire fist. Wow. You can not, I repeat can and will not try to frame me for you childish stuff. Fire fist that was not me. And again If you got something to say to me. Say it on my story page.

  22. I would like to wait for Bob’s analysis but if it is going to bring a certain someone that just wants to insult my typing skills then I may just let it be this week. No he did not stop me from OR “won” anything. I will not have Bob’s comments contaminated with this B.S going on here. I try to ignore the little boy but somethings have to be address to the english college professor. However if he is going to just insult me and anyone that tries to stick up or help me out. Then I will sit this week out. Later to the community I be back next week. And I will have my next chapter then.

  23. ok I want to punch Clutter for being a troll and an ass

    go away Clutter no one on this site likes you because of the fact that you keep on insulting everyone and hating

    the second you started to mock the dead and the fact that you are still insulting his family just got me fed up with you

    I’m no good with spelling and Grahamer (see an example) and yet and I find it tottaly stupid how you insult Ryu for not being the best at it (he’s better then me at it for one thing)

    you don’t have to read his fanfics if you don’t like them so go away clutter

    ps i’m sorry for me post here but i needed to say this to Clutter sorry bob and other people

  24. WOW!!! havent been on here for a while, little boys have figured out how to type, even with this non sense goin on, i miss it here, finally the war has started, i can see kabuto turning on madara, and it seems zetsu might be a bigger character than madara, weel thats all until bobs discussion

  25. One of THE BEST chapters (of any manga) EVER!!!!! BOSS! Faith restored. Goosebumps. Unbelievable!!!!

  26. wish we have admin here! and ban all those irrelevant and negative comments!
    we’re here to discuss the topic either love it or hate it, go ask for email address for personal attack!…

  27. We have THE most epic chapter EVER here, and you guys are busy trolling >.< GTFO

  28. “We have THE most epic chapter EVER here, and you guys are busy trolling >.< GTFO"

    I agree. This chapter was so awesome that it got me back into Naruto. Where's the love Shannaro? Where's the love?

  29. The love is there, the maturity isnt. Oh well. Epic chapter. Now he can control the chakra arms.

  30. Am I dreaming? This chapter can’t be real. I don’t think nobody expected it to be this EPIC, say good bye to the good guys, it was nice knowing ya. I think I might read this chapter 2 more times 🙂

  31. That bastard Kabuto he made all the best Ninja in trouble. Anyway have to look forward for the big battle. one thing i want to know are the previous kage, Guys what do you think the specialization of other Kage’s besides coming from Leaf and Sand?

  32. Sorry to Kizu and other if I seem to be trolling. Now to the chapter. Yes this was one of the best chapters since great but controversial 500-505 chapters.

  33. Well its about time Naruto started more training but he Should of been training before instead checking for animal penises! i really dont get why they done that but oh well!

    Cool the way naruto can use his cloak like he could in the kyubi mode! i liked the colour pic of naruto with 6 rasengans! in a way Naruto wouldnt haven to throw them because he could just use his cloak to launch them at his opponents with extended cloak!

    I wonder if Naruto could make a Menacing Ball ? I guess the Rasenshuriken is like a Menacing ball i wouldnt say it is as powerful though!

  34. In a Way though Naruto has always had this Ability the Cloak! its just that he is able to consciously use it now without the Will of the Fox. This is really gonna add to his Long range tactics now as well as he was sorely lacking.

    Im still wondering what “THAT” Technique is though as he said when he was taking on the toad key.

  35. I’m picturing multiple rasenshurikens being created by the cloak while Naruto is in infinite Sage mode, sitting in the centre, cross legged buddah style, of his nature/life giving energy ball… it’s a wrap for Akatsuki!!!

  36. How many damn summons can kabuto control. Though it makes for a nice twist unless the summons are not as powerfull i think kishi made him too strong

  37. What do you guys think. Can the rasen shuriken destroy the summons? We saw the 3rd kill oros only to have them regenerate. Do we think naruto can take them out. And who thinks sakura will end up fighting chiyo.

  38. I wonder if kabuto was able to summon the good ole pervy sage. I mean he summoned asuma’s punk ass

  39. One more thing do the former jinchuuriki’s have the same abilities as they had when they were still host’s??

  40. One awesome chapter in awhile

  41. Looks Oro is turning out to be the anti hero more and more. In the end, with all of his intellect that he has on Madara, it may become Konoha’s biggest weapon.

  42. the jins would still have their powers gaara has his and he lost his bijuu

  43. Also what will happen when Lady Hokage has to fight her ex. ?

  44. @Ryu, well I’m going by what happened on this post, and judging from THIS post, you were in the right since Clutter came here talking about u instead of the chapter. I could just edit and/or delete comments, but I think we’re all mature enough for this to stop, no? But it needs to end seriously. This isn’t pleasurable for the casual readers that just come here to talk about Naruto.

    Anyway, am I the only one thinking this? Kishi is focusing WAY TOO much on Hiashirama, Senju and Uchiha. If I got a nickel for every time those three words were used in the past 40 chapters….I still wouldn’t be rich but I could buy an Xbox 360 with all the nickels I’d have. The Senju-Hashirama-Uchiha overkill was what pushed me over the edge and almost made me quit this manga. But seriously, anyone else tired of the words “Senju”, “Hashirama”, and “Uchiha”?

    @a lost shinobi, I’m glad someone here agrees Asuma was weak as shi-…feces

    @Uchiha The Infamous, no. Orochimaru was a “Complete Monster” and isn’t anywhere near an Anti-hero. Kabuto isn’t a good guy either, if anything, Kabuto is an Anti-villain (an anti hero uses bad methods toward a good end, where an anti villain uses good methods toward a bad end).


    @bringerofchaos, the Rasenshuriken attacks at the Cellular level…cells can regenerate by the Edo Tensei. The only offensive jutsu I see killing an Edo Tensei-resurrected ninja is Deidara’s C4 Karura which disintegrates cells with nano-explosions.

    @mattmaru, lol now at least we know how much a giant Armadillo packs 😉

  45. @The Evil One, no problem buddy, some people’s kids just aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed haha.

  46. I think one thing we all have to consider some of those summons even the weaker ones like Dan an zabuza are as big as a threat as the most powerful ones say like hanzo itachi nagato because the only way to defeat them is by sealing there souls and I’m pretty sure none of the good guys know any soul sealing techniques so WTF are the good guys going to do?

  47. @kisu
    the problem with you saying that Kabuto is an anti villain is that he is immoral and has killed at lot of people to use as scarifices for edo tensei so Anti hero or compleate monster is all i can see Kabuto being and im leaning on Monster

  48. @minatofan

    Perhaps there are parts of the Uzumaki clan out there, hidden away, and they’ll come and sacrifice themselves with DDCS. Maybe Tsunade will do it, she’s Hokage of the hidden leaf, she has to know DDCS, I would think it is compulsory for each Hokage to know the jutsu (or at least to have read about them) in the forbidden scroll. We’ve never seen her use Kage Bushin though, so maybe sealing more than one of those zombies is out of the question.

  49. @kisu
    I would think if there were one jutsu out there with the ability to destroy the summons it would be rasen shuriken. Though were i loose my argument is the actual bodies of the summons. Since narutos RS destroys the chakra network and makes it impossible to mold chakra i could see it workin, though we cant actually tell if it would work on the summons since there bodies regenerate.

  50. This chapter was pretty good, but Kabuto being able to use Edo Tensei that much is overkill and a total cop out, and speaking of cop out, what’s with the Tsuchikage being able to carry a Giant Turtle Island with one hand like it’s nobodies business, make’s Tsunade’s and the Raikages strength look insignificant. It was a very good chapter nonetheless.

  51. sasuke eyes were implanted with something i wonder what @Token what you said doesnt make any sense

  52. anybody know who the ninja on zabuza’s left? the one on the far right of page 19?


  53. Where’s Jiraiya? Is he not dead?

  54. OMG then Jiraiya is actually alive!

  55. @C

    No… my guess is that Kabuto is saving Jiraiya for a special occasion. That or Kabuto was unable to obtain some of Jiraiya’s DNA… which I find strange, but possible.

  56. i want to see madara sweep a whole field a ninja and send them flying that would be cool but most likely he will just watch

  57. @envy, I say he’s an anti villain at best because he’s helped the “good guys” on more than one occasion, but is completely selfish.

    @clutter, he’s probably a new face. At first I thought it was Motoi’s father, but then I went back and his father looks almost completely different.

    @C, I say he’s holding on to Jiraiya until Naruto confronts him.

    @John, its probably due to the Tsuchikage’s kekkei genkai which seems to be able to manipulate gravity. He probably just made the turtle weightless.

    @Tatsamaru, Assgay was given Itachi’s Sharingans.

    Now I wonder where Nagato’s right eye is.

    (The Edo Tensei is overkill. Nagato, Itachi and Deidara are enough to destroy a huge portion of the Allied shinobi Army. Madara’s army is bigger, and has better ninja so I wonder what Dues Ex Machina Kishi will pull to save them.)

  58. @kisu I’m willing to bet that kabuto is not gonna go all out to beat the allianceand I’m still not sold on these summons being uber powerful. If they r kabuto should have no problem overpowering madara to get to sasuke with these summons alone. Also it’d weird to think that without kabuto that madara have lots of zetsu but not much else. Seems odd that without kabuto the army looks alot more pathetic compared to what madara has now

  59. I came hear to read some intriguing thoughts on the chapter until Bob’s post but all I see is an argument that should be done else where. All I can say is it’s ridiculous how Naruto’s being kept in the dark while there is a war starting. We see the main characters getting serious and Naruto is still too dumb to figure out where he is! He’s going to be pissed when he does find out and i’m looking forward to his reaction (I’m guessing he’s going to feel like he’s being treated like a child being baby-sat). I was actually excited to see Asuma, Zabuza, Haku, etc. being reincarnated. (Imagine if Kabuto found Jiraiya’s body…) These next chapters are sure to be exhilarating with the battle scenes and emotional with the casualties. I just hope Kishimoto doesn’t rush the war and the entire rest of the manga for that matter for that other baseball manga which i’m sure is disastrous lol.

  60. I am still holding on the theory that jiraiya is still alive. remember the konan death episode, where all their panels are shown as being turned to its black side? This symbolises Nagato, Konan and Yahiko’s death. remember jiraiya’s board? it wasn’t turned all the way back, so it’s still showing the white side. why did kishi not turn it all the way around to its black side? I believe this symbolises that jiraiya is still alive.

    that’s your duex ex machina kisu. jiraiya is alive and he will do the DDCS on kabuto (sealing all the summon’s souls in the process), in turn finishing the job he promised to do to tsunade – take care of orochimaru.

    he also places a high value on information (that’s what his character is all about, from the the day he wrote the pervy book, up to his intel provision on his supposed “death”. which is probably why he want the other side to think he’s dead – so he can continue on gathering info while undercover and, who knows, so he can learn a higher/advanced version of DDCS (one that can bind all summoned souls in one sacrifice). hell, he might even be working to locate all the remaining uzumakis.

    so yeah, there’s a very huge possibility that jiraiya is still alive.

  61. Btw poor Kiba thinks he’ll be hokage xD

  62. i don’t know why they brought back all these dead shinobis, everybody knows their weaknesses now, and it’s not like their jutsus have improved since they were dead. if anything, the villains from the beginning of the series (before the time jump) should be taken out pretty quickly, and as for itachi’s corpse: what’s the point? his source of power was in his eyes, and now they’re in sasuke. if anything, kishi needs to focus on naruto’s mastery of controlling of the nine tails’ chakra before he unleashes all out war. as for death, i couldn’t tell you who will die except a lot of minor characters.

  63. @jrayla

    Actually Itachi could cast a genjutsu with just his finger, I am pretty sure that level of skill had nothing to do with his sharingan. Itachi was an excellent tactitian, so I see him being very formidable in this fight even blind. Enough already though about Itachi not having his eyes anymore, Edo Tensei revives the person completely. If the state of the body during death had anything to do with what the Edo Tensei body looked like, Deidra would be in 500000000000000000000000000 pieces.

  64. @clutter http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-511/16/

    That looks flipped to me, its just the angle we get. Remember, the cards aren’t flat against the wall. But anything is possible…. until proven impossible in the world of manga

    @JJ, “Btw poor Kiba thinks he’ll be hokage xD”

    lmao dude you made my day :’)

    @jrayla, Kimimaro and Zabuza are still stronger than all the Konoha 11. Zabuza is still as strong as a member of the Seven Swordsmen should be. The only one surpassed by everyone (on paper at least) is Haku, and only barely since his stat total was 21

  65. ooh look. i didnt even notice temari got put in shikamaru’s company.

  66. I think that new face, the one next to Zabuza, is the Third Kazekage before he was turned into a puppet by Sasori. It’s probably not, but his hair is similar to the Third Kazekage’s hairstyle, that and plus his uniform looks like the uniform worn by Sand Jonin.

  67. I think if they can kill Kabuto, his undead summons will die too. Or maybe not. Maybe his undead summons will continue to live with him being dead because those zombies are in no way sustained by Kabuto’s chakra due to the fact that they are resurrected yet their free will is deprived. Anyways, there’s Shikamaru and Shika-daddy (Shikaku? Shikatsu?) there. I bet they’ll figure it out.

  68. no south cross its been said that if the summoner is killed edo tensei will go away

  69. There is a possibility kabuto’s summons might get sealed by other villages. Remember they have sealing techniques, they did seal
    Their bijuu

  70. Finally, a breathe back to the real Sh**
    really itching to see the war. It seems like this is gonna be one hell of a battle arc. Kisame’s body was decapitated, so it would come to no use.
    SO thrilled to see what happens. And naruto….get some brains…

  71. Madara might be planning to give some of the former Jinchurikkis the powers of the extracted tailed beasts for battle. And I think that defeating the undead summons will prove quite difficult, but it won’t be a game-ender. I’m guessing that we will see a scene where the allied forces are fighting them, and then they suddenly disappear, because Kabuto switches sides at a critical point in the battle to accomplish his own twisted designs.

  72. look zabuza could be taken out by kakashi easy now. he did not have much trouble before and is stronger now so bye bye zabuza. as for asuma that will be easy. haku should not be too hard maybe lee would be fast enough to beat him or shin with his bugs. gaara would own kimmimaro sice he is stronger now. sakura vs chiyo. hanzo might be tough but dan doesnt seem to tough. and i think nei can take on his dad or maybe hiashi vs. hizashi

  73. sorry i wanted to say shino with his bugs

  74. and i wanted to say neji could take on his dad

  75. @monkeyman
    Don’t forget that they also revived the past Jinchuuriki, and if the same thing happens to them that happened to Gaara (being able to control sand without Shukaku) they will be a bitch to fight.

  76. Listen, Clutter is right. If you can’t write, why are you even bothering to? The guy obviously has no talent for it. If I were an agent, I’d shove his fanfic up his ass, waste of my time.

  77. @ClutterIsRight
    FLAME BAIT, ignore the douche.

  78. wow.. clutter felt the need to make a new accont just to trash talk even more.. or this is a new person who emulates a flamer.

    In any case clutter (and this new guy if its not clutter on a new accont) has lost my respect. Have fun alienating your self from the shannaro community.

  79. that’s not me batboy. go ask the admins, they should know.

  80. @darkknight, Kisame’s body may have been decapitated but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be brought back, Diedara was blown into nothing yet he came back.

  81. man kabuto sure has become strong compared too that he was orochimaru’s pet haha lol why would they place itachi sharingan in his sasuke eye it not making sense and tobimaru was a very powerful water user he was able to do water techniques without having to be around any water which was cool

  82. Monkey man your wrong Gaara would have problems with Kimmimaro like Crazy and so would every one else

    Kimmi was sick and dying when he fought garra and would have won had his illness not killed him

    if Kimmi was sick he would have won in the first 10 seconds the dude was only moving by will alone his body was broken and he was at 5% to 10% at best and he would still beat all of the sound 4 at the same time

  83. @Tatsamaru have you read the manga not trying to sound mean but come on man

  84. @envy true but gaara has come a long way and remember it has been a few years since the ninja like zabuza and kimi have fought. They have not increased in strength while gaara and naruto have had years to improve

  85. @kisuzachi
    kimimaro could easily defeat most of konoha due to his ability, but gaara could take him out on a whim now, assuming he’ll be fighting as much as anyone else. as for zabuza, he’s been defeated by kakashi three years earlier, i’m sure people in naruto’s class has surpassed kakashi from three years ago. if anything, someone needs to take out kabuto quick, that will take care of a huge sum of power on madara’s team.

  86. What many of you are forgetting is that the Edo Tensei’d zombies are immortal, you can’t kill them. Meaning you can’t just say “Oh Haku will be no threat, he’ll get owned easily”. Not to mention that 75% of the Shinobi there are probably just fodder that can’t take Haku solo.

    I doubt many (if any) of the Rookie 11 (besides Naruto) can solo Zabuza, well maybe Shikamaru (and Neji if he’s grown stronger since his poor display verse Kisame). Zabuza = stronger than your average Chunin/Jonin, and with his Silent Killing / Hidden Mist techniques, he can take large amounts of Shinobi at a time. Not to mention the immortality he gets with Edo Tensei, he’ll be unstoppable.

  87. Omgosh whoever talked about jiraiya being alive an coming back during the war an sealing all the dead summons that would be the most epicness thing ever. Can’t really see it happening but doesn’t hurt to have hope.

    I have a question for anyone who might know but does the summons from edo tensei have unlimited chakra? If not then they might not be to much of a threat but if they do good bye good

    Why the talk about zabuza an haku an kimmimaru yeah they are powerful in there on right but kabuto has ninjas like hanzo for crying out loud, itachi, nagato these are the summons that should have everyone saying what the heck are the good guys gonna do. The only way icansee the good guys wining if kabuto or even madara himself turns to the good side we have to remember that kishi did say that madara wasn’t the final villain

  88. @Minatofan, Kishi said Madara wasn’t the final villain? This is the first I’ve heard of this.

  89. It’s on a interview if you wanna look it up

  90. i think sasuke will eventually turn on madara and use susano to seal edo tensi summons. thats if he has the sword like itatchis does. we still dont know the limits of ems or what its full capabilities are…

  91. @Minatofan, Kishi actually said Madara may or may not be the final villain while laughing…y’know, to keep us in suspense

    “i’m sure people in naruto’s class has surpassed kakashi from three years ago.”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Really? Really? lol u made my night dude

  92. @kisuzachi Oh wow I didn’t even see that 0_o. Did he just say Ino is stronger than Kakashi pre-time skip…
    It’s weird what you find from Naruto fans sometimes; one time I met a guy who said genin Neji could fight on par with Asuma and that genin Sasuke could fight evenly against Orochimaru.

  93. Guys u seem like u totally forgot about history of Edo Tensei summons. Kabuto summoned them afterwards he learned intel from Yamato, so it will be difficult fight for Shikamaru againts Asuma even worse if he could speak. Also maybe Sakura again Chio etc. It is not about only power. We need to consider also past of these summons and remember Yamato was in Root or special ops( don’t remember exactly), so he knows weaknessses about most of strong ninjas in every country. Based on this info. Kabuto will just direct those summons against their former friends, lovers etc. gaining big advantage.

    Btw, we are still getting more and more evidence that Oro and Tobi worked together, because Oro knew mostly about all his research and what he was trying to achieve. I think they worked together with Danzo, because all of them know too much about Hasharima’DNA etc. Possible connection why Tobi has Madara powers, but he is not Madara just some kind of clone like Yamato, who just got out of control and only Danzo and Oro knew rly lot about him so he needed to kill them and just used Sasuke.

  94. we are forgetting an important fact. Madara was ready for war and confident in the outcome of the battle as a means of achieving his objections prior to kabuto joining him. As mentioned by Kisu be prepared for one hell of a deus ex machina.

  95. Well there Edo Tensei Summons will have to be entertained whilst someone takes out Kabuto then they will disappear.

    Allot of people dont think that any of the konoha 11 have exceeded there skills since the last sore them! surely they have! i know we have seen some exceptional skills by i am really looking forward to see what knew jutsu’s they have gained!

  96. by the Dead summons i meant! but i am looking forward to see what the konoha 11 has to offer!

  97. well important fact that Jiraiya is alive is true.

    The battle is really not balanced.
    THe former akatsuki members is way too strong
    Each is as good as Kage.

    With Jiraiya is alive that would be a great things to the manga.
    And it’s still very possible that Jiraiya is alive
    consider the picture of jiraiya is still not black.

    Edo tensei does not revive Jiraiya. Says that everyone knows Jiraiya is dead I thought edo tensei has nothing to do with finding corpses.. Well.. Deidara is offcourse exploded how could he be revived. As pet master akatsuki also has no body..

    This manga is really good . I don’t think that thye would make stupid move to kill everyone easily. And wihtout reason..

  98. Forget the Naruto Clone Wars, and The Fourth Great Shinobi War, this war will be something more like the Apocalypse or Armageddon. This war will be unlike any other war in the Narutoverse. It will essentially be a battle between those who are subject to the laws of the ninja world and those who have been rejected by those laws. Ninja who have been exploited by both sides will be fighting. This is likely to be the last event in Naruto. I hope this war becomes the subject of a part three. I do not want an underdeveloped storyline if this war is to be the end of the manga.

  99. I thought perhaps the unknown body was Danzo, but the shinobi are grouped according to their former villages. This would indicate that the shinobi was from the Hidden Mist, perhaps one of the dead Seven Swordsmen. I can’t think of anyone from the Mist that we’d heard about, although it seems that we should have, as we know about all the other ninja that were summoned.

  100. @Luckman R

    I am pretty sure Edo Tensei requires some blood/cells from the soul you wish to summon. I would bet that it is possible to collect those samples before the person’s death, and I think that was even necessary for the former Akatsuki members.

  101. If you Remember though that when Naruto was jumping through the forests Jiraiya did tap Naruto on the shoulder in what it seemed his spirit form I would think Jiraiya wouldn’t come back as much i would really like him to as he is one of my Favourite Characters! I can only imagine that he was reversed Summoned to Mobyuoku mountain ” however u spell it” lol! and the given emergency treatment or given sage mode energy to heal himself.

  102. @mattmaru

    Then why make Naruto believe that Jiraiya was dead? That would be one of the cruelest things for Fukasaku to do!

  103. Very true but do u think that Naruto would of grown up as much if Jiraiya was there still to hold his hand? He needed the Push at some point as harsh as it sounds!

    Its only a possibility but stranger things have happened and Naruto got reversed summoned so im sure Jiraiya can!

  104. @ripcord

    Not all. The death of a loved one can be an incredible motivator. Since jirayis death think of all naruto has accomplished. Learned sage mode, defeated pain then turned him to a point where he sacrificed himsself to save the people of konoha. That would likely not have been possible had naruto kniwn him to be around.

    Look at all the flashbacks naruto has had concerning jirayia, and how it has guided him.

    Jirayia is my favorite character but he is dead. I had hoped peins jutsu brought him back but it didnt. The only way we will see him is as a summons of edo tensai

  105. @mattmaru

    This scene, where Jiraiya taps Naruto on his shoulder, is a filler one. It’s not depicted in the actual manga story. And he was actually described as “diceased” in the last Databook.

  106. @ yo-yo i have been reading manga im just trying to figure out sasuke has bandages on his eyes now why i have no clue but people keep saying itachi sharingans was placed in his but i thought itachi already gave him his power at the end of the fight

  107. @tats
    When itachi died he implanted a amaterasu jutsu ib sasuke as a last ditch effort to kill madara. The power of the eternal mangeyo sharingan can only be obtained by implanting itachis eyes into sasuke. Which madara did after sasuke and narutos encounter after danzo was killed

  108. this is just my theory about the bandages on sasuke eye so maybe that right rinnegan was placed in sasuke eye just guessing

  109. I dunno why it is taking so long for Sasuke to take the bandages off either! the MS must take longer too integrate or something or Kishi doesnt want Sasuke in the spot light at the mo lol! I dont think Madara would want Sasuke on par with his own powers so i dont think he would give him the Rinnengan just yet!

  110. Whos the guy that is summend with Haku and Zabusa?

  111. some people say hes from the sand i have no clue maybe he is a cloud ninja

  112. and last but not least i have discovered that madara uchiha is tobi for sure if you look back at chapter 509 there a close up on tobi eyes while he has the mask on if you compare tobi eyes to madara uchiha eyes they are exactly the same so its official madara uchiha is tobi YAY 🙂

  113. @Tatsmaru

    It would make most sense that he is from the Hidden Mist:

    All the other ninjas are grouped by affiliation.

  114. @Tatsmaru

    You tend to point out the obvious lol. And Its not 100% certain that madara is actually who he says he is because in the chapter that kabuto revealed one of his edo tensei bodies to madara, he reacted as if he was hiding something.

  115. it was probally his brother or something

  116. @tatsmaru: I have the theory that he’s Motoi’s dad. Since many of the zombies are chosen especially to make a psychological impact on the shinobi.
    @ripcord: Well… I’m not sure what you mean, because there’s Haku and Zabuza (mist) on the right, and on the left there’s the Konoha peeps, but in the center it’s kind of a mixed bag.

    In support of the Motoi papa theory, I’m going to say that there are zombies from Sand Village, Konoha, Rain Village, Mist Village, and Sound Village, but no one from Cloud village.
    There’s no one from Iwagakure either, so don’t mind me.

  117. Is Kakashi dead?

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