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Revenge of the YellowFlash VIII

Sorry guys, if it took me a while but I hope this makes up for it.

After their encounter with Orochimaru, Minato, Naruto,Jiraiya, Tsunade and Shizune all return to the village where the entire village is waiting for them.

Tsunade: How did they know I was coming?

Minato: I sent a messenger toad ahead to prepare everyone for the arrival of the Fifth Hokage.

Tsunade: That’s something I’m going to have to get used to.

Naruto: You’re not the only one Granny.


Jiraiya: Easy Tsunade, you don’t want the villages first impression of the Fifth Hokage to be beating up a kid.

Tsunade: Your right.

Naruto: Yeah, someone your age should really learn to control herself.

Tsunade: That’s it!

Tsunade starts running after Naruto through the village.

Naruto: I’M SORRY!!!!!!!!

Later Minato arrives at the hospital to meet with Sasuke.

Minato: So you’ve finally awakened?

Sasuke: What are you doing here, Yondaime?

Minato: I heard about your little encounter with Itachi, I know you want revenge against you brother for his betrayal of Uchiha.

Sasuke: That’s to put it simply, he murdered our and now I want him dead, but why do you want to get involved.

Minato: As the fourth hokage, it’s my duty to search and destroy every missing-nin that defects from this village but since I know you have your own vendetta and based on my own sentiment towards Itachi I haven’t acted.  I blame myself for not stopping what happened that night, if only I would have stopped him, I could have spared you of this pain.

Sasuke: That doesn’t matter now, the only thing that matters is me getting strong enough to put an end to this.

Minato: There’s one more thing you must know, Itachi didn’t act alone the night your clan was murdered.

Sasuke: I knew it! Itachi is strong but even he couldn’t have taken them down all by himself!

Minato: There was a another ninja, a ninja far more powerful than I could have predicted. I still don’t know how strong he truly is or even who his true identity is but all I know he is the one that I’m after.

Sasuke: So I’m not the only one after revenge.

Minato: No, the only reason I’m telling you this is to let you know I understand what you are going through, I want to help you but in order for me to do so you must wash away all ties you have with Orochimaru, starting with this curse seal.

Sasuke: I’ve tried, it’s too strong.

Minato: In order for you to beat Itachi you are going to have surpass Orochimaru’s power, why do you think he’s after you? He can’t defeat Itachi so he’s going after you. He sees what I see in you, power! Your eyes have the potential to surpassed Itachi and with that kind of potential be a great force of good in this world.

Sasuke: Then I’ll do what ever is necessary to gain power and achieve my goal.

Minato: Then let’s begin.

An Anbu Black Op appears.

Anbu: I have news.

Minato: Go ahead and report, I trust Sasuke.

Anbu: We’ve just gotten word from Lord Jiraiya, one of his informants have Itachi Uchiha’s whereabouts.

Sasuke: What!? Where!?

Minato: Calm down Sasuke, okay tell us where.

Anbu: He was last spotted outside of Kumogakure, with another missing-nin from Kirigakure by the name of Kisame Hoshigake.

Minato: He’s also listed in the bingo book. I have to get to kumo before the Raikage takes it upon himself to eliminate Itachi.

Sasuke: (Jumping out of bed) I’m going too!

Minato: Not in your condition and at your strength level you won’t stand a chance.

Sasuke: I have to go, I need to do this, please!

Minato: (Closing his eyes) Fine, but you don’t make a move without my consent, got it!?

Sasuke: Right!

Moments later Minato, Kakashi, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura are at konoha’s front gates with Tsunade and Shizune.

Tsunade: You really are going to take these genin with you on a mission like this.

Minato: It has to be done, these ninja are going to be the leaders of the next generation just like you Sannin were. They must see what a ninja have to endure if they are going to walk the path as one.

Tsunade: They have time.

Minato: Things are getting bad and time is not on our side, there’s no better time than now, besides they not only have me there to protect them but the Copy ninja Kakashi as well.

Kakashi: It’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with someone as hot-headed as the Raikage.

Minato: We will use my technique to teleport to Kumo.

Sakura: You can jump that far?

Kakashi: The Fourth’s Space/Time ninjutsu has even surpassed the Second Hokages, we should be fine.

Minato: It’s taken me some time to perfect it but yeah.

Naruto: I can’t wait to get their!

Sasuke: Calm down idiot, this mission is not just some stupid D-rank, this is a S- Rank mission.

Naruto: I know that, that’s why I’m excited.

Minato: (Thinking) That’s my boy.

Minato take out a map and stamps his Flying Thunder God seal on the page and forms a hand sign, the seal moves across the page on top of Kumo then he stabs his kunai into the map and the kunai dissolves into the page in the same place the seal covered.

Minato: (With his eyes closed concentrating) Alright, the Kunai should be in place.

Sakura: What did you do?

Minato: I sent the kunai to Kumo, now let’s get going.

Far away Itachi and Kisame are right outside of the Hidden Cloud Village.

Itachi: This won’t be easy, no one has been able to successfully infiltrate the Cloud Village and live to tell about it.

Kisame: You are making to much of this Itachi, with our combined power we should be able to capture a jinchuuriki no problem.

Itachi: Just stay on guard.

On their way from a mission of their own a squad of Kumo Shinobi dash through the trees. A blonde ninja by the name of Shi travels with a squad consisting of a tall muscular ninja with a giant left fist and two Kumo Anbu black ops Raizo and Yubi.

Shi: We are almost home, all we have to do is travel up the mountain.

Junta: Who the hell came up with the idea to build the village in the damn sky!

Raizo: You always talk like this when you are tired, suck it up, we are almost home.

Yubi: Yeah and when we get their go and brush up on our history all this traveling is affecting your brain.

Raizo: What brain?

Junta: You guys really want me to get angry don’t you?

Shi: Enough! We have trouble!

They all stop and lands on the field outside the fence of the Cloud village where they find Kisame and Itachi standing in their way.

Kisame: You were right Itachi, we were going to find a couple of Kumo mosquitos flying around.

Junta: Mosquitos?

Kisame: (Taking off his hat) Yeah, that’s what we call you Cloud ninja who suck as much power as they can from anyone or anything.

Raizo: Who are these idiots?

Shi: That’s Kisame Hoshigake from the Hidden Mists village, he was also one of the Seven Swordsman.

Yubi: I’m not impressed, I had an encounter with a Swordsman,  Zabuza Momochi, he barely got away from me.

Kisame: Hahaha! You think I’m in the same league as that fool, please, I eat weaklings like that for breakfast.

Junta: Alright, we know who this  whack job is, then who’s the piece of crap in the back.

Kisame: Piece of crap eh?

Shi stares at Itachi and notices his Sharingan from underneath his hat.

Shi: That’s Itachi Uchiha!

Raizo: You mean the guy who single-handedly took down his own clan!?

Shi: (Thinking) So, we are up against the Sharingan? Can we handle ninja on this level?

Junta: Alright, lets take get rid of these insects so I can go home.

Shi: Don’t underestimate them, Junta!

Raizo: Yubi and I will take the Big one, you two take the Uchiha.

Itachi glares at Raizo and Yubi with his sharingan knocking them both unconscious.

Itachi: Take a nap.

In an instant a bright light blinds Itachi and Kisame, a technique used by Shi and Junta with his huge monstrous fists falls from the sky punching at Kisame creating a huge crater. When the dust clears Kisame managed to block the fist with Samehada. Shi appears from the pond on the other-side of the fence forming a hand sign.

Junta: Looks like they survived, at least for now.

Junta with his monstrous fist falls back along side Shi.

Itachi: He used that bright light to blind us long enough to get behind us to block us from entering the village.

Shi: My name is Shi and this is Junta, we are apart of Kumo’s special forces.

Itachi: I have no interest in who you are, tell me where the Jinchuuriki are.

Shi: Itachi Uchiha, You are known throughout the entire ninja world for your betrayal of your clan and your village.

Junta: What can you expect from dogs? We aren’t going to tell you anything, why would we make your job easier?

Shi: Even if we do tell you, this is your last day on this earth.

Itachi: No more playing around!

Itachi activates his Mangekyou Sharingan!

Itachi forms hand signs, Fire Style: Giant Fire Ball Jutsu! The fire-ball thrusts forwards causing Shi and Junta to jump out of the water, while they are in the air a gigantic water dragon appears swallowing them both causing a massive wave!

Shi: (Jumping out of the water gasping for breath after the water dissipates) They had to use an enormous amount of chakra to make those techniques that big and powerful and that water dragon! That fire-ball was a diversion for Kisame’s water dragon!

Shi looks around to find Junta but he is nowhere to be found, underwater Itachi has him trapped in his Tsukuyomi!

Itachi: ( In his world of illusion) Did I hear you call me a piece of crap? That’s funny because I’m about to slice you into a million pieces.

Itachi starts to slice and dice and the whole illusions starts break into million of pieces as he is slicing only hearing Junta scream in agony. Moments after, Junta, now out of the illusion floats to the top of the water dead.

Itachi: Looks like he wasn’t as strong as he believed he was, he couldn’t even survive long in my Tsukuyomi, pathetic.

Kisame: It looks like you’re all alone!

Suddenly dozens of Kumo Anbu black ops appear in front of them.

Itachi: looks like that attack from Junta’s fists wasn’t to kill you Kisame, it was to alert the village of our presence.

Anbu1: If you can’t beat a ninja one on one then you overtake them with numbers.

Itachi: Not if your opponent have overwhelming power.

Itachi activates his Amaterasu and huge tornado of black flames erupt killing them all! Itachi extinguishes the flames and Kisame appears behind Shi with a fully uncovered Samehada and shreds Shi’s back with its shark skin leaving him bleeding on the ground gasping for air.

Shi: My chakra is completely drained, I can’t heal myself!

Kisame and Itachi dashes over the pond and up the mountain towards the village.

In the office of the Raikage a big muscle-bound ninja sits in his chair lifting weights.

Raikage: What’s that!?

Kunoichi: Ninja are trying to infiltrate the village, it seems they have totally crushes Shi’s team. I’ve sent the Anbu to apprehend the intruders.

Raikage: I’m in charge here, send the Anbu to apprehend the intruders!

Kunoichi: (looking annoyed) Yes Sir.

In the forest outside Kumo Minato and Team 7 appears!

Naruto: I thought we were going straight to the Cloud village.

Minato: We are going to have to go the rest of the way on foot.

Kakashi: We should get going, something is telling me we are a bit late.

Sasuke: ( On top of a tree looking at the mountain from miles away) A bit?

As Itachi and Kisame dash up the mountain, they witness a lightning bolt hitting the side of the mountain causing giant boulders to fall down forcing them to fall back down the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain the smoke clears and Itachi and Kisame stand from the rubble looking up where the Raikage and two Cloud ninja body guards look down on them. (The bodyguards go by the name Kasumi and Shisuko) Kasumi is dressed in an all black Kumo Jonin uniform much like Konohas and a ninja mask covering his face and Shisuko is dressed in a white robe.

Raikage: I heard you were too much for my Cloud ninja so I came to take you down my self. Now that I see who you are I’m guessing I’ll have to dispose of Konohas and Kiri’s problems.

Itachi: All we want is the Jinchuuriki.

Raikage: Even if I told you and that would be an impossibly enormous if, you wouldn’t stand a chance against either of them!

Kisame: Look you big mouth fool-

Itachi: Kisame, don’t take him lightly, he is the Raikage.

Kisame dashes at the Raikage and Kasumi throws a volley of shuriken, Itachi throws shuriken of his own canceling Kasumi’s. Kisame comes crashing down with Samehada but Raikage block with his bare arms.

Kisame: To be able to withstand an attack from Samehada is impressive.

Raikage feeling Samehada absorbing his charka he rips it out of Kisame’s hands a throws it a few feet away and punches him in the gut sending him flying away convulsing from the electricity charging through his body. Itachi appears behind the Raikage between Kasumi and Shisuko:

Itachi: Your too slow.

In an instant Itachi explodes revealing he was a Shadow clone bomb. When the smoke clears the Raikage and his Bodyguards are all protected by Shisuko’s force field, Shisuko holds out his arms and expands the force field sphere forcing Itachi and Kisame to move back. Kasumi forms hand signs, Wind style: Air Ball, Lightning Style: Thunder Strife, Wind/Thunder Style: Thunder Clouds! Three Giant balls of thunder clouds shoot out of the force field at the duo.

Kisame: So you can use that field as a defense and attack from it aswell, you’ve chosen your guards very well Raikage, but-

Kisame: Forms hand signs, Water Style: Water Geyser.

He spits out a huge pressurized water stream from his mouth to counter the thunder clouds but the lightning from the clouds gets stronger once they have contact with the water making the attack bigger causing a gigantic explosion! When the smoke clears Itachi and Kisame are protected by Susanoo!

Itachi: Witness the full power of my Sharingan.

Kasumi: Sir, that was my strongest attack and it couldn’t get through!

Kisame: Yata’s Mirrors are coming in handy, hahaha.

Kisame picks up Samehada and it starts to flow heavily with chakra.

Shisuko: That Chakra!

Kisame jumps into the air and strikes the force field absorbing the entire thing. Itachi then take out the Totsuka Sword and swing it down on top of all three of them sending a shockwave throughout the area, but the Raikage used his speed to save his guards and himself protecting them from Itachi’s attack. Then Raikage powers up sending a huge surge of thunder covering his body.

Kisame: Those are bijuu levels.

Raikage: FULL POWER!

Itachi: So, we finally get to see your true power?

The Raikage dashes at Itachi with blinding speed as Itachi watch calmly activating his Mangekyou Sharingan bracing himself for the Raikage’s attack but  The Raikage is stopped abruptly by Minato who is encased with a large amount of wind chakra by grabbing his should from behind.

Minato: May I cut in?

Kakashi and Sasuke appear in front of them facing Itachi and Kisame and Naruto and Sakura appear behind of Minato and the Raikage facing Kasumi and Shisuko.