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New Chapter – Naruto 514!

Aloha everyone!  Here’s this week’s chapter, and let me tell you, it’s a good one. 😀

Naruto 513 – http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/40727763/1

Also, here’s the link to this week’s One Piece!

One Piece 601 – http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/56751021/1

Till next time, mortals~


24 Responses

  1. Hmm…it was alright. Naruto is so oblivious…really not what i expected right now. i wanted naruto to mature a little mature, but i guess not. Kabuto is way too much like orochimaru…how nostalgic…
    I cant believe all the jonin were powerless against kabuto, it shows how weak (and stupid) they really were. did they honestly think that the right hand man of Oro would be captured that easily. smh…
    Madara replaced his left eye with the Rennigan. But what about the one on his forehead? would that be replaced with an eye too? who knows.
    Overall, it was an ok chapter. but i expected more =[

  2. meh, kishi’s really coming up poorly lately

    instead of creating a few more pages to show a creative story creatively unfolds, he’s taking the shortcut by simply making either the good guys or the bad guys extremely idiotic.

    i feel bad next week’s a no-naruto week, but i think kishi needs the time off to pull his head out of his ass give us better content.

  3. thats not and eye on his forhead its apart of the mask designs holy shit madara is going to be impossible to beat now

  4. Least now we know what Madara did with Nagato’s Rinnegan. But I wonder why Kishi is “dumbing” Naruto back down, I liked his more “serious” attitude.

  5. @ xeras

    like I said, that’s basically kishi being lazy as fuck

  6. I will wait to do my full comment until Bob analysis but one thing I will say. Kishi is making the Left ninjas and some of their allies so very poor judgment caller. And the theory of the second eye of Madara being replaceable was correct.

  7. i think naruto is just acting

  8. i wonder how many rinnegans madara has

  9. What’s the connection between Aoba and Kabuto?

  10. I don’t understand Naruto. Few chapters ago he just learned that Madara caused the death of his parents. He should be creating billions of clones with his new found powers and learning jutsus and undergoing heavy training. Instead he’s doing “research” in a merry mood? And also being a dumb (expletive)?

  11. ok there one of his forhead is only painted on! it does not have an eye whole!

    very cool the wya he has the rinnengan though that means he cant really use Izanagi again unless he sacrifices the eye that has the teleport technique unless he can quickly take out the rinnengan and swap it for another sharingan mid battle which is veyr doubtful

  12. Kishi is no longer 100% devoted too naruto manga, now he is more into that stupid stupid baseball shitttttt…. instead he should put more effort into naruto because now the real thing begins and he acts so stupid… i can’t believe that he is doing this!!!!!!!! damn, and why naruto needs too be sooooooo stupid, it’s interesting now and then but not all the time!!!!! lame lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Well maybe the rinnengan will allow him to use izanagi without losing its light. Also it was interesting the convo between aoba and kabuto….. is it possible aoba is a traitor for oro? Also I found it interesting when kabuto said sobs is with them…. weird to me That aoba was mentioned in That way.

  14. I’m startin to miss sasuke

  15. my question is how did nagato place all those rinnegans in all those pains

  16. @ a lost shinobi, me too 😦

  17. Same chapter as last week. Bore.

  18. Yeah very disappointing. Like someone else said the leaf ninjas are looking very incompetent! It is almost comical. At least Kabuto admitted that he would have lost trying to capture Naruto and KB

  19. I dont know if anyone pointed this out bit although madara now has a rinnegan in his left eye and im sure he has more power, he is also going too loose the left eye powers of the EMS sharingan.

  20. Maybe Naruto is just bluffing!

  21. i think naruto is playing along and it’s just a clone because he escaped with KillerBee (who conveniently isn’t present) who figured out they were being forced to stay there.

    also, Kabuto said that Aoba has “fallen lower” than himself so this is what I think. Aoba is Madara’s spy, and Kabuto never intended to capture Naruto at all so instead he made it seem that he made the ‘better choice’ to capture Yamato and strengthen the zetsu army. I definitely think Aoba has a set of sharingons under those little goggles of his; a complementary gift from Madara in exchange for his intel. It would explain Aoba’s imitation of Itachi’s crow genjutsu a bit.

    And not to be cold, but it’s about time Yamato kicked the bucket or gets turned into some sort of monster zetsu-hybrid. I’ve always been fairly unimpressed with his fighting abilities, but it makes sense that he will sync with zetsu considering they have fairly similar abilities like molding into trees and what-not. I mean zetsu WAS created by using Hashirama’s cells (or birth jutsu) so he already has identical cells as Yamato.

  22. when is madara going to take that mask off im starting to think it not him why would you keep that damn mask on at your own hideout i can see when your not in your hideout and your out and about keeping your identity a secret from everybody else but come on kishi

  23. No! No more Sharingans! Everyone and their mothers have a god damn doujutsu, I say NO MORE!

  24. ^ lawl I put his name in their by accident

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