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Naruto Chapter 514 – Feint

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi folks, this week and next are midterm weeks for me, so I apologize ahead of time if this and next week’s reviews are a little on the rough side – I’ll be back to forming normal paragraphs soon I promise.

A pretty good chapter this week, I know a lot of people were probably expecting a bit of a brawl and ninjutsu show-off with Kabuto’s arrival, but I’m actually glad it turned out to be a feint attack. Knowing how intelligent Kabuto actually is, he must have know for sure how much the odds are stacked against him if he forced his way inside and then had to fight two Jinchurriki’s at once. The smarter option was definitely to take Yamato, and I bet many of you had came to this conclusion as early as lack week due to Kabuto’s comment about his interest in Yamato as a test subject. What I do have a gripe about though is just how easily the good guys were fooled into letting their guard down.. again!!! I mean it’s like déjà vu with the Kisame end scenario, but this time they have no real excuse because they more or less know that Kabuto is not to be trifled with and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. I mean if the giant snake he summoned didn’t clue them in on not underestimating him, I don’t know what would. The other mistake was to send in a third-tier character like Aoba to go in and interrogate a top tier villain. Seriously, I feel that Aoba just isn’t suited for this type of mission; he should just stick to his desk job running errands for the hokage.

– with Yamato captured for Madara, I fear a lot of dark things might transpire. With Madara’s knowledge of the Hashirama genome and Kabuto’s knowledge of medicine and genetics, they could really mess around with his mokuton abilities.
– Kabuto’s mentioning of using Yamato to create better and stronger Zestu clones is a very scary thought, and a process of that magnitude has the potential to kill or seriously maim this character.
– I would have liked to see more exchanges between Deidara zombie and the Tsuchikage – they seem to have a history together because each seems to know the other’s tricks. Makes you wonder the history between them.
– I’m still lost on how exactly a ‘Dust Element’ would grant a person flying abilities.
– Armadillo penis strikeagain in this chapter as week well. Let’s hope this doesn’t become some weird running gag.
– Kurotsuchi being the grand daughter of Tsuchikage was a surprise but it seems to fit with the casual way she address the him. Her ‘lava element’ appears to be a kekkei genkei ability that combines water and earth to create some type of acidic goop – it bears so many similarities to the Mizukage’s technique. It seems everyone and their grand daughters has some kind of chakra fusion technique these days.
– so Madara did end up implanting the Rinnegan into himself, and the way he has spoken so far after his new appearance seems to suggest he is accustomed to this half sharingan- half rinnegan goofiness. Madara wasn’t just boasting when he said Nagato’s rinnegan originally belonged to him, I’m getting the feeling he knows full well how to unleash the power of his ‘new’ eyes.


69 Responses

  1. Interesting chapter

  2. Well things are getting crazy. I agree with many of the people that Kishi is turning the good guys into fool. I know their number 1 mission is to protect Naruto and Bee but Naruto not only has his new powers but has fought Kabuto and Oro more than any of them. Experience. Naruto may act like a idiot but during battles these days he is as smart if not smarter than Shikamaru and his experiences fighting Kabuto and Oro would have helped but no they had to go off and get Yamato capture plus like Bob said we all knew Yamato or Bee would be the one that got captured. Nice call everyone. Yamato is a ANBU ninja but he seems to be getting weaker and weaker so him getting captures is not a big deal in my book.

    Another thing that was called last week was and plaster on the front page of the manga was Deidara was the Tsuchikage student. another nice call.

    I agree also with Bob on the chakra fusion bit. Seems that every new ninja that shows up from other villages has powers that not even in the naruto universe makes sense. Dust element, flying, Rocks forming from the mouth.

    Last I really wont comment on the eyes. It was said many weeks ago and now it has shown up. Yeah hoorah Madara as two different eyes. Did see that one coming……..blah.

  3. I DID however like the chapter. Kishi may seem to be rushing the plot but still things are getting more interesting. But now the question I forgot to ask? What of Sasuke now that Madara as both the Rinnengan and the Sharingan. What is his purpose? For Madara to replace his Sharingan with one of Sasuke’s EMS? What does Kishi have planned?

  4. I was disappointed with this chapter. I have lost half the respect I had gained for Kabuto. Here he comes talking big and threatning Madara, and onced faced by Yamato, Aoba nd the other dude what does he do? jump out of his skin, eat yamto and run a way like a bitch.

    C’mon Madara, give us a good fight next chapter (and please cut the teleportation cra put!!).

    Bleach back next week, can’t wait!!!

  5. great review bob! just a few other things that caught my attention.

    i think naruto is playing along and it’s just a clone because he escaped with KillerBee (who conveniently isn’t present) who figured out they were being forced to stay there.

    Also, Kabuto said that Aoba has “fallen lower” than himself, and seems to have some sort of history with him. So this is what I think. Aoba is Madara’s spy, and Kabuto never intended to capture Naruto at all and had an ulterior plan from the start, but when he noticed “oh, Aoba is with them too” he instead made it seem that he made the ‘better choice’ to capture Yamato and strengthen the zetsu army. I don’t think it was his original plan but Kabuto is calculating and smart so he’d have a backup plan.

    I think it’s entirely plausible that Aoba has a set of sharingons under those little goggles of his; a complementary gift from Madara in exchange for his intel. It would explain Aoba’s imitation of Itachi’s crow genjutsu a bit.

    And not to be cold, but it’s about time Yamato kicked the bucket or gets turned into some sort of monster zetsu-hybrid. I’ve always been fairly unimpressed with his fighting abilities, but it makes sense that he will sync with zetsu considering they have fairly similar abilities like molding into trees and what-not. If Zetsu was created (white half at least) by Hashirama’s cells/jutsu then he already has identical cells as Yamato.

  6. I knew the Rinnegan belonged to Tobi all along and he has to know how they work. Also he must me part Senju or have great control over Hashiramas powers to e able to handle the Rinnegan and the Sharingan in one body.

  7. Okay, so was this the same chapter the as last week or what? I’m not the type to complain like a school girl so let me get this theory out. Could it possibly happen that the voice Yamato spoke of was actually Orochimaru and Kabuto is actually not in control. Also I hope Madara’s other tumoi on his mask is suppose to represent the Byuukugan.

    P.s. Where is my boy Sasuke at? I bet his theme song. “King of Sharigan” SASUKE!!

  8. Okay it was an okay chapter…but lately Kishi has being lazy. For one you can tell that the drawing aspect of the manga has gotten worst don’t get me wrong this is one of the best manga, but lately i think kishi has being lazy. If you look at the background its mostly sky…another way was narutos cape, what happened to that all of a sudden it was gone, I am just frustrated on how the plot is going, hoping in two weeks it gets better…

    I also noticed on how kabuto addressed Aoba…there must be a connection between these two guys.

    Yamato getting capture this easily does make the good guys look really weak, i hate how naruto is being made into such an idiot, come on this is the guy who beat Pain.

    Hopefully the plot will get much better(crossing my fingers)

  9. Alright, Moto is pissing me off. Why?! read on:

    – I’m loosing the respect I had for Naruto, he seemed to be maturing, now he’s back to his stupid self. Don’t get me wrong, a little funny stupid is ok, but REALLY?! He’s making him look like an idiot!

    – Dillo penis? again? why?! that’s cheap entertainment.

    – Yamato got captured to fast. umm, hello? isn’t the bushin jutsu like basic ninjutsu. do a wood clone or something, your anbu for crying out loud. Didn’t you fight Oro before? COME ON!

    – I agree with alot of you that he’s just pulling shit out of his ass. If you don’t know what to do, take a break. screw the editors! get your shit straight. do a timeline. think things through. or something.

    – oh, Kabuto is becoming Oro? wow, didn’t see that coming.
    Yamato got captured. that’s a surprise.
    OMG! Naruto has yellow hair?! That’s the biggest surprise of all!

    Man, I really hope things pick up soon.

  10. i think that dust might be a kekkei genkai of wind and earth elements

  11. where is sasuke.?. so long not see him..

  12. This is starting to get really stupid now. Enough is enough, naruto really needs to grow up. We all know there is no way kabuto could even go one on one with naruto or bee. Even if he did the other wouldn’t just stand around and watch while the other fights. These guys characters need to grow up. Especially naruto he is the main character, bee on the other hand is already old. Just saying it would be nice to see him gain some kind of intelligence and grow not only as a fighter but as a man. His character is way to much like his mother, other than his looks he doesn’t have any of his fathers traits what so ever. I couldn’t even imagine what kind of ninja he would be if he was smart or at least to some degree. If the author keeps the story the way it is then he will become no more then a jok all brawn and no brains.

  13. i can’t believe kabuto do the by quikly
    will w’ll see the game between the 2 i mean madara and that get the wood

  14. i agree with most of what everyone is saying. how on earth is naruto ever going to become hokage if he is still acting the fool. i guess the element of surprise when someone fights him and all of a sudden he has a brain and constructs a strategy. i really hope for narutos sake that he is just playing dumb. i think everyone wants to see him grow in maturity as well as power.

  15. No one has touched on this yet but with the left eye rinnegan doesnt that mean he looses the left eye sharingan powers? I dont remember if it is susanoo or amaterarsoo or tsukuomi but he is missing the full sharingan set so he looses some of the powers

  16. This chapter was a good read! Kishi gave us moar info, yey! But it saddens me that there wont be any Naruto next week T___T;;

    My memory is rusty, but I think Kurotsuchi refered to Onoki as Grandpa/Gramps or something to that effect right before they left Iwa to go to the kage meeting and during the kage meeting. Also, totally random, but what if Kurotsuchi is related to the 4th Jinchuuriki? They both use Youton (http://bit.ly/dwpAdj). It would be really cool if they were ^.^ And aside from being the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage, what else makes Kurotsuchi so darn confident that she feels she can handle Kabuto lol?

    And Kabuto 2.0 can communicate with the Snake? That surprised me. How does that work, I wonder? Does it have it’s own personality, is it (part of) Oro, part of Manda, or something else? Bleh, only time will tell I guess :p I also agree with everyone else about Kabuto 2.0 and Aoba. Something about that is pretty suspicious. Kabuto in his snake form looks incredibly ratchet with his human arms poking out on the sides, but whatever… #icant lol. I thought it was funny how fast he was able to completely gobble up Yamato and then left in the quickness.

    I wish the battle between Onoki and Deidara carried on a bit more, but at least we learned that Deidara is a former pupil of Onoki. No wonder Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi were happy to see him. I could be wrong, but didn’t Kurotsuchi refer to Deidara as “Deidara-nii” in the past? Nii doesn’t always mean brother, but, if it did, that would make Deidara the grandson of the Tsuchikage and Kurotsuchi’s brother.

  17. There has undoubtedly been some extremely poor strategic planning on the part of the Kages. My biggest gripe is the fact that they sent Naruto and KB to the island to research animals while they could have occupied their time more fruitfully in training. What should have happened is simple: Naruto, you are going to study under KB,done!!!! Then hide them in the Turtle training.
    Another thing; wasn’t Deidara like some terrorist or something when Itachi found him for Akatsuki. Why is his relationship with the Tsuchikage so, for want for a better word, amicable. It’s like a father-son relationship insofar as Daddy’s angry, but still loves you kinda way. Weird!

  18. I’m really glad yamato got captured by kabuto. He useless now with naruto gaining control of the nine tails. Seriously what had he done. He’s an anbu and he hasn’t completed a mission he’s been on

  19. Sorry for the rant about yamato. Now, I think kabuto is gonna manipulate the clones he makes of zetsu to be loyal to him, so he can keep madara busy for a while so he can get to sasuke

  20. @llost shinobi

    I agree something about how kabuto went from a position of distrust of madara and chose to work with him just to get to sasuke to being in a state of willfull happiness just doesnt make sense. I have a feeling kabuto going to sabotage the zetsu army so that after the allied forces are wiped out he can take out all the zetsus

    Also, where is sasuke? Where is he hidden if he isnt in madaras main hideout? I would have thought if he was there we would have seen him by now

  21. He may be on his way to destroy Konoha.

  22. Great chapter anyway. However, now is Naruto acting kinda stupid, but let just think about it. It is part of his goodness he just believes everyone everything that the way how it is, but this does not have to do anything with his fighting skills or his inteligence( but we know he is kinda lazzy and needed to try to get to academy multiplies times). I still think its better than trying to kill everyone in Konoha and mostly everywhere

  23. I have no idea if this has been said or not, but I feel I must express this.

    I believe that Onoki’s Flight Technique is a Hiden Tech of his clan. I mean, how would Dust Release make you fly? But, it is an interesting theory.

    As for the chapter, I found it quite dumb that Yamato was captured so easily, yet he had the Mokuton and such. And Madara being Half-Sharingan Half-Rinnegan is stupid. It’s like giving him Mugetsu (Final Getsuga Tensho; Ichigo Reference).

    That is all for today! -Poof-

  24. I agree with everything my boyfie said above.

    love you cookie! 🙂

  25. Whatever, Clutter. If you want to be a troll, fine. It’s not like I care. There is absolutely nothin you could do that could upset me.

  26. Hm, with the Rinnegan does that mean Madara has access to all Nature types? And what about the Izanagi? Will he be able to use it now without sparing an eye because he has the off shoots of the Sage of the Six Path’s eyes, he also has his reborn EMS to look forward too later on… Madara would be so OP if it these were true, fitting for a final villian. Also, what happened to the other Rinnegan? It would suck if Madara gave it to Sasuke so he can synch Gedo Mazo with him…
    Bah, Madara’s new eyes looks… Odd, I don’t like it, hopefully he makes it not so lopsided by making it look like the Juubi’s eye later down to road.

  27. One last thing to note…
    Where the f*ck is Sasuke?! I may have hated the Sasuke fest, and I can understand the little Sasuke break… But this is ridiculous! I NEED to see Sasuke’s EMS design, god dammit!

  28. Man I miss Sasuke, excuse me it’s King Sasuke. When Kishi paid more attention to him there was more discussions and comments on shannaro. Now the focus is on Naruto and pretty much everything died down. I would go nuts to see King Sasuke again.

    This chapter was cool but it was stupid at the same time. When Kabuto dodged Kurotsuchi attack, who ever it was I think Yamato or Aoba act all suprise as if Kabuto didn’t see it coming. She was right in front of him, Lol. Aoba looks like Gohan a little when he grows up, and I think he ‘s going to play a part in this storyline. I don’t think Kishi would just throw a nobody into the storyline for the hack of it.

    WE WANT SASUKE!!!!!!

  29. Yea, Aoba is definitely up to something. Looking strange and weak, but if u remember he came with idea open the scroll with Kisame’s info. I think like som others like he works for Tobi, that’s why Kabuto changed his plan and took Yamato instead of going to Naruto and tell him something( I do not believe he wanted to fight against him)

  30. @ Xero Hey can’t naruto use a sage technique which incorporate the dust element. I think Sage Naruto can create a dust cloud to lower visibility and create a diversion during battle. Since sage mode uses natural energy, I wonder if it draws from all of the basic and derived chakra elements. Why did kishi have to shelf such a powerful technique?

  31. One eye Sharingan and the other Rinnegan? that looks whack. Why not just implant both Rinnegans, and one Sharingan in the middle of the forehead if he wanted to still keep a Sharingan. I don’t think Madara has any right to bitch about still being weak, when he has in his possession the Rinnegan which is stronger that the Sharingan or Magenkyo Sharingan by a milestone. It would be a major cop out on Kishi’s part to give Sasuke one Rinnegan, that would prove Kishi no longer cares about Naruto, now that he has that baseball manga out. The Chapter was good, no problems there, just Madara seems like an older Sasuke, always making excuses on why he was weak. Kabuto did his thing this chapter, I see Madara using Kabuto to test Sasuke’s new EMS on. Overall decent chapter.

  32. Natural energy has nothing to do with any of the elements. Natural energy is just a part of chakra, which the ninja then transforms using nature manipulation.

    Natural energy is equivalent to spritual energy and physical energy in that it can be used to make chakra. Interesting enough by Tobi’s description of Izanagi, spiritual energy gives a shape or form, physical energy gives life, and so what would natural energy do?

    Sage Mode gives Naruto better chakra control (over shape and nature manipulation it seems) so he should be able to learn more elements this way than without Sage Mode. BUT this doesn’t allow Naruto to learn kekkei genkai such as the mixiing of elements.

    Combo elements (such as ice, dust, lava) are made by the user creating two types of nature m, woodanipulated chakra INSIDE the body and then releasing them together. This means that even with two clones Naruto would be unable to perform a combo element.

    He could obviously perform combination jutsus (like he did with Yamato) on his own, but it would be more like a Fuuton strengthening a Katon kind of deal, he wouldn’t be able to create any new elements.

  33. I think the reason why Tobi didn’t remove his right sharingan is because that is the one he was born with, so he’s not going to lose that one.

  34. I believe that Tobi (Who I will be calling Madara until proven wrong) was born with both of his Sharingan. However, if anyone remembers, he had used Izanagi against Konan, and that was the eye that was affected. So, I believe he was just getting rid of something that was only dead weight.

  35. Dust makes you fly huh…? Anyone see a Peter Pan reference here?

    Bob mentioned Kabuto being busy since Orochimaru’s supposed death… but has anyone figured out the time frame? It seems like it has only been a few months at most and Kabuto was able to… become a scaley freak, master the undead summons (which he was probably able to ask a bunch of dead people what they thought was going on… imagine being able to interogate the dead…), grow a giant snake, and who knows what else. I could understand if Orochimaru was killed before the 2 year time skip but it seems like a bit much.

    Huh… Maybe Kabuto’s healing ability is a space time jutsu… which is why he’s different from Sakura and Tsunades healing abilities. In that sense he would be much more like the 2nd hokage in his list of abilities.

    I still think the rinnengan was fermented in fake Hashirama’s eye socket before Madara reclaimed it. And of course they’re going to be gunning for the joint Shinobi Army. Madara doesn’t care about destroying villages as much as he cares about conquering the entire world.

  36. Interesting idea Siskin, I hadn’t thought about Tobi/Madara growing the Rin’negan. I agree that Kabuto did a lot in a short time period, although he probably already knew how to integrate cells into himself by helping Orochimaru in his body altering experiments.

    When Kabuto met Naruto, Yamato, etc. after implanting Oro’s cells, they had already taken over a good portion of his body, so I would guess the takeover was rather aggressive, and I was surprised to see that Kabuto wasn’t completely taken over by them. Of course, it was probably due to his great chakra control as a medical nin that saved him from that fate.

    One other thing to any of the admins, are you guys done giving out Merits? I guess the ranking system here isn’t as easy as it was on Narutohurricane.

  37. @ripcord

    What merits? I implore anyone to point out what they think is a good idea or point. I dont think it matters about the poster or admin so much as the content of the post.IMO anyways

  38. @bringerofkaos

    At the top of the page there is a link to “Merits” which are badges or ranks given to members of Shannaro.

  39. so what did madara do with the other rinnegan eye?

  40. in the manga how often was nagatos rinnegan shown? i can’t remember seeing two eyes shown with rinnegan, his hair always parted to show one. apart from pains bodies.

  41. @ ?

    Nagato had two Rin’negan, they are particularly clear after Nagato’s death when he is in the shrine Konan made.

  42. @ripcord I have a question for you: are all bloodline traits combo elements? They just do not all seem to be designed the same way. When comparing the sharingan to the wood element techniques I really get confused. First, the wood element is an understandable earth/ water combination. However, the sharingan doesn’t break down into component elements as easily. Second, not everyone in a clan seems to use a combo element, like the wood element. But, everyone born into a clan with eye techniques seems to pick them up at some point. Not to mention that their are dozens of combo elements which are assumed to be bloodline limits but have yet to be confirmed. Maybe this topic has reached its limit in the regard of a reasonable explanation, but it has been bugging me a lot.

  43. @Naruto Tutor

    No, not all kekkei genkai are combo elements it would seem, doujutsus, kimmimaro’s bone jutsu for example probably are not.

    You took my statement and flipped it. So far in the Naruto manga ALL combination elements have been kekkei genkai, but not necessarily the other way around.

    Ice was described as a bloodline trait, and mokuton was described as one as well, even though not everyone in the Senju could use it. With the sharingan, it is true that many of them had it, but if I recall it correctly, it was said in the manga that not all Uchiha can unlock the sharingan.

    When Kakashi describes mokuton to Naruto, he explains that any element beside the 5 basic ones (or possibly the 6th too, but that has been assumed to be the Gedo or “outside road” element of Yin/Yang manipulation) needs to be a combination of the others inside the body. Kakashi explains that this is why he can never learn a combo element, because it is a kekkei genkai.

  44. Hey guys, where are our beloved fanfic?

  45. Maybe the eye was implanted just for the sake of reading the tablet found in the hidden leafs village. I think he just want to make sure that whatever is written on the tablet he would aquire. He can now teleport to that place in no time with the power of his sharingan.

  46. thanks for clarifying that ripcord. throws a theory i had in my mind out the window.

  47. @Fenrir Maybe madara implanted the rinnegan to read the tablet, but he implicitly suggested that he was going to use it in a fight. Maybe each rinnegan eye controls a special power like the mangekyo sharingan.

  48. @ripcord Thanks for explaining the difference between kekkei genkai and combo elements to me. I know a little bit more about sharingan now.

  49. shush cookie, we all know you missed me…

    anyway, I am seriously considering the possibilities that the second is behind all this – edo tensei user, a teleporter, a senju (and thus able to use regeneration techs), plus a shady background makes him a very compelling character.


  50. Edo Tensei can only summon dead souls. If Tobirama still lives, then Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei wouldn’t have worked.

  51. What some people may have thought is that Maybe Madara/tobi still has his original sharingan for his left eye but he has taken it out for now to use Izanagi or to implant the Riunnengan! It would be interesting to see his MS though! wonder what forbidden doujustsu he has.

    quick thought right! Would his Doujustsu’s be more powerful if he has both eyes compared to just one? Maybe there not as accurate either as Kakashi did have a torrid time focusing his kumai when he was using it but it was a new technique at the time and he has grown to become very accurate with it now.

  52. I think its highly unlikely but I hope its tue that naruto is just acting stupid. Its not cool that he can’t sense what’s going on around him when he is the best sensor in the probably(when he uses the naine tails chakra). Kishi always takes it to the extreme, either he is a jolly idoit or just depro. Iwant that cool guy that fought Pain back

  53. Hah, I too thought for a second that Tobirama would be behind all this but like Ripcord said, it’s not possible. Also I’m on the same boat with you Ripcord. What if all three doujustu’s are combined and create something even the Rikudou Sage had no knowledge of?

    We have to go beyond our generations right? So let there be light to new abilities and unknown powers that couldn’t even be achieved before. I love the idea.

  54. @Kakami

    Errr… I never said the doujutsus would be combined, although the image of the Juubi suggests that at least the sharingan and rin’negan would be. I doubt the Byakugan would be included, as it hasn’t had a big spotlight in the series so far unless it is sharingan + byakugan = rin’negan, although there is no direct evidence to suggest that is the case.

  55. Well, even if tobi/madara is not really the second hokage, then he should at least be related to the First. Looking at what we have seen of his face so far, tobi/madara looks like a more developed zetsu clone. Madara’s short hair and eye placements almost match the structure of zetsu’s face. I doubt though that madara is just another clone of the First. If that were the case, he might do just as well with his zetsu army by going it alone, instead of relying on kabuto’s supposed enhancements. That’s not to say that the second does not plays a major role in creating madara’s currenty image, however. Kishi would probably not have drawn so many parallels between the two otherwise.

  56. @ ore

    I totally agree with, it’s annoying that naruto is always a stupid one, but it seems that kishi still donn’t get it!!! if he countinues to do that he is going too lose readers……

  57. Something tells me naruto is just playing a fool right now at least I hope, naruto an bleach really need to step it up soon anyone else agree

  58. @minatofan

    About Bleach: it was soooo fast action packed for so long don’t you want a breath of fresh air? I think this section of Bleach makes sense: Ichigo went all out and won, but he can’t just go back to being a normal shinigami, he has to pay a price so he loses his powers (for a while, I mean who thinks he is done for good?) Kubo probably needs to develop the story a bit more before there is a lot more action.

    About Naruto, yeah I really hope he is playing dumb. The one thing that bothers me about it though:

    Sakura already matured in Part 2 and the regressed into her old self, although I suppose that is what can happen in reality, growing up is not a straightforward process. In any case, I fear that Naruto is going through the same thing. It is likely he will smarten up again, but I don’t know that it will be during this situation.

  59. I think this tobi ( aka madara clone) is planning to test sasukes power in a fight against kabuto, he probably knows that kabuto will try to fool him and he believes everything is under control sasuke will show up and kill him on an epic battle

  60. im still going to read it and its not going to lose its readers because when the next chapter come out you guys are still going to read it lol

  61. Zetsu seems to not like Kabuto that much, expecting a Kabuto vs Zetsu coming up… Hope Zetsu wins, I like Kabuto (a lot) but Zetsu just intrigues me to no end.

    Madara is currently the strongest man alive ^_^ HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, MADARA HATERS! =P, with the Rinnegan he’ll have every element, be able to copy ANY technique, and with so many films of shinobi’s battles (thanks to Zetsu) he has a wide variety of ninjutsus to pick from. Also, with the Rinnegan I guess he will be able to use Izanagi without losing an eye. Unless Naruto has the power to crush people with his mind, he doesn’t stand a chance against Madara currently (not to mention he still has his EMS to reunlock.)

  62. @Ripcord about Bleach.

    Ichigo vs Aizen was suppose to be the end all battle, a battle for the ages… It was absolutely horrible, it’s like they didn’t even fight, I’m seriously disappointed at Bleach and Kubo…

    Now it feels like we’re in filler, like that whole chapter was meaningless besides the last few pages.

    Not trying to sound like a hater, but Bleach is seriously sucking right now (it was so good before ='( WTF HAPPENED), especially when you compare it to Naruto.

  63. wait what is ems stand for im lost

  64. Tatsamaru ems stands for eternal mangekyou sharingan

  65. thanks but i thought he had that when he took his brothers eyes already

  66. spoilers are out pretty interesting http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=64989

  67. @Tatsmaru

    No, he had Mangakyou, not Eternal Mangekyou. If you need to know specifics, the best place to go is to reread the Sasuke-Itachi fight again.

  68. Naruto 515 is out at mangastream. I’m not gonna spoil what happened but I’m excited. This war is gonna be epic

  69. just read the new chapter and all i can say is OMG!!!!!!! Looks like this will be the war to end all wars with everyone participating

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