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Revenge of the YellowFlash VII

These are the links to the previous chapters if anyone wants to catch up.


https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2010/08/23/revenge-of-the yellowflash ii

https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/revenge-of-the-yellowflash iii






At Orochimaru’s hideout Naruto and Jiraiya are outside ready to infiltrate the building. Jiraiya forms hand signs and summons toad called Maru.


Jiraiya: Always as cranky as ever, huh Maru?

Maru: I was just about to take a mud bath, a toad can’t even get to rest when people like you keep ordering us around.

Jiraiya: Don’t mind him Naruto, Maru led a group of toads to protest against me and your dad during the last great ninja war due to summoning them so much.

Naruto: Why, it’s not like you have anything better to do?

Maru: You little brat, you don’t know anything!

Naruto: Oh yeah, I’d wipe the floor with you right now!

Maru: Try it you little yellow-haired girl!

Jiraiya: Alright that’s enough, I told you not to draw attention to yourself and that’s something you already know Maru when we are on a mission like this.

Maru: Looks like the Pervy Sage grew up.


Naruto: Looks like somebodies drawing attention to themselves.

Jiraiya: Alright, let’s get started.

Naruto: So is this toad suppose to fight or something?

Jiraiya: No, Maru has a special reconnaissance type techniques. He can spit out baby copies of himself that are created from his own DNA, and use them for recon. Maru, you will use that technique to search the compound for Tsunade.

Maru: Tsunade? That old bag!

Jiraiya: This is not the time for you and Tsunades rivalry!

Naruto: Do you get along with anyone?

Maru: Yeah, your momma. (Maru slaps his hands together and opens his mouth and within moments hundreds of thousands of toads hop out of his mouth in the buidling at an incredible speed)

Naruto: That toads lucky or I would have chopped it into little pieces.

Inside the hideout, Orochimaru, Kabuto, Tsunade and Shizune all sit talking.

Tsunade: When are you planning on bringing them back?

Orochimaru: With do time, I haven’t fully recovered from the fight with the third.

Tsunade looks down sadly when he mentions the Third.

Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama needs a new vessel then and only then can he use his powers to their full potential.

Shizune: A new vessel?

Tsunade: Is this why you are after the Uchiha kid, you are after his Sharingan so you need his body to use it to its full capacity. What, too afraid to go after Itachi?

Orochimaru: How would you know I’m after Sasuke?

Tsunade: I still keep an eye on things once in a while even though I’ve retired.

Orochimaru: You’re right, right now Itachi’s power is too great, once I gained control over the sharingan I will have no equal.

Tsunade: You are going to become a twelve-year-old kid again.

Orochimaru: Doesn’t matter, I need a Uchiha body to use the Sharingan to its full extent.

Kabuto: Now that we have the Legendary Tsunade to guide this transition, everything will go off without a hitch.

Shizune: You just better focus on your side of the deal, for your sake.

Orochimaru: Looks like your apprentice doesn’t like us very much, Tsunade.

Tsunade: She’s not the only one, don’t double-cross me, Orochimaru.

The scene jumps back to Jiraiya and Naruto who are running through the hallways where there are countless amounts of doors, being led by thousands of small Maru copies. Naruto and Jiraiya each have a toad on their shoulder.

Maru: I can taste her chakra through the air-waves.

Jiraiya: Are you sure?

Maru: Yeah, I can taste that disgusting slug from a hundred miles away.

Naruto: Just guide me too her and I’ll take care of the rest.

Maru: Is this kid for real?

Jiraiya smiles.

Far away in an unknown place the Masked ninja stands talking to Zetsu.

Zetsu: When are you planning on sending Pein to Konoha.

Tobi: Soon, Pein will bring an end to Konoha.

Zetsu: Now that we have Danzo on our side, we not only have a small army but we have all the information we need to get to the prize of Akatsuki.

Tobi: It won’t be easy to get to him but he is already showing signs of hunger for power which will lead to hatred.

Zetsu: You really thing he’ll just come willingly?

Tobi: He needs power to achieve his goal and once I offer him a better way of achieving that goal he’ll come to me. Besides, he has stronger potential than Itachi!

Back inside the hideout with Orochimaru and company, they continue their bickering.

Tsunade: When are you going after Sasuke again?

Orochimaru: I already have that covered, Sasuke is about to be prep anytime now.

Shizune: So what’s with this hideout?

Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama has multiple hideouts, where he keep ninja prisoner for his experiments. Don’t worry this place is full proof.

Suddenly all of the Maru copies quickly hop into their room surprising them all.

Jiraiya: NOW!

Maru slaps his hands together and all the toads explodes blowing half of the hideout to pieces. Orochimaru, Tsunade, Kabuto and Shizune all burst out from under giant boulders  and debris covered in cuts and bruises, they look up and see Jiraiya and Naruto along with Maru standing on top of the roof of the other half of the building looking down on them.

Naruto: Did you miss us!?

Orochimaru: You always did make exploding entrances did you, Jiraiya?

Jiraiya: Jealous?

Orochimaru: Not in the least, you make good entrances but when it comes to power and strength you are useless.

Naruto: This coming from th Guy who’s covered in cuts and bruises.

Jiraiya: We are not hear to fight you, Orochimaru, we are here for Tsunade.

Tsunade: I told you, I don’t want anything to do with Konoha!

Orochimaru: See, now leave on foot or in a body bag.

Jiraiya: What has he promised you? I know he’s promised you something, you hate Orochimaru just as much as everyone else, maybe even more. But yet you follow him around and do his bidding like some dog!

Tsunade: You don’t know me anymore?

Jiraiya: That’s something I can agree with you on, but you and I know full well you can’t trust Orochimaru. He killed our sensei and almost destroyed our village, now your people need you, the same people your grandfather spent his life protecting and a village he created, he has crushed his entire dream. Your family is embedded in the foundation of the Leaf village and by joining Orochimaru you dishonor them.

Tsunade: I’m warning you to stop now or I’ll kill you!

Orochimaru: Jiraiya, Jiraiya, when are you going to stop this? You think your way of the ninja is better than everyone else, that your trumps mine but that’s simply not true. Power is the only thing that matters in this world and who has the most wins, I have the power to bring back her precious loved ones and you don’t so I win!

Jiraiya: That’s why you are helping him!?

Naruto: What’s going on!?

Jiraiya: He promised Tsunade he would use the Edo Tensei technique to bring back her loved ones.

Naruto: Isn’t that a forbidden technique created by the Second Hokage?

Jiraiya: You can’t possibly want this Tsunade, to subject their resting souls to such cruelty, that’s why the Nidame branded it forbidden!

Tsunade: I told you, you know nothing!

Tsunade jumps into the air and comes down punching destroying the entire roof! Naruto and Jiraiya and even Maru land on the ground after dodging the attack safely.

Jiraiya: Stand back Naruto!

Naruto: But I wanna help!

Jiraiya: No, it’s too dangerous!

As Tsunade starts to dash at them again Jiraiya also dashes!

Jiraiya: I won’t take it easy on you like last time, you are a threat to Konoha and a missing-nin and I am going to take you down!

Jiriaya throws shuriken and forms hand signs, Ninja Art: Shuriken Shadow clone jutsu! As the shuriken thrusts at Tsunade a giant snake wraps around Tsunade protecting her and then slams his head into Jiraiya.

Orochimaru: Your going to have to take us both down!

Jiraiya explodes into a burst of mud creating a giant puddle, the real Jiraiya forms out of the mud using Earth Style: Dark Swamp, completely swallowing the snake and almost Tsunade but she jumps into the air forming hand signs summoning a giant slug called Katsuyu. Katsuyu slams into the ground then sends out a stream of acid destroying a huge part of the land, Jiraiya, forms more hand signs and summons Gamabunta!

Jiraiya: Looks like we have quite a fight on our hands Bunta!

Gamabunta: Yeah, looks like this is our first time fighting them seriously.

Jiraiya: Let’s give it our all! Release your toad oil!

Gamabunta shoots out a stream of oil while Jiraiya forms hand signs, Fire Style: Toad Flame bomb. The fire shoots at Tsunade and Katsuyu but Orochimaru Summons Manda, King of the Snakes and he uses his snake-skin clone to stop the attack then attacks from under ground wrapping around Bunta squeezing him tightly. Katsuyu jumps into the air trying to slam on top if him but Bunta sticks his knife into the air and stabs Katsuyu but she breaks down into smaller copies and pulls herself back together. Naruto throws a kunai with an explosive note attached and hits Manda causing an explosion forcing him to un-wrap Gamabunta!

Manda: Orochimaru, kill that little brat!

Orochimaru: My pleasure!

Orochimaru, while on top of Manda jumps down hundreds of feet with his sword in his mouth about to stab Naruto, Jiraiya tries to stop him but Tsunade punches him in the face distracting him.

Tsunade: It’s too late, the kids dead!

In an instant Minato appears stopping Orochimaru and the Sword with his bare hand, then he hits him with a full powered Rasengan with his other hand sending him flying away!

Minato: I hope I’m not too late.

Naruto: Dad!

Minato: Where’s Jiraiya?

Naruto: He’s fighting Tsunade!

Minato: Why would he bring you into a fight at this level? You aren’t ready, you could have been killed!

Naruto: Don’t blame him I asked to come.

Minato: Stand back, Naruto!

Kabuto tries to attack Minato from behind by slashing with his chakra blade but Minato ducks and stabs him with his kunai and elbows him in the face sending him flying through a tree! Orochimaru attacks from the front forming hand signs, Wind Style: Air Vortex! A vortex of air thrusts at Minato but Minato glares at him angrily and sticks out his wind encased kunai and with one slash a giant wind blade swings forward destroying the vortex and sending a wind blade at Orochimaru splitting the ground in half also causing a small shockwave! Orochimaru is spotted on one knee after the dust clears after using a replacement technique to avoid the wind blade.

Orochimaru: My body is starting to reject me, I’m running out of chakra too fast!

Jiraiya and Tsunade continue on fighting exchanging blows in mid-air, Jiraiya uses his Needle Gazo attack but Tsunade blocks with two kunai and they both fall to the ground! Jiraiya forms hand signs, Ninja art: Toad mouth trap! Tsunade is trapped in the toad mouth desperately trying to get out.

Outside, Orochimaru stands to his feet!

Orochimaru: You’re lucky I’m not at full power, I’ve been itching to kill you.

Minato: If you wanna live, I suggest you leave, we have what we want.

Kabuto: (Walking out of the forest) Why….not kill…us?

Minato: You’ll get yours one day, but now I have more important matters to handle. Killing you while you’re weakened would be pathetic.

Orochimaru: You think you are un-beatable don’t you?

Minato: When it comes to you two, yes!

Orochimaru: When I gain power, you will be the first one I visit!

Orochimaru and Kabuto disappear.

Jiraiya is just about to finish off the trapped Tsunade, when Minato teleports inside the toads mouth.

Minato: Let her go, Jiraiya!

Jiraiya: Why?

Minato: Just do it, she’s not going anywhere!

Tsunade: You think you can stop me boy!

Minato: (With a big smile scratching his head) Probably not but hear me out. I heard why you joined Orochimaru, in fact I’ve been watching you guys for a while.

Naruto: You have?

Minato: Yeah, I understand why you want this but I also see that part of you don’t, you know in your heart that they wouldn’t want this, that they would want you to move on. Jiraiya was right, just like those who came before you, your Grandfather and the Second entrusted the people of the village to you and that’s why I want you to return to Konoha as the Fifth Hokage.

Naruto/Jiraiya/Tsunade/Shizune: WHAT!?

Tsunade: Why me? and why are you just giving up so easily?

Minato: The truth is Jiraiya didn’t want the job and he isn’t quite cut out for it, seeing that he brought Naruto into this high level battle and all.

Jiraiya: HEY!

Minato: Also there are troubling times ahead and the village needs someone like you to protect it when I can’t.

Tsunade: (Thinking about Dan and her little brother and how they wanted to become Hokage) Alright, I guess I’m the new Fifth Hokage!

Naruto: A GIRL!

Tsunade: But that doesn’t explain why you are giving up your position for me, I’m not quite cut out for this either.

Minato: I’m not giving it up, I need you to protect Konoha when I’m needed on the battle field. There are going to be some harsh battle coming and I want to make sure we maintain peace throughout the ninja world.

Tsunade: Looks like Sarutobi-sensei made the right decision naming you Fourth Hokage.

Far away in the woods around a camp fire Itachi and Kisame sits staring at the fire.

Kisame: What’s going on in that head of yours, Itachi? You’re so quiet.

Itachi: I have nothing to say.

Kisame: Well, you might wanna get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow.

Itachi: What moron would sleep around you?

Kisame: Don’t worry, I respect you too much to kill you?

Itachi: You talk as if you could. One day we might actually test that theory.

Kisame: Really? Samehada is getting excited, when do you think it will be?

Itachi: Don’t know, once I decide you aren’t useful anymore or maybe at my whim I’ll end you once and for all.

Kisame: Keeping it a surprise, huh?

Itachi: Enough about this foolishness, our focus should be on the jinchuurki.

Kisame: Which one are we after again?

Itachi: The Hachibi or the Sanbi, don’t know, I guess which ever one we come across.

Kisame: That’s right, Kumo has two tailed beast, I can hardly wait.


6 Responses

  1. Gj flash there is one thing that isn’t right though. The cloud has 2 jinchuuriki but it’s nibi and hachibi, sanbi was the turtle thing in the filler arc.

  2. Good job on this chapter man. I found the sannin battle to be really well done. Your progression has been really good the past couple chapters in my opinion as well. The only thing in this chapter i didnt like is i felt rsunade gave in a little to easy. Maybe a small argument with minato would have been a bit better.

    But its your work and my opinion. Never the less i enjoyed this chapter more then the first couple and i believe your writing is improving with each chapter. Keep up the good work.

  3. @White Shinobi, yeah I saw that too, sorry about that.

    @bringerofchaos, She was always conflicted with the decision to bring them back and really always felt that it was a bad idea, Jiraiya almost killing her and the fact that she could keep their dream alive by becoming Hokage herself was the reason she changed her mind so quickly and the fact the she hates Orochimaru and even more so now that he has killed the Third.

    Thanks to you both for commenting, I always enjoy everyones comments, how else will I know what I’m doing wrong.LOL Thanks Guys!

  4. @flash
    Since i cant write i feel obligated to say what i do or dont like so you can way it out and improve your writing. And thanks for writing such a good fanfic

  5. Love the chapter, actually this and last. I been gone for a while so I just read both. Just to let you know and I love a comment on this. My Raikage/K.Bee fight will be finish soon and love you and others to check it out. But great job as always. One thing are you going to have Pein attack the village early or thats just Madara talking?

  6. @Ryu, The Pein thing is going to happen later, that’s just Madara talking. I decided I want it to be a game changer and I want Naruto to be older for this big change in the story so I can’t wait to show you guys my idea.

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