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It’s Out! – Naruto 512

Go! Old Geezers to the rescue! 😀 😀

Read Here – http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/18743083/1

Caution! It’s a duzy. 😉


31 Responses

  1. I feel like this manga has really started moving at an accelerated pace away from being about Naruto and his classmates and peers and more about the history of the ninja world and Madara’s struggle. I think I first noticed it a few weeks back when Madara was telling Konan that he was secretly behind the scenes of everything. Will it be a good direction to go in? I’m not sure yet.

  2. this chapter gave us a ton of information. first of madaras army is an army of zetsu’s, which kabuto says he can increase the strength of. white zetsu’s by the way

    next we find out that madara can tap the chakra of the tailed beasts stored inside the statue, that in and of itself has some huge ramifications.

    a giant turtle? what? id like to say that was original but it is far from it, and we should have seen something like that coming.

    of and kabuto’s edo-deirdra needed clay to use his jutsu like the flying bird. where id he get it? plot hole, maybe though minor.

    and what was that weapon made from hashirama’ cells that madara grew? atleast it looked like some sort of secret weapon.

    for all the answers this chapter gave us it left us with even more questions. and on a side note, garaa is going to see naruto, i cant freakin wait. i hope they fight kabuto together, i feel they could be a really great team.

  3. To tell you the truth, it has been moving along too fast and I feel like Kishi has just thrown the Konoha 11 away, I want to see Shikamaru, Neji, and Lee and all the other Naruto classmates. I understand he is trying to introduce more characters but it should be at a slower pace, he needs to develop his main characters even more. He has done a great job developing Sasuke but Naruto needs a lot more development on the the basics and intellectually as well. Also I feel like he hasn’t shown Kakashi and Sakura the right attention.

    Don’t get me wrong I like the way the story is going but I think it could be a lot more exciting. I want to it t be like it was in the beginning when I was desperate to see the next episode, now I’m excited but not overly. I still have faith in Kishi so I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

    This chapter was great in the sense that we finally see what Madara’s been keeping a secret. There are a few things, I was surprised at in this chapter:
    1. There are only 80,000 ninja between the five great nations!
    2. Look at all the Zetsu’s!!!!
    3. What the hell’s with the Hashirama monster thing.
    4. Madaras hideout it pretty strange.
    5. Looks like Gedo Mazo does belong to Madara.
    6.He’s using the Bijju chakra to create Zetsu, so he must be also using Hashiramas cells to create them as well.
    7. I guess there is a link between Zetsu and Yamato.
    I’ll let Bob give the rest.

  4. Can’t wait to Gaara in action again, I know he’s going to kick Deidara’s ass this time, please don’t let anything happen to Gaara, take the old man!LOL

    Naruto and Gaara is going to be an interesting team. I also want to see what the old mans got, I mean he has to be strong if he fought Madara and survived. Also It’s going to be good to finally see Kabuto in battle, let’s see if he has what it takes to be one of the strongest. I also wonder if he is playing both sides, maybe he’ll capture KB and give them info on Madara.

  5. @ Daniel So what you’re saying is that Naruto is becoming less about a boy’s experiences in a turbulent world and more like a narrative of that story that stretches back to the beginnings of that world.

    It makes sense. I have been hoping for a while now that we’d hear a the backstory of someone close to the rikudo sennin. Maybe that character is Madara or maybe Zetsu, but I would kind of like to here kishi tell the story from the Nine-Tails point of view. Most of the ninja world still view bijuu spirits as a necessary evil; it would be nice to finally see an objective flashback from one of them. I think both Naruto and fans of the manga would be willing to listen to the fox for a few more chapters.

  6. @Flash,

    1. Nope. The Samurai are a part of the force and the land of Iron is known for its “strong” (LMFAO!) military

    2. So many…

    3. Madara grew it from a piece of Hashirama he collected at their battle

    4. You got that right >_>

    5. It belongs to him now that Nagato’s dead

    6. Nah, I think he has Hashirama there just so he can transfer his soul to it later on. Senju’s have the Sage’s body after all.

    7. I don’t see that link -_-

    Madara’s an asshole. Kisame dies and he doesn’t say a word about it. At least when Pain was around he always told them to take a moment of silence for their fallen comrades.

    It seems Kabuchimaru is really confident. Despite the info Kisame gave he’s still going after Naruto, with only Deidara. I’m not too big on using these guys’ dead bodies. They should be left to rest dammit! In a sense, Hidan’s the only Akatsuki member that’s in a good place right now.

  7. @Tutor, interesting idea. I’d like to hear from that overweight fox for a few chapters. Like from where the Biju started to present day

  8. Cant wait to see how strong kabuto is exactly. I mean this is no small task. Naruto has plenty of protection and he is super sage. It’ll be cool. Btw did anyone happen to read my theory that I left on Bobs 511 discussion. I was really hoping for some feedback. I’d appreciate it.

  9. Yeah ,kisu! If daniel’s theory is correct we will continue to learn more reasons the ninja world is so messed up now. And we will probably get to see all of the tailed beasts in action.

  10. i don’t think kabuto will fight naruto. if you remember earlier, he lead konaha ninjas to madara’s hideout, meaning he has something up his sleeve. i think there will be a double-cross, and something surprising like orochimaru is in control of kabuto will be revealed.

    as for current events, i don’t see how having 100,000 zetsus will win this war, zetsu sucks, he’ll probably just be used as a decoy, like he always is.

  11. @ Uchiha Trinity I tend to agree that tobi is adescendant of the Sage of Six Paths. You could say that madara’s vision for the of akatsuki is like a secret order whose mission is to resurrect the Sage’s legend. They’ve done a good job so far.
    I will say it again tobi is a nickname for madara which is still used by zetsu. Zetsu is a clone of the First Hokage, Harishima Senju. Hirashima has a brother named Tobirama. Tobi might be short for Tobirama So, tobi might be, if he is not related to, Tobirama Senju. I don’t know why, but kishi keeps suggesting that madara and the second hokage are the same person.

  12. light zetsu= Harishimas cells
    dark zetsu= madara cells combined with harishimas cells.
    main zetsu= is madara expirement with the body and eyes to produce the sage of the 6 paths…

    yamato= ochi expirement with harishimas cells.
    danzuo= ochi expirement with harishimas cells and uchia eyes.

    madara and ochi seem to be competing scientist in a since… orochimaru was looking into the secret behind all jutsu madara the moons eye plan… both paths have lead to this moment..

    I wouldnt be surprised if in the end gedo mezou is either the juibi’s body or the sage of six paths original body or possibly they are one in the same…. also i have a feeling sussano, ameretsu, and tokiy. have something to do with everything as well as inazagi

  13. OMG… Zetsu is Madara and Harishima’s love child…

    And can anyone say Garaa and Deidara rematch? Enough of the rematches already.

    Did anyone notice Harishima’s eye is missing? I think Madara used and Uchiha eye in the Senju’s body inorder to create the rinnengan… and to think I didn’t want to give him credit.

  14. i hope that this chapter showed that madara wasnt just bein a mouthpiece, with every new chapter he is giving more and more evidence as to y he is views how to b a major threat.

  15. @ Bringerofkaos, I don’t think the clay bird thing is a plot hole, I mean Deidara didn’t create the clay, he uses ordinary clay and infuse it with his chakra. All Kabuto had to do was find clay and make the Edo- Deidara infuse it with chakra and there you have it.

  16. In this chapter was tons of informations, but one still coming to my head. TOBI is not Madara. Zetsu the closest member, who knew him called him just Tobi.
    To Kabuto I think he will call all fallen akatsuki members when he need to fight against Naruto. He will summon them from coffins like he did against Tobi. Looking forward to rematch Deidara vs Gaara.
    I was just wondering what is the strange weapon on Tobi’s back ?

  17. @ Kisu, I think the Gedo Mazo statue does and always has belong to Madara, I mean he did give Nagato the Rinnegan and he synced him with the statue to use him as a pawn to capture bijuu. Come on, face it already Pein was nothing more than a pawn just like the pawns Orochimaru had but Madara just had a really strong pawn.

    Look, I know you don’t want to believe it because it makes Pein less exciting but don’t think I don’t feel the same way, Pein is one of my favorite character even though I pick on him a lot. It’s obvious who the staute belongs to and I think lots of other people agree.

    Also, the reason I was wondering about Hashirama having something to do with the Zetsu creations, was because his wood was seen all through the holding cell of the Zetsu army and throughout the hideout. Also they are plant like creatures which can be linked to Mokuton and Madara could have created them by combining bijuu chakra with mokuton which would explain their strong chakra and plant like characteristics.

    It did seem like Madara didn’t give a damn about Kisame dying but maybe he’ll shed light on it during the anime. Also, I think if Kishi continues the manga on up until they are adults then it woould make a great story if Hidan comes back for revenge after Shikamaru even though I still want Shikamaru to kick his ass.

  18. It’s also possibly kabuto just put one of those command Kunai in Deidara’s head and told him to go make some clay. The resurrects have all the powers their original bodies had, and I don’t think that would be too hard.

  19. “I mean he did give Nagato the Rinnegan and he synced him with the statue to use him as a pawn to capture bijuu.”

    Sigh, but that contradicts what we already know (seeing Nagato activate the rinnegan on his own). And Madara is a proven liar, so until he explains what he meant by he gave Nagato the Rinnegan, its a bluff/lie.

    “It’s obvious who the staute belongs to and I think lots of other people agree.”

    Yep the Gedo Mazo (Outer Path Heretical Statue) belongs to the Rinnegan (Six Ways Eye, or Samsara Eye), which means it belonged to Nagato ^^

    Zetsu was seen in Part 1, before Akatsuki started capturing Biju, so Zetsu doesn’t have Biju chakra.

  20. this chapter had tons of information cant wait for next chapter to come out

  21. Kabuto is gonna wipe the floor with Yamato if that’s his 1st victim. I’m guessing the roots of that gigantic flower gedo mazo was sitting on created all of those Zetsu’s,

    But as Tobi, Kabuto, and Zetsu walk downstairs to this passageway, you see another huge flower with a clone of the 1st attached to the stem with 8 or 9 arms reaching out of it.

    Deidara will own Gaara again if he interferes. You can’t kill something that’s already dead, I’m expecting someone on the island to die. I doubt Kabuto will just use Deidara if Gaara and Onoki show up on the island

    I hope Kishi make the bad guys get a win, I’m tired of seeing the best team take a black eye

  22. So, madara is not gonna fight. 😦

  23. Only thing good about this chapter: DEIDARA! X3

  24. @kisu
    I don’t think Madara is aware Kisame is dead yet, but I doubt he will give him much notice when he figures it out.

    @Rinnegan invasion
    Havent the bad guys been winning a lot latelly? Though I do think the bad guys will win this one, for Kabuto hype (assuming he doesn’t becoming Naruto hype to demonstrate his new powers) and Killer Bee has outlived his purpous.

    I can see Deidara becoming fodder for Gaara hype ‘cuz Gaara looks weak compared to the other Kages because of his preformance during his last battle with Deidara… Sucks Kishi didn’t send Mei, I wanted to see another strong kunoichi in battle… Oh I see Kishimoto’s game, he sends the two Kages who didn’t get much of a hype at the Summet, aka give them a healthy amount of hype.

  25. Kisu it is said that the Five tails and the seven tails were captured in the first part of the series, just go and do a little research, Madara could have created Zetsu during Part I.

    Also he could have given Nagato the Rinnegan as a child or right before it happened but it was surpressed and Nagato awakened it just like any other ninja awaken their doujutsu.

    Sasuke and Obito awakened theirs when they were in emotional situations and so did Nagato. If it’s true that Madara gave Nagato the Rinnegan which I highly believe because why would he lie to Konan when he knew he was about to kill her, then Gedo also belongs to Madara.

  26. i think the real orochimaru is behind kabuto plans because now he knows about the hashirama cells so now im thinking maybe orochimaru will be back in action pretty soon i wish madara would take his mask off and go fight for christ sake i wanna see him use his sage justu

  27. and also i noticed that the statue with hashirama on it has six arms so it has something dealing with sage of the six paths and this is a joke one hundred thousands zetsu’s and there all naked with no clothes on standing next to each other so thats how he got so many lmao if you get the joke its pretty funny btw

  28. and btw diedra sucks as a character i don’t like him in my opinion and I HOPE HE DIES AGAIN.

  29. @Naruto Tutor. Thanks for agreeing. I really hope I am right. It will be awesome to find out. And yeah Tobi as Tobirama does seem very likely doesnt it.

  30. can’t be him his hair is white but tobi hair is black unless he switched or somethin but i thinks it madara though still

  31. @Tatsamaru That’s one piece of evidence that disproves that theory. I was too chicken to say it before.Thanks for pointing it out. Maybe his hair was black once but turned white because he used too much chakra, like nagato.
    Like I said in a previous post, madara and the second look very similar, at least if you compare some of their background and skills. Maybe kishi is just trying to make us believe that tobi is the second hokage only to surprise in the end. Anyways, thanx for the catch, dude! I have to think some more now.

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