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Bleach Chapter 424 – The Lost Agent

Read the Chapter

Seventeen months have passed since the legendary battle with Aizen. Ichigo is now 17, nearly 18. He has gotten a bit taller, but aside from that he has changed the least physically compared to most of the other characters in Karakura town. Yuzu and Karin look especially older, and with Ichigo’s spiritual powers/awareness completely…

New Bleach

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The New Akatsuki: Battle under the Clouds

Ryu here back with a big match up. The Raikage vs Killer Bee. Nuff Said. Hope you enjoy this battle. Also because I used The Raikage’s real name A it will be in bold lettering to distinguish him from being random letter A’s within the story and Bee’s rhymes are off and messy just how I image a bad rapper. So you may or will have to take your time to see the message in the corny rhymes.  So on with the fight. Ding ding


Kumogakure: beneath the Raikage’s office.

Shikamaru is leaning against a wall thinking to himself of the situations when Temari comes walking towards him.

Temari speaks to him, “You finally were able to save me for once. So now we’re even right? You don’t owe me nor do I owe you.” She stops and smiles when he looks up with an uninterested look on his face.

“Why are women so troublesome? Always have to make situations into some kind of competition not thinking of the true consequences we are facing now.”

Not realizing he was saying this out loud and with every female in hearing distance. Shikamaru looks around to see every female looking his way furiously.

“What did you just say?” All females say in unison.

“I…… I think I hear Neji calling.” Shikamaru says as he sneaks pass the furious females to Neji’s location.

Once he gets next to Neji he looks at his comrade and can tell something is wrong.

“What’s going on Neji? You look even more serious then usual. Last time I seen a face like this on you was during the Chunin Exams. What’s wrong?

“I need to speak to that man.” Neji answers.


“The Raikage.”

“Why is that?”

“Remember 13 years ago one of their ninjas tried to take Hinata when she was 3?”

“Yeah I remember you talking about that during the exams”

“Because of this my father was……”

BOOOMMMM!!! A loud explosion above them erupts interrupting everyone conversations.

“What the hell is going on up their?” Kuraii asks out loud looking at the “Visitors”.

“Don’t look at us, we’re not up there.” Kankuro quickly answers as everyone prepares to fight one another when suddenly two figures fall from the shattered window and land with such force a dust cloud forms covering the two figures.

Darui says as he seems to recognize this. “Everyone stand down it is only the Raikage and Lord Killer Bee fighting again.”

The dust cloud disappears showing the Raikage and Killer Bee facing each other.

“So you wanna agree with and come to the rescue of this Konoha Dogs and Sand Fleas.” A furiously asked Killer Bee.

“Dogs are loyal to their pals bro,  Flea attach to dogs naturally so,  Insult them wont work unless it’s proven the most. Damn right!” Killer Bee says raising his hand in the air with the bull horn sign up.

“You and your ridiculous rhymes are getting on my nerves.“

The Raikage rushes his little brother and with his real fist throws a punch at Killer Bee. Bee spits ink at his brother’s eyes. A dodges the black projectile and connects with Bee’s cheek sending him rolling down the village road. Once A caught up to his recovered brother, the two brothers’ trades blows though the village streets. Every ninja and villagers within view stop to see what was happening.  When they noticed it was the Raikage and Killer Bee, they went about their business as it was a normal thing within the village. Once at the village edge A throws a powerful punch but Bee dodges, flips on his hand, and mule kicks A into the air. Bee jumps into the air and again kicks A which sends him flying over the closest cliff edge down the mountain side.  Killer Bee jumps over the edge and follows his falling brother.

“What in the hell is going on.” Ten Ten asks as herself and Lee look to see Kakashi and Gaara looking out the broken window.

“So what do you think of this situation?” Gaara ask

“I seriously think this may go in our favor but I think we may need to get down there before they kill each other.” Kakashi says as he looks at the crowd below

R.A (Raikage’s Assistant) walks in. “No worries gentlemen, this type of think happens a lot. No need to worry.”

However both Kages feel that they may not know the two brothers but this here does not fell like a simple sibling spat. Gaara uses his sand to create a floating platform

“Kakashi-san we can get down there faster this way”

Kakashi and R.A step on and float down to where everyone else was waiting.

Back in the office Samehada lays on the ground and Kisame’s says “Well things seem to be getting very interesting. Just need to wait for the right time. Heheheheh”

Down below.

Killer Bee and A are falling down the mountain side. A is in a backwards free fall while Bee line dives towards his brother. When Bee gets close and before he can react, A quickly grabs his little brother’s scarf, spins Bee below him, and uses Bee as a platform. He jumps off Bee towards the mountain and using chakra control, sticks the mountain side. Bee now in a free fall talks the beast within.

“Hey partner, it’s time to go all out. Time to show this muthaf**** how we roll.”

“Are you sure? The last time we went all out he kicked our butt all over the island.”

“Yeah that’s true to you,  but we had just become partners my dude.  So let’s do this and kick his ass,  show him this time we are in another class.”

Just as Bee is about to hit the water below at high speeds his demon cloak begins to engulf him. Bee hit the water and created a back gusher so high it even touched the position A had landed at earlier. A jumps down and lands on the shore side.

“I know you’re not dead so get your ass out here.” The Raikage calls out

The water begins to bubble and violently Hachibi rises out of the water and faces the Raikage.

“So are you going to go there little brother? So be it.”

Hachibi roars at A and sends a tentacle flying towards him. The Raikage dodges the limb by speeding forward towards the beast. Hachibi sends his right claw at A. A jumps into the air and with his iron fist punch the Eight Tailed Beast in the face with such force from his super strength it sends Hachibi flying back into the deep water. However another tentacle hits A from the back as Hachibi falls in the water sending him against a mountain side. A lands, shakes off the pain and waits for the Hachibi to rise again. Once it raises again The Raikage with him super strength punches the edge of the water creating a speeding giant wave heading towards the beast. Suddenly he quickly uses a one handed hand signs for a lightning technique and places his hand into the water.

“Raiton: Lightning Tsunami Surge.”

Lightning chakra quickly flows from his hand into the giant wave heading straight for Hachibi. It hits with such force and the lightning mix into the water seriously hurts and paralyzes the tailed beast as it falls back it the water and sinks to the bottom of the sea.

“You still not ready to fight me. That wasn’t even half my power Bee.” A says

The eight tailed beast reappears.

Inside Bee’s mind, the partners beings to conversant again.

“He’s still to fast for me and I’m too bulky. You need to face him yourself.” The beast speaks

“Man I thought you were ready but that cool partner, He has way too much experience fighting you.  I‘ll take him out but I will still need your help.” Bee replies.

“You got it.”

Hachibi begins to shrink until Bee is standing on the water.

A asks “So you’re going to tell me why you’re not on the way to the island? I order you to leave days ago. But for some reason no one could find your ass.”

“Well Big Bro, I was around when that boy like me showed up, Tried to get you to back off, I respect him for coming to you, but your hard head keeps you from seeing the truth, So I had to stay, just encase I had to be the one to set you straight.”

“The truth? You know nothing of what is happening out there do you. I am trying to protect you and get that bastard for what he did to us.”

“I don’t care what he did. I’m still live, and the party is still kicking. So get over it.”

“Hell no. You are in the way and I will beat you as I will beat any foe that puts their smug ugly mug in front of my Iron fist. I will crush it.”

A starts to reuse his Lightning Tsunami Surge but Bee is on to him before he can even begin.

“You muthaf*****, we’re from the same woman. How can you, call me ugly fool.”

Bee runs along the water and grabs two of his seven swords from their scabbards.

“Hey man. We may be affiliated with Lightning Chakra but you remember that old saying son? Lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice.” Bee yells out.

Bee jumps onto a mountain side avoiding the attack and launches of the rocky side at his brother. He lands in front of A and begins to swing what at first seems very wild-like but soon A realizes that Bee is pushing him somewhere as he uses his iron fist to block every attack Bee swings. Bee can tell his brother is trying to figure out his plan. “I see, you thinking too much. You won’t figure this out son.”

Bee jumps into the air and throws his first two swords at A. The Raikage dodge them but before he can counterattack Bee launches two more at A’s other side. He dodges backwards only to have two more land behind him. A heads forward only to look up and see Bee coming down at him with an overhead stab attack.  A jumps back and stands as his little bro still kneels next to his swords beginning a hand signs.

“I got your ass,  You fell for it like a bird and clear glass,  That’s why your ass is watery grass.“

He places his hand on the sword hilt and yells.

“Raiton: Lightning Steel Cage Trap”

Lightning chakra starts to encircle the Raikage using the swords thrown earlier as a conductor. A sees this and notices he is standing in shallow water. Then from each hilt lightning flows into the air, meeting in the middle above A, and strikes down hitting and electrocuting A creating a cage like lightning trap

“Paybacks a bitch,  Hope this shit,  knocks some sense,  though that thick skin.”

At the top of the village

“So I see that’s what happened? Hmmm Raikage just can’t help himself can he?” Darui say rubbing his head

“Yes it seems. So I think this may be more than brothers fighting over candy and toys. We may have to get down their and stop this if we can.”Kakashi adds.

“That’s the thing,” Omoi interrupts, “once they have a fight it is hard as hell to even get close to them.”

“Well we need to do something. We can’t let family fight over us.” Lee says

Yamato adds. “He’s right. Even if Killer Bee had our best at heart this is something we need to deal. So let’s go.”

Sai pulls out a scroll to use his Transportation Falcons but Gaara stops him.

“I will get us down there.” Gaara says as his sand platform rises from under everyone and floats over the rail and heads down the mountain.

Back to the bottoms.

Raikage is still in the trap as Bee sits and writes in his little notebook.

“That’s sounds good. Gotta keep thinking of s***while his ass is…..Oh about time.” Bee says as he turns and sees A starting to move and lightning chakra begins to flow from his body.

“Now let’s see if this work. Hope you’re ready partner?”

In one swift powerful blast the Raikage pushes the cage trap away with his chakra creating his infamous Lightning Armor.

“You f****** punk. Time your older brother teach you who is the real deal.”

Bee stands with a smile on his face as his canine teeth begins to grow and a red aura glows and grows around Bee.

“So you are really serious about this Bee? Fine I will not kill you because you’re my brother but I will not show you any more mercy.”

“Never ask for your mercy BEEAATCH!”

This angers the Raikage even more. He pushes his armor to its next level. By this time Bee has his demon cloak around him with 7 tails formed.

“So you wanna do it like that? Let do it then. Version 2 Baby!” Bee pushes himself to his 8 tailed beast humanoid form.”

In a low beast like roar says, “Lets get this s*** hopping.”

The brothers charge at each other, and throw a single punch. The collision from the connection to each other fist creates a shockwave so strong that water violently rushes away from their position and even the tightly place rocks and boulders fall from their foundation. Even the others feel the force from their height.

“What the hell is going on? What was that?” Kurai asks.

“That’s the force of a Kage level fighter and a tailed beast fighting.” Yamato says, “This is, as Kakashi sempai said, not a brothers’ spat. This is a real battle.”

As the two battle back and forth down below, A dodges one of Bees punches, sidesteps him and grabs his brother from the side. His Lightning Armor protecting him from the poisonous effect of the demon cloak. Once he had a good grip he lifts Bee in the air.

“Raiton: Thunder Roaring Suplex”

A sending lightning chakra into Bee’s body, paralyzing him, and drive Bee into the shallow watered ground creating a crate. But when the dust settles A sees Bee’s tails had cushioned his fall. Bee quickly pushes off with his tails, flies up and headbutt Raikage sending him several steps backwards.

“Bull Run Headbutt.  Like that bro?” Bee says in his roar like voice.

Bee then swings several tails at A but A catches one and does a giant swing sending Bee into the mountain side. When the dust settles down the mountain side has a hole in the wall but Bee disappeared.

“You really think that hurt?” A voice comes from above.

A looks up and see the beast brother on a nearby cliff but back in his 8 tailed demon cloaked form. “There is something you told me once.  If you can’t trust a man’s words then trust his actions.  I think that fox boy is really ready to deal with that little bitch boy Uchiha.  He came to you,  Told you what he was going to do,  and will show you proof,  but what do you do,  Become a crude and unfair dude,  I understand your will to protect,  but yet,  I must tell you in regret,  That I can take of myself you bet.  So to show you my intent,  let’s finish it, with this last hit.”

A looks up at his brother and realizes he is right but his pride begins to overrule his logical thinking. “You wanna finish this, so be it. Let’s go Killer Bee.”

Bee jumps down, shakes his head. “Guess I have to show you my intent through MY ACTIONS!”

Both stand there staring at each other.

The beast and host talk one last time before Bee makes his move

“Bee, are you sure about this one? If this does not work you will be dead and me…..Well I really don’t know what will happen. If you die I may die or be release and without you I will go on a rampage.”

“Trust me partner.  I got this. He’s my brother,  like not other.  He may be hardheaded,  but his heart is not crusted or breaded.  His heart is big and loving though strict,  that it sometimes makes me sick,  but the trick,  is to show him that with my actions is that I mean it.  I trust he will do the right thing and let Konoha .. no that fox boy do his thing.

The beast smiles and laughs

“HAHAHAHA….That damn Kyubi, always finding a way to mess things up only for someone else to fix it. HAHAHA. Let’s do it Partner!”


Focusing back to the outside world. Bee charges and the Raikage replies by charging himself.

A pushes his Lightning Armor to its max and readies his powerful lariat attack. Suddenly he notice Bee‘s tails disappearing one by one. “What the hell….” he says in his mind. Bee then, all at once with in a few feet of one another, releases his demon cloak.

“No I can’t hit him with this. Is he is willing to give his life up for them?” The Raikage says again to himself

Just before their lariats connect A releases his lightning armor as the two lariats connect with their targets neck and chest areas. Both brothers’ legs come from underneath themselves and they fall on their back into the water and float in a circle of each other.

“You were willing to even die for those….people.”

“No bro I was willing to die for that boy who is ready to do what must be done. He is betting everything on that he can to stop and bring back to justice that little scum bag boy.  So let him be. If he fails then take that bastard Uchiha boy out. But respect his wish first. If every other Kage has too, so should you.”

“Hmmmmm…..” As the Raikage lays and thinks as he sees a float sand thing coming down towards them.

“Here they come.” Bee say looking up a well.

As the sand platform disappears back into Gaara’s gouge everyone stands around and the Cloud ninjas help Bee and The Raikage to their feet. Both bleeding and bruised up. Kakashi walks up to the Raikage. Raikage gets Durai and Omoi to let them down.

“I will not apologize for my actions. I still think you’re still too young to be a Kages, Both of you, but if you both willing to come here and face me in my own village about this situation then I will respect that. And if it was not for my little brother you would not be leave with this notice.”

“What do you mean?” Gaara asks

“I will grant Naruto Uzumaki ‘s wish and remain out of this business for now but if he fails and your village can not handle this then I will intervene and kill Sasuke Uchiha.“

“Thank you Raikage”. Kakashi says

Neji walks up to the Raikage next to Kakashi and speaks. “Excuse me Raikage. May I ask you a question?”

“Hyuga boy do not press your luck. What is it?” The tired Kage says

“Were you the Raikage at the time of the Hyuga incident 13 years ago?”

Silence hit the group until….

“And what if I was, what is it to you?  You what to kill the Raikage you deem responsible of you father’s death Neji Hyuga, Son of Hizashi Hyuga, nephew of Hiashi Hyuga.”

“How did you…..I forgot..intel.” Kakashi says

“Yes I was but I will still say this. I was not responsible for that man’s decision to act out. From what I was told,  My Head Ninja a t the time of the peace talks, wanted your families treasure because it was said the Hyuga’s eyes were just as strong if not stronger then that of the Uchiha’s and wanted to increase our military’s strength but because of peace talks I was not willing to let it happen but once word came down of what he did and your village counsel member insisting I planned it I was not about to be made a fool by this and I was willing to restart this war if some payback was not given and since your uncle Hiashi killed my man I wanted his head. But do to him being head of the main branch and him having a twin brother in the lower branch I knew he would not die. So when your father was killed but word came back later of Hiashi still alive. That is when I knew what happened but even so I left it alone. It was still and Eye for an Eye.”

Neji lowered his head than raised it back up with his Byakugan activated. The Cloud Ninjas readied to attack but the Raikage raised his hand for them to stand down.

“I can not forgive you now for having my clan have my father killed, nor for even asking for my uncle’s death which I know you may not care about and I will never forgive that man for the rift he cause between myself and the main branch but I do understand why and I just wanted to hear it from the mouth of the Raikage himself.” Neji deactivated his eyes and bowed his head. “Thank you for that Raikage.”

Every Konoha ninja could not believe their eyes yet smiled that finally Neji mind was put to rest.

Raikage nodded in agreement then turned to Gaara.

“Boy… I mean Kazekage can you get us back to the top.” Raikage asks Gaara.

“Yes I can. Let’s get to dry land.”

Everyone walked to the nearby shore. Once there Gaara gourd released sand into the ground and a giant platform formed again beneath their feet and begins to take the group of allied ninja back to the top of the highest mountain in Kumo.

“Oh, one last thing Bee.” The Raikage hits his little brother on the head with his good hand. “You will leave for the Island TODAY.”

“Gotcha bro.” Bee says rubbing his head and smiling at his brother.

Kakashi says to himself. “Naruto everything is now up to you. Whatever you do. Make it quick. I got a bad feeling we are in for a real mess real soon.”

Raikage’s Office.

A lump appears on the floor next to Samehada. Zetsu head forms from the lump

“Kisame we came to check on you.” The white side started first.

“So what is going on? Is everything going as planned?” The black side follows

Kisame voice can be heard though the bandage around the swords blade. “A little hic up with Konoha and Suna ninjas showing up. I couldn’t hear their conversation because we were outside and only he could hear but that fool of a beast is fighting the Raikage as we speak in favor of them. But I fell every village will be in tune with each other soon. Just waiting to be taken to this Island everyone keeps hound the beast about.”

“Good well we will be waiting your intel.” White Zetsu response

“Why can’t I take this punk now? You know I could have during that fake battle then. Switching places, I really didn’t see why.” Kisame says

“Whatever Tobi has planned must be big to let him go like that so just be ready when the time comes.” Black Zetsu answers back.

“We are heading back. Do not let him down.” White Zetsu way of says bye.

“Have I ever?” Kisame says as Zetsu disappears and heads back to report.

End of Chapter 15.


Next chapter will be a time skip type of deal that takes place in about a week or two span in my story. Help speed the story along.  So be on the look out. Until Next Time Folks.

Naruto Chapter 514 – Feint

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi folks, this week and next are midterm weeks for me, so I apologize ahead of time if this and next week’s reviews are a little on the rough side – I’ll be back to forming normal paragraphs soon I promise.

A pretty good chapter this week, I know a lot of people were probably expecting a bit of a brawl and ninjutsu show-off with Kabuto’s arrival, but I’m actually glad it turned out to be a feint attack. Knowing how intelligent Kabuto actually is, he must have know for sure how much the odds are stacked against him if he forced his way inside and then had to fight two Jinchurriki’s at once. The smarter option was definitely to take Yamato, and I bet many of you had came to this conclusion as early as lack week due to Kabuto’s comment about his interest in Yamato as a test subject. What I do have a gripe about though is just how easily the good guys were fooled into letting their guard down.. again!!! I mean it’s like déjà vu with the Kisame end scenario, but this time they have no real excuse because they more or less know that Kabuto is not to be trifled with and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. I mean if the giant snake he summoned didn’t clue them in on not underestimating him, I don’t know what would. The other mistake was to send in a third-tier character like Aoba to go in and interrogate a top tier villain. Seriously, I feel that Aoba just isn’t suited for this type of mission; he should just stick to his desk job running errands for the hokage.

– with Yamato captured for Madara, I fear a lot of dark things might transpire. With Madara’s knowledge of the Hashirama genome and Kabuto’s knowledge of medicine and genetics, they could really mess around with his mokuton abilities.
– Kabuto’s mentioning of using Yamato to create better and stronger Zestu clones is a very scary thought, and a process of that magnitude has the potential to kill or seriously maim this character.
– I would have liked to see more exchanges between Deidara zombie and the Tsuchikage – they seem to have a history together because each seems to know the other’s tricks. Makes you wonder the history between them.
– I’m still lost on how exactly a ‘Dust Element’ would grant a person flying abilities.
– Armadillo penis strikeagain in this chapter as week well. Let’s hope this doesn’t become some weird running gag.
– Kurotsuchi being the grand daughter of Tsuchikage was a surprise but it seems to fit with the casual way she address the him. Her ‘lava element’ appears to be a kekkei genkei ability that combines water and earth to create some type of acidic goop – it bears so many similarities to the Mizukage’s technique. It seems everyone and their grand daughters has some kind of chakra fusion technique these days.
– so Madara did end up implanting the Rinnegan into himself, and the way he has spoken so far after his new appearance seems to suggest he is accustomed to this half sharingan- half rinnegan goofiness. Madara wasn’t just boasting when he said Nagato’s rinnegan originally belonged to him, I’m getting the feeling he knows full well how to unleash the power of his ‘new’ eyes.

New Chapter – Naruto 514!

Aloha everyone!  Here’s this week’s chapter, and let me tell you, it’s a good one. 😀

Naruto 513 – http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/40727763/1

Also, here’s the link to this week’s One Piece!

One Piece 601 – http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/56751021/1

Till next time, mortals~

Invisible 3



As Sakumo swiftly dashed through the forest, he began to feel another presence nearing.  He quickly came to a stop and hid behind a tree.  As he waited for any sign of movement or change in the surroundings, his thoughts rushed back to him.  Should I have left Itoshii under only Kakashi’s care?  Should I have taken this offer? However, these thoughts were meaningless now.  He had to concentrate on the mission.

Several minutes passed before Sakumo moved.  Suddenly, he heard the snap of a twig.  Sakumo instantly became alert.  Whoever or whatever this was, it would escape alive.  He turned his head very slightly, just enough to get a glance at what was in front of him.  As he peered, a figure stepped out in his line of vision.

Sakumo quietly lept to another branch, making no noise.  The figure continue to walk, glancing around every now and then.  Sakumo continued to follow him, being as silent as possible.  After following him for at least a mile, Sakumo grabbed his Sabre and rushed the figure.

The figure quickly turned to face Sakumo, grabbing his own blade and blocking Sakumo’s Sabre.  The man gave Sakumo a glare and spoke.  “So, you’ve finally come.”

Sakumo, showing absolutely no emotion towards his opponent, Sakumo merely replied with an equally intense glare.  He then jumped back, flying back into the trees.  He made a few hand seals and a large bolt of lightning shot out towards the missing-nin.  The man quickly moved to the side, only slightly evading the lightning bolt.  Without any time to react, Sakumo was already next to the man, slashing at him with his Sabre.  Once again, his opponent blocked it with his own blade.

“Your attacks are futile.  Just leave, or I’ll show you true strength.” the missing-nin said, jumping back.  He then made a seal and cupped his mouth.  “Fire Release: Dragon Flame Technique!” he yelled, sending a large flame shaped like a dragon in Sakumo’s direction.

Sakumo charged the flame, looking as stern as ever.  He quickly made two seals and shot three globs of water into the dragonic flame.  It was instantly extinguished, giving Sakumo and opening.  Following up on his original battle plan, he bit his thumb and sent it to the ground.  In a puff of smoke, a large wolf appeared, snarling at his intended opponent.

“Whadda want?” the wolf said, obviously annoyed at his summons.

“Puredetā, please.  I don’t have time to argue.  Just go along.  If I’m correct, you shouldn’t have to be here for long.” Sakumo replied, his voice very stern.  He was use to these types of situations, and knew exactly how to deal with ’em.

As if he was a trained pup, Puredetā quickly ran towards the opponent.  He ran to the left, making space for Sakumo.  Sakumo followed up with several hand seals, and uttered the name of the technique, Lightning Release: False Darkness.  The stream of lightning chakra flew at the missing-nin, making escape extremely difficult.

The missing-nin, thinking on his feet, jumped up, evading serious injury.  He then followed up with a slash at Puredetā.  Puredetā jumped over the blade, and clawed at the enemy shinobi.  While occupying the shinobi, Sakumo once again took out his Sabre, and made a thrust towards his opponent.  The blade was sent through the man’s abdomen, coming out the other side.

“I guess you’re not as tough as you thought.” Sakumo said coldly.  He then un-summoned Puredetā, who was muttering under his breath.  As Sakumo began to pick up the deceased man’s body, it instantly disappeared in a puff of smoke.  Quite suprised, Sakumo turned his head back and forth, looking around for any signs of additional people.  This ninja was more skilled than Sakumo had anticipated.  Without a word, Sakumo leaped into the trees.  He’d have to continue looking for this man, no matter what.


Please note that this is not the end of Sakumo’s battle, just an intermission.  Please bare with me until I have Invisible 4 posted.  Thank you! ^^

Naruto Loves Hina

previous works:

666 satan     blazer drive     Fairy Tail     Rave Master     Elfen Lied     Kämpfer     Zero    Bremen    Death Note    Fullmetal Alchemist    Negima    Bleach    Hajime no Ippo

Ws here first of all this is no naruhina blog this is a continuation on my suggestion blogs, i decided to do one for the girls so i asked some of them what’s a good one and Love hina was the winner. Love Hina is created by Akamatsu Ken, he also created Mahou Sensei Negima.


Toudai: the name of the best university in all japan.


Keitaro Urashima is a guy that pretty much fails at everything but because of a promise with a childhood friend he decides to enter Toudai, his parents kicked him out cause he has failed the exam twice already and now he works as the manager of his grandma’s female dormitory.


Urashima Keitaro

The manager of Hinata sou he wants to get into Toudai but he sucks at studying so he already failed the test twice, he is also thought to be a pervert because he always has a bad timing for doing stuff. he’s also said to be immortal, he gets beaten up by the residents all the time but survives. he made a promise with his childhood frient to get into toudai but he forgot the name and face of the girl.

Narusegawa Naru

one of the residents of the dorm, she also tries to enter Toudai and helps keitaro with studying. she is one of the smartest people in japan being ranked first on a national exam. she beats up keitaro lots of times. her room is above keitaro’s and cause of a hole in the floor they can communicate more easily. this is dangerous for keitaro cause he mostly looks when naru’s about to change.

Shinobu Maehara

the youngest resident, she is very good in cooking and other houseworks. she also has a crush on Keitaro and this often results in keitaro getting beat up thinking he’s trying to seduce her.

Mitsune Konno

the eldest of the girls the live in the dorm. she is drunk most of the time and later takes over Haruka’s shop. her nickname is kitsune which means fox

Motoko Aoyama

One of the girls that lives in the dorm she’s a specialist in sword techniques, she often beat Keitaro up when he “peeks” on the girls in the bath. Its shown that she’s afraid of turtles like tama.

Su Koalla

A girl from africa she’s studying in japan and often beats up keitaro for no reason at all. she’s also shown to be technical, she made a lot of mecha tama’s with weapons that cause trouble all the time. she loves to eat different things often trying to eat tamago.

Urashima Haruka

Keitaro’s aunt, she owns a shop that’s right next to the dorms, it’s also been shown that she’s an expert in martial arts when she beat up Seta.

Otohime Mutsumi

A girl from south japan she loves watermellons and sake, she’s also quite the idiot and has health problems which cause her to pass out often in the middle of the road and then get hit by a car. she’s been shown in keitaro’s memories.


A hot spring turtle that’s keitaro’s pet Mutsumi is the one who gave it to him and it can fly. Kaolla often tries to eat him.

Noriyasu Seta

Archeology teacher a Toudai, he is an expert at martial arts and sucks at driving often crashing his car. Just like Haruna he’s almost always seen smoking.

Sarah McDougal

Seta’s doughter, her mom unfortunately passed away. She stays at the dorms for the time being because Seta is always digging for treasures. Just like Kaolla she beats up Keitaro for no reason (both of them often attack at the same time).

Urashima Kanako

Keitaro’s (half) sister, she has a crush on keitaro and takes over the droms for a while when keitaro’s gone. She renovates the place and wants to meke it into an inn. she also loves to cosplay and often confuses everyone when she turns into naru.


sorry no comparing this time the mangas are just waay to different for stuff like that.

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Naruto Chapter 513 – Armadillo Penis

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

A fairly interesting chapter overall, I’m glad Kishi opted to move ahead full steam with the current arc and get straight to the action we want to see. I previously had the notion that all of Kabuto’s undead summons would be mindless zombies, but Deidara demonstrated this chapter that the summons still have their abilities (although likely not as powerful as the original) as well as their personalities intact. Essentially, this means we might get to see all the dead Akatsuki members again – I’m real interested in what undead Itachi and Nagato would be like.

Looks like Tsuchikage is coming to aid Naruto and the others despite his bad back. Sadly, we won’t be seeing a Gaara vs Deidara rematch – although it’s out of character for the current Gaara, I still think deep inside he wants some payback against Deidara for putting his friends and his villagers’ lives at risk when he attacked Suna. Not that I don’t want to see Tsuchikage in action, being the oldest of the current kages I think he has the most battle experience and jutsu repertoire to make any opponent rethink their strategy. We saw a small glimpse of what the Tsuchikage can do during Sasuke’s attack on the kage summit, and I think his gravity powers have a lot of us interested as there is nothing like it in the Naruverse thus far. The ability to fly without any kind of mount or support is a powerful one, and Tsuchikage may have a monopoly on it since we haven’t seen it used by any shinobi before (Gaara’s floating sand is kind of like a mount), even other shinobi from Tsuchigakure. I don’t think Deidara has a chance in this battle, heck it might have been the Tsuchikage who taught him most of his abilities. The best we can hope for is a little more information being revealed about Deidara’s history with his home village.

Kabuto must have been really busy ever since Orochimaru got pwned. Not only did he manage to upgrade the Edo Tensei, but also clone a Godzilla-sized Manda clone as well. This is one kid Kakashi probably wished he would have killed during their first encounter because he’s got as much h4x0rz potential as Madara. I also liked the fact that Kabuto decided to give his undead summons more autonomy than Orochimaru did. By giving them semi-free will, the zombie Akatsuki can be more effective by fighting more like their living counterpart. However, I don’t know if Kabuto would want to grant the same privileges to undead summons of Itachi or Nagato though.

I’m not sure how Kabuto is planning on beating Naruto and Killer Bee, not to mention bypassing the Konoha nin protecting them. So far Kabuto hasn’t really shown any upgraded fighting powers personally to make us think he has any chance against two Jinchuuriki, so he’ll definitely need to rely on tricks and pull out a heavy hitter like Pein or Itachi to have any chance. But then again, his intention may not be to fight at all. It’s suspicious that someone as egomaniacal as him would aid Madara in any way unless it was for his own benefit. And I don’t think Kabuto would willingly risk his life fighting against Naruto and the others unless there was someone/something he needed to acquire here. Kabuto did mention that he wanted to experiment on Yamato, so maybe his focus is neither Naruto nor KB. Why do I get the feeling that whatever it is, Kabuto is going to win this fight?

Lastly, what the F is with that transvestite armadillo? Why did it get so much attention this chapter? Gives me bad flashbacks of that transvestite toad they had in the Shippuuden anime. To top it off this time, Kishi actually opted to show the amadillo’s junk. Is this a homage to the original Dragon Ball manga where they showed kid Goku’s privates for laughs? I hope you guys enjoy this week’s Armadillo-inspired poll.

Highlight below for answer:
(fun fact: If the armadillo were human sized, its penis would be 4 feet long).