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Invisible 2

Noneatencookie here!  Hope you enjoy Chapter Two! ^^



As the sun rose from the east, Sakumo awoke and readied himself and Kakashi.  While he was getting dressed, all he could think about was Itoshii’s inevitable death.  Shaking that thought out of his head, he walked out into the living room, Kakashi waiting on the sofa.  From Sakumo’s view, he looked depressed.

Looking up to his father, Kakashi’s face quickly lit up.  “Hi father!  Are we ready to go?!” he said, voice full of glee.

“Yes, we sure are.  But before we leave, go tell your mother goodbye.  She has always wanted to see you off to the Academy.” Sakumo replied, a little sad about about his wife’s dream dashed.

Kakashi’s smile turned into a frown.  “Okay.”

As he watched Kakashi walk into the master bedroom, Sakumo began to gather his things.  After he dropped Kakashi off at the Academy, he had to report to the Fourth, who said it was urgent.  Kakashi soon walked out rubbing his cheek, obviously getting those “mommy cooties” off his face.

Near the Academy…

Looking both ways before crossing the street, Sakumo and Kakashi quickly jogged to the other side, making it several seconds before a strange vehicle zoomed past.  Safely across, they casually walked into the Academy, looking very proud.  As they entered, a few kunochi teachers giggled and blushed, while the male shinobi grimaced.  Sakumo was use to it.  How did everyone think he swept Itoshii off her feet?

Nudging Kakashi, Sakumo gave the boy a smile.  “Well, do you see anyone you know?” he asked, interested in the amount of friends his son had aquired.

Looking embaressed, Kakashi scanned the room, looking for familiar faces.  “Um… oh!  There’s Rin!  And then Kurenai is over there!  And… Might Guy.” he said, not seeming very enthusiastic at the idea of Guy being in his class.

“Great!  That means you’ll have a lot of fun here.  Now, I have to go see Minato.  Be a good boy and do what your teacher tells you, okay?”

“Yes, sir!” Kakashi replied.

As Sakumo walked out of the Academy doors, he turned and looked at Kakashi.  “My, my… how much he has grown…” he thought as he turned his head back and headed out.

At the Hokage’s Mansion…

There were four sharp raps at the door, which was quickly replied with a “Busy, please ask Joshu for help.”  Giving a slight chuckle, Sakumo said, “It’s Sakumo.”

“Sakumo!  My dear friend!  Please, come in.” the Fourth said, seeming quite embaressed.  As Sakumo walked into the office, it was littered with paperwork.  It was all over the desk and lined the bottom of the desk, probably forgotten papers that were thrown to the side.

Sakumo, after taking a brief survey of the office, asked “Let’s skip the chit-chat.  What was this matter of importance Itoshii told me about?”  Annoyed by the fact he was missing alone time with his dear wife, Sakumo was rushing the meeting.  He quickly started to tap his index finger on the desk, signally the Fourth to be quick.

The Fourth’s tone made a complete 180.  “I’m sorry this couldn’t have come at a better time, but it is of the utmost importance.  It appears we have three Missing-nin traveling to Amegakure.  We need you to catch up with them and capture or assassinate them.  They are members of the Uchiha clan, and if they’re not captured or killed, they will leak the secrets of the Sharingan to other villages.”

This upset Sakumo.  “Why don’t you get Lord Jiraiya to do it?” he asked, growing even more impatient.

“Because Lord Jiraiya is busy writing his books.  We also hand-picked you for your reputation as an equal to the Sannin.  I mean for heaven’s sakes, you have a flee-on-sight after the Second Great Shinobi World War.  You are the only man for the job.  If I could choose anyone else, I would.  But you’re our only hope of catching them.”

Sakumo tilted his head ever so slightly, as to see what he got in return. 

“Oh yeah!  I completely forgot.  You’re reward will be 7,000 ryo and a two week paid vacation.  How does that sound?” the Fourth asked, hoping it pleased his closest friend.

“Fine,” Sakumo said with a grimace.  “just let me be with my wife after this.  I can’t be gone knowing she’s not being cared for.” he said, a tear beginning to run down hsi cheek.

“I swear on my title of Hokage, you will not be disturbed for any reason during your two week vacation.  I will also have a medic-nin stay at her side the entire time you’re gone.” the Fourth said, this time saying it as Minato Namikaze, average Joe, not the Fourth Hokage, guardian of Konohagakure.

Two hours later…

As Sakumo walked out of the large gates protecting Konoha, he made a few quick thoughts.  “Am I doing the right thing?  Should I leave Itoshii while she’s sick?  Should I leave Kakashi to care for his dying mother?”  None of that mattered right now.  He had already stepped foot out of the village.  The barrier had already risen.  Taking a breath, he instantly disappeared into the trees.


24 Responses

  1. this is a awesome story

  2. Alright then. First of all, when I saw him in the manga, Sakumo was fugly. o__e Ugleh people don’t sweep teh wimminz off of their feet. And, while this was as well-written as the last chapter, I think you should study the dialouge of the characters your portraying, so you get a feel for how they talk. Everyone in this talks in conformity.

    But, once again, Nice job.


  3. Yeah, I like this story a lot, the only thing, I can say about it is that Minato wouldn’t be Hokage yet until after he became Kakashi, Obito’s and Rins sensei so and Sakumo would already be dead when he is Hokage. Other than that this is one great story so far, I just wish you right more, I want to see your style when it comes to writing battles.

  4. Thanks, and I realized that Minato would be Hokage after he death right after I posted this, and I was like, “I’ll just go with it.” He’s not really a big character in this. After this, he probably won’t be seen for awhile. And I’m not the best a writing batles, but I always do my best! If only I could right ’em like you.

  5. Hey, actually, could you give me some tips? I know you’re probably busy, but it’d help a lot. But, you’re not busy and willing to, just send an e-mail to me (My address is on the Author’s Lounge). And who wouldn’t want to learn from one of the best writers on Shannaro?!

  6. Thanks, I think I would like to help out anyway I could.

  7. @ clutter stop hating on cookie just cause you don’t like it it doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t like it, instead tell him what needs to be done better instead of trolling.

  8. Clutter, I don’t see any comments of Clutters.

  9. it seems someone deleted his comments

  10. You really should back off. If your life is one whole trolling, just give up now. It’s obviously annoying, but it’s not working. And even if you think I suck (Much like you think everyone but Flash sucks), I don’t, and neither do the others of this site. I’ve never seen anyone beside you say that I should stop writing or that they don’t like the fanfic.

    Now, I will call you out. What is so bad about my writing, and please have details, not just, “It just does” or, “I just don’t like you” Those are pathetic excuses that show you have no actual reason to hate it.

  11. That’s what I thought.

  12. look clutter stop being such an ass ok. look you dont like fanfics hers what you do: DONT READ THEM. now if thats to complicated then dont come to the site, but please stop just insulting stories and people

  13. look clutter calm the heck down and stop being
    an ass. seriously if you dont like fanfics here is what you do: DONT READ THEM. if that is to complicated then dont come to the site because your insults to stories and people are meaningless but getting very annoying so just stop

  14. Thank you, Monkeyman. Do you think my fanfic is bad?

  15. I sent some ides to you e-mail Cookie, hope you like him.

  16. no i think your fanfic is very good and i plan on following it as long as it continues

  17. what the fuck? why are my comments being deleted?!!??!?!

  18. 1. Why would I pose as another person. The only type of person to suspect that would be someone that has already done it.

    2. Your comments are being deleted because they are snide and unwelcome.

  19. Just read this fanfic, and it was actually alright. There were somethings that didn’t seem realistic as far as character interaction, but other than that, this was decent

  20. Okay, I’m not an Editor, so I can’t delete comments. Again, I’m not Monkeyman, no matter how much you wanna believe it’s true. Also, I’m not fat and, unlike you, I have a life. So, as far as I’m concerned with you and your s***faced comments, you can just go and throw them into the trash, because they’ll be deleted everytime. Now, I hope your life sucks as much as you’re making me believe. Anyways, from here on out, your comments are nothing to me and it’s not worth my time to even read them.

  21. Also, thank you, Rinnegan. ^^

  22. Well, Clutter’s comments were erased, but all I see is a self-argument XD…(jk of course)

    I want to get to reading this after school, so peace.

  23. look clutter i am not the same person as cookie k so shut up stop insulting people with comments and they are deleted because no one wants to listen to your shit

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