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Naruto Chapter 511 – R.I.P. Konan and Friends

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hmm, well this week’s chapter was certainly not up to par with action and explosions we’ve been treated to for the last month. It’s clear Kishi is using this chapter as a point to transition to the next segment of the story, ie. Madara’s attack on Naruto and perhaps taking the war to Konoha again. Some might have found the flashback to be a bit boring, but I thought it was heart-warming and brought a fitting end to Jiraiya’s first three pupils.

When I first saw Jiraiya and the kids in those frog costumes, I honestly thought I misclicked somewhere and started reading a different manga. It was seriously one of those “WTF?” moments. I think it was supposed to be pun joke in there somewhere, but that usually doesn’t translate well into another language. The whole flip cards and secret hideout thing is exactly something Jiraiya would come up with, being a hermit and all. You have to give him creds for training and keeping the kids safe for all those years while by himself in a war zone. Overall, I liked the flashback, it was a fitting conclusion and the end where it shows all the flip card covered indicating Nagato, Konan, Yahiko and Jiraiya have all “returned” after accomplishing their missions was a nice touch. We also got some scenes hinting of a prior relationship between Yahiko and Konan, but really no new information about that time in their lives. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’d still like to see more of the missions and battles Nagato and the others fought through in order to gain control of Amegakure; in particular, what Nagato did to Hanzo the Salamander when he tracked him down to avenge Yahiko. Ah well, maybe it’s time to put all this behind us because Madara has already moved on to the next phase of his plan.

So now that Madara has retrieved the Rinnegan from Nagato’s body, I can only assume he has implanted at least one of them to replace the Sharingan he used up when he activated the Izanagi last chapter. The other option I guess is that he implanted the Rinnegans into Sasuke. Yeah, that’s a pretty scary thought, but I think it’s pretty unlikely to have occurred since Madara too all that trouble to get Sasuke trained to use his Mangekyou Sharingans. Madara has even put on a new mask to represent the change in his powers. We’ve seen the combination of Rinnegan ripples and Sharingan tomes on the mask before, a similar pattern was seen on the eye of the Juubi in the few flashback panels we’ve seen so far. Madara’s also brought out that funky shaped fan he has used in the past, particularly during his battle versus Hashirama Senju — so we know he means business this time around. Madara claims that it’s time to capture Naruto, but I have ask why he didn’t bother doing that in the several opportunities he had in the past when Naruto was unguarded and didn’t have his new powers? Maybe Madara has a particular sequence to follow in order to fulfill his goal, but it just seems like he is making this harder than it should be. And by capturing Naruto, does he mean that he is actually doing it himself or is he planning on using Sasuke this time… he did state in the past that Sasuke and Naruto would have a chance to fight each other. Personally, I’d like to see Madara in some serious combat soon, all this phasing in and out is just cheap. After going through all that trouble to get the Rinnegan, let’s hope he puts it to some good use.

Well, I wanted to say more, but honestly there just wasn’t all that much in this chapter to rant about. At least a new arc will be on the way, I’m really excited about seeing how the alliance of villages will hold up against the new Madara and Kabuto’s undead summons, and even Sasuke. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any of the new arc until at least two weeks from now. Next week, Kishi will be releasing a new one-shot manga in Shonen Jump in place of Naruto. Now, normally I’d be jumping in joy at the thought of a new shonen manga from Kishi…. But alas it’s a baseball manga called ‘Bench’… Here’s a colored spread promoting the manga, it seems a major theme in the manga will be the consumption of baseballs. Maybe they turn into ninjas after they eat baseballs? I dunno, I hope you know what you’re doing Kishi.


120 Responses

  1. i enjoyed this chapter, but i really want to see naruto and killer bee train, helping naruto control his new powers and whatnot. also, when are they gonna show sasuke with his new eyes? if madara took the time to get a new mask, why not show sasuke with itachi’s eyes? that would have been the better cliffhanger.

  2. Tobi= Uchiha Izuna

  3. Not much to go on with this chapter but a very interesting ending. I thought the tailed beasts had to be captured in order. Since they have Kisame’s scroll Tobi should know that Naruto has control of the 9 tails now, and is even more powerful. So it’s very interesting that he’s not going after KB first. I assume Naruto is still on that island, if he is Tobi is going to have to fight KB, Guy, & Yamato.

    And why isn’t he sending Sasuke or Kabuto, what are those guys doing right. I hope Tobi is making sure Kabuto is practicing his resurrection jutsu because the akatusi is dead, as indicated by the Uchiha symbol and not the Akatusi symbol on his new cloak.

    Finally as to the matter of Tobi’s real identity we still don’t know. He could have made that fan or it could be a common ancestral weapon. What it does indicate is that he probably is a Uchiha, as to which one, we have to wait and see. I’m curious to see how it will be used in battle against super Naruto. Who has huge chakra reserves, the 9 tails chakra & sage mode. This better be a huge multiple chapter battle and not a rush job like Kubo did with Ichigo vs Aizen (the let down of the century).

  4. I believe that this “Tobi” is actually the son of the Rikudou sage that inherited his eyes. Its a potential streth I know but he does say that the Rinnegan that he gave to Nagato was his to begin with. He has obviously been around a while. Even Kabuto comments that Tobi is calling himself “Madara” these days. So perhaps the body that Kabuto summoned was of the real Madara and this Tobi doesnt want his secret revealed.
    Another thought is that Tobi could be a descendant of both sons of the Sage. but then he wouldnt have to wait to get the senju power when he fought Hashirama so perhaps not.
    Whoever this guy is he is clearly attempting to achieve the sages power so if he was his son it would only make sense for him to want to imulate his father. the uchihas,said to be descended from the son who inherited the sages eyes, are lustful for power so they had to get it from somewhere. Why not Tobi, their potential forefather.

  5. i think that if orochimaru was still “alive” he would have sided with the good guys against madara. and also i think madara’s change of robe just signified the DEATH OF AKATSUKI 😦

  6. i liked the chapter. i like madaras new look he is wearing the same cloths he wore in the past when he first faced shodai in his flashback when talking to sasuke. he even has his war fan back all he needs is his sickle. madara is probably going after naruto to see how much he has progressed. the way zetsu said everything was going their way maybe madara wanted naruto to learn to control the kyuubi for some reason.

  7. madara changing his cloak was to signify the old akutsuki was done with the death of the original members nagato, yahiko and konan.

  8. he cell form dbz in his first from he got own by the stronger charters wait to he get his version of 18#
    look hes all most complete from lol he be unstoppable

  9. remember cell had to go back to his weak from and he always regains piece of his body

  10. anyways nice chapter review.,.yeah.,.me too.,i thought WTF?..did i click the wrong link?.thats when I realized Jiraiya was the guy in the frog suit.,.the only reason I did not check back to mangstream.com is when I saw Konan talking.,.LOL.,anyways it was moving.,.although hardly was there any action, but this chapter moved me like the chapter where Kushina said her final words to Naruto before the Kyubi was sealed in him.,.this ain’t the end.,this is just the start.,.can’t wait for the next chapter 2 weks from now

  11. If madara is goin after naruto then I’m sure he’s gonna have kabuto an his zombies take on kb guy an Yamato while he faces naruto alone

  12. really liked that this chapter changed the pace up a bit. I do think though that instead of implanting the rinnegan into himself, he just took over Nagato’s body. I mean yea he can regrow that right arm of his but isn’t it interesting he’s hiding his hair now? I think he’s going to use Nagato’s body and the power of the sage to help in the upcoming war because now he can actually fight, but if it does get destroyed he always has that backup body of his which I still believe to be Obito’s.

    The fan is an interesting addition to his persona and further complicates the matter, but I think that’s exactly what Kishi wants….to confuse us and keep us guessing just who the hell Tobi is. In the end, every audience wants to be rewarded so I think we’ll see a character we already knew.

    I think he wants to sink Sasuke up to Gedo Mazo to help with the completion ceremony of the Juubi resurrection for whenever Naruto loses the kyuubi becuase Im pretty convinced he will get his bijuu extracted but will survive because of his Senju special body/powers.

  13. Hmm, I don’t think it’ll be that easy for Madara. I have a feeling that a trap was placed on the Rinnegan eyes….just a feeling

    Also, Kishi killed my favorite ship in the story, KonanxNagato. Well there’s always MizukagexSamui >_>

  14. I agree with uchiha_gaiden about how will fight Tobi vs NAruto evolve. It was pointed before that Uzumaki’s clan member can survive bijuu extraction, so that will happen. I also think that KB’s bijuu will be extracted as well and that will lead to his death. Maybe rematch with Sasuke?

    Only one thing came to my mind why Tobi is after Naruto now. First he needed rinnegan, that is why Nagato went after Naruto first time, because it is required or rinnegan is giving u power, which is necessary for defeating kyubi jinchuriki. At least we know that’s not easy after all or Rinnegan was necessary for synch. with Gedo Mazo and extract kyubi and Nagato’s betrayal gave Naruto time for got to know how to control kyubi’s power. We still cannot forget about Itachi’s gift to Naruto, which will be in my opinion something similar what happened with Minato and Kushina, but in this case Itachi will tell something to Sasuke, what will change his mind.

    If it’s not that case then he just maybe waited till Naruto can awake his senju power, because he still needs his body like he still needs Sasuke’ s eyes

    I like that idea that at the end Naruto and Sasuke will fight together against Tobi and that’s my opinion

  15. i’m surprised you can say so much about what little things we had in this chapter, but good work nonetheless bob.

    i’ve been wondering… if the senju and uchiha clans had to combine bodies to be the six paths, wouldn’t it be easier of an uchiha married a senju? wouldn’t the offspring created a better natural result? why hasn’t it happened in the past? i’m sure “love would find its way even with enemies” sort of thing would work just fine in a manga. it’s kinda strange how a clan would stick to itself even in marriage. i’m sure an uchiha loved a senju throughout the years… i mean there should have been SOME exceptions to the rule.

    on the other hand. that fluke which made kisame’s message reach madara was just a disgrace. i can’t believe madara now has all the information about everything that happened with naruto and his control over the kyuubi, surprise factors are gone for good. madara is some sort of “knows it all” type of guy now all for a stupid mistake on guy’s end.

    i don’t know, it all just seems super stupid if u ask me. i think the story might have been done in a better way. i don’t know…

  16. I gotta be a little quick but myself if you look at the past encounters Madara had with Naruto, Naruto only had like 20 to 30% control of his fox powers but with him now in full control of the fox chakra, not the fox itself though, He is ready to go after him now? A much more powerful Naruto? So it seems like, I can’t think of who it was at this time, said he thinks the Moon Eye Plan is BS and with Killer Bee alive and safe so far, it seem Madara has other plans that has been going his way far a long time and it seems he know WWWAAAYYY more about the ongoing things in the Naruverse and somehow planned everything similar to how Aizen did to Ichigo in Bleach.

  17. His new mask does seem to suggest he has one sharingan and one rinnengan now! I wonder if he use the rinnengan to its full effects though if he only has one eye.

  18. @ kisu, lol, i guess both of those would b good couples, but i personally prefer MizukagexChojuro simply cuz Chojuro reminds me of Hinata-chan *gets shot by kisu and mart*. but MizukagexSamui would definitely b hotter 😉
    @ the frog suits, lol, i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought i got transfered to the wrong manga. i mean, srsly Jiraiya, just, y?
    @ no new chapters for a while, oh well, i started reading Bleach and i want some time to catch up to the new chapters (only on chap 44 right now, lol, i have a long way to go, don’t i)

  19. @ ryu

    I said his moon plan is a bluff in the initial topic discussion, though jm sure someone posted it prior.

  20. this chapter’s great. a fitting end to the orphan’s journey. i just wish kishi would make a separate story like he did with kakashi (kakashi gaiden) for the three orphans. this is what’s great with naruto, new interesting characters sprout and intrigues the readers, unlike bleach wich is only focused on ichigo. wtf! no naruto next week or two? heck!!

  21. @ “Those eyes were mine to begin with.”

    I honestly think (even though this is pure speculation) that Madara says they are his eyes to begin with because he is the descendant of the older son of the Sage. No one else should feel that way except him. He was the best Doujustu user in the show besides the Sage so far revealed. I mean.. it makes sense to me.

    @ Also, Bleach… never ceases to disappoint me. What a bust.

  22. @ dont like clutter

    Jiraiya’s card was turned around because he was already dead, and the point of that whole scene was that they all came home when they died. So he, along with nagato and yahiko, were there waiting for konan to come home thus their cards being turned around.

  23. This was really a sad chapter, but hopefully the next chapter will be a bit brighter, although I do like Madara’s new look.

    P.S.: The more I thought about it, the less exciting my Rinnegan theory seemed, so sorry to waste your time.

  24. @ryu yea madaras plan seems to be looking odd and tbh i think he wanted naruto to get stronger and once he got kisames info he realized that naruto did indeed get stronger and i think madara was hoping that naruto would get the body he has obtained to take. If u think about he has the sharingan, rinnengan, sasuke will have massively powerful sharingan eyes, naruto has the sages body, and madara i think was just waiting for naruto to get stronger. If he took him right when he had a chance he basically would have a underpowered naruto who didnt have control of the nine tails chakra nor the sage body so his plan would be in trouble.

  25. @ clutter – ignoring you now

    Thanks for letting me know who it was.

    You see what I mean right? With all these power ups Madara now wants Naruto? Yeah something is really fishy here. We will see in a few weeks what this plan is.

  26. @ryu yea i think tobi is trying to become the sage and that would be why he has waited till now to get naruto (cause unlike sasuke he cant manipulate naruto). I kind of wish this chapter had a little more happen before the break though. This felt like a quick put together by kishi… not much new popped up sides tobi’s wardrobe.

  27. Was it just me or did anyone else thing Madara’s new outfit was totally badass? I mean the mask is hiding almost as much right now as it was hiding before. so cool…

    And what about everything is going Madara’s way? With Naruto’s new powers I’d think he’d be able to go toe to toe with Madara… Madara must have some trick up his sleeve.

  28. I’ve been thinking about Zetsu’s comment about “things going our way”. He makes this comment after Kisame the most loyal Akatsui member has died. And Tobi & Zetsu don’t even care, not that this is a surprise.

    So what we know now is that Zetsu knows what the real plan is. I believe the moon eye plan is BS, if that plan was real, Tobi or Kabuto/Sasuke would be going after KB. But Tobi is personally going after Naruto, as many of is have already stated he’s going after Naruto’s body and I think the 9 tails is just a nice bonus.

    So where does this leave Sasuke. I don’t see Tobi going the Danzo route and planting Naruto’s body full of eyes. I believe the plan is for Tobi to possess Naruto & implant the rinnengan eyes. This would be 3 of the 6 paths he needs to have the perfect “Sage” body. Sasuke is probably the 4th path, I don’t believe the tailed beasts or the Juubi is one of the paths because the sage from what we know never sealed the Juubi inside him. If I remember correctly. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that. Which leaves 2 paths left I believe 1 of them is going to be a bayukagan/ Huyga.

  29. It’s not a new thing that Madara wants to capture Naruto. Pain was sent to do just that but failed, much to Madara’s suprise. He also made a move against Killer Bee when he sent Sasuke and Eagle after the hachibi. So if all had gone according to plan, Madara would have all the tailed beasts under his control already, and Nagato would still be alive, loyal, armed with the rinnegan, and synced with Gedo Mazo. Nagato’s betrayal is thus Madara’s biggest setback so far, costing him his most powerful pawn, the Kyubi, and the seventh path’s resurrection justu, which he stated Nagato had promised to him.
    It looks like Madara is not a total super genius master mind like Aizen claims to be. He was suprised by Nagato’s failure, Kabuto shocked him with Edo Tensei and the mystery casket, he may not know that Minato sealed half the Kyubi’s chakra in the death god, and he does not know about Itachi’s gift to Naruto.
    Madara’s vulnerability to betrayal and his ignorance are his greatest weaknesses. Kabuto could screw him over first by sharing the secret in the mystery casket with the Ninja world (If the secret is known, Madara’s power may become understood. As we’ve seen with Pain, understanding a ninja’s techniques can be fundamental to defeating them. Once the secret of Madara’s inhuman Uchiha/Senju body is known, it might be a lot easier to destroy him), and second by abducting Sasuke for his creepy ninjutsu research which would prevent Gedo-synching. Even if Madara captures Naruto, he can still only extract half of the Kyubi’s total chakra, which may not be enough for the Moon’s Eye plan (Is it possible to retrieve the other half from the death god? If so, then can Minato and Hiruzen Saratobi and Orochimaru’s right arm be freed as well?). Finally, Sasuke can be taken out by redemption or defeat by Itachi’s gift to Naruto (I wonder if Itachi anticipated Sasuke would transplant his eyes and implanted some sort of connection to them within Naruto, set to activate during a pivotal point in their inevitable final battle).
    So those are the combination of things that I think can lead to Madara’s downfall. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna kick some ass over the new dozen or so issues, messing up the ninja world big time with his new powers and well laid plans. I hope we get to see all the Hokages get beat downs, Killer Bee being crushed, and Juunin and Chuunin shredded like cannon fodder. Naruto has to bring peace the the ninja world, and it’ll be easier to start anew if the old gaurd has been washed away.

  30. didnt tobi say that the uchiha plaque is hidden under konoha?
    and that more can be read with the sharingan. even more with mangekyou. and even more with rinnegan?
    so it looks like tobi is gonna be paying a visit to that plaque to learn something new now that he has the rinnegan in his possession.

  31. @ clutter

    Tangina mo din!! Hehehe. Tirahin kita ng amaterasu jan

  32. I understand the jaraiya might be alive talk,I miss the guy to but’ he’s gone,face it lol.

  33. I understand the symbolism of Jiraiya’s card being turned around to suggest hes home! but he went off didn’t he! so it should of really been frog facing am i right?

  34. Its is a little strange coincidence that Kakashi can use a form of space time dimensional Jutsu but obviously no where near as strong Madara’s. So madara has a Space time Jutsu too…!

    I still think its the original Madara though.

  35. @Majacocajam
    I think that peins death was good for Madara beacuse he knew that they have to fight when Nagato would undertand that Madara was just using him for his own agenda..

  36. man i can’t wait for this series to be over. I seriously want to know what this “true peace” thing is. More importantly, I wanna dissect it and prove that whatever Kishimoto’s answer is is just complete bull. This has been a quest many have taken for hundreds of years…true peace. There’s no such thing.

  37. @majorcocojam I know he’s been after Naruto, the issue is knowing Kisame failed why is Tobi not going after KB first the easier target and then Naruto. The tailed beast were supposed to be captured in order, unless that’s another lie.

  38. @ P – Nagato had the resurrection jutsu, so it was his trump card incase he died! Madara cant ressurection himself if hes dead!

  39. naruto and sasuke should team up and beat madara. They are going to be bad ass.

  40. @ lord hyuga, actually, in the manga they sealed the 3 Tails before the 2 Tails, so i don’t think the order they seal them in is that important as long as there’s not a huge gap between them (ie, don’t seal the 8 Tails bfor the 1 Tail). also, the Sage o 6 DID seal the Jubi inside himself becoming the first Jinchuurikin.
    @ kisu, lol. i agree about wanting the series over w/ soon, but for a different reason: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 3 AND/OR 4 BITCHES!!!! that would b an epic game if it covered everything from chapter 1 onward to the end of the series. altho you’re right about true peace as well, but that’s not what i’m interested in

  41. @madara
    Are you kidding me? Orochimaru siding with naruto is as likely as the devil going to heaven. Honestly… the guy is a pedophillic necrophillic old man. It was shown time and time again that his powers are completely insignificant against the senju and uchiha, with him losing in mere minutes against sasuke and getting his ass handed to him by naruto.

    Obviously kishi has planned for Sasuke to renounce his beliefs and go back to the good side… with what the whole Naruto having wind chakra to benefit his fire and all, but I know I’ll think it’s incredably corny when it happens… it’s become cliche for naruto to go around changing everybody he talks to… for 400 chapters.

  42. I think this was a dull chapter. Just to make sure I got everything, I read the chapter twice. This time I didn’t because it was just such a bore. Anyways, I’m a little disappointed in the break next week, but I really wanna check out this Baseball manga. I’m not the biggest fan of Baseball, but I think it’ll be good.

    Random Thought of the Day: What is Kishimoto-senpai’s favourite Baseball team?

  43. thanks for the correction nemo prime. so the Jubi will be the 5th path, what do you think will be the 6th path to make Tobi perfect if you subscribe to that theory

  44. @nemo, I get you. Just like with the DBZ games. But don’t hold your breath for Naruto games. DBZ is almost 30 years old and games are still being made for it, I don’t think Naruto has that level of awesomeness personally. I can see Naruto games being made 5 years after the series has ended, but that’s as far as I can see them being made. Besides, DBZ games kick copious amounts of posterior

  45. @Lord Huyga

    Actually, I saw some translation corrections on Mangahelpers (a guy who actually is Japanese living in the US corrects translations) and it indicates that Tobi/Madara is claiming to be the 2nd Sage Six Paths and Nagato was the 3rd Sage Six Paths.

    This makes sense anyway from this chapter if Tobi/Madara has HIS eyes back, so that he is now again as he was as the second Rikodu.

  46. @ripcord do you think he has implanted the rinnegan in himself? And being the 2nd Sage wouldn’t he already have everything he needs body wise. Or is it a temporary state & Tobi has to keep switching bodies like Oro.

  47. Yes, I think he implanted them, at least he had them in before, and maybe his body couldn’t handle it at the time. I think the Sage’s eyes are of the original Sage, because the power was divided after him.

  48. @ripcord yeah I think its likely the rinnegan are the original SOSP’s. Apparently eyes don’t decay in the naruverse. Nagato was dead for how long before Madara got his eyes? A couple weeks at least.

  49. this chapter was very good. a good memory before konan left the stage. but the new mask is funny. it has the pattern of the rinnengan and the sharingan on it so itz going to see what happens next

  50. @Majacocajam

    If Madara could get the eyes from the body of the SOSP, then is it perhaps probable that Kabuto has an undead summon of the sages body?


  51. Whats quite scary is we havent seen many doujutsu Techniques From Madara really! Obviously izanagi and The space time dimension technique! but no Genjutsu’s. If he where to fight Naruto at this point, maybe he would have a the advantage due to Naruto being weak against Genjutsu!

    Naruto Maybe be able to snap out of a Genjutsu if he calls upon his Kyubi Chakra but thats if he can do whilst under influence. Allot of people would also suggest the latent gift that itachi bestowed upon naruto may help him with Eye techniques effecting him but who knows maybe its only jutsu’s Itachi has personally made with his own eyes he is immune too.

  52. @mattmaru
    That doesn´t change that nagato would attack Maddara when he would have found out that he ben used by Maddara

  53. @ P

    Madara is a master of deception, he has used all his akatsuki’s members for his own benefit without them gaining anything so nagato didn’t find out in the end anyways. It would of all been so different if Jiraiya stayed there for longer and stopped Madara’s influence on Yahiko but obiviously Madara was just biding his time waiting for Nagato’s rinnengan to fully mature he had no need to rush things.

  54. im just glad most people understand that its not obito and that it might be the real madara uchiha but kishi could be trying to throw us off and make us think if this happened and that happened i personally think that either the sage of the 6 paths is in that casket or the real madara uchiha or it could be madara’s brother in the casket because he’s dead so tobi can’t be Izuna uchiha and also why is the naruto tv show episodes moving so slow how about lik 3 or 4 episodes a week all new or something

  55. @Tatsumaru, I don’t think it is Izuna in the coffin, why would your dead brother in a coffin freak someone like Tobi out? No I think it’s someone else. My theory I will continue to stick with is that Tobi is really Izuna. I think the actual Madara is in the coffin and that is why Tobi “Izuna” is freaked out. The man he’s been pretending to be is actually legit dead and someone caught him with it. I’d shit my pants too lol.

  56. With all the Kabuto coffin questions, it just occurred to me how did Kabuto know who to ressurect that would scare Tobi? He must have gotten this information from Oro when he was in the Akatsui. Kabuto obviously knows who Tobi really is and is after something more than Sasuke as a research subject.

  57. Hey wat happened to kishi’s interview where he said “a brother/sister of hokage will join the akutsaki” so far hvnt anyone like that amongs them. So maybe tobi is either 2nd hokage or the 5th’s brother, he died in a war so maybe madara took his body coz his was the 1st grandson n also a senju

  58. @Fire Fist

    I agree with you on the coffin part. And I guess if Tobi really was Izuna, he would say he was dead too, and use his brother’s more famous name of Madara.

    Of course, I personally find that there is little backstory to this, and it has the same feel as if Tobi were the Sage of Six Paths himself. Kishimoto would have to expand the story a bit I think for it to feel integrated.

    Now, if Tobi is Madara, I don’t think there needs to be much explanation, he’s already laid out his plans for all of us to see and his motivation is clear if it is really Madara.

    If Tobi is Obito… the only way I see it working without much explanation is Obito’s assertion that he will see the future, and that’s how he knows so much I think. But that’s just a long shot idea that I like… kindof like fudge. It’s oh so tasty, but I can’t eat too much of it.

  59. izuna is dead they showed a picture in his casket so how would he be tobi if he’s dead

  60. @Tatsamaru

    Well, that was Tobi’s story… so he could have been lying about certain details. Although I generally agree with you:

    From what I’ve seen in the manga, if it is in a flashback kind of sequence, then it is true events exactly as they happened, even if an outsider is telling the story. If a character is saying it in the present, it certainly could be a lie (just like Tobi saying he wasn’t a part of the Kyuubi summoning). So I personally believe that Izuna is dead…. though a lot of people are insisting he may not be. And of course, if I say I think Obito is alive, well, how can I deny the Izuna believers?

  61. true but obito got smashed by a huge boulder how could he possibly survive

  62. I know… that was my point. It seems very unlikely that he survived, maybe even impossible, so for someone to say Izuna could be alive, well I think of it the same way.

  63. True Obito was smashed by a boulder but I bet he just walked it off lol. No but if Zetsu can make Tobi a new arm why couldn’t he reconstruct a half beaten body?

    I agree with you ripcord that there would need to be more story to flesh out the possibility that Tobi is Izuna but it is my favorite theory right now, more so than my previous of Obito. Kishi will throw a curveball though, no one can truely predict what’s gonna happen next.

  64. I guess I just don’t understand why Izuna is so intriguing. At least Obito is connected to Kakashi, a pretty big character. I guess Madara is a big character, but the Madara of the past hasn’t ahd much story time.

  65. Here’s what I think Madara’s moon eye plainly means..
    His plan is to simply wait and observe like the moon from above until his targets evolve and attain their highest degrees as a shinobi before grabbing them and mix them up to uplift/revive the SOSP. This shold be the 4th and 5th paths (Sasuke=Yin and Naruto=Yang). The six path is to merge this two individuals to the Gedo strucuture and boommm… “Abomination..”

  66. now that madara has the rinnegan he won’t be able to use izanagi in battle kept he lose the ability to warp, or he’ll have to implant eyes in his arms like danzou-lame. Additionally, kumo has become extremely vulnerable due to the intel kisame stole and they could be the first casualties of war.

  67. I also believe that nagato is madara’s love child and therefore the sense rinnegan is madara’s in a way. This is because a senju should not have access to is a powerful eye because of the power split between the brothers. Nagato had to therefore be the result of a merger between those two branches and his resulting mutation was like that of the sage because it was the first time since him that both powers had existed in one body!

  68. damn maybe i just now noticed this but take a look at danzo there is a face on his right shoulder where he had the sharingan implanted on his arm… im assuming that is the first hokage’s face and part of his body that was used to house the eyes so he was able to use izanagi… i wonder what part of the first hokage madara has implanted on him to be able to use izanagi aw well.

  69. @Fenir


    It was a MISTRANSLATION! Man oh man, Mangastream really gummed this one up. It was a subtle reading of the Japanese characters. If you go back and reread teh chapter now, it is clear that Tobi is saying he was the 2nd Sage of Six Paths and Nagato is the 3rd Sage of Six Paths to have existed.

    I really believe that Nagato’s Rin’negan eyes were the Sage Six Path’s original eyes…. because the bloodline of the Sage was split right after him, so there are only ONE pair of Rin’negan that exist.

    Yes, that is exactly what Tobi was implying, that he had implanted a part of the Shiodome into himself. It is pretty clear that the face on Danzo’s shoulder was from the Shiodome because it grew into a tree on it’s own.

  70. @madzikage, dude its a Shonen manga so Kishi would never depict adultery or rape in it. So while your idea is plausible, its just not possible in THIS particular genre. Now this would be extremely possible in a manga like Hellsing

  71. what are you saying madaras whole objective is to have the powers of the sage of the six paths

  72. Yes, but there aren’t 6 separate paths to gather. Once you have the Rin’negan you have the Six Paths in one body. According to Madara, this is equivalent to having the power of Senju and Uchiha in one body.

    So, it isn’t that Nagato is one path, and Naruto is another path, and Sasuke is another like Fenrir was saying. The Sage’s power gave him control over the Six Paths, whatever they were. In order to control them, you have to obtain the Sage’s power. You don’t get the Sage’s power by collecting 6 paths of anything.

    You could say that Madara already has the control over all 6 paths, now that he has the Rin’negan back in his possession.

  73. i wonder if izanagi is a jutsu that is better suited for the rinnengan that the sharingan… if the sage used this to create the tailed beast it fits that the jutsu would be more complete with those sets of eyes instead of having just uchia and senju blood…. also im starting to believe that the rinnegan is only formed when the sharingan is implanted into someone who is of uzamaki blood… i also think that it has to be an ems sharingan for it to work… depending on if my information is true…. the ending will be that sauske will die only after realizing the error of his ways… his ems will be implanted into naruto thus creating a new set of rinnengan, but his rinnengan will be different because he has a more completed form of the sage of the six paths form from separating the fox’s will from the chakra…

    also this is just another theory but what if gedo mezou is actually the jubui’s body, not his physical body more like a key that unlocks the physical body after all the tailed beast chakra is gathered. it would make sense that only a person possessing the rinnengan could summon it since the sage of six paths was responsible for creating the tailed beast. izanagi was used to create the 9 tailed beast so a more completed form of izanagi could be used to bring the gedo mezou or in this case the 10 tails back to life

  74. my only other theory is that somehow the rinnengan is a blood line trait only found in the uzamaki clans bloodline. and sauskes death will activate the rinnengan within naruto

  75. @kisu: well his son of some way shape or form. Like he abandoned nagato or something. The other theory which is that madara was had the konoha nin who killed nagato’s parents under a genjutsu and therefore was responsible for awakening the rinnegan.not as interesting though

  76. crap,.no Naruto tomorrow.,God save me from boredom.,.
    um btw do you guys know the link to the Kishi intervuew where Kishimoto gave out some spoilers?..thats where he said Kakashi’s gonna be the nxt focus, then Sakura, then Naruto.. Kishi also said that Naruto would have a doujutsu/eye technique/eye pattern (I’m not sure} that looks way cooler than the doujutsus we’ve seen in the Naruverse.maybe that’s Naruto’s most powerful form when the Senju and Uchiha are combined and Naruto might become the next Rikudo Sage.,just theorizing.,

  77. While there is no Naruto this week, we can all at least find peace in the return of One Piece. It’s been a long month!

  78. @ sage of seven paths just get on YouTube an search I read what your talking about it never specified that naruto would get a eye doujutsu just that he would get the coolest looking eyes ever lol I thought he at first he was talking about when naruto first combined sage mode an fox mode but who knows ahhh it sucks so bad there is no naruto

  79. Madara Already has Yin and Yang Chakra Ability right?

    He has the Rinnengan in his possession.

    He already has the Powerful Chakra and eyes.

    He needs the Body and vitality which Naruto has as he is a descendant from the Senju Via the Uzumaki plan.

    now im not sure about the other parts he needs…!

    Something to do with Sasuke i should imagine!

    Maybe the other parts are to do with what he was weather like the necklace? not too sure.

  80. One Piece, the new chapter’s out.

    http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/35970330/2If anyone here reads

  81. @mattmaru

    I can’t believe everyone is still stuck on this mistranslation. Go back and reread the chapter, Madara isn’t collecting 6 parts/paths. He already has the Six Paths doujutsu.

    All this confusion from the misstranslation is what Shikamaru would say “what a pain in the ass.”

  82. @ripcord, agreed

  83. sasuke is goin to bring out naruto true uzamaki power because sasuke makes naruto want to be stronger then him so if he actually dies imagine what naruto is going to awaken and kick madara ass lol hurry up kishi were bored good theory though

  84. Hmm… Kishimoto’s one shot “Bench” does not come out until next week. According to Mangastream, it will come out alongside Naruto. I wonder why it was delayed a wk, it made sense for it to be during this wk.

  85. Just to build the suspense off a Sasuke-a-thon. Lul :).

  86. @ripcord, if my theory is not feasible then why:

    1. Itachi prepared a gift for Naruto, knowing that he will face Sasuke (now a puppet of Madara which I believe Itachi predicted this) Naruto-Sasuke-Madara has a link to the paths.

    2. Wait for a long time (let comrades die just to get information on Naruto’s state, tested Naruto’s power while destroying the leaf through Pein) before focusing his attention to Naruto and contain the kyuubi

    3. Lastly, for Madara to obtain the rinnegan to fight Naruto to gain the advantage mainly states that at the time they first met (Naruto), he believes Naruto WILL pawn him. ? ? ? Why??

    – because it will ruin the moon eye’s plan! a plan that should “stages” think of this stages as a calendar, starting of a new moon until it reaches full moon. This stages may pertain to the six paths.

  87. Remember, Madaras plan rooted from the day the 1st hokage beated him. His plans was mainly to study and above all, learned that fighting an enemy with equal strenghts are kamikazee (50-50) chance of winning.

    Madara’s foot-hold
    “I’ll take them all! or nothing at all.”

  88. 1. Itachi’s concern was for the safety of his brother & Konoha. He knew Sasuke would develop MS powers and his “crow mail” is to help when Naruto confronts Sasuke. He hopes Naruto will quote “never have to use it” because he hopes Naruto will never have to fight Sasuke, but he was planning for the worst by giving Naruto some of his power.

    2. I would bet Tobi had the Rin’negan in his body, but it couldn’t handle it (similar to how he said the Rin’negan overwhelmed Nagato’s body in the end) and so he gave them to Nagato for safekeeping, and to use Nagato to help gather the tailed beasts.

    3. According to Tobi, he was planning on Nagato capturing Naruto, but instead Nagato betrayed him. If the Rin’negan was powerful enough in Nagato’s hands to beat Naruto, I guess those eyes are powerful enough in Tobi’s hands.

    The final point:

    The proper translation of the text indicates that there were 3 Sage of the Six Paths so far.


    Bob, forgive me. I know it breaks Da Rules. I don’t post on that website though, I swear.

  89. why you keep calling him tobi, he’s uchiha madara, he said so himself

  90. If you read the translation post I just posted, it indicates that he never says “I AM Uchiha Madara” he never actually calls himself Madara, and according to the translator, he never has done so, at least in Japanese.

    I’m not saying he is definitely not Madara, but I still say there is a big possibility he is not Madara, that he is just using the powerful name to get people to believe his illusion. I just think about Itachi’s illusion. We ALL believed he was evil and he turned out to be one of the most good hearted heroes of the series.

  91. @ Ripcord ok i understand it might be a misstranslation but he is still collecting abilities or attributes that the sage did have although it might not be 6. he has acquired the eyes, ying yang, and wants the jubi doesnt he! he also needs the body. he already has the energy and powerful chakra!

    Nagato was a fraction of what the sage was because he didnt have the Jubi inside him and also he had possibly yin chakra and not yang!

  92. Yin-yang chakra is one element and Nagato had control of all 6

  93. As far as i know they are two seperate elements! but you can put them together to form yin-yang release, one of the yin-yang release jutsu’s is Izanagi.

    The transformation of the Yin and Yang has to do with altering the amounts of and balance between spiritual and physical energy in chakra. As explained by Shikamaru Nara, Tayuya’s spirit worms were forms of spiritual energy that have small amounts of physical energy, thus they require stability and feed upon the physical energy they lack.

  94. @mattmaru

    That’s not possible! Jiraiya said there are 6 elements, and so far the ones confirmed by Yamato and Kakashi are: wind, fire, water, earth, lightning. Yin & yang was mentioned in that conversation, though it wasn’t explained, so I think that was hinting that that was the 6th element.

    It isn’t that you “give something Yin” or “give something Yang” I think it is more like yin-yang manipulation changes the balance between the two, I don’t think you can have all yin or all yang, you can just push or pull to one side. I would also think that only Rin’negan users are able to use both jutsu that are mostly yin and those that are mostly yang, I would bet that all other ninjas have an affinity toward one side or the other.

  95. @Ripcord, exactly

    @mattmaru, whenever Kisu speaks he usually makes sure he knows what he’s saying (especially after my chakra theories lol)

  96. aaah maybe it is yeah then! Well naruto has all over the yang chakra from kyubi which is a bit unique. so Naruto has 1 half of that element!

  97. Dear friends, I come bearing plotholes. Apparently, in the fight against Sarutobi Orochimaru said its been 10 years since he left the village. That opens up a ton of plotholes lol. I don’t know if it was only in the anime though

  98. How is that a plothole? Orochimaru left the village 10 yrs before that fight, he was in Akatsuki for 3 years, 7 yrs later he takes Sasuke, 3 yrs after that Akatsuki says “it’s been 10 yrs since Oro left.”

  99. I had an interesting idea today. It is a theory about Tobi and the Rinnegan. I think that Tobi actually planted the sharingan within Nagato and because he is an uzumaki it changed it into the Rinnegan. That could explain how Tobi gave Nagato the Rinnegan and why Tobi says that he “harvested” it from Nagato. The only time you “harvest” something is when you plant a seed and wait for it to grow and change into something desirable. It may be a strech but it makes some sense. I dont know that it is specifically supported by anything in the manga but it would explain how Nagato was the only other one besides the Rikudou Sage to possess the eyes. Because really by combining the physical stamina and “yang” side of the sage bloodline with the ocular “yin side you would achieve the originqal sage power. Granted even with the Rinnegan in his possession Tobi even states that there is still more to be achieved. Obviously he needs all the tailed beasts in order to have the Jubi. I just thought it was an interesting idea. And as a side note, if I am correct then it may be possible that whatever power Itachi gave to Naruto with have asimilar effect and grant him at least to some degree the Sages power. Comments and thoughts more than welcome. It will be really cool if I am right.

  100. @charlotteahr, if he left 10 years ago, that would mean the Sanin should have still been in the Village when the Kyubi attacked. Were they? Nope

    We also know that Yamato and the other babies were experimented on a little before ORo had to leave, so that would mean Yamato is only 16 years old.

    But this only counts as a plothole if he said he left 10 years ago in the MANGA

  101. I think Orochimaru was still in the village after the 4th Hokage died…. because it was Sarutobi who tracked Orochimaru down, because Sarutobi was Hokage again. Otherwise I would bet Minato would have been the one.

  102. Some interesting spoilers out there for anyone who is interested. Some of it though, people already predicted it seems.

  103. Hey ripcord could u post the site where the spoilers you read are located?

  104. I know, it’s hard to find a reputable source for spoilers. Narutohurricane.com/forum used to have them, but has gone quiet in the last year or so. You could try here:


  105. you wanna know what would be a shocker if tobi was actually rikoudo sennin but anywho i think they need to give us more details about the naruto past battles because i really wanna see those and also the sage six paths actual justu abilities

  106. @Tatsamaru, Tobisaid he was the second Rikudo Sennin, so the theory of him being the original has been shot out of the water

  107. I have an intersting thought. What kind of hokage would Naruto be? When Madara and Naruto meet in combat soon, Maddara is probably going to appeal to Naruto’s greatest aspiration in ordwe to avoid a major thrashing.
    Think about Madara and his Moon’s Eye Plan also has something to do with this question. If his plan were successful everyone in the world would under his control. I wondered, “is that what he really thinks a hokage should be?”
    Look at the people who wanted to become hokage. Then compare them to the people who actually became hokage. To me it looks like a struggle beyween power and people. Up until a little while ago, I thought Naruto’s choice was gping toward power easily, but now that he’s working through his personal issues, it could go either way. I want to hear what you guys think about the kind of hokage Naruto might become. Will he be more of a control freak or a freethinker?

  108. @naruto tutor to be honest i think he would be a hokage alot like his father; a free spirit and at times slightly childish in his actions and something of a prankster still but when its time to battle and defend his village he is all business and a good strategist.

  109. @token Cool. Thank you.
    512 is up. Lots of suprises. My question is what would Madara have done with 80000 Zetsu’s if Kabuto hadn’t agreed to help. As far as I know, zetsu cannot fight at all. It would be like having 80000 manequins in a field.

  110. One thing is for sure, you don’t become part of Akatsuki if you can’t fight, lol.

  111. @uchiha the infamous

    Well, it isn’t like all of the Alliances forces are Kage level, or even jounin level I would think. I would bet a chuunin would have a hard time vs. one zetsu.

  112. Agreed ripcord, especially if Kabutomaru/Oorochikabu/Batumaru/Kaboomaru/Ookamaru/etc. delivers on his promise to make Zetsu even stronger.

  113. @ripcord tru but remember there r members of the alliance who could actually take out several zetsu at once (like naruto or gaara for exampl; 1 sand funeral would wipe out several zetsu). Also this somewhat reminds me of sakura/granny vs sasori. In that battle there were tons of puppets used by sasori that took out a entire village but granny/sakura were able to defeat them with themselves and 6 or 7 puppets. SO numbers in naruto doesnt exactly mean anything and also just because zetsu is in akatsuki doesnt mean he has incredible fighting skills; up to this point he has been a recorder and message bearer for tobi and he has been proven to be useful in diversions, restoring/absorbing chakra, clones etc but this does not mean he is a top of the line fighter. Making a mannequin stronger still means its a manniquen so the fact kabuto says he can upgrade their powers doesnt have that big of a impact to me.

  114. @Token, most ninjas are Chunin.

  115. Not sure u get what I’m saying kisu. Just because there r alit of chunnin doesn’t mean too much considering alot of the higher end ninja can take out nuumerous zetsu and 2 wouldn’t naruto be considered a jonin rank or lower? The ranks I find can be slightly misleading and like I already said earlier so what if alot r chuunin LOL ninja like kakashi gaara naruto kages etc. Can make up for any shortcomings

  116. Naruto? A Jonin? Naruto’s like a God! lol. Remember, Zetsu IS a member of Akatsuki, which means he was an S-rank criminal before joining. But some power has to have been lost to make so many clones anyway

  117. Kisu what I was saying about nruto being a jonin is that by the ninja ranks he. Is not on say nejis rank but we all know He is far stronger. I’m not saying naruto is weak like some jonin but in the ninja world his rank isn’t as high as someone like neji but we would say naruto is stronger correct? So ranking can be slightly skewed. And actuually is zetsu just an experiment? If so than he never ‘joined’ like itachi or kisame did rather he could be considered their pet

  118. Great. So all we know is that the one member in akatsuki who has arguably shown the least fighting experience is supposed to stall the entire ninja alliance.
    But Token’s analysis of zetsu’s current usefulness helped me to remember something: we rarely see the two halves of zetsu work together in combat. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Kisame’s decoy made with only the white half Zetsu. So far we have only see the Zetsu’s white and black halves argue over or discuss events in previous battles, like the one with Sasuke and Itachi. It’s hard to imagine that someone with as many internal conflicts as Zetsu might have would make an ineffective fighter. But maybe both parts of Zetsu will reveal a strength that is too much even for the kages. He is a clone of the the first hokage after all.
    Man, Naruto takes a trip to that galaxy far, far away. Let’s here it for the Clone Wars: Akatsuki Style! 😉

  119. Feel free to continue about Zetsu, but I am also excited about the Sand- Earth combo that’s about to go down. hope that the Tsuchikage fights like King Boomy from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I expect to see some insane uses of the Earth element from him, even if he is old!

  120. i like naruto… its my favorit manga 😀

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