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Chapter 511 is out!


Some of the greatest ninja ever to exist moves on leaving their destiny to Naruto, entrusting him to bring the peace they spent their lives trying to obtain!


55 Responses

  1. If madara has 3 holes in the new mask, what does it mean? Is he hiding a third eye?

  2. its madara for sure now thats his fan that obito nonsense is really over now its not him i wonder what madara is really planing besides trying to get the moon eye sharingan

  3. if he does that would be ulgy but its probally just a design

  4. who u think is going to win with the battle with naruto and madara thats going to be a great battle

  5. I wonder if “Madara” planted both or at least oneof the Rinnegan into his eyes. Or perhaps, as the mask would suggest, he fused them somehow. That may be his plan after he captures naruto though too. Maybe he fused the eyes together so that he would have absolute control over the bijuu. Hmmm. Guess we’ll find out.

  6. Damn, konan is really dead, how sad. Should be an interesting battle in a few weeks.

  7. @ Mauro, well, since he used one of his eyes on Izanagi while fighting Konan therefore losing it’s light he may have implanted another or may it’s just part of the mask who knows.

    @ Tatsamaru, I don’t think he’s going to fight Naruto now, I think Kakashi or someone else is going to end up fighting him but I could be wrong.

    I kinda like Madara’s new outfit but the mask is kinda ugly to my but it’s nice to see he has Madara’s Fan weapon, he really could be Madara Uchiha.

    Also that fan gives us a little insight to his abilities, he obviously knows Fire Style techniques if he really is an Uchiha but he could also be a wind style user and I’m guessing he is very knowledgeable on doujutsu and genjutsu, all that Naruto needs to do if figure out his space/time ninjutsu weaknesses and he’ll have a chance bu this could really be a chance to see how much he’s grown and what he can really do.

  8. I guess Akatsuki is no more, beacuse if you looka at Madars dress it aint a Akatsuki dress so maybe Akatsuki don´t exist anymore, it served it´s purpose

  9. This chapter was sad. Really sad.

    (It’s terrible of me to say this, but hey, I’m Kisu. “Serves you right Konana, you should’ve had the hots for Nagato!” Die for my ship)

  10. @yellowflash2 he really is madara uchiha theres no possibility he could be someone else he has the uchiha clan outfit on and thats madara fan that he used to battle hashirama now we really get to see madara justu attacks instead of him all ways using teleportation justu his voice rocks when he’s serious

  11. @mauro
    The third one on the forehead isn´t a hole. it´s just a image

  12. @mauro exactly i totally agree with you on that when is he going to wear his battle armor

  13. I get it now everytime madara gets new techniques or is about to get one he upgrades his mask to signify the change. Like his last mask was a symbol of his Space Time suction jutsu, and now his new one symbolizes the Juubi’s/Sage of Six paths eye. Who would have ever thought this whole manga would end up being about how well a person can see. Just give everyone a new pair of glasses and call it day, =)

  14. I guess the “3 holes” are meant to represent 3 tomoes on top of the Rin’negan eyes. Yes, it is just 2 holes though. Man this sucks, I wanted to see Tobi’s face, and now we’ve got ANOTHER mask to deal with. I still say the Uchiha fan means nothing. It is symbolic of Madara, just like the name Madara is symbolic of something, and Tobi is using that. Now, it is true that he really could be Madara

    One other thing: who does Tobi think he is, calling the Rin’negan eyes his to begin with? If the Sage was the only one to have Rin’negan eyes (first of all, how in the world did they survive without decaying), then Tobi plucked them from the Sage’s grave. If the Sage wasn’t, then did Tobi create them? But if that was the case, then why did he need them back from Nagato.

    I’m not completely convinced he implanted any of the Rin’negan eyes into himself, because he wanted someone else to be able to sync with Gedo Mazo. If he implanted them, it would have to be him wouldn’t it?

  15. Well that was a sad chapter, I’d hoped Konan would at least live long enough to speak with Naruto again.

  16. @Uchiha The Infamous

    That’s an interesting point about the masks, this would imply that when Tobi met Itachi for the first time, he did not have the space-time ninjutsu.

  17. Also, I have an interesting Rinnegan thoery that I’ll post on Bob’s analysis.

  18. @ripcord, That was the same thing I noticed. Great minds think alike, lol.

  19. hmm…

    anyone noticed that Jiraiya’s board isn’t all the way turned over on page 17? Could this mean he’s not really dead yet? Anyone who’s read manga long enough knows that author’s take great care in dropping hints via symbolisms. This symbol must mean something.

    Add the fact that the spirits of Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko seemed to have mentioned Jiraiya as an after thought and the way they seem to be unsure where he is in the land of the dead, and you’ve got all sorts of reasons to believe that Jiraiya might still be out there, somewhere.

    I also don’t like the way the Jiraiya scene transitioned towards the Madara scene. Does this mean he had (is having?) a hand in the moon eye’s plan?

    Thoughts? Theories?

  20. hmm if i may add some theory, what if it’s Uchiha Izuna using his brothers powers, i mean i know we’ve heard he was dead but its the only character we know little about but seems to be an imporant role in this entire series, without izuna would madara have even waged war on the first. He also uses one eternal sharingan with one nailed in darkness as we’ve seen in the fight against Konan. Which leads me to believe that the only way Izuna could have kept living is to take back one eye that Madara took, and take one of his brothers eyes combing the two. Kabuto could have pulled out madaras real body which would leave anyone shook like “Izuna” was….just a theory…….

  21. I dont know bout you guys but im loving how madara’s look that mask is bad a$$ its simple and ugly but its a bada$$, i wonder when he said now lets go get the ninetailed is that mean all 3 of this guys are to after naruto…. i mean Kabuto fused is Oro Madara with Riningan and that freak alovera guy… i mean dang thats a formidable force they can easily take down One country in Naruverse…. I cant wait to see it happened

  22. maaaaaaan i wanna play as madara wit the new mask so bad. but it would be years til the game for this comes out

  23. hmm…

    anyone noticed that Jiraiya’s board isn’t all the way turned over on page 17? Could this mean he’s not really dead yet? Anyone who’s read manga long enough knows that author’s take great care in dropping hints via symbolisms. This symbol must mean something.

    Add the fact that the spirits of Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko seemed to have mentioned Jiraiya as an after thought and the way they seem to be unsure where he is in the land of the dead, and you’ve got all sorts of reasons to believe that Jiraiya might still be out there, somewhere.

    I also don’t like the way the Jiraiya scene transitioned towards the Madara scene. Does this mean he had (is having?) a hand in the moon eye’s plan?

    Thoughts? Theories?

  24. I kinda like the new mask but i liked seeing MADARA’s (Yes, there is little doubt thats him as Kis uses Madara and not masked man) hair!

  25. like wtf thats madara know one is using his body if he keep saying he is madara uchiha then i believe him how much proff is there needed for you people to understand madara has his fan he also has his uchiha clan outfit but anyway madara v.s. naruto that is going to be incredible match i liked how madara said its time to capture the nine tails that bad ass

  26. Obito may not be Tobi, but what if he stole his eye to add to the collection. His time space jutsu seems similar to Kakashi’s. Both twist and warp the object being teleported.

  27. just gonna add my 2 cents in
    first, did anyone else find the frog suits Jiraiya and the orphans were wearing a bit, creepy? i mean, really, was that necessary?
    second, Tobi is either Madara or Izuna, or possibly the Sage o 6 (but that’s unlikely)
    third, srsly, Jiraiya, wtf?
    Madara’s new outfit’s awesome
    @ clue427, glad i’m not the only one constantly thinking of “when will that b in a videogame”, lol. preferably Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 or 4, but a Clash of Ninja game would do too

  28. yea its possibilty madara stole his eye because he said all the sharingans was his to begin with thats probally what he doing with his time when everyone thought madara died

  29. yea that game won’t be out for a while because the shows haven’t caught up with manga yet but i am also looking for to that game Nemo Prime

  30. @ dont like clutter, okay, we heard u the first 2 times, give it a rest and stop spamming. it’s possible Jiraiya’s still alive, but face it, he got his arm ripped off, his throat damaged, stabbed in multiple areas, and sent to the bottom of a lake, all of that after being exhausted from a massive battle. so while your theory is possible, it’s highly unlikely (due to massive blood loss) and possibly just a fluke/error on Kishi’s part (the board not being turned all the way over)

  31. @nemo Prime, yea i think about stuff like this alot. the one i really want to see in a video game is the jubi

  32. but that would be years til that happen

  33. @Tatsamaru

    The point a lot of us have is that just because Tobi says he is Madara and because Tobi carries around a fan that looks like Madara’s (and maybe it even was the same one), and he seems to know a lot about Madara, doesn’t mean Tobi IS Madara.

    It’s true that it is likely he is, but Pein called himself “GOD” and in the end we found out that wasn’t true. If you are upset because you feel that it is impossible that Tobi is Obito and we believers are stupid… well that may be so, but I personally love the story if Tobi were Obito… at least for Kakashi’s sake. Maybe it wouldn’t make sense for the whole manga, but I just can’t get it out of my head that Kakashi Gaiden is meant for something besides just a small story.

    In any case, don’t hate on us because we still believe… I at least will admit I was wrong when the truth comes out, and I am sure you have been wrong about some ideas about the manga too.

  34. why is he going after naruto? doesnt he have to seal away the bijuu in order? i think this chapter says something to the effect of madara’s moons eye plan being a bluff. unless he doesnt know kisame is dead and bee is still alive and kickin then shouldnt his first target be KB?

  35. Interestingly, Madara has the Uchiha symbol on his back now. I thought he despised the clan?

  36. @Bringerofkaos I guess he expects Kisame to not fail, that he will be successful in taking Killer Bee.
    Madara’s probably making Naruto his priority because he has been a thorn in his side for too long (especially after seeing how much Konan has changed because of Naruto).
    He also isn’t going to seal Naruto right away (he wants to pit him versus Sasuke for some reason) so the seal order doesn’t matter right now.

  37. @dont like clutter 2 It would be horrible if Jiraiya were still alive. I liked his character and all, but Jiraiya had one of, if not the, best death in this manga, not to mention all the development that had fed on him being deceased would be trashed.

  38. This was a good but sad chapter. I like Tob’s new look, it looks kinda strange because we don’t see his hair anymore but I digg it though. I wanna see Kabuto take out one of the countries by himself, Sasuke vs KB rematch, and I think Tobi vs Naruto is too soon, but I’m sure Kishi would think of something epic seeing as how there’s no chapter next week. I have a prediction that may or may not happen, but I wanna see Kabuto bring back Yahiko & Konan along side with Nagato to face Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.

  39. It looks like this is Madara but he still says the Rinnegan belongs to him so it could still be SOSP.

  40. @ dont like clutter

    Kabuto could have his body.

    That would be sad, seeing such a great character used like that.

  41. well its obivious its madara uchiha i mean obito couldnt possibly gain all that knowledge that fast and know all about the sage of the 6 paths and etc. its slightly possible but come on now how do you escape from huge boulder falling on your body crushing the other half.

  42. @ don’t like clutter, it was a figure of speech, but basically i meant “saw what u wrote”. and my main complaint wasn’t the theory but the fact that u posted the same exact thing 3 times in rather short intervals (kinda ironic considering your name). your theory had some merit, but that doesn’t mean u should spam it until someone says that they agree w/ u
    @ ripcord, i think Obito’s out the window. the only thing that gave the theory any merit was that Tobi only showed his right eye, but he recently showed his left eye, soo, yeah. but i don’t think it’s Madara either, i feel Izuna’s much more likely, with Shisui at 2nd place (imo). don’t have much to back it up tho, more like a gut instinct

  43. but shisui was killed by itachi uchiha that only leaves izuna but he waz dead it has to be madara just a question how would izuna come back alive anyway just question that i want answer but i know its madara uchiha

  44. crack theory….Uchiha and Senju of a specific power level can fuse into a Rikkudo Sage! hahah DBZ all over again

    Sasuke and Naruto will fuse by the end! lolz

  45. @ tatsamaru, i said i didn’t have much to back it up and it was just a gut instinct. but remember, Tobi claimed to have faked his death anyway, so what would b the difference between Madara faking his death and Shisui or Izuna faking their deaths. besides, i don’t remember it saying anywhere Izuna died, just that he got his eyes taken out, i might b mistaken tho. anyway, i can’t really explain how i came up w/ those ideas and don’t really feel like defending my position that much. i just have a feeling Tobi’s still lying about his identity but find the ObiTobi theory just to crazy, but not in an “it’s crazy becuz it’s in an anime!” type of way that would allow it to make perfect sense, but instead way less logical

  46. I had a random theory earlier today, what is this “Tobi” is actually the son of Rikudou Sage that inherited his eyes. I mean he does say that Nagato’s Rinnegan was his to begin with. Thoughts?

  47. oh, and I’m going to be the first to call it….Madara switched bodies to Nagato’s body from the one he used before.

  48. Yeah I think throwing out the Obito theories is a good idea at this point, but whoever Tobi is, he isn’t Madara. He might claim to be but some points beg to differ. The biggest one I can think of is his conversation with Kabuto when Kabuto summoned the last coffin and scared the hell out of Tobi. He also asked him something along the lines of “you go by Madara these days?” A weird thing to say to the actual Madara Uchiha.

  49. That is not MADARA, why keep hiding if you, doesnt make any sense.

  50. It’s so sad Konan died, I wonder how Naruto will deal with it, we know she’s dead since she had a more personal flashback this time, that and we sad her dead body float in the ocean or could she just be unconscious and that flashback was all just a dream? I think I’m to optimistic, to think she is just unconscious. Madara’s outfit is cool, but the mask is just, I don’t know not cutting it for me, although that long head band is pretty cool, as well as, the fan. Oh also found an unaired clip of Naruto Shippuden, Hanzo vs Sannin, why did they cut that small clip out. Here enjoy or whatever.

  51. I guess the Alliance’s plan to hide the jinchurikii from madara is really over now. Madara knows all most everything . He’s just coming now to tie up loose ends.But why is Madara going after naruto and not KB? I thought he had already the order set.

  52. @ Nemo Prime because they showed izuna in a casket so its no way possible he could be alive madara is tobi in my opinion he just trying to throw everyone off and that obito theory was very stupid to begin with i mean he got smashed by a huge boulder and no blood circulation in your body means you die

  53. The 3 dots on madara mask shows that he has obtain 3 of the 6 powers of the sage of six paths, namely the uchiha, senju from first hokage and uzumaki from konan.

  54. you mean the uzimake from nagato lol

  55. erm just a therory guys, all them sharingans that tobi has could be the work of itatchi when he slaughter his whole clan, he said tobi helped him so im gussing he took them for himself y else would he be there. and dus anyone rember that technique Jiraiya told naruto never to use when he came bak to the vilage ? we still aint seen that or th power itatchi gave him

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