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Holy hell, am I making an actual blog? Yeah I don’t know what’s come over me either – been a while. Now as some of you may remember, we have had several blogs in the past addressing the politics/governments/economies within the Naruverse. I was very interested in these posts, and when I made a connection the other day, I decided to do one myself.

The author of Naruto – Masashi Kishimoto – is from Japan. If I had to make an educated guess, taking into account a trend that I see in many other mangas, Kishi visualizes Konoha and the Land of Fire (the story’s land of focus) as Japan (his home country). Does that mean that he incorporates other parts of the real world into other parts of the Naruverse? I don’t know, but I like the idea of it.

Two lands that struck a resemblance in my mind were Kumogakure (the Cloud Village) and America (the U.S.A.). Geographically they are not that similar, but there are a number of other resemblances between America and Kumogakure, and the relationships between Kumogakure and Konoha, and America and Japan.

In the Third Naruto Databook, which I only discovered because of Kisu’s post way-back-when about the villages, stats were given to each of the great villages in the Naruverse. Kumogakure was given a 4/5 in military strength. I would say, when compared to other nations of the real world, America has a military force of 5/5. Kumogakure has a population of 3/5 compared to other nations. Even though America only has around 310 million citizens compared India and China who have well over a billion, the U.S. is still third in the world, so I would give them at least a 4/5. Kumogakure’s economy was given a 5/5, and I’d say (although this is highly debatable) America has an economic strength of 4/5 compared to the rest of the countries around the world. If you truly believe it is doing that shitty right now, then fine, give it a 3/5, that only enhances my next point. This gives Kumogakure a total of 12/15, and America a total of 13/15 (or 12/15 depending on how you rate its economy). Not too far off eh?

Another resemblance that I found funny between America and Kumogakure is their leadership, and when it appeared. The raikage – A, the first dark skinned kage, and one of the first dark skinned characters in Naruto. He made his appearance in chapter 416. This chapter was released sometime around September 2008 (time’s flied right?). Now Barack Obama, who had a mediocre popularity in America during his pre-presidential days, was not very well known internationally. He announced he was running for President in 2007, but didn’t become the primary democratic candidate until June 2008. This is when he became an international icon, and this was only three months before the raikage’s first appearance.

I know Obama isn’t a muscle-bound, goatee-sporting bruiser like the raikage, but there are actually some similarities. Before I go into this, I’d just like to say that I am leaving my political opinions out of this, so if I include something that you don’t agree with… feel free to attack it lol. Considering the shaky past between Konoha and Kumogakure, having the raikage as the leader of the shinobi alliance and being willing to work with Konoha and the rest of the nations makes him somewhat of a sign of hope and unity for Konoha and the other nations. Considering the shaky past between Japan and America, many people, especially foreign diplomats, see Obama as a sign of hope. Especially after George Bush, who was not so popularly accepted around the world.

Speaking of the “shaky past,” remember how America fought Japan in World War II? Well the same can be said for Kumogakure and Kohona in the First Great Shinobi War. The somewhat cynical view by the Leaf Village toward the Cloud Village before A and Killer Bee were ever introduced might have been because of the way Americans were portrayed in Japanese society, especially after learning about events like Hiroshima. As Kishimoto is a citizen of Japan, he cannot help but feel the same way as other Japanese citizens feel about certain issues like this.

A final parallel between these four nations would be that in the real world, both Japan and America are what is known as “Great Powers.”  In turn, both Konoha and Kumogakure are part of the “Five Great Shinobi Countries.”

The U.S. is currently on good terms with Japan, and Kumogakure is, for the first time, on good terms with Konoha. Coincidence?… probably lol, but tell me what you guys think 😛


8 Responses

  1. Raikage all the way leasthe backs up his words haha

  2. Great post!!! This was well thought out. I never would’ve imagine comparing 2 of the 5 great nations to real life nations. Japanese authors leave hints of truth in their Anime, only a trained eye can catch it. For example, One of the greatest authors of all time Akira Toriyama gave us the 7 Dragon Balls which represented the 7 chakra’s wants aligned together the Kundalini (snake/serpent) rises you too full enlightenment. Sonic the Hedgehog does the same thing ( 7 chaos emeralds). I won’t say to much but just know 7 is a great number

    Kumo tries to Steal and Experiment people from Konoha. Japan takes some inventions from America to benefit themselves, and Americans benefited from Japan for quite some time now. Kishi also shows Naruto as not being “hip” or “down” as Bee, And look at the way Kishi presented Kumo, A multicultural group people, that act just like many Americans

    I pick the Raikage, No wife, No kids. He can do his way with all the women of Kumo : D

  3. Great Post. 5 great nations = Security Council

  4. i really enjoyed this post, very interesting. don’t feel like commenting to much tho
    fyi, i voted Raikage since he’s ultra-kickass. i like Obama too, but he can’t run as fast as lightning or punch thru walls, lol

  5. hahaha, this is a pretty interesting post ssj, I would have never thought to think kumogakure as the US. So what countries would the other Narutoverse countries represent?

  6. That’s a tough question to answer, because the first thing I think of is a touchy subject among some. Mind you, I’m being objective when I say this, but the Hidden Rain Village reminds me of the middle east at the moment.
    Given the tumultuous internal politics and the wars caused by other nations trying to force their way in on them seems to be a pretty good match.

  7. lol mideast = rain village! pain = sadam so madara = bin laddin (plz dont attack me for making a connection lol)

  8. I was gonna say that Suna was the Middle East with all the sand, and how Deidara symbolically represented the US soilders bombing innocent victims, Sasori (Deidara’s teammate) representing Sadam who allowed his own people to get hurt. Bin Laddin and George Bush are good friends in real life

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