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Bleach Chapter 419 – Deicide 21

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This chapter might as well be a giant middle finger to all the die-hard Aizen fans out there. Their wish came true, Aizen actually transformed, AGAIN!, but to what avail?

The caption on the first page says “Ichigo was thought to have lost his reiatsu, but…?!” This is  further proof that Aizen was just making comforting assumptions about Ichigo last chapter, and the strawberry hides his true power somewhere inside. The slash Ichigo delivered to Aizen’s torso at the end of 418 forces him to transport to a nearby cliff while his regenerative powers heal the wound. It seems that those are his only advantageous powers over Ichigo anymore. Ichigo recalls Aizen teasing him for once putting distance between them. This taunt pushes Aizen over the edge. As he screams in a fit of rage at Ichigo, the mark on his forehead grows into what appears to be another eye. The eye starts bleeding, then expands grotesquely, engulfing Aizen’s entire being…


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