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Return the scroll from the cicada’s heart (part 1)

post author: orochimaru22

Konoha entrance. Neji, Sakura, Lee waiting for Sai.

Sakura: It’s very unusual for Sai to be this late. Whats taking him so long?

Lee: Maybe Sai-kun forgot about this mission.

Neji: It’s quite unlikely actually. We shouldn’t forget that he is a former ANBU.

Sai: Sorry I am late.

Sakura: (Angry) You’re 20 minutes late and that’s all you have to say?!

Sai: I was lost in my latest book (Holds it up – how to be fashionably late).

Sakura: Why you..(Gets ready to punch)

Neji: Enough both of you. Now that Sai is here I’ll go over the details of the mission. Tsunade-sama has asked me to tell you this before we leave. In the forest near the Village hidden in rocks, is an ancient shrine which contains a scroll carefully sealed away. Our hokage has made it very clear that this scroll is of utmost importance as it contains information on controlling the Bijuu. It’s clear that Akatsuki will come after this scroll. But it is our job to get it before them if they haven’t gotten it already.

Sakura: Then we have to get it back no matter what.

Lee: Don’t worry Sakura-san we will definitely get it back.

Sai:…But if it’s that important then the shrine must be heavily protected.

Neji: Don’t worry Tsunade-sama has given me a special password which can get us through the barrier.

Lee: Then let’s head out at double, no make it triple our normal speed!

Sakura: Uhmm….Lee-san we really don’t have to go that fast.

Neji: No sakura . I for once believe that Lee is right. If Akatsuki is after the scroll then we have to get it as fast as we can.

Lee: Then lets go!

Orochimaru’s hideout.

Kabuto: You called, Orochimaru-sama.

Orochimaru: Kabuto. I wish to go on expedition today and I want you to accompany me.
Kabuto: But Orochimaru-sama, you are still not well from your last body transfer you shouldn’t-

Orochimaru: That is precisely why I want you to accompany me. I have to do this and I can’t entrust this to anyone else. Its troublesome but there’s no other way.

Kabuto: As you wish Orochimaru-sama.

Akatsuki meeting.dark cave.

Hidan: Why the heck did you call us here. We were busy chasing after that Jinchuuriki ya know?

Pain: Its urgent. I have received information about the Bijuu-mesmerise scroll and that its located in the cicada forest near hidden rock village. I have summoned you hear to inform you of this and to tell you that I have decided that Deidara will be the one to go and bring this scroll to me. Tobi cant accompany him because I have sent him to do another mission.

Deidara: Thank goodness. My head wouldn’t hurt for his rambling for once. Mhmm.

Zetsu: Konoha shinobi are already heading towards it. Four of them.

Deidara: Then this wont be so boring after all. Mhmm

Pain: Dismiss for the time being. Let us meet again after this mission is completed.

The hazy projections off all the members disappear.

Cicada forest. Team Neji proceeding fast jumping from tree to tree.

Neji: Byakugan! We are close. I can sense a powerful barrier 250 meters ahead of us.

Sakura: We reached it rather quickly.

Lee: See my idea was good after all.

Sai: (Looks toward the east and then again towards the west worried)

Lee: Sai -kun is something the matter?

Sai: Listen everyone. I think it would be better if we split up and search the surrounding area first.

Neji: Why Sai?

Sai: Well for one thing the enemies may ambush us just when we open the barrier. Wouldn’t it be better to take them out before opening it. Even if there are no enemies it would still be better to check out the surroundings just to be on the safe side don’t you think?

Lee: Sai-kun does have a point.

Sakura: It would be better if we split up and checked upon the surroundings

Neji: Very well then. Lee take the north-west direction. Sakura take the north-east direction. I will take the south, southeast and Sai take care of the rest from the sky.

Lee: Roger that! (Leaves)

Sakura: Sure thing!

Sai: (Takes out scroll and quickly draws a bird on it) Ninpou: Chojuu giga. (Flies away).

Eastern part of the forest.

Kabuto: We should be there by now.

Orochimaru: Wait Kabuto. (Looks up at the sky-sees Sai flying in the air)

Kabuto: (Also looks up) I see. I never expected Konoha to be interfering with this.

Orochimaru: Hehe. We do not have time to waste thinking over those Konoha weaklings. Let us confront them and crush them like the bugs they are (Licks his lips).

Neji: Byakugan! (Sees Deidara approaching from the south). I don’t time have to inform the others maybe I have to confront him on my own.

Sai: Everything seems alright. I guess I’ll head back. (Makes a round and begins to go back)

Orochimaru: Se’e Tajashu! (A huge snake rises from underneath his sleeves and grabs Sai from his back and hurls him down to the ground with a thud!)

Sai: Ughh!

Orochimaru: My my what pleasant surprise. Isnt it the double agent from last time?

Kabuto: Yes Orochimaru-sama.

Orochimaru: Hehe. I would like to punish you for the last time. But I don’t have time. So I’ll just kill you and be off.

Sai: (Now how do I get myself out of this?)

A kunai flies out of nowhere and cuts off the head of the snake binding Sai. Sakura and Lee come into the scene.

Sakura: are you alright Sai?

Sai: Barely.

Lee: Long hair, snake like eyes, you must be Orochimaru. I have been dying to fight you and now I get my chance finally.

Sakura: Lee-san don’t. you have no idea how powerful he is.

Lee: It doesn’t matter. If Naruto-kun can fight him,so can I. (Rushes towards Orochimaru)

Kabuto: (Appears in front of lee) And you think I am just going stand and watch you attack Orochimaru-sama?

Lee throws a punch at Kabuto’s face. Kabuto dodges it. Lee follows it up with two kicks and three punches. Kabuto back flips and dodges them all. Lee reaches Kabuto up front while he is off balance from his flip.

Lee: Konoha dai senpuu!

Kabuto blocks the first kick but is hit by the remaining three. He is knocked off his feet.

Kabuto: I see you have grown much stronger than the last time we met.


Sakura: Now then Orochimaru (Wears her black gloves) tell me where is Sasuke-kun?

Orochimaru: Or you’ll what? (Smiling)

Sakura: Or I’ll this. (Punches in the ground making a large crack and sending rocks flying into the air).

Orochimaru: Hehe. So you’ve been training under Tsunade eh? Well if that’s the case then I am afraid you wont be doing much against me.

Sai: Alone maybe not but still two have a better chance than one. (Smiles at Sakura)

Sakura: lets do this Sai.

Southern part of the forest

Deidara: (I thought those Konoha pests would have arrived already so that I could have some fun before I get the scroll. Let’s see if I can meet them in the shrine).

Neji: I guess he didn’t see me yet. (Watches Deidara from the trees.)

(Deidara looks at the trees on both sides from the corners of his eyes. Puts his hand in his right bag and eats a bit of clay. Then uses the charka mixed clay to make small clay birds)

Deidara: Over there! (Throws them towards the fourth tree from his right)

Neji: Shit! (Jumps out of the tree. Three explosions take place and the tree falls to the ground.)

Deidara: Finally some entertainment. I was beginning to feel that I shouldn’t have come on this mission. Mhmm.

Neji: (So he uses explosives by mixing Chakra with clay. I have to be careful not to get too close to his clay dolls)

Deidara: Then let’s begin shall we.

To be continued.


9 Responses

  1. Not bad. I main reomendation would be gramar related. Splitting your scenes apart with a blank line would help ease trasition into the next scene. Rather minor in the grand scheme, i look forward to the next chapter and the following battle

  2. i promise to surprise you!

  3. Entertaining stuff! Keep it coming!

  4. Can’t wait to read the next one…keep them coming!!! =)

  5. good post i aggree with bringerofkaos you should make a blank line to separate action and dialogue or make the names of the character speaking big when they do. this will make it look a bit more organized and more easy to follow

  6. oh and you should tell us where and when the story takes place at the beginning of it i guess this takes place between the look for sasuke arc and the arc where asuma dies

  7. ya thats true!!

  8. oh no its after their first meeting with sasuke….or else how will there be Sai with them?!

  9. i ment that arc just forgot how it was called

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