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Revenge of the YellowFlash III

In the woods outside the village Minato stands over an exhausted Naruto.

Minato: You’ve done great, Naruto. Looks like you got the hang of chakra control and your speed. The only thing you need to work on is your analytical skills, keep your attention on your enemy, analyze every single move he makes. The more you know the easier it’ll be to counter all his attacks, systematically break down your enemies defense.

Naruto: Yeah now that I’ve finally got the hang of my chakra all my techniques are a lot better. Alright, let’s keep going!

Minato: You still want to train?, but you’re exhausted, I think it’s time for a break.

Naruto: I can’t stop now, I need to catch up to Sasuke, he made me look like a total idiot on our mission to the land of waves.

Minato: So, you two have become rivals huh? Naruto, I want you to take it easy on Sasuke he’s been through a lot. Sadly, we are going to have to stop here today, I have a summit to go to. You’ve already mastered the basics so in our next training session we’ll focus on taijutsu and maybe some jutsu, for now you go and rest, maybe get a bowl of Ramen and study those old training scrolls I got ya. You not only have to train your body but your mind as well.

Naruto: Ramen? That’s the magic word! ( Naruto runs off all excited ) Don’t forget dad the Chuunin exams are coming up and I want to make you proud!

Minato: (Yelling to Naruto as he runs off to Ikiraku’s) Study those scrolls! (Saying to himself) I’m sure you will make me proud Naruto.

In Madara’s hideout he sits across from Pein.

Madara: So what progress have you made?

Pein: After Orochimaru’s betrayal, I sent Itachi, Kisame and Sasori to the Rock Village to recruit a new member for Akatsuki.

Madara: A new member, eh? So who is he?

Pein: He goes by the name Deidara, his techniques will be a great asset to Akatsuki. I’ve teamed him up with Sasori and sent them to the Hidden Waterfall village to retrieve the seven-tailed beast.

Madara: The Waterfall village has never been successfully infiltrated, you think they are skilled enough to capture the Nanabi?

Pein: I’m confident they will be able to handle it.

Madara: Kakuzu, may have been a better choice, since he’s from Takigakure.

Pein: Kakuzu insisted he didn’t want to return, so I sent them in his place. Trust me they will get the job done.

Madara: I’ll go make sure that this goes off without a hitch.

In Takigakure, Deidara and Sasori are inside of the Waterfall village walking up to a cave on a large mountain.

Sasori: I don’t know why it’s so hard to get inside this village, we got in just fine.

Deidara: Yeah, what’s all the fuss about?

Looking behind himself, countless ninja lie dead on the ground, Deidara creates a bird and takes flight into the air.

Deidara: I’ll force the Jinchuuriki out with my Bunker Busters.

He starts to drop Tasmanian devil clay bombs onto the ground. As they dig deep into the ground Deidara detonates them creating huge explosions.

Inside a dark cave the Nanabi by the name of Fu is awakened from all the explosions.

Fu: I hate being awaken, I hate noise.

Suddenly the cave explodes and Fu appears surrounded by chakra in the form of the Nanabi.

Deidara: There she is!

Deidara lands right in front of her along with Sasori.

Deidara: We’ve been looking for you.

Fu: Who the hell are you?

Sasori: Come with us now or we’ll make you come.

Deidara: And you don’t want that.

Fu: (Laughing) Didn’t anyone tell you it’s bad manners to come to someones home uninvited? I should kill you.

Minato, Shikaku and Choza are on their way to Takigakure.

Minato: It’s still weird that you guys are now my guards, guess I still haven’t gotten use to the Hokage thing.

Shikaku: Yeah, we aren’t kids anymore huh?

Choza: No, but let’s hurry we don’t want to keep them waiting.

Shikaku: ( Smiling ) Getting hungry, huh Choza?

Minato: Getting excited about something isn’t a bad idea, these summits can get pretty boring.

Madara: ( In the tree above them ) Then let’s make it interesting.

Fu dashes at the duo and jumps in the air, suddenly the Kabutomushi horns made of chakra forms out of her head she fall to the ground head first destroying the entire mountain. Deidara and Sasori escaped into the air on a clay bird.

Deidara: That was close, any closer and we both would be dead.

Sasori: Kabutomushi, eh? She’s dangerous, we better end this now!

Sasori opens his mouth and thousand of needles shoot toward Fu with blinding speed, she flips away dodging all attacks while Deidara flies above dropping more clay bombs in the shape of spiders. Suddenly a bomb lands on top of Fu and detonates causing a huge shockwave.

Deidara: Ding Dong the Bitch is dead.

When the smoke clears Fu is protected by giant chakra wings.

Fu: (Giggling) That tickled.

Two more sets of wings forms behind the first set and Fu takes flight into the air at a great speed!

Deidara: She’s fast. (Deidara turns around and flies away from Fu)

Sasori shoots his tail into the air and grabs Fu by her leg stopping her but she shoots a ball of larva out of her mouth at Sasori covering his entire puppet armor. Sasori’s true form jumps out before the lava hardens. Fu then starts shooting out hundreds of  hardened larva balls at Sasori destroying Hiruko and at Deidaras clay bombs as he attack from the air. Fu launches at Deidara and hits him with her horns and the first set of wings causing Deidaras ribs to crack and blood to spew from his mouth knocking him off of the bird. As Deidara is falling he detonates the clay bird that right next to Fu but she covers her body in larva protecting herself, Deidara makes another bird.

Deidara:  She’s fighting us both by land and air, I see, she uses the first set of wings as her defense and the others are for flying, this Jinchuuriki is amazing, she’s not afraid to let the demon spirit inside her take over. But she made one mistake, that cloak doesn’t fully protect her from outside attacks otherwise she wouldn’t have needed to cover herself in larva to evade my clay bird bomb.

Suddenly a long green tail forms from her back and extends toward Deidara stabbing him through the chest.

Fu: You didn’t think I forgot about you.

Sasori: Let’s stop playing around Deidara. Summoning Jutsu: Kazekage Puppet! ( Iron sand starts to seep from the puppets mouth )

Deidara breaks free of the tail and flies back to Sasori. Deidara feels his body going numb and realizes she poisoned him, Sasori uses a medical technique and extracts the poison.

Deidara: That was close, let’s finish this bitch off, it’s time to use c3 level chakra.

Minato: (Glaring at Madara) You again, what do you want now?

Madara: Hmmm, I’m surprised you’re not attacking in a blind rage, looks like you’ve forgiven me for killing your wife.

Minato: ( Smiling)  Hmph! I’ve given up my rage and turned it into hope, I no longer fight to end you because I won’t be the one to do it. My job is to guide the next generation into power and instill them with the Will of Fire.

Madara: Tell me, who will end me then?

Minato: The Destined child.

Madara: (Laughing) Destined Child? So who is this Destined Child?

Minato: You’ll find out soon enough.

Shikaku sends a shadow up the tree Madara jumps and Choza enlarges his arm smashing it into Madara but it goes right through him, a Minato clone attacks from behind getting Madara’s attention but it disperses in a puff of smoke giving Minato enough time to stamp him with a curse seal on his chest.

Madara: What did you do to me?

Minato: I grounded you here in this dimension.

Madara: You are really starting to annoy me.

Madara punches Minato sending him flying through a tree, Shikaku and Choza race to Minato’s side. Madara takes out a scroll with the Edo Tensei seal attached to it.

Madara: (Thinking: At least I still have this, Orochimaru wasn’t totally useless after all) I can’t let you pass, here’s something that ought to keep you busy for a while.

Madara summons, Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage!

Choza: Who’s that?

Shikaku: That’s the Fourth Mizukage and previous Jinchuuriki to the Sanbi! He led the Hidden Mist village into a dark age when it was called the Hidden Bloodymist, it was said that he was being manipulated by some outside force which led to him being overthrown and killed.

Minato: Now we know who that outside force was.

Madara: Hmph, Very clever.

Yagura: Even in death you won’t allow me peace, controlling me against my will. If I could I would have killed you along time ago.

Madara: Still as cold as ever.

Minato: (Thinking): Why doesn’t he want us to get to the Waterfall village? What is he after? (A shocked look comes across his face.) He’s after the Nanabi?….. Shikaku, Choza get to the village, he’s after their tailed-beast!

Madara: I can’t let you pass. (Madara teleports right next to Choza and Shikaku and sucks them into a portal, they both are transported miles away) If  you didn’t use that curse seal on me I would have sent them to another dimension, permanently, but this will have to do for now until I’m free of this seal. (Madara disappears)

Yagura: I have no interest in killing you, he is the one I want to kill but since I have no choice I guess it’s time we fight.

Minato:  (Thinking) I can’t let this drag on, I have to stop them from getting the Nanabi.  ( To Yagura) I don’t want to fight you either but I will do you a favor and grant your wish and let your soul rest in peace.

Minato dashes at him but is shocked when Yagura also uses the same level of speed. Yagura, takes out a medal staff and swings it at Minato trying to hit him but he blocks with his kunai, Yagura spins around quickly to attack from another direction and Minato counters by spinning and blocking, they both soar through the air of the forest spinning like two tornadoes, canceling out each others attacks. As chakra and debris fly through the mist a sudden burst of energy pushes them both back sliding them across the ground.

Minato: This is going to take longer than I thought.

Minato throws a volley of shuriken at high-speed, Yagura forms hand signs, Yoton: Acid Cannon, a ball of acid shoots from his mouth melting the shuriken and landing on Minato’s jacket, it starts to burn through his cloak so he rips it off.

Minato: He uses acid techniques, his speed also matches my normal speed level. Edo Tensei, it uses a corpse as a medium and the user summons a shinobi’s soul and also his chakra into the medium allowing it to utilize the spirits techniques. The medium also regenerates from any injuries that is inflicted making it invincible. The second hokages dark techniques still hunt the ninja world even now. The only way to beat him is to get rid of his medium all together, but easier said than done.

Yagura dashes at Minato and acid forms from the flower at the end of his staff, he starts to spin it violently making more acid, throwing it at Minato. Minato dodges all the acid but Yagura manages to hit him with the staff sending him into the ground creating a crater.

Minato: He is using that acid at close range, it’s going to be hard to fight and avoid it at the same time.

Minato dashes at Yagura and they both engage in taijutsu, Yagura covers his staff in yoton chakra and attacks. Minato blocks with his kunai which is covered with wind chakra and ducks kicking him in the chin sending him into the air and appears behind him using shadow dance, spins to his side hitting him in the face with the back of his fist. Yagura spins and stabs Minato through the shoulder with the staff burning him with the acid then kicks him through a tree all in mid-air. Yagura lands on the ground and Minato appears behind bleeding and panting from the pain forming hand signs, Wind Style: Air Cannon at the same time another clone of Minato appears on the opposite side of Yagura forming hand signs, Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb, the two attack combine causing a fire explosion.

Back in the Waterfall village, Deidara and Sasori have not managed to take down the Nanabi, Fu has allowed the Nanabi full control and the entire area is being the destroyed as Deidara and Sasori are hiding behind rocks.

Deidara: We need to think of something or we’re dead.

Sasori: This is the Nanabi, I didn’t expect it to be easy.

Suddenly Pein appears!

Pein: I’m disappointed in you two, sleeping on the job.

Deidara: She’s strong but we’ll got it.

Pein: I’ll give you a hand, it’ll be up to you to take care of the remains when it’s over.

Pein summons five more ninja that all resemble him.

When the smoke clears Minato spots a hole in the ground indicating he escaped through it. The ground beneath Minato’s feet starts to crack, Minato jumps in the air and from beneath the ground Yagura unleashes his acid stream. The giant stream of acid shoots into the air towards Minato but he throws his kunai to the ground a few feet away and uses the Flying Thunder God technique to teleport to safety. Still under ground, Yagura activates another technique, Yoton: Acid River, and a huge amount of acid burst through the ground covering the entire terrain forcing Minato to jump from tree to tree as everything is being overtaken by the acid. Yagura burst out of the river covered in acid.

Yagura: You’re fast, let’s see you dodge this.

Minato: The acid has no effect on him, I have no ground to support me, I can’t summon a toad and this tree won’t hold out much longer, this is getting too dangerous.

Acid starts to cover Yaguras lower body and lifts him in the air gliding him towards Minato. Minato forms a single hand sign and incases his entire body with a powerful surge of wind chakra then dashes as fast as he can across the river, with the wind pushing the acid away from his body. He then forms a Rasengan and slams it into Yaguras body but it explodes revealing itself to be an acid clone. Yagura appears behind him with a giant acid dragon launching it at Minato, he jumps in the air but while he’s in the air two giant acid Tsunami comes at him from both sides. Minato unleashes a huge amount of wind chakra from every chakra point in his body creating an enormous ball of wind pushing the acid tsunamis away and throughout the forest, Wind Style: Hurricane Sphere.

Landing on a tree Minato falls to his knees from exhaustion.

Yagura: Not many ninja can utilize chakra from more than one body part at a time.

Minato: ( Panting ) I used too much chakra. I’m going to have to end this quickly.

The acid picks Yagura up and he forms more hand signs, Summoning Jutsu: Sea Hag! A huge monster is summoned under the acid river only revealing giant tentacles.

Minato: Does this guy ever run out of chakra?

Yagura: You can’t avoid my Sea Hag, it can smell your chakra.

The tentacles fly right at Minato but he forms hand signs, Lightning Style: Thunder Strife, A large bolt of lightning shoots out of Minato’s index and middle fingers electrocuting the tentacles.

Yagura: He can use lightning too?

Another tentacle crashes into Minato who’s standing on a tree causing a huge splash and finally grabs him pulling him into the river. Yagura turns around and starts to walk back towards the Edo Tensei summoning scroll thinking he has won but suddenly all the acid is suck into another dimension by an enormous vortex and Minato from the sky comes slamming a giant Rasengan on top of the Sea Hags blowing it up sending blood and guts everywhere.

Yagura: How?

A flashback occurs showing Minato putting a clone in his place and stamping it with a dimensional seal when the Sea Hag crashes him into the tree and pulls him into the river. The real Minato uses the Flying Thunder God Technique to disappear out of sight giving him time to form a giant Rasengan to killing the Sea hag.

Minato: I replaced myself with a clone just before that Sea Hag grabbed me with its tentacles and stamped my clone with a space/time dimensional seal which would activate once the acid destroyed my clone. Once the seal activated it sucked your entire acid river into another dimension, unfortunately it also devoured almost the entire landscape. You thought you could overpower me with that acid. Using up most of your chakra creating that Acid River.

Yagura: How do you know about my chakra?

Minato: I knew from the beginning when Madara decided to leave that he filled your medium with chakra, if he was going to control you himself he would have to stay. Edo Tensei feeds off of the users chakra and since he left it could only mean he pumped you with enough chakra to keep me busy, I just didn’t know how much.

Yagura: You knew all this from the beginning!?

Minato: I used my sensing ability to measure your chakra, so when I saw you had used up most of your chakra on that Acid river, I knew I could win.

Yagura: You haven’t won yet!

Minato: Still don’t know when you’ve lost, well, what else can I expected from a puppet.

Minato throws a kunai at him stabbing him in the chest then Minato uses the Flying Thunder God Technique to appear right in front of him to stamp him with a dimensional seal.

Minato: Since I can’t destroy your body with out you regenerating, I’ll just send you into the next dimension.

As the seal starts to glow a small black hole appears on his body ripping it to pieces and sucking his entire body into the black hole in small fragments. After falling to his knees panting and desperately trying to catch his breath Minato stands to his feet staring at the Waterfall village.

Pein has finished taking down the Nanabi.

Pein: I see why it took the three of us, the seven-tails was no pushover, she is only two tails away from the Kyuubi.

Deidara: We’ll take it from here.

Pein disappears in a puff of smoke and with Fu in the mouth of a clay bird Deidara and Sasori are prepared to leave, but not before stopping and collecting Hiruko’s pieces.

Deidara: Are you serious? That things history.

Sasori: Obviously, you don’t no art, it can be reborn.

Deidara: No offence Sasori-sama but that crap you do is not art.

Sasori: When this is all over we’ll see who has the true art!

Deidara: Fine, hey, did you notice no one came to help the Jinchuuriki?

Sasori: Kakuzu said the village detested her, all jinchuuriki live this way.

Deidara: (Smiling and scratching his head) Now, I don’t feel so bad, we’re doing them a favor.

Sasori: A great service to the community, I kinda like it.

Shikaku and Choza finally make it back to Minato

Shikaku: Are you okay?

Minato: I’m fine, let’s go!

Choza: To Takigakure?

Minato: No, back to Konoha, I’ve figured something out.

Shikaku: What about the Nanabi?

Minato: The Nanabi is gone,  I can’t sense it’s energy, someone has captured it.

In a hideout far away Orochimaru sits all bandaged up.

Orochimaru: My plans are finally in order, soon Sasuke will be mine.

Kabuto: Is Sasuke’s eyes really as powerful as you say?

Orochimaru: Jealous Kabuto?

Kabuto: ….. Why should I be, you released me from Sasori-samas control and now I’m free to do what I want, you should be lucky I chose to stay and serve you.

Orochimaru: Why did you stay?

Kabuto: Let’s just say I admire your strength, seeing you manipulate the sand village was very intriguing, I could learn a lot from you.

Orochimaru: The Sand were always weak-minded shinobi, now that I have them under my control the attack on Konoha will go off without a hitch. (Speaking to the shadow)Now that I have given you what you want, its time you keep up with your side off the deal. Kabuto, wake up Kimmimaro, it time we take care of the Kazekage and begin our assault on the Leaf.

From, the shadows Danzo walks out.

Danzo: Yes, let’s begin.

Do you guys think I should make my fanfics shorter? I was just wondering because this one seems too long.