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SHANNARO!!! Manga Chapter XL: Puppet Burial

Previously: Chaos won his battle against Tsukiru, now it’s 3 to 2 for Shannaro!

The scene has changed into a desert

Shika: Ok my turn now.

Sukorupi: *flex*This sucks I need to get serious been a while since that happened.

Shika: well let’s get this over with, Aoiro Kuchiyose.

Shika summons his blue puppet.

The puppet charges at Sukorupi with its 2 swords pointed forward.

Sukorupi stays calm and crosses his clawed arms.

As soon as Aoiro is close Sukorupi  swing his claws sideward and push the swords away then he destroys the body with his tail.

Shika quickly summons kiiro before Sukorupi stands upon Aoiro.

Sukorupi places his foot on Aoiro and freezes.

Sukorupi: What the..?

Shika:  Kage-raberu no jutsu success!, Kiiroukire!

The blades on Kiiro’s arms begin to spin rapidly and it charges at Sukorupi who can’t dodge it. And gets hit by the full force attack from Kiiro, but it also pushed him away from Aoiro so he’s free again.

Sukorupi in a blind rage attack grabs Kiiro’s head and slams it into the sand, the force behind the attack forms a pit in the sand. As soon as Sukorupi jumps out the pit, the sand flows back in burying Kiiro under a huge mass of sand.

Sukorupi: I should get rid of that one too.

Before Sukorupi can bury Aoiro, Shika has sent Aka out and it spews kunai at Sukorupi. Sukorupi dodges and closes in but Aka uses smoke bombs to conceal himself.

Aka moves out the smoke and retrieves Aoiro then it spews fire and the smoke seems to be flammable and it turns into a huge fireball.

Sukorupi is nowhere to be seen but suddenly he appears underneath Aka and drags is down the sand.

Then he jumps out the sand in front of Shika and tries to punch him but he let his guard down and Midoriiro pushes him away.

Sukorupi: * thinking* crap that puppet will attack me if I don’t do something soon. Sand style: Sand blade!

A dense spurt of sand reaches Midoriiro but its coating reflects it back.

Sukorupi: Shit it’s a defensive puppet!

Sukorupi blocks the sand spurt but get’s pushed back at the same time with no room to counter.

Just as the jutsu is almost finished Shika captured Sukorupi with his shadow.

Shika: Checkmate!

Shika has summoned Kuroi and lets it charge at Sukorupi.

Sukorupi uses all his willpower and strength to try to break free of the jutsu.

Shika can’t hold him perfectly and Sukorupi gets some space to move and he uses another Sand blade. This sand blade is aimed at Kuroi but he didn’t see Midoriiro was close to Kuroi and the attack gets reflected again.

Sukorupi gets hit by the attack and gets pushed away again.

The distance between him and Shika got bigger so the Shadow possession is weaker.

Sukorupi manages to place his hand on the sand and create a fissure in it, Kuroi dodges it but Midoriiro falls inside it, Sukorupi closes it and uses another Sand Blade that now destroys Kuroi

Sukorupi: Not for me but I think you better release this technique, it’s just a waste of your chakra!

Shika: True I need more movement to use other techniques anyway.

Shika releases the shadow and quickly uses a jutsu that combines all puppets but it kinda failed since 3 of them are trapped under the sand so only Aoiro and Kuroi combine to make Akurio. (a jet black puppet with 2 jet black swords)

Shika: Black fog!

Akurio becomes invisible in the fog cause of the color similarities.

Sukorupi’s vision is just fine in the fog but he just can’t see his opponent.

Sukorupi: *thinking* Ok concentrate feel the flow feel the sand feel the chakra.

Sukorupi closes his eyes and charges at Shika.

Sukorupi: You are unprotected dumbass!

Shika quickly make hand signs but Sukorupi is faster and sends him flying with a powerful punch.

Shika: Shiro Kuchiyose!

A white puppet with no weapons appears and it charges at Sukorupi.

Sukorupi punches but Shiro sways his body backward and kicks against Sukorupi’s head.

Sukorupi and Shiro exchange punches and kicks until Sukorupi slams his tail against Shiro to make it fall.

Sukorupi half buried it already when Akurio returns tries to cut him open.

Sukorupi: Damn almost forgot about you.

Akurio charges and Sukorupi creates a sandstorm Shika can’t see so he just lets Akurio attack randomly when the sandstorm has died Akurio is stuck inside a sand pillar.

Shika: Dammit I only got Momoiro left.

Sukorupi: Then how about summoning it?

Shika: I already did.

Sukorupi: What? When?

Shika: From the start!

Suddenly a pink puppet that gathered the 3 others jumps out of the sand.

Shika: Momoiro is a puppet that is created for gathering the others when they get lost!

Momoiro wants to free the shiro and Akurio but Sukorupi pierces its body with his tail and throws it away.

Shika: Fine then, Combine! Kiiro, Midoriiro Aka!, Akiidoro!

A red puppet with a green body is the result.

Sukorupi: *thinking* it seems it has the best parts from all puppets, the spinning blade arms from that yellow one, the body is the same as the green one so I guess he has the reflection too, and that red one had hidden weapons all over its body. I’m glad I didn’t let him combine all puppets.

Sukorupi: Ok time to end this chakra output; maximum!

The sand around Sukorupi moves away due to his chakra pressure.

Sukorupi speeds up and punches Akiidoro which blocks it and reflects the sand blades Sukorupi send behind him. Sukorupi dodges by jumping over Akiidoro and now rushes at the defenseless Shika.

Shika lets Akiidoro shoot kunai and other poisoned and explosive projectiles at Sukorupi who dodges or blocks all of them, then just as he’s close enough to hit Shika he gets trapped in his shadow.

Sukorupi:  Damn you got me.

Akiidoro comes closer and tries to finish Sukorupi off

Sukorupi: NOT!

Sukorupi breaks the shadow possession with a massive chakra burst and counters the attack of the puppet with a punch that pierces it’s body and then he uses another chakra burst that turns it into tiny pieces.

Sukorupi kicks Shika with half power and sends him flying then he speeds up again and while Shika’s still in mid air he slams him into the sand and locks him up inside a sand pillar.

Sukorupi: Old man! It’s over!

Senjuuuken; You still need to wait 20 seconds brat!

Shika: *barely conscious* no it’s over, I give up I can’t even escape this damned thing.

Senjuuuken:  Ok fine, Suukorupi wins this match!

YellowUchiha: Damn you Kurogyouten suck both of you lost your battles!

Sukorupi: Ah Kazangan I see that guy wants to fight us too.

Kazangan: Anytime let’s do it now!

Senjuuuken: No stop it both of you! we need to continue the tournament!

Sukorupi & Kazangan: Shut up old fart!

Senjuuuken appears in front of Sukorupi, throws him in the air then jumps and kicks him against Kazangan!

Senjuuuken: I may be old but I can still both of your asses!

Senjuuuken taps his cane and the scene changes into a mountaintop.

Senjuuuken: Sothe! Kotaki! This fight will decide which team wins!

It’s a draw again let’s see what happens on the next chapter of the SHANNARO manga : Flight Lessons