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Naruto Chapter 507 – A Life of Lies

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi Naruto fans and Shannarolites, could it be it’s time for another chapter of Naruto. It’s been a week coming, but I we’re finally seeing the last breathes of Kisame-san as his death is all but imminent. There might have been some doubts whether might pull another “you only killed my clone” type of death like he did to Killer Bee, but the flashback we saw this chapter is definitive proof shark dude is biting the bullet this time around. It’s sad to see Kisame go, I’m getting the feeling that he along with maybe Zetsu are the only two Akatsuki members who genuinely believed in Madara’s plan, all the others either joined Akatsuki to forward their own interests or were being deceived. Even if he’s a villain, he’s a villain who stuck to his ideals until the end, you have to respect that. And how can you not like a character that emulates the Kamehameha so well?

Still, I’m glad Kisame isn’t going out without fighting to the last breath. This might have been a short battle but we have to consider the amount of punishment Kisame took from Naruto’s attack and Gai’s beatings yet still manages to summon up the strength for one last push. We often attribute’s Kisame’s battle performance to his strength and immense chakra level, but I think we often overlook the guy’s sheer willpower and resolve. Kisame is a survivor and an idealist, and he won’t let himself die until his ideals are fulfilled. After seeing his flashback, I get the feeling that if Kisame was born into another environment and had more virtuous mentors, he could have easily become one of the strongest allies for the good side. Being raised in the Bloody Mist twisted Kisame’s view of the world from the beginning; the village was drowned in secrets and lies, and where lives were easily expandable to protect them. Kisame was often given the task of murdering his own teammates and superiors in order to protect the village’s secrets, but although he excelled at being their executioner, it left him with no one to trust and no sense of belonging. He trusted no one, and no one really trusted him, he may have worn the emblems of the Mist, but he owe loyalty to no one. Kisame himself states that his whole life was one giant lie, perhaps he was just looking for a simpler world to live in? Kisame’s dream of living in a world free of lies may be naïve, but it can be a noble goal if pursued in the right way; unfortunately, Kisame fell into the grasp of Madara’s twisted vision of the future much like Nagato did. The ironic thing is that living under Madara’s Moon’s Eye plan would be like living under a lie for the rest of your life. Kisame isn’t stupid so I’m sure he was aware of this, but perhaps he went along with it because with it because at least in that new world he can find a place where he can belong.

Some other interesting thoughts about Kisame come to mind after this informative flashback. One is that even after Madara told Kisame of his grand plan, he still kept him in the dark about some things. I say this because Kisame was never aware that Tobi was Madara until Madara took off his mask for him (this occurred many chapters ago). To me, this proves that Madara never saw Kisame as more than another tool despite the fact that Kisame loyalty has never come into question. Another thing I find interesting is how Kisame was able to pair up with Itachi so well when he had killed so many of his comrades prior to joining Akatsuki. It’s probable that Madara meant for Kisame to spy on Itachi, but there certainly was a feeling of respect, maybe even trust. Going on there. It could be that Itachi was the closest thing to a friend Kisame ever had.

Some other minor points of note:
– “those who open the Wonder Gate pour glowing sweat from every inch of their body.” (anyone remember those Gatorade ‘is it in you?’ commercials, that’s what that reminds of) If you think about it, that’s really gross, Gai’s saying his aura is really plumes of steaming sweat coming off his body — the smell must be quite something.
– the scene where Gai sucker punches Kisame for twitching a finger was pretty funny. Talk about no mercy, I think Gai could have an excellent career as part of the Konoha interrogation squad in the future.
– so the rumors about the Fourth Mizukage being controlled by Madara are true. So does that mean the beginning of the Bloody Mist era in the Hidden Mist village were attributed to Madara’s influence. If that’s true, then Madara had a hand in moulding Kisame into what he is today all along. His life was a giant lie indeed.
– Aoba has seen the true face of Madara!!! Spill the beans Aoba!!!


Chapter 507 is Out!


We'll miss you Sharkman