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The New Akatsuki: If The Wall Could Talk…


After a little squirmish between the members of Team 7 and the Hawk, Shigetsu is sucked into on of Madara’s teleportation jutsu when he did not want to work with Sasuke again and would rather kill him seemingly dying in the process. Also Tsunade has awakened but not in the nice way many thought she would. She is angry and it is time to know why. Chapter 13, If the Wall Could Talk…


Konoha: Medical Tents

As Shizune walks into the tent she reaches down and picks up Tom Tom and walks in.

“Lady Tsunade you are awake, I’m so….” Shizune starts

“Where is he Shizune? Where in Danzo” I want him here now!”  Tsunade interrupts her assistant

“Well Lady he’s…..” Shizune tries to answer

“I don’t care what he is doing. Make him stop and get him here….


Tsunade suddenly stops, turns and looks at Shizune with a bewildered look.

“Say that again?” She questions

“He’s dead my Lady, Killed by Sasuke about a week ago.”

“Really? I can believe it. I hate the bastard but never wanted to have him killed” Tsunade says as her stomach begins to growl.

“Man I am so hungry.” She looks at Shizune then at Tom Tom with a desperate hungry look.

“MY LADY YOU CAN’T POSSIBLE…” Shizune holds Tom Tom tighter

“You idiot, I would never do that. Find me some food and tell me all about what is going on.”

Orochimaru’s Hideout

Naruto and Sakura just put on their new Akatsuki Robes. Both feeling disguised but hold their feels back.

“So what is next? You wanna leave for Kumo tomorrow right?” Sakura asks

“Well we can….” Madara start

“We… First of all we are not ready to go.” Sasuke interrupts

“But Sasuke I thought you been ready?”  Naruto goes on to say

“At first I was but I have to deal with something and it may take a while. Madara can I speak with you right now” Sasuke says in a way that tells the others he wants to be alone with Madara.

“Ok.  Zetsu I need you to go and recon Kumo for us. We will leave for the village when we are finished preparing.” Madara orders

“Got it I will be back soon.” Black Zetsu says as both halves sink into the floor

“The rest of you if you have anything you need to prepare for I say go and get ready. Jugo wait a minute.” Sasuke finishes

Naruto and Sakura walk out. Sakura begins to think.

“I may have gotten myself into something far worst then I could have imagined. Naruto, you seem to have changed into something that could even be worse than Sasuke. How can I stop you two? With Madara around I am too scared to try anything.”

Then she gathers the courage and speaks as they close the doors and begins to walk to their rooms. “Naruto….What is going on?  Tell me.”

Naruto stops and turns to Sakura but instead of the cold demeanor he has shown she looks and sees something in him she had lost hope of, Faith. Naruto’s eyes shine bright in the dim light hallways and a big smile.

“Don’t worry I got this under control, Believe it.” Naruto says to Sakura as he turns back and walks off. This put her faith in Naruto back in its place.

However Naruto turns back to walk and his face turns from hope to desperation. “How in the hell will I pull this off with Madara sticking around?”

Back in the main hall

Sasuke turns to Jugo once he can tell the other two are gone.

“Jugo I need you to keep an eye on Sakura for me. I do not trust her. If you notice anything, tell me immediately. I will deal with her myself.”

“Got it Sasuke, I can do that for you.” Jugo replies back.

“Good now go; I need to talk to Madara.”

Jugo walks out of the Main Hall and heads in the same direction as Sakura.

“So my boy what is it you need to talk about because I need to talk to you as well?”

“Eyes….preferably Itachi’s eyes…”

“I see ..I was wondering when you would warm up to the idea. May I ask why?”



“Yes he noticed eye sight. He also made a vital point. I may have the Mangekyo Sharingan but I can’t do anything if I am blind. So I need to be at full power when we go to Konoha.”

“AAHHH!!! I got you.  Well once that is done and you are healed we will go after 8 tails. I need him before I can use Naruto.”

Sasuke smiles. “I want payback against him for making a fool of me and also that damn Raikage anyway.”

Under his mask Madara smiles and thinks to himself.

“Naruto is full of surprises. Maybe he is fed up with Konoha. However that doesn’t change the fact. Something is not right about this but I will fix that. Soon the Rinnengan will be ready and once 8 and 9 tails are in my possession my preparations will be complete to begin my operation.” The masked man thinks as Sasuke and he stand looking at one another.

Naruto’s room

Naruto closes the door behind him and stand very still gathering natural energy to enter his Sage Mode. Once he complete it Naruto uses his chakra senses to tell if anyone is around to see or sense what he is about to do.

Thinking to himself “Ok so the plant dude is traveling at a very fast speed away from here. He’s not around to spy. Sakura and that “monster boy” are on the other side of the complex. Hope she will be ok? Sasuke and Madara are still in the main hall. I think I’m good.”

Naruto nicks his thumb and bleed from the tip and begins hand signs for a summoning jutsu.

“Summoning Jutsu!”

Naruto knowing in Sage Mode he has better control over his chakra to summon so he call for Gamaspeed one of the smallest message toads on Myouboku Mountain.

“Naruto what happening…..Why are you in a room like this……and why are you in Sage Mode?”

“Listen I have very little time so I need you to send a message to Grampa Sage……It is about to get really ugly real soon and I will need all of you guys help.”

The Front Gate of Kumogakure

“Hokage, Kazekage welcome to Kumogakure.” Raikage says as he stands at the gate once word came from a lookout that Durai and his team were heading back with “Guest”.

“What is it that you need?”

“Good to be here but I am not here for pleasantries I came here on pure business.  Same goes for the Kazekage here.”  Kakashi says

Feeling a little irritated Raikage says. “Just follow me. Your guards will stand outside.”

Kakashi and Gaara shake their heads yes however the other Sand and Leaf were uncomfortable about that. As Raikage turns he sees Neji looking at him and can feel fighting intent in him. But ignores and walks

On a nearby roof top K Bee is looking down.

“Lets see how big bro handles this situation,                                                                  Are you going to be hardhead like always and cause another war between nations,  or will you help them out and put yourself in their position?”          What will you do bro, what will you do yo?

K Bee disappears as a strange numb raise out of the ground behind his position then flattens back out and disappears as well.

End of Chapter 13


Nuff Said. Til Next Time Folks