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Revenge of the YellowFlash II

In the forest outside Konoha, four ninja lay wasted on the ground while the Masked ninja stand around them, Itachi is unconscious from his battle with the Fourth.

Masked Guy: Minato, you just don’t know when to quit, he keeps sending these bugs to bite me but all they are good for is to get squashed.

Zetsu forms out of a tree!

Dark Zetsu: So you survived, Madara?

White Zetsu: And I see the Fourth is still sending ninja to track you down, he really wants your head on a platter.

Madara: Yeah, replenish Itachi’s chakra and take him to Pein, it’s time he meets his new team.

White Zetsu: So Itachi managed to defeat Uchiha?

Madara: Let’s just say the plan is moving along nicely, once Pein has finished forming Akatsuki the real fun can begin.

Itachi awakens after Zetsu replenished his chakra.

Itachi: Madara? What happened?

Madara: You passed out from exhaustion, so I teleported us to safety. The fourth did a number on you, looks like you aren’t quite ready to handle someone like him.

Itachi: Once I’ve completely master all three eye techniques, no one will be able to stop me.

Dark Zetsu: Maybe we should get rid of the Fourth now, if we wait he’ll continue on disrupting our plans.

Madara: I’ll send someone to take care of him later, right now it’s time we move on in our plans.

Back in Konoha, The Hokages, the council and Danzo are in a secret room underground!

Hiruzen: Because of you three, Itachi killed his entire family and Sasuke is lying in a hospital bed an orphan.

Minato: You’ve also managed to aid this unknown shinobi in whatever plan he has in store for Konoha all because you took it upon yourselves to end the Uchiha.

Danzo: I stand by my decision and do not regret it, as a ninja you should know peace comes with sacrifice.

Minato: That’s your version of peace, Danzo! Not only have you aided in the extermination of Uchiha you are certainly leaking information on our village to Orochimaru.

Danzo: I’ve done no such thing, you have no proof.

Minato: We are about to find out. Ibiki! Inoichi!

Ibiki and Inoichi walks in slowly towards Danzo.

Minato: If anyone can find out what you are up to they can.

Ibiki and Inoichi both try entering his mind but they are both unable to do so.

Inoichi: No way, he has sealed away all his memories and the amount of traps are amazing, not even I can get through.

Hiruzen: WHAT?! Danzo what are you hiding?!

Minato: I should kill you for what you’ve done.

Danzo: What would the villagers think of you if you murder the very man that is trying to protect them? Your easy going ways are going to get Konoha crushed!

Minato: Yeah, what would you they think if they found out what you did to Uchiha? As long as I am Hokage I will protect Konoha as the Fouth Hokage and will guide my son and the Next generation into power, as long as you continue on this road you will never be entrusted with the generations to come.

Danzo: And I will do what you refuse to do, what must be done in the interest of Konoha.

Inside a secret location Madara talks to a figure with strange eyes named Pein.

Pein: So you want me to take down the Fourth Hokage?

Madara: It’s a troublesome idea but you’re the only one besides me that can get inside the Leaf undetected and also there is something I want that would make our hunt for the Tailed Beast much easier.

Pein: Me against the Fourth Hokage, ought to be an interesting battle.

Madara: Don’t get too excited it isn’t the right time, I want you to strike when the time is right.

Konan: Taking down the Fourth would be no problem for Pein.

Pein: He’s standing in the way of peace, so I have no choice than to get him out-of-the-way.

In the Hokages office they sit with Jiraiya!

Jiraiya: Damn it! I always knew Danzo was reckless, but to go this far!

Hiruzen: Apparently, the Feudal Lords supports Danzo on this one.

Jiraiya: Are you saying he agrees with agree with him?!

Hiruzen: Yes, The Feudal Lords support this because Uchiha is no longer a threat to the Fire Country but we can’t waste time on him now, with a threat out there this powerful against Konoha we have to find out who this mystery guy is.

Minato: I figured some things out… Did you noticed how skilled Itachi was at these eye techniques? He’s strong for his age but to acquired the Mangekyou Sharingan and to be able to master these techniques to such a level is crazy even for him. The Mangekyou Sharingan hasn’t been seen in the Uchiha clan not since Kagami and even then he wasn’t able to use Susanoo, Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi. It’s been generations since someone has been born in the Uchiha clan with a kekkai genkai so strong that they can use these doujutsu.

Jiraiya: Kagami only managed to use Izanagi which sealed away both his Sharingan eyes and resulted in his death.

Hiruzen: It’s true that Uchihas skills has decreased a little in these times of peace but what are you saying?

Minato: I’m wondering where Itachi learned these techniques and how he obtained this much power? This masked guy is the only one I can think of that could have provided this kind of power, he is a Sharingan user, Space/Time ninjutsu user, able to control the Kyuubi. If he also knows the secrets of the Sharingan and their doujutsu than this guy has to be Madara Uchiha, which means he is the one who taught Itachi the power of the Mangekyou. Which also means he’s been entering in and out of the village for years undetected.

Jiraiya: You got all that from fighting Itachi, seems like you haven’t lost your edge. Okay, I only have one question, how can this possibly be Madara if he was killed by the Shodai Hokage and if he did survived he would have to be unbelievably old.

Minato: We all know there are many things undiscovered in the shinobi world, jutsu that we can’t even begin to understand and if anyone would be able to find the key to immortality it would be Madara Uchiha.

Hiruzen: If so then what is he after?

Minato: ( Flashing back to his last fight with Madara during the Kyuubi attack) He claims he is after control over the entire Shinobi world to bring piece and he needs the Kyuubi to do it.

Jiraiya: You think he’ll be back?

Minato: Oh, he’ll be back for the Kyuubi and we’ll be ready ( Thinking of Naruto )

Inside Danzo’s base he sits and talks with his underlings.

Danzo: The Uchiha massacre went on nicely, every member have been wiped out.

Root nin: What about Sasuke Uchiha? He was the only survivor!

Danzo: ( Flashes back to Itachi threatening him not to go near Sasuke ) He’s no threat to me now, but we’ll have to move further under the radar, the Hokages found out that I played a hand in Uchihas downfall so we have to be careful.

Root nin: Who’s our next target?

Danzo: I want to be ready once the Kyuubi comes back into play but in order for me to gain control over the Kyuubi, it’s time to find Orochimaru.

Inside a cabin in the Sound village Akatsuki stand waiting on their leader

Orochimaru: I wonder who our new member is.

Kakuzu: It better not be someone who talks too much, I hate ninja who talk too much.

Hidan: Looks who’s talking idiot.

Kakuzu: What was that? If you weren’t immortal I would’ve kill you by now. I hate having you as my partner!

Sasori: Maybe you wouldn’t if you would have stop killing all the others.

Kisame: (Laughing) We would have an army by now if Kakuzu hadn’t killed ever new teammate we got.

Pein: I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that anymore.

Kakuzu: Hmph?

Pein: Akatsuki, welcome your new teammate, Itachi Uchiha.

Orochimaru: Itachi!

Back in Konoha the entire village is at a memorial for the Uchiha clan. Sasuke is in the very front on his knees with his head in between his legs crying at the Uchiha crest monument. The Third and Fourth Hokage both walk and kneel behind him placing their hand on both his shoulders as everyone watches on intensely while clouds fill the sky!

After the memorial the two Hokages meet up

Minato: What’s to become of him now? He’s full of sadness and hatred, I hate to think he’ll be alone.

Hiruzen: He’ll be graduating from the academy soon and I’ve arranged for him to be on Kakashi’s squad if anyone knows what it’s like to lose someone it’s Kakashi, besides Kakashi volunteered to take him on as his student.

Minato: Naruto will also be on that squad, hopefully they will become great friends.

Hiruzen: I hope so, he’s going to need all the friends he can to get him through this.

Back with the Akatsuki, Pein has paired Itachi up with Orochimaru!

Orochimaru: Who would have thought we would once again be fighting on the same side?

Itachi: We have never fought on the same side Orochimaru, you have always fought for yourself.

Orochimaru: You have no room to stand on higher moral ground after what you’ve done.

Itachi activates his Sharingan everyone is shocked at Itachi’s murderous intent!

Itachi: Hmph, now that I think of it you’ve always wanted my Sharingan haven’t you, Orochimaru. Come, take them, I’m begging you. If we are going to continue on as a team then you better try staying on my good side, I killed every single member of my clan at my whim, killing you would be no problem.

Kisame: I like this guy.

Itachi turns around and walks away as the rest of Akatsuki disperses Orochimaru is left to sweat.

Orochimaru: The power in those eyes, I must have them!

Suddenly two Root ninja appears behind him!

Root Nin: Orochimaru, we have a message from Danzo.

Orochimaru: The old man managed to track me down, it would have been troublesome if Akatsuki found out you were here. ( Thinking) Seeing Itachi has made me realize, I no longer need Akatsuki, they are moving too slow for me, it’s time I move on my own. ( Talking to the Root ninja ) Send this message to Danzo, infact-

Orochimaru turns around and informs the Root ninja he’ll tell Danzo himself and forms hand signs creating a huge burst of wind chakra, killing them both splattering their blood on the walls! As Itachi is walking away Orochimaru comes behind him and attack with a snake but Itachi grabs it and crushes it with his bare hands. Orochimaru spits his Kusunagi sword out of his mouth and stabs itachi through the chest, believing hes won, Orochimaru goes to take his eyes but Itachi disperses in a flock of crows. Itachi appears behind him and stabs him through the chest with his katana sword, Orochimaru starts to cough up blood.

Itachi: Ninja like you just don’t know when you can’t win, well, I’ll have to show you.

Orochimaru suddenly throws up a new body and falls back as the other body disintegrates, Itachi tries to dashes at Orochimaru but falls to his knees paralyzed.

Orochimaru: Gotcha, that body that dissolved spewed poison from every pore which you inhaled, now your wonderful Uchiha body is no longer a threat!

Orochimaru forms hand signs and summons a snake and wraps it around Itachi.

Orochimaru: You eyes are mine!

In an instant Itachi explodes destroying the snake injuring Orochimaru, Orochimaru stands from the debris with blood pouring from his mouth as Itachi emerges from the smoke with out a scratch on him.

Orochimaru: That was a shadow clone?!

Itachi: Orochimaru, Before these eyes your jutsu are completely useless.

Orochimaru slaps his hands together!

Orochimaru: We’ll see about that, Summoning Jutsu: Edo Tensei!

A coffin rips from the ground and opens and Itachi’s best friend walks out glaring at Itachi.

Itachi: Shisui Uchiha!

Shisui: It’s been a while Itachi. ( Shisui closes his eyes and remembers Itachi stabbing him through the chest with a sword and falling into a river drowning )

Shisui dashes at Itachi, Itachi quickly forms hand signs, Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu, a huge fire-ball thrusts at Shisui but he flips to the side and Itachi uses Fire style: Phoenix Flower jutsu forcing Shisui to use Doriyoku to dogde all attacks.

Orochimaru: Doriyoku, Shisui used that attack on the Fourth Hokage once, come to think of it he’s the only ninja able to touch him. It uses a huge amount of chakra but then again for Shisui that’s no problem.

Shisui throws a volley of Shuriken encased with wind chakra and forms hand signs Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu the flames ignites the shuriken and expands them into giant wind/fire shurikens. The shurikens almost hits Itachi but he jumps up and dodges them but while he’s in the air Shisui covers his blade with fire and slashes at Itachi sending waves of fire at him in mid-air as the fire/wind shurikens hits the ground causing shockwaves. Itachi forms hand signs and summons a giant crow which takes the hit from Shisui’s fire blade attack, Itachi jumps off the crow and forms more hand signs, Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. The Water slams on top of Shisui but Orochimaru used this to distract Itachi while he attacks him from behind with a giant snake, the snake tries to eat Itachi but he summons Susanoo and uses his chakra blade to kill the Snake, Orochimaru flips off the snake and summons a giant Rashumon Gate which also slams into Susanoo.

While this is happening Shisui uses his Doriyoku to attack him from behind but Itachi makes Susanoo complete sending a shockwave blasting them both back and destroying the Rashumon Gate!

Itachi: I see he survived my water attack by using Yata’s Mirror. Shisui’s power hasn’t changed one bit, he’s still able to use Doriyoku and Yata’s mirror like it’s nothing, normal shinobi would be exhausted from the huge amount of chakra these techniques consume.

Shisui activates his Sharingan and forms hand signs, Water Style: Dark Water ( Shi=Death sui= Water), a pool of black water pulls Itachi down under. Itachi struggles to get out but Shisui’s Sharingan eyes appear under water forcing even Itachi to tremble catching Itachi in his illusion, suddenly Itachi brings down susanoo.

Orochimaru: Shisui Uchihas Death Water technique used to trap his opponent under his control, now that he has Itachi it time to get those Sharingans!

Itachi: ( Struggling to break from Shisui’s control ) Yata’s Mirror, Doriyoku and now this. You even have control over three elemental chakras, clearly you are a true heir to the Sharingan capable of awakening the Mangekyou.

Orochimaru walks towards Itachi with a kunai intending to cut out his Sharingan when out of no where Kisame stabs him through the chest with Samehada. The battle is shown inside Itachi’s mind, Shisui is showing Itachi how he killed him. Itachi is wrapped in a web of chains.

Shisui: You betrayed me, in order to feed your own hunger for power.

Itachi: I did it to bring peace to Konoha.

Shisui: You chose Senju over your own family, you pathetic excuse for an Uchiha!

Itachi thinks of the Massacre and what he did to Sasuke and with blood tears in both of his eyes activates his Mangekyou Sharingan in anger and over powers Shisui’s Sharingan breaking his control and shattering his illusionary world.

Itachi: You are truly strong but unlike me you were afraid to go after true power and too weak-willed to look at the bigger picture, bounded by love and bonds. I used my power to gain the Mangekyou, you only lived inside the box Uchiha built for you, I lived for something greater, to be a stepping stone that would revolutionize the entire shinobi world.

Kisame: So you’re finally awake, the boss sent me to help, he had a feeling you two were killing each other.

Kisame rips Samehada from Orochimaru and jumps out-of-the-way as Itachi unleashes a giant wave of Amaterasu destroying Shisui’s body and slamming it towards Orochimaru.

Orochimaru: My chakra is almost gone, but how?!

Kisame: You should thank Samehada for that. (Laughing) I would turn around if I were you.

Amaterasu crashes into Orochimaru, Itachi falls to his knees panting!

Kisame: That Amaterasu is unbelievable but it looks like you’ve used to much chakra, let’s get you fixed up.

Orochimaru burst from the ground with his Kusunagi sword in hit mouth with bruises and cuts all over him! ( Flashback shows Orochimaru using his replacement technique to avoid the black flames ) Itachi pushes himself to his absolute limit and uses Tsukuyomi catching him in mid-air paralyzing his body, Itachi stand up and walks up to him and cuts off his hand with a Kunai. Grabbing his eye in pain, Itachi  mistakenly releases Tsukuyomi allowing the beaten and half paralyzed Orochimaru the chance to escape.

Kisame: Damn it, I wanted that snake dead!

Itachi: (Panting) Give it time. ( Itachi falls unconscious )

Kisame: And by the way, I’m your new teammate.

Back in Konoha Minato and Naruto are on the training field.

Minato: Alright Naruto, show me what you got.

Naruto: Finally I’ll show you what a great ninja I am!

Naruto takes off his leg and arm weights and dashes at Minato, Minato moves to the side and Naruto crashes into a wall.

Minato: Looks like were going to have to work on that one.