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Naruto Discussions: The Sage’s Legacy

The almighty forefather of all shinobi, the sage of six paths, lived an incredible life. his power was only exceeded by one thing, his legacy. on top of all his other astounding accomplishments, he also succeeded in starting to two most powerful shinobi bloodlines in existence.

Before his death, the sage left his two beloved sons with his divided power. to his eldest son, he gave his “eyes” – spiritual energy and his powerful chakra. to his youngest son he gave his “body” – willpower and physical energy. the eldest son believed that to achieve peace, you need power, and the youngest son believed that you needed love to achieve peace. thus sparking the war between them, and eventually their descendants, the uchiha (elder son) and senju (younger son).

My question is who do you guys believe received the better inheritance? would you rather be left with the almighty chakra and spirit, or an unrivaled willpower and physical talent? and in turn, which son’s descendants were born with more potential, the uchiha (sasuke) or the senju (naruto)?


38 Responses

  1. i think the Uchiha got the better power, after all, the Sharingan is the ultimate cheat code, lol
    on a similar note, isn’t it ironic that the clan that specializes in intellegence and knowing the enemy becomes the militant and relatively un-empathetic one, while the clan that’s only natural talent is brutally over-powering and beating the crap outta the enemy becomes the lovey-dovey clan? just doesn’t make much sense to me

  2. Myself I would have said Uchiha last year but after the Birth of “Super” Naruto and also Killer Bee nearly killing Sasuke twice (Yes I know Bee was never said to be a descendant of Senji but Senji could be the ancestor of many clans not just Senji and Uzumaki) I will say now Senji. Yes the eyes have many powerful jutsus but so far if you look at the all the battles the “Cousins Clans” have had Senji have the most number of wins.

    Both Naruto and Sasuke have powerful potential and Sasuke has grow a lot in power during the Gokage Summit but if you look at everything from the beginning to now Naruto has grow far more than Sasuke.

    The Eyes give a person powers and abilities much fast than someone using physical talent but once a Senji or person without eyes learns their how to use their power to the fullest as seen by Minato, Raikage and Naruto they could overpower a Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan user. Eyes give as said powers beyond most Senji abilities but it also makes them overconfident which as been much of their downfalls.

    So Senji and Naruto as may answer but that can always change once we see Sasuke back in action with the EMS.

  3. See the.uchiha have the easiest way to learn alot of jutsus easily but like ryu said once naruto learned a hard jutsu he was able to literally perfect it and its currently one of the most powerful jutsus in naruto.

  4. I will go with the Senju clan because of one simple reason, i.e, the uchiha recieved the eyes and chakra of the sage which makes it an exhaustible (or potentially dangerous to the users body if overused like in sasukes or madara’s case or even nagato’s case, remember how his body looked…) where as the senju recieved the willpower and the skills of the sage coupled with his physiscal energy which makes it non exhaustible… I know anyone can argue that physical energy is exhaustible, but when someone like naruto with his will power , I dont think the physical energy will really matter…. Ultimately in the end if it comes to a battle of wills+skills vs chakra+eyes , I am sure the senju will be victorious… (And its not really like naruto is not having enough chakra reserve inside of him…remember the kyuubi…. I mean he is got almost all of the sage’s qualities except the eyes… I think thats gonna make a difference in the end..)

  5. thank you ryu1978 for mentioning the byakugan. everybody seems to forget about them. I don’t mean to go on a rant here but must. first ssj “3” of the most powerfull bloodlines. for all the power and abilities of the sharingan/senji/uzamskis all those cousin clans are almost extinct. right now their are 2 ucihas and their probably going to be 0 or 1 after the war. the one known rinnegan user is dead. and theirs only about a handful of senji/uzamskis left in the world. but the hujga clan which is a noble clan is the largest and most thriving of all the sages descendents and probably of all the bloodline limit clans. so please consider that when you discus which clan/ power is the best. thier is clearly a lot about the byakagan we don’t know about.

  6. naruto already had a massive amount of chakra (blue chakra) to start with. it was much bigger than sasuke’s, only naruto was the worse shinobi ever to control that mass of chakra. the other reserve he had was the kyuubi’s (red chakra). those chakras are different.

    so saying that the sinjus only had body+will isn’t 100% accurate.

    anyway. it is evident that naruto’s chakra right now is the most powerful out of all. and comparing it with sasuke’s current power isn’t very wise, cuz we don’t even know what sasuke has achieved in power yet, we didn’t see it yet!!!

  7. That’s what confuses me narutos normal chakra was already extremely high higher than sasukes so what’s up wit that

  8. Looking at Naruto and the youngest son of the Sage of the six Paths their power looks the same so Naruto really is a descendant of the Sage. With that said I won’t answer this until I see what Naruto can do with this new found power and until I can see what Sasuke can do with the EMS, everything may be coming to lace but I don’t think we know enough to answer this question.

    If had to choose now I would choose Uchiha, but It’s a strong possibility that i will change my mind!

  9. just to defend my position on the Uchiha clan got the better deal, i mean they get awesome powers w/out having to do any work, while the Senjus all have to work hard. what i meant was that the Uchiha got the more conveniant deal, they just did poorly w/ what they got (relative to the Senju)

  10. @nemo… i’m not sure if they don’t have to work hard… remember what sasuke had to go through to be that powerful since he was young? the uchihas (like other clans) have a style in fighting, both in ninjutsu and taijutsu. sasuke has a has lots of taijutsu techniques, and it didn’t all come from his eyes.

    naruto is the only one who didn’t have a person from his clan dedicated for his training. i’m sure if his dad was alive naruto wont be the same person (jutsu wise) at all, he wouldn’t be that clumsy and i’m sure he’d have done better in school, lol.

    so it’s a matter of who got better “attention” when they were younger. naruto had something close to 0. and if it wasn’t for his bloodline, he wouldn’t be as good as he is now with only 3 years of training with jeraya.

    my 2 cents.

  11. i think u guys have all this wrong… it’s not about chakra+eye skills vs will+body power….

    it’s more like half of the sage’s power (and chakra) was divided evenly between his sons, and each had a different “part” of that power, but ultimately “equal”.

  12. @ lilmoe
    That is not real true as stated about what SotSP gave his sons but about the even chakra I will say this. The chakra is used to power more of one thing then the other. For Uchihas and Hyugas it powers their eyes with help with their jutsus.
    Their bodies can take punishment but not so much as a Senji or Uzumaki which chakra powers their bodies but jutsu though powerful is not as powerful as Dojutsu user unless completely mastered as in Naruto’s case. So I said it before but with a twist now. Yes if chakra divided evenly and past down one will only power the eyes and other will power the body.
    That is why a Kekkei Genki Dojutsu user has never been a jinchūriki because unlike a Senji or person of non Dojutsus lineage who’s bodies and chakra is used to suppress the beast as well as the willpower and physical energies to resist using its power like crazy, a Dojutsu use will have to use just his chakra to hold the beast down making it probably impossible to hold the beast within and support the Dojutsu. This would create an more opportunity for the beast to take over and have part of it’s original design (the eyes), and as we all have seen and know a Dojutsu user even Itachi does not have enough willpower to not want to use a T.Beast power for personal gain.

  13. Lack of willpower is also the reason Uchihas can easily be persuaded to the other evil or do right wrongful thing so easily. Look at it. We have villains all over but how in the entire Naruto universe as turn on their village and people in the blink of an eye. Orochimaru took years to turn. as well as many other but even Uchiha even the entire clan change nearly from one side to the other overnight. Well little over board on the entire clan but when they were suspected of being part of the 9 tailed attack they quickly turn to create a civil war to take the village. So I will still say Senji. As well as the Uchiha ancestor. From the story told by a suspected Uchiha (Madara) he turned on his own brother because his father chose him and instead of helping he let his pride get the best which is lack of willpower which created the “Destiny of Hatred”. So we all taking about Chakra and power we over looking willpower and willpower is a must in my book. So Senji all the way now.

  14. Do is down right wrongful things, Typing to damn fast.

  15. ok, i re-read the chapters about the conversation tobi had with kakashi, yamato, and naruto. and other chapters too. reading them again made me realize lots of stuff.

    apparently, the first son was born with the sage’s “eyes”, and was “gifted” with the sage’s strong chakra and spiritual energy. the second was born with the sage’s “body” and was “gifted” with the sage’s life force and physical energy. the sage didn’t “give” them that, they simply inherited them because they are his sons.

    so here are some things i noticed about naruto that i missed before:

    – when naruto showed killerbee and yamato his new powers, yamato commented on it and said it was full of “life energy” or “life force”. it’s true, cuz the younger son of the sage has inherited that from his father, and it’s no shock that naruto’s body turned to that of the sage’s.

    – tobi (or madara) made a comparison between the senju and uchiha saying it’s like fire and hatred. sasuke’s power is from hatred, and naruto’s power is from fire, and that was shown from the flames on naruto’s body when he controlled the kuubi’s power.

    – life energy wasn’t part of hashirama’s power, id say naruto inherited that from his mother’s clan, the uzumakis. and since the uzumakis and the senjus were “cousins” it makes sense that naruto inherited all the “good genes” of the younger son. this means that naruto now is the true embodiment of the sage’s younger son.

    – something else worth mentioning is when the old frog said that not anyone can master sage techniques because (i think) they need to be a senju first, because those techniques are original ones developed by the sage of the six paths and passed on to people who have his physical strength, hince “sage techniques”.

    – sasuke’s deal on the other hand is a bit more vague, we all know he’s an uchiha who have achieved the manguku by killing his brother, and now the EMS by implanting his brother’s eyes. but i’m not sure why it IS sasuke in particular that resembles the elder son of the sage. i guess sasuke had the potential since birth. but i don’t believe that sasuke is as close as naruto is to the original. the reason why is in the next point.

    – i have no idea WHY naruto achieved that power (and the body of the sage) only when he gaining control of the kyuubi? why didn’t he have that power before hand like sasuke? is the kyuubi essential for that power? i mean the kyuubi in particular? did the sage divide some of his powers inside the bijuu he separated from the juubi in addition to separating them and placed his “life energy’s other half” in the kuubi, and the “chakra and doujutsu” powers in the other 8 tailed beasts? is that what the 4th meant by the balance?

    – this all draws me to the following conclusion, and i’ll consider it as a theory:
    1) the sage took control of the juubi’s power “yin” and has molded his own power “yang” with it, and formed a balance with that to create the 9 tailed beasts.
    2) he has placed half of his (yang) powers inside the kyuubi, and the other half inside the other 8 tailed beasts. hince, the 4th saying that he cant “disturb” the balance by sealing all the kyuubi away, that’s why he only sealed half.
    3) naruto has to inherit the yang energy inside the kyuubi to get the sage’s original body, and sasuke has to inherit the yang energy inside the other 8 tailed beasts to get the sage’s original dojutsu; the rennigan, turning his EMS into an eternal rennigan more complete than that of the one Pain had.

    i’m going to take a gamble now and answer the question originally made by this post and say that naruto right now has the upper hand since he has inhertied his part. sasuke on the other hand needs to get his before they are equal.

    i predict that killerbee will be captured. and his bijuu extracted, then madara will make sasuke control the power of 8 tailed beasts. i think that’s the part he’s scheming, and he wants to achieve the “perfection” he talked about by doing this and rejoining all the parts.

  16. @ryu, I’m not sure if its because I’m watching “Morgan Freemans Through the Wormhole” while reading your comment, but you lost me in there. Are you saying a Dojutsu user can’t contain a Biju because their body is pre-programmed to focus chakra to the eyes instead of to the seal? If that’s the case, I doubt that. Chakra can be molded and controlled…and for a Biju to escape when you’re out of chakra means your seal is exceptionally weak.

    Anyway, I think the Senju (, Uzumakis) and Uchiha got a pretty equal deal. The Uchiha have things easier but their powers will ultimately lead to their death, while the Senju have to work harder but live longer, and will eventually lose that power (old age).

    I’d choose neither. Kishi has made me hate the Sharingan because it shows up ever 50 chapters despite being “extinct” and I hate the thought of living too long and losing all that I’ve worked for (power, knowledge, sanity etc). I would go back to the Sage’s deathbed and pluck his Rinnegans out, or jump Konan while she was bringing Nagato’s body back to Amegakure and pluck HIS eyes out 😀

  17. “the rennigan, turning his EMS into an eternal rennigan more complete than that of the one Pain had”

    No no no no no. Pain was a reincarnation, not a descendant. Hence he had the true Rinnegan. Gedo Mazo destroyed his body which meant he’d never reach the Sage’s chakra level (because he doesn’t have the necessary physical energy to mix with his mental energy). And for now, we don’t know if Sasugay has the EMS. Itachi said just implanting the eyes doesn’t guarantee it.

    http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-410/15/ (ninja techniques normally take mental and physical)
    (I’d post a link to where Jiraiya said Pain was the Sage’s reincarnation, but I honestly can’t bother going through the manga since I’m watching this “Into the Wormhole stuff”. But if you can’t take my word for what Jiraiya said, watch anime episode 174)

    “life energy wasn’t part of hashirama’s power”

    He was able to create trees. That IS life energy. No other Kekkei genkai is capable of making any living thing.

    “something else worth mentioning is when the old frog said that not anyone can master sage techniques because (i think) they need to be a senju first”

    Nope, he said only someone with a large chakra reserve can learn it. Hence why only Jiraiya and Naruto have.

  18. I think this should be between the Uchiha clan & Uzumaki clan. Naruto is not a Senju, and for the most part what have we seen from the Senju clan, other than Orochimaru using the 1st and 2nd to defeat Sarutobi, and Tsunade one of the strongest females + very good Medical nin, almost get’s killed by Kabuto. We haven’t seen nothing from the Senju clan.

    I wish this was between the 2 Brothers descendants rather than picking 2 clans from their bloodline , I picked the Uchiha clan for the fact that Itachi is one of the best shonobi, each sharigan is unique, and basically you can copy your way to victory. My other reason for picking the Uchiha clan, because like the Uzumaki clan they were feared by many so both clans were wiped out.

    I need to see what really went down between Madara and Hashirama, there is no telling what happen when they fought. For example

    Uchiha Clan: “We’re fed up with you Madara” – Pushes him off the cliff.


    Madara is really weak or Hashirama is better than we think he is because personally I never looked at him as being powerful

  19. Boy Kisu you know how to ruin the mood 🙂 And I was watch that show too until I had to put the kids to bed. Yes chakra can be molded and shaped but If you have a Kekkei Genki then yes the chakra is pre-programmed because your body now as to work to control the Dojutsu though chakra not much molding of chakra when you have you Dojutsu activated. Yes Sasuke has mold Chidori into other attacks but that is about it. The Sharingan and Cursed seal did most of the powering up for Sasuke. His body just got use to the stuff. Think about it, if you have the Sharingan as seen by Kakashi it takes a lot out of you so of course Uchihas have massive amounts of chakra but it also takes a lot of chakra to hold back a beast which I believe was said by Jiariya or Kakashi sometime ago. but you do have a point on seals. But seals also work around willpower too as seen when Naruto showed lack of willpower both time when he was about to be taken over and his parents saved him. Same for Kushina. She lack the willpower to hold the seal because she was giving birth and using all her strength giving birth with I be takes a lot out of a woman. Same gose for Sasuke and the cursed seal. So yes seal can be strong but connections to the mind as strengthen or weakens a seal. The only Uchiha so far to show any willpower is Itachi and he lack that too. Their are many factors as I stated. You only focused on one.

  20. @ Rinnegan Invasion: This is entirely circumstantial, mind you, but Naruto and Minato have some eerie similarities to the second Hokage, no? It has also been said that the second Hokage knew how to use Space Time jutsu, so it’s not a huge intuitive leap to connect Naruto to the Senju.

    To answer the prompt, Sasuke was probably born with the most inherited talent, considering most of his skills are simply built in. Also, Naruto’s connection to the Senju is fairly distant. If my half-assed theory stands, Naruto’s closest relative from the Senju is his grandfather. That doesn’t change the fact that Naruto has the ability to pick up something new and be able to use said ability within a short time slot, so they both lack the other’s talents. (Yes, this sounds insane, but it’s seven in the morning. Gimme’ a break)

  21. We know all how this will end, one possibility is that naruto and sasuke dies in their ultimate clash or only Naruto will survive, that means they are equally strong or Senjus are stronger but Sasuke wont win this fight.
    But its already 1-0 for senju…..Hashirama-Madara

  22. @ultimate welll techinically its 1-1 seeing as how sasuke beat naruto at the valley of the end.

  23. Naruto didnt tried to harm him, instead he hit his forehead, I would say 1-0,5

  24. I am so excited to see this flashback….Hashirama- Madara = epic

  25. @Nef: but remember Kushina is the reason Minato became Hokage, Minato said it himself. Kushina also stated that most of Minato’s sealing techniques derive from the Uzumaki’s. The space time jutsu Tobirama used could have been taught by the Uzumaki’s. It was never stated that all Senju members could use Space time jutsu, because Hashirama and Tsunade would have knowledge of it, but they don’t. Tobirama like Minato was taught by the Uzumaki’s I believe. And that is why I think this should be between the Uzumaki clan & The Uchiha clan, I’m not trying to discredit the powerful Senju clan but from a standpoint we know more about the Uchiha’s then the Senju,

    Until we actually see what went down between Madara and Hashirama in detail, I can’t pick the Senju over the Uchiha as far as talent wise go. Hashirama’s wife (Mito Uzumaki) could of taught him some new things to lead him into victory, just how Kushina taught Minato fuinjutsu which led him to protect the village

    Learning from another clan isn’t a bad thing, but the question was “Who received the better of the Sage’s inheritance”? Senju or Uchiha. Not something you learned from another clan, but what you were born with.

  26. “it’s more like half of the sage’s power (and chakra) was divided evenly between his sons, and each had a different “part” of that power, but ultimately “equal”.”

    Lol, this sounds a lot like a “diversity and equality” class I had to take for a summer job. But in reality, very few things are ever equal. It’s like when you ask a parent which of the children is his/her favorite, they’ll say they love them all equally but you know they have a favorite one. The same with the sage I bet, he just said that to prevent any signs of favoritism so the two sons would play nice… too bad it didn’t work out that well in the end.

    PS. the sage favored the kid who inherited willpower and physical talent; the other kid was clearly an emo and we all know it’s nigh impossible to love an emo.

  27. lol, i guess i was trying to be a bit unbiased… but u guys are sooooo into some characters, lol.

    anyway, i see everyone has different views. i like itachi too, but i wouldn’t think he’d be stronger than naruto when naruto becomes his age.

    naruto is strong, but his strength came a little later than the other geniuses.

  28. @kisuzachi, sorry just read ur post…

    and dude, why do u always try to prove me wrong? lol, j/k

    “No no no no no. Pain was a reincarnation, not a descendant. Hence he had the true Rinnegan.”

    there’s no evidence that nagato was an actual descendant of the sage, that was a wild guess thrown by jerayya. but the fact that the eldest son of sage of the 6 routes inherited his eyes is evident. i’m not sure why he didn’t inherit them as the rennigan, but apparently they were “downgraded” to the sharingan. and on that note, a “4th stage” of awakening would only make sense to be an evolution back to the rennigan, i was basing my hypothesis on that account.

    “And for now, we don’t know if Sasugay has the EMS. Itachi said just implanting the eyes doesn’t guarantee it.”

    i’m not sure about that, it’s true that it’s “not guaranteed” but that’s only if it happens between other “clans men”, but for it to be guaranteed, it needs to be between direct relatives, and preferably “siblings”, AND the donar has to be sort of willing i guess. all those conditions were fulfilled and i’m sure my man itachi was more than willing to donate his eyes for good ole sasuGAY.

    “He was able to create trees. That IS life energy. No other Kekkei genkai is capable of making any living thing.”

    i would kinda agree with you on that, but isn’t yamato also capable of doing the same? yamato only had the 1st’s “cells” and NOT his life energy, and remember what happened when naruto went into kyuubi chara mode, look how yamato’s implanted cells instantly “improved”.

    “Nope, he said only someone with a large chakra reserve can learn it. Hence why only Jiraiya and Naruto have.”

    true, but i also have my suspicions that jerayya is also a descendant of the singu. the sinju guys sure SUCK at ninjutsu, even the 4th did, but the 4th had someone to compensate for that gap, and we all know who it was. not to mention that the frog also went “silent” after his remark, that tells me he had something else to say but didnt at the time.

  29. @ ryu1978 and kisu again…

    i get that stuff about the uchihas having chakra and enabling other abilities. but most likely their body would give in because it cannot handle all that “power”.

    this is getting us back to the main point and back to what tobi answered kakashi when he asked tobi about his target; he answered: “to be complete”…
    this only makes sense that even the power handed down by the EMS isn’t as “complete” as described, otherwise why would he seek more heights if he already achieved the maximum? why would he still keep sasuke and naruto alive?

    the eternal MS wasn’t enough to defeat hashirama, that’s a fact, and it only makes sense that what the younger son inherited from the sage was stronger than what the eldest son did.

    remember this, danzo needed to implant hashirama’s cells in order to control all of those sharingans. and this draws me to this conclusion, the senjus are also capable of controlling the MS which makes them stronger than the uchihas. one guy here made this point and said that maybe what tobi is after is making sasuke “complete” all the power-ups the sharingan has to offer, then he’d poke his eyes out, implant then inside naruto, and take over naruto’s body, sort of what oruchimaru does. now THAT would be the closest thing i can think of that is complete.

  30. @lilmoe, I did say Nagato wasn’t the Sage’s descendant. He was his reincarnation, big difference. Also, the Sage’s elder son didn’t have a Sharingan. He had a spiral eye pattern

  31. Danzo needed more chakra to control the Sharingans. That is true but it was to do just that, control the Sharingans. That which you said lilmoe could come to the conclusion but it can be as simple as he need chakra to control the eyes and so he used DNA from a powerful man since his own was too weak to do so. Of course Senji and as a matter a fact non-Senji I am assuming (Ao and Kakashi) can control a Dojursu but that doesn’t make them stronger than a Uchiha in terms of power of the eye when they have it..

    Now the theory that you said that could spark a new discussion and agurment. What would happen if Naruto before his new super form and after, had be implanted with a Sharingan? What would happen? Would we have a new more power Nine Tailed Fox re-released on the world because Naruto can’T control all the power or the most powerful ninja in the Naruverse only suppassed by the legendary SotSP?

  32. Ever since narutoExperienced something traumatizing the fox power would be released but since he has control of that power an was to be traumatized what if that led to him awakening the rinnengan I’m just saying kishi def has been pointing out narutos new transformation he looks exactly like tsosp just don’t have the eyes I think it’s possible that if naruto is a reincarnation/decendent of the sage that he could verywell have the rinnengan an that if he was ever to experience something very emotional lime what nagato did it could awaken an then naruto would def be a true reincarnation/ decendent of the sage

  33. For the record, BOTH Uchiha and Uzumaki clans have powerful chakras, they just use them differently. Both large chakras damage the user; Uchiha through blindness and such and Uzumaki through shortened life spans (from fox use, yin seal, ect.) I sort of agree that Jinkuri are probably more for the “body” type shinobi because the “eye” type use things like Madara’s genjutsu. I also don’t think that (apart from MAYBE the two brothers) any ninja has 100% of one or 100% of the other. Naruto has eyes (with sage and Kyubbi transformations) while Sasuke had the curse seal. I think they LEAN toward one or the other but aren’t all the way there. Naruto could try to use doujutsu (like the chunin examiners did) and Sasuke could try “body” ninjutsu (like CS) but they would never be as strong as what they are inherently good at.

  34. well for some of you guys who dont no but i almost no for a fact that madara is not who he claims to be in truth madara is obito kakashi’s old friend who gave him his sharingan notice that madara has his left eye showing from under his mask and kakashi has the other eye i am the best up top

  35. @bobseget…

    or it could be that the hashirama destroyed one of madara’s eyes. and madara’s power isn’t the same just for that reason.

    don’t get me wrong, i’m not sure who tobi is either. but the kyuubi said so, and all other indications of his powers say the same thing.


    i think there’s a difference between a sharengan (for example), and naruto’s eye transformation when he enters sage mode or kyuubi mode;

    naruto’s eye transformation is a result of the chakra GRANTED to him by external forces, but on the other hand, a sharingan’s user gets his powers/chakra FROM his eyes.

    so i wouldn’t call naruto’s eye transformation a doujutsu. it’s completely different and unrelated.

  36. lol i just noticed this bob. i didn’t know this was gonna be my blog, or i would have added more and fixed my grammar. i just thought u wanted my input lol. oh well looks like people are interested 😛

  37. well its quite hard to choose.the body is the centre of the chakra and all the moulding taked place here and no where else.dojutsus are like cheats and help their user on a far higher level.but alone they do not posses any power and thus cannot help the user.thus i believe its best to have the body and not only the eyes or sumthing like that.

  38. Nither Naruto nor Sasuke is better than other; they are both even. According to the Manga the Sage of the Six Paths DIVIDED his powers; without further information we can only assume that his powers were divided evenly. However, traditionally the oldest son usually gets largest inheritance. Furthermore..I believe Naruto and Sasuke are going to cancel each other out like Neo and Mr. Smith in Matrix.

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