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NGS: Ch3 – Rasengan Unleashed

So, the Uzumaki’s have a week to learn the jutsu that’s their legacy by right. Will they be able to learn the jutsu that took their grandfather, Minato, three years to make and their father more than two years to master? In only a week!  


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Next-Generation of Shinobies

Next-Generation of Shinobies

Chapter 3: Rasengan Unleashed  


“RASENGAN!!!” the sound of the shout made the birds fly away from the trees surrounding the training area. A tree falling to the ground soon followed.
“Whoa! That was awesome!” Rai expressed his appreciation for the powerful jutsu.
“Now, that’s how a Rasengan is made.”-Kashi
“Wow. grampa was amazing! To think he came up with the Rasengan all by himself.”-Yuri
“Ok, kids. Now that you saw the strength and power of the Rasengan, you can appreciate why it’s such an important jutsu to have in your disposal. So let’s start the training.”
“Not for nothing, Old man, but I thought we already started the training.”-Rai
“Throwing water balloons at each other, as fun as it is, it is not training.”-Naruto corrected his youngest son.
“Father, I WAS training until-”
“Until, you decided to participate, Kashi.” interrupted Naruto. “I could have sworn I taught my children not to give excuses.”
“Dad, I take full responsibility for the balloons. I was my idea. I planned the whole thing.” confessed Yuri
She planned the whole thing? I guess all that time in the library has really paid off. Well, what’s done is done. Now, let’s focus on the training. Shall we?” 

“Now, I realize you all have different training backgrounds. And given the time we have left to make this happen, I will give you all different training that plays with your strength to speed things up a bit. Understood!?”
“Yes Sir!”-All
“First, Kashi. You spent your training mostly with Neji. So you should already have the concept of rotating chakra down. From what I witnessed here, you already managed to pass the first balloon test, was close to passing the rubber ball. Finish the rubber ball, then go on to the second balloon test. In the second test, your objective is to NOT pop the balloon. Try to contain the chakra in an invisible sphere barrier. Use Byakugan, if need be, to see how the chakra is reacting. Understood?”
“Understood.” Kashi wasted no time and went back to his rubber ball.
“Now, Rai. I don’t know much about your training. How good are you with your Byakugan?”
“Pretty good.”
“How about Shadow Clones?”
“Not as good as Yuri. Three is my limit.”
“Fine, three is good enough. Make your clones and have them do what you’re doing. Use Bushin Memory, to make things go faster.”
“Hai!” Rai made the hand sign, and three clones came out. “Let’s do this!!” They all called out.
“I’ll come back to you after you popped your balloon.” 

“Last, but never the least, Ms. Namikaze.” smiled Naruto. “Since you’re the most like myself, I would have made you make as many shadow clones as you could for this training, but I don’t think that would be necessary. “Why not, Daddy?” concern was painted all over her face.
Naruto’s smiling face quickly turned serious. “Because, my dear daughter… You’re not going to learn the Rasengan.”
“NANI! WHY?! That’s not fair, I know this is a gift for the twins, but I really want to learn ojiisan’s* techniques! Not fair.”
“The reason, is simple. You could severely hurt your brother’s if you do!”
“Nani.” Yuri would never do such a thing, not even to Kashi. Why would Naruto say such a thing. Yuri had never been so confused in her entire ten years of existence. “I don’t understand?”
“Honey, I’m not such if you know this or not, but there’s something uniquely different about your chakra. It’s …”
“Bright Yellow. Yeah, I know.”
Naruto was baffled. “When? How?”
“Rai told me. He was the first to know. He was practising his Byakugan a couple of years back. He winced and deactivated his eyes the moment he saw it.”
“Hm, i see.” Naruto looked at Rai from the distance. “So, you see what I mean. If it was that bright on the inside, imagine how bright it will be once it’s on the palm of your hand, rotating constantly. It’ll be like having your own personal sun. Which is awesome!”
“So, are you going to teach it to me some other time.”
“Not anytime soon. Sorry.” Naruto was ashamed to say.”Unfortunately, I’ll be to busy after this week.”
“Well, there’s no point in me being here I guess. I’ll go see what mom’s up to.” there was no mistaking her dissapointment. Yuri ran off to her house, tears making their escape from her eyes.
“I’ll makeit up to you, Yuri. I swear it.” Naruto thought to himself, as he returned to train the twins. 


It was day 3 of the 7 day timeline, and Kashi was already on the last excercise to achive his goal. *pop* “Damn, so close.” Kashi said as reached for another balloon. Rai himself was already in the rubber ball. *poof* *poof* *poof* His clones dispersed, and he diactivated Byakugan. “Man, this is taking too much of my chakra”-Rai. “Gotta rest up a little.” “How you doing, son?” Naruto expressed his concern. “Doing good, pops. Just have to concerve the juice. Then get back at it.”-Rai. “Your doing great. You still have four days left, keep it up.” Naruto encouraged his son. “Thanks, old man.”
“I’m going to check on your brother.”-Naruto
“Yeah, I’ll be here.”-Rai
“Kashi, how you doing with-”
“RASENGAN!!” Kashi exclaimed as he made the closest tree his target. He went half way through the tree and collapsed soon after. 
“Nani?!” Rai showed his surprise.”Dammit, he got it before I did. Bastard.”
“Good job, Kashi!” Naruto expressed his approval. “Now, use the last four days to make it stronger. I want that Rasengan to go through that tree before this week is over.” Naruto saw how tired his son’s were. “After some much-needed rest, of course. That’s enough for today. Let’s go home.” 


[ Japanese Translator ] 

Ojiisan = one’s own grandfather 


Next Chapter: A Mother’s Love