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Naruto 506, bought to you in full high definition….


BANG. Enjoy guys!

Sothe ❤


14 Responses

  1. First !!!

  2. what’s with all the fanfic clutter? stick to actual naruto updates, I bet traffic has gone down because of all these fluff posts.

  3. cant wait for the discussion…

  4. Fanfics have always been here. They use to have a second Shannaro just for fanfics, but it didn’t get any traffic, so they brought it here. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come here.

  5. Fanfics are the liver and gallblatter of Shannaro!

    The writers and authors of the whole site are the heart, the fanfics are the liver and gallblatter, and Bob is the brain that has been stained with coffee grounds and tea powder

  6. Well I just want to say one thing about the chapter:

    14 pages?!?!?!? what the heck is that about? I guess at least Kishi cut it where he wanted rather than have a chapter end strangely, but if chapters are going to be 14 pages from now on…. well I guess there isn’t anything I can do, but isn’t that kinda short?

  7. If these guys are going to take a week off, they can at least give us twice the amount of pages they normally do

  8. Not liking clutter is your opinion, Bob discussed with the authors and decided a merge is most sensibly, back in the day theyre were 2-3 fanfics a day, and things were hectic, now that its slowed down a remerging makes sense, We are a community site and we have some talented authors here, your opinion is important and bob will take it on board, but with one post every 2 weeks, whats the point of keeping this side of the site so dead? The hot topics, chapter discussions, theory posts etc will always be on the right hand side….

  9. Be bless we still got some, its free!!!!! if your paying for it then have a ba ll’s to complain about it…. just say thank you next time

  10. Yeah definitely! bob used to pay shed loads to keep the site running, wish you guys really understood the work that goes into it while also at college, hes nuts.

  11. one or two a week seems acceptable, but this much? It’s as ridiculous as sasuke’s chakra reserves. If it’s the liver, put it on the sidebar of have a subdomain for it. There’s a reason the heart’s a bit higher that the liver, ditto for the brain – it’s because they’re WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!!
    fanfics might keep old-timers but it certainly turns off new readers, which is by the way makes up majority of the site’s recent visitors.
    I guess my point is, fanfics are OK if I want it, definitely not when they feel like being shoved down my throat when all am looking for is a good manga chapter breakdown/analysis.

  12. Agree with “don’t like the clutter”, no hate, but I just want “real” news about a fictional character…I love creativity, but maybe keep the hinata/naruto love stories under a different heading.

  13. Lol @ “real” news about a fictional character.
    Yeah, everytime I turn on the news I just get fake news about real characters, better to just come to Shannaro all the time 🙂

    I’m going to start making some nav-bars to put on the right side of the page (kinda like the ones on the left) to help people sort through the major categories of posts (chap discussions, fanfics, theories/opinions, etc). It worked fairly well on the old shannaro, I hope this is a good compromise.

  14. That sounds awesome Bob, you guys to a great job with the website!!

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