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NGS: Ch2 – “Water Balloon Party”

First of all, It feels great to write again. So let’s kick this thing up.   

Before you start reading this story I strongly suggest you read these previous post to be up to speed with what’s going on: 20 yrs – Hokage Children – Uchiha Clan Reborn. Thanks.   


NGS: Ch1.   


Next-Generation of Shinobies

Next-Generation of Shinobies

Chapter 2:
“Water Balloon Party”


It was mid-day in day 3 of the Hokage’s offspring Rasengan training. Thus far only Kashi has made it to the second phase of the three face training: The Rubber Ball. Rai and Yuri were both still struggling with popping the water balloon. “Are you two still struggling with that water balloon? Psh. typical.” Kashi expressed his superiority to his siblings. “Excuse us for not having a grasp on molding chakra, Mister Hyuga!” Rai expressed back. “If you meant to insult me with that remark, I’ll have you know that I’m proud of my heritage. BOTH of them.” replied Kashi. “So I take that as a compliment. I thank you.” he added.  “Arrogant bastard.” Rai said to himself, still focused on his water balloon. While looking hard at his balloon, Rai suddenly got an idea to get back at his elder twin.   

*hmph* Rai threw his balloon as hard as he could at his older brother. The throw was in vain, as Kashi easily dodged the balloon and was still focused at the task in hand. “Really! Rai, you have to do better than that. That is if you can. ” smiled Kashi to Rai’s previous futile attempt. “I’ll show you, you little-” Rai quickly got five more balloons from his bucket, and tossed them at his arrogant brother. Kashi did as before, and smirked back. “Heh, I think even YOUR sister could do better. And that’s saying something.”   

Now Rai got upset. He hated when Kashi was mean to Yuri. “She’s your sister too! Don’t act as if she’s not!” exclaimed Rai, anger consuming his face. “I’ll admit we’re related. By blood. Nothing more.” “Why you-” “It’s ok, Rai. Let it be. Come here I have something to show you.” “But he… fine, whatever. What’s up?”   

 Time passed and Kashi was in the brink of popping his rubber ball. Suddenly another balloon was headed towards. At the least it made him lose his concentration. “Are you still with that?! Some of us take this training seriously! Your not going to hit me Rai, so stop it!” “Your right. I’m not SHE is!” Rai said looking passed Kashi. Kashi followed his brother’s sight line to witness a balloon heading towards him. He had to think fast, or else it was going to hit him. And he was not going to allow that to happen.   

Kashi quickly used his hand to guide the balloon towards Rai, hitting him in the face. “Sorry, anisan*.” “Don’t worry about it, focus on the task at hand.” replied Rai, not bothering to wipe the water from his face. “Now while he’s distracted! GO!” Soon an array of balloons were headed towards Kashi. “Fine, you want to go. Let’s go!” Kashi used his agility to maneuver up and around  the storm of balloons coming from both sided.   

Kashi thought this child’s game was going on long enough. He decided it was up to him to stop it. He stopped, gathered chakra, and made his move. “Haiten: Kaiten!” suddenly all the balloons were destroyed, and the water that was in them dispersed everywhere, covering Rai and Yuri from head to toe. Kashi stopped spinning and was as dry as the Suna desert, surrounded by a ring of water. He then notices that Yuri and Rai were reduced to their last balloons. One for each of them. “HA! You lost.” “Don’t count us out just yet.” remarked Rai. “What are you going to with just one balloon each. It’s over.” Rai said nothing, he just smiled. “Your right it is over. FOR YOU!”   

Rai tossed his balloon towards Kashi’s feet, forcing him to jump. While Yuri threw hers up towards Kashi. “Hah. what a waste.” vainly expressed Kashi, as he reached for the balloon to grab the last balloon.   

“Nani?” – Kashi, caught off guard by Rai’s outburst
“Ninpo: Kage Bushin Ashisuto no Jutsu!” – Yuri   

Suddenly the one balloon became several that engulfed Kashi. He started to do Kaiten, but it was too late. The balloon’s were already upon him.   

“Sweet! It actually worked!” -Rai.
“Told you it will”- Yuri.
“You got lucky”-Kashi
“I can’t leave for a bit, or else it’s all fun and games with you guys.” – Naruto
“Old Man?”-Rai
“Hope you guys had fun, because from now on,  it’s time for some serious training. School starts up again in a week. We have until then to finish your Rasengan training!”
“I have alot to do after that, and since I’m the only Rasengan user, there is no one else that can teach it to you. Once school starts, you’ll be placed into squads, and most likely you won’t be in the same one. It will be difficult to train you all at the same time after that. So the thing is: If you don’t learn the technique from now until then, you might not have another chance! So let’s get to it!”  


[ Japanese Translator ]    

* ani = one’s own older brother
** Nani = what (I think most of us knew that one)   

{ Jutsu Count }   

Ninpo: Kage Bushin Ashisuto no Jutsu! – Ninja Art: Shadow Clone Assist Technique = This jutsu implements the Shadow Clone effect on any object and certain jutsus. With greater skill, one can even clone someone else. 


Next Chapter: Rasengan Unleashed!