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Revenge of the YellowFlash!

post author: yellowflash2

This story is about Minato and Naruto if he had lived and let Kushina seal away the Kyuubi and died! I am trying to get the comment level up on Shannaro fanfic so please comment, let me know if you guys want me to continue this fan fic! Oh, and a special shot out to Ryu1978 for giving me this idea!

It begins in the forest with baby Naruto in the arms of his father watching his mother binding the Kyuubi.

Kushina: Minato, I don’t have much chakra left… I have to save you and Naruto…. I’m going to pull the Kyuubi back inside me and die… that would put an end to this for a while.

Minato: You can’t, there’s another way, I can use the Dead Demon Sealing Technique!

Kushina: That technique…. also kills the user…. who would take care of Naruto?…. I don’t…want our son….. to be alone.

Minato: Kushina you-

Kushina: I love you….Minato….Naruto….goodbye.

Kushina with the last of her chakra forces the struggling Kyuubi back inside the seal, Minato closes his eyes and clenches Naruto tightly with his tears blowing into the wind as he hears Kushina screaming she seals away the Kyuubi.

Suddenly Minato awakens from his nightmare soaked in sweat, then he gets out of bed and checks on his now nine-year old son Naruto while he’s sleeping. He then gets dress and teleports to the roof of the Hokage Mansion where the enormous moon shines from the background and dismisses the Anbu guards.

Minato: You can come out now!

Fugaku Uchiha the Chief of the Police Force and Leader of the Uchiha Clan appears!

Fugaku: I didn’t think you would show.

Minato: …..You know why I’m here, the Counsel and the feudal lords are worried about Uchihas loyalty to Konoha.

Fugaku: What about you?….Are you worried?

Minato: It’s not like you haven’t given good reason to suspect disloyalty.

Fugaku: As long as you Senju have complete control of this village the Uchiha will no longer be your pets!

Minato: Senju…Uchiha… that separation has long since been over for generations when both sides signed the treaty.

Fugaku: If you haven’t noticed Yondaime, the treaty is unraveling  and you are the only one who has the power to stop it.

Minato: What do you want from me?

Fugaku: Name a Uchiha as your successor and then and only then can the treaty stay in tacked.

Minato: So, you want power? Why am I not surprised, everyone is after power these days. (Flashing back to the Mask Guy saying he will one day have complete control of the Kyuubi and the world!) Fine, if that’s what you want then I’ll do it to maintain peace.

Fugaku: Then we have a deal.

Minato: Not so fast, if it weren’t you behind the attack nine years ago, then who was it? The Masked man was a sharingan user so he had to have some sort of connection with Uchiha. I suspected it was Madara Uchiha, based on his strength and knowledge level, but he is presumed dead.

Fugaku: Look at you, I didn’t expect you of all people to be bent on revenge, you, the student of Jiraiya, whose teachings are based solely on peace, but I guess I would be just as angry if someone was the cause of so many dying, the near destruction of the Leaf and the death of my beloved.

Minato uses his Flying Thunder God technique to appear right behind him, widening Fugaku’s eyes!

Minato: NO GAMES!

Fugaku: The Uchiha had nothing to do with the Nine-tails attack! ( Activating his Sharingan)

Minato: I’ll let that pass this time Fugaku, because I don’t want to destroy what’s left of the treaty. If you want me to name a Uchiha as my successor then you’ll bring me the name and whereabouts of this Masked shinobi!

Minato disappears leaving a smirk on Fugaku’s face!

Inside the Uchiha Compound the Masked Ninja appears in front of Fugaku!

Fugaku: I knew you would be listening……….It seems the Uchiha can finally gain control over Konoha but we’ll have to expose you to do it!

Masked Guy: You actually believe that nonsense the Fourth was spouting, even if he does keep up his side of the deal you think once you are in power you’ll have enough strength to wipe out Senju? Their power and influence has grown too much over the years and they also out number Uchiha, you won’t stand a chance without me!……….What will you do? You know I can’t allow you to betray me, not by Uchiha, not again!

Fugaku: You seem a little worried there, watch it, your age is beginning to show. I won’t make a decision now but I will do what’s best for Uchiha. ( Fugaku walks away and moments later Zetsu appears)

White Zetsu: I had to lose a few Konoha tracker-nins before coming here, looks like the Fourth hasn’t given up on finding you.

Masked Guy: I guess not.

Dark Zetsu: Aren’t you worried he’s going to reveal who you are?

Masked Guy: I have a feeling Fugaku’s hands will be too full to do anything. I must move quickly before he gives my identity away.

Dark Zetsu: You’re really going to end the Uchiha line, huh?

Masked Guy: I have to in order to bring true peace. As long as there are other Sharingan users out there capable of stopping my Moon’s Eye plan I will always have to look over my shoulder!

The next morning back in Konoha a cheery Naruto awakens.

Naruto: Okay, today I’m going to train twice as hard!

Naruto runs into the kitchen and finds Minato reading the paper and eating breakfast.

Minato: Naruto, I didn’t know you were awake this early.

Naruto: Look at you dad, just sitting here drinking tea, you should be out there kicking butt as the Fourth Hokage, how did you ever become Hokage?!

Minato: Haha, You really need to spend a day with me at the office, Naruto.

Naruto: You said you were going to start training me today.

Minato: We always train together.

Naruto: Making me run all day with weights on my legs and a bucket of water isn’t real training, I want to learn some jutsu so I can kick but like you!

Minato: Okay, We’ll start your training after you’ve had breakfast and went to the academy.

Naruto: When will we have time to train if I do all that? dattebayo!!!

Minato: (Smiling thinking of Kushina) Alright, Naruto, we’ll train right after the Academy, now let’s get going before you’re late.

Naruto: I get it, your afraid I’ll surpass you!

Minato: ( Thinking) Actually, I’m counting on it.

On their way to the Academy, Jiraiya pops up on top of a toad.

Jiraiya: Hey Minato,  lets say we check out the hot springs!

Minato: Stop kidding around old man, I have to get Naruto to school.

Jiraiya: You don’t mind, do ya Naruto?

Naruto: I do mind you pervy sage, I have to get to the academy so I can get strong like my Dad!


Minato: You two are exhausting,hahahaha!

Naruto runs into the Academy after saying goodbye to his Dad.

Jiraiya: I have some news and your suspicions were correct, Orochimaru is working with someone on the inside.

Minato: I was afraid of this, not only do I have to worry about Uchiha now I have to worry about spies infiltrating our government.

Jiraiya: They could find out about the Kyuubi’s state and the fact that we don’t have use of its power.

Minato: If the other nations find out about this, things could get troublesome. Not only that, if Orochimaru is working with who I think he is, things can get even more difficult.

Jiraiya: You mean Danzo? Do you think he’s the one leaking top-secret information about Konoha?

Minato: I wouldn’t put it past him, I’ll have Anbu keep an eye on him! Accusing him of crimes this great could be the beginning of a power struggle and the Uchiha will without a doubt use that to their advantage.

Jiraiya: I have to say, I don’t envy your position Minato but I’ll do anything I can to help, after all you are the Destined Child!

Minato: No, I’m not, he is! ( Looking at Naruto through the window of the Academy)

In the forest Itachi Uchiha and his little brother Sasuke are training.

Itachi: Alright, that’s the Triple Windmill Shuriken Attack.

Sasuke: That was awesome Itachi, let me try!

Itachi senses something!

Itachi: I think it’s time for you to go home Sasuke.

Sasuke: But-

Itachi: NOW!

Sasuke runs home hesitantly, after he leaves the Masked Man appears in front of Itachi!

Masked Man: So, that’s your little brother? He reminds me of you the first time we met.

Itachi: He is not your concern, you are here for a reason, what is it?

Masked Man: Things are not going the way you had hoped are they? Konoha’s Higher-ups and the Uchiha are close to igniting the next Great War and there’s only one way to stop it.

Itachi: There’s still time!

Masked Man: Time is running out, you came to me for help even though I was already assisting the Uchiha with their coup, why do you think your clan was missing on the day of the Kyuubi’s assault.

Itachi: Assisting the Uchiha?  You both had a deal, Uchiha would help you gain control of the Kyuubi if you help Uchiha gain control over Konoha but you would have used the Kyuubi to wipe out Konoha including the Uchiha just for your own benefit but your plan failed thanks to the Fourth Hokage.

Masked Guy: Your precious Uchiha are the ones who informed me where Kushina would be on that day, if the Fourth finds out the Uchiha aided in the death of his wife and in the death of so many ninja lost that day he won’t just come after me.

Itachi: I don’t think so, you and I both know he wouldn’t start another Great Ninja War just for his own personal revenge, the Third wouldn’t allow it!

Masked Man: You think they are going to help you and risk losing control of Konoha, they are Senju and they will join those other treacherous Senju dogs to go to war with Uchiha starting the next Great War! It’s time you finally made a decision, are you going watch this war kill millions of innocent people and prolong this chain of hatred that will be blamed on the Uchiha tarnishing its name or are you going to spare the world of this disaster and close the book on you clan yourself preserving the name and respect of the Uchiha Clan?!

Danzo and the Counsel members are in a secret meeting inside Roots headquarters!

Danzo: Itachi will soon make his move.

Councilwoman: I think we should wait and involve Hiruzen and Minato.

Danzo: Are you crazy?! They would surely stand in our way! This is the only way to put an end to the Uchiha threat!

Councilman: We can’t act without the permission of the Hokages and the Feudal Lords, think of the fall out!

Danzo: No one will know, just stick to the plan, I’ve already ordered Itachi to make his move!

Minato flashes right in front of Danzo!

Minato: Say that again, I didn’t quite hear it!

Hiruzen: ( Coming out from the shadows) I’m surprised at you three for acting on your own!

Danzo: We had no choice, you two know what the Uchiha are planning so we decided to strike first since you aren’t willing to do the job!

Minato: We ordered you to wait until we found a peaceful way to resolve this mess and I had almost succeeded!

Councilman: What?! How?!

Minato: I spoke with Fugaku and agreed to name a Uchiha as my successor if we ended this feud and if they reveal who attack our village all those years ago!

Danzo: You would allow Senju to be brushed aside by those Uchiha rats after all we’ve worked for insuring Senju’s supremacy?! You are letting your naive attempt at peace and your need to avenge Kushina cloud your-

Minato quickly pulls out his kunai and holds it to Danzo’s throat!

Hiruzen: ENOUGH! I’ll deal with you later Danzo, but right now we have to find Itachi Uchiha!

Minato closes his eyes!

Minato: I can sense chakras being wiped out as we speak, (thinking) could he have started already?…. Sandaime, I’m going to the Uchiha compound send back up immediately!

Minato teleports to the compound where he finds himself surrounded by the bodies of dozens of dead Uchiha shinobi, he turns around and spots a pair of Sharingans staring at him from the shadows!

Itachi: Are you happy?…. I’ve brought peace to Konoha!

Minato: I never wanted you to go through this Itachi, I’m sorry.

Itachi: I did this to preserve peace in the Shinobi World!

Minato: This was not the way!

Itachi: It was the only way! Uchiha would have never stopped their hunger for power and no matter what you would have done, the Counsel and Feudal Lords would have never allowed them control over the Fire Country, not even the villagers! This was the only way to stop war from break out and to keep millions from dying!

Minato:………… Itachi you…..

Masked Guy: It seems like you’re at a lost for words, Yondaime.

Minato: YOU! So you are behind this aswell!

Minato takes out his special kunai and dashes at the mask guy but Itachi appears in his way!

Itachi: I can’t allow this Yondaime!

Minato: Stand aside! You don’t know what you’re doing!

Itachi kicks Minato back when he tries to attack the mask guy again knocking him through a wall.

Minato: I’m sorry, I have no choice but to take you both down! (Thinking) Thanks to Danzo and this guy they have both manipulated Itachi into thinking this is the only road to peace by killing his own family, I’m sorry Itachi!

Minato dashes once again and slashes at Itachi but Itachi blocks with his katana, Minato uses his speed and ducks kicking him away. The masked ninja appears behind him trying to stab him with a kunai but Minato uses his bodyflicker technique and appears behind him with his rasengan. The rasengan goes through his back giving Itachi the opportunity to attack from the front with his sword, the sword goes through Masked Guys chest and pierces Minato’s but realizes it’s one of Minato’s clones! Minato grabs him from the ground pulls him down into the hole and jumps up and kicks the now solid mask ninja in the face cracking his mask and sending him flying away, Itachi unleashes Susanoo breaking from the ground with his Mangekyou Sharingan and knocks Minato a few yards away.

Minato: (Thinking) Mangekyou Sharingan? So that thing must be Susanoo! I’ve faces an Uchiha before but not one on this level, I’m going to have go all in on this one! I don’t want to fight you Itachi, I just want him, so stand aside!

Itachi: I don’t want to fight you either but you’ve given me no choice, I can’t allow you to kill him, not now!

Masked Guy: ( Back on his feet) Not now, eh?

Itachi activates Amaterasu and sends a huge wave of black flames flying at Minato, Minato forms hand signs and hold out his hand where a kunai appears and a vortex opens sucking away the black flames! Masked guy appears behind him again and tries to punch Minato but Minato disappears far away, the masked guy wonders why he isn’t attacking and in an instant the vortex reopens and the black flames reappears reducing everything to ash. Masked guy teleports away and reappears sliding across the ground.

Masked Guy: That was close, I forgot how skilled he was!

Itachi uses Susanoo and swings a sword down on Minato but before it hits a huge Earth wall rips up from the ground stopping the attack! The mask man turns around and the Third Hokage along with Anbu have arrived!

Hiruzen: Earth Style: Mud Wall!

Minato appears behind Itachi and uses a giant Rasengan on Susanoo putting a huge crack in its defense and pushes him back!

Itachi: He’s too fast, I can’t get a good read on him, not even with my Sharingan, but that was to be expected, he is Konoha’s YellowFlash!

Minato: That’s Yata’s Mirror, that’s Shisui Uchihas technique! So he’s the one who killed him but not before copying his technique and syncing it with Susanoo, he’s also having trouble keeping up with my speed level that’s why he summoned Susanoo and judging by his attack level he doesn’t have full control over his eye techniques.

Minato appears beside the Third!

Minato: Took you long enough.

Hiruzen: Sorry about that looks like their giving you a little trouble.

Minato: Hmph! You capture Itachi and I’ll take down the Mask one, I’ve fought him before so I know what he’s capable of.

Hiruzen: Remember, you haven’t seen his full powers, so be careful.

Minato: Itachi’s no push over either so you be careful also.

Itachi falls to his knees in pain!

Masked Guy: Looks like he’s reached his limit, Susanoo uses a huge amount of chakra and take a great strain on the body to the cellular level, not to mention Amaterasu. After his battle with the Uchiha and now this he shouldn’t be able to stand. Sorry Hokages but you’re going to have to wait a while longer to fight us.

He uses his space/time ninjutsu to disappear!

Minato: I can’t believe I let him get away! ( Minato punches his fists to the ground)

Hiruzen: You’ll have your day, but right now we have to find any survivors.

Minato: (Stands up and closes his eyes to feel out chakra) Wait its faint but yeah, there is a survivor!

They both find Sasuke face down on the ground trapped in genjutsu, Minato releases it and pick him up in his arms!

Hiruzen: To think they were able to wipe out the entire Uchiha clan!

Minato: Poor little guy, the last of the Uchiha.


23 Responses

  1. I don’t normally read fanfics but i liked this one. Im interested too see where you take it. I think you should continue.

  2. 2 very minor complaints: i’m not sure u used exclaimation points properly, and i thought it was a little annoying reading “the Masked Man” all the time, if you’re hesitant to use Madara, that’s okay, but i feel “Tobi” is a more appropriate name. but, for the most part, i really like. and on an Uchiha 4 a Hokage, Itachi FTW!

  3. I like the idea of this fanfic. It has a good amount of everything. But honestly, the personality of the 4th is off. You made him too revenge ridden and his analytic abilities have disappeared. He looks like Naruto in all the situations you have told so far.

    Also Itachi can copy a Susano’o without having an MS? From what was said Shisui didn’t obtain that ocular power yet. Good story though.


    Oh, almost forgot the scene with the 4th and Fugaku. I always had this idea of Fugaku being very calm and stubborn. I’ve always brainstormed a “what if” Minato actually confronted Fugaku of his intentions. I guess they were in a rush since war was imminent.

  4. This is far from good, its great! OMG THE WAY MINATO USED THAT PORTAL ON AMATERASU AND REDIRECTED IT AT TOBI WAS AWESOME AND IF SHISUI DIDNT HAVE MS BUT WAS ABLE TO CREATE A MS TECHNIQUE THEN IM FRIGGIN SAD THERE WASNT MORE OF SHISUI XD!!!! Sorry I think I might be a #1 FAN to your fanfics lol. Im not sure about the techs on Shisui in the fanfic but I hope theres a flashback portraying him because to put it simply, you make Shisui look like a badass. I say Masked Man should be Tobi, its awkward reading it and it doesnt have that Tobi feel to it. Also I think they way Itachi wooped out a Susano’o on a first date w/ Minato was a little out of character for him. Again its early to ask this but if its possible, please make a Shisui fanfic one day! 😀
    #1 FAN OUT!!

  5. I still wanna see more Shisui 😦 it really is interesting how you make him a badass, first he hacks a genjutsu now he creates Yatas Mirror, what next?! I swear its like im reading Naruto. Keep writing these brilliant fanfics!! Darn you yellow”Kishi”flash!!
    #1 FAN OUT

  6. To save comments space, and because I don;t like to spam, I’m going to comment in this comment while I read the Fanfic.

    Why is everyone using ITALICS before their stories!

    Damn, Minato didn’t out much of a fight on Kushina dying. lol.

    “…I didn’t expect you of all people to be bent on revenge, you, the student of Jiraiya, whose teachings are based solely on peace…” Nice line, and it ties in to Bob’s discussion. Nice.

    Itachi vs Minato. Interesting to say the least. Let’s see how this plays out.

    Awesome fight between the two geniouses. I wouldn’t expect any less. Great job man. Good to know you still have it in you.

    This is exactly what i was talking about! Great job on the Fanfic. This is an interesting “What if..” story. You should definitely continue it. It would be nice to know what happens next. Again. great job.

  7. @ Nemo Prime, I agree on the Masked Guy thing, next chapter I’m going to officially call him Madara. Oh and I’ll try to be more careful with the punctuation. Thanx for your comment.

    @ Zep, for you, this is the last time I’ll use italics.

  8. This was sweet man I actually like this better than the original but that’s probally cause it’s new but great job my only complaint is I’m sure minato knows more jutsu so it sucks that u can’t use them because we’ve only seen a limited jutsu from him but I love the fight seen I could actually picture the whole thing your doin a awesome job so please keep it going

  9. Wow, this was amazing. I’ve always enjoyed reading your work, Flash, but this one stunned me on a higher level! Amazing craft, and I would love if you would continue writing!

    I’m hoping to get some writing out soon as well…

  10. My blog comes out tomorrow. HopeI still have itin me to make a good one. lol.

  11. @ Larry, Itachi didn’t copy Susanoo, that’s not what I meant to say but am sorry if it looked that way, I meant Yata’s Mirrors and Susanoo were seperate defense techniques and Shisui used yatas mirror! !tachi copied Yatas mirrors from Shisui and synced it with Susanoo once he did gain the MS. Just look at it like Itachi using the Totsuka Genjutsu Sword with Susanoo, the same sword Orochimaru wanted but Itach found first.

    Just to be clear I just made this up to make it more interesting so this isn’t real info. Thanks for commenting though!

  12. WOW Thanks for the shout out. That was cool and I loved the story. Shoot, keep it coming. Wanna see how this will play out. Will you go on and keep it strictly Minato or will you time skip to an older Naruto and Sasuke with Minato still the main character. Either way I can’t wait to read the next one if you continue. And you are welcome for the idea. Like I said YF2 is the best Minato fanfic writer on Shannaro.

  13. @ Ryu1978, I’m going to center it around Minato for now because I don’t want to change anything about part one and if I had to I would just make Naruto a little more skilled but not too much and add Minato to someone storylines like when Oro. attacked the leaf and killed the Third. Maybe I’ll just use flashbacks for the most part and just do a few skips but the real story will probably start when I do my version of part two when Naruto and Sasuke are older.

    I wouldn’t say Minato is the only main character, he maybe for now but Naruto will take over at some point. It’s according to how long I’ll be writing this fan fic. Right now Minato is the main character and this is how he would handle the situations Tsunade is handling in the real manga.

  14. This is AWESOME! the alternate story is the next big thing on Naruto

  15. really nice fanfic, it gives an insight of how things wouldve been if minato lived. Great Job 😀

  16. I’m not too big on Itachi showing so much emotion. He’s stoic, remember? lol

  17. @ Kisu, Everyone isn’t a cold stone in Naruto no matter how much they try to be one, look at Sasuke he tries but turned out to be a cry baby! Itachi tried but turned out to be a big softy. LOL

    I am not trying to make everyone exactly like themselves but I really don’t think I made Itachi too emotional. He didn’t cry or anything, I made him show emotion because he had just finish exterminating his family I don’t think he was in the mood to act all hard.

  18. naruto 506 is out http://mangastream.com/

  19. ♫ w0w….!! ^_^ ♫

    ♫ s0unds good ill w8 4 d part 2 ♫

    ♫ clark ♫

  20. ♫ w0w seems so aw3s0me ♫

    ♫ i w8t!ng 4 d part 2 ♫

    ♫ clark ♫

  21. Y2F… good job.. my only complaint is… it stopped… cant wait 4 the next chapter! fantastic!!

  22. The new chapter is out my niggas. One

  23. This is an awesum fanfic!!! I do hope you continue, I liked your storyline, every creative, your new fan =)

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