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Naruto Discussions: The Path to Peace

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi Shannarolites, this is a new series of posts I’m trying out with some help from the authors to allow more platforms for discussion and debates on our blog — something our community excels at. My idea is to present a topic for debate every now and again (especially during boring weeks like this one) to allow people to join in and share their points of view. I’ll try my best to pick open-ended topics that are presented in such a way to present both sides in equal portions so as to promote fair discussions from the start.

This week’s topic involves the contrasting philosophies towards achieving peace between Jiraiya and Pein (Nagato).

We all know about Jiraiya’s path to peace, it’s the same one passed down to Naruto, and similar to the philosophy of the Third Hokage (hence passed down to Minato, Tsunade, etc.). Basically it’s a type of pacifism where you seek to empathize, understand and ultimately forgive your enemies, thereby breaking the cycle of hatred and death. I think Naruto demonstrated this best when he chose not to kill Pein and instead talk to him despite his urge to avenge Jiraiya and everyone Pein ‘killed’ in Konoha. The Third Hokage, being Jiraiya’s mentor, preached the ideal of pacifism, and actively sought out diplomatic solutions as well as championed demilitarization amongst the rival hidden villages. Even after Konoha was the target of a secret attack by forces of Suna (who were decieved by Orochimaru), they did not seek revenge or reparations but instead formed an alliance with Suna which has only strengthened over time.

Now, let’s look at the opposing philosophy towards peace of Pein and those who share similar ideals. This path to peace is achieved through force and subjegation – it’s the idea that peace can only be maintained if you destroy all those who are a threat to your people or dominate your opponents to the point where they are too weak and fearful to even retaliate. Pein followed this type of ideal to justify his destruction of a large part of Konoha because he deemed them a threat to peace; they were too powerful and would only cause more pain to those around them in the future. From his childhood experiences, Pein learned that those who dominate through power can only be brought down with power — action, not words, is what really brings about change. Danzo, although not at all connected to Pein, shares a similar ideal. Danzo was a selfish SOB, but his goal was still to maintain the peace Konoha enjoys… and that means eliminating any threats within or without by any means necessary. It is a dark side to their peaceful existence most villagers will never realize, but it is a necessary sin.

So the question is: which philosophy towards peace do you support? Before you answer, think about it realistically, even use real-world events if it will help. Try to avoid voting for one or the other simply because your favorite character shares that ideal. Here’s some questions to ask for both sides of the argument:

Has long term peace been achieved by letting the enemies have their way?

Has long term peace been achieved by pre-emptive strikes or subjugating an entire nation through military force?

Is pacifism effective in a world that is entrenched in warfare or does it just make you a vulnerable target?

Is one people’s peace ever justified by taking away the peace of another people (through occupation, collective punishment, economic blockades, etc.)?

Please post your comments to this discussion topic. If you enjoy this type of post, please click the like button  just above the comment section. If you would like to suggest a topic for discussion in the future, please send me an email: b0buchiha (at) yahoo.com, that’s bob with a ‘zero’

Shannaro FanFics 101…

… by the person who started the trend. lol.

Alright first things first. I’m a little, what’s the word I’m looking for… dusty. I’m pretty much an old book that someone hasn’t read in a loooooooooong time. So I’ll do my best to make this tutorial informative, yet interesting. Alright Shannaro: Class of 2010, let’s begin shall we!


How to write a Shannaro FanFic

  1. Stay true to the Core Material
  2. No one likes a show off
  3. Make it your own (sort of) 
  4. Plan Ahead
  5. Leave them wanting more



 One of the most important rules in writing a Shannaro FanFic, or any FanFic for that matter, is STAY TRUE TO THE CORE MATERIAL!!! I cannot stress that enough. In the case of Shannaro, the fanfics are obviously going to take place in the Naruverse. So please, no flying alien space invaders! Don’t vomit on Kishimoto’s work by trying to make his universe your own.

As a FW (FanFic Writer) your only adding to the already existing world that has already been created, and you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT bend the laws already established for your own will. Not to sound religious, or anything like that, but the Naruverese is the world and Kishimoto, as it’s creator, is it’s god. Therefore Kishimoto’s rules are binding, and they are to be respected. If you cannot adhere to his rules, then you should not be writing about his world! You’ll only be wasting your time writing, and ours in reading, something that shouldn’t have been written in the first place.



Try not to make your main character a GOD! I’m not saying to not make him/her a badass. Just don’t make them so powerful that nothing could harm them. It’s boring! I’ve come across some stories were the protagonist is unbeatable and takes out everyone in his path too easy. You want to give challenges to your characters. That makes them entertaining. That is what a story is, the ‘story’ of how they became who they are.

Think of all the great stories (fact or fiction) you’ve read, seen, heard, and yeah I’ll go as far as to say felt, that made you go, “woah, that was awesome!” The main character had to go through various struggles to get to where they are. And it wasn’t as easy as going from point A to point B. Just look at these examples:

     Cloud Strife – Saw a good friend die in front of him. Lost the girl he liked at the hands of his – at one time – hero. Had to save the planet from total annihilation.

     Aang – Had to learn three different types of bending to beat a big Fire bully. Rescued who knows how many people. Has to listen to Katara’s nagging for the rest of his life.

     Goku – Had to save the world so many times it’s not really funny. Died who knowns how many times. Bleached his hair yellow so many times, his roots are probably fried.

     Luke Skywalker – Lost his hand. Saved a whole Galaxy. Found out his father is a man with a bad case of asthma. Went to first base with his own sister (gross).

I could go on, but I already wasted some of your time, and some of you have a computer curfew. But I digress, make your protagonist, for lack of a better word, human. Have them get their ass kicked once in a while. Make them interesting.



Be Original!!

Just because you have to stick to the core material (see rule #1), doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own.  Try to make your story different from that of the other guy. Some people don’t like reading the same thing over, and over, and over, and … you know. Use the rules given to you by Kishimoto to come up with an original tale. How do you do that?

Write outside the main story (Trust me it makes things so much easier). There are different routes you can take to make that happen: Create an OC, and tell their story; Write about a different time period. The past of someone. What happens in the future; “What if…” stories are always fun.

Also, play to your strengths. If you’re funny, make your stories funny. You like action, have alot of people get their asses kicked. You’re a softy, have a bunch of mushy moments. I personally like to mix it up. No matter what you are writing about, try to have some balance in your stories. Too much of one thing can be, well, too much.



 Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Not a middle that go’s forever! Think of your story as an essay (No, not an essay!!!). I know, I hated english too. But, honestly I wish I would have paid more attention. It would have made writing a whole lot easier. Every good essay has three things that makes it what it is: Intro, Body, Conclusion.

Intro: short for introduction. Pretty self-explanatory. This is the beginning of your story. It’s called an introduction for a reason: You have to introduce what’s happening!  If your writing on an OC, this is where you describe said person and where they come from. Who are they? If your writing on an existing character, explain where he/she is, what they are doing, and why. Same can be said about an OC.

Body: This is pretty much your story. I’m not going to tell you what goes here, because that’s for you to decide. It’s your story, not mine! However, I do strongly suggest you do some sort of timeline, or something like it. Plan what’s going to happen, before it happens. DON’T TRY TO ‘WING’ IT! That’s usually a bad idea.

Conclusion: Although this is the end of your story, it should be the first thing you should have thought about. I’m not saying to have the whole ending of the story in your head, just a general idea. Know where you’re going, before you get there. How it’s going to happen is what’s fun to write about, at least for me. (if any of you read the InoShikaCho Mission, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I had fun exploring the ways Hidan met his defeat.)



 Cliffhangers are awesome!! If done right. Those of you that read some of my previous works would understand what I mean. I still remember the people who cursed me time, and time again. It’s awesome to make people suffer. For a brief moment I understood how Kishi felt. lol.

On a serious note, as much fun as cliffhangers are, don’t over-do it with them. Don’t over use them. If you do, you’ll lose that “WTF!” moment. Instead it will be a “not again?!” moment. You could still have people wanting more, even if you don’t use a cliffhanger. One thing you could do is …


Well, that concludes my little FanFic lesson. Hope it helps you guys out in writing your stories. Oh and before I forget. PLEASE PROOFREAD YOUR WORK! Thanks.