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SHANNARO!!! Manga Chapter XXXIX: Cutting Mantis

Post Author: whiteshinobi

Previously: WFK awakened his scroll but also lost his match now it’s a draw with 2 points for each side.

Senjuuuken: Now Chaos vs. Tsukiru begin!

Chaos slowly enters the arena.

Tsukiru: You don’t have your friend here anymore to help you out.

Chaos: Good, he’ll only be in my way!

Tsukiru changes to her fight mode.

Tsukiru: X slash!

Tsukiru crosses her scythes and charges at Chaos who grabs her head and leaps over her.

Tsukiru tries to slash him as he jumps but misses.

Chaos summons 2 swords and clashes with Tsukiru.

Tsukiru: You can’t put enough weight behind your swords to win!

Tsukiru puts her full weight behind het attacks and chaos get’s pushed back.

Chaos: Then how about this!

Chaos un-summons both swords and summons one huge sword.

Chaos swings the sword with both hands and sends Tsukiru flying.

Tsukiru: You’re too slow!

Chaos: then explain how you got hit.

Tsukiru: I let my guard down.

Chaos: Yeah right that’s what they all say.

Chaos swings again and Tsukiru jumps over it.

Tsukiru: Got you now!

Chaos: Oh really?

Chaos takes out a dagger he was hiding and throws it at Tsukiru who chooses to dodge it and forget her attack.

Chaos swings downward at Tsukiru who dodges it but just before he hits the ground Chaos turns his wrists and swings sideways. Tsukiru blocks but get’s send flying again.

Tsukiru: Damn you annoying bastard!

Tsukiru flies back with great speed and crashes into chaos

Chaos: That my friend, was the wrong move.

Chaos blocked the rush with his sword and he pulls a string that is connected to the dagger that pierces Tsukiru’s leg.

Tsukiru screams in pain and tries to get away from Chaos

Chaos lets her escape and changes his sword for a spear.

Tsukiru looks at the eyes of Chaos and sees that he has activated the Gofuuungan.

Tsukiru: This is gonna become troublesome.

Chaos has been pumping chakra into that spear from the beginning but Tsukiru has noticed that already.

Tsukiru: *thinking* I could move in for a close range fight then he won’t dare to unleash the chakra cause he could get hit also but I can also wait and dodge the spear and then move close.

Chaos hold the spear in throwing position.

Tsukiru charges and Chaos stabs his spear in the ground in front of him almost placing it inside Tsukiru’s head.

Tsukiru: You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Chaos unleashes the chakra stored inside it and both get send flying back.

Tsukiru: Damn you!

Tsukiru is greatly wounded by the attack.

Chaos: You never thought that I would do something so reckless huh?

Chaos got almost no wounds from the attack.

Tsukiru: Right, but looking at the move you have been training it well.

Chaos: True, I call it the Omote Hanahadashii Bakugeki .

Tsukiru: That’s not what I’m talking about it’s the jumping backward to nullify damage.

Chaos: Oh that, it’s just common sence that if you go with the flow you get less damaged.

While they were talking Chaos has recharged the spear.

Chaos: I think you won’t fall for that trick twice so I’ll do it another way!

Chaos Throws the spear at Tsukiru at amazing speed.

Tsukiru dodges it by a hair and closes in then as soon as she stands close Chaos jumps backwards and the spear hits her in the back causing another explosion.

Chaos: Rimen Hanahadashii Bakugeki

Senjuuuken: Tsukiru down! Countdown begin, 1,2!

Hirako: Guess we’ll (3) become the underdog (4) again.

Sukorupi: I’ll fix that(5).

Kazangan: I’m sure (6) you will.

Hirako: We are the (7) top 3 anyway it would (8) be shameful to lose our (9) match.

Sukorupi: Well those (10) guys are pretty good been a while (11) since someone was ahead of us when (12) I came in.

Kazangan: Been a while? That (13) never happened as soon (14) as me and Hirako stepped in.

Sukorupi: True, (15) the quality of our aces (16) have been rising ever since (17) that time.

Hirako: Well at least we still have a (18) chance of winning, Kotaki is most likely even (19) stronger then me, he just has slim (20) fight experience.

Senjuuuken: The fight goes to Chaos congratulations.

Senjuuuken: Shika vs Sukorupi begin!