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Congratulations Bob!

I could get in a lot of trouble for doing this unannounced,  but here we go….


Today Shannaro hit 1.5 MILLION views. Thats insane, and it’s all thanks to one guy, this site has been held up by one person for the years I, and many others have been a member. Yep, it’s me.

In all seriousness, our dictator has put a shed load of work into this and never asks anything from anyone except his author slaves, he’s also a real nice guy and genuine naru-computer genius. This site is where I spent huge amounts of my time, so from me and everyone else Bob, thanks for all the hard work.

Bob has also spent a lot of time paying for the site, back in the narutohurricane days I believe it was costing him a fair bit, something which he is not thanked for enough, the site has also had some major crashes, which he has always recovered within days, even with his personal life and studying to take care of. Bob may not comment much, but I guarantee you he reads almost all the comments, takes every bit of advice and has even helped me outside of the site rein-visage what the site looked like when I first joined.  He’s either not human, or just a a very nice guy.

Bob, you make a community we are all proud to be a part of.  All of Shannaro are behind you!

Sothe ❤


116 Responses

  1. So much I could keep adding and adding, but I won’t. One thing that needs to be mentioned is how Bob created a site where when a member sadly passed away, a group of narunerds, and friends all worked together to create something beautiful. DL would be proud buddy.

  2. Congratulations Bob, this is the best Naruto site I have come across. I’ve never been much of a forum person, commenter/poster anywhere. But you’ve created a community here that I want to be involved in. Shannaro has become 1 of my favorite sites I visit on a regular basis.

  3. I second that post and comment all the way!! DL was a VERY ggod Narufriend of mine. He will be greatly missed. Oh, and yey on 1.5million. lol.

  4. Yayz! Woo hoo for Bob!

    I totally agree with that Author Slave comment. Aye aye…

  5. @NarurulerZetsu: You don’t know what the term Author Slave mean yet. give it time. lol.

  6. That’s the problem! 😛

  7. nice post and congrats to bob

  8. *dr. gadget voice* WOWzers! (lol)

    Congrats, Bob! Well deserved! I cant imagine the amount of time you have invested into this place. This only further solidifies Shannaro’s presence as a great online community in the blogosphere. I wish you and Shannaro the best! Keep up the great work and thank you for everything that you have done to make this place the great area that it is! #teamshannaro ftw!

  9. congrats Bob!!!
    i love your naruto analysis.
    and thank’s for all of writers because of the great job here.

  10. Behold a cheesy cheese ball of cheesy stuff! xD I never knew Sothe could get so sentimental.

    In all seriousness, though, you’ve done an amazing job, Bobzilla. You haven’t gotten enough credit in the past for all the hard work you’ve done here.

    We’ll make a song for you or something. ^^; Like the Shannaro national anthem… It will involve lazer cats and porn.

  11. Good looks Sothe 😛

    Bobbo – Sothe’s just being nice… you get way too much credit. LOL no really you have done a great job bringing a bunch of great people together, and you should be proud. I know it seems like I don’t come on shannaro much anymore, but I haven’t missed a single one of your chapter discussions in years. Mad props for all the dedication you’ve put in, and the empire you’ve built; you’re one talented guy.


  12. meh

    Congrats Bob. Though I am not well known here =[ I have been a long time follower ever since I discovered this site about a year ago (Mart told me about it on bleached ichigo) and it is your awesome analysis that have kept me around.

    I have recommended this site to many of my friends and they all love it. I love coming here immediately after reading a new chapter, most of the times your reviews are even better than the chapters.

    Thank you Bob for all your hard work. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!
    Now, make me one of your “slave” authors, please :]
    I want help, I am a good writer and can help appease the bordom we all gosuffer through in between chapters.

  13. I mean I want TO help you guys out sometimes when school starts and we get a little occupied with other stuff.


  14. I mean I want TO help you guys out, I am a good writer and can help appease the bordom we all suffer through in between chapters.



    Although i havnt been on the site very long it quickly became apparent to who runs this joint.

    Your time and effort put into this should be awarded.
    in fact we should do somthing for you….
    but what?

  16. Congrats Bob!!! I would love to take all the credit but I also love to share!LOL

    On the real, You should be very proud of yourself, you are AMAZING! KING SHANNARO!!!

  17. Congrats on the website accomplishments

  18. Congrats on the hits and every word of these comments are 100% true. Bob is one of the nicest people on all the internet and truly a great site Admin. I’ve only been here for a year and a half, but I can still seriously say I feel like a family here. Even our dog (Kisuzachi) is part of it…

    Anyways, congrats, Bob-dono.

  19. @ssj

    I bet a lot of old shannaros following the chapter discussion like you but they are all too lazy to post….like me

  20. Bob sure deserves the praise he gets. He’s a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything 😀

  21. To celebrate Nef, send him some questionnaires! Thatll make him happy! 🙂

    Yeaaah, I do get a bit cheesey occasionally…..hope it gives him something to make fun of me about.

  22. Grats bob. I spend a good amount of time here ever since i fiund it. On a side note does anyone know when we will no longer be able to read the manga online? Is the translated chapters here in america a week behind? Will we be able to get copies of the manga online at a pay site? I dont want to loose my naruto fix but this could cause trouble.

  23. Congratulations Bob!

    A few years ago I was looking for Naruto online and the first thing I found was Narutohurricane.com, during the fight of Sasuke vs. Itachi. I soon joined the forums there, and I’ve been stuck debating theories ever since.

    One thing I realize though, it feels like now that the blog has been separated from the forum, the forum died off, is this really the case, or is it just that the usual people who were on the forum are no longer around? I miss it anyhow.

    That being said, the blog is great and I am grateful for Bob keeping this all going for so long. May it go on to the end of Naruto and beyond!

  24. @ Sothe: You’re talking to the wrong girl about that one. xD LaydeeKay was the one that sent out all the questionnaires! I’m horrible at them.

  25. A friend recommended Narutohurricane to me in 08. But I didn’t actually come to the blog until 09 when I read one of Mart’s posts. Ever since I’ve been hooked 😀

  26. Ahhhh, you always were a part of the questionnaire thing werent you? Cant remember it too well, just lots of spam about J and big bob having to answer them, how is LK anyway? Presume you still talk?

  27. congratulations Bob, and keep on with good work!!! 🙂

  28. Yeah. That was back when Bob, J, LK, Zep, and I were the oldest and most active members on Shannaro. I just checked the questionnaire LaydeeKay sent to us and it’s insane! 73 questions, man. But that was years ago and I bet we’ve all changed a lot.

    Actually, LK and I text now! We’re apparently sisters from ethnically different misters.

  29. Well shucks folks, now you’re making me all teary eyed. Thanks sothe for bringing up the 1.5 million views, else I would have never noticed it ( I missed the 1 million mark too LOL). If we included the stats from the old shannaro, it’d probably be 2-3 times as higher I’d think. But numbers mean nothing because it really comes down to the friendly and intelligent Naruto fans our community attracts. I haven’t seen another Naruto discussion blog/forum where the users put in as much effort and research into their comments as our members do. Looking back, Shannaro has caused me a lot of grief too when it used to crash quite often. You won’t believe how many hours I’ve spent trying to fix the dang thing. But I got a lot of support from you guys and i certainly didn’t want to let you guys down. I still can’t believe it’s been over 3 years since Shannaro!!! kicked off into full gear and it’s still going strong. So thank you to all our readers and commentators as well as the past and present authors who have contributed their time and effort to the blog.

    anyone can become an author, but you first need to write something and send it to me. Click on the become a contributor link on the sidebar to see details.

    The forum never really did kick off, it started off the same time as the blog but people talked more here because it was easier to post and you didn’t have to register. The authors and I tried our best to promote the forums, but nothing seemed to work so we just went with the flow.

    @lazer cats and porn
    some people told me I shouldn’t mix the two together because it isn’t healthy… those people are now dead.

    @LK’s questionnaries.
    I declare Shannaro a survey-free zone. For every survey I find, I shall kill you.

  30. I have not been a part of this blog for long. I think I just started commenting this year. I like it because it gives me a chance to read different theories and even come up with a a few of my own. Thanks a lot bob!

  31. Aw, Bob. If you weren’t whipped by LK, you wouldn’t have had to fill it out in the first place. 😉 Nah, it was cool of you to do the whole deal. You weren’t as snarky as J-chan was about it.

    And here I thought you were joking about being a robo-furry… o_O;

  32. I don’t know much about Bob, but I do know he has created a great place for people to share all their ideas regarding a manga we all enjoy. Also, any guy named Bob seems to be a natural born leader and a cool cat at that and this Bob is no exception, his opinions hold a lot of sway in here, and even though I have not been commenting as much as others, I never miss one of his chapter summaries, he always respects others opinions and their comments. Cheers, to our socialist dictator, unspoken leader yet our equal in this hear Naruto blog. 🙂

  33. Damn, I hate being late for the party. Damn, hangover.

    Ok, 1.5 million view: That just shows how AWESOME Shannaro!! has become. Not that it wasn’t already. And believe you me, it will make it to 5mil.

    DL: Man the things I can say about my old writing rival are endless. His stories were second to none. … Well, they were second to me. lol. . . . Man, his stories were third to none. For any Naruto FanFic writer out there: I encourage you to look for his work in the Narutohurricane archives (if there is any) and read his work. You want to be a good Naruto FanFic writer? You should definitely read his work. Let his memory live within those who knew him for a long time.

    BOB: Man what can I say about the guy that hasn’t been said? Well, if I think about it. I can say alot about him, but a) They’ll be negative, cause no1 has said anything negative about him. b) most will be true! lol. In all seriousness though, great job over all w/ the site man. Keep it up. Because it sure as hell isn’t going to maintain itself.

    Question: What the hell happened to the Author’s Lounge?? Can’t find the shit anywhere.

    Nef: Are you ever going to make another post? ever? lol.

  34. Speaking of fan fics, I’m making a new fan fic and it will be out soon so I hope you guys will check it out!

    I’ve been reading through other fan fics and there are some great stories but the problem is no one really comments on them anymore, now that we have about 1.5 million viewers( Thanks to BOB) our comment level should be way up so lets show our writers and up-incoming writers some support!

  35. i have been visiting narutohurricane for a little over two years now, only recently making any comments. i have always enjoyed reading everyone elses comments though and understanding of the manga. its one of the best sites that i have ever visited and the only one that i continue to visit every week (ok, every couple of days). i guess you could call me a narutohurricane stalker… 🙂

  36. Zep, Ive emailed you authors lounge address 🙂

  37. @ Zep: Ah-ha-ha-FUNNY. T__T I don’t know if I’ll post again. I MIGHT be sitting on some comics I’ve been reluctant to post on DA, but eh… 😐 Not my best work.

  38. Soth, do you mind emailing me the authors lounge address aswell? Please.

  39. “I’ve been reading through other fan fics and there are some great stories but the problem is no one really comments on them anymore, now that we have about 1.5 million viewers( Thanks to BOB) our comment level should be way up so lets show our writers and up-incoming writers some support!”

    I’ve been thinking of merging Shannaro fanfic back with Shannaro actually. Let’s face it, there really isn’t that much going on anymore between the weekly chapter releases. I know some visitors are only here for the debates/theories, but you can always pick and choose what you want to read, amirite. What do you guys think, should we merge fanfics back into Shannaro?

  40. @Bob

    I can see that about the forum. In any case, most of our old discussions are useless now that onemanga doesn’t host the chapters anymore. It was fun while it lasted. I do enjoy posting on the blog, and I am glad that I have a place to come and discuss my ideas.

  41. i just seen this. Late Congratulations Bob-Senpai. You have truly put you’re life into what we now know as Shannaro. I remember when the crash happened. You earnestly worked to find a new home, a new server for this website. You should write your life story pretty soon. hahaahhaha………. But all the ratings that you get is a prime example of your hard work and dedication. May your ratings continuously rise until the internet decides they are sick of you (and even after then).

    Mada Mada Dane


  42. Side note: I talked to DL’s sister on Facebook, and she still remembers all of us. I remember especially the memorial we had for him on this site. I can’t believe its been a year. crazy how the time flies.

  43. Congrats Bob! I’ve been reading blogs since the hunt for itatchi arc but haven’t started commenting until this yea. You have created one truly amazing site with shannaro. LONG LIVE SHANNARO!!!! LONG LIVE BOB-SAMA!

  44. I have been following this site for a year and look for the analysis the day after the mangastream release. The analysis are good , so this is the only naruto site I go to. I don’t know Bob but keep up the good work.

  45. @Bob

    Some fanficks were good, but the problem is that at the moment there is already so much things revealed that it isnt so much space to create. Besides I think Naruto will find an end in less than 100 chapters.

    Whats left:
    fight 1. Hokage
    fight 2nd Hokage
    and thats it, was there something I’ve forgot

  46. before I forget
    congratulations BOB, new shannaro is good but miss some things of old shannaro….I am just a guy from the old school

  47. congratulations BOB, i may not comment every week but u best believe i make sure im here every thursday to read your post. as long as the site is up u’ll have a life time fan. keep up the good work.

  48. @ Bob, I think that’s great and we should merge it back, it will make it easier and maybe it would bring in more comments! Hey, it’s a marketing strategy!

  49. Why does everyone think that Naruto is going to end soon, did Kishi say it was because I think its going continue even after this Madara/Sasuke Akatsuki thing?

  50. @yellowflash, everyone thinks its almost over because;

    1. There are only a few bad guys left
    2. Naruto now has the Kyubi under his control
    3. Sasuke has achieved the epitome of the Sharingan’s powers
    4. Almost all plot points have been wrapped up.

    I’d say Naruto’s gonna be over by 2012

  51. I understand all that but you don’t think new enemies will show up or maybe a war between the five nations over the bijuu. I could think of tons of plots that Kishi could use, look at DBZ it came of with lots of cool things! I just don’t want it to end!

    Thanks Kisu for trying to help though!

  52. i’m site is my ‘morning coffee’ haha

  53. Its all about Z Boob!!, I mean Bob!!

  54. Bob..ur the GOD!!

  55. Congrads Bob on creating a cool website, I enjoy reading other people theories, predictions, and how they feel about their favorite character

  56. @ Will you be able to transfer all the drafts to the new Shannaro once you merge them back because I already started my story?

  57. The only thing I can say that is a miss w/ 2.0 is that the ninja rankings are gone from our names. Not that I was all that high anyway but still

  58. I also heard chapter 506 isn’t coming out this week which kills me but I think I might bring out my new fan fic so could you guys check it out! I feel like I’m making a commercial!

  59. Congrats bob… Im from south africa and even my african ass enjoys this site…. aint much narutards ova here so i cum here to blend in… Neva commented thou just read.. thanx alot… Iv been here almost a year.. Kewl

  60. welcome to Shannaro emo nin 🙂

  61. I couldn’t agree more, hope he’ll stick around till Naruto end

  62. fuck bob and them, those guys are fucking childish dicks.lol,
    if u don’t agree with these guys when they post topics, the whole childish clan jumps on u. and they are extremely bias. so fuck him and his whole crew.

  63. @ultimate (and probably YellowFlash as well): What makes a good FanFic, or any story for that matter is originality. Think out side of the Main story to create your own. Examples: an OC story; different timeline; what happens next?; flashbacks. things like that. If you try to go w/ what’s going on now, you’ll have to be revising your work all the time, and it won’t make sense. Unless you make your own universe where it will. You just have to remind people that this is happening in your own Naruverse, not the mainstream one.

    An example of this is the NaruZepverse. What is the NaruZepverse? Think of it in comic book terms. Kishimoto’s Naruverse is the Mainstream Universe, The NaruZepverse is the universe where my stories take place. (example. Kishi’s Naruto:Uncanny X-men::Zep’s Naruto:Ultimate X-men) Hope that makes any sense.

  64. @yellowflash2: Are you really compairing Naruto to DBZ? Nothing against DBZ, I was a fan once, but there weren’t many plots. It was pretty consistent all arround: Bad Guy, train, fight and save the world. Rinse n repeat. I personally think it should of ended at Cell. (and apparently so did Toriyama) But that’s just me.

  65. @bigtitcowgirl, (lol, nice name btw….unless ur some 30-40 year old fat guy living in his mom’s basement O_O) no one on Shannaro!!! bashes people for their opinions. I should know. I deliberately say stuff that clashes with what most people believe just to cause debate and almost no one thrown insults my direction :). In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before. Welcome to Shannaro!!! if you’re new here. If you are here as a different user, then I apologize if anyone insulted you.

  66. @zep

    I totaly agree about DBZ, it was way too much after Cell. But I think without DBZ, Naruto would not be the same as we know, because I think DBZ has inspired Kishi a lot.

  67. Didn’t say it didn’t. Naruto is basically a better version of DBZ. sort of. You know what I mean, hopefully.

  68. @ who eva write those summaries of naruto on shannaro!!… Why did you stop at 499 sum of us finds the summaries usefull please do carry on or does it take up 2 much time? Oh ja thanx kisu … Hey Whot eva happend to SUNA did he die too?

  69. @Zep, true. They cant be compared. DBZ is simply the God of all fictional works :). Btw, Frieza was meant to be the last villain.

  70. @Zep, well, I found them interesting and maybe the Buu saga went too far but they were still fun too watch and Kishi isn’t Toriyami or whatever his name is and I’m sure he could do a better job with Naruto!

    @ Emo nin, Welcom to Shannaro!

    @ Kisu, Nice way to handle Bigtitcowgirl ( Nice name,LOL)!

    @ Bigtitcowgirl, I would usually respond to that but your name totally wins me over, welcome to Shannaro hope you learn to like it!

  71. @kisuzachi, don’t apologize to me, just reading ur comment should prove to the ppl how much u respect their opinion, “fat dude living in moms basement” plz, nothing fake about my name, i am who i say i am, i am just informing those that are new, not to go against u guys, cause u say inconsiderate shit, i am not going by a different name, just never felt like leaving comments, i read how u much u guys respect others opinion, and thought why waste my time with these kids who are obiviously fags or virgins. thats all, so u can say what u want, i will continue to let ppl know, that yeah read the summaries but don’t leave comments these guys aren’t mature enough to handle other ppl’s opinion…..later, fuck you .lol…and u are american,,,use an american name, u fucking pretender, wanna be asian.

  72. @yellowflash, lmao this is as close to big tits as ur ass gonna get, and DON’T WELCOME ME HERE, I DON’T WANT TO BE CATEGORIZED WITH U LOSERS THAT GET TOGETHER AND TALK FOR DAYS ABOUT NOTHING. i like naruto and i read the summaries, thats all. i only responded this one and only time to let the new viewers know that u guys are fucking crooked, u will never see me again, or my name,lol.. so run and tell that…smh, dream of these tits when u jizz ur fucking pants, all u assholes.

  73. “We’ll make a song for you or something. ^^; Like the Shannaro national anthem… It will involve lazer cats and porn”: We should have an AL meating about that.

    “Mart told me about it on bleached ichigo”: Glad i can take credit for the only cross over that way (usually we try to funnel people over there like this: Check out bleachedichigo.com bob’s (really J’s) bleach site)

    “one of the nicest people on all the internet and truly a great site Admin”: Bob’s quiet most of the time about oppinion stuff but he’s really quite funny when you can get him to speak hence “hope it gives him something to make fun of me about.” from the people in the author’s lounge, When I first came here there was a thing called the shoutbox (on old shannaro) and I always tried to get him to speak but he would just flit in and out like those dogs in the old pokemon games, so I tried to raise my rank and eventually became an author simply because I was curious about who he was. I have learned a few things in my three years here (once I said it was five only to have bob tell me he had only had the sight up for 2) if you too are curious: 1. He has two homes, one in Canadia and one in a pineapple under the sea where he has an ongoing “jersey shore” like show about his life. 2. He is a graduate, of at least pre-school 3. I strongly think that J is actually his alternate personality that he uses to put his oppinions on Shannaro, because then he would fit the “J and Silent Bob” motif. He may also have been Guruku 4. I hear he likes Ragea, and questionaires, and strong independant ladies.

    “Can’t find the shit anywhere.”: Bob’s like batman except he is neither bat nor man, but he does hide his lair (the AL) well, you can’t find it on Google (I’ve tried to avoid typing that long ass name and ended up just putting it in my favorites.

    “should we merge fanfics back into Shannaro?” YES!!!!

    “Hey Whot eva happend to SUNA did he die too?’ The last I heard he crashed a car into his Garage while learning to drive and was working at McDonald’s or something to save up money for Marty McFly’s Shoes from “Back to the Future”

  74. “i read how u much u guys respect others opinion,”: I don’t tend to respect people’s oppinons, as they aren’t facts. I will usually acknowledge facts proving me wrong unless I have a counter argument. I simply find it funny that you attack Bob, the one person who you later claim to listen to (since he writes the summeries) And can’t find a way to make yourself heard without swearing or being obscene I honestly don’t want you back if all you do is insult people who comment here, and will probably delete any spam comments if you post more pointless obscenity.

  75. @ Bigtitcowgirl,….Oh please, you are so funny it hurts, actually I have a girlfriend and get plenty of p***y so I won’t even respond to that anymore. Your name says all I need to know about you, either you are so insecure that you have to make a fake alias online to make yourself seem better, or the girl who no one talks to or asks out because they are losers or maybe you do because you have the reputation of being a whore either way you are pathetic,LOL.

    Even though you don’t want to be categorized with us losers, I’m glad you took the time to create a profile and read our summaries and obviously you have been reading out debates because you wouldn’t know we talk about them for day. So once again Welcome to Shannaro!LOL

  76. It should be noted that I tried bobs path of mixing porn and laser cats. I must say results my vary. Jk I’m allergic to cats lol.
    @btgc: you remind me of Sakura with your flatchest and bitchy demeanor. Btw I’m an athlete myself and so is eagle87 and most likely others on the site. Your not a loser just cause you debate on a blog. I’d say fuck you but you know the flatchest and bitchtasticness make that impossible. BAZINGA!

  77. bigtitscowgirl now thats a name that says it al shes a cow and gots big tits witha litle bit of bitch mixed in…hahaha 🙂
    Oh an congrats bob, enjoy the sumaries. 😉

  78. @Captain Obvious: Thank for adding to the fire. lol.

    @Every1 else: Just let it go, and talk about important stuff like what the site was made for: Naruto!

  79. damn i aint commented in a couple weeks and come back to all this hostility during what should have been a happy occasion lmao, but congrats anyway bob

  80. You’re right zep we should celebrate! I even made a lazer cat piñata for the occasion. 😀

  81. @ Bob, when are you thinking about merging the two shannaro’s back?

  82. Tomorrow, Tune in for the BEST fan fic ever!!!!!! Revenge of the YellowFlash by YellowFlash2!!!

  83. @BTC, shield your eyes, for my awesomeness just might blind you. That’s right, even Aizen wishes he was as awesome as the Kisu. Anyhoo, for the record, I’m not American and even if you were Asian, you’d probably be ridiculed to the point of suicide if your name was “Kisuzachi”, since its just a combination of (Kisame, Zabuza and Itachi lol), but I digress. I’m disturbed that you’re ruining this special occasion though. This isn’t meant to hurt your feelings, but I think maybe you should go outside, take a deep breath, make friends and get a social life. When you get one of those, you’ll realize just how pointless and pathetic it is to be throwing insults (ESPECIALLY ONES THAT CANT EVEN MAKE ME CHUCKLE) across the internet 🙂

    @Everyone else, remember Shannaro!!! rule #7: “Do not feed the trolls.” So just ignore BTC until she joins the 96% of the civilized and intellectual people on Shannaro, and stops being the 4 percent which consists of; trolls, spammers, shippers and worst of all…..Twilight fans *shivers*

  84. @Kisu… Nice one, I would high five you but you know across the internet.LOL

  85. I’m checkin this website just for looking an update, but got none..

    it’s a good website, but terrible at news update..

  86. A well deserved congrats to you Bob, i started coming a couple months now and i have 2 its a gr8 site, and ur a gr8 admin. I like how even though ppl get hot headed in the comments u always stay calm and respond respectfully and impartially.


    kitty pr0nz 4 l1fe

  87. “at news update”: just ask what you want to know… the only real news we ever get is “the chapter won’t be out till next week” like the case of this week is.

  88. Congrats Bob! I’ve started going on shannaro at the begining of this year but i never comented…just read …I really enjoy the site …

  89. I’d love to read more analysis from Bob and Partners.. rather than watching a dead website when nothing’s coming from Kishi..

  90. ::Chuckles::

    That is a milestone Bob-O! Congratulations! Who knew this site could become such a little giant? Let us continue to live like giants!

    Ninja out!

  91. ‘I deliberately say stuff that clashes with what most people believe just to cause debate’-I understand this is late, Kisu, but I just have to say…None of what is in that sentence has any falsehood to it whatsoever.

  92. Bob & Partners… I like that, LOL.
    Bob & Partners Ltd. Now open for business in ten nationwide locations, come in for a free quote today!

    @G, Aha! The lurker lurketh still!

  93. Holy shit, I feel so out of place. I don’t know about 92% of the usernames here. I finally gained freedom so now I revisited the website and Nef told me about the 1.5 views so now I decided to make my grand re-entrance.

    Bob, you don’t deserve it.
    I’m very proud to see how far your hard effort and dedication have come. :]

    And now you should see me here and there, though no one remembers me =.=;;;;;


  94. XD She’s right, man. You totally don’t deserve this kind of praise! You’re not supposed to acknowledge dictatorships!

    I have comics in route for the site. I might not take the time to do posts, but I’m more than willing to send material and various discussion ideas once in awhile. 😀

  95. Oh by the way Bob, I’m working on another questionnaire as I type this. J-sama’s previous persuasion methods- I’m not underneath asking him to repeat it or getting Nef to do it either :]

  96. Wow, everyones back…. 🙂

  97. “though no one remembers me =.=;;;;;”: I do! You left the week I wanted to talk to you… I wanted one of those cool custom avatars you made back in the day, and I once saw you bitch out a troll.

  98. You know your a southern hick when you see four people that were believed to be dead back alive and talking 😛

  99. YEAH! I want an avatar LK, you made me some amazing ones in the day…

  100. Wow!! W/ the exceprion of J, this is the first time in a long time the Shannaro Gonin have posted in the same blog! Awesome!

  101. Wow!! W/ the exception of J, this is the first time in a long time the Shannaro Gonin have posted in the same blog! Awesome!

  102. 😐 Guys, I don’t think she’s going to have the free time to make avatars for all of you. It took some persuading on my end to get her here in the first place. xD

  103. LOL i can’t believe you guys are all back. lets hope it actually lasts for a little bit this time 😛

  104. Well well, if they ARE in fact back, I would like to ask Zep for some pointers and tips on writing, since I seem to be in a slump and he seems to be the Writing Guru, or Tempest or something, lol. I’m pretty sure Cookie wouldn’t mind them either! But, since I’m not him…*grabs Zep and takes him to some secluded area out in the Sahara Desert*

  105. Nooo!!! not the Sahara!!! That movie sucked!! anything but that!!! lol.

  106. @Zep, fine, no Sahara. Instead you can watch The Last Airbender with us >:)

  107. That could be a trick. Series? or Movie?

  108. No, the series is actually GOOD. Let’s check out the movie >:)


    Fine you win! Stop w/the torture! Stop!

    To please AL FanFic writers, and myself, I’ll make a blog about writing FanFics. It would be a great way to get back on the blog writing wagon, before I start my new FanFic. (well, not that new.) Just need to buy a wireless internet thingymajig for my computer so I can post. I’ll do that after work tomorrow.

  110. Every since I’ve been on this site, I started washing up and cleaning myself everyday. Thank you Bob for the motivation

  111. @Don’tJudgeMe, don’t worry, I wont. But wtf? lol. U just made my day bro lol!

  112. yup fanks bob its DawnStone. and shes feeling very tired. grats.

  113. @Zep: There are some problems with the movie, but it’s all right, I swear! *slaps Kisu* IT’S A GOOD MOVIE! But I will admit the series is so much better than the movie. Love the series, if not only for the humorous moments.

    Also @Zep: Sounds good, if you can get back on the wagon and show the many hundreds of…well, the three-four authors that are ACTUALLY still writing on this place…Me, Cookie, Flash(sort of) and WS. Mhm…Yeah…SO GET HERE AND WRITE YOU FREELOADING LEAVER OF PLACES!

  114. “Every since I’ve been on this site, I started washing up and cleaning myself everyday. Thank you Bob for the motivation”

    make sure you scrub where the sun don’t shine. But that’s nothing compared to what happened to kisu, my blog cured his cancer, we’re still waiting on the lab results but what else could it have been?

  115. @LK
    My shrink told me to not be afraid of you and your bullying ways anymore. I have new friends now — friends who don’t subjegate me to hours upon hours of unholy surveys. Here’s what I think of your questionnaires!

    PS, I’m the bald guy in the video, not the girl
    Here’s a translation:
    Bob: so this questionnaire is all you have to show me after going missing for over a year?
    LK: oh yes, I’ve really put a lot of effort into th–
    BOB CRUSH!!!!

  116. Thanx for puting back the summaries mr boberian il be here in the shadows… Ur 1st south african shanarutard

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