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Congratulations Bob!

I could get in a lot of trouble for doing this unannounced,  but here we go….


Today Shannaro hit 1.5 MILLION views. Thats insane, and it’s all thanks to one guy, this site has been held up by one person for the years I, and many others have been a member. Yep, it’s me.

In all seriousness, our dictator has put a shed load of work into this and never asks anything from anyone except his author slaves, he’s also a real nice guy and genuine naru-computer genius. This site is where I spent huge amounts of my time, so from me and everyone else Bob, thanks for all the hard work.

Bob has also spent a lot of time paying for the site, back in the narutohurricane days I believe it was costing him a fair bit, something which he is not thanked for enough, the site has also had some major crashes, which he has always recovered within days, even with his personal life and studying to take care of. Bob may not comment much, but I guarantee you he reads almost all the comments, takes every bit of advice and has even helped me outside of the site rein-visage what the site looked like when I first joined.  He’s either not human, or just a a very nice guy.

Bob, you make a community we are all proud to be a part of.  All of Shannaro are behind you!

Sothe ❤