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Naruto Chapter 505 – The Yellow Flash Reborn

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Now Naruto Chapter 505 was a darn interesting chapter in terms of how fast we popped back into the present time storyline and the surprise Kishi had in store for us. After Naruto conquered the Kyuubi, it was clear he would obtain use of the beast’s latent powers, what I didn’t expect was just how quickly we would get to see Super Saiyan Naruto in action. It appears that a lot of fans were also eagerly anticipating this week’s chapter for some reason, and more than usual because Mangastream’s site got swamped with too many connections from people trying to access the new chapter. I guess people were expecting something great to be revealed in this chapter, and I think most were pleasantly pleased by Naruto new power uprade.

The other surprise for me came in the title page for this chapter – after seeing the youthful Minato and beautiful Kushina adorn title pages and full colored spreads for the last month, it was a bit of a rude surprise to suddenly have Gai’s ugly mug shoved in your face LOL. But whenever Gai’s featured in a chapter, we can expect to see some pretty hilarious panels to come. It’s pretty obvious that Gai was placed as a guard for Naruto mostly to set him up for another showdown versus Kisame because so far he hasn’t done a great deal of “body guarding” or anything else besides suffering from seasickness. And at the rate the current encounter is going, it’s likely to be Kisame’s last battle with Gai. Poor Kisame, he must have thought himself to be pretty clever after deceiving Killer Bee and the others for so long – but he pushed his luck a little too hard and stayed his welcome a bit too long. My feelings, especially with this chapter, is that we’ll be seeing Kisame’s real death scene pretty soon. We know this Kisame is the real deal, but he’s landed himself in a world of trouble surrounded by two of the top Jinchuuriki’s, a Wood element user and Gai’s crazy taijutsu skillz. Even he himself admits that he’s not going to stick around to test his strength against this group of heavy hitters. I expect Kisame’s death to be within the next one or two chapters, keep an eye for the proverbial flash back sequence for confirmation. Well, if shark boy is going down, I at least want him to put up a decent fight seeing as he’s one of the strongest Naruto villains ever introduced. Killer Bee and Gai wil both get their punches in, but it’s likely to be Naruto who deals the fatal blow in part to demonstrate his new powers.

Speaking of Naruto’s new powers, like most fans I can’t be more pleased than what I’ve seen Naruto just do in this chapter in his new Jinchuuriki form. Seriously, was that just a Flying Thunder God technique we just saw Naruto pull off on Kisame? This may be just be Mangastream’s translator’s choice of words, but Killer Bee does say Naruto used a ‘teleport technique’ and that he only saw a ‘yellow flash.’ Naruto’s technique was cruder and had less finesse than Minato’s version, but Naruto made up for it with the sheer power he put into his attack. Yeah, getting his foot stuck in the wall was not so cool, but it’s classic Naruto antics and we all know he’ll quickly adapt to this new ability. After all, Naruto appeared to have pulled off this ‘teleport’ ability innately, he seems to have a natural grasp of his new powers. Note that Naruto did not use any symbols to mark his teleportation point, so if it is indeed a teleportation jutsu, it could be even more powerful than Minato’s. This new jutsu alone could finally become a direct counter to Madara’s phasing ability because it gives Naruto to instantly close in and attack and not give Madara a chance to phase out of harm’s way. Of course, it won’t be that easy, but at least Naruto now gives the good guys a fighting chance, and maybe fulfill what Minato couldn’t do 15 years ago by giving Madara a beating he’ll never forget.

With the new speed afforded to Naruto, I’m also curious how it’ll hold up against Sasuke’s Sharingans, especially some of his Mangekyou abilities. Being an instantaneous ability, I think Naruto’s Flying Thunder God will give even Sasuke’s eyes a run for their money — you can’t track something if there’s virtually no transition time between moving from one point to the next. I think Naruto’s new speed will also give him an edge facing off against Sasuke’s Amatersau and Susanoo summons if Naruto can keep up his reaction time. We also can’t forget about the upgrade to Naruto’s sensing abilities which seem to surpass the powers of any sensor shinobi we’ve witnessed so far by allowing Naruto to not only trace chakra with astonishing accuracy but also detect others through their very emotions. Against a hatred-driven person like Sasuke, this could be a huge advantage for Naruto because it will be virtually impossible for Sasuke to hide his presence anymore — he can train to suppress his chakra, but suppressing his hate is not so easy for someone like Sasuke. So far Naruto’s new form hasn’t revealed any resistances to genjutsu, so Tsukoyomi will likely be the hardest for Naruto to overcome. One thing that might help though is that now that Naruto has rid himself of the Fox’s evil presence within himself, it might very well be possible for him to merge with Ma and Pa toad like Jiraiya did. Not only will does up his ninjutsu repertoire, but it will give Naruto a counter against genjutsu. The question comes down to how strong of a genjutsu manipulator Sasuke has become.

Okay, that’s enough from me this week. I’m glad to see a lot of new names popping up in the discussions in the comment section, it‘s gratifying to see more and more new and old readers mixing it up in our debates. For a lot of us, school’s starting again soon, so I hope everyone’s enjoying the last of the summer holidays before heading back to the rat race.

257 Responses

  1. See bobo! One post from me, and a million new viewers…thatll be 10 dollars .

  2. 2nd! And Awsome Chapter!!!!!!

  3. BOB! WELL DONE! A lot of ppl have been saying that it wasnt FTG technique used by naruto but maybe it was, this new “six paths” mode puts some power in him, but one question still hasnt been answered. WTH did Itachi give naruto ,to me, it seems that sasuke has no chance against the new naruto but bcuz of that worries me that we will see another sasuke arc from kishi with him learning to become even stronger, seriously how strong can sasuke get………….

  4. great chapter
    i have just one ? what effect will narutos new powers have on other peoples jutsu just look at those trees grow

  5. Good Chapter.

    I see no way of Sasuke winning unless he pulls out the complete Susano’o and like you said Bob if genjutsu is effective. Other then that he loses hand to hand and all elemental attacks probably won’t work seeing how Naruto might be stronger and faster then the Raikage.

    Good luck Sasuke. Your going to need it!

    By the way I’m first for the first time. How ironic. 🙂

  6. Nvm lol.

  7. Great analysis as always Bob, though since everyone says that, I’m sure me saying it won’t make much of a difference…Anyway, onto the chapter! Naruto’s new mastering of the fox is amazing, I like how he goes through that whole transformation and doesn’t just grow more tails. In the upcoming brawl between Guy and Kisame, I’m pretty sure Kisame is going to lose his life, but Guy might too…I forgot which gate he had to open to defeat the clone of Kisame, but this is the real deal. Guy may need to open the 8th gate to defeat him, but with Yamato, Naruto on steroids Form, and Killer Bee, it may be an easy battle unless Kisame can figure out a way to fight Guy one-on-one. Can’t wait for next week…

  8. Wow, great review Bob!! 😀

  9. interesting point, perhaps sage mode will be used with ma and pa now. Still would have preferred kyuubi-sage mode though. I wonder if naruto is still going to train under killerbee? I hope so, i still want some kenjutsu to counter sasuke’s or at least a kunai turned into a charka blade.
    Additionally naruto’s power boosts in terms of speed and strength mean he could kill sasuke in one hit. How will kishi counter that i wonder

  10. Thanks, Bob another great review but I think Naruto would do just fine against genjutsu if he and the Kyuubi work together the Kyuubi can release him from any genjutsu! The only other thing Naruto might have to worry about is this new technique Sasuke is suppose to have. Finally Kishi is focusing on Naruto’s power, he is the most accurate sensor type we’ve seen and if he get’s this teleportation technique down and surpass the Fourth and learn some more techniques he is going to be unstoppable and also I wonder what is this technique the Toad keeps talking about that Naruto needs to complete!

  11. Maybe Itachi is really bad and he put something in Naruto to weaken him so Sasuke can win!

  12. narutos new powers seem amazing he nearly one shot kisame. if he had not got his foot stuck he would have probably killed kisame. and i guess kishi wanted gai and kisame to fight. naruto seems to have used Shushin not hirashin. naruto was just very fast that bee could not see him only a yellow light.

  13. Nice one Bob!

    Anyway, I said it once and I’ll say it again, Sage Mode is now useless. We’ll never see that Kyubi-Sage fusion we saw in the Nagato Arc because Naruto doesn’t even have the Kyubi’s slitted eyes, chakra cloak or claws anymore. So that was just something Kishi completely abandoned.

    But seriously, no one but me realizes KISAME MADE HIS RETURN IN SHARK WEEK!? Seriously, it cant be a coincidence that Kisame (which means “demon shark””, the shark-themed Akatsuki member, showed up in Shark week!

    Anyway, why didn’t Kisame drain Naruto’s chakra when he punched him? Perhaps its because in this form he’s currently in he can’t? Whatever. But let’s remember it took 6 gates for Guy to compete with Kisame at 30%, so he’ll definitely have to go all 8 to compete with Kisame at full power. Or maybe Kishi’ll say that the hit Naruto gave Kisame was so strong it made him weak enough for Guy to beat. But I doubt Kishi would pull such a cheap trick on us. As I see it, Guy will die here. There are too little Akatsukis and too many good guys, so having Guy die here would be a good move story-wise.

    But technically, Kisame should be able to dominate Naruto, Killerbee, Yamato and Guy if he gets to the ocean surrounding that island. Hell, with his chakra he could probably sink the whole freaking island. Let’s just hope Kisame doesn’t die here or his infiltration mission would have been pointless filler as Madara, nor any of the antagonists for that matter, would achieve absolutely nothing from it. IF he dies, I expect him to somehow get his information to Akatsuki….somehow. First Zabuza, then Itachi, then Nagato and now Kisame? It looks like I’m gonna start cheering for Suckura, at least I know she’ll never die cheaply *sigh*

  14. “Maybe Itachi is really bad and he put something in Naruto to weaken him so Sasuke can win!”

    LMFAO! Never trust an Uchiha! XD!

    Well if Naruto had any form of bond with the Kyubi, then maybe genjutsu would be useless, but since he trapped it under some shrines and is just taking its chakra, I doubt it’d want to help him now. After typing that last sentence I feel pretty sorry for the Kyubi. Every time its appeared thus far, someone was always controlling it *sigh*

    I dont think Naruto teleported. He just moved extremely quickly. That explains why his feet smashed into the wall. His velocity was too much for him to control, and that’s pretty acceptable.

    Man I REALLY dont want Hoshigaki-san to die here T^T

  15. Just to add, from a combat perspective, isnt the Kyubi’s poisonous chakra BETTER than life-giving chakra? Naruto needs to be able to go Chakra Cloak in addition to the Sage of Six Paths Mimicry (SSPM) form. That way he could choose to use chakra cloak in battle, and SSPM form when….he’s doing whatever you’d use that form to do. All in all, I say for combat chakra cloak is better:

    Its just as, if not, faster than SSPM. The chakra is alive and thus unpredictable since the Kyubi’s controlling it, SSPM’s chakra seems to have be completely under Naruto’s control, and thus its predictable. Chakra Cloak gives Naruto fangs and claws, SSPM doesnt. Chakra Cloak has poisonous corrosive chakra, SSPM has life giving chakra. The only win SSPM has is that emotion detector (but Chakra Cloak gives enhanced hearing and smelling).

  16. @ Kisu, Don’t worry, I don’t think Kisame is going to die here, maybe they will capture him instead even thought it’s kinda far fetched to capture someone like Kisame. I really want Naruto to fight him all by himself and wipe the floor with him!

    But, seriously I think he’s going to get away somehow, maybe Madara will come and save him, he is known for getting through barriers easily so hope isn’t gone yet!

  17. I agree with Kisu on some level because I really do want to see Naruto in Chakra cloak form like Killerbee but I am interesting in seeing what else can Naruto do in this form! Why is he able to transform into this and no other Kinchuuriki can it just seems out of no where, hopefully we learn a lot more about this power and what else can he do with it! Hopefully it can protect him just like the cloak!
    @ Kisu, I also wonder why Kisame didn’t absorb Naruto’s chakra, he is suppose to be able to as long as he has Samehada so maybe Naruto is immune!

  18. Actually in physical terms a energy gets weaker as it distributes itself across a system. So physical or life energy may be the weakening agent in the nature of chakra.That would make spiritual energy chakras strengthening agent. I got the two mixed up in my earlier post. Sorry about that. It’s the other way around. I still believe thjay spiritual and life energy both create a true and regulatory chakra element.

  19. OH!!!!!!!!!! Maybe because Naruto was in sage mode when he gained control of the Kyuubi, this is his new form when combining sage mode with Kyuubi chakra and it’s not a form of Kyuubi itself! This is like the next level of Sage mode!

    Sorry Kisu, I’m calling it Kyuubi – Sage mode!LOL

  20. man i was totally expecting naruto to come out of his internal battle to find kisame standing over a beaten Bee & Yamato….but this was a pretty awesome. i kind of feel like it was a really fast jump in naruto’s powers but maybe that’s only because we don’t really know what that form is of his. I also don’t think it was a teleport technique, i think he’s just able to move extremely fast…kind of like Ichigo’s Bankai in the sense he has an immense amount of chakra in such a condensed form.

    I think the short conversation with Gai’s ‘inner self’ is foreshadowing to his upcoming death. I’m almost positive Zetsu’s cloning ability will come into play during the upcoming war, so i think either him or someone else will interfere here to allow a one-on-one battle of kisame vs gai.

  21. A good, fast-moving chapter, just some quick shots on the points raised:

    – Have to agree with Kisu here: we definitely need some quality bad guys to even up the storyline… a traitor would be good.

    – As the tyre ad sez, power without control is nothing…

    – A good teaser from Kishi: I really wanted to see Guy meet his inner self, but the set up for what happened was obvious.

    – Re the cloak vs pseudo- 6 paths: well you know, having gone through the whole process of removing all negativity and hate, it would work better (for the storyline) to not cover yourself in hate-filled, negative chakra either in form or substance.

  22. Also, don’t laugh too hard, Kisu. With Naruto seeming to be a veritable archive of dead people’s chakra, I would not be surprised if the plot twist was indeed a method to prevent a fully-realised jinchuriki from obliterating the last of the Uchihas. Perhaps something to neutralise his threat to Konoha (a la the removal of Firelord Ozai’s firebending in Avatar), so that he would not have to be killed.

  23. Naruto is gonna have to come up with a new nickname now that he can move as fast as his dad can. and with his new powers i agree that the Sasuke vs Naruto is gonna be epic now that Naruto is a Sayian….oops Sage…LOL.

  24. kisu i don’t see why sage mode would be obsolete now. I think it’s more probable that he can use both his massive ‘heavenly chakra’ or whatever the hell that is along with sage mode now that the kyuubi chakra isn’t completely opposite in nature to sage chakra. In fact, both his new chakra and sage chakra are very similar in nature so he could use them together much easier now. We’ve only seen him use either ONLY the kyuubi cloak or ONLY sage mode…so it makes sense that he gets upgraded to use both at the same time.

  25. Actually now if he can access that much chakra at once than when you builds up Sage chakra he should be able to build up ungodly amounts so that he can stay in sage mode 100x’s longer than before. So he will be able to mix the 2 and be a god since Sage chakra increases all your justu’s automatically, than Naruto is going to be like a god when he uses both.

  26. hahaha should have proof read that before I hit submit.

  27. I seriously doubt after placing that image of the hybrid sage-kyuubi on a WHOLE PAGE (back in the Nagato arc) he’d just go and dismiss it. I think there’s more to it than that and it should be revealed when we get more info on his new ability(ies)

  28. Great post bob (but please, try to do the bleach ones as well).

    I am hoping that the new move is FTG. But if it’s not, then it’s at least one of the fourth’s techs, Yamato states “he’s not quite at the 4tyh’s level yet” after witnessing naruto’s FTG like tech, indicating it’s a tech that the 4th had used in a more advanced state before.

    Like I said before, I like Kisame but I’d trully be pissed if he faces off against all 4 of them and lasts more than a chapter at the most. That to me would only undermine the strength of Naruto and Killerbee (2 insanely powerful jinchurukies, plus Yamoto ang Guy (also powerful ninjas).
    The best way for this to play out is for Guy to fight Kisame 1v1, that way Kisame isn’t killed off too quickly nor is he made to appear much more powerful than he is, by taking on 4 uber powerful ninjas who individually are on par with him, slightly below him and much more powerful than him. I mean Kisame is no more powerful than an 8 tailed jinchurukie (and even then the jinchurukie maybe more powerful), so it would not make sense for him to face off against all four of them and stand any sort of chance.
    The other way things could play out is for to be rescued by no one other than Madara (as he’s the only I can imagine being able to pull off a rescue against this bunch, well possibly Kabuto too, his summons can occupy them long enough for Kisame to escape).

    I don’t think sage mode is now obsolete, any tech powerful enough to defeat pain can never so. It can be like the rasengan in way that naruto will start adding things to it and mixing it with different techs to make it more powerful.

    please read and discuss, we need to make this site lively as well :]

  29. A good chapter… but i think we can’t get hyped over Naruto’s power ups just yet.. remember what happened when he learned Sage mode & returned, all kishi showed us was increase in speed and sensing abilities…. And what did sasuke get?? I’m sure Kishi will shove another Sasuke-athon down up us… He’ll never forget his sweet pretty boy….

    Also the fact that the nature of the kyubi’s chakra changed from corrosive to life supporting is good for Kyubi – Sage mode don’t you think?? Now I think Pa and Ma can merge with him and Naruto can use Kyubi chakra whenever he can!!!!!

  30. @yelloflash and kisu…

    dont fuck with itachi….

  31. poor kisame

  32. Good Job Bob. Your summary and conclusion were right on point. Regarding the the ‘teleport technique;’ it seems to Bee that it was a teleport because of the instant speed that Naruto was moving. So he consider it to be a teleport. For Naruto to learn a new technique without intense training is something outside of Naruto’s learning ability. We all know he is not someone to learn something instantly. He can copy a basic combo attack; like the one he saw Sasuke do.

    I think what we really need to start assuming is the ‘hidden technique’ Jaiyira (sp?) told him not to used in the beginning of Shippuuden. Lately we have been seeing plots of Naruto away secretly training, improving something. I think it’s time for Naruto to do that again and give all of his attack another boost.

    I wonder if Naruto remembers any of the techniques that he read in the forbidden scroll that he stole from the hokage manison in the beginning of the series.

    I think that in the beginning of Sasuke and Naruto fight, Sasuke will get the upper hand because Naruto will be thrown off gaurd when he see the new powers that Sasuke has obtain. Then the same will happen to Sasuke as Naruto changes from his different forms and releases newer and stronger power. Then from there it will go for who really believes in what their purpose is for: Sasuke to revenge for his Brother, Mother, Father and Clan or Naruto answer to ‘True’ peace. A day when everyone will be able to understand each other.

    I will not be surprise to see that Sasuke father is the so called ‘Tobi’ that goes by the name ‘Madara’ just to scare his enemy. To look back at all the fighting scenes that we saw Madara in; there were no technique used beside the ‘Wrap’ & ‘Intangable body remote.’ For someone who used to give the 1st Hokage a good fight to barely being able to perform now. As when he was fighint with Minato, he was trying to catch him with a chain, scrapped to his wraist. Are you serious Madara? I can understand that he took a big lost in his last battle with the first but isn’t it that if you live then your power will always regenerate back to its limit when you recover. If not then the fifth will not be a big powerhouse anymore, after her coma-state. Then if we talk about regenerating charka then for Madara to still be alive, he must have the same power to always come back to his best body.

    Here is my prediction on what will happen in the next chapter”

    There will be no new introduced storyline in this one beside the fight between Kisame and Gui with Bee and Naruto with Yamato.Bee will be on the side throwing in punches here and there like he did with Naruto fight with the fox. This fight will mainly be between Gui and Kisame and run about 3 or 4 chapters. Us as readers will be a little disappointed to see Kisame killed off so quick without going all out. Everytime we saw Kisame, he always had some trick up his sleeves from his techniques to abilities. He is very clever, I am sure he has another trick or two to push Gui pass his Gates. Even though he may not be at his best health after taking a direct hit from Naruto in his new form and a surprise shoulder attack from Gui at his peak of his youth statement. As for Naruto, this is where he will probably tell Yamato what he knows or continue to hold it to himself but there will dialouges here and there for them. But I think that is all we will see of Naruto in his new form.

    Question: How will Naruto train with Bee now that he seems to be able to control the new powers freely?

  33. Hey, havent you guys noticed the last panel on the last page? Killerbee and gai seemed confused. I think gai was not the one who hit kisame, think its naruto. Comments please.

  34. i have a theory about the chakra cloak and why naruto’s is different than the other host…. This is the first time we have ever seen a host that was able to seperate the chakra from the will completely… even in killerbee’s case I don’t think he seperated the will of the 8 tails from the chakra, but was able to come to an understanding with the 8 tails, which is why he can grow the tails without the 8 tails will taking over him at all and also why he can fully transform without the 8 tails going on a blind rampage. I also think that his new transformed form has something to do with him being in sage mode while he pulled the chakra from the fox which changed the nature of the the chakra into its orginal form that the sage of the 6 paths had, which is why when he pulls the chakra he transforms into that form. Also notice the seal on his stomach match the markings around his neck.. I can see him eventually be known as the sage of the 7 paths……

  35. Awesome post Bob, and awesome chapter this week.
    Hey does anyone think that since this new power is life-energy like Sage Mode, doesnt it means to boost up this chakra naruto could go on sage mode instantly like even while moving?

  36. hey you guys not forget that besides be pictured of idiot and bad student Naruto is really a genius when learn jutsus is all about. just remember in the begining he learn a very powerful and difficult jutsu and not even was a genin (shadow clones) a taken to a new level. Then comes the rasengan a jutsu that the fourth develop in three years and Naruto learned in a week and latyer he perfected the rasengan in time record. so is not surprise if he learned a new jutsu in no time because is two reasons for that:

    1-he has reached a new level so has to be more easy learn jutsus that are S-rank or above
    2-maybe the knowlege of this and other jutsus was sealed within naruto (maybe this theory is to much but after see kushina and minato´s chackra sealed in naruto maybe the knowlege can be sealed too) and now that naruto can use kyubi chakra maybe he can use the jutsus too
    Just a Theory

  37. I think its naruto that hit kisame, not gai. If its gai who hit him, then hed be plunging back to the waterfalls. Instead, kisame crushed on a rock behind them. Is there anyone noticing this? Why is everybody blabbering about naruto’s new power and what would come next. Why cant anyone in here raise new questions other than that?

  38. not reading any previous posts!, great chapter, no wait… one the best ive ever seen, and bob, thanks for your breakdown, its been a minute, since canadien day(ironically im drinking crown) naruto got some big huevos now!!!!!! i predict the next coming chapters will just get better then shows his sauske ems, gai is one of my favorite characters cuz i wish my teeth sparkled when i smiled, its funny that gai wont recognize kisame cuz he thinks its his innerself, this will set kisame in rage, good thursday all in all, manga and anime have both suceeded in their duties to satisfy the eager fan

  39. @kisu
    just read the comments, props on the shark week comment

  40. didn’t naruto say he has to go back to the fox later, when he sealed him away just before he spoke to his mother? i don’t think the fox is co-operating with naruto, the hatred which is the fox’s will has been locked away (skinny fox). naruto was able to grab the foxs pure clean chakra. i can’t imagine anymore cloaks not without the fox’s will. but that being said, naruto did say to the fox he would go back to the fox later…

  41. I hate to say it, since I really do want Naruto to learn FTG, but I think it was Shunshin. Tobi called Minato the “Yellow Flash” after Minato used Shunshin to save Naruto and we have seen Naruto over the last few arcs increase his speed tremendously. I think now we are told that it is on the level of the 4th Hokage, which is fantastic… but it isn’t FTG.

    Now, as to the Guy fight, what I wanted to see was him being forced to the Wonder of 8 Celestial Gates and defeat Kisame in a blaze of glory, but with all these other powerful shinobi around I don’t see that happening, unless Guy refuses help because he is “fighting his inner self.”

  42. Don´t forget Uchiha-Clan eyes be able to controle the Kyuubi and probably naruto with fox´´s chakra too!!!!!!!

  43. its all getting a lot more interesting. and i couldn’t stop laughing when guy saw kisame and thought it was his inner self. i have mixed feelings about the yellow flash move. its not very original but it seems this one is a variation of minato’s tech. and hopefully a better one. naruto didn’t just start shooting missiles like the fox normally does but is vastly surpassing my expectations for his new powers. and it sucks with some great manga sites closing down. some of my faves have left me forever…………..

  44. Actually ripcord they said it wasn’t quite on the 4th hokages level

  45. @Darth for one I don’t think naruto hit.him. right before gai rushed in they yelled for him o watch out. Gai hit kisame and as kisame was flying he turned around probably cause what they said about that nor being his inner self was just clicking in and we all know gain is a Tad slow. Also people are talkinl about narutos new powers cause that is what is occurring this chapter. And I’m sorry but I thought people discussing what will happen next is only logical lol its fun to theorize what’s next

  46. @Minatofan

    Ok, maybe not in execution, but his SPEED level is that of the 4th Hokage.

  47. I think this might be the last hurrah for Guy. He’s a great character, but it’s all to convenient that he is here and so is Kisame. Plus something needs to happen to get this war thing really amped, up and like Kisu said the good guys are far outweighing the bad guys, not including the army that Kabutomari(notice the new name for Kabuto, lol) can make. I think the fight will last a good while between the two, and Kisame is going to do some sneaky trick and defeat Guy, and at this point good old Madara will sneak in and take away gravely injured Kisame.

    Oh, and on Naruto’s new powers Naruto won’t be able to use the chakra cloak again until he taps back into his hatred and the fox takes over a little bit. I don’t think will happen until he fights Sasuke, then he will have the internal battle again between the good side of him and the evil side of him. I think Naruto will take full control of the fox when he fights Sasuke and the agreement made between them will be that the fox will be tired of getting controlled by the Sharingan and he will snap Naruto out of whatever genjutsu Sasuke will have him in. Then Naruto proceeds to beat Sasuke into submission.

    Finally for the people debating about the this new chakra(good) Naruto having being half of the sixth element and Sasuke having the other half(evil). Well we already know that the sixth element is gravity, and what is gravity….It’s a pushing and pulling force, and what is yin and yang, the good and evil pushing and pulling force of a person’s inner conscience. Summed up Gravity the sixth element is just the materialized form of the 6th element which is the ever present pushing and pulling of good and evil. How do you all like that for a sum up, lol :).

  48. I think kisu is right and guy is going to be killed in this arc. I think his innerself was hinting at that when it said more or less that he is old and should act his age. I think it shows that his body is no longer able to keep up with the amount he pushes himself. I think he will die from either kisame or releasing the 8 gates, ut kisame will manage to survive and escape.

  49. Like I said before until the manga proves or debukes the move I will go with it being a teleport jutsu.

  50. Yeah because naruto not gonna just let him leave if he can track so easily and the yellow flash worked on madara why wouldn’t it work on saskue because it’s an eye Justus it recuires sight when he teleports he can’t react fast enough ….maybe

  51. Why would Naruto have a teleport jutsu? Instead of just moving extremely fast. People come on!

    Minato had a teleportation technique because he had seals that would bring his body to the current seal he planted somewhere else. Naruto made no hand signs, had no seals, and was in the middle of talking. His foot in the ground is proof that he just went really fast and couldn’t control it. Also Minato every time he used his FTG he would land soft on the ground.

    Sasuke is also going to lose. There’s no way except for genjutsu since Naruto and the Fox don’t work together.

  52. @ryu I agree.this was a teleport technique if only for the sole fact that bee says it is and until the manga clarifies this we have to go by bees word that it is a teleportation. People can say its not but.given the fact the author of the manga wrote teleport technique its a teleport technique

  53. O and minato landed softly because he knew how to control the ftg and currently naruto can’t control his teleport jutsu quite yet

  54. @ryu and token

    The links below describe how “teleportation” according to the manga, is just high speed movement, NOT space-time ninjutsu (i.e. Hiraishin).


    I hope the manga stays online somewhere… cuz most of you guys don’t remember it like I do….. and if you haven’t read the whole thing recently, reread it while you still can!

  55. Plus when Minato saved Naruto, that was body flicker, NOT FTG.

  56. @ripcord maybe u should read peoples comments more carefully like u do manga lol. We said it was teleportation in response to some saying it was just high speed movement. Yes they are basically the same but what I was saying was being purely precise with what the manga stated as to not confuse people about bickering between slight differences

  57. @uchiha the infamous
    the sixth is not gravity, its space/time

  58. @ripcord props dude how did you remember this.You pretty much ended this whole discussion 🙂

  59. * tears*
    naruto…is so bad ass……
    i’m so happy….

  60. @Rate1

    I’ve read Naruto from beginning to end at least 5 times, now of course with it coming down off the net I will probably have to buy the english volumes.


    You were just saying that it was teleportation unless someone said it wasn’t. I was just clarifying what teleportation IS as most people thought teleportation=Hiraishin.

  61. There going to pull it from every site?

  62. @Rate1

    Yeah, there was a big bruhaha with the manga publishers. I can understand though. I mean, I have 2 Shonen Jumps (from Japan, and they’re in Japanese, so I can’t read them… but I wanted authentic ones), but I should really buy the English volumes, I’ve been meanting to… just after I got a real job and made some real money. I still might wait to do that anyhow, so long as the current chapters are available online. Mangastream will not publish chapters that are available in the US.

  63. @Profess

    Gravity is related to time space…ex. A blackhole.
    A blackhole is a mass of dense gravity and at it’s event horizon time is distorted through and event called gravitational time dilation.

  64. …did Nef die again?

  65. Thanks for the links ripcord, so in the naruto universe teleportation is just high speed. I believe Kishi has his science wrong, I’ve always thought teleportation is the manipulation of space/time. But it’s his manga so he can make up whatever rules he wants.

  66. @ huyga teleportation doesnt require you to distort space nor time, if you are simply moving from point A to point B. you are not moving through time, you are not moving through space. naruto didnt teleport to a minute ahead or behind kisame, he simply moved extremely fast to where kisame was. naruto didnt move into another space to attack kisame because he stayed in that particular dimension, the masked guy travels through dimensions and also travels very fast. there doesnt seem to be any level of teleportation in the manga.

  67. @the truth

    Space-time ninjutsu, as in FTG, is teleportation as we would call it. I think that Kishimoto is using a throwback to DragonBall (a manga he has said was a model for him, but I would imagine this is true for a lot of manga artists in Japan) or perhaps it is a cultural thing or perhaps it is a translation issue.

    In any case, teleportation by the dictionary sense of the word is going from point A to point B without actually traversing the distance inbetween. This would be equivalent to FTG or Tobi’s technique. However, in the manga these are separated out as space-time ninjutsu.

    Also in the manga, body flicker or any sort of abnormally fast movement, which does traverse the distance between two locations (which would have allowed Shino’s bugs to track Tobi), is considered teleportation.

    You could say the misnomer comes from a ninja learning how to do body flicker and the other ninja says “whoa dude, you just teleported!” even though he had not. That’s my theory anyway.

  68. I really don’t think that was a space time tech
    naruto isn’t that good

    that was just raw speed

    sort of like minatos normal speed made him the yellow flash but his FTG tech was just near instant teleportation

  69. @ Everyone ( lol)

    Teleportation is getting from point A to point B without any time elapsing. Teleportation CAN just be body flicker or raw speed. aslong as he gets from Point A to B without any time elapsing it is teleportation.

    Minato, couldnt find how to teleport using raw speed over huge distances, so he creativly used space time jutsu to help. The draw back was his destination, thats where the seal kunai come into play. Well this is what i believe.

    Further more naruto may, know FTG/space time jutsu, he just hasnt used it yet because he only travled a few metres ( feet if ur American), so space time jutsu was not required to help him teleport.

    Happy? lol …

  70. all of you are forgetting about KABUTOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  71. @ JDHD

    How are we forgetting about kabuto? He is going to play a major role we can clearly see that, i mean he brings back 5 Akatsuki members, no to mention nageto/pein, meaning it really counts as like 10.

    I wonder if itachi is the akatsuki member that helps the leaf during the upsomming war….

    Altho i swear to god, if kabuto gets weak and orochimaru takes over his body i will have to peronally kill orochimaru. FOREVER!

    The 6th coffin thing still bugs me…. there are a number of secrets behind the dead demon cursed seal, for instance why jinchuriki can use it? i suppose thats to cover any plot holes but still it will probably add up in the end.

  72. @ everyone, i thought i clearly explained that with my post about the whole teleportation thing, smh. seems as though no one is listening to me. i do not believe the FTG is teleportation either, but have no way at the current moment of explaining this, maybe once i leave work my mind will be clear, but naruto has yet to teleport, i stand by that, simply because if you teleport moving at a rate of 100 mph, then when you reach destination b you will still be traveling at the same rate, clearly naruto was standing still before he struck kisame, so he had to have built that speed up to cause the damage he caused in the ground/wall. simple science

  73. did some1 mention the sixth element? Frankly, its never been stated what it actually is, but some theorize its yin-yang chakra

  74. @ Kisu
    its light and dark…
    I assume this because during naruto’s rasenshuriken training, when kakashi and yamoto explain nature types/manipulation to naruto. Naruto asks what about Shikamaru’s shadow neck bind jutsu, and Yamato suggested to not bother explaining light and dark manipulation to Naruto as he was struggling with the concept of nature manipulation as is…

  75. @ dry, so wouldnt light and dark, be the same thing as yin and yang, are they not exact opposites?

  76. I will say again. You can give all the explanations, descriptions, and links to them, be it the explanation Shino gave, or the webster dictionary term K.B says Teleport not high speed, body flicking, lightning jump. None of that. He says teleport. Why can’t people believe or agree with the man that writes and draws the manga. Yamato says it is not at the 4th level meaning he has not learn to control himself. How can he. Naruto just got the new or upgrades powers so control is not always going to be perfect.

    Next why do someone has to have a seal or hand signal to use a move? Because his father had to? Now I am not saying it is FTG only teleport. However please people hand signals and seals is a lame excuse to try and debuke something when dealing with Naruto. And stomping on the ground or wall and getting his foot stuck. Does not prove but does not deny that it was super speed. Minato used his FTG to move and had to sometimes use a press stop to stop himself.

    You have to remember Minato is a normal man with no so call connection to the SotSP except his wife and son so he just a gifted man with no real Kekkei Genkis like powers. So it would be normal for him and other normal ninja be it gifted or not to use those things. Naruto not only has a connection to the SotSP but also the Kyubi and it’s powers. So in my book that give Naruto the edge on learning something without hand signals or seals. Of all his move he only uses hand signals to two, well really one cause the other is not a actual hand signal used just a crossing of his two point and middle fingers on each hand. His Shadow clones and Summoning Jutsu. Other than that why would he need a seal? Answer that as it is the only thing you guys keep using to try and debuke K.B’s words.

    Even if his speed is like many think we have see other ninjas with super speed that could be compare to the descriptions of his speed around the fan sights. Look at Lee when he opens the gates and his leg weights are off. Sasuke after time skip. Get what I am saying. So why can’t what Naruto use be a teleport. because his foot got stuck. Wow guys. He said I stomped too hard with can mean anything he did not say he stopped too hard.

    When someone usually body flicks they leave something to disguise their movements like smoke so that is out of the question. Now with Naruto I have watch, read and seen many Sci fi, superhero and action stories and usually and this includes Naruto when someone uses super speed to that extent of destruction the original place they were standing is disturbed with a big crack, sudden hole, broke rising ground or something of that nature. That was nothing of the sort between K.B and Yamato after Naruto attack Kisame. Naruto just appeared infront and attacked Kisame.

    If you can tell I am a man that is by the manga book until it is prove or debuked, The only time I will theorize something is when a plothole or something that makes better sense comes into play. See this makes almost no sense in super speed other than him getting his foot stuck.

  77. So what I’m wondering about the new six paths form is does it completely replace his tailed forms? Is the six paths form his only jinchuuriki form now or does he still have the tails to add to it? I’m hoping this form is just like his old initial fox cloak form and the tails can be added since I think the tails look cooler lol.

  78. @ RYU, you must also remember this is a translation, just because he said teleport technique, doesnt mean he teleported, just because he said stomped, doesnt mean thats the precise translation. some surfaces dont crack as easy as others, nor does my initial movement have to be powerful enough for me to cause damage to my foundation. for instance a bullet coming out of a gun, doesnt damage the gun, but what it hits, its science. anything else…

  79. I have to agree with the truth’s observations comparing Naruto’s “teleport” move to Monato’s FTG. Naruto did slam into that wall at what appeared to be a burst of speed from his original standing position. If he simply teleported next to kisame, he wouldn’t have the momentum behind him to hit his opponent with such a force. Another possiblility is that he did teleport next to Kisame instantly and then simply used a super charged punch from a stationary position to take him out. A third possiblity is that it’s a combination of both: Naruto initiates a burst of speed, uses some kind of teleport to narrow the distance needed to travel and pops up next to Kisame while maintaing the momentum from the beginning.

    I also have to agree with those who believe that Naruto’s “teleport” ability is likely not a space/time jutsu. One, such high level jutsu can’t be just innatedly obtained, it requires training simply to use it safely. Two, it just doesn’t seem like a very Naruto-like jutsu. Let all those Sharingan users dabble with their space-bending techniques; even with his power-up, Naruto is still a close-quarters fighter, this new speed boost just means he can close in on his opponent waaay faster now.

  80. did anyone notice that it wasnt even guy who hit kisame

  81. @ rob, yes someone noticed that, but whether or not its true is hard to tell. but the expressions on their faces does seem to hint to the fact that guy did not hit kisame.

  82. Also a gun is small in size we are talking about a full size teenage super powered boy plus a gun has a kick back when firing. If you place a gun in the gun and fire it it will live a crack or disturbance . I am in the military so I know about force and what it can do. A 50 cal machine gun when placed into the ground leaves some nasty marks after it is fired. Why do you think we have to brace ourselves when we fire the thing. Next they are in a mountain with rocky walls and surface that was cracked open by stomp. with speed. with force like speed you most have equal force to stop it or you cause damage. That type of punch if used by speed needs to have something to show at its original point. A car needs to peel out leaving tire marks to get a burst of speed for short distances, same for dirt, a car kicks up dirt to get speed. However nothing was left to show it was super speed. Anyone can stomp into the ground or wall creating a hole if they have the power like Naruto. Also powerful punches have been used in a standing position many times. Look at Sakura. Do not throw science at me. That is not a good excuse.

  83. @truth: any movement is movement through space, just read any physics book. Space doesn’t have to be void of matter so space time doesn’t necessarily manipulate outer space as you made it seem.

  84. However I will say it one more time I do not care if everyone thinks it is high speed. until Kishimoto give us a better look at this move. You can throw all the science at me which is irrelevant because this is a manga where thing science can’t prove is a reality. I will go with what the man by the name of Killer Bee says and the other comment Yamato says. It is a teleport move. It was not said a Time Space jutsu. anything else……. truth

  85. I think Naruto will ultimately be the one to defeat Kisame. It is the only logical conclusion. Naruto needs fodder (sorry Kisame) to test his new abilities on, and I think Kisame can prove quite a challenge with his unique water jutsu and high chakra level. I also think that Naruto can surpass his father’s teleportation technique by combining his new abilities with his shadow clones. With Naruto’s limitless amount of chakra, he could conceivably make thousands of shadow clones who could all travel virtually the same speed as Minato. Naruto could literally take down armies with no problem just based on his raw speed and power. He could also seal his shadow clones within kunais or scrolls or what have you and teleport that way as well. As long as Naruto learns how to deal with genjutsu (as much as this pains me to say) Sasuke should be no match for him. He should be faster, stronger, and his weakness in ninjutsu should not really play too much of a factor. Sasuke’s susano I think is vulnerable to rasen shuriken and Naruto should now be able to out-speed amaterasu.

  86. kick back of a gun, can be a strong gust of wind in the naruto world, lol, and again my initial movement doesnt have to be that powerful. sprinter, starts off extremely slow, but picks up speed and power, leaving no damage at his initial movement, smh. i know that you want it to be teleportation really bad, its oh k. why would he try to stomp kisame when he punched him, that would be the only purpose of stomping, he wasnt trying to stomp, he was trying to stop, lol stop because he was moving so fast., if he wouldve teleported and simply punched kisame his foot wouldnt have gotten stuck, all the force and power wouldve simply hit kisame, and his lower half of his body wouldve been behind him, go head stand up and throw a punch at the air, lol, SCIENCE. yes a car leaves marks, but NO DAMAGE, smh.

  87. @e10, i wasnt talking about outer space

  88. i think you’re reading into it too much. The confused look on their faces was because of the intersection of the two scenes and neither expected the other. I dont think Gai expected his blow to his “true self” would be physical or cause damage like that.

    i also agree that naruto doesnt have a flying thunder god tech yet…he’s just moving fast super saiyan style. teleport techs are on a different level

  89. if guy really did hit kisame why did kisame land in the opposite direction of guys hit. obe more thing why is killerbee shocked too

  90. no I do not care if it is a teleport. If you read my earlier post I hope it is a high speed move. I want Naruto to learn the damn move. But And I will bet you any type of money that the translation is right. So far as of late nearly every translation is right by Viz standards. I said until the MAN lets us know or Viz or someone that can read japanese better than the translators give a better translation it is decribe by Killer bee as what he said. Now he we go with this science thing again. go to the page before Naruto hits Kisame that is not very far. building up speed even super speed for that type of punch no way even in science is it that possible without some sort of thing left at the initial standing spot. NOTHING… Remember you brought the gun up so don’t laugh it off now lol… Like I said the only thing you got is the stomp. If it was a high speed the same can be said about Naruto reaching Kisame. it would look like he is flying at the initial hit of the punch because he had to jump at Kisame not run up the wall. so his lower half would not have hit the wall. Nice try again but science holds no ground in this comment. As for why he stomped that is on thing I will say I don’t really know but does not prove high speed. Could be he kicked back in mid movement like a pitcher and using a lot of force move forward to punch and stomp the ground I don’t really know but explain this why didn’t both feet with usually the way he lands and stands on the wall would have created two crater like holes not just the one foot.

  91. @ Truth

    light dark
    good evil
    ying yang

    essentially its all right…

    @ Bob + Truth

    Thats what i explained above in one of my posts, that teleportation is moving from point a to b with no time elapsing, it doesnt mean he warps from one point to another ( madara type)

  92. @ dry, thats what i said

  93. here’s why I dont think the sixth ELEMENT is what Yamato mentioned in Naruto’s training. The techniques like Shadow bind, Expansion jutsu, Shadow Clone etc, dont use elemental chakra and are used by anyone, so WHY would it be a big deal that the Rinnegan gives that element? It makes no sense if it was that. I say the sixth element involves soul manipulation. This sixth element would have to be something that only the Rinnegan can grant for it to be held with such high regard.

  94. @ Truth
    i think we are both right

    @ Kisu

    Why does there have to be a six element? why can it just go unnamed?
    and why not light and dark? it has to be basic which other jutsu are comprised of…. certain jutsu may only use light or dark but never together

  95. @ ryu, you are the man, you have made me a believer, smh… sike, last thing and you win either way… lets say you are standing in front of me, say 100 yards ahead of me, and i run at you, and when i get really close to you i throw a punch, the punch lands, me hitting you with a punch isnt going to slow me down, so i will continue moving forward until… you got it… but anyway hows everyone doing?

  96. @ DRY, of course were right. no one can prove otherwise, lol.

  97. You hit me HAHAHAHAH lol…… try my man…..you are a man right..lol just joking. I don’t care to win or lose may main point after all the science talk is. believe in the translation. if the person that did the scanlation is correct than our favorite none rapping rapper of a host said teleport. Me after our agruement agree that I want it to be high speed. me it makes battles more exciting and Naruto learn to teleport or even FTG would be so classic Naruto funny.

  98. @ ryu, if you were born in 78 you r older than me, but you win.

    @ everyone somebody make up a theory.

  99. A theory about?

  100. don matter

  101. yeah just a old big geek but my appearance says otherwise. theory. ok I got a question that may start one. Why in the hell does Kisame look like a big shark faced insect. last time he merged with Samehada we got a cool looking shark man. what is this s***.

  102. ??

  103. maybe the transformation isnt complete, perhaps he needs more time, and hasnt had the oppurtunity to finish. but besides that, i have no idea, i still wanna know who the man behind the mask is

  104. Does anyone think that maybe madara is missing an eye?

  105. madara or the man behind the mask?

  106. Good question…

  107. the man behind the mask, yes it is a good possibility, i personally believe the eye he is missing is or was the eye danzo had. now if you r talking bout madara no. and i don believe that the eye is missing because of that eye technique

  108. the man in the mask that likes to call himself madara. i like to think hes missing an eye. maybe he wants sasuke and naruto to beat each other up so he can get sasukes eyes and try to steal the kyubi

  109. i think by him letting sasuke get so powerful he wont be able to steal the eyes, so smh on him, sasuke will become too powerful and i think sasuke already is aware that that could be the case

  110. and naruto wont let him steal them if he beats sasuke up

  111. Kishi will cheapen it i garuntee, he’ll say that the New jutsu awokened by the EMS is soul swapping or some method of eternal life, that has restrictions, maybe it can only be an uchiha ‘madara’ can swap bodys with or somthing. Would explain why itachi killed them all… just not what tobi/madara/mr.mask helped him

    maybe he can only survive in the bodies of those that have killed there own clan :S?

  112. maybe naruto takes all the tailed beasts into his own body at the end

  113. Speaking of eyes what was his plan when he said a while back during Naruto and Sasuke’s confrontation about Rinnengan, will he replace his Sharingan with it, Place it in his “missing” eye or now than Sasuke has the EMS does he want to plant the Rinnengan into Sasuke to increase the eye power beyond EMS and take over Sasuke. something we got away from. What will he do with that Dojutsu

  114. @ ryu, i believe that the sharigan and rinnegan are incomplete, or there is a next step and you described it perfectly. idk if you all remember what the ten tails one eye looked like, but i believe that is the complete sharigan and rinnegan.

    @ dry im pretty sure that you are right, something is going to happen, but it might not be that bad, we should be able to see what it was like to fight madara in his prime through sasuke, because he is now the only other one to have ems

  115. Ems isnt unbeatable though cause the first hokage beat madara. I think naruto is going to have to single handedly win this war to gain respect from all the villages which will allow him to bring peace in the end.

  116. i know it isnt unbeatable, but we have yet to see madara fight, so we have no idea exactly how strong he was with his ems is all.

  117. Naruto is god. Here’s why:

    1) Killerbee is immune to genjitsu because his bijuu can disturb his chakra. Naruto knows this principle and probably has realized it.
    2) Kisume can’t absorb a Kyuubi amount of chakra at once. What chakra he has was absorbed through countless encounters. Kyuubi Chakra plus Nature Energy = dead Kisume.
    3) If Minato was fighting Madara without the threat of the Kyuubi or the danger to wife and child, he would have easily won because as soon as Madara attacks he’s physical, and Minato just teleports to a dagger in a prime spot to rasengan Madara. Naruto’s ownage of Madara will be epic.
    4) Sauske will die trying to get through Naruto to destroy Konoha because his own powers of the eyes will kill him unless he replaces his eyes with Itachi’s.
    5) Even then Sauske would need an even more epic jutsu to fend off Nauro, namely mastering the eye techniques that Danzo had collected.
    6) Even then the odds are in Naruto’s favor because he can actually turn into the Kyuubi.
    7) If he has the cooperation of the Kyuubi like Killerbee has for the Eight Tails, then the Kyuubi could actually channel all the nature energy while Naruto fights, leaving him in permanent sage mode. Matter of fact, I believe that is the ball of energy we saw: kyuubi chakra mixed with nature energy… hence the never seen before form.
    8) Even with Naruto verses Madara and Sauske at the same time, it is highly unlikely that they have a chance in hell without pulling out a jutsu that we haven’t seen before.
    9) Imagine a clone army of Naruto’s in this form each with RasenShurikans teleporting all over the place to find an opening. Now that we have a hero that triumphs over all, we need a new villian.

  118. Man this chapter was BANGIN!!!

    I hope Guy fights one on one with Kisame, I want Guy to have a Official win like everyone else. Naruto new techniques look awsome, but will it be enough for KING Sasuke? Madara’s army is so little, I wonder how this fight is gonna play out

    I couldn’t find no Naruto club, but my nephew goes to summer school and there is ALOT of young children that like Naruto, so I’m going to see if they’re interested into learning how to draw, but if any of you want to get to know each other hit me up on my facebook, Show some love. 😎



  119. Aww! forget it haha peace!

  120. one reason he probably won’t turn into the kyuubi unless its really dire is he’d do it in sage mode… if the wood jutsu reacted to his nature energy that much, imagine if he was the full nine tails with an equal amount of nature energy.

    The forests themselves would grow to unbelievable proportions.

    With this much control over nature energy, it might be possible for Naruto to learn wood jutsu. That might be the missing piece of the puzzle.

  121. That would require naruto to have mastered both Earth and Water elements when he already has wind…..

    But maybe that is one of the powers masterment of the elements or somthing

  122. now that Naruto has seperated kyubi’s negative personality from his chakra, the chakra is that strong and dense it is augmented Naruto’s core characteristics i presume!
    Naruto has always wanted to help anyone he comes across! and now with the pure chakra he can do so even more! Naruto must have some sort of genetic chakra passed down from his mother and father so with his almost lightning speed and his special chakra that that comes out when he is in his new form.

    I presume that Naruto will eventually have the chance to have the Kyubi cloak once more, maybe when/if naruto forms a relationship with Kyubi and they work together.

    Killer bee is friends with hachibi and there for they have a bond! they work together! So naruto has not got that bond so with the new seal he has him sectioned off whilst the new seal syphons kyubi’s chakra into a pool!

    I should imagine kyubi is very weak without the control of his own chakra!

  123. I would say now naruto could fuse sage mode and new form! not exactly know what to call it but he doesnt have kyubi’s personality to interfere now so yes that could be amazing. So this new form is the pure energy that the kyubi has without the personality, it should be either white or golden! it cannot be red as that would be the personality of the kyubi coming through.

    I wonder how he can use this life energy? do you think he can heal people with it? i should imagine he can heal even more quickly with it himself!

    the new ability to sense emotions will be like spidey sense wont it! unless you have the likes of Sai who WAS just void of emotion then he will be able to detect anyone close who has any bad motives whilst he is in that mode.

    I cannot imagine how huge the rassanshuriken would be if he created one whilst in that mode! maybe it would be tiny but super dense chakra! I should imagine he create allot more then just 3 compared to sage mode.

  124. @Dry

  125. @dry
    Wood elemnt is a bloodline limit so it doesn´t matter if he master both Water and earth…

  126. I didn’t get to legally finish this chapter because I was handcuffed and taken back to the Insane Asylum, but…

    It was amazing simply because:

    1. Naruto has some kickarse skillz0rz now
    2. Fish-dude is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack BABY!

    I hope Kisame really is back and he won’t die, because if he dies, I stop reading for…a day or so. That in itself is enough for Kishi to bring him back >_> Ego? I don’t have an ego -^-

    So, what did we learn this chapter? I don’t know, I didn’t read it. However, I do think Naruto will perfect this FTG he has so simply learned, and THAT will almost purely mimic Madara’s downfall…or something. We’ll see.

    Next time: Naru’s Laziness and Why He Doesn’t Comment Most of the Time! Stay tuned!

  127. @Fleece, WTF!? WTF!? Oh man I mean this, WTF!?

  128. Yeah… Fleece, you need to look at your post from the perspective of some overprotective mom, it looks sketchy to say the least…

    On the teleport; 1. Kishimoto’s definition of “teleportation” jutsu is JUST high speed movement, as said by Shino. Therefor when KB says it is teleportation he is refering to Kishi’s definition which means high speed movement.

    Dry brought up another definition of teleportation, which is what Kishi defines as Space/Time jutsu. For the record this is NOT what naruto did, but what Madara and Minato do and IS instantaneous via transdimensional movement.

    I think Naruto will learn FTG2.0 eventually just not without a training arc

    I think Kisame will only really have to fight Naruto/Gai/Motoi as Bee and Yammato are tired from restraining the Kyubbi.

    Yin-Yang is assumed to be the sixth element with gravity as ONE of it’s abilities, but given that it was overcome by force neither the only or the best ability. I think this is fitting since it is not tied solely to Pein just as te other five weren’t, but Pein was just good with it.

  129. Ok, I bet people have pointed this out a lot but, Whenever Naruto uses the power of the Kyuubi, the form he becomes is VERY VERY similar to what the Sage of the Six Paths looks like. Also, Kisame doesn’t stand a chance! I am very surprised about Naruto’s new powers and I can’t wait to see them in action. And I do think that he did use some sort of teleportation jutsu, it may be just speed because I remember in the very first part of the Chunin exams, lee took off his weights and like a second or two after, he was immediately where Gaara was. I think its a possibility that he used FTG jutsu, but I’m not sure. I can’t wait for the next chapter because I really believe Kisame has overstayed his welcome.

  130. People people… teleportation in this world is defined by insantaneous, or near instantaneous travel between two points, often very far in distance, and is part of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
    There are two types of teleportation possible. One, is to close the gap between two points by manipulating space. Think of a piece of paper. If you lay it flat out(2d plane for all intents and purposes), to get from one edge to another edge of the paper would be 11 inches or 8.5 inches(depending on which edge you pick). Now, if we put this 2d plane inside the third dimension and FOLDED the paper, you could theoretically reach the other side of the paper instantly. That is probably what tobi does.

    The other type of teleportation as we know it is 100% impossible, but is the other side of the spectrum… and that is to move faster than light. By moving faster than light you leave behind any of the laws governing sub-lightspeed travel. A theory of einstein’s called time dilation says that time does not flow at a fixed rate, and that you can distort it by moving very, very fast. It is possible that naruto does this, but let’s be serious now, it’s a manga, there are no advanced physics governing it. Hell, they can jump 100000000 feet anyways, why are we bothering to question their ability to cheat physics?

  131. I think naruto’s move was just pure high speed movement and nothing else. I wonder how this battle is going to play out. KB and Yamato are probably not a full strength, with guy 100% and Naruto with his new upgrade equals Kisame kiss your ass good bye!

  132. @rpg, so you’re basically talking about a Wormhole right? Well that’s not what Madara does. A Wormhole is, a tunnel if you will, and to get through a tunnel requires movement. But that’s not what Madara does, he just teleports it away. Now from a scientific perspective, that’s just impossible.

    1. His body parts cant just materialize out of nowhere because all of space is occupied. Travel through a wormhole or tunnel, or even simply walking, displaces matter and allows one to move. But Madara’s transportation of limbs should be impossible because there IS NO free space in existence, so the air at the destination should end up in the body parts he teleports and that should immediately cause sicknesses or air embolisms.

    2. He has to make sure some matter replaces the body part he teleports or there would be an implosion, damaging the area.

    Haha, that’s what happens when you try to bring science into a manga lol. Then again, writers have Art Major Physics…..so yeah

  133. @kisu those two ways i described would be the only ways in this world to “teleport”. Obviously its a stretch to apply to manga but its what everyone felt like disputing and that’s the ultimate answer, there is no explanation because it simply isn’t real world!

  134. Ok this is ridiculous now, he moved warped what ever

    this is stupid you guys are debating how he moved

    who cares he did it
    and it was awsome


  135. @dry well it sounds boring when u put it like that lol

  136. @ Token

    well if this debate isnt ended or somthing it will go on for ages, and be brought up everytime there is a flicker step or whatever made.

    Someone had to do somthing. And anyways if you look at what everyone has been saying its essentially all the same. you could combine it into one theory but someone would disagree for somereason :S

    so yea lets just say everyone is right?

    The terminology is what people are really debating over, they agree naruto moved. lol

  137. when i say move in my previous comment i mean his location changed,
    not that he teleported or moved with incredible speed or used space time jutsu or anything…

  138. @kisuzachi, not all of space is occupied. if so then explain why living things can grow and then what is their occupying outer space?

  139. i think naruto just moved really fast… if naruto “teleported” from point A to point B, there wouldn’t be a yellow flash. would there???? he would have disappeared from the spot he was on and showed up near kisame. but dry is right, people could debate the same things over and over again, lets all agree that naruto moved and the manner in which it was done doesn’t matter right now cos naruto is just super cool with his new image. 🙂

  140. Discussions are really good lately, so many new and even old names reappearing. Id join in, but im too stupid to theorize like you lot are 🙂

  141. I’m pretty sure it was Guy that hit kisame. From the angle it looks to be in front of.him And also his question look maybe the fact that he is confused as to what datoi yelled to him. And if u were bee wouldn’t u be.confused if u saw Guy there lol.

  142. “teleportation in this world is defined by insantaneous, or near instantaneous travel between two points” but it isn’t this world and teleportation isn’t even the word being defined. Kishimoto used body flicker long before space/time ninjutsu so the TRANSLATORS called it teleportation and have kept it for consistency.

  143. I’m glad nobody here got bent out of shape over contradicting theories, since that has happened in the past.

    It seems that there are two primary theories about Naruto’s new powers:
    1) He is NOT teleporting, per-se, but only moving fast enough to rival the Flying Thunder God technique.
    2) Because of his new power boost, Naruto can now (for lack of a better description on my part) “flash step” and/or teleport.

    Both theories have valid points of argument. As we have seen throughout the series, various jutsus are passed down genetically. Since we know so little about Minato’s FTG it is safe to assume that it could have been passed down to his son. But then there’s the simple fact that Kishimoto loves his training arcs and it seems unlikely that Naruto would discover his new skill through pure happenstance. It goes against the general flow of the series and, I’m sorry, but traveling between parallel universes seems a little over-board for a manga, but who knows?

  144. Maybe Naruto´s body filcker was FTG level one and level two is Teleportaion like minto used


  145. ok my question is can naruto go into sage mode as the same time he is in kyuubi mode or whatever it is called

  146. @curt yes o do think he could go sage mode at the same time and by doing this he can obtain the form and eyes he reached when he confronted pein. Perhaps this new form will also give naruto somewhat of a immunity to sasukes sharingan as well seeing as how it prevented pein from messing with naturist chakra

  147. Naruto*

  148. Whats quite funny is people talking teleportation in real life situation! i dont really think all the rules apply in naruto world! the basis of them do probably but not all the technical parts! and you can say something is impossible! just because we havent found out a solution! 60 years ago you had to use cranes to lift computers they where that heavy, now some people have made them nano size! some people didnt think travelling at the speed of sound was possible! but we did it!

  149. @curt hey i think so dude, its all about balancing the chakra when it comes to sage mode so if you have 3 forms of chakra and balance them into 3rd’s then you should do.

    I think at some point we will see naruto use the kyubi cloak once more! once he makes a bond with kyubi himself!

  150. @Mattmaru

    The problem is that in the manga it says “teleportation” and most ppl have been going “OMG!!!! FTG!!!” when in reality it means nothing like FTG, and I feel it is important to make that distinction. It was stated back when Naruto first met Tobi that teleporation according to Kishimoto is just body flicker, but a lot of people don’t remember that or just never read it in the first place.

    Another reason why it matters is because Minato knew how to use body flicker really well, but as we later learned, FTG was another technique all together. So the dispute is whether Naruto’s speed just increased here (which is what I believe, as it is the most consistent within the manga) or if he naturally was able to take FTG to the next level, which I do hope for, but it is too soon IMHO.

  151. It is known already that FTG is an advanced body flicker and that at that level it may or may not involve space/time. Body flicker is really just fast movement. Thus we can do this… FTG=body flicker=fast movement. FTG=fast movement. I’m noteven sure it is trully space/time because all it does is allows the teleportation to special seals. It has been mentioned by kakashi that minato had the ability to use space/time techniques, and we did see him seal the kyuubi Kamehameha into what seemed like another dimension. Honestly I think it makes more sense to just wait till the next two chapters. Surely it will be explained during the lisame fight

  152. @rpg711

    But in the last arc we saw that FTG was a Space-time ninjutsu, which is NOT what body flicker is. We know it is space-time ninjutsu because of all the other things Minato has been able to do with those kunai, such as teleport the kyuubi’s attack away. He didn’t seal it into another dimension, he sent it somewhere else, and he didn’t send it somewhere else immediately, he was able to take a moment and decide where to let the blast out in space-time.

    We will not find out more about FTG in the next 2 chapters, the reason for that is because Naruto is not learning FTG right now.

  153. @rpg711
    of course ftg is a space time jutsu…

    he can not body flicker several miles away on a split second,

  154. @dylan, I’m surprised no one answered you. things grow the same way you move. This is going to be hard to explain…..ok here’s a simple example. Lets say I’m surrounded by people and I cant move. Now I really need to move so I push them out of my way and move. Its essentially the same thing you do with every movement. Pushing things away. If you were to stop time (with you exempt from the stoppage), you would be unable to move (and see and breathe) as you cannot push the matter around you away. Outer space is likewise occupied by matter (dust, ice etc). I hate showing my science nerd side lol

  155. @kisuzachi

    I guess this might explain why everyone was not knocked over when Kakashi sucked in the explosion of Deidra, because the expansion wave was sucked back to the point of the explosion, so there was no net change in the environment.

    I could surmise though that at least for Tobi’s jutsu, he starts at a single point, pushing the molecules aside there and then expands himself around that point, pushing the matter aside as he teleports in. He does the reverse when he teleports out.

    As to Hirashin, I don’t really have an explanation for that, or other summonings for that matter. I mean, when Gamabunta is summoned, that’s a LOT of air to move. Perhaps there is an even exchange, summons aren’t just one-way events? Seems odd, but possible.

  156. I don’t really believe kisame’s assertion that not even the best chakra sensors can detect negative emotions. What about karin? She could tell the difference between Naruto and Sasuke’s energies. She could even sense the fox’s chakra. This power may only be possible because of the sheer amount of chakra they each posess. If I remember correctly even Zabuza could read the Fox’s chakra, and we have no idea if he had chakra sensing abilities. Then there’s kisame himself. Since he has a huge amount of chakra, I wonder just how polished Naruto’s new power is. Could he read the negative emotions of someone even if they did not posess vast stores of chakra, like Sakura in the moments just before she socks Naruto in the jaw?

  157. @Naruto Tutor

    I believe it, because Kisame’s chakra signal and Samehada’s are identical, so even if they have an evil aura about them, it would be the same.

    The dark chakra inside Naruto is likely dark Naruto, not the fox. I think this makes sense because soon after we met dark Naruto. Why should she be surprised and not tell us what she saw if we the readers already knew the answer?

    Karin is able to only sense chakra and she processes different chakras based on how they make HER feel, as in warm and bright or cold and dark, these have nothing to do with the emotions of the individual, except for the fact that an evil person would tend to have dark and cold chakra.

    If Naruto with the Kyuubi chakra had been around during the fight with the Raikage, then Karin wouldn’t have been able to hide, even though C couldn’t find her.

    Also, you could say that Naruto probably can find normal people (those with weak chakra signatures or none at all like Lee) when sensors would not be able to.

  158. “I could surmise though that at least for Tobi’s jutsu, he starts at a single point, pushing the molecules aside there and then expands himself around that point, pushing the matter aside as he teleports in. He does the reverse when he teleports out.”

    THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE! No wonder he swirls in and out. I mean, its not like he just completely teleports in. No one can do tha-….forgot about Hiraishin there for a second. I guess Minato’s so cool he can spit on the Laws of Physics lol

  159. Hey, is Naruto’s sensing power more from the fox or more from the sage’s seal? It could just be from the fox. Pa toad said that the kyubi is just a giant mass of hatred. The fox’s chakra could just have an affinity for negative energy and naturally seeks it out. Then again, it could be from the Sage’s seal. Truthfully, we do not know much about it.We know that it might have been written on a scroll, and it seems to be activated by the division of chakra. It might have been passed down from generations of Senju and Uzumaki plans. If the Senju posess a jutsu that can basically unlock the sage’s body, I wonder if the uchiha posess one to unlock the sage’s eyes. I wonder where they keep it. Back to my first point, if Naruto’s chakra sensing abilities come from the Sage’s seal and not the kyubi, then it would follow that if and when Saskuke goes through his his Sage Transformation, he would inherit the sage’s eyes and spiritual energy. Sasuke might be able to read the positive emotions from other people’s chakra just like Naruto can read ther negative emotion. Ah, I can imagine it now: Sasuke being no longer tortured bythe loss of everything important to him, but now forced to seek out the happiness of others. It’s gonna be cool. All of this is predicated on the idea that Naruto’s chakra sensing abilities are completely independent of the kyubi.

  160. I don’t know what the argument is all about, what Naruto showed in this chapter was nothing more than speed at the Fourth Hokage level. If any of you guys remember, the Fourth Hokage’s greatest claim to fame was his almost unrivaled speed and reflexes. Remember how he rescued baby Naruto? it was his natural speed, no technique. That is why he was called the Yellow Flash, because when he moved, he looked like a yellow blur due to his yellow hair being the only distinguishable feature. FTG was his ace in the hole, in which he was quite literally reverse summoned to wherever he threw his special kunais. Killer Bee’s comment only served to compare Naruto’s current speed to MInato’s speed an impressive feat on Naruto’s part, but not all that surprising given Naruto’s current Super Saiyan 3 form. 😉

  161. @John, nah, he’s super saiyan 1 (well, without the planet-destroying powers lol). If you wanna see a Super Saiyan 3, look at Aizen in Bleach!

  162. @Kisu
    Don’t you find it weird that even though Aizen keeps getting ridiculous power boosts to the point of invincibility, a captain level fighter like Gin can come so close to killing him, it was all just a matter of timing, had Gin acted quicker, bye bye Super Saiyan 3, now Aizen looks like an overpowered butterfly, really man WTF! lol

  163. What’s w/ all the Super Saiyan 3 Naruto talk? I’m so confused. lol. Wouldn’t Super Shinobi make more sense? lol.

  164. @ZepWolfX
    As far as I’m concerned, DBZ is the standard for a manga, just my opinion. All the Mangas seem to follow a similiar formula to a previous older manga, as far as Naruto compared to DBZ or Dragon Ball the protagonists start of as hard training and hard working, they learn a little about their lineage or ancestors and all of a sudden they get major powerboost, who would have guessed Goku in Dragon Ball would turn out to be a Saiyan in DBZ, he learned he was a Saiyan and all of a sudden he becomes the most powerful character in the anime and the anime world, in my opinion. Naruto learns he is the son of the Fourth Hokage and all of a sudden he becomes an unstoppable powerhouse, you get my drift. More elements are similar between the two mangas, but I don’t want to take anymore of your time, hence why Naruto is a Saiyan. lol 😉

  165. So ive been reading all the arguments for and against it being a teleportation device, and a lot of u guys must be science majors or jus really smart because your theories are all really deep. However i dont think Kishi is a physicist nor does he care much for science in my opinion… I think he meant teleport but executed it wrong when he actually displayed the technique… My only problem is, if its jus a super fast movement, and he is to learn the FTG technique, then who in the hell is gunna teach him how to do it… I mean Kakashi can give da basics for peforming a teleport technique since his dimensional technique will definately share a common principle, but i doubt he can pull that technique off himself… So who’s gunna be Naruto’s next teacher and show him how to do the FTG if indeed dat move was not???

  166. @ sirius prime, explain why it is teleport and not just him moving fast.

  167. @ the truth…
    I base my opinion soley on wat KB observed and stated… However, and this may be cheesy, but i reserve the right to change my mind on it… As two things stick in my mind… A yellow flash was seen, however that could hve jus been the initial effect of the attack bein initiated, and i dont like the foot getting stuck in the ground part… A point was made that it was said he stomped hard and not stopped hard, but when has a punch been associated with a stomp…

  168. @ sirius, lol nice one, yes you do have the right to form your own opinion and change it as you please, i just wanted to know why you thought what you thought, there is no wrong or right answer for now.

  169. “he learned he was a Saiyan and all of a sudden he becomes the most powerful character in the anime and the anime world”

    HOW DARE YOU! Vegeta could (and did TWICE) kick Goku’s ass. But I agree with you, DBZ is the greatest fictional story ever made (even better than Star Wars T^T), and all mangas to a degree follow DBZ. I mean, Yuyu Hakusho was better when it was called DBZ, and Bleach was better when it was called Yuyu Hakusho.

    There is one MAJOR differences between the rivals in DBZ and the rivals in Naruto though. Goku, the protagonists, was a genius (in combat ONLY) and didn’t have to train too hard (like Sasugay) and got more powerful as his resolve grew (like Sasugay with his hate). Then there’s Vegeta, his rival. He is royalty as his father was the leader of the Saiyan race (like Naruto’s father was leader of Konoha) and he constantly has to work harder than his rival (just like Naruto). I mean, this guy invented intense training (no story has ever impressed me because I got so used to Vegeta’s level of training), he trained at 400x Earth’s normal gravity. But in terms of personality, Goku and Naruto are similar, while Vegeta and Sasugay are similar. But to this day I consider Sasugay as a cheap ripoff of Vegeta (strangely I don’t think of Naruto in this way hmmm) and that’s the main reason I hate him so much. All my other reasons are just me trying to conceal the main one 😛 Stupid Sasugay.

    @John, after going through the chapter again I stumbled across something. In his new form, AIZEN HAS NO EYEBROWS! Just like a Super Saiyan 3 (plus he’s got the long hair!

    I hate doing shameless promotions, but my full thoughts on this matter can be read in the link below. Sorry but whenever I get the chance to talk about DBZ, I sure as hell will 😀


  170. when did vegeta kick gokus behind (twice) i dont remember that.

  171. he kicked his ass when he first came to Earth with a power level of 18000. Goku’s power level was only 8000, but with the Kaioken’s multiplying abilities he was able to push Vegeta back until he transformed into the Great Ape, which multiplied his power level by 10, meaning his power level was at most 180000, far higher than Goku’s could get. He then proceeded to break every single bone in Goku’s body and taking him out of the fight. Goku only survived because his friends intervened (which is why I hate when people gang up on bad guys to this day), and even then he was still beating the crap out of them, he only lost because he was exhausted. So long story short, Vegeta beat Goku in their first encounter.

    The second time came in the Buu Saga where he left Goku unconscious after their fight so he could fight Buu. All in all, Vegeta NEVER lost to Goku, it was the other way around actually.

  172. @anyone, plz forgive the DBZ rant. feel free to ignore it

  173. i would love to ignore it, but this is the thing… Buu saga, how you count that as a victory im not sure, cause clearly goku wasnt even trying to fight vegeta, let alone wasnt fighting vegeta at his full power, yes goku was holding back, vegeta wasnt. now for those that know nothing about dbz, you should also tell them how goku powered down and was talking with vegeta when vegeta sucker punched him in the back of the head, smh, mind you he was possessed by that little thing to an extent, so how that counts as victory is beyond me

  174. @Kisu
    That’s the first time I see that page, I read it and I thought it was excellent and an accurate portrayal of the parallels between both mangas, well done. Goku acknowledged Vegeta as a battle genius and as a genius in strategy, just like Naruto acknowledge Sasuke’s talent. Vegeta quickly gained the concepts behind the techniques he practiced just like Sasuke did. So many parallels that could be discussed, yet so little time. It can be said Goku never went all out against Vegeta, save for their initial encounter, even though Vegeta did not want to acknowledge Goku, since he was from a lower Saiyan class, and he, Vegeta, was royalty. Towards the end of the Buu Saga, if I remember correctly, Vegeta acknowledges Goku as the superior person, perhaps in the end Sasuke will also admit it to himself that Naruto is the better ninja. Oh and Madara is Cell, he want’s to be perfect. 😉 lol.

  175. @Sirius Prime

    After the defeat Pain arc I thought that Kakashi/Tsunade would reward Naruto with some of his father’s heirlooms (especially since Naruto knew who his father was at that point) and so Naruto would be given some of Minato’s kunais.

    With Sage Mode’s sensing powers, Naruto would be able to “feel” the kunais fly through the air initially and learn how to sense them without Sage Mode, and so on. That’s how I imagined it anyway.

    One other thing, sure we saw what happened during the fox attack, and Kushina was the one telling the story, but for all we know she slipped in some details about things along the way and Kishi will show it to us later. I doubt it, but that is possible.

  176. @kisu gokudidnot lose in the buu saga. Remember he was able to go ss3 however he did not do that perhaps out of sympathy for vegetas ego. Also it can’t be said goku did not train hard as well and vegeta only reached ss2 Thanks to the wizard powering him up. They just never showed goku training a lot like when he got off namek.

  177. @ Mark About your first point, what you’re saying is that Naruto is godlike because he can use his bijuu to disrupt a genjutsu. So gods can make themselves invulnerable to oncoming attacks by using powerful creatures as pawns. If your argument is true then Saskuke should also be considered a god. Didn’t he use Manda, the Snake as a buffer against Deidara’s most powerful C bombs?Even though he lost the cut=rse mark seal soon after that, he has since gained the powers of MS and EMS. Madara’s character has shown us that EMS might give someone an impossibly long life. So Sasuke might also have a long life because of his MS and EMS. In fact, inthe last 50 or so chapters Sasuke has proven himself to be as durable if not more so than Naruto himself. Sasuke doesn’t ehave a bijuu to extend his life so just having a bijuu under your control shouldn’t qualify a person as a god.

  178. i love the fact that it was Guy Sensei who got to him. Its like a rematch. i love it. And the New Naruto? LOVE IT! this was an awesome bunch of chapters. I hope they keep it up. Unlike Bleach. seriously, Bleach is starting to piss me off.

  179. I think Guy was always meant to face off against kisame. Guy is pretty much the only real antagonist left for kisame. Itachi is dead. Suigetsu is missing in action, and KB is probably burnt out at this point. Suigetsu challenged Shark Dude’s status as aSwordsman of the Hidden Mist. Suigetsu and Kisame carried on their own relationship similar to Itachi and Sasuke. KB fought against Kisame at a time when the jinchuurikki without a bijuu was probbly feeling a bit underemployed. Kisame expressed a sense of superiority over KB during their fight, and was kind of shocked at how much he had to work to kind of defeat him. At keast KB and Suigetsu had the most respect for him as a fighter. When guy fights kisame, he can hardly recall that they have ever met. For kisame, a person who doesn’t seem to recognize him after revealing all of his accomplishments and abilities as an enemy is pretty much the perfect foil. Guy Sensei fits that description competely. All of the circumstances surrounding their meeting again was clearly setup.

  180. @token and truth, didnt vegeta knock him out and left him incapacitated? Frieza said it back in his arc, “The strongest fighter doesn’t always win”. So just because Goku was stronger doesn’t mean he couldn’t lose. Vegeta took advantage of Goku’s naive nature and knocked him out. Vegeta da best! Plus, has anyone even seen Vegeta’s kill count? The DBZ wiki had to create a page dedicated to the amount of characters he killed. If that isnt cool I don’t know what is. 🙂


    Btw, Kisame is way stronger than Guy. The 8 Gates are like an illegal power up anyway >_>

  181. yes he knocked out a powered down goku, because he wanted to try and restore his ego and pride. you talking bout a kill count, he didnt kill goku, so my question is were they really even fighting, vegeta even later stated that goku was toying with him when they had fought that time, smh.

  182. @truth, yeah……but the prince still beat the low-class trash didn’t he? Its still a win.

  183. is it really a fight if i dont want to fight you, and i stand powered down next to you, and you sucker punch me, thats not a fight in my eyes, #imjustsayin

  184. @the truth, dude, I like you. You reply quickly. But you cant deny the fact that Vegeta won that brawl. HE left while Goku was unconscious….but he died a few minutes later……so yeah

  185. i give you the fight in the namek saga, but not the one in the Buu saga.

  186. If one person is fighting at less than full power and the other is fighting at full power and they still reached a draw before a sucker punch is it even a fair fight? Sides how can u win when ur opponedt is trying to help u out and u sucker punch him lol. Goku was essentially toying with vegetables to appease his ego. Its sad when ur.opponent knows he doesn’t have to try on u

  187. vegeta not vegetables lol

  188. @ token, thanx, glad someone else agrees with me about that fight in the buu saga

  189. @Token, and its sad when that weaker opponent kicks your ass. You cant deny it, Goku lost. There was no outside interference. If I can admit Pain lost, why cant you guys admit Goku lost? Vegeta knocked him out and left the battlefield the victor. Their are no two ways about it.

  190. There is something I want to bring to everyone attention. Yes like most of you I am excited to see Naruto in his new host form in action. However as we all know “you may get stronger and more powerful but someone is going to come along stronger than you” and since DBZ has show it’s ever loving head (I am one of the biggest DBZ fanatics of my age group) this place as well as some parts of Naruto and most of Bleach shows this. Think about it. Naruto is stronger. No doubt. But we also do not know the extent of Sasuke’s EMS power or what Tobi really has up his sleeve? Yes it is exciting to see him but like every Good Guy (Goku, Gohan, Yusuke, Ichigo, Kenichi, etc..) Naruto will kick ass than get his ass kicked severely even in this new form to which will push him to the next level which can be good for everyone or BAD if he release the full powers of Kyubi. I MEAN EVERYTHING. Close to if not the same as his Sage Mode fight with Pain until he got pushed and powered up to his six tails. So yes get excited by all means but there will be more to look forward too.

    And Kisu I will add something to you DBZ rant. Goku in DB killed a few people (LT.Black, Piccolo Daimo, and I think a couple more but not much) however Goku himself in DBZ only killed one being, ONE, Buu out of all the fights he had (not to count movies) Vegeta destroyed a whole planet blowing way past Goku’s killing record by billions. That is not counting the others on that wikia page.

  191. Well Kisu I will agree but disagree with you on something. Yes I will say that even though I do like saying it Goku did in a way lose though they stop the fight before a true and I mean TRUE winner was decided so yes he lost but to a suck punch. This happens in bars, clubs and even Pro fights when someone is even or winning and the other guy or girl comes out of nowhere with a punch or kick that wins them the fight. but even Vegeta didn’t take that “Win” as a win after he founded out about SSJ3. Vegeta himself also disagree with you on the first fight. He may have completely lost to a falling transforming back to a boy Gohan but Vegeta says he lost to Goku not Goku and his friends. I think he means the the fight before he transformed to the Oozaru but he says he lost.

  192. @ ryu, my point exactly, how do you win against a guy that doesnt want to fight you, and isnt fighting you with all his power, let alone powers down and is having a conversation with you, hes not thinking about fighting, let alone that you were just trying to take his head off, so in his mind he’s trying to save the planet and here you come and sucker punch someone who is many times more powerful than you, smh. i cant say that was a fight, a fight is when two people knowingly and willingly are handling a situation with some sort of violence. so people walking up to people sucker punching them and turning around saying they won a fight makes no sense to me, how was it a fight when the dude you knocked out wasnt even thinking about you.

  193. “Even though I DO NOT like saying it”

  194. yeah i read that part, but an honest man says all parts, not just a little bit, you have earned my respect.

  195. Wait a minute. Since we are talking about DBZ and Naruto. It’s amazing that during the entire span of DBZ, that didn’t have some adverse effects for goku was his last battle with buu.. The only time that goku inarguably won a battle was never again to be repeated. Has Naruto ever really won a fight with Sasuke? No. But in the spirit of all good stories, he should at least win the last one, like goku won his last battle for the end of DBZ. I’m just afraid that if Naruto doesn’t beat Sasuke this time and they both end up dying, in some way Naruto will never prove himself as brilliant a fighter as sasuke.

  196. You earned mine a while ago my man, Agree or disagree I respect everyone unless they lose it by using unruly words or comments. I do not know your guys and gals faces so I will trust your words and respect you to the fullest. And that’s the TRUTH….

  197. respect is earned, not given, your actions have proved that you r a stand up guy, so yeah, u straight…

    @ tutor, naruto may have never won a fight with sasuke, but it was because of naruto that sasuke chose the path he chose, hadnt it been for narutos rasengan being stronger than sasukes chidori when kakashi stopped them from hitting each other and the fact that naruto was able to beat people sasuke couldnt, hmm… that can hurt your pride when youve had all these great accomplishments and in comes this clown that can defeat people you cant. i do believe naruto saved that ass a few times

  198. @Ryu, he says he lost because he was ashamed that he had to use his Oozaru form against “low class scum” and weak Earthlings. He considers them as losses only due to his enormous pride (which is his best quality in my opinion)

  199. @truth look at what your wrote and but Goku where Naruto is and Vegeta where Sasuke is. Change a few words like Rasengan and Chidori with Powers. Kakashi with Babadi’s attack on the saiyans. This Manga is just a ninja version of DBZ. Guess that is why i love them both so much.

  200. That can be true…I give you that Kisu.

  201. haven’t read all the comments since my last post but my ideas on Space/time jutsu are this: Summonings instantly push the molecules and such aside, hence the dust they create (same with clones), FTG displaces the air as it did with the chakra cannon blastswitching Minato with whatever took up his body volume and probably some level of spatial cusion around him, Madara does the same just with a buffer in that other dimension.

  202. Don’t forget for summoning and clones that molecules don’t really need to be moved much because they are normally summoned on land on top of the ground and the space between gas molecules is HUGE so they really don’t need to move much out of the way

  203. At ryu goku never technically killed buu he used allthe earth ppl spirit power he just delivered the spiritbomb but it wasn’t his power so technically did he even kill anyone in dbz?

  204. well just by himself yeah I remember that Yakon monster he “fought” against in Babad’s ship that is the only one he killed all by himself without any help.

  205. u know what really grinds my gears….. the fact we have to wait another week til the next chapter. the suspense is killing me!!! thanks alot shonen jump (sarcasticlly speaking)

  206. AY, BOB!! Why was one of my comments deleted!! Was it cause of what I said ’bout you. Just joking, man,

    And to all the DBZ ranting, all I have to say is that Kizu got the levels wrong. I believe Gokus level was: OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

  207. Tomorrow, Tune in for the BEST fan fic ever!!!! Revenge of the YellowFlash by Yellowflash2!

  208. Guys, I think I just possibly found THE single most over-the-top scene in anime history. It involves a potato chip >_>

  209. @Kisu
    I have to disagree, in my opinion, any scene with Sephiroth is meant to be over the top. Granted he is a video game character, but with Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Children Complete and Crisis Core, it just show’s how over the top his character really is in every possible aspect, that and all the OVA’s, show how bad ass he is in anime and video games. The dude even has his own theme song and it play’s each time he show’s up! 🙂

  210. @John, BUT LIGHT breathes heavily while a choir is chanting latin and ominous music in the background, just so he can TAKE A POTATO CHIP….AND EAT IT! lol

  211. pends on what u mean by over the top. if u mean most ridiculous and yet strangely cool clips than yes it is over the top lol

  212. @token, that’s exactly what I meant lol. It’s one of those “What do you mean its not awesome” moments lol


  213. In episode 130,
    Jyira says somthing along the lines of… this that jutsu paired with the key…

    he someday inteneded for naruto to complete ‘that’ jutsu…. he needed the kyuubi chakra to complete it … soooo like is that the form naruto has just taken…

    supposedly naruto already new it we just didnt know it..

  214. I have a feeling Sasuke will somehow seal off all the remaining tailed beasts within himself. Or at least one of the beasts, maybe the eight tails. It seems like the only logical way he’ll be able to fight someone like Naruto and have an edge, because the villains always have to have an edge over the protagonist, would be for him to have a tailed beast as well. I know he’s getting the EMS, but I doubt that’ll be enough.

  215. @ripcord ok thanks for the info mate i appreciate it! I do presume that it is just a suped up version of body flicker, i think Killer bee just trying to do a cool rhyme! Maybe when he learns how to control his speed he maybe able to got o the next level.

    What i was wondering was that how much energy did naruto absorb out of the chakra sphere? i guess depending on his amount he absorbed will depend how powerful his attacks are or how fast he can go. also its worth wondering is how quickly does the chakra pool replenish itself and how much chakra can naruto use in one sitting. I should imagine he will take a while like sage mode to get used to it and it will drain his stamina somewhat as that is the true bottle neck in his power even though he as a crazy amount of stamina.

    He can only generate techniques and jutsu’s depending how long his stamina lasts for.

  216. i saw the spongebob deathnote

  217. can’t believe there’s no manga this week… i don’t even want to read all those 200 comments either… too much of a hassle

    see u guys next week…

  218. wtf?no manga this week?

  219. no manga this week, japanis holiday 😦

  220. Nope, there is no manga this week because of something called the “Obon Festival.” I really don’t know that much about it.

  221. All u guys comments are kool, lets see wot comes next…im sure d author knws wot to give sasuke that would rival narutos new form…

  222. NO MANGA THIS WEEK?! I want to cry now.. =.=

  223. its not the ftg…unless during the time narutos mom was talking kishi worked in some type of super training for him to do to learn the technique and perform it without needing to teleport to a seal

  224. Destroyer, they have been goin on about the FFG for a long time! i think its a body flicker like other have suggested but it was confusing! killerbee said it was a teleport, kisame said it was it a move to with incredible speed! so its hard to know! but what was intersting is naruto seemed to be in motion when he hit kisame! but that might of been him rotating his shoulder into the punch then kicking.

  225. @FTG or Body Flicker. I’ll settle this once and for all.

    Minato was known as the Yellowflash because when he moved the only distinguishable feature was his blond hair. Teleportation is manipulating space-time so when he uses it, you don’;t see a thing. He just disappears from point A then arrives at point B. Killerbee said all he saw was a yellowflash, which means Naruto was just moving quickly. End of story.

  226. it is his dad’s technique… killerbee by the way is a very skilled sucker. i’m sure he knows the difference between fast speed and teleportation. yamato saying “he’s not on the 4th’s level yet” means that it WAS teleportation, only not on level of the 4th control yet.

    anyway… i’m sure we’ll find out next week or later if it is or not. so there’s no use arguing over it now.

    yea, i know i said i wont comment again till next week.. i just wanted the last say on this 😛

  227. yamato was refering to the 4ths speed he never said ftg. yamato meant that naruto was not skilled enuf yet to control his new found speed thats why he got stuk 2 a wall. naruto needs to practice with his new found speed.

  228. There are different translation out, so I think it cant be confirmend anything till next chapter

  229. @ kisuzachi

    I agree… end of story!
    teleportation in naruto = high speed movment.

    The term is what we are arguing over we all agree it was movment… if u havnt noticed lol!

  230. is too 😀

  231. With naruto’s new speed the rasangan is gonna be even more deadly.

    I do hope now that he has control of the Kyubi chakra he will do some elemental training, whether it is a new element or just some new techniques. I dont think he will ever rival sasukes infinite amount of jutsu’s but it will be nice to have a variation!

  232. All of you guys seem to think that either Naruto was moving fast or he learned ftg to accomplish that level of speed. You also continually cite the same information whether its translation differences or Natuto’s lack of trainning. I think it all comes down to the last panel in 505 because that will show us who actually hit kisame the second time around. If it was Guy then we have a set up for a rematch between him and Shark Dude. If it was an entirely different character we would all wonder how in the world they got on an island that had a ninja style alarm system on it. If it was Naruto, then we would have to be more inclined to believe that Naruto actually knows a teleportation jutsu now because even with the power up from the ninetails, Naruto has never been able to cover great distances in seconds by high speed movement alone. Bottom line, we may know the true extent of Naruto’s speed a couple pages into the next chapter. 🙂

  233. if naruto performs a summoning jutsu right now, he might accidentally summon all of toad mount, loool… i think if the old toads fuse now with naruto they will have “access” to the same nature of naruto’s chakra now, just like what happened with yamato’s wood style chakra. they should be enough to cover all what naruto lacks in jutsu. and judging by the nature of the new chakra naruto has and it’s (full of lifeness) i’m sure mending it with natural energy wouldn’t be very hard. just imagine the infinite amount of outstanding and powerful chakra naruto would gain by that.

    naruto not knowing too many jutsus isn’t a handicap at all.

  234. “If it was Naruto, then we would have to be more inclined to believe that Naruto actually knows a teleportation jutsu”: This isn’t logical, in that if Kisame can cross a distance in a short amount of time without space/time ninjutsu so can Naruto

  235. these last few chapters was the best that i have ever read. i am glad that Naruto has finally learned to control kyuubi, of course it was inevitable considering that technically he was born from the kyuubis chakra. Plus now he knows FTG, of course since he didnt need a seal as Minato does would this mean that FTG is acctually a kekkei genkai from his dad’s bloodline?… idk.
    All I kno is that Naruto has gotten one hell of a power boost now. I am a little concerned however on how powerful Sasuke has become within this time and what type of power his EMS has. Well I guess it’ll be revealed in due time.

  236. Alright, here is another reason it might not be ftg. After Naruto bashes kisame his foot gets stuck in the wall. Yamato then goes to help Naruto out. If Naruto did use ftg, he may not have needed the help. A couple chapters ago we saw that minato could use ftg even when the masked guy gripped one of his hands. Couldn’t Naruto accopmplish the same thing in his situation. It’s just a wall! After all this time reading the manga and watching the anime, I think that a stationary obstacle is much easier to overcome than an object which can possibly move around. For example look, at the tree climbing and water walking exercises.

  237. hey everybody!!! whats up how have people been.. well ima get straight to the point, bob contact me on the my email address ASAP.. alexander_braam@hotmail.com

  238. kisame is a damn well f’d up man

  239. Kisame is now officially the second most powerful member Akatsuki ever produced. I’ve been saying it since he fought Bee, eat your heart out Itachi

  240. Yeah, Kisame was badass in this chapter and Guy was no slouch either, I wonder who will win, I don’t want Kisame to die yet and neither do I want Guy to die but it would be cool if Lee and Neji are ones to kill Kisame!

    I just gained a whole new level of respect for Kisame!

    So does this mean Samehada really is on Bee’s side?because he didn’t attack Bee and absorb his chakra until Kisame grabbed him maybe Samehada is on bee’s side, he did stay with him instead of going with Kisame! This makes Kisame less powerful, he’s more powerful with Samehada, I guess Bee can absorb chakra now.

    Kishi should have allowed Kisame to keep Samehada it would have made him more interesting and harder to beat and a real challenge for Naruto. I just wish we had gotten more seeing that they took a break last week!

  241. @ Kisu, I don’t know about Kisame being stronger than Kisame seeing that he was able to keep him in check all the time. Then you have to take in mind that Itachi was sick and we never got to see him at full strength, he could have been lethal! Also Itachi’s three eye techniques alone could have taken Kisame down.
    He could have hit him with Tsukuyomi before we even formed a hand sign seeing how strong he was at genjutsu, destroyed all his water techniques with Amaterasu and Susanoo with the Totsuka sword and yata’s mirrors or what else he could do with Susanoo!

    The way I can see him winning is if he absorbed all of his chakra.

  242. @Yellowflash, strength doesnt always mean you can beat a certain opponent. Just because Kisame is stronger doesn’t mean he could beat Itachi. Put both Kisame and Itachi in a village filled to the brim with enemy ninja and see who kills more of them faster. But lets compare their abilities;

    Susanoo, pure chakra so it can be totally absorbed
    Amaterasu, also chakra and can be absorbed
    Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu that can be disrupted by Samehada.

    Kisame is the second strongest Akatsuki, no going around that fact 😀

  243. @ I didn’t know Samehada can disrupt genjutsu, where does is say that?

    Also I’m pretty sure Itachi can get Samehada away from Kisame long enough to hit him with Amaterasu or Susanoo, plus Itachi was skilled at water techniques too. Maybe your right but I still say we can’t be sure that Kisaem is stronger because we never seen Itachi at his full strength.

  244. @yellowflash, disrupting chakra occurs when an external chakra so9urce interacts with another person’s. Hachibi disrupted Bee’s chakra, Samehada can do the same. But like I said, even if Kisame can’t beat Itachi doesn’t mean he’s not stronger. Hidan was stronger than Sikamaru and he lost. Deidara was stronger than Sasuke and he lost. Tayuya was stronger than Shikamaru and she lost. Pain was stronger than Naruto and he lost. Raikage was stronger than Sasugay and he still didn’t win. And it goes on and on…

  245. thats the thing kisu. itachi is not only powerful but by many people including those in akatsuki he was a genius on top of a excellent prodigy and ninja. From all accounts we have seen kisame listened respected and obeyed itachis orders. something tells me this respect has alot to do with kisames somewhat fear of itachis power. and granted kisame can absorb chakra but that implies he can get close enough to do it. remeber madara had to put a stop on his whole plan and the subsequent invasion of konoha just because itachi was ALIVE. madara did not dare make a move for fear of what itachi might do. the fact that itachis mere prescence in akatsuki protected konoha from an invasion shows just how powerful itachi was even while ill and around 70% or so.

  246. Hold up for a minute Kisu, Deidara will never be as strong as King Sasuke, I agree with everything else you said. I’m not to sure about Raikage going up against King Sasuke, I thought their fight came to a draw

  247. @token, it doesnt speak for his power, it speaks for his intelligence and his forethought, that’s what Madara feared most. Kisame is clearly powerful enough to destroy an entire island on his own, Itachi couldnt do that on his best day. Kisame clearly isn’t afraid of anyone, he simply respected Itachi. Bad guys can respect each other without power being involved you know.

    @Fleece, Sasugay was riding on free powerups when he fought Deidara and Deidara was still stronger

  248. @kisu come on bad guys r all about power lol that’s all they care about. What bad Guy doesn’t care about power? That’d what makes. Them bad! And ur telling me sussano couldn’t destroy a entire island?

  249. @Token, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. How long would it take for Susanoo to do that? About as long as it would take King Kong, they’re big and they’re powers aren’t capable of wide area destruction in a small amount of time. Also, bad guys are people too. Deidara respected Sasori purely because his art was better. Haku respected Zabuza because he was like a father to him, same with Kimimaro and Orochimaru.

  250. if ur talkin about summoning susanoo it actually happens instantly as itachi escaped sasukes karin attack with it. as for it being to kill a entire village im not sure thats true as well but w/e doesnt really matter as whatever i say ur just gonna dispute no matter the facts lol. all i kno is kisame with itachi alive kisame was the third strongest akatsuki member but now that hes dead i am willing to concede the second spot to kisame. as for the respect factor yea but if they considered the person they respect3ed to be inferior to them they wouldnt respect them. kimimaro respected oro not only for taking care of him but because he respected what he could do battle wise. the ppl u mentioned all had someone who by alot of accounts would be considered their superiors in terms of ability and strength.

  251. @Token, how do you change your avatar? That’s pretty cool. Anyhoo, I could point to Nagato and Madara. Mutual respect despite Pain being more powerful. But this really has nothing to do with anything, so I’ll end here.

  252. to be honest i have no idea how my avatar changes lol. maybe cause some i use my cell phone and some my desktop????

  253. ooooh. that explains it. I want two avatars too 😀

  254. @ Kisu, I wouldn’t say Sasuke beat Killerbee, Killerbee just got bored and left the fight,LOL!

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