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Naruto 505!


Bang. Have fun, and stop spamming old threads with theories! 😀

Sothe =D

Oh, and Gai Might is the BIGGEST badass in the world.


74 Responses

  1. if you have problems loading a whole page, smash the refresh button 🙂 Worked for me everytime

  2. second.
    Cool chapter Naruto´s FTG wasn´t bad for first time and Gai is the best like always. Power of youth own!!!

  3. MAn this was a some what surprising chapter I will say. Not only was that form most thought was just a one time thing showing him with receiving his new power was actually his new Jinchūriki Form. So does that mean no more tails. I don’t think so but I can say this Sage of the Six Path shape Jinchūriki Form is nice. can’t wait to see it in the anime. The most surprising thing to me as well to most of my fellow Narumaniacs out there was the appearance of the Flying Thunder God Technique like technique he used as well as his ability to sense evil intentions, nice however too sudden, almost unexpected and a little cheesy to show up without him learning it but hey Naruto need a power boost that Sasuke was getting for like every chapter from his attack on the summit to him getting Itachi’s eyes so I am not mad or upset about Naruto “inheriting his father’s jutsu. Kisame cover was blow. too bad, and the insect like thing Kisame was. What the hell was that? And last but not less is the funny scene with Guy and Kisame. That is classic Guy. Glad to see him in action again. of the subject I feel if him and his team was at the Pain attack thing may have went a little different. Same with Yamato. But this was a chapter I liked. I will wait for Bob’s analysis before I comment on any theories.

  4. I dont think that was ftg.He just moved really fast.He doesnt even have the kunai.

  5. ditto Rate1, i don’t think it was FTG either. the “yellow flash” statement was only meant to denote how fast naruto moved, not his father’s technique per se.

    on another note, these new developments are very, very interesting indeed. i wonder how kisame is going to handle 3 raging beasts (gai being the un-tailed beast). 🙂

  6. ok. i got a question. whats all this life energy yamato was talking about? why would the kyubi’s chakra exude life energy? that i dont understand. i understand kinda how chakra works from older blogs and such, but why would the kyubi’s chakra exude life energy in such a manner. also lets keep in mind naruto was in sage mode. i want to see what happens should naruto go into sage mode then use the kyubi’s chakra. that would be some serious power i think.

    on a side note, naruto geting his foot stuck is just plain awesome. i have been watching some of the old anime pre shippuden and i mis a lot of the old time humor. its nice to see kishi still embracing the “#1 hyperactive knucklehead ninja.” if anything i wanna see a little more of the old humor.

    and finnaly i think the panel on page 2 showing naruto’s friends should have had garra in there. i think naruto and garra share a more unique bond then that of friendship, almsot like a brothers through circumstance type deal.

  7. I think Gai will insist on everyone staying out of it because he’s fighting his “inner self” lol.
    Then we’ll finally get to see what he’s got in his arsenal besides Gate Releases… next few chapters should be ball rocking ladies and gentlemen!!!
    I think Naruto has somehow combined FTG with nature energy chakra honing (see Pein fight). FTG was flawed by the fact kunai had to thrown; the nine tail jinchuruuki just perfected it…

  8. **correction – –naruto wasnt in sage mode–

    damn my fingers and my brain dont sync very well.

  9. U know I’m curious if perhaps this is ftg but naruto is able to use it without seals? If he is able. To put ftg at a even.higher level without seals he would e beast! Perhaps in exchange naruto would Have to give up massive amounts of chakra to use to balance it out. But given his reserves is.not too Much of a problem. Now is it just me or does this new form kind of give off a super saiyan vibe? O and I found it interesting that he got his foot stuck. Looks like using his speed requires a lot of training in order to not get stuck in place after using lol. Given these new powers is sage mode now obsolete? It reminds me of gokus kaoi Ken attack which was his powerup until he got super saiyan form than he never used again.

  10. @token
    it is of my opinion that this new form of naruto will be his route to a permanent sage mode. we dont really know if this new form makes goku any more durable, all we know so far is he can sense intent, and his speed has gone up dramaticly.

    sage mode gives him an increase to strength and makes his body much more durable in addition to being able to sense chakra’s. i think the use of naruto’s new form will power sage mode permanently, giving naruto a huge boost to durability and speed, and increasing the range of his chakra sensing abilities (which he was working on himself during the kage summit).

    i dont think it is FTG i think yamato mistook naruto’s new speed for FTG, otherwise how would his foot get stuck. FTG is a spce time teleportation, so naruto wouldnt need to move. by simple fact that he stomped his foot down show’s he was running.

  11. damn you guys getting DBZ in my mind, now im typing goku intead of naruto in my posts.

  12. Karen is going off on the very sight of naruto’s new chakra… good luck hinata…..

    nice flash step thing. i’m glad at least it’s not “perfect” yet… makes sense.

  13. @rate1… maybe it is his dad’s technique. and maybe his dad uses the kunai to make “positioning” that technique easier. naruto didn’t use the kunai, so that’s why he didn’t position it pretty good like his dad did?

    well whether it is or not, i’m sure we’ll know later on.

  14. Nice chapter!! But i don´t think that it will help hom in sage mode constatnly, beacuse Sage mode is about gathering natural chakra and control it… the fox chakra is a hole other chakra then nature chakra. And he isn´t using any chlkra to collect the bnature chkra so I don´t se how the fox chrka is going to help him in that…
    And kisame?? what is he gona do? I mean he ran of beacuse he didn´t wana fight Naruto bee and Yamato att the same time beacuse he knew he wolud loose, and and now there is Guy to now that he have to fight and he knows how strong Guy is, so is Kisame going to Fight Naruto bee yamato and Guy att the same time ot what? oo and the other to ninja that stand by side of cousre 😛


  16. ooo and when Naruto smashed Kisame it didn´t seem like Samehade where abel to take any of Naruto´s chakra right?

  17. @anja
    It was a teleport technique that Naruto used not just moved verry fast… http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/42232524/13

  18. I think Naruto’s new evil intent sensing will help him land hits on Madara when he teleports. He will be able to sense where he is going to appear before he materializes then land a clean hit.

  19. Hey, it’s been awhile. Anyway, looks like Naruto has a few new tricks to show off, I can’t wait to see the expressions on the other characters faces when they see it.

  20. It’s funny that Kisame finally showed himself during SHARK WEEK 2010!

  21. @ P

    yes sage mode is about nature energy, but in order to balance nature energy out and enter sage mode one has to have a lot of there own chakra to balance it out. we saw during the kage summit arc naruto was working on tying to extend how long sage mode lasts, so maybe the kyubi chakra, in addition to naruto’s own chakra will be enough to completly balance off nature energy to enable a permanent, or atleast a semi-permanent sage mode.

    plus we saw what happened when naruto confronted pain in sage mode and kyubi chakra started leaking out. naruto’s eyes changed. i cant believe kishi would tease us with these things, nor can i believe he would give naruto something so immensly powerful as sage mode to wipe them under the table for his new form. its too much of a power boost to just toss it away.

  22. and if it really is a teleportation technique i think it is kinda cheap to just give it to him in such a manner. one could argue that after seeing all of the back story of his father and mother kushina’s flashback imparted on him the ability to use it, but i dont like that. whatever happened to actually training on how to use a technique. this is just like how sasuke kept spamming better and better versions of susanoo.

  23. I remember having this discussion on the forum a long time ago. Teleportation in manga (from what I’ve been told) as in DragonBall is just fast speed movement. We saw when Minato rescued Naruto, he moved rapidly, but he did not use Hirashin. I believe Madara called Minato the Yellow Flash then, but since Onemanga is down I can’t post the link.

    Man I just realized debating about the chapters now is going to be very hard.

  24. To clarify further:
    Teleportation IN MANGA = high speed movement.

    Space time Jutus IN MANGA, such as FTG = what we would call “teleportation”

  25. Although I do drool over the prospect of Naruto knowing FTG, especially after this arc.

  26. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/501/4

    Sorry about all the posts…. I found the link about Minato being the “yellow flash” just from shunshin.

    As we’ve seen in the past, like when Naruto recently rescued Sakura, Naruto has been developing his Shunshin.


    on another note why is it when naruto uses the nine tailed foxes power he changes into the sage of the six paths bady and tthat didn’t happen b4 when he used it? he didn’t even get all the the nine tails power

  28. Narutos FTG is not really he’s fathers FTG it’s a
    Shunshin no Jutsu or better said something like The Body Flicker Technique from Shisui Uchiha, in other words it’s a high speed moving , like some of others said. Great new abillity! Can’t wait for next chapter to come out!!!!!!!!!! loool

  29. also Guy is the freakin man! lmao

  30. @ripcord

    i also want to see naruto learn the FTG, but i dont want to see it done in a half assed manner. and i feel that if he gets it in this manner that it was shodily done. though i do believe that he didnt actually teleport, i think he just got a huge speed boost from the 9 tails chakra.

    on a side note, imagine how stupidly powerful naruto would be if he lerned FTG. i can picture 500 clones jumping all over the place in a battle.

  31. And something other, maybe now will naruto be able to stay infinite in sage mode because nine tails could be the one to gather nature chakra,,,,,, its just a theory, but it could work loool

  32. @ bringerofkaos

    looool, that would be overpowering lool, and naruto is not that good in sealing techniques, sooo, maybe in far future :)))

  33. @kmoney

    i dont know why he changes into such a body as he does, unless it has something to do wiith the new seal, but before when he had the 9 tails cloak was because he was getting the fox’s will, along with it chakra. because of this the chakra tried to assume a shape aproximate to the fox’s, and once naruto gained too much power, the fox’s will would overload his own and naruto would become a puupet to the fox. thats why he attacked sakura at the tenchi bridge when he fought orochimorow.

  34. The point about why Naruto didn’t turn into a fox:

    Yamato commented that the Kyuubi’s chakra was unstable and it took the form of the fox to gain stability. In this case, Naruto has complete control over the chakra, it isn’t leaking out, so I guess it is able to take a different form.

  35. yo that was freaking sweet. I hope it is FTG, but better. I don’t have any problems at all with the way naruto has gained this power, I mean it is not as if he can use it perfectly. So for does who want him to work for the power, don’t worry, he’d have to train really hard to be able to use this power in battle. For now, I am pleased with the way things are going.

    I hope Guy gets to fight Kisame alone (and that he does kill Kisame) because if its against all four of them, no way he would last more than a few seconds (and we can’t have such a great character going out so fast, and no way should kishi cheat and make him last longer than he should). So either that or he is rescued by Madara (I’d take that over kisame fighting all four guys and lasting more than a few seconds).

    Great chapter, can’t wait for next week’s.

    Also, please check out the reviews for bleach on “bleachedichigo.com” it is soo awesome right now!!!

  36. Despite everything that has happened in this chapter, we don’t have much information at our disposal. Given the uncanny resemblence Naruto now has with the Sage of Six Paths, that history is probably going to come into play some time in the series, but beyond that, everything requires too much congecutre. One idea is that Naruto and/or his bloodline was chosen to be the Sage’s heir. If I remember correctly, Naruto and Sasuke were compared to eachother in the context of the Sage’s sons (or apprentaces or something…). The peace-loving one (represented by Naruto) was chosen to receive the Sage’s power, but was subsquently killed by the jealous power-hungry other (Sasuke). Maybe the story Madara told is coming full circle?

    As for Naruto’s new-found super speed, it could go either way. We don’t know how Minato’s kunai were made. Given that Kushina was his significant other, she probably could have sectioned off some Kyuubi chakara to create said kunai. It does seem more likely, though, that Naruto is just moving insanely fast.

    In terms of power, Naruto could probably best Sasuke (as far as we know), but there still lies the problem of Sasuke’s Genjutsu. A pair of reflective shades or a Zatoichi would come in real handy right about now…

    Wow, that’s a lot of spelling errors on my part. Sorry, guys!

  37. @nef

    sasukes genjutsu should be useless on naruto now. it has been explained in past chapters that when a jinchurikki is able to resonate to gain complete control over its tailed beast the jinchuriki becomes more or less immune to genjutsu as the jinchuriki has 2 forms of chakra, thus enabling them to disturb the genjutsu.

    for example if sasuke used genjutsu on naruto, naruto would simply have to use some of the kyubi’s chakra and the genjutsu would become disturbed and brake.

  38. @ Bringer of Chaos: I know this, but I’m anticipating some kind of power up for Sasuke in the near future. Apparently he got some kind of ninja-style lasic eye surgery, so it may not be that easy.

    Oh, Kishimoto and his uncontrolable fear of closure. T__T

  39. yeah, it is nice to not have seen sasuke in so long. him and his EMS now are probaly stupidly powerfull. and if i know kishi sasuke will have all kinds of new tricks up his sleave next time we see him.

    and i would love to see naruto go back to kooha and actually have a couple panels devoted to him in konoha. i wanna see him confront hinata – regardless of how it may go. i wanna see him slap some sense into sakura for drugging her group and trying to kill sasuke on her own. and i want him to learn a little more about his parents from other village members-kakashi, tsunade, and anyone else who may know anything about them. a picture of his parents would be a nice thing for him to have.

  40. @ripcord, yeah ur right. In DBZ it was just super speed (lol by the first Arc in DBZ they could move faster than light). But Goku’s Instant Transmission was actual teleportation.

  41. Isn’t the Kunais or the ninja knives minato used just kunais with seals on them because minato was seen using FTG with out the knives like in kakashi gaiden so I doubt he was using a teleporting jutsu

  42. @minatofan

    Minato used FTG first without the kunais but this was with a marked seal on the rock ninja. After that, every time he used FTG it was with the kunais.

  43. Naruto’s new nine-tails released form is similar to the one involving Sage mode. It enhances Naruto’s strength and speed and sharpen’s his awareness of the energies around him just like in Sage Mode. I think that I can even argue that both states require Naruto to reach some kind of unity. In the Ninwe-tails release this unity might be achieved through naruto’s acceptance as his life and role as a jinchuuriki. In sage mode this unity comes from the total acceptance of nature as it is;to enter into sage mode Naruto can’t move probably because natural energy is harder to detect when someone is constantly changing his or her position. So to sum this discussion up, Naruto in the Nine-tails released form is similar to Naruto in sage mode because they both boost his physical power, increase his sensitivity to energies around him, and require him to achieve some level of a zen like state.
    How Naruto’s new form unlike sage mode? That’s for another post!

  44. @ bringerofkaos
    i totally agree on your last comment, it would be nice to see that 😉

  45. I want to know why naruto in kyubi mode is causing yamatos wood element jutsu to start growing on page 8. Why is that happening?

  46. @bringerofkaos

    I think that is because this purified form of the Kyuubi chakra is now cleansed and is more pure and energetic than even nature chakra.

  47. guys maybe that was tfg maybe dat’s dat jutsu dat that the toads at myoubakun and jiriyia was talking bout and they said that he need to master kyuubi to perfect it maybe dis is it

  48. Why is it suddenly thought that just because Naruto has blurring speed he must have been using a jutsu? I thought Naruto always got speed boost whenever he entered fox state. (That extra chakra supply really kicks in. )
    Is it because bee remarked that naruto’s movements remonded him of a yellow flash. I guess that would certainly respnate with those of us, who think Minato is the coolest ninja ever. We hope that Naruto will take more after his father and emulate his justu(
    and maybe his analytical skills too.)It is this excitement at Naruto’s heritage and his potential as a ninja that may have cause us, myself included to think that Naruto learned a new jutsu without much prior training. Another example as to why we might thonk Naruto could klearn new jutsu instaneously is the speed at which he developed the uzymaki combo in part one ater only watching saskuke perform the lion combo once. That justu really hasn;t been improved upon so I guess you could say Naruto is capable of learning jutsu pn the fly.
    My first point was that Naruto’s speed comes from the ninetails cakra alone, not because he used some kind of jutsu. My second point is that Naruto is not usually the type of ninja who can instantly copy nnjutsu, so it is unlikely that he could even pull off the FTG after only hearing of it,(presumably in thew flashback arc) My third point is simple.
    Naruto probably didn’t use the the Flying Thunder God Technique because Minato is pretty fast even without using it. We all saw how fast Minato was able to move in order to rescue baby Naruto from the masked guy.
    FTG wasn’t even introduced yet. Then again, Minato cpild have used his body flicker technique back then. I ‘m still not sure if body flicker and FtG are different techniques or not.
    Did you guys see Naruto use a hand sign before he tried tio squash Kisame the Shark Beetle?( i don’t think he did, but I may have to check again to make sure) 🙂

  49. Well, if you recall the Senju ancestor was given the Sage’s body, or life energy, which probably explains why Hashirama’s mokuton was able to create living trees, whereas Yamato’s can not, because Yamato is not a Senju he does not have as strong a life energy. I don’t really know what that means in terms of anything else in Naruto (physical energy, chakra, etc.)

  50. Maybe. I wonder though if this is a hint at future abilities. The chakra of the kyubi by all accounts was very sinister. I find it hard to believe that it go from being that evil to that pure. The fact that it is having an influence on nature could be a sign of things to come with narutos sage mode. If it has that much influence over natural energy who knows what will happen if naruto were to use kyubi chakra in sage mode.

  51. Just to point this out he didn’t useFTG because there has to be a seal wherever he goes an since he doesn’t know the seal he can’t teleport I just assume the fox gave him extreme speed

    I have a ? For kisu or anyone else that’s pretty knowledgeable could minato teleport without seals? I know he didn’t but I always thought he didn’t because he might end up in a solid wall or something

  52. @bringerofkaos

    Once the kyuubi’s will was removed the chakra is just pure and cleansed energy. That’s why he went through the training with the darkside of him, so he could cleanse himself then the kyuubi to wield such a pure energy once it was extracted.

  53. @kaos Could life energy be one half of the sixth element.Just as you said the Senju was given a body full of life energy. The younger son of the sage of six paths was given these powerful physical chakras by his father. The sage also gave something to his elder son. He gave him eyes which contained immense spritual energy. The elder son is like the patriarch of the uchiha clan. So it could be assumed that whenever Saskuke awakens the sage’s eyes he will be able to provoke spirtual energy like naruto can now initiate life energy.
    This raises three questions:
    First given thay we understand how life energy interacts with nature, how then would spiritual energy interact?
    Second, are life and spiritual energies two parts of the same whole, and can therefore be considered as the sixth kind of nature chakra?
    Finally third, dud we see nagato actively use either life or spirit energy?

    I think the Sage’s eyes once activated will function something like the waterfall of truth.Instead of empathetically reading a person’s emotions like the sages’s body, his eyes might materialize an opponent’s deepest fears hopes, or desires, possibly depending on their chakra affinity and other factors

    I also think that life and spiritual energy together create the soxth element. I think the the sixth elemrnt has to have something to do with the concept of a yin-yang balance. Those two energies together make perfect sense.
    Finally I think we have seen Nagato use both lyfe and spuruiual energies because he was able two animate several dead bodies, he could control demon spirits, and he had the power to ressurect people who were not under his control.
    So the sixth element is probably the combinatio of life and spirit energies. Naruto can definitely use the life energy. Sasukke will probably learn to use spirit energy soon, and the Sage of Six Patyhs as well as Nagato could use both.(although nagato was probably more drawn to his eye powers because he died looking like skin and bones)

  54. Spirutual energy and physical energy combined make chakra, that’s all.

    If you recall the motto at the end of the 2nd part of the chunin exam, if your body is weak, train harder, if your mind is weak study more. If you have both… then you have what it takes to do the missions (or something like that).

    I think the 6th element has to do with Nagato’s special techniques like Shinra Tensei, and his resurrection technique.

  55. in a previous fight with bee and sasuke, sasuke tried to use genjutsu on bee but because bee and the hachibi was together the hachibi would dispel the genjutsu for bee so he woyldnt get affected by it. now that naruto has control over his bijuu he could possibly make the kyuubi gather nature energy while naruto is still moving

  56. it would be what the toad and naruto was trying to do by being on his shoulder. but now maybe the kyuubi and do it for him instead

  57. its official, Sage Mode is now Sakura! Useless!

  58. Nice quote Kisu, lol.

  59. From here on out everything that is useless will be referred to as Sakura?


    Zetsu was a complete Sakura that last battle.


  60. Nix the question mark, sorry, lol.

  61. @kisuzachi

    We don’t know that it is useless, it could add on top of what the kyuubi chakra can do. Also, there must be some risk associated with using the kyuubi chakra.

    It seems kindof strange that Kishi would give Naruto one powerup and have it replaced by the other… Sasuke will still have MS along with his new EMS.

    As to the fox gathering natural energy, there are 2 things wrong with that:

    1. The fox is not under Naruto’s control or cooperating with Naruto at the moment, so there is no way the fox could dispel any genjutsu for Naruto, let alone agree to gather natural energy. Control over chakra is not equal to control over the beast, as we saw when Naruto absorbed the Kyuubi’s chakra and the kyuubi still attacked Naruto.

    2. The fox has no idea about staying still and all that, feeling natural energy. It is possible that Naruto could try to teach the fox how to do it (I doubt the fox already knows how), but how do you put oil on a fox inside Naruto?

  62. @ripcord

    yea your right. that makes a lot of sense

  63. @ripcord I read your your post. I but I can’t let go of mine just yet. I hope that I understood what you were trying to say. Here is the sum of my doubts.
    Why can only ninja do missions? It’s because only they train their bodies to use physical energy and only theycan focus theitr minds and their instincts to use spiritual energy. I think what seperates ninja from other people with chakra is their ability to understand and use chakra. We know that the sage of six paths is the founder of ninjutsu. If you accept that ninjutsu is the combination of spiritual and physical energy, then you have to at least consider that true ninja understand that these components belong together as a core trait, or nature , of all ninjutsu Even people like lee and naruto who can’t use genjustu. to save their lives still understand that yin or spiritual chakra is an important part of what makes chakra whay it is. Like true ninja they find more unconvential ways to express their spiritual energies, like having two of the most unbeatable drives in the series
    Come to think of it, I doubt that the sixth element makes the diagram of the elenental strengths and weakneses. Most likely the sixth elent is not singular defined,it is probably a transitive element, that can strengthen(provide physical energy) chakra naturesor weaken them(provide spiritual energy) Physical energy is probably best strengthens chakra because it can concentrate chakra on over a narrow area, like training a person’s body. Spiritual tenergy probably weakens chakra because it disperses chakra over a wide area, like someone learning a thousand different skill over a lifetime. For all we know the sixth element might be the very reason we only know about the 5 nature types, and why it is extremely rare to find someone who can use all 5 elements. I mean isn’t the point of nature to keep everything balanced. If that’s the case then the regulation or composition of anything should readily be considered a part of its nature. again that physical and spiritual energy can not only be considered as the components of chakra, but fundamental characteristics of what it is. Physical and spiritual energy have to be considered as a valid chakra nature, because together they maintain the integrity of chakra. (Relieved!!)

  64. I know many think it is the Body Fincker Technique or super speed and it could very well be true but until it is proven or debunked by the manga itself and not my fellow Narumaniacs theories I will go with the move being a Teleportation Technique. Sorry I like your theory and analysis but we have to go by the manga not our own thought. You can agrue all you like about it, it will not change the fact that it was called a T.Technique. I hope I am wrong myself, I would rather him learn it than just suddenly having it. Naruto is a lot funnier when he is trying to learn new things plus it is too covenant to just have the move as if it was a Kekkei Genki. .

  65. Also many think it is a FTG because Yellow Flash was used to describe Naruto’s movement but a teleportation technique doesn’t have to have hand signals just FTG. Look at Tobi who has been teleporting all over the place with hand and arm signals

  66. “Without” Hand and Arm Signals

  67. Tobi has to be itachis friend shishu or watever his name is the one itachis supposedly murdered let’s see why I think this tobi has one sharingan I’m assuming since we’ve only seen one danzo had one sharingan that belonged to itachis friend not to menchien his arm and guess what tobi arm always seems to be getting took off an able to replace it with another arm an another reason is tobi teleports better than anyone an guess who else was known an feared as the teleporter itachis friend the only thing that makes me doubt this is itachis friend age I know he was older since he was referred to be like an older brother to itachis but given itachis was around 5 I just don’t see him being old enough during that time to be as strong as tobi was but that’s what I think none theless

  68. It sould make sense that the FTG is a kekkei Genkai and that naruto has now inherited it.
    Think about it, haven’t ever wondered how minato got the move too?


  69. kyuubi-sage mode would have been better

  70. I messed up on my last post spiritual energy should strengthen chakra while physical energy should weaken it.. I stand by my lastb statement, though.I still say that spiritual/physical energy is good enough tp be considered as the sixth chakra element.

  71. @naruto tutor the sixth element was gravity

  72. If you really think about it, yin and yang is a constant pushing and pulling of the inner mind, aka gravity.

  73. Thanks for answering the question of what is the sixth element. But how would gravity fit in with the other elements, their strengths, and their weaknesses?

  74. Tomorrow, Tune in for the BEST fan fic ever!!!! Revenge of the YellowFlash by YellowFlash2!

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