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Naruto Chapter 504 – Sacrifices

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Naruto chapter 504 was.. *sniff* sorry, I think I have something in my eyes… a very heartwarming chapter. Yeah, it was a bit sappy and I’m still not all that convinced by Minato’s justifications for his actions, but be honest, most of you probably got a little teary eyed by the end of the chapter. Anyways, this chapter was one of the least info-heavy ones we’ve had for a while (despite being almost all dialogue), so I’ll (try) to keep my rant brief.

We all knew Minato was going to pull the Dead Demon Seal, but as I berated on last chapter, I’m still not convinced it was the most logical of choices given the circumstances. The shocked/bewildered look on Kushina’s face in the first few pages pretty much sums up what I would feel too if I were in a similar situation. Here she was on her last breaths and struggling for a few extra moments to hold back the fox to help her husband and son, and her husband comes along and willingly signs a death contract for himself without a second thought. Regardless of the arguments of doing it for the greater good, deliberately orphaning a child while there are clearly other options to consider is just bad parenting, period. And Minato’s argument about how he could never be a substitute for Kushina to Naruto is also pretty weak too: having at least one parent is a lot better option than having no parents at all to raise a kid. It‘s obvious in my view that Naruto would have benefited a lot more from Minato surviving, raising him, teaching about techniques, his mother, the Kyuubi, and Madara than just having Naruto grow up as an orphan without any clue who his parents were and why he was most a Jinchuuriki. Couldn’t Minato have waited a little longer and consult his options before performing the seal? It was a dangerous situations, sure, but the Third Hokage and more backup was just around the corner and could of definitely offered more options to dealing with the fox. A Hokage’s duty is to protect his village, but no great leader does his flock any favors by throwing his life away, especially when he has no hard facts or evidence to justify such a sacrifice.

I don’t have as many observations to list this week, but here’s what I have:
– Being able to complete the Dead Demon Seal and the Eight Trigrams Seal while having a giant Kyuubi nail poking out of your chest is quite a feat. Most people would have died from shock in seconds. Bonus points for both parents jumping in at the same time to coordinate a double-impale on the spot. Everyone who already is or is going to be a parent someday: take notes.
– I clearly remember a scene from the manga and anime showing Minato performing some jutsu from the top of Gamabunta’s head while having a showdown with the Fox — yet Gamabunta played only a miniscule role overall in dealing with Kyuubi… plot hole?
– Kyuubi literally shrunk by half after Minato sucked away half his chakra with the Dead Demon seal; this means that all versions of the Kyuubi Naruto has faced off against so far are only at half strength… and he barely survived his last battle with it. Does this mean if Minato didn’t seal away half of the fox’s chakra, Naruto would never have had a chance against the beast?
– If there were any doubts about where the other half of Kyuubi’s chakra went, there shouldn’t be after this chapter. The question now though is: can the Dead Demon Seal be reversed to allow Naruto access to that other half of Kyuubi’s power?
– Kushina to Minato: “You win. First argument you’ve ever won.” Ha! Knew it, she was the one wearing the pants in that relationship.
– Kushina to baby Naruto: “I was never good at ninjutsu.” I guess that means she was really a sealing technique expert. It’s good that Naruto became skilled with ninjutsu in the end, but having you have to wonder what kind of ninja he could’ve become if he had inherited his mother’s specialty.
– Kushina to Naruto: “Try not to pick out a weird girlfriend, try to find someone like your mother.” I lol’d; whatever your pairings argument, here’s the facts: Kushina = weird, Sakura = weird, Hinata = weird.
– Kushina to Naruto: “And watch out for Jiraiya-sensei!” I lol’d again. Sagely advice. But it is too late, the damage has been done. RIP Jiraiya.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Now hand me a tissue.


157 Responses

  1. YES!!!! i finally got it
    top of the world ma!
    well as for the chapter i must say that…
    if you didn’t cry your a soul less heartless bastard
    but i still find that minato’s reasoning was unjust
    maybe he’s hiding something or knows something we don’t , as for the plot holes theres to many to count…
    i was really touched by their last moments
    poor baby fishcake….
    and did anyone notice the others by the third
    maybe there are more people that knew of naruto’s parents then we thought….

  2. good post now pass me a tissue

  3. The damage has been done. Haha. Jaraiya was like the uncle that would take you drinking and take you to a strip club.

  4. Great Post as usual!!

  5. @ kevin, i thought Jiraiya was the uncle who left the kid he was supposed to take care of alone while he (Jiraiya) went to bars/strip clubs?

  6. Great post Bob!! Now im ready for some kyuubi vs hachibi training action!! Yeaaaaaaaaa!

  7. Kushina to Naruto: “Try not to pick out a weird girlfriend, try to find someone like your mother”. what does she mean. Is that Hinata is the weird one and sakura is like kushina. Oh! I’m only just thinking.

  8. Now our hero Naruto has more reasons not to go down and die to be hokage. He knows that the value of his life was amounting to a parent’s love. Im not buying Naruto’s statement now that both Sasuke and Him will both die. This doesn’t makes sense now.

  9. one thing on Kushina wanting Naruto to get a girl who is “not wierd” but also “like his mother”, doesn’t seem that logical. “not wierd” women in the series: Kurenai, arguably Konan. women/girls similar to Kushina: Sakura, Tsunade, Karin, arguably Moegi (the girl on Konohamaru’s squad). women/girls who satisfy (spelling?) both traits:

  10. Not trying to go completly off topic, but since this chapter was rather predictable, although certainly enjoyable, DID ANYONE SEE bleach!? mwhahaha

  11. @ Bob, I agree with you and If I had any say Minato would not have sacrificed himself but, I think it wasn’t entirely for nothing. I’m guessing Madara doesn’t know the Kyuubi’s power has been split so it kinda works out that Madara may not be able to revive the Juubi if he doesn’t have the full power of the Kyuubi. So Minato had to sacrifice himself because in order to split the Kyuubi he would have to use the DDS.

  12. The real thing I’m wondering about is can Naruto find a way to release the other half of the Kyuubi’s power from the DDS that would great but I think Kishi won’t let that happen until Naruto lose the other half of the Kyuubi! This may be Naruto’s last ace in the hole kinda thing!

  13. Edit: Sorry the response one this was so slow, I was on vacation, I’m going to talk to Bob (also on vacation) about how to deal with this repeat troll/pedophile. Sorry again, Mart2.

  14. wow bob that was quick. i wasnt expecting your post until tomorrow. looks like my gut was right

  15. Ok Fleece….very weird and suspicious. Anyway Bob you have basically said everything many of us wanted to said. But being Bob most people will listen to your words and thank you for this analysis. Many of us could have done it better ourselves. Minato’s decisions to me also were not the best logical choice. However no need to beat a dead animal with a stick. like I said in the comments on Naruto 504 is out. Naruto did what a boy normally does, not listen to his mom, but turns around and goes on to do nearly everything his mother wanted him to do. Still not the most informative chapter but definitely one of the top 5 most emotional ones to date.

  16. @Bob

    I have to disagree with you on Minato sacrificing himself in such a few moments with so much little info. Reason I say this is because the “Tailed Beast Balance” between the Nations says it all. If Minato took the easy way out, the Village would have been annihilated just like the Whirlpool when they gave up their Jinchurikii. They had to keep a Jinchurikii in place for their power to maintain and they can continue to be the stabilizer between all. From what is seen it looks like the Fox is afraid to die which means if he does come back it’s going to take a long time and might land into someone elses hands. Minato couldn’t risk something like that. Everything he did was mistake free and at the end better for everyone. Naruto may be the main character, but he’s nothing without a country and teachers.

  17. Also Fleece Johnson….. You sound like a old man trying to snatch some kids. What are you doing bro!? Lmao!

  18. Sorry Larry You can’t say that about Konoha and keeping the Nine Tails and this tailed beast balance. There never was a balance. I Said this before. Konoha won wars without Kyubi’s help. Plus look at Kirigakure: Hidden Village in the Mist
    They lost their Biju many years earlier and have survied without and many of their own Kekkei Genki Clans destroyed by their own village and remained a powerful Ninja nations. Yes Konoha was invaded but even without Naurto to stop Gaara I still feel they would have won. Different outcome but Konoha would have still won. You have to look at past event in the manga to understand things not just go by a few chapters and think his move was the most logical. Plus balance or not the only real threat to Konoha is Kumogakure: Hidden Village in the Cloud. If any nation would have the power to stop Konoha for good it would be them and the only thing they did was try to still clan secrets of other nations, no full invasion. Konoha has show more power without Naruto then any other nation so far. So to me Host and Tailed beast are good for the story but are well overrated unless they can full control the powers of the beast and then they were still overrated. look at K.Bee and Kisame. Bee was defeated. But Tobi had other plans.
    Back to the Balance of the Tailed beast. How in the hell is balanced when one country has the weakest beast. Suna. Then other countries have two strong ones a piece. Two strong countries at that. Iwa and Kuma. it would be three but Kiri lost one making it a country with one beast. then give a beast to a none super country, Takigakure: Village Hidden in a Waterfall, Where is the balance? Because three super strong countries have two. three weak countries have one. Yeah ok. If that is balance then I’m a dizzy Son of a Bitch cause I see know balance in it.

  19. retract about Kiri they did have a Tailed beast. but he ran. So that left them without one for a few year but still remained a powerful ninja nation with a beast.

  20. With a beast is suppose to be Without a beast

  21. @fleece… No. No you are not an 8 year old. If you are your parents really need to be vigilant while your online.
    Over all I think that either Hinata or Sakura fit the bill for most likeKushina cause they could easily control Naruto. Hinata could kill him easily with juken and Sakura could beat the hell out of him. But I’m favoring Hinata cause so far naruto hasn’t listenned to his mom yet and she’s different enough to be opposite. Plus teamates dating is risky on a mission. Great post Bob.
    Also I’m Pablo I’m 2 and a half and looking for friends, I have candy and I lost my puppy can you help me find it? If you are my age can me at 555-555-5554. LOL:)

  22. Seriously though Internet predators are a major problem and huge danger to the well being of children and I hope Bob-sama can do something to make sure this doesn’t happen again

  23. Lmao!

  24. This was a very good post!!!

  25. This was one knice post!!! I really liked it

  26. I also think that Minato could of made a different decision, but I disagree with you Bob when you say having Minato in Naruto’s life would be more imporant that having Kushina in Naruto’s life. I’ll give 2 reasons.

    1.Minato said he would not have been Hokage if it wasn’t for Kushina

    2.Most of Minato’s jutsu were taught by Kushina, which came from her clan. Kushina doesn’t state which particular justu’s he learned from her, but she did say “MOST”

    Overall this was a tear jerking chapter, I didn’t cry though. I honestly don’t want to see Naruto train with Killerbee, atleast not 2 chapters of it. What the hell is taking Kisame so long to attack?

    @Fleece Johnson I don’t know how old you are, but I wouldn’t have gave my # out like that, next time just put your email in the comments lol

  27. Fleece Johnson, Or Michael Jackson?? Watch Out kids… / I think the second half of the Kyubi will be Naruto last chance when madara strip off the Kyubi from him… Cuz it would be reall stupid if madara do fullfil his plan, or at least summon the Juubi..

  28. hey guys i just thinking about the balance of power of the bijuus. what if that balance isn´t about how many power have every country that have a bijuu. maybe this balance is something else that kishi have still in secret, something very important to the ninja world and not just to keep a country out of war.

    hey mister fleece johnson send me your e-mail so you and me and the Police can meet YOU CRAZY PERVERTED OLD FART, SON OF YOUR MOTHER

  29. @ J-E

    Son of his mother…..
    Obviously hes not going to be the son of someone elses mother …… ><

  30. No need to worry guys. I’m just looking for a friend to watch Naruto episodes. I’ve gotta HUGE collection of Naruto DVD’s, Naruto Toys, and comic books, so whenever yall have the time hit me up. School is coming up, so don’t be late

    Hey Rinnegan you seem like a cool fellow. How old are you by the way? I got Naruto Ninja storm for the PS3, let’s enjoy ourselves!

  31. Eaglesfan10 My friend I mean no harm. Just looking for a die hard Naruto fan. I also teach kids under the age of 10 how to draw Naruto characters from Naruto, Minato, and the other Ninja’s. If you wanna learn or just chill out, you got my #

  32. Its good to see that the common sense of Kisu and I finally reached the upper echelons of Shannaro!!!
    Life is for living, don’t just throw it away. Minato really just wanted to die, perhaps he was just one of those overly pussy-whipped guys who knew he’d resent Naruto if Kushina died and he didn’t.

  33. nice post bob and indeed a very teary eyed chapter. the title is well fitted to this chapter (Sacrifices). i like the last pic of naruto shaded tears

    @Fleece Johnson how old are you ???where are you from??are you a teacher? i don’t think you will find here a friend around the ages 8 or 10

  34. wow that was an emotional chapter “sniff sniff” reallty choked me up! need to do something manly now to justify my weak moment lol! hammer out some dry wall lol!

    Well i cannot think of any other way Minato could deal with the kyubi to be honest! if there was then Kushine would of surely said before he done the dead demon soul tech! he obviously new what he was doing, giving a special chakra to naruto for the future which is the only thing i can think of to justify why he did it.

    i cannot wait to see what naruto can do with his new powers! from now on naruto is gonna be on a whole new level and we all said that baout sage mode! this is gonna dwarf sage mode!

    just imagine how easily it will be now to train! he will be able to learn new techs so much easier now with the need for Yamoto to balance his chakra as he can do it himself!

  35. I’m a plenty good artist if I do say so myself fleece and you aren’t a teacher. You are possibly one of the following.
    1. A pedophile.
    2. a pedophile.
    3. A creeper.
    4. All of the above.
    5. Tobi… wait the way he is with Sasuke… guess 5 and 4 are essentially the same.

    I think in the end Minato did the right thing. Konoha survived, Naruto became a powerful weapon, and the village was left in the capable hands of the Third. And for minato to survive after DDS he must have been a tank huh?

  36. @fleece. Creepy old man. You like the pervert from family guy

    I. Still think the 4th should have let his wife take the kyubi out of her own accord. The 4th was strong enough to stop just about any jinchuriki who could have attackdd the village. And naruto def would have benefitted from his knowledge and strength. To hell with the kyubi, it has done nothing but cause trouble from day one

  37. “Try to find a girl like myself”
    Seriously?Why is there so much fucking denial?This doesn`t prove any pairing canon,so why fucking deny it? Either you like it or not,the two main pairings are NH and NS and the one who ultimately is like Kushina is SAKURA.Not Hinata.If anything,Hinata is the weirdo.
    Get over it and move on.This proves nothing.

  38. Sakura is a hoe…cough

  39. Well scratch survive I meant function during it

  40. @ rayquaza, yes, Suckera is more like Kushina, but she’s also a total wierdo/freak (Kushina said not to get one of those, thus she is a paradox), and is obviously unhealthy for Naruto (see just about any time Naruto spoke w/ her, it usually ends up w/ Suckera beating the shit outta him). not to mention how little Naruto followed his mother’s other orders anyway: Naruto’s only good at Kage Bushins and sucks at most other ninjutsu (Rasengan requires Bushins or Kyuubi, strong summons [Gamabunta] require Kyuubi, Sage Mode requires Bushins, etc); he’s not very respectful to his teachers (note, there is a difference between being respectful to and being friends w/), always ignoring everything Kakashi/Iruka/Yamato tell him, always mocking Jiraiya, etc; he didn’t “watch out” for Jiraiya either, in fact, w/ Naruto’s Oroike no Jutsu, Jiraiya’s just as likely to have raped Naruto as Orochimaru to Sasuke, but this time it would’ve been largly Naruto’s fault for turning into a naked babe in front of a total pervert; and Naruto would readily throw away “good” friends just to see Sasuke (a “bad” friend) again, which also contradicts his mother’s warnings. so it’s a reasonable conclusion that Naruto would ignore his mother’s advice on women as well. now of course, that does not prove NaruHina, but it does present the possibility. plus, smartass is right, Suckera IS a hoe, lol

  41. Hey Nemo, don’t bad mouth J-man, he looks, but never touches. Not saying that peeping is ok… but he didn’t even go for that genjutsu’ed lady Itachi & Kisame left for him.

    I think Kushina was only kidding about Jiraiya anyway, I mean if she really didn’t like him, she wouldn’t have taken the name Naruto.

    Of course, Naruto did adhere to #1, about the money. He never borrowed money, in fact Jiraiya stole Naruto’s savings!

    Interesting note though: I always thought, and Kakashi mentioned this once, that Naruto had trouble doing ninjutsu because of the 9-tails, but if his mom had a hard time too… wow, he really had the cards stacked against him.

  42. @ ripcord, i thought Jiraiya did go for “the touch” on multiple occasions, but maybe i’m just thinking of a filler arc where he did that. anyway, it’s still a dumb idea to do that kinda thing around a total pervert

  43. OMG… don’t you guy’s realize what this means, in all likely hood Naruto will end up with Ten Ten, I mean she is as plain a buttered toast. 😉 . All kidding aside I liked this chapter and I see the DDCS as the only seal capable of being effective in that situation, given that the other seals we have seen are elaborate and time consuming, take for example the seal that was used to capture the Hachibi, it required a big Jar like object and if I remember correctly Gaara’s Bijuu required a special teapot or tea kettle. So to say that Minato jumped the gun is a bit unfair, given that Kushina was already weakening and there was no way she would be able to kill the Kyuubi. Also Minato himself explained why it was so important that they not lose the Kyuubi. I know many are saying, “but Konoha has won on numerous occasions without the Kyuubi’s help” and while that may be true consider this, the U.S.A has access to weapons of mass destruction, yet it chooses to fight with infantry and soldiers, and like in the Narutoverse, you rarely see large scale weapons employed, in order to minimize unnecessary casualties. The fact that a Village has a Bijuu, mostly serves to deter the use of big weapons from other villages, these weapons being the Bijuu’s themselves. Now imagine what would happen if all of the U.S. enemies found out that the U.S. lost their weapons of mass destruction, their would be total chaos, since their is no longer a deterrent present. So I applaud Minato’s sense of responsibility and his ability to see beyond just his own situation and think ahead. Oh, and by the way, he left the Village and his son to two very capable people, the Third Hokage and Jiraiya. So he did not outright abandon his son.

  44. If the Kyuubi is somhow taken out Naruto (and he lives) to complete the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path…I think Naruto will have perform a Dead Demon Consuming Seal like his father to defeat the 10 tailed beast. He may even have to team up with Sasuke in order to do it.

  45. its quite convenient that the people who can fill in the final piece of the puzzle (i.e. Why Naruto wasn’t know as the 4th’s kid and hero of the village) i.e. Hiruzen and jiraiya are both dead. There are still a whole host of questions to be answered.

  46. @madzikage
    Yeah, that’s Kishi’s way of saying he will not elaborate on that or plain and simply a “don’t go there” on his part.

  47. This is just a thought but is there only a connection with the fox an the sharingan because sasuke kept naruto from using his power but when against the 8 tails he either couldn’t do the same or he chose just to fight I bring this up cause I believe when a jinchurriki becomes the perfect host I don’t think the sharingan will have any affect on the jinchurricki

  48. Actually it minato who said watch out for jiraya but I think it was a joke more or less. But this chapter was touching and made me smile not cry especially the end

  49. Fleese Johnson I want to learn how to draw naruto characters but I’m 21 is that ok or do the ppl have to be 10 for you to teach lol

  50. yea, i’m sure the 4th was on boss frog when he performed the seal in the very first episode/chapter of this series.

    hmmmmmmm…. yea i got tear eyes reading it.

    yes, i thought minato’s decisions were quite fast and he could have other options…

    yup, kushina definitely was wearing the pants in the relationship.. i wouldn’t mind wearing the skirt if my wife was like her, loooool… i see the 4th has my kinks too.

    winning an argument? i don’t think so, if she was in her full power, i don’t think he would have. but she’s half dead and she just wants things to go the way her husband wants, cuz she has faith in him. but hey, even a woman like her can “let it go” sometimes. nice woman, me likes. 😛

  51. it was just a filler in the start of the anime where we saw minato on gambunta. kishi had nothing to do with it. the fillers in the anime are not canon. also minato sacrificed himself to save the village cause he knew they needed a jinchuriki that is why sarutobi said he saved the village by making naruto a jin. also minato explained that the kyuubi would not simply die it would be revived again and it would be revived with no jin but by it self and madara would capture it easier with no jin. so he sealed away half of it for ever in the shika fuujin.

  52. it was just a filler in the start of the anime where we saw minato on gambunta. kishi had nothing to do with it. the fillers in the anime are not canon. also minato sacrificed himself to save the village cause he knew they needed a jinchuriki that is why sarutobi said he saved the village by making naruto a jin. also minato explained that the kyuubi would not simply die it would be revived again and it would be revived with no jin but by it self and madara would capture it easier with no jin. so he sealed away half of it for ever in the shika fuujin. and it is funny kushina wants someone like her for naruto and to stay away from weirdos. that means hinata is out cause she is a weirdo. and only one like him is sakura.

  53. @fleece johnson
    I lol’d, but seriously, even if this is a genuine attempt to meet a friend, it is the wrong approach. Go join an anime club or something if your comment was genuine.

    @ “But being Bob most people will listen to your words and thank you for this analysis. Many of us could have done it better ourselves.”
    I like to believe most people come here to participate or just follow the discussions in the comments than just read my page long rants. Honestly, I think we have one of the top community of Naruto debators and theorists on the net. And it’s not just about the amount of comments as it is the quality of the arguments and theories. So yeah, I have no doubt some of our members can do a better job with the chap analysis, and I’m always open if people want to submit alternate analysises/POV of the weekly chapter.

    @”but I disagree with you Bob when you say having Minato in Naruto’s life would be more imporant that having Kushina in Naruto’s life.”
    You misinterpreted what I wrote. My argument is that having at least Minato in Naruto’s life would be better than having no parents at all. Minato can’t replace Kushina, but he’s still Naruto’s father.

  54. i think kushina was supposed to survive, thats why minato was going to sacrifice himself (and thats why he says he cant replace her).

    but the fox killed her when minato had started the sealing

  55. @Bob
    Hey Bob I have big fingers and have a hard time typing the words correctly hitting other letters. So I will misspell words a lot or leave letters out when I backspace. I meant “many of us couldn’t have done it better ourselves.”

  56. @bob, Ok my mistake 8-D

    @Fleece, I assume that is a female’s name I think, If you are Female between the age of 16 or 19 than that’s cool with me, but my best advice is to find someone around your area, school, or work that likes Naruto. Naruto is still very popular. Go out meet people, you will be surprised to know people like Naruto. I became friends with alot of people that liked DBZ back in the day through school, so yeah go out, I’m sure you’ll find someone 4 out of 10 that likes Naruto

  57. lol i just realized something, the fox almost killed naruto and did basicaly kill his parents although tobi was the reason for it.

    Watch naruto be a total dick to the kyuubi now hahaha.

  58. @ripcord.
    if i remember kakashi said that after oro put the 2nd seal on naruto during the chunin exams there by disturbing and disrupting the flow of kyubi’ s chakra to naruto. That’s why he had such trouble with the water walking technique

  59. @bringerofkaos
    Actually, Kakashi didn’t have a clue about the seal, he was to busy attending to Sasuke’s needs. It was while Jiraiya was trying to teach Naruto the walk on water technique, that Jiraiya discovered that someone had placed a secondary seal on top of Naruto’s own seal deducing that it was bothering his chakra control and that it could only have been Orochimaru doing, since it was a very elaborate seal that only few could perform, then Jiraiya himself released it which allowed Naruto to mold his chakra better and more efficiently.

  60. Finally back from a week of excellence. This chapter was rather “meh”. Lololol @ Kushina wearing the pants XD! Well I guess Naruhina and Narusaku are out of the question now! NaruIno!

    Btw, Bleach was the best manga release this week (suck it One Piece and Naruto! Bleach finally wins a round lol) 😀

  61. lol @Fleece
    lmao @Narutenten

    Now the Naruto movie people have source material to take Minato’s actions from instead of making up a whole slew of filler moves for him! That’s the bright side 🙂

  62. ok so if fleece is a 10 year old, he/she has probably been seriously traumatised by this whole experience!!! although i applaud fleece for his/her good grammer. its better than some adults i have read…. not picking on anyone here. 🙂

    i agree with alejandro. i think minato wanted kushina to survive, but the nine tails when he attacked naruto made it an impossibility.

    isn’t naruto going to have a baby with shion??? (i know its in the movie not the anime so it doesn’t count).

  63. oops i forgot. alejandro he couldn’t have been expecting kushina to survive cos part of his plan was to seal her chakra in naruto as well before she died. it would have been nice though if kushina had of been able to live. 😦

  64. It’s a shame that this chapter, while being a very enjoyable and emotional chapter, doesn’t seem to be a good chapter for sparking debate. Kishi should have just done a double chapter last week because it didn’t really develope anything past 503. It had some humor but I don’t think Bob is gonna break J-chan’s comments record until Naruto starts using the Fox or if we switch to Sasuke, whom as much as I regret to admit needs some showing in these upcoming chapters just to see if he got EMS and how it works ( I mean like 5-7 panels at MOST not 5-7 chapter arc).
    @ fleece: I hope you are as young as you claim to be and apologize for my heckling if you are. I would just prefer to be wrong and sorry then let a predator prowl SHANNARO!!! My apology also extends to you if you are an art teacher but that is a very unconventional way of advertising.

  65. WOW I think you guys got the wrong idea of me. I’m just looking for a little fun that’s all. @ Eaglesfan10 I’m much older than you think, but I would never hang out with a child unless their parents had approval.

    @Rinnegan sorry I’m a guy, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun don’t you agree? My # is still posted if you wanna play 1 on 1 on Naruto Ninjastorm, I also have the demo for pt2 before the game comes out. School is around the corner so don’t miss out. @Everyone, we can all hang out like a big family, but 1st you need your parents permission. I also like to add I have One Piece DVD’s if anyone’s interested.

    @Bob There is a actual club I can go to and meet people who like Naruto? I never knew they made such clubs. How old do you have to be?

  66. There’s likely at least several anime club or something similar in every big city, you just need to search for them. Your best bet is to look up clubs at local colleges, most are open to everyone regardless of age. I’m sure you;ll meet some Naruto fans there.

  67. Tad freaky :S

    Anyways, was there anything in this chapter that gave us any specific information regarding anything? (aside from who you guys think naruto should take as his girlfriend which is a tad wierd)

  68. Hai Shannaro! My first time posting here, but i’ve been a regular for months now.. just wanted to say great review Bob, as usual. 🙂

    @Fleece, Bob hit the nail on the head with his last comment. I would also suggest (Anime) Conventions as a medium to interact with other fans. Age is unimportant, and most large cities have one (or something close to it).

    Also, I don’t mean to derail from the discussion of this chapter, but there is something that has been concerning me. Perhaps I am thinking too deeply, but is it possible that there is some connection between Madara and Danzo’s sharingan? I am aware of the rumors/speculation, but In chapter 501, I couldn’t help but notice that the center pupil of the Kyuubi’s Sharingan as it is being controlled (http://bit.ly/91pFMN) looks much like the Madara’s sharingan (http://bit.ly/99cBI0) in 478, which also looks like Danzo’s sharingan (http://bit.ly/b5aHr8) at the end of 458. It’s possible that the large pupil in (http://bit.ly/91pFMN) looks the way it does to illustrate motion, but is there possibly more to this?

    The center pupil is distinctively large in http://bit.ly/91pFMN. Is this possible for any user who posesses the sharingan, or is it the ability of a certain Uchiha, or …something else? I apologize if I confused anyone, it’s 4am here 🙂 I could be thinking waay to much into this… heh. wtb sleep >_>;

  69. WOW!!! i want to comment but maybe i shouldnt, fleece has persuaded me no to

  70. Yuffie! Welcome! 😀 Nice to see the regulars post, I watched the site for months before I did as well, your very welcome to comment, write posts or whatever, just dont feed the trolls! 🙂

    Note to authors – DID YOU ALL DIE?!

  71. @fleece: I apologize and I’m sure comicon has naruto. Not sure I’ve never been there.
    @yuffie: welcome 😀 but madara and danzo both have basic sharingan that’s the connection. Good theory though.

  72. @John

    I 00% agree with everything you had to say with the balance of power between the Bijuu. Like the US without it reliable weapons of mass destruction, we wouldn’t be feared. If we lost that we could disrupt the balance of peace.

    I have 1 questions though. Someone I need to know. SO can you help me out.

    1. Did Uchiha Madara have the same ocular powers he currently has now when he versed Hashirama or were they altered?

  73. i mentioned this in the last summary, but i think that the 9 tails will eventually regain the chakra that it lost when the 4th sealed it here is something interesting that i picked up as well


    this is the first time that we ever see the dead demon seal ever used notice the 4 souls trapped in the dead demon…. two of the heads resemble the 3rd hokage while the other two either represent the 1st and 2nd hokage souls or the sound nin that ochi used to to summon the 1st and 2nd. when we see it in this chapter we see the 4ths and the 9 tails as well… i think that the seal really has to deal with the demon eating ones chakra not the soul…. once ones chakra is completely taken from the body then the body will cease to function…. Minato had knowledge of that so he was able to save just enough of his chakra to seal inside naruto with the 9 tails… with most of his chakra taken by the dead demon seal he was unable to stay around long during the pein arc.

  74. Hey do you guys remember the firsy time Edo Tensei was shown? Orochimaru who was fighting the Third hokage summoned three coffins: one containiung the First hokage another containg the second and then the third qwhich we know the least. I think that I heard it contained the fourth. Someone fact check me on that please.
    Anyway it might be important now because we have it confirmrd that half of kyubi is sealed within the Fourth’s body.
    I wonder how the Edo Tensei actually works. If it really resurrects a dead shinobi’s body, then whoever uses Edo Tensei to bring back the Fourth(ie Kabuto) might bring back the rest of the Nine-tails too. It would explain why the Third was set against the third coffin opening.

  75. @Larry
    As far as I am aware, Madara did not have space time ninjutsu when he faced the First Hokage, but he did have the Perfect Magenkyo Sharingan, after he took his brothers eyes, I think this was stated in one of the Databooks, I’ll look around and put a link if I can find it. We have not seen Madara use any Magenkyo techniques that I am aware of. So in a sense his arsenal of jutsu has less variety, but given the versatility of his space time ninjutsu he is somewhat more dangerous. So in a nutshell Madara had more offensive power back then, but now he has jutsu that end the fights much quicker by simply warping his opponents to another dimension and avoiding damage altogether when he decides to become impervious, he just wants to become whole, have the best of both sides his old jutsu with his new jutsu so to speak, we still don’t know what the First Hokage did to Madara to severely weaken him.

  76. It is possible that madara had to resort to izanagi which may reduce EMS to standard sharingan.

  77. @ John.

    I see where your perspective is on that subject. I’ve always brainstormed on this subject for the fact that if he did indeed have the same Space/Time Jutsu he has now. How the hell did the 1st Hokage beat him if Madara was in his prime? If he has Amaterasu, Susanoo’o, and Tsukiomi with the Space/Time Jutsu which I would consider him the greatest of all time besides the Ridikou Sage then wouldn’t this make the 1st better then the 4th. Madara also used the 9 tails so how did he get stopped by a guy that only used Wood!?

    A lot of people I argue with say’s Hashirama is “hyped up”. I don’t udnerstand how the 4th is considered to be the best shinobi of all time in Konoha if he couldn’t beat a former shell of this guy?

    Who do you think is better 1st or 4th?

  78. @Eaglefan10

    From what was shown from Danzo even though he didn’t obtain the EMS. When he used Izanagi it took only 1 eye for the Jutsu to be performed. So Madara had to still have the EMS after it.

    The only reason I see him losing the EMS when he used Izanagi is because ( Just a theory) you can only be able to use it’s Eternal power if you have both eyes in place. If you lose 1 you lose it’s Eternalness. Get it? Or did I say it incorrectly?

  79. @Larry the 4th wasted alot of energy facing off against a full powered fox an a ninja up until recently no one was able to get the best of I see what your saying the 1st beat madara when he had his ems an all that so yeah shouldn’t hashirama be considered the greatest ninja but kishi says himself that the fourth an 3rd share the same place as being the strongest dead ninjas so idk but ppl argue that hashirama could control the ninetails but you can say the same about madara itachis said madara could control the fox like a pet so maybe the 1st control was greater than madaras but he’ll idk does anyone lol

  80. @Minatofan

    I believe that Hashirama’s “control” for the 9 tails wasn’t as everyone might think. When they said,”He controls the Bijuu like pets” I think of the 1st holding down the Fox or calling it out in battle with no sense of direction to here it would be attacking. He could cage, trap, and summon them. As for Madara, it’s been shown he uses genjutsu or some type of doujustu.

    But we have to remember that even if you say the 4th consumed a massive amount of his chakra with his battle with the fox. Hashirama did the same thing. Only that time it was in actual battle with Madara having full access to his EMS. Taking on the EMS and the 9 tails at the same time is no easy feat.

    My question is what makes the 4th so much greater then the 1st?

  81. lads if you remember that Madara has a whole shelf full of eyes! when he warped back to his layer after the sasuke danzo fight, it appeared that he had allot of eyes that where all in jars! so maybe he has been using eyes from previous uchiha’s eyes.

  82. @Larry
    We only see one sharingan so for all we know the other eye shows the ems. Or maybe he used it twice you never know.

  83. yeah it looks like he has used izanagi on one of his eyes! but he has all the other sharingans on the glass jars!

  84. I also think that he cannot find anymore ems eyes! so all the eyes in the jars are either used for izanagi or have special abilities perhaps! and in so sasuke is playing into the hands of Madara! where he would be able to take sasuke’s eyes eventually! maybe thats why he is a shell of his former self because madara cannot use ems anymore!

  85. Or maybe he just isn’t Madara..

    I mean I’m speaking off pure speculation, but I do think it’s not Madara. I like the ideas you pointed of him not being a former shell of himself because his EMS was stripped from him, but guys there’s way more to it then that. Explain his body? Explain his warping?


    It would be dumb to use Izanagi on both eyes and it’s I highly doubt it since EMS are basically impossible to obtain without a brother. Too big of a risk factor.Sorry.

  86. Hashirama is only Jonin level, lets leave it at that.

  87. @tsukage

    The DDCS can’t consume just chakra, this is especially apparent when the 3rd used it to seal Oro’s arms. If it was just chakra, then why would the arms be dead? No, I think it literally seals life force, not necessarily souls per say, but definitely life force.

  88. At kisu if madara could actually control the 9tails an the 1st couldn’t he had ems an the 1st was only a jounin then ems an madara was extremely overrated other wise he should have never lost

  89. MadAra with a fully powered ems lost to a jounin haha

  90. @bob “So yeah, I have no doubt some of our members can do a better job with the chap analysis, and I’m always open if people want to submit alternate analysises/POV of the weekly chapter.”

    You are like the coolest laser-cat-training, cyborg, dictator ever.

  91. @Larry
    I would say the Fourth is better than the First, but only if the First doesn’t have numerous Bijuu under his disposal. We still don’t know if he could summon them, you know what I mean? One thing is being able to summon them and use them as ninja tools and another thing is waiting for a random Bijuu to enter the fight and then use it. From what Madara has said we can infer that the First could use the Bijuu as pets and control them, it has also been said by Madara that it is for that exact same reason that the First was chosen as Hokage. From what we learned a few chapters ago the First’s wife entered the battle scene and effectively ripped Madara’s control over the Kyuubi letting her become the first Jinchuriki. The Fourth faced this “so called” Madara and bested him, note none used Bijuu or the like, straight out fight. If indeed Madara had space time jutsu back when he faced the First then it is impressive on the First’s part, but from what we saw during the Oro and Third Hokage fight, when the First was revived, his skills were highly formidable, yet consider who he was facing an elderly Third, who kept his own. What Hashirama possesed was raw power, stamina, and Bijuu control. What Minato has is analytical abilities, speed and space time ninjutsu. In a fight between them I see Minato winning, simple as that.

  92. @john
    If the first could summon the tailed beat, woudn´t he sommun them at the fight against Madara and the kyubi to help him? so I don´t think that he could summon them…

  93. @John
    The 1st wife didn’t interfere in his battle with Madara, but after the battle she did conceal the beast within her

  94. Good to see Shannaro is still running smoothly!

    It’s a shame we can’t really take any decent information from this chapter, but the closure in this update has been 500 chapters in the making. The cheesy familial love-fest is simply a reward for the readers that have diligently stuck by the series.

    @ Sothe: Yes, some of us did, indeed, die. I don’t know where J ran off to, but LadeeKay is on the verge of her first year of college. That said, she’s been off being a crazy-child and the likelihood of her return is still questionable at best. As for myself, I’ll be taking a full course-load this year, but since I’m going to be a Sophomore, I should have the time management skills to update once in awhile.

    @ Bob: First and foremost, you seem shocked by the plot holes. This is a MANGA. Second, the site looks great! It’s come a long way! Congrats. 🙂

  95. NEEEEEEEEEF! Been a while! ❤ Hope all is well, mentioend you on the author page, draw us something? Jesus were all so old, im at university now….well, sorta, my first year of uni involves working for a year, its strange 🙂

  96. I know, right?! Sothe, I don’t remember where you’re from, but that sounds like something Germany does. I know other European countries do that, but I don’t know which ones. (YAYIBESOAMERIKAN!)

    I have a lot of comics drawn, but all of the scanners I use to steal are dead. My family stole my old printer, so I’ll probably go buy one with a built-in scanner. 😛 So fill me in on what I missed! Who else has retired?

  97. @Larry: he could still have ems under the mask or maybe he came close to death twice and whipped izanagi out twice

  98. u now theyre just stupid with the help of the third hokage (the old geezer) they could have put in him in naruto without killing themselves put that freaking god damn old geezer sat on the couche and watche the movie i hate grrrr

  99. Im british Nef 🙂 Retired….Well, J runs his own one piece site, he rarely comes here and when he does hes so mature.

    Guruku left ages ago, you probably know about that one.

    Very few of us are still around….not regularly anyway. It sucks really, I remember the good ol’ days. Chatbox used to be cool…..

  100. @sothe: I didn’t die. I was locked up in an insane asylum for two weeks…Um, yeah, that’s it >_>

  101. @EaglesFan10

    Why would you use Izanagi twice if Hashirama doesn’t know about that technique at all. It wouldn’t make sense. From what was said Hashirama only killed him once and once only. That’s why he thought Madara was dead. If he’d seen it once before then he’d know Madara wasn’t dead.


    “I would say the Fourth is better than the First, but only if the First doesn’t have numerous Bijuu under his disposal. We still don’t know if he could summon them, you know what I mean?”

    I know what you mean. I also probably would agree, but the 1st was definitely able to summon them. I’m pretty sure when he captured them all and distributed them all to the other villages to balance the power they were all nailed down by wood. In the picture with him in the Valley Of the End his had a Scroll. It has 9 dots. This is pure theory, but with if that scrolled captured the 9-tails?

    Also you can’t base the Hashirama and Tobi off the Oro-3rd Fight. It’s not really them. Just a mere image of them. Their were no strategic thinking, no personality, and no life. They were just fighting. Tobi also didn’t use Space/Time Jutsu which he has and Hashirama didn’t use his darkness technique. Third would have lost that fight. Especially even if he was in his prime.

    Plus the fight 1st against the 4th I agree with how you broke them down. But at the end really ask yourself what would you have? If 4th couldn’t beat the fox by himself and couldn’t kill a former shell of Madara, where does that put the 1st if he did both?

  102. NEEFFFFFF!!!
    I demand a custom drawing from you for every day you’ve been missing in action on Shannaro!!!


  103. What he said! but ill say please.

  104. @ Sothe: Brittish! Now I remember. You watched the world cup this year?! 😀 I wanted the Netherlands to win, but it was still fun to watch. J has kind of grown away from all of us. He even used to be on FACEBOOK of all things.

    @ Bob: NO! In case you don’t remember, THE WOMEN OF SHANNARO DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO ORDERS! Any more orders or I’ll bombard your silly country with hotdish and lutefisk.

    Besides I don’t even know how long I’ve been absent. 🙂 I DO have comics for you. I may not do my own updates, but I’ll gladly send you and other authors material!

  105. @Larry: HE COULD JUST BE HIDING THE SECOND ONE UNDER HIS MASK!!! Also izanagi makes illusions become reality so since we don’t know what happened it could very well have happened twice not necessarily to escape death twice. One could have been a punishing blow or to make an attack miss. And don’t say why “wouldn’t he just warp the threat away?” because from what we currently know he didn’t have that ability yet.

  106. Has any1 noticed that Naruto has the “marks” on his cheek pre-seal? I always thought they came from the Kyubi being sealed inside of him? Turns out he already had them to begin with. Birthmark? WTF?!

    This chapter was bittersweet for me. In the scense that, I’m glad the main story is back on track, but I didn’t mind the backstory, and would of liked to know more. Just me I guess. It was awesome to see Minato in action during these past few chapters tho.

    Wonder if Bob used this new found intel on Minato to update his status on the character area of his site. *going to check*

  107. Nope, he has not. Lazy bastard. lol. He hasn’t even upsated the pics for the jutsus. lol.

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    Their nostalgia reminds me of the days when I used to be on the forums all the time… now no one is it seems. It’s too bad. Kudos to Bob for keeping the sites going though.

  111. @ Kisuzachi: Well I’m glad somebody new showed up to pick up the slack! The old authors have scattered to the four winds, so to speak and I’m actually glad it didn’t have a big impact on the site!

    @ Zep: If you try to make fun of me, I’ll post some of your drunk facebook statuses here. 😉 Tread cautiously.

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  114. Zep as well? Ahhh man, golden oldies.

    Nef, if you mention the world cup, I will slap you. I will fly to the states, get some food, give you a slap and fly home, Im serious!

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  115. @ Sothe: I see, I see. Touchy subject for many. 😉 Just be glad I didn’t outright tease you! Besides, what do you care? I’m American. We call the damn sport “soccer”! And I HAVE to support the Netherlands! It’s where I’m going to be studying next year! o_0

    Hold up, you actually LIKE American food?! WHY?

    @ Zep: Oh, you’ll know shame. If I could shame LaydeeKay, I can shame you!

  116. 1st vs 4th..NO BIJUU,,despite 1st’s wood jutsus 4th still warped and hit the 1st with RasengaN in the blink of an eye…

    1st vs 4th..BIJUUS ALLOWED..1st has control of Tailed Beasts///1st would win…remember he was classified as having COMPLETE control along wd Madara…and Killerbee was also in the list..which would make them just like a perfect Jinchuriki only that they don’t have the beasts in their bodies…

    the 4th was the Leaf’s greatest hero..YET..(Naruto’s time alas still hasn’t arrived)..he was a genius..but the most powerful would have 2 be the Rikudo Sage

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  118. @Nef: You underestimate me. Don’t worry your not the first to do so, won’t be the last. lol. And WTF is considered ‘american food’? Everything that’s here originated from somewhere else! (Pizza = Italy, Hamburger = somewhere in Europe, Mexican and Chinese food = um, really, do you even have to ask?)

    @Sothe: Hand Egg? Really?! lol. whatever. I still prefer ‘hand egg’ to soccer, anyway.

  119. Well I think those things have been americanized Zep. Pizza actually came from France but the cheese on that type is unbearable, we put different things in and on our hamburgers, and most Chinese/Mexican food found in the states isn’t what they eat most of the time (fried rice is actually more of an american idea, just asian american.) But I also consider things like NY Strip steaks or anything you find in Applebee’s as American food.

    For the record you’re all old….

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  121. Oh, and Zep, Pizza was not invented in Italy. Here is the history of pizza, by Naru.

    Pizza originated as “heated dough” when homeless people, otherwise known as People Living on the Street (PLS), used to role, flatten and bake dough on the open fires they would create. Then, they would take up and put ANYTHING they could find that looked good and put it on this dough, then eat it. It originally had no cheese or sauce, but soon Italy thought this was a good idea, and considered it a type of exquisite meal. Afterwards, they kept the tradition of kneeded dough over fire, but added tomato sauce and cheese, and some other yummy toppings and that is how pizza came about. So, it wasn’t ACTUALLY made in Italy until ‘hobos’ created it first, a hundred or so years ago (maybe more, I have time problems)

  122. Naruto thinks about Kushina.
    I musn’t eat just ramen, vegetables too.
    And I like bathing.
    And I sleep plenty enough, so don’t worry.
    I have a lot of awesome friends, they’re great. This would have been awesome if you could meet them.

    It’s just … things didn’t really turned out that good with one of them.
    About studying well … just don’t feel sad about that.
    I had a lot of teachers and senpais in academy.
    About the 3 taboos … Well … Jiraiya already told me about that.
    He taught all about living as a Shinobi. He was an awesome ninja.

    I’m Uzumaki Naruto, from the Leaf Village.
    My dream is to become Hokage !
    and to surpass every Hokage before me.

    Naruto put his fist on his chest in a manly way and say “And to become even more badass than my father !”

    Naruto returns to reality.

    Yamato is surprised.

    Bee and Naruto does Brofist no Jutsu.

    Bee does some rap.

    Bee and Naruto understands each other.

    Yamato understand jack shit.

    Bee, his friends, Konoha’s ninjas use a crow messenger it seems and talks with Gai.

    Gai worries about Naruto’s training.

    Naruto is going to show them rather than explaining.

    In his spirit world, there are something like 4 temples and a full moon. Naruto absorb the light.

    In the real world, Super Naruto is born.

    Yamato’s Mokuto ornament beging to grow.
    Naruto sense a danger.
    Bee sense it too.

    A face exits from the Samehada, Kisame.

    Why are you still alive ?

    What was that about the corpse ? ( About Zetsu )

    Kisame is about to retreat.

    Out of nowhere, Naruto fucking Shunshin no Jutsu Punch Kisame.

    Bee : “Shunshin no Jutsu ? Batting first, huh ? This is just like the Yellow Flash, now.”

    Kisame vomits blood.

    Naruto is not that good with Shunshin … he falls down.
    Kisame retreats and Killer Bee goes after him.

    Gai is at the waterfall of truth and hear something. ( His double ? )

    Dark Gai comes out.

    Then Kisame comes out.

    Gai : “So, this guy is my real self, huh ? I’m disappoint.”

    Bee : “No, this is not your real self, be careful”

    Gai does an awesome jutsu “Ginger coastal” !

    There comes Bee.

    Gai thinks Kisame is Dark Gai.

  123. Its funny that such a heart warming chapter has brought back so many of the old writers. As a relatively new shannarolite, I hope you all stick around, I would really like your opinion and theories for upcoming chapters.

    I never realized shannaro was such an international blog.

  124. It looks like Naruto will learn the FTG, he is already using the Shunshin no jutsu! Thinks are getting good already, I don’t know what Kishi is on but he needs to keep it up!

  125. Geez, guys, way to go overboard with the whole Pizza debate. I hate to break it to all of you, but pizza didn’t have ONE place of origin. There are different versions from all over the world, so it’s impossible to say where it actually came from. America is a melting pot of cultures and when Italian immigrants came to the States, they used their version of and added some new stuff to it to create what Americans consider Pizza. That’s the only reason we consider it Italian.

    @ Sothe: You’ll be very sorry for visiting us. If you want examples of American food, look up the menu for Perkins. Or I could list you a few things from my local State Fair: deep fried twinkies, deep fried oreos, chocolate covered bacon, cheese curds, and an entire turkey on a stick. Those, my friends, are American dietary treasures. We do get fresh fruit here, which I know can be pretty expensive in Europe. 🙂 Who knows? You’ll either love it or hate it.

    @ Zep: Sometimes you’re worse than J. The thing about hand egg is that it’s SO homoerotic, it’s not even funny. At least soccer players don’t need to wear skintight spandex. XP Gross.

  126. @ppl posting Spoilers.

    Please just post the links. There are some members here that don’t want to be spoiled. Let me demonstrate:



  127. 505 is out everyone!!!!!!!!

  128. yeah, it’s out but mangastream is overloaded!

  129. It’s working fine on this site.


  130. yes!!!!! the yellow flash is back!!!!

  131. I’ll comment what I think as I read the chapter

    Naruto is STILL gay for Sasuke. Kushina should have smacked him for that *sigh*. Seriously, I’m just not getting why he’s so motivated to save Sasugay. It doesnt seem like something a real person would do. DOES NOT COMPUTE!

    Killerbee’s rhyming is getting tighter. Yamato’s such a square lol.

    OMGWTF! Everytime he uses the fox chakra he transforms! AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke’s Susanoo is screwed. Naruto can sense hate? I guess Tobi and Sasugay cant hide anymore.

    More Bee rhyming – water, slaughter, body, shoddy = AWESOME!

    Guy’s buttons are so easily pushed. Its a wonder he’s lived so long in a world of ninjas. Oh come on! This cant be where Kisame dies? If he dies here I’m gonna become a Sakura fan!

  132. and that’s how chaotic my thought process is as I read any given chapter of Naruto 🙂

  133. Guys, please keep the commentary about the new chapter to yourself until Bob posts 505. Commenting about the plot twists or events is the same as the proverbial NOVEL Clue247 wrote.

    Save the comments and start coming up with theories for later!

  134. Chapter 505 is out!!!!

  135. OMFG chapter 505 is super super awesome, I hve been waiting for this for over 200 chapters. AMAZING

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    go future hokage!!!!
    ah,, i’ll wait for Bob’s discussion now

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  138. @clue, noooooooooooo. NEVER SAY SZAYEL LOOKS LIKE SAKURA! That is an insult to Szayel >_>

  139. 505 is out!! OMG what an amazing chapter..
    you shall love it .

    its on mangastream…. ENJOY!

  140. I know this is a little off topic and I am not sure if I will get a response or not. I have seen people talking about how both of Naruto’s parents were in him. But I have also seen people that think that Itachi is in him somewhere as well. I was just wondering why that was the case. I dont remember anything that would have led me to a conclusion that Itachi would be in Naruto, waiting for the right time to help?


  141. @ Krag Vinsfeld

    Itachi gave naruto ‘power’ right before saskue destroyed him.
    This was in the form of a crow seeping into naruto’s mouth during a genjutsu. Itachi stated that Naruto was the only one that could truly save his brother. And thus trusted him with this power. Its still unknown to us what this power could possibly be.

  142. @ Dry

    Was that before they ran into Madara or after? I am ganna have to go back and reread that entire part of the manga or something. I just dont remember that at all. Any specific timeline for me?

  143. without minato dying, naruto wouldn’t be able to do what he’s doing right now (chapter 505). i don’t think full control of the 9 tails is possible without separating the yin and yang. so… i don’t think minato’s death was as useless or senseless as some may think.

  144. @ Krag

    Im not very good with timelines sorry i did just flick through a few episodes trying to find a reference, i couldnt find one.sorry
    However going off memory it is when Naruto sakura sai kakashi hinata yamoto Kiba ( + more i think) go searching for saskue, with ninja hounds but naruto goes astray from them i think…… i believe its before they run into Madara, google it or somthing u may be able to get a better timeline.

    @ Anja
    possibly true….
    i think pherhaps Naruto is the 1st to master the 9 tails as a jinchurikki and that pherhaps the previous 2 jinchurikkis were merely containers for its power….

    But what is up with the form Naruto takes its sickkk!

  145. At the moment this version of naruto didnt seem so powerful as the 6 tailed naruto, but will see what he can put out his sleeves

  146. @ Ultimate
    i assume ur talking about the chapter 505?
    For one, they are comparing Naruto with the yellow flash! ok The Yellow FLASH!
    Common its fairly epic.

    And and… the form supposedly brings about new powers, like his awsome chakra sensory skillls now.

    This is just an excuse for Kishi to broaden his skills, along with Saskues Ems…

  147. Dont take this wrong, its was awesome what I saw. I am a big fan of the yellow flash but if you saw the recent anime and saw what the 6 tailed is capable to do you have to admit that the 6t wouldnt stopped by stucking in the rock….but i am sure thats just the beginning but just for the moment he isnt strong as the 6t…but we will see how he will progress

  148. But naruto wasnt even intending to even crack the ground let alone smash his foot through it.

    Commong admit it is awsome and he may have some control over the amount of strength he uses so he could be more epic than we think.

  149. If it is a teleport technique Naruto used, why he doesnt teleport himself out of the rock….

  150. Yep, dry it was awesome….I was waiting the whole time to see him use this technique since the yellow flash have done this

  151. And it seems he doesnt need to mark his opponent to teleport himself to him….the question is how he does it….with visual contact or with chakra sense

  152. My geuss is its somthing to do with the chakra that is naturally exerted from each persons body.

    and there was no seal…. lol he has perfected the flying thunder god technique. ( assuming it was that jutsu)

    I wonder if he can 100% perfect rasengan ( not wind release rasenshurieken.)

    Saskue V Naruto OMFG! itll destroy the planet at this rate… if they get any stronger ittl be beyound ridiculousness

  153. to be honest I saw enough from this rasengan stuff….common its time for some new stuff

  154. it was funny that Naruto said that he want to surpass the prevoius Hokage, but he is still a genin lol

  155. @ Krag, just go and watch the episode Naruto finds out Jiraiya’s dead! It’s after they fight with Tobi when they return to the village and Naruto’s at home thinking!

  156. @ yellowflash2

    Thanks! I will do that.

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