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Naruto 504 is out!

HEre it is people! The newest chapter and the stunning conclusion (i think) to the past arc of Naruto’s origin! Enjoy!



32 Responses

  1. YAHOO! Here it is people! Shannaro rock on!

  2. 2ND!!

    Great Chapter, man i was waiting for it with no patience haha

  3. Crap. Kushina told him to find someone like his mother…shit. That means he’s definately going to go for Sakura now…or maybe someone else like her. Hinata, though she is nice and great, is nothing like Sakura. I wonder if Ino will turn out to be something for Naruto then since Ino’s like Sakura. Awell, thats screws the NAruHina pooch, unless Naruto decides not to listen to his mom. Peace!
    Suna OUT!

  4. What a great chapter, kind of touching and moving!

  5. Damn You Kishi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m crying like a 5 years old kid. Really an awesome and sad chapter. Now more that ever i want Naruto kick Tobi´s ass. All of this is his fault. Minato and Kushina are simple awesomes. The two are very fine ninjas and excellent parents. I was hopping (spelled) that ay least kushina stay one more chapter the way she left was also sad. Oh dammit i´m crying again

  6. Meh, i dont think he will, or i hope he doesnt anyway.

    Sad ending, that damn fox is gigantic, its paw print is almost as big as the current fox, i always wondered why he was kinda smaller than what was shown in the first episode. Man i really really hope naruto can do what bee does and use partial transformations with actual body parts instead of just using chakra manipulation.

    And again i want naruto to one day gain that other half of kyuubi, man he’d be unstoppable

  7. Oh and by the way, heres some shameless self promotion.
    I have not been doing many fanfics on Shannaro for the longest time now and it is because i have been caught up writing (for the last few months now) a *gulp* Romance fic. Yes, Romance (It shames me a little) either way if any one wants to read my fanfiction you can go to this link to see it.


    yup, shameless self promotion. I’ll be back in two months to do a new fic for this site called Shannaro:Shippuden (Thnx btw for the permission WS) then I’m gone. BYE and enjoy the chapter!
    Suna OUT! (for real this time)

  8. Suna. who knows maybe in the next 10 to 20 chapters kishi introduces a new caracther. A kunoichi from the whirpool country, one of the few kushina says is still alive and she and naruto hook-up (sorry the spell)

  9. what naruto needs to do is return to konoha, talk to tsunade, because have to be scrolls or something that belong to minato and kushina that have jutsus of the two of them. and only the hokage must knows were are stored

  10. This is for u all Minatoneedtokillallhisfamily guys. He just did what he did in order to keep balance and protect Konoha from being destroyed. Minato still smarter than u guys. He was thinking to future unlike u 😀

  11. if naruto does not end up with hinata i will be pissed, he had better not listen to his mom, if he does it will obviously be sakura and sakura has got be in my 3 most hated characters

  12. @LordErcan-

    Dont worry bout it dude, id just ignore it, there’s no use in arguing with them.

    Im absoutely sure they say minato needs to murder everything because they think killing anything and everything will solve things….it doesnt, more often than not you fuck yourself over when you do things without thinking. Obviously minato isnt stupid like that. but w/e im not gonna press the point with people who are stuck up their arse far enough to believe that

  13. Hey, just wanted to be the first one to point this out, Naruto has ignored almost every single warning his mom had given him as a child. He is fuzzy about his food, he was smaller than most of his class mates, he disobeyed his teachers, he was a slacker in ninjutsus and he was not careful around Jiraiya. He has done the exact opposite of what he was warned about. Meaning he will most likely not end up with a girl like Kushina which is to say he will not be with Sakura or so it seems.This looks good for all Naruto and Hinata fans.

  14. I dunno… I don’t think Minato’s decision was wise. As was shown with Killer Bee’s seal, there are other seals that work on the biju that don’t require the death of the user. Minato was certainly romantic, but it would have been better for the village to not loose their Hokage. It would also mean that Naruto could grow up to be even stronger if there was a parent helping him go in the right direction. While Minato is epic, I don’t think he made the correct decision here.

    – pcgnome out

  15. @Pcgnone-

    We arent sure though if there was any other seal capaple of sealing the kyuubi that minato could use, and simoutaneously utilize his and kushina’s chakra’s to help him as kushina is doing now, If kushina hadnt been sealed a little in naruto i fully believe that naruto wouldnt have been able to master the 9tails (to a degree). Remember minato is dangerously low on his chakra’s right now, and any other possible seals that could have been used were problably long and or required massive amount of preperation for a Host sealing. The shiki fuuin was the most viable option to ensure the 9tails wouldnt escape again causing havoc and give tobi another chance to obtain him under his control.

  16. @ john, thank u kindly for pointing that out 😀 , i hate Sakura w/ every fiber of my being and would rather have Naruto marry Sasuke (i’m more anti-NaruSaku than i am pro-NaruHina)
    anyways, now that john pointed that out, i really have no problems w/ this chapter. that doesn’t mean i really enjoyed it, but i didn’t dislike it either

  17. its weird that the ninetailed fox was still able to speak even tho he didnt have a host. i read one time on naruto.wikia that a biju has to have a host in order to have knowledge and ability to speak and stuff. if they dont then there just mindless demons that just rampage for no particular reason. im 100% sure it said something like that.

  18. @clue427

    And that’s why you can’t believe whatever you read on a wiki.

    In any case, it seems (someone said on this site a few days ago) that a tailed beast needs a mental connection to speak, so the Kyuubi wasn’t actually saying that out loud, he was thinking it.

  19. ok that makes sense thanks

  20. This was a moving chapter. I think everything we wondered about Minato’s decisions have been mostly answered. I am happy with this despite I will not take back my saying about letting her die. Not the killer her and let Naruto die at the hands of Tobi, the other thing when see asked Minato to let her take Kyubi into her and die while he raise Naruto and plans for Kyubi’s return [last past she didn’t actually say last chapter] that I stand by but this outcome actually like

    I don’t care of what his mother said about the girlfriend I still see him and Hinata. That is what the love stories are moving towards. The only reason I believe the love story is not important as everyone wants is because we need to get this plot moving. No time for love.

    Now somethings make more sense about a theory I have about Gedo Mazo and it’s size. With the chakra of the fox being taken and his size decreasing show chakra affecting the beast size. Would explain many things but we also have to remember the Juubi was, I think a actual beast and not a chakra formed beast. However I will not go to far into that. I think you all get it

    And as John said Naruto sure didn’t listen to his mother’s words, He did the very thing a young boy would do at a young age, disobey his mother unless you was like me and got a beating but hey that didn’t always work either :). Well a few thing he did turn around and do. So he did do what a teenager/young man do unless they are just plan stupid or have crazy mother. Listen to his mother:).

  21. there was something that’s been bothering me; if minato only sealed half of the nin tails chakra into naruto then whouldn’t naruto be able to only use have the chakra? and naruto only have half the beast inside him so wouldnt that make of the the less powerful hosts since it’s only half the chakra and the other half is sealed with minato?

  22. Notice how much more powerful minatos seal is than the thirds? Its redicilous

  23. @K money-

    Naruto has only been using half the fox’s chakra the entire time now, and no the fox is considerbly stronger than the other beasts, half the fox’s power is problably about the same as the 8tails, problably more since the 8tails actualy ran out of power agaisnt kisame and so far we havent seen naruto actually run out of power using the kyuubi. In fact we havent seen naruto use the full strength of even half the kyuubi yet and even then the chakra of the fox is enourmous.

    So after considering all that i can now understand why minato was saying that it wasnt possble for him to seal it all in his state even with the reaper. And now im even more wanting for naruto to obtain the rest of the kyuubi’s chakra’s. If its even possible which im sure it is, otherwise Kishi wouldnt have mentioned it several times about the seperation. At least i hope anyway

  24. Thats the Kishimoto that made me love Naruto. I keep all my opinions private usually, but wow.

  25. All i can say is this was both sad and beautiful. And I know even Kisu and Madzi were brought to tears 🙂

  26. It was a great chapter, and it was sad to see how they died and how emotional they were. I honestly thin that the best part was Naruto’s reaction, I wasn’t expecting him to be overly emotion, his reaction was exactly how it should have been just very happy! We also finally get to see why Minato sacrificed himself, this whole story was just awesome but I am glad we can finally get back to the main story! I want to see some action and maybe there will be a timeskip!

  27. this made me cry a lil this was so nice..I hope naruto learns some new moevs now..LIke more elemental moves..OR learns how to bound well with his bujii

  28. or even use the thunder god technique

  29. Now our hero Naruto has more reasons not to go down and die to be hokage. He knows that the value of his life was amounting to a parent’s love. Im not buying Naruto’s statement now that both Sasuke and Him will both die. This doesn’t makes sense now.

  30. Really awesome chapter! Left me with tears! Btw Kushina is alot like Sakura! And i just realised why Naruto likes Sakura so much!! Narusaku forever!!

  31. Narusaku forever

  32. Keep dreaming NaruHina fans!!

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