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Chapter 503 – His Life for a Better Tomorrow

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Naruto chapter 503: another epic chapter in this excellent flashback series. The only disappointment I can think of is that we’re reaching the end of this tale. I really would like to see more of Minato and Kushina’s back stories, here’s hoping for a spin-off series in the future. This chapter offered a bundle of answers to long-awaited questions about Kyuubi and Naruto’s past, but some of the most important questions such as Madara’s true identity are still hidden from us. Kishi is still waiting for the perfect time to reveal the big secrets I guess, but the epicness of this flashback story arc more than makes up for having to wait furthermore.

Like last chapter, I thought the story telling was superbly done and the transition from fast action sequences to long dialogue scenes was handled very smoothly. There’s quite a lot of points I wanted to mention about the info revealed in this chapter, some obvious, some not so obvious; but first I guess I’ll start off by commenting on the awesome color pages we got this week. Shonoen Jump’s cover this week featured Naruto and a promo for the newest movie. I’ve found the quality of these movies, in terms of plot, to be lacking but since Minato does make his first appearance in animated form in this movie, I suggest everyone at least check it out when it becomes available in fan subs. The red haired girl also looks like a young Kushina, so we might be seeing both of Naruto’s parents in this latest film. The other colored pages was of course the 2-page spread to chapter 503. I bet a lot of people went “awwwwww” at that homely scene as the Uzumakis enjoy their breakfast. It’s a touching picture of what could have been if Minato lived on to be the Fourth and Kushina continued to be the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki (notice her hair). I also found it cute that in the picture it appears like Kushina was more the disciplinary figure in the family while Minato, despite being a Hokage, is more like a doting father who lets Naruto gets away with some of his rambunctiousness.

Once again, Minato demonstrated his absolute tactical combat genius in this chapter. If anyone still doubts the combat proficiency of the Fourth, I think his actions against Madara should speak for themselves. Even though he was initially taken by surprise against an unknown foe who had knowledge of his abilities and powers that trumped his own, Minato still manage to etch out some manoeuvring space for himself to stay just a short step ahead of Madara. Minato’s quick thinking and efficient use of what little info available to him of his enemy were what prevented the complete destruction of Konoha and Madara’s domination of the world those 15 years ago. In just one move, Minato was able to break Madara’s control over the Kyuubi but also injure him to the point where he is forced to retreat. To never give up and prevail even when disaster appears to be staring you in the face, that is what it takes to become a truly great Hokage — and like father like son, it’s the same path our Naruto has walked all his life despite not having his father around to guide him.

I’ll list my other observations in point form since they’re mostly short ones:

– some people might have missed this: on the first page where Minato has slammed his Rasengan into Madara’s body, notice that Minato carved his teleportation symbol into Madara’s skin. This is what allowed Minato to teleport in immediately on the next page and finish Madara off.
– notice that after Madara is injured, his left hand falls off as if it was dissolved off. We saw a similar inference to Madara’s body being abnormal when he fought against Danzo’s bodyguards and easily pinched off his infected arm.
– I’m glad Kishi didn’t forget about Iruka and showed what happened to his parents in the attack.
– the scene with young Kakashi, Guy, Kurenai, etc was interesting. Kurenai’s father makes an appearance making a speech to the young‘uns, but because he has not made an appearance in the Naruverse in the present time, I wonder if he was also amongst one of those who were killed during Kyuubi’s attack.
– Kushina was sure a tough girl in her final moments – using the last of her chakra to drag the Kyuubi back into herself so he is trapped when she dies in order to save Minato and their son. But notice how she says it’ll only prevent it from coming back… for a while. Is the Kyuubi so powerful that even death cannot keep it down forever?
– Minato also mentions that it is physically and conceptually impossible to seal away all of Kyuubi’s power and that is why he split into two parts: half permanently with himself through the Dead Demon seal and the rest into Naruto with the Eight Trigrams seal. Even though Minato says “permanently”, I have my doubts whether it is actually reversible because of what Kushina said earlier about sealing the Kyuubi through her own death. My guess and preference is for the half of the Kyuubi chakra Minato sealed with himself to be returned to Naruto in the future so he could command the full power of the fox in the final battle against Madara.
– Minato also says that only a non-Jinchuuriki like himself may use the Dead Demon seal; this effectively means Naruto may never perform this particular jutsu, I’m sure this will make some Naruto-Sasuke double suicide theorist very disappointed.
– Minato mentions that he wanted the Kyuubi contained at all cost in order to not upset the balance of the tailed beasts spread across the other villages. This statement alone is evidence just how much more powerful the Kyuubi is compared to the other Bijuu and why the identity of the Kyuubi’s host had to remain top secret in both Kushina’s and Naruto’s cases.
– I know it was a tense moment, but I thought Minato’s quick decision to perform the seals that will kill him and seal a monster into his son without even hearing his wife out or consulting with the Third (who was probably moments away from the scene) was a bit rash even for him. I was half expecting Kushina to go nuts on Minato, despite her condition, for suggesting that he seal a horribly evil demon into their newborn son and then killing himself so he’d grow up without any guidance or love from his parents; and all of it just based on the words of one man they encountered not even 24 hours ago.
That’s it for my ramblings for this week, boys and girls. Look forward to what I expect to be the conclusion of this flashback arc next week in chapter 504!


168 Responses

  1. Definately a great chpater. Interesting how with the theme of new generations surpassing previous, we really don’t have too many master strategists who can also fight in this genaration. Naruto shows some proficiency occasionally. But the only other battle stategist in the current generation anywhere near Minato and Madara would be Shikamaru and he’s not too great in battle. Also, it absolutely sucks about OneManga having too stop posting new stuff.

  2. first GREAT post,

    you pretty much got everything that had my attention

    Im just finally glad to be confirmed that the kyuubi’s power was officialy split into the seal like its said, since others had their doubts. Im suprised that minato said it was physicaly impossible to seal it all though, how did kushina get the whole fox in if even the death reaper couldnt?

    Another thing, i noticed the seal is on Tobi’s back, any chances that the seal is still there and that naruto might be able to exploit it?? hmm intresting 🙂

    Minato is a beast, kicked ass, and is a monster of a hokage.

    Another thing i wanted to get in, i knew killing kushina wouldnt have stopped tobi’s plans or the kyuubi, never just rashley kill things if you dont know wtf your doin.

  3. @ Bob Yeah, I am disappointed that Naruto probably won’t be using the Dead Demon Seal in the Sasuke fight, but hopefully, that ending will be more original and more awesome than I could theorize.

  4. I think that Tobi’s Teleportation is beter than FTG but Minato is (or at least was during this last confrontation) beter at fighting with his jutsu than Madara was. However Tobi probably copied his movements and learned from his mistake by now (present day) while Minato is dead so it doesn’t mean much. So I don’t think Naruto will be able to own Madara even if he learns FTG. Here are the differences I see: 1. Madara’s jutsu is unpredictable and requires no set-up: Minato’s is predictable and requires seals 2. Madara’s jutsu phases through attacks: Minato’s sends them elsewhere 3. Madara’s jutsu is sustainable: Minato’s is a one-way type thing.

    I think that Minato should have let the third seal the kyubbi or Kushina kill it but he isn’t the type to let others dye.

  5. one thing about the whole Minato deciding to seal the Kyuubi inside of Naruto in a split second, it could very well b because of just how beast the Kyuubi is, so that Minato would know Naruto would b safe, as anyone who tries fucking w/ him will likely get a pounding from the demon. and on the thing about the Kyuubi can’t b completely sealed away, it’s possible that maybe it can’t b completely sealed away in a newborn such as Naruto, but can b completely sealed inside of a young adult such as Kushina.
    also,i have to agree w/ smartass about disagreeing w/ kisu, lol
    @ naruto tutor, i kinda hope the manga does NOT end w/ Naruto dying, just b’cuz i don’t like it when a series ends in the main character dying (or, alternatively, becoming useless/powerless, as how Full Metal Alchemist ended)

  6. mart- i get that, but if that seal is still there and tobi isnt aware of it (just an if) it coulb be exploited if tobi wasnt prepared again for that seal movement again, its been 17 years now, so combine that with some moves from naruto’s arsenal, it could prove to be extremely fatal to tobi.

    I think minato made the right move, i mean you cant just let the kyuubi sit there while you go pounce away real quick leaving the demon to do what it wants while your dying wife and newborn son are sitting right there so that you can have a nice little chat with everyone and have some tea and fuk around.

    He had to act immedeitly, but i wish there was a seal he could have used without killing himself.

  7. i gotta be honest, i wasnt a fan of the 4th killing himself. especially since with the 3rd on his way it is entirely possible the 3rd would have done it himself so naruto could have had his father.

    i think thats the worst decision the 4th made was commiting the ultimate sacrifice to get rid of the kyubi.

    i also hope after learning all this naruto turns to others in the village to learn more about his past. now that he has all this knowledge he should be able to talk to various ninja in the village and learn more.

    thats all i got. time to go read the 2nd book in the inheritance line and go to bed.

    ::grumbles about 700 pages::

  8. @nemo prrime I hope that Naruto doesn’t die as well. It would disapoint me to learn that after pressing toward his goal of brcoming hokage someday he would just die while protecting theleaf and trying to save Sasuke. I hope it ends up like Naruto becomes hokage, gets married has kids, and has a long life full of adventures.

  9. there was NEVER going to be a double suicide. the whole point of the story is naruto becoming hokage and bring peace to the ninja world. as he has stated, how can you become hokage if you can save a friend.

    i am not wise enough to fill in the gaps, but naruto will save saskue (after an epic battle and the present itachi left him will play a huge part in that), beat madara, and at some point become hokage.

    getting there will be the fun part.

  10. sorry, can’t save a friend.

  11. kushina is like chi-chi from dbz

  12. o my effin god onemanga is going to end!! i cant believethis that was my favorite site. what will i turn to now when i wanna do a little flashback(using flashback because i dont kno how to spell the R word) i cant use mangastream!!

  13. Onemanga is ending?! that is some bull. It is one of the few manga sites that has all the Naruto Chapters from the very beginning. It was a good source of information for our Naruto debates. The world is changing to quickly. 😦

  14. This chapter was really great. I believe we seen a young Asuma Sarutobi in this chapter telling Kurenai to calm down. So far we haven’t seen no Uchiha clan memeber helping nor did I see a Hyuga clan member.

    If the Uchiha clan can copy everything they see, why was it so hard for Madara to beat the 1st, especially when they fought more than one timel. Minato just might have been the best Hokage ever.

  15. I think we are being mislead by Kishi here.. my thought is that, Minato already planned this one with Jiraiya all along or somewhere in between since they are both under the sage and have seen the future… That is why Minato trusts his sensei to much… They have planned for the “revolution’s” and with the hadbringer of destruction” ending.. Just a thought..

    I’ll wait for this theory to unfold.

  16. Dead demon seal Died with the third.

    Also, with a name like Uzumaki you think it would scream Jinchuriki.

    Has anyone made the case for Jariaya coming from the Uzumaki clan? He was able to seal amaratsu.

  17. i think what minato did was the best thing to do because if he let kushina and kyuubi die together, the kyuubi will come back as a natural disaster without a jinchuuriki and no one can stop it except madara who will use it for bad things and that will be the end right??

  18. oh and if half of the kyuubi was sealed and eaten by the demon god, does that mean the juubi can’t be revived?? poor madara doesn’t know this, haha.

  19. am i the only person who thinks that if naruto learns FTG he’ll be ridiculously over powered? personally if he learns a few seals, controls the fox like bee, and finds out how to gather nature chakra faster then he’ll be great, hell he’s already at kage level, and you want him to get FTG too, at that point he’ll be way too powerful and the manga will be so stupid at that point. between his billions of kage bushins, his sage mode, and all those damn rasengans, oooo not to forget the 9tails… yea i think he’s strong enough. I think he needs to focus more on becoming smarter and analyzing the situation more, than the FTG. Also idk i thought i read this somewhere… maybe i didnt i dont really remember, but didnt kishi and that last everything you need to know about naruto book he wrote, didnt he say that Madara was Tobi? also not even a page later he put in the moon eye plan that Madara was trying to achieve? I’m pretty sure he wrote that in that book… I guess what im trying to say is why dont for the mean time everyone shut that tobi=obito=madara crap theories alone. until kishi puts otherwise that Tobi isnt Madara.

  20. @ Rinnegan invasion

    I think that the kid standing behind Kakashi, is a Hyuga. Just my guess.


  21. I actually think he needs to learn the FTG, not only because it would be a great sign of respect to his father but a remembrance from where he came from and all those techniques we’ve seen Minato use! He also needs to master all the Uzumaki clans sealing techniques and have complete control over the Fox! I think he would be fine without all the Shadow Clones, let that technique be used for reconnaissance only, let him use a few in battle like two or three but no more than that!

    I agree he needs to become smarter and analyzing, as well as finally learning some wind element techniques and maybe fire or water, I’m hoping for both! I would like him to use the shadow clone shuriken technique but with giant shuriken, that would awesome! He doesn’t need a sword like Sasuke, because he doesn’t look like that type of fighter, just the special Kunai Minato had! All that along with Sage mode, he would be unstoppable and I really don’t think he needs those techniques Kushina used but if he must by all means give it to him!

  22. Okay, I have a question ( I know suprising right) We see that Minato decided to seal away the Kyuubi himself with DDS but wouldn’t he have to do it anyway? Even if he went with Kushina’s plan the fox would have still comeback and he would have to fight it again and Kushina is the only one who can bind a tailed beast in Konoha and she would be dead so he would still have to use DDS because the Kyuubi is too strong to seal it’s entire power so he would still have to split it’s power and seal it away and that’s the only technique that can split it’s power right?

    Whew I know thats a lot of jibberish but I hope you get what I’m saying anyone!

    Kushina was going to die anyway so he used this opportunity to seal the rest of her chakra inside Naruto along with the Kyuubi and preparing for the future. Either way it went he was going to have to sacrifice himself it was just a matter of , now or when the Kyuubi returned which would give Madara another chance to take control of it! He took care of the Kyuubi so Madara couldn’t get it gave Kushina a chance to see her son again and gave Naruto the power to face Madara in the future and save the world. So either way Minato was going to have to die stopping the Kyuubi!

  23. I also want to know if the Kyuubi’s power has to be sealed then how did they seal the entire thing into Kushina, is it because of her chakra?

  24. the Kyubi not dying permanently kinda kills you guys’ main argument about not killing Kushina, the one that Konoha needs the Kyubi. If it will reform, then he could just have killed Kushina so they’d be in a better position to capture the Kyubi once it showed up due to all the preparation they would have done. To add, the Kyubi isn’t released instantly, if it was, then it would have let Naruto die years ago, and Pain would have just killed him then subdue the Kyubi.

    I get that your Minato fanboys, but come on, admit it, he should have killed her. I admitted he was strong and I never once called him weak or stupid, only that he should have made the wise decision and killed Kushina. And IF Tobi was fast enough to kill infant Naruto after Minato killed Kushina, then big deal! If he really wants a kid there are dozens of other women in Konoha that would wanna see if the Yellowflash is quick where it counts ;)1

  25. @yellowflash2
    I agree with you completely on what Minato did, do it now and give his son a power boost and allow Kushina to tell him the truth later on, or later and risk facing Tobi again and compete for the Kyuubi, I think he chose the best option. Well, about Kushina, the Kyuubi is never really contained, I guess, since in Naruto’s case the Kyuubi’s chakra is always mixing with his own, so its not like it is completely sealed, Kushina’s special chakra probably helped limit the influence, but the influence was probably still there nonetheless.

  26. @john, i agree

  27. minato=GOKU
    kushina=CHI CHI
    where’s GOTEN???

    i know this is not important but did anyone notice the fight scene between minato/bunta vs kyubi is different here than in the first chapters of the manga/anime?

  28. @bringerofkaos
    Hey man wake up. Dead demon seal need power and huge store of chakra to be done properly. Remember Third wasn´t able to sealed Oro then how he can seal kyubi. He is just too old for this stuff.
    I, also agree that what Minato did was the smartest option due to reasons, which are in previous posts. Also that time Fourth was in the best shape he could ever had what if fox came after 50 or more years. Fourth will be old and maybe he won´t be able to handle fox anymore like he did.
    That´s why i totally agree with Fourth decission he give chance to his son become more powerfull ninja than him or kushina by sealing inside him fox. That was weapon, which he gave him in order to destroy the greatest threat which is Tobi.

  29. Great ch. MInato is a beast…. oh btw this site has almost every naruto episode too http://www.narutocentral.com/ so u can still get ur flashbacks onn…lol

  30. alas, Minato was killed by the emo no jutsu! like nagato, another one has been driven to suicide by Jiriyas ramblings about a destined child.

  31. @ madara uchiha wouldn’t Minato be Granpa Gohen and Naruto be Goku? That would make it Sasuke Vegeta….LOL
    iruka can be Mister POPO LMAO!!!

  32. @tobi=obito/shishui theorists: this chapter proved u both wrong. The masked man is minato’s size, which neither itachi nor kakashi are. Therefore, the masked man can not be either obito or shishui.
    @bob: good to know you agree. I still believe the benefit of letting kushina reseal the kyuubi was immense:
    1. Time and research on how to effectively deal with it.
    2. Minato would still be kage during important times in Konoha history e.g. The uchiha massacre, Oro’s invasion, etc. Which wud have been better than an old Hiruzen.
    3. Minato could have trained Naruto and those good old geniuses of uchiha boys (who’s sharingan can control the kyuubi mind you ) for the upcoming battle.
    4. Forewarned is forearmed.
    The list of advantages is endless.

    I still don’t understand the whole splitting up the bijuu thing however. So does that mean that the hachibi could last longer in a battle than the current kyuubi (whose chakra would run out quicker) but is not as powerful? But then again the amount of chakra u can dedicate to a jutsu will determine its strength. Or is the kyuubi just that strong, e.g. The summation of all the tailed beasts? Hmm? However the fact that half of it is inaccessible wud imply that the moons eye plan can’t happen, as the kyuubi can’t be fully revived.

  33. Kisu…. At that point in time he didn’t know Masked Guy used Space/Time ninjutsu if you are talking about the beginning of the flashback, he didn’t know the guy would tele-port her far away where he had already planned to extract the Kyuubi! If masked guy didn’t have those abilities he could have saved them both with FTG! He then would have no reason to kill her, after bringing them to safety and sealing the Kyuubi he could have went back and fought him with out the Kyuubi being freed!
    Also you keep saying they would have time to prepare, we don’t know exactly how long it would be before the Kyuubi breaks free, it could be hours or days but it still wouldn’t matter because Minato would still have to seal it away using DDS because no one else has Kushinas special chakra to whole the entire Kyuubi inside them, he would still need to seperate it and seal it into another ninja which would kill him anyway.

    LOL, I have to admit that was funny about the Minato thing but then we wouldn’t be here discussing this because Naruto wouldn’t be alive! You know if we weren’t Shannaro rivals we could be friends! LOL ( Well, maybe not LOL)

    Also Pein didn’t beat Naruto to death and the Kyuubi had to save him, Naruto allowed the Kyuubi to take over out of anger, and we still don’t know if the Pein would have won if Naruto didn’t transform because Naruto still kicked his ass without the Kyuubi.

  34. @ Madzikage…. I agree if the Kyuubi needs to be split in order to be sealed then how come Kushina can hold the entire thing in…… I’m guessing it’s because of her chakra, do you agree?

    @takashid, I agree, Jiraiya could be a terrorists like Bin Laden or Hitler, because he is putting this crap in his students minds and they in up doing crazy stuff:

    Pein killed countless ninja and destroyed the Leaf village in the name of peace.

    Minato killed himself and sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto because of this peace!

    What the hell is Naruto going to do? I guess kill himself too!LOL

  35. we all should bow are heads rite now. we have lost an important and special site. lets pray and give our respects to onemanga and hope it makes it to manga heaven. R.I.P Onemanga.com 😦

  36. @yellowflash: gee, you actually agree with something I said! I knew I saw a pig fly this morning! I don’t really understand that statement at all I think its Kishi trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense. As much as people think that Kishi has planned this whole manga out since the beginning they are wrong, and I think this is an example of tryin to plug up holes from the past. Bcoz honestly, why wud he make the kyuubi accessible to Naruto when the previous jinjuuriki were just portable jail cells? Doesn’t make sense.
    @yellowflash again: I knew I couldn’t agree with u all the way lol. I think its reasonable to assume that the period between ‘death’ and bijuu revival is substantial enough for kushina to have even recommended that option. If it wasn’t a number of years I doubt she’d have made that recommendation.
    I’ll say it one more time… Itachi couldn’t have been trained to control the kyuubi with his sharingan. Naruto as a worst case scenario jinjuuriki. And just think how kickass Naruto would have been under minato’s guidance (better than just spamming rasengan and kage buushin I can tell u that) 😉

  37. @naruto tutor

    why would you like naruto to do the shiki fuujin or dead demon seal? Do you want the main character of this story to die in the end? That jutsu spells death. Havent you thought about that? Tsk tsk tsk.…

  38. I’ll repeat my comment for the third and final time. This time will someone please read it before commenting?

    Kisu says: “The Kyubi obviously wont be resurrected in a short amount of time. IF that’s the case, the Kyubi would simply allow Naruto to die so he can be reborn, the sheer fact he hasn’t done that means its a LARGE time span.”

    @Yellowflash, yeah I know, I have a dirty sense of humor :D. Besides, I consider everyone on Shannaro!!! as friends, otherwise I wouldnt talk to you guys :P. You’re saying Minato couldnt have known about Mask dude’s powers, but I, the reader, didn’t know what was gonna happen either. So Minato and I were in the same position, except I, being as emotionally detached as possible, would have killed Kushina. Hey, if Albert Einstein could say he screwed up, why cant Minato’s fanboys/girs admit he screwed up too? 😉

    Anyhoo, in my comment you were replying to, I said, and I quote:

    “To add, the Kyubi isn’t released instantly, if it was, then it would have let Naruto die years ago, and Pain would have just killed him then subdue the Kyubi.”

    Let me explain. If the Kyubi would be revived in days, or weeks, or months, or 16 years, he would have just let Naruto die, plain and simple. If the Kyubi wopuld be revived quickly, then Pain could have just killed Naruto then subdue the Kyubi immediately as it reformed, but since this isn’t the case, we can safely gather that it takes a LOOONG time for the Kyubi to reform after its Jinchuriki has been killed.

    Now to back up Jinchuriki dies = Biju dies. We know Minato says the Kyubi is so powerful that it cant be completely sealed, which means the Kyubi and the Juubi are the exception to kill the Jnchuriki, kill the Biju, but it applies for all the other Jinchuriki. But the Juubi is so powerful that it can be released immediately after its Jinchuriki dies, while the Kyubi needs to wait for a relatively long period of time. So as Madzi said, killing Kushina would be smart as Konoha would have years to prepare for the Kyubi’s return, and considering that each generation is stronger, they’d be in a better place to capture it.

    @Kishi planning all of this, no author can plan out an entire story and predict all that’s gonna happen because there will always be external (Real World) factors affecting the story. While he may have had the beginning and end planned out, the whole journey getting there is mostly just improvisation, just ask Akira Toriyama lol (DBZ was supposed to end with Frieza! haha)

  39. Also @Yellow, idk, but in Japan I think suicide is honorable or some such thing (or maybe I’m still living in the Feudal days?). I’m not expecting a happy ending for Naruto any way, this IS a story about NINJAS after all.

    P.s, @ANYONE THAT HAS NEVER WATCHED DEATH NOTE, I strongly suggest watching it. Its probably THE best anime in a long while. If you aren’t crying midway into this series, then you ARENT HUMAN. You know, just something to do til the next Naruto chapter comes out.


  40. Im thinking what Bob picked up on and probably many others! that the kyubi cannot be killed! i think this means that somehow Naruto may be able to gain the FULL power of the kyubi at some point down the line me thinks! just a thought! but though now to augment the powers of the kyubi naruto can balance it with the sage to make a hybrid form!

  41. oh bob said that already lol! i get eager to spread my thoughts! 😛

  42. im confused, what are the chains on madara, there are cuffs and a chain connected to it??

  43. @yellow flash + @madz i think its also down to the eddi clans amazing sealing abilities!

  44. I don’t know if this has already been said, but OneManga is closing down for those who visit them for your manga info. Their forum will still run, but not the site. Sorry for the sad news.

  45. I think Kushina managed to hold the entirety of the kyuubi’s chakra because of her own chakra and her sealing techniques. her village had the best sealing techniques in naruverse.

    Minato meanwhile cannot seal the entire kyuubi into naruto because Naruto was still a baby and he didn’t know how much inborn chakra Naruto has. Even he himself don’t have as vast loadful of chakra like his wife. coz i suppose to seal the kyuubi he himself will need loads of chakra and energy.

    So the next best move was to cut kyuubi in half.

    what do you think?

  46. @lordercan
    The 3rd was unable to fully seal oro away because he was stabbed through the chest with oro’s snake sword. Otherwise he wouldn’t have had a problem. And this is 16 years ago when im sure the 3rd’s power was greater

  47. @ Kisu

    Likw I said in my comment on Chapter 503 is out. I kind of agree with you that Kushina should have died now that we know that lil tidbit bout Kyubi coming back but I have a big problem with something you imply to people.

    “And IF Tobi was fast enough to kill infant Naruto after Minato killed Kushina, then big deal! If he really wants a kid there are dozens of other women in Konoha that would wanna see if the Yellowflash is quick where it counts 😉 1”

    killing a kid is not a big deal? What the hell is wrong with you? What world do you live in? Kill a baby. WOW i can’t believe some people. No matter if it is real life or fiction killing a kid is unacceptable and you commenting that lets me know you have no morals on life do you.

    There are dozens of women wanna see him quick where it counts. Wow again.

    That is my only problem with that. So I say the first thing like I said before him saving Naruto instead of killing Kushina I disagree with you there. Yeah it may have been a mistake but most real men would save there child’s life. similar to how Itachi let Sasuke live. a man’s 1st blood’s life in more important than a anything else. Look throughout history (yes I know this is fiction, does not matte fiction is based of real life history, ideas, and beliefs. However when she suggested taking in kyubi and let herself die is what he should have done and come up with a plan to stop Tobi and Kyubi later.

  48. well, there was a lot of comments between the last time i posted and now. but one thing i wanted to point out to kisu: “if Albert Einstein could say he screwed up”, if i’m not mistaken, he said that in reference to his theory of either dark matter or dark energy (i think the latter, but now i can’t remember 😦 ) which, after his death, was proven to exist. so Einstein was wrong when he said he was wrong, so by your request, u want Minato fans to say something to this effect: “Minato’s little trap last chapter [where he got to hit Tobi w/ a Rasengan and place a seal on him in one move] was a horrible idea that could never work”, lol. now i know he (Einstein) also admited he was wrong about his belief that the universe was eternal, but that belief was never grounded in scientific evidence but belief and guessing, and Al only believed it because an eternal universe would disprove religion once-and-for-all (Al was a strict atheist), while a finite universe leaves room for religous crazies to speak their minds

  49. @Nemo, I left out that tidbit becuz it made my point stronger, it doesnt help that he was proven right later. I just want Minato fans to admit that killing Kushina was the best decision and he screwed up on that 😛

    @ryu, come on, a baby naruto really had no value to the village, so in that sense, the Jinchuriki was more important. Baby Naruto also had no sense of self so it isnt like killing full-grown person

  50. Also @ryu, look in history as well, when the heir dies, the guy just produces another heir. Considering he’s Konoha’s Yellowflash, Hokage and apparently smexy, what girl would refuse him?

  51. @ kisu, “I left out that tidbit becuz it made my point stronger”, that’s called dishonesty. and on Minato killing Kushina, well, that would’ve solved a lot of problems, but don’t forget the ninjas in the Naruverse r crappy at being ninjas and almost none of them would think the way u do (Tobi, Danzo, Hanzo, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Zabuza, and Oro/Kabuto r the ones who probably would). it’s impossible to b both a truely good person and a truely good ninja, as u must have emotions and love and all that stuff to b a good person, and have none of that stuff to b a good ninja. so, Minato did what he did because he’s a good person, not a good ninja. basically what i’m saying is that you’re not taking into account human emotions (which most, if not all characters have, yes even the ppl whom i listed above), basically meaning that while your reasoning is logical, it’s impractical and unrealistic

  52. Yeah when the heir dies of other cause not the father’s saving or killing his wife for the greater good over the child. the Fox may have been important but as I said no real man be it fiction or real life will not let his child die over something else because it is more important, No Real Man or Woman, you will find out I hope. every child my not no everything going on but a bady does know sense of self. Also I can go on about this all day but I will say this look though books, mangas, movies, cartoons, anime and tell me what you see more. A man sacrficing his family for the great good of his village, town, or city or save his family and find a way to win even if they died. I said Minato may have made a mistake but this is this man’s blood. his first born. He did more of the instinctive thing. a REAL parent will not let their child die if they can stop it. Ask you own parents or guardians that. I am not saying you are an idiot, or stupid. I actually like most of your comment because they do hold a lot of merit even if it is opposite of my. but you need to remember somethings like that saying does hit people on a personal level. I dont take Naruto at all serious. iot is a manga but implying a baby is not important at just let him or her die to save or to kill damned beast.

  53. @Nemo, nope, its called withholding information, there’s a difference lol. Well at least YOU get what I’m saying. There’s no doubt that a lot of these characters are good people (well except for the assassination missions they go on, and the fact that ruining other people’s lives is what supports them financially), but they suck as ninjas.

    @ryu, think how many other babies would die and not even get the chance to be born if the Kyubi was allowed to be captured. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, you cant save 100% of the people 100% of the time. Imagine the Kyubi as Orochimaru now (in that 2 Hokages allowed both of them to live), only he infinitely stronger than Orochimaru and far more dangerous, and as we’ve seen, Orochimaru’s kill count is WAAAAAAAAAY high (and the blame for all those deaths can be thrown Hiruzen’s direction).

  54. like I said you do have valid points but just please watch how you imply things. I know it was a joke but somethings just not fun man. Yeah sacrifices do have to be made sometimes however a parent will not sacrifices their child at the spur of the moment. It has to be a thought out plan. That is what made Tobi’s plan work so well. If he took Naruto hostage later on and tried to use him as leverage to get Kushina. Then it is more logical for Minato to let Naruto die but right when he is born. There is no way Minato is thinking straight. his emotions are too high even for a Kage (Think of Raikage’s temper tamp-toms) . not only was his son born,but is hostage, he has a foe he knows nothing about, his wife is could possibly die as the fox is trying to free itself. That is a lot to deal with during ones child’s birth. But now he has time to think and Kushina told him to let her die with Kyubi That is when he should have listen to her. But he went and over thought the situation. Yeah it has logic too but letting Kushina dies and live his life with his son. and plan a better way to handle this was a good idea too. not only would that slow down the plan for tobi but would also have given everyone in the village as well as worldwide knowlegde of Tobi and his plans.

    “but what about the other villages attacking Konoha without Kyubi?) some might ask. People have to remember Konoha was invaded in the past as well as won wars without the help of the Kyubi so that agruement many say would put Konoha is a bad position if Kyubi was dead or disappeared for sometime had no real merit as Konoha has shown it’s strength without the nine tails many times.

  55. @ryu, hmm, perhaps Death Note has gotten to me. You should try watching it (it isnt gory like a lot of the animes these days)

  56. @ kisu, if you quoted Einstein when u made the earlier statement, then it would’ve been called “quote-mining”, which is pretty much a form of lying (and 80% of a religous apologetic’s dialogue). the main difference is that u didn’t quote him, but described a quote. but yeah, these guys r crappy ninjas, y, because they have emotions, and as such would NEVER do the things u suggest. even ANBU show that they still have trace amounts of emotion: Itachi, spared his brother out of love; Zabuza, grew a fatherly attachment to Haku; Kakashi, quit the ANBU cuz he disliked the “no emotion” requirement; Sai, oppressed emotions doesn’t = no emotions; etc

  57. @Nemo, ha! Anbu only have emotions when they take their masks off. Think about all the other anbu that just throw their lives away (one even literally did it when he threw himself into the Sound Four’s barrier, *sigh those wacky Anbu)

  58. Okay okay, I liked this chapter (even though my internet crashed, I wasn’t able to finish it, and I didn’t/don’t have the coordination *>_><_<* to finish the last 6 pages) and I was impressed by it.

    I know we all know how this plays out, and this part may be a little stupid but…I hope Minato lives :P:P:P

    Minato…Forever X-X-X-X-X

  59. @kusi

    hey I watched death note and loved it. but it was a short manga and anime so it took a backseat to on going mangas and anime like naruto, bleach and now fairy tail.

  60. why is it that minato doesn’t appear to have a team since becoming hokage? I mean the 1st, second and third all had teams when they were kages? Tsunade I understand she wasn’t in the village and just assumed the seat and you really can’t expect a drunk to do too much… Just one thing at a time, so its either she’s doing admin or leading a squad and we know what she chose. But what about minato? Lazy prick! Lol 😉

  61. come to think of it, I have another issue… What the hell was the kage i.e. Tobirama doing out on a random mission with his team? Doesn’t that leave the village uber vulnerable? We saw with suna and Konoha after Oro’s attack, how much of an issue it is for a village not to have a kage present. Hmm?

  62. ah I just came up with my own answer, perhaps you are only obligated to train one squad to jounin level then u can do as you please. Minato… You’re cool again 🙂

  63. i loved this chapter
    but the first two and last pages really got me
    naruto’s fate’s favored whipping boy isn’t he
    poor kid……

    but this chapter was a boat load of information that we have been waiting on.

    – against most theories when a Jinchuuriki dies the biju can reappear after a short amount of time. that’s probably why the keep killing the host and resealing them to distibute the power amoung the nations.

    – of minato’s final words he mentions that kushina helped him to become hokage. so just how powerful were these two

    – and lastly we see that the third was one that knew of naruto’s parents for a while now but as too why he only gave naruto his mother’s name. the way i see it if the uzumaki’s were widely known and your trying to hide a Jinchuuriki host why not give him his father’s name or a made up one. since he would be better protected if the leaf nins knew he was the fourths son.
    so…why did the third do that?
    maybe someone needed to check his pipe to see what he was smoking cause i don’t think it was tabacoo

  64. My idea for what Minato meant about the Kyuubi:

    He could use the DDCS to seal the Kyuubi permanently, except that given his chakra levels he was unable to do so. This would be a better scenerio compared to what Kushina would do, which would eventually lead to the Kyuubi coming back. This is an undesirable option because who knows when or where the kyuubi would come back. This would make it hard for Konoha to get the tailed beast first.

    I don’t know why Minato decided to seal half of the kyuubi away, when he was then able to seal the other half in Naruto, and why he didn’t seal the entire kyuubi in Naruto. Perhaps it was because the whole kyuubi would be too much for a non-pure blood Uzumaki to handle.

    As to Tobito theories, who knows how tall Obito would have been, I agree that he seems too tall, but if Obito had his arms replaced, who is to say he wouldn’t replace his legs too…

  65. @ Madzikage, It would have been cool to see Minato train Naruto, Naruto would have been smarter and his analytical skills would have no doubt been better and your right he probable would have had a wider range of jutsu! Just thinking about it make me mad, even though I truly think what he did was the right thing it make me angry and the opportunity this could have been for Naruto.

    @ Kisu… I think of you as a friend too, really, I was just jokinglol. Okay, I understand with what you are saying, I just still believe that killing Kushina wasn’t the right thing to do. You also say that you didn’t know what was going to happen as the reader, but we all knew this guy used space/time ninjutsu which Kakashi pointed out a long time ago and we saw him use it after he killed the anbu agents outside the delivery place. So we knew but Minato didn’t know, he was just waiting for the chance to use FTG not knowing this guy was this skilled but the Masked guy was smart enough to use Naruto as his advantage with little time to save him forcing Minato to acted without thinking.

  66. With this new info a new fanfic of SH2 will arrive soon. not by me. I am only half way on mine to even think of ideas (yeah right)for one showing Minato live, raise and train Naruto, see how he handle the Uchihas. If he master the rasengan and many other important events that has made Naruto the manga it is today. (Thats for youYellowflash2 the best Minato Fanfic writer I have see so far.) I remenber your fanfic and how it closely resembles many parts of this story. Not kissing ass at all. But you are the best person for the job in my book if one is made.

  67. @Ryu…. Thanks, I was thinking the same thing and thanks for the complement maybe I will do it, I want to wait till the full story is told before I start a new fanfic but it does seem like a great idea and since i know more about Minato and his personality and his fighting style and techniques it should be great. Thanks to you, I have dozens of ideas already, can’t wait to read your new fanfic as well!

  68. If this chapter proved anything, it is that it takes more than a normal sharingan to control the Kyuubi, it was not necessarily the Sharingan that controlled the Kyuubi, but a combination of a contract on Tobi’s arm and the Sharingan’s influence, I suspect the contract is more important as we saw what happened when Minato Sealed the contract with his own jutsu, so the possesion of a sharingan, even by an Uchiha, doesn’t equate Kyuubi control. As we saw in Tobi went though an elaborate blood contract to take control of the Kyuubi and release it from Kushina.


    and here it confirms that Minato disrupted the contract that was in control of the Kyuubi, so the Sharingan doesn’t equal Kyuubi dominance.


  69. @John…Where is the seal on Tobi’s arm because the first link only show the seal on Kushinas stomach.

  70. I also wondered, why isn’t Kakashi allowed to help, I know he is young but he is a jonin already isn’t he, so he shold be able to fight.

  71. @yellowflash: plotholes. I really think Kishi forgot that part, because kakashi was a jounin since the war when obito died so the should be fighting as a quasi-seasoned shinobi.
    @ripcord: this Tobito stuff is nonsense. I mean if there was any Tobi influence minato would have picked up on it pretty quickly (by fighting his student).
    @john: for minato to be able to seal masked man’s ability to influence the kyuubi means he figured out how the system works… Hmm that’s more intel he took to his grave… Zero out of ten behaviour right there Mr. Yondaime.

    Finally, can someone posit a reason why Tobirama was out of Konoha on a random mission when he got killed. I mean even at wartime the leader can’t just willy-nilly leave their village.

  72. That is the thing Madz we do not know for sure if it was a random mission. I think it was an important one because of who was with him on this mission. you have Sabutori, Danzo, a mean looking Uchiha by the name of Kagami, the two elders and a Akimichi named Torifu. That does not look like a team to be on a random mission with the 2nd Hokage, and two are rivals for the spot for Hokage. So i think it was an important mission. Why would the Hokage be on a mission with Konohas young, best and strongest shinobis at that time. (mostly talking about
    Sabutobi and Danzo. The others no Idea on their history or fighting styles) Plus we are talking about a Hokage that died during this mission. A Hokage that we now know was one of the most diverse ninjutsu Hokages under Sabutobi. So it most have been a mission that only the strongest ninjas of Konoha could even attempt to complete. plus something as bother me about that chpater and how Sabutobi looked earlier. when he trained the Sanins he looked to be much older and in this chapter he looks way younger. Yeah it was talked about before. but still.

  73. also @ Yellowflash2 you welcome.

  74. @madzikage

    I’m not saying it is just Tobi, it could be Madara’s spirit in Tobi’s body… but we shall see.

    Thinking about these last few chapters:
    now the door is open to Naruto learning FTG. I always wondered why Kakashi didn’t give Naruto a FTG kunai before “here’s something from your dad” but that’s because we had to really see it in action before Naruto attempts to use it. I don’t know if he will learn it, but I would bet the mark on Tobi is still there.

    As to Tobirama being out of the village, it could be that they were fighting a tailed beast from another village, so the Hokage was necessary. I guess you could argue that the 1st Hokage’s wife should have gone to fight, but this is my best guess at the moment.

  75. @ripcord, but that doesnt explain why 20 Kumgakure ninja were after them…..Kishi’s got some splaining to doooo

  76. true true. I think Kishi is rushing too much that he is leave some small plothole as well as big one and unexplained but when combined together throws the manga off a lot.

  77. @ryu: I think your answer makes the most sense. I mean, this manga has shown that a kage leaving their village is a big deal, let alone their country. But something was so important that Tobirama actually left the land of fire to pursue (i assume it was outside of the land of fire because it doesn’t make sense that at least 5 ANBU weren’t anywhere near the area… Those guys pop out of nowhere 😉 hihi). Nothing in Naruto canon seems that important for the circumstances behind Tobirama’s death to make sense.

  78. I think the panel before the shinigami (they look a lot better in bleach 😉 lol) appears with Hiruzen is that he has arrived at the scene of the sealing a tad too late. But what interesting is this next chapter is gonna depict minato saying to Hiruzen that he wants Naruto to be considered the hero of Konoha blah blah blah… Before he dies. I am quite interested to find out how Hiruzen f*cks everything up:
    1. Hides Naruto’s ‘aristocratic’ heritage, but retains his name (the obvious link)
    2. Makes everyone know Naruto is the jinjuuriki so they can hate him (note, all this is going down far from the village so no one should even know Naruto is the jinjuuriki).
    3. Why he just left him arbitrarily in the village’s hands to grow up instead of raising him and training him himself-that seems like a logical thing to do.

    Mind you, Hiruzen is renowned for making very poor judgement calls, so Kishi may just cop out and explain it away as ‘that’s Hiruzen for you’ or who knows he may take a stab at immense creativity and pull enough shit out of his arse to make this all make sense.
    Personally, the battle wasn’t as important for me in flashback as these upcoming events are.

  79. @madzi @kisu Thats One of the reasons why i believe, tobirama has something to do with Tobi/ madara( like tobirama was already under the control of madara when he took that misson). why would he leave his village unprotected, by taking the best ninjas of that time on a mission …. There’s a reason why kishi hasnt explained the second’s story as well as he explained sarutobi’s , hashirama’s and minato’s stories.. there’s something hidden.

  80. give kishi some credit its hard to keep everything nicely knit together! and to be honest its nice to have some holes because just like now your all wondering why! and thats probably some of his reasoning is to keep you wondering! he cant keep everyone happy! im sure he will fill them in due course.

  81. Someone know where I can watch the anime 169

  82. Try animeready.com, it should be there, thats where I watched it.

  83. Thanks buddy but this adress also doesnt work anymore.
    Video has been removed

  84. I don’t think that there is a method for disrupting tobis seal other then just beating the shit out of him so that it disrupts his concentration. I would assume he needs to be focused the whole time because of a chakra mass that huge it probably overwhelms the user in seconds. I also think that minato meant the DDS can’t contain the whole thing don’t forget the reaper is just a jutsu and probably not the real thing. I think regular jinchuriki seals do contain the whole bijuu because they have significantly less chakra than kyuubi but kyuubi probably gets its chakra restored upon being release.
    Anyone think kabuto’s last coffin could have been minato? He is the only shinobi known to know all tobi’s secrets and I’m sure dead minato would be more than a match for tobi seeing as he has nobody to protect

  85. @Mattmaru, sorry, but there’s no explaining away Itachi’s age

    @Eaglesfan, yeah but Minato was consumed by the Reaper.

  86. http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-503/13/
    New translation. I was right, the Kyubi WILL die, but according to mangastream’s, it’ll return.

  87. hey you can try eastanime.com

  88. @kisu. When u put something off u generally do it later lol. Like if I put off doing my paperwork I do it later not right now. So no it WONT die as she is holding off the resurrection

  89. And kisu as I figure ur not too bright with the English language here’s the def. :-p

  90. Just letting those who don’t know you can watch about every anime on anime crazy.com naruto usually has a new episode every Thursday bleach has one every Tuesday

  91. Your wrong kisu, she says her dying will put off his ressurection. Give it up, killing the host won’t kill kuybi

  92. @kisuzachi
    I don´t know is that site is a trusted in translation at page 16 the kyuubi will live again. so they give a double messeage in that translation,

  93. Maybe when she said put of she means that it will delay it for a while

  94. ooops all of you allready said that … my bad

  95. anyone know the name of J’s onepiece site?

  96. @smartass i think Js site is mellorine

  97. @Kisu-

    Yea see your wrong again, it just says put it off, its the same thing as delay. That translation is sloppy anyway.

    And her seal was weak, there is no measure to when the Kyuubi would be revived, it COULD be years, or it could be days, the kyuubi has suprised countless times before, its to eratic of a creature to put any definitive limit on without sounding arrogant. You dont know at all, your basing your logic on pretty much just air. Admit it, killing kushina would have done no good for anyone, yea the kyuubi would be gone again, but then its reapeared somewhere else possibly far out of reach of the land of fire killing thousands others….and who’s fault would that be? oh right the moron who decided that killing his wife and sacrificing his child would be a good idea, wrong. So THIS time you have a rampant demon fox doing god knows what, you missed your chance to seal it and make sure that this mysterious ninja who’s obviously dangerous and wants the kyuubi, from obtaining it before your village can. And your not any closer to defeating tobi..

  98. @hugya-

    hmm doesnt work :\

  99. and i dont think kushina’s version of suicide would have worked out well either.

    Here’s my reasons why

    1.Again the kyuubi is just going to resurect somewhere else and fuck shit up there, That doesnt help because that gives tobi another opening to control it, definitly not good since you dont know when or where it could reapear.

    2. She may not have actually been able to pull the fox in, she is extreemely weak at the moment, and could have just ended up killing herself and leaving the kyuubi rampage.

    3. She wouldnt have been able to get the chance to do whats she’s doing know, giving naruto info on what happened and helped him master control of the kyuubi, thats pretty fucking important if you ask me.

    With the minato thing again, i do wish however that he would have used a different seal to place the kyuubi in naruto, but i guess since he’s low on chakra fighting it and tobi, he didnt have any other choice.

  100. @smartass I couldn’t have said it better myself. From what we are finding out Its quite possible that minato has been making good decisions and the killing kushina part makes too much sense for kisu or mad to argue lol. If it turned out her death by minatos hands they would have said he’s a moron for killing his wife and letting his son die lol. Sides as far as we can see minato had managed to do his job as hokage protected the village and even madara admits that minato is a true warrior and very deserving of being konohas kage.

  101. @token-

    Exactly, im pretty sure they just want to hate on minato either way it goes haha.

    Seriously minato beasted the hell out of this, he just schooled Tobi, something everyone else has been trying their ass’s off to do, and yet minato does it without even having any prior knowledge of the guy in one fuking move just ends it there, its astounding that people are ignoring that. Because i for one think its one hellva accomplishment to deal with both Tobi, and The Kyuubi, and still manage to find a way to spoil tobi’s plans again in the future by giving his son the power of kyuubi and take away half the kyuubi’s power possibly ruining the moons eye plan (if thats even tobis true intentions).

    This man is by far one of the most impressive shinobi iv seen in the manga, i just feel that people should respect that fact.

  102. Oh and another thing kisu, i have my doubts on that its just the kyuubi and Juubi who can revive.

    We dont have any information to back that theory up either way, so until we get more info, il go with what we have in the manga that says a bijuu CAN revive.

    Although the time limits could vary depending on the beast’s, i dont think its just about who’s more powerful. but idk.

  103. @ Smartass, I like where you are going but as much as I hate to say it, I disagree with you.
    1. Kushina may have had a small amount of chakra but her chakra is specially strong and it’s purpose is to seal away bijuu and judging by the simple fact that she Naruto are just alike she would have succeeded by pure will power.
    2. Minato if he would have survived he could have showed Naruto how to control it’s power.
    3. The Eight Trigrams Seal is the only seal strong enough to hold down the Kyuubi’s power and he needed to use the Dead Demon Seal to split it’s power and seal half of it with himself.

    Here’s where we agree, I however do believe Minato did the right thing by sacrificing himself.
    1. If he had let Kushina seal away the Kyuubi it would have come back anyway and give the Masked guy another chance at controlling it and if it’s a long wait like Kisu said, it still wouldn’t matter but if it would still comeback to hunt the future generations and if Masked guy can live for a long time I’m sure he would be there when it happens, if not him then someone else!
    2. The Hokages job is to protect the village and future generations and that’s why I think he did what he did because he didn’t know if he would be there to protect them again or not!

  104. @Yellowflash-
    i agree with you on your first point, however i have a slight problem with this one.

    “2. Minato if he would have survived he could have showed Naruto how to control it’s power.”

    you see i doubt it, minato may have been able to subdue the fox, but not control it, He’s not an uzamaki like naruto has in his blood. Remember even with Killerbee helping naruto out with his bijuu’s powers naruto still couldnt overpower the fox at first, it took Kushina to help naruto to truly cleanse himself of hate, to overcome the foxes influence and not to mention use her chakra chains to stop the fox from advancing further through naruto.

    Yea im not sure if the Eight trigrams seal was the only one strong enough, but im not sure, i mean the first hokage’s wife was able to hold the fox but the reaper seal was invented yet

  105. why cant I post

  106. @smartass here’s the address


    sorry for some reason I couldn’t post to shannaro for awhile

  107. its alright huyga, i found his site, and he hasnt updated it yet sadly 😦

  108. @smartass sorry about

    everybody if thier is 20 posts for J’s I apologize for some I have been having issues posting

  109. @smartass sorry about that

    everybody if thier is 20 posts for J’s site I apologize for some reason I have been having issues posting

  110. Does anyon else wonder if the Right Trigrams seal comes from the Hyuuga clan? I think the Hyuuga clan is being passed way up, the Sharingan and Rinnegan are suppose to be so special but what about the Byakugan, does it have another level of power?

  111. I don’t think anyone mentioned it. Didn’t read all the coments, but what if kushina didn’t zubdue the fox.and.minato just sealed it away in naruto. It is.possible if she got healing she could have survived. Imagine if naruto had the fox’s strength and not only themselves former jinchuriki but his mom as well to teaxh him how to control the fox. If kushina didn’t use jer chains but insteax let minato do.his thing she could have lived. I know it.wasn’t a sure thing but there is the possibility.

    Sorry. For gramer. Im on my droid x.

  112. didnt read all the comments after my last one, but I’ll just say something.

    Only something that’s dead can resurrect. In other words, the Kyubi WILL die, but it will resurrect.

    @Smartass, yeah, we have evidence that when the other Jinchuriki die, so do their Biju, the Kyubi said it. But Minato says the Kyubi is so wildly powerful at full power that it is impossible to fully seal it, which explains why IT revives, while the other Biju are apparently much weaker considering their Jinchuriki have the full beast inside of them. Now until evidence that every Biju is so so powerful that it has to be split, then I will believe you.

    Until then, could you please tell me why the Shukaku even bothered to protect Gaara if him dying meant it would revive itself? Or why it repeatedly stopped him from killing himself? Or why the other Biju even bother to give their Jinchuriki any power?

  113. @Kisu and Smartass…..We all know that the bijuu are nothing but chakra spirits of the Juubi so they can’t actually die because they are not really living creatures, just chakra masses manifested into different identities ( I hope you guys get what I’m trying to say) if they could they would be dead already if they lived from the days of the Sage of the six Paths.

    So what they mean by dying (im guessing) it means that besides the Kyuubi and the Juubi and maybe the Hachibi is that they won’t be strong enough to break the seal and revive themselves and that’s just like being dead.

    But let me ask you guys a question, Minato’s soul was pulled from his body just like the Juubi’s was taken from him, do you think that the Fourth can return if someone releases his soul from the Dead Demon Seal and use Edo Tensei to summon his body to take in the soul? I know it’s far fetched and maybe stupid but it was just a thought.

  114. @kisuzachi
    You can´t stand having wrong can´t you?
    We all know that it can die, but you your meaning with the commentary on the site that said the resurredcted will be put of was that it won´t come back but you where wrong on that… so stop saying in order to ressurect it WILL die (and thinking for your self that you ain´t wrong) we know it have to die for it to be able to die, biut that wasn´t you point

  115. opps little wrong, die to ressurect, not die to die 😛

  116. @Kisu-

    LOL is that what you meant? of course something has to die to be resurected, but MY POINT was that even if kushina was killed the kyuubi would STILL return and therefore killing kushina would be a stupid move for above said reasons. And yes the kyuubi is signifigantly stronger, but that doesnt mean the other bijuu cant be resurected. They have insanely high chakras too. Another thing like Yellowflash said, these beasts are just masses of chakra’s from the Juubi so i doubt they can just disappear forever, otherwise they would have already since its been how many years since the sage split them? Centuries?

    Shukaku’s sand sheild may have been involuntary, just like kyuubi heals naruto without meaning to. And you have to remember the seals that hold the bijuu are meant so that the hosts can use their demons powers, wether that be by force, or by letting the demon inside take over.

    Another thing you have to remember these beasts arent exactly super inteligent creatures, they just like to blow shit up. Because most of the conversations we see kyuubi and naruto have always have something happening later. The demons are being used for that reason.

  117. @Yellowflash- i dont know haha, i think oro already tried to summon the fourth with edo tensei and it didnt work…idk though i dont remember to well.

  118. @smartass
    Smartass FTW…. jajaja.
    completly agree with everythin U said. Seals have diferent uses and that would allow the hosts to use the powers of the bijuu. Wats the point of killin Kushina an having the nine tailed fox appear somewhere else so other nations capture it an use it 4 their own purposes upseting the overall balance in power between nations, causin even more loses in life in the long term an distant future becauze of war.

  119. Well I wanna say Do you guess ever sleep lol. So much commenting but anyway let me add my cents to this.

    I am not agreeing or disagree with any of you just adding my comments

    1st there was a saying about if Kushina dies Minato would or wouldn’t be able to teach Naruto how to take control of Kyubi. I think he could. Yeah he in not a Jinchūriki but he is the husband of one and the Hokage so I think a lot he knows. Remember being Hokage mean you learn a lot about the Village and it’s secrets. Plus Kushina said she taught him a lot about seals so I would think he knows about the 8 trigram seal and it’s abilities.

    The argument would be he didn’t not at all and Jiraiya new about the seal. Well Let me break it down. Naruto was never at peace with himself so once he found that from taking to his mother he had the power to push back the hate and control Kyubi’s powers. 2nd Minato is alive means Naruto doesn’t have the Fox so what is there to learn about control if one doesnt have the beast within. If when the Kyubi returns and Naruto decides to let Minato place the Fox inside then I think Naruto would know a hell of a lot more about his family then does now. So That thing about Minato ability to teach Naruto really does hold much when His father knowledge is well diverse,

    2nd there is a debate on if Minato killing Kushina. That was done in Chapter 501 in this chapter he is not killing her. She wants to died. The only down fall as it has been put out is that Kuybi’s resurrection. How long would it take for the beast to return? That is the question. I think that the beast must take quite a bit of time to return, not days or weeks, I mean months and years. look at the 4th Mizukage. How was the 3 tails released? if would explain why it didn’t show up. If the 4 Mizukage was killed and the beast was release it had to take its time to recuperate. Also explaining why it seemed to weak that it was defeated so easily….well it was Tobi that defeated it so that can be argued that is secretly used his Sharingan however the point is the beast was in hiding, Why? Why not be out there destroying like your other “siblings” once did. So many theory can come out of this but still was the question. Was the 4 Mizukage killed? If so how was 3 tailed released to roam on its own. Also shows a village can go on without a beast. Kirigakure surived all this years without a beast. So Konoha can too.

    Next Kyubi seems more prone to attack the Land of Fire. It seems to be the only country this beast seems to like to attack. All its attack are centered on this one country. No other attacks came out of Kyubi attacking it. So yes it could return and attack other villages but you are a powerful beast with intelligence though you can only talk inside a host, would you attack various villages or go after the village the took you captive for over 80 years.

    I am not pro let Kushina just die like my pal Kisu. But I do see the pros in letting her die. I do not agree in his and Madz killing her over his son. (I’m a parent of two boys so I think I know how Minato would have felt) but when she decided she would take in Kyubi and die I agreed with that. but hey this story was made well before this chapter. So we nor Kushi can really change the outcome no matter how much we agrue or agree.

  120. @captain obvious: aside from kumo no nation has been able to use their beasts as a weapon. They are all just volatile ticking bombs that are just contained to reinforce the kage’s power.
    @smartass: I will say it again, kushina would not have recommended that course of action if it was not strategic. The time would have been long enough to allow Konoha to prepare. As much as people want to act like he made the right decision he didn’t. On my previous notes particularly: note 32 & 36 I explain this detail.

  121. @Madzikake-

    Suna has, gaara remember?

    And kushina recomended that because she wanted to help minato, just because she suggested it doesnt mean anything. She’s not exactly in the right state of mind atm, i mean who would? She just got done giving birth, had the demon fox forcibly pulled out of her, suffering huge trama from the attack of tobi threating her newborn son and husband. She’s just trying to be noble.

    And that little bit about the kyuubi being gone long enough for konoha to prepare is irrelevant, if the kyuubi would be revived i garuntee you tobi would be the first one on the scene, he may even have knowledge on how the process works. And would certainly jump at the chance. Not to mention you have NO basis for how long the resurection would take, im not saying there wouldnt be enough time to breathe, but even if it was a couple years how the hell are they supposed to get it? Tobi’s still out there just waiting for a chance. Minato destroyed that possibility by sealing it inside naruto and the other half in the reaper with his soul. Not to mention giving naruto the means to kill tobi, and allowing kushina and himself to help naruto out further in the future when he needed their help the most.

  122. and as much as i hate to say it, if kushina had been dying anyway, just an if because its possible she would had survived had she been treated with medical attention, then minato made another right move because without kushina naruto would not have been able to master the control of the kyuubi. Yet voilla he planned for that too.

  123. by that i mean naruto wouldnt have been able to because he needs some motherly love, like i said it would have been the wrong move to let kushina comitt suicide with the kyuubi.

    its retarded, because this might have been the last chance to gain a weapon agaisnt tobi, and make sure he didnt gain the 9tails.

  124. I don’t care if the Yondaime made the right decision or not. What’s done is done, so that can’t be changed. However, what he did do was not disasterous I think, in fact he was careful in the way he sealed the kyuubi, and he didn’t just seal it up in Naruto, he left safeguards in place to help his son in the process.

    So even if Minato knew everything we know (which he didn’t because how could he see the future) and made a poor decision to just let Kushina take the Kyuubi down with her, I believe he doesn’t deserve to be bashed for what he did do because he did that well and he did was thorough.

    As to those of you who think there are plotholes and Kishi is not doing a good job:

    Minato’s comment about Tobi seeing through everything he did was regards to the safeguards, the barrier, the ANBU, the secret location, and Tobi’s ability to separate Minato and Kushina. This created the circumstances that made Naruto the jinchurriki of the 9-tails, and I think that was Minato’s point, that Tobi was knowledgeable, and even though Minato eventually won that battle, the war was still not won.

  125. I meant to say above “and made a poor decision to not just let Kushina take the Kyuubi down with her”

  126. @madzi @kisu Thats One of the reasons why i believe, tobirama has something to do with Tobi/ madara( like tobirama was already under the control of madara when he took that misson). why would he leave his village unprotected, by taking the best ninjas of that time on a mission …. There’s a reason why kishi hasnt explained the second’s story as well as he explained sarutobi’s , hashirama’s and minato’s stories.. there’s something hidden.

  127. @yellowflash the trigram seal could be from the Huyga clan, it would make things very interesting if it did.

    I think somebody else pointed this out as well, but there were no Huyga’s highlighted in this flashback.

    I find it very interesting that the most powerful tailed beast attacks the village and the 2 largest and most powerful clans the Uchiha and Huyga are missing in action.

    I have some other theories but I will wait until a chapter makes them relevant, I dont want to take us too off topic.

  128. @smartass: what does Gaara have to do with anything? Do u mean the bijuu-less kazekage, or the kazekage who suppressed their bijuu’s influence or the psycho whose bijuu turned him murderous? Either way my statement still stands: bijuu are not weapons, they are burdens that are caged up and used to drain village resources to avoid wars.
    @carlos: I like your theory, but I wanna hear more about it, so give it some body!
    @smartass again:
    1. Naruto only needed motherly love because he didn’t have a family and was resented by the village growing up. That wouldn’t have happened have minato been alive.
    2. That breather would have been used to dedicate time and resources to combat a known threat, where the kage has knowledge of both threats’ abilities.
    3. We need to consider minato’s actions not in the context of the future but on the logic of the time it occurred and determine whether what he did made sense in that context. He pretty much said, ‘my wife can make the kyuubi disappear for some time which would allow me to prepare Konoha to face an imminent threat, whilst raising my son, but f*ck it, I will take all my intel on this threat to the grave with me and get my kid possessed by a demon and orphan him, in the hope that (even though no one has mastered the kyuubi’s power-EVER) he will, based on no logical ground, be able to control the kyuubi’s power and use it to destroy the masked man, whom mind you, I was able to rasengan after a short bout.
    4. Minato didn’t know that akatsuki would try to get all the bijuu and it is only for this reason (i.e. That kumo is part of the alliance) that Naruto is even in this position. Had Tobi just used akatsuki to attack Konoha for pure revenge Naruto wouldn’t have been able to do a Damn thing.

  129. @Smartass, the other Biju don’t have chakra comparable to a full power Kyubi, otherwise they would need to be split as well. In fact, I remember the Hachibi saying it was out of chakra lol. So, while the Kyubi will die and revive after a while (obviously it would take more than 16 years, otherwise it would have just let Naruto die and wait a little over a decade to return), and the Juubi will release itself instantly after death, the other biju will die.

    Now as for Minato’s decision to not kill Kushina, I believe Madzikage summed it up quite nicely. Its in the “It’s Out discussion”.

    You can´t stand having wrong can´t you?”
    No I can’t, especially when I KNOW I’m right. I have an ego the size of Jupiter.

    Another thing, they are masses of chakra, but have very physical bodies independant of that chakra, otherwise after the Hachibi lost all its chakra it would cease to exist, AND the Jubi’s body is still in the moon.

    As for the Shukaku, its been said the Shukaku controls the sand and protects Gaara because it wants to preserve its own life.

    To add, lifespans are relative. Some creatures live for a few hours, we humans live for almost a century. So what’s to say something more powerful than most humans cant live for centuries upon centuries? There is no evidence against this, its even implied.

  130. @Hyuga seal w/e, the Hyuga 8 Trigrams is an attack technique and is in no way, shape or form an actual seal. It’s just a stance and range kinda thing, and the design on the ground only done so we can see if the opponent is in Neji’s range or not, the characters in the series don’t see it

  131. I’m betting the anime will look less epic than this.

  132. @kisuzachi
    Noticed that it was in english… is there somewhere you can get shippuden in english? besides the 34epsodes that i can find

  133. I think personally this next chapter will be slow… he’s gonna deal the fox end of flashback than naruto says goodbye to his mom. End of chapter..

    I hope I’m wrong lol

  134. @kisu the animators need to hire these guys immediately.

    as far as the trigram goes, I’ll wait to see if kishi completely dismisses our theory. while the 8 trigram is an attack, i find it hard to believe its not related or based on seal. or the Huygas don’t have trigrams that are actual seals.

    If i remember correctly you stated you believed what was stated in the beginning of the series that the uchiha are descendant from the huyga is correct, which i also believe.
    so is tobi’s story about the sages 2 sons a lie, or was the older son actually a huyga, or was the sage himself a huyga?

    what would be interesting to know is which came first the rennegan or the byakugan,

    also what do you think the huyga where doing during the 9 tails attack.

  135. I don’t think the byakugan was first as the sage has the rinnengan an he gave.birth to the ninja nations. Also I doubt the uchiha came from the hyuga as that would imply the uchiha were inferior and from what we have seen the uchiha are far superior. And although Tobias has been known to lie I think the descendents were senju and uchiha

  136. @Lord Huyga
    The Rinnegan was 1st because the Sage of 6 paths had the Rinnegan, when you say which one came 1st don’t you mean Sharigan & Byakugan. Me personally I think the Byakugan came 1st based off color of eyes alone. Being a descendant doesn’t mean you’re inferior. Kobe is far better than his father at basketball, I bet Lebron is too. The Uchiha & Senju are descendants of the 2 son’s. The 2 son’s were not Senju or Uchiha but were the ancestors of these clans, and many other related clans

  137. @rinnegan I get what your saying about the sons being ancestors and it makes sense considering they lived centuries ago.

    bust since they are the ancestors of all these clans, why did Tobi say the hatred between the Uchiha and Senju stems from the younger son being picked over the older son. it seems to me the Uchiha would hate the Huyga more because they were probably part of the branch family at 1 point due to the sharingan.

    I wish kishi would do a flashback story on when the curse seal was first used on the branch family

  138. @madzi Ok , here it goes again,Madara and Hashirama started Konoha, But the rivarly between both started early. So Madara was thinking of way to get fully control over konoha and the world, without sharing it with anyone else. So he started developing his ”MOON EYE PLAN” , and he needed a senju body, as well as he needed to move hashirama out of his way. So he fought with Hashirama, hashirama won. Everybody was thinking that madara died. But madara didnt stop right there, he somehow started to take control over the other senju , Tobirama, an he did. While he was controlling tobirama , he went on that mission with all the powerfuls ninja on konoha, leaving konoha unprotected, and dying on the mission, but not without leaving , sarutobi as the third hokage. Now everybody was thinkig that both Madara and Tobirama were dead. Then Madara (Inside tobirama’s body)Attacked Konoha disguised as Tobi with the Nine tails (that explains why he was able to perform that space time jutsu) Cuz he knew what was gonna happen, that Yondaime would sacrifice himself to stop the fox attack, so he actually won that battle, he losing was a part of his plan to stop Yondaime from attacking him and make him focus on the Fox. Then with both Yondaime and Kushina dead, he Started akatsuki, so he met Oro. And used him as his puppet to attack konoha and murder the third. And to make everyone sure that the Second was dead (with the dead demon seal) ( I dunno how he managed to summon the second’s soul, but i think it was cuz the Second had madara’s soul, not his own soul) So now madara’s plan was almost ready : Konoha was without a strong Hokage to prevent the next invasion, he had Senju body and Uchiha eyes, and he had this Organization (Akatsuki) to capture all the Bijuus and complete his plan.

  139. Um Carlos buddy nagato started akatsuki

  140. @minatofan yeah you’re right, just like pein was the leader of akatsuki…. Moron, thats what Tobi/Madara wants everyone to believe.. But he’s the one pulling the strings from the very beginning.

  141. Um ok dick nagato formed akatsuki an at some point madara came into the picture an manipulated nagato to helping him with his plans cause nagato thought they had the same goals

  142. Are you sure? Dude, this tobi/madara guy, made us all believe that pein was the leader of akatsuki, and he wasnt! Maybe is the same thing now. Thats why he’s the leader..!

  143. @Carlos, Nagato explicitly stated he formed Akatsuki

  144. Here’s a link to the chapter in case you don’t want to take my word for it


  145. @Lord Huyga Yeah I wish Kishi would explain more about the descendants. He already explained the youngers son descendants (Senju & Eddy’s clan), Maybe when the series goes back on Sasuke or if Neji has a huge battle Kishi will focus will go into more depth about the older son of The Sage of 6 Paths. I don’t know how long Naruto is gonna talk to his Mom, but I can’t wait to this war starts already. I wanna see Blood

    I find the Older son and his descendants more interesting because they’re bloodline produce cocky individuals (Neji,Sasuke,Itachi)

    What Tobi said seemed true, but with lack of confrontation between the Hyuga’s and Uchiha’s we don’t know what their true feelings are towards each other. I just think they have a friendly rivalry between each other since the founding of Konoha

  146. Ok , he formed akatsuki, but Madara was the one pulling the strings.

  147. @kisu Ok , he formed akatsuki, but Madara was the one pulling the strings. **

  148. wasn’t it explained in another chapter that the fox showed up when there was malice??? maybe he is revived when there is enough hatred and malice in the world for him to strive on and if that is the case then there is the possibility of the nine tails being reborn. kushina said that the only way you could live as a host was to live with love (the opposite of hatred). maybe that is the only way to contain the fox.

  149. @Carlos, yes and no. Nagato was the leader while Tobi was Akatsuki’s benefactor. but does this really matter?

  150. @kisu No, it doesnt matter, but, my theory kinda make sense, dont u think?

  151. @Carlos, its plausible, in a fanfic-y sorta way lol. Though I suppose all good theories that were proven right started as fanfics.

  152. I still say tobi needs to prove he is madara rather than saying he is why didn’t he take off his mask at the kage summit ? Honestly there’s still to many mysteries to come with a conclusion that tobi is madara an I for one say he’s an imposter but o well I can’t wait to see what naruto or sasuke will be like with there new powers

  153. @ Carlos I just can’t see someone as powerful as tobirama being controlled like a puppet

  154. @minatofan maybe tobi/madara didnt take off his mask, cuz he’s face is not Madara’s face, i think it is Tobirama’s face. and yes, madara is very strong, so he’s could easily control tobirama.

  155. thanks for the response Rinnegan, it just clarified to me the older sons descendants are the ones with the eye jutsus.

    I wonder if their ever was a clan of rinnegan users, or is it just super rare.

    I too cant wait for the war to start, even with Kabuto’s resurrection abilities, im curious to see how the Akatsuki can take on all the ninjas of the 5 great nations. And will the minor villages get involved.

  156. Here’s something funny. Sasuke doesnt have to get the EMS, its not guaranteed that simply taking your brother’s eyes will give you an EMS.


    Bot of course, this is sasuke, Kishi’s red-eyed lover, so OF COURSE HE’S gonna get it. Or Kishi may throw a curve-ball at us, who knows?

  157. @kisuzachi
    Yeah you right Kishi’s little pet is gona have EMS, no doubt about it, maybe gona have a little problem with it at first ,but 2pages later he´s gona have control of it…

  158. and he can allready fell it working so he´s gona have the EMS http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-488/17/ stinking kishi pet

  159. Yea nagato says he started akatsuki but according to itachi madara Did http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-386/11/ and since itachi was Also right about madara leasing the fox attack its safe to assume he is telling the truth

  160. @token @kisu Thanks token, I was right, that means that my theory could be right too. It all fits, all the pieces are coming together, so , my theory its very possible.

  161. I know you guys dont like discussing the filler episodes because people dont think that they fit into the overall manga, but after reading this chapter im becoming a little more convinced that they are apart of the overall story… take for instance the 3 tails… assuming his host was probably killed while under madara control caused it to be revived without a host… also i can see how the sora storyline fits into the overall manga…. if you go back to the chapter when the 3rd summoned the dead demon seal notice that the the fox half that was sealed along with the 4th did not show up among the souls trapped within the dead demon seal….. the information confirmed in this chapter could suggest that the half yodimine sealed could have revived itself thus how the other half ended up in sora… assuming that another time skip happens and we dont know the actual time frame in which it takes for a tailed beast to be revived, but i can see naruto gaining the the half that was lost which would fit into both the anime and manga story lines…

    btw the 4 element seal has alot of practical uses….. not only can it seal biju but it can seal a humans chakra as well. i wonder if this has any relation to the FTG technique seeing if a 4 element seal was used on a tag it would be fairly easy to pull off a space/time jutsu it would be a matter of releasing the 4 element seal on the tag. One thing i wonder is if the 4 element seal can store sage chakra inside of the seal….i could see Naruto completing a Flying Thunder Sage technique

  162. and another thing i tihnk people forget…. the sharingan has the ability to copy any jutsu as long as its not a bloodline limit… i see alot of people saying that madara took control of the 2nd… but i have a feeling that madara could have easily just copied his jutsu. they fought against each other during that time period and there is no evidence supporting that the 2nds space/time jutsu is a bloodline limit… hell i wonder if the senju clan even had a bloodline limit that hasnt showed up yet

  163. by the look on madaras brothers face, i don believe he wanted to give his older brother his eyes, smh.

  164. Man. I miss coming on here regularly. but it changes so much, i forget where to go sometimes. hahahaha…….good job on the review Bob-sempai. I totally agree with everything. The Naruto chapters have been well worth the wait. Bleach on the other hand, is starting to seriously tick me off. but again, i agree fully with the flashback being totally awesome. I love the whole Kushina and Minato story line. I wish they were in the series more. They are awesome parents. I do feel bad for the rest of Konaha, and can understand why a lot of people didn’t like Naruto knowing he was the Kyuubi’s host. Arcs like this give so much more meaning to everything else that’s gone on.

    But yeah, that’s my two cents for this one. Keep up the good work team!

    Mada mada dane!

  165. Just read the spoilers and it’s pretty neat, hopefully after this predictable chapter the real games begin, Kabuto FTW! (Bad Guys FTW!)

  166. Minato hopes that by putting Kushina’s chakra into Naruto’s seal, it/she could be of a help to Naruto when he tries to control the Kyuubi’s chakra.

    Kushina: But he is our son, and I don’t want to burden him with this. For the sake of seeing Naruto when he’s grown up, and to buy even a little bit of time, there is no need for you to die as well. Although I wanted to be by Naruto’s side and watch him grow. There is no need for Naruto to be sacrificed for the country, nor is there a need for you to sacrifice yourself for me.

    Minato: Forsaking my village and country are akin to forsaking my son. As someone whose village was destroyed, you should understand the kind of painful life it would bring. Moreover, our family are Shinobi. I cant win against you, his mother, and I can’t be against you, as his mother, telling Naruto whatever little you can. That is your duty, and it is not for your own sake, but for Naruto’s. If it’s for my son, then I am fine with dying… This something a father can do, too.

    Sandaime arrives nearby to where the Kyuubi is, and sees that Shiki Fuujin is being cast, but he is unable to enter the barrier that has been set up to prevent the Kyuubi from escaping.

    Minato seals Kyuubi with Shiki Fuujin, and attempts to start doing the Hakke Fuuin next, but the Kyuubi is displeased at being sealed into a baby, so when Kushina’s chakra chains weaken as she gets giddy, it tries to skewer her… Both Minato and Kushina are pierced (as they are trying to protect Naruto)

    Minato: I said this was something I, as his father, could do
    Kushina: Then even more so, I, as his mother, can do it too

    Kushina accepts Minato’s proposal of sealing the Kyuubi in Naruto, seeing that he is serious about using Naruto, and says that she has lost this quarrel

    Minato summons Gamatora and passes him the key and tells him to store it with Jiraiya.

    Sandaime realises that Minato is trying to make Naruto a jinchuuriki and thereby save the village.

    Minato says that he wants to put some of his chakra into Naruto as well, and tells Kushina to say whatever she wants to Naruto now.

    Kushina tells him to not be picky and eat lots, take a bath and warm his body every day, numbers don’t matter so make friends whom he can trust, to be serious about studying and ninjutsu, not to get depressed over being unable to do something because he’s bad at it, to respect his teachers at the academy. She tells him of the 3 Shinobi taboos – be careful of lending and borrowing money, to save the money he makes from missions, to drink sake only when he’s 20 and to drink moderately, not to get cheated by some weird girl and to find a girl like herself. And speaking of the 3 taboos, be careful of Jiraiya-sensei.

    Kushina continues. There may be tough and painful times, but keep a hold on yourself, hold on to your dreams, and believe in yourself to realise those dreams! There is so, so much more I want to tell you, and I want to be with you. I love you.

    Kushina apologises to Minato for talking so much so he doesn’t have anything to say to Naruto.

    Minato smiles, saying that it’s fine and that everything he wanted to say as a father, is the same as what his naggy mother has already said… Minato performs Hakke Fuuin, and the flashback ends.

    Back in the present, Kushina apologises for using Naruto as the container for the Kyuubi, for burdening him with such a thing, for being unable to be with him and for being unable to fill him with love.

    Naruto says with a big smile that while it has been difficult as the jinchuuriki, he’s never resented his parents. He never understood what a parents’ love was like, but now, he knows that even before his container was filled with the Kyuubi, it was filled with love by these 2 people who gave their lives for him. So he’s happy, and he’s grateful that he’s their son.

    Hearing this, Kushina sheds tears. As she does so, she tells Minato (TN: Minato is not there physically, as in it’s mental dialogue) that their feelings have reached Naruto.

    And as she disappears, Kushina says her last words: Truly, thank you, for seeing me as your mother, for seeing Minato as your father, and for being born unto us.

    Naruto’s tears overflow.

  167. that is so sad. I just read it on mangastream.com. beautifully written though. worth the wait.

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