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Naruto Chapter 503 is Out!



131 Responses

  1. One again Minato proved that he was one of the best shinobi that have come out of the ninja world and THE BEST Hokage!

  2. If I read page 10 correctly kushina says she will drag the 9 tails in her and die with it in her. and it will prevent the kuybi from coming back for “awhile”. so killing the host doesn’t kill the tailed beast. so kisu & madzi, minato made the right decision

  3. man tobi is a punk ass bitch lol, minato is the best ftw. oh and i have to say the rest of konoha handled the nine-tails situation very well.

  4. @ everyone why do i get the feeling that Zetsu has a bigger role in things then we all suspect.

  5. I mean’t to say once again and FIRST one to comment, so excited!LOL
    Not only did he kick Masked Guys ass all over the forest and made his ass run home to cry, he managed to tele-port the entire Kyuubi miles away from the village single handedly which must uses a huge amount of chakra but not before breaking Masked guys control in a single attack! No one has done this much to this guy, and he is still about to use the Death Demon Seal, he must have a huge chakra reserves!

    I also have to give a shot out to Kushina because to think she could still use her chakra in the state she was in and it looks like she would have survived if she didn’t have to help Minato! Their goodbyes were so sad I was about to cry ( No Homo)! This is the best manga chapters ever!

  6. many doorways open???

    The FLYING thunder God closes a door but opens a window… being the window to your soul (ie eyeball).

    Minato lopped of Madara’s arm. Why didn’t he finish the job if he had a seal on him? Madara could have been death godded away like half of the fox.

    This is one of the few chapters I’ve read 4 or 5 times.

  7. @Lord Hyuuga, I also caught that and does give the impression that the Kyuubi would survive!

    I can only think of a few reasons:
    1. Maybe it wouldn’t die because it wouldn’t be full sealed inside her.
    2. Maybe it wouldn’t die but what would explain why the Kyuubi is so protective of Naruto and so against him being killed.

    Okay that’s all I got! LOL


    Bah, I give Minato his well deserved props.

  9. who ever is the masked man isnt fighting on the battlefield i believe he is simply using Zetsu’s body thing and controlling the people, it doesnt make sense that he’s detaching limbs when he pleases. and it doesnt even seem to hurt him. now correct me if im wrong, Zetsu white half is younger and immature, while his black half is the mature one and always seems to want to fight. this would explain the tobi is a good boy nonsense, say the man behind the mask gets tired of controlling it, he lets Zetsu. just a theory

  10. The last chapter to get an emotional response from me was the one with Killerbee forvgiving Motio, that actually brought a smile to my face. Im just not feeling this sad story

  11. @kisu how is that more of a reason?!?!?! Instead of the fox coming back free and uncontrollable minato sealed half forever and half inside his son to use its power! Also is it just me or is madara over hyped? I mean when minato met naruto he said the masked man saw thru everything he did….. and yet here we see minato dominate Tobi as Well as sever control over the kyuubi. Madara or Tobi looked outclassed tbh although I’m under the impression that like kisame zetsu substituted or took madaras place right before the blow or perhaps madara is something like zetsu.

  12. Zetsu’s hair looks like Tobi’s hair if no one noticed!!!!!!!!

  13. @kisu really that lame ass overdid story got a response?! Lol it was done already an tbh I’m not Sure what was emotional about it. Here we see a mother and father sacrifice their lives (with minato spending eternity in the death reapers soul) in order to Ave their village and give.their son a power in order to protect it….. ill take this story over that crybaby motios story any day lol

  14. @zetsu theory haven’t there been times where zetsu an. Madara have been seen together?

  15. @ Kisu, If it would have survived anyway then why kill her?

    Killerbee’s story was a little sad because of how everyone treated him but come on this story is way sadder! LOL I have to give it to you, you can be funny!LOL

    @ The Truth, that wouldn’t make sense, zetsu can copy your chakra and the amount and your appearance but he can’t use your techniques! Kisame was fighting the whole time but when they were in his water prism he managed to switch him self with Zetsu! This was the masked guy, he just happened to get his ass kicked!LOL

    The funny thing is if he runs this easily than how can he keep strong ninja Pein, Itachi and Kisame in check! Well, it did seem like he was afraid of Itachi so never mind, and the fact that MInato was a bad ass! LOL

  16. @ yellow

    he can use your techniques if he gives you the controls to the person, he gave itachi and kisame control over them when they fought mighty guy’s team and itachi fought kakashi’s team, because remember kisame made all that water appear and thats when guy went super guy, LOL. go back and check it out if you don remember.

    @ token

    is everyone forgetting that zetsu doesnt have to be the one controlling the clones, someone else can control, lets say the person he is cloning in the first place, smh, come on guys, really think about it. and why would madara switch at the last second and not just teleport away, that doesnt make sense. kisame made the switch before he got his head popped off, smh. really let it marinate guys, i don make up stuff.

  17. wow… i havent cried since jiraiya died. this chapter got to me when kushina was saying she take the 9tails with her… then minato goes and kills himself to so that they both are able to see him one last time. and also giving naruto the power and faith for the future! goshhhhh i wish they could somehow come back to life porque kishimoto por que!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u always kill my favorite charcters first gaara then pervry sage now minato and kushina to u have no soul!!! blehhhhhhh im gonna be emo after reading this haha naruto better be freiking gratefull as fuck after he knows what his parents did for him!!!

  18. On page 17, is minato implying that it is impossible for jinchuuriki to use the Dead Demon Seal. If that’s the case, I think an important question to ask is how will Naruto’s prediction fothe endingr his next and presumably last battle with Sasuke: “We will both die”.
    I had thought that this jutsu would lead to the most obvious if not the most complete ending. The third said that the Dead Demon Seal intertwines the souls together in the demon for all time when he used it on Orochimaru. The etetrnal struggle between Naruto and Sasuke was observed by Kakashi at the end of their battle in the Valley of the End. He said that their fight will rage on as long and as fierce as the waters in the Valley. Madara evwen puts it in the context of ancient feud between Uchiha and Senju. With all that evidence, I just assumed that the Naruto-Sasuke fight would end in such a way that people could believe that it would go on forever between the two of them.
    Anyway, that was then. Now I know that the probablility of Naruto using the Dead Demon Seal in battle is almost 0, I am more interested in how the series will end. Knowing Naruto, he will probably find his way around the Foxagain just like he did with Sage Trainning. I was shocked that jinchuuriki can’t use the dead demon seal. I guess its just an instinct of bijuu to avoid self-sacrificing jutsu like this one.

  19. @ everyone

    was Zetsu really from Konoha

  20. well let me explain. The Kyubi obviously wont be resurrected in a short amount of time. IF that’s the case, the Kyubi would simply allow Naruto to die so he can be reborn, the sheer fact he hasn’t done that means its a LARGE time span. This is effectively the same as killing the Kyubi, BUT Konoha will have a chance to re-capture it in the future and thus foiling the MAsked Man’s plan. Or perhaps the translation is sketchy. Perhaps Friday, when onemanga translates it, we’ll have a better idea of what Kushina meant.

    As for Killerbee and Motoi, I said it made me smile. Would seeing children being tortured make me smile (well I’m not as heartless as you people think I am? The fact that he got over his hatred so quickly is what made me smile, that was my emotional response from it. Before that chapter Killerbee was just a sasuke-ass-kicking-badass, after that chapter, he became a sasuke-ass-kicking-badass we could relate to. But lets not spend too much time talking about Killerbee, Minato deserves his props here.

  21. @the truth, his village is unknown. Some speculate he’s from Kusagakure (the Grass Village)

  22. @ kisuzachi


  23. All i have to say is GIVE NARUTO THE FTG TECH@!!!!! its way too COOOOOOOL

    minato is if not the most powerful ninja is definately the coolesT!!!! dammit!!! want naruto to be as cool as him!!! would be outstanding!

  24. note minato attributes kushina with the reason why he is hokage! does that mean kushina taught him the FTG seals?!??!? comeon Kushina!!! teach your SON!

  25. Just to add, Minato didnt dominate Tobi. He was actually the one that was bested. He said it himself “He saw through everything I did”….just saying.

    Btw, that Rasengan didn’t look like an Odama Rasengan, but it did way more damage to the environment than Naruto’s normal Rasengan (but less than the Odama). Since Naruto’s normal Rasengan re-killed the Deva Path, that means the Masked Man has done many body modifications, as I also remember him blocking Zabuza’s sword with his bare hand.

  26. It was a great chapter, Minato beat the crap out of this Tobi character. Maybe that rumor that the Kyuubi is a manifestation of hatred hold water, that would explain why it can come back even if it should die, regardless of it dies inside of a host, it just might take a while for it to happen, that’s why the Kyuubi doesn’t like dying. This chapter had everything, action, drama, unseen characters, flashbacks, pawnage, best chapter in a while. It does seem that Minato overplayed Tobi’s abilities a bit, making it seem that Tobi was his ultimate foil, but that was not the case as we all saw.

  27. @every1! omfg zetsu is NOT tobi!!! so plz, enough with these farfetched theories, they’re pissing me off. y can’t yu’ all just wait till kishi reveals who he truly is. zetsu is clearly tobi’s pawn (just like kisame), and thats it. i mean if this continues u’ll soon b saying kisame is actually tobi, or it’s sasuke.

    Great chapter, just don’t know why the third didn’t volunteer to use the demon seal (i mean he was already old, nd the villages moto is to sacrifice the old for the benefit of the young, will of fire).
    Minato is a beast, and so was kushina. wow, no wonder naruto is always soo outa control, being born in such chaos will do that to anyone. lol .

  28. i think people are forgetting that theres more to a ninja than just winning and losing. the fact that tobi was able to identify everything minato did and was going to do says a lot. how many ninja you know would have lasted that long, let alone been able to tell what was going on, and how, let alone live to fight another day. it took everything minato had just to get that far. i believe minato won, but he won at a cost, and i dont think tobi was truly prepared and it is clear that tobi isnt madara uchiha.

  29. @ cesc

    im pretty sure you can read, im pretty sure your vision is pretty decent. so i will allow you to go back and read and view the chapter again and explain how the theory of tobi in this chapter being zetsu is farfetched. it makes perfect sense on how tobi can keep losing limbs like its nothing and lets his body take so much damage like it truly isnt hurting him, its setting him back, but hurting him no. he doesnt even yell in pain, wtf. i think you need to open your mind a little more and pay a little bit more attention to detail. have a good day sir

  30. @the truth, exactly.

    I love when a new chapter comes out, so much discussion is generated so quickly :). Kisu pats you on the back Shannaro!!!

  31. Another question: Just why did the fox reject the toads during Sage Trainning? It’s not like sage chakra was going to control it. It may just be that the fox is totally freakedout by death and the thought of having two virtually motionless frogs anywhere near itproduces a pwerful fear for the safety of its own life. Then again it may just protecting its territory, like when a jealous girlfriend shouts, “Back off! this is my man!”,to all the aproaching ladies, single or not. Maybe the explanation is not that deep or that simple, but it’s what I got. Can anyone help me understand this?

  32. @the truth, so how do you explain Tobi and Zetsu being at the same place at the same time, even while they’re alone?

  33. @Naruto Tutor, it rejected Pa Toad fusing with Naruto because it wanted Naruto to depend on its power, not Sage Mode’s.

  34. I was just rereading some of the first chapters of the series with the battle against the Kyuubi, and it just goes to show you how far in advance Kishi planned the whole series out and put hints in along the way. There is a panel in the first chapter where the villagers say that they have to hold the fox off until the Fourth arrives, and only now, 500 chapters later, do we realize why he was late to the fight.

  35. could be a clone or could be the real tobi, the answers will b revealed once the author chooses to reveal it, until let the theories b theories. if you don agree then prove it wrong, its that simple

  36. @Naruto Tutor, I’m guessing that the frogs have to meld their chakra circulatory system with Naruto’s to work together, and that the Fox’s chakra doesn’t mix well with them. It would be like trying to plug a desk lamp into a hydroelectric dam; there might be a power overload and it would short out the connection.

  37. Idk madara seems pretty underpowered….. and how can he be unprepared he started te invasion lol. U act like he woke up one day and was like o ill attack te village but not have a plan in mind. No minato put a huge stop to that not to mention minato didn’t really pull out his best as the death reaper was his trump card. Also it is possible that the attack landed is the reason for Tobis having a detachable left arm?

  38. yes an attach that landed on his back made his wrist come off, lol, then look how it came off, smh, do you all pay attention to what you’re looking at.

  39. and by wrist i mean that and his hand

  40. @yellow the kuybi not wanting naruto to die is interesting. maybe they have some sort of important connection, we have not seen yet. or kuybi wants or needs him for something. also it may have something to do with half of his chakra being stored in naruto. but that is a mute point now.

    I am curious to find out, when a host dies without another replacement, where does the tailed beast go?

  41. @Token, Tobi’s RIGHT arm is detachable. And he DID outsmart Minato, but still, Minato did a good job dealing with TOBI (not the incident lol).

    Poor Iruka’s dad, he actually thought his son would amount to something (same for Kurenai’s dad). Good to know Kishi didn’t bitch slap the anime, because it was in a filler arc that it was revealed Iruka’s parents died in the Kyubi attack, if memory serves.

  42. @kisu how exactly did Tobias outsmarts minato?

  43. Okay I was saying those things as a joke excited but let me be clear, I don’t think that this Madara is a push over or a weakling in fact he is probably the strongest ninja in the whole manga/anime, definitely the most powerful to have almost all of the tailed beast in his grasp! I also think that this wasn’t a win for Minato or a lost for Madara, because obviously even Minato didn’t take it as a win. I just think that this verified what we have heard all along that Minato was the strongest ninja to come out of the Leaf, this was even stated in the anime and manga!

    Madara even said that the fourth ruined his plans! I understand that there are some of you who aren’t fans of Minato but us fan are excited about this story and it’s kinda rude of you to ruin, you didn’t hear me ( I can’t speak for others) bashing Pein when he told his story!

  44. Minato is gone isnt he!!!!!!

  45. he was using zetsu’s spores to regrow his limbs and keep the body he’s using intact. This further proves that his body is either a vessel for Madara’s spirit or it’s Obito or another shinobi who’s had his body broken. Most likely one that was declared “dead” on the battlefield as we know Zetsu takes a liking to eating the corpses and i’ll wager that’s how the two met.

    I do agree though that Zetsu has a much larger role to play in the upcoming war, mostly because of his most recently revealed ability to copy the appearance and chakra of anyone he touches. That means he has definitely already infiltrated probably several of the nations and may even be a character or two that we already know who we believe is an ally.

  46. i honestly believe tobi is someone from konoha who was around when danzo was young, and his age is close to danzo’s age.

  47. im going with madara stealing obitos eye and body.

    I think the fight with the first hokage had cost madara both his eyes and his boday to some degree, and now madara is looking to replace that.

    This explains the vast amount of sharingans he has in his lab and also explains his body “detachability”.

    I believe sufficient evidence of this can be seen in madaras powers. He has obito defensive sharingan while kakashi has obitos offensive version.

    this could lead to a damn good showdown with kakashi who would be majorly pi$$ed off that someone desecrated his friends boy. Pretty sure that an opportunity for kakashi to be killed woud arise.

    I think there will be a big story on what happened to Madara post the 1st hogake showdown. You will see him struggle to get his powers struggle to live etc and then he probably stumbles across obito’s body.

  48. would also be interest ed in what happened to rin?

    when and how did she die?

  49. im assuming also the next ark would be sasuke EMS arc?

    cant wait for that too!!!

  50. also notice that not once to date in the entire manga has madara demonstrated anything other than the ability to warp.

    its sort of cements it in place that at the moment it is th eonly power at his disposable. And its because he maybe only compatible with obito’s eye? or finds obitos eye the most useful?

  51. exactly which makes it hard to believe that tobi is madara uchiha.

  52. by the way, this panel has 4 off the 6 original elders for anyone who is interested in these things:

    guy on the right is Homura, chick is Koharu, of course Hiruzen Sarutobi, any of the frowny face dudes could be Uchiha Kagami, and for me most interestingly Akimichi Torifu, who I’d been hoping would turn out to be a cool villain. Oh well…no surprise Danzo is no where to be seen. Probably out playing trick or treat with any dead Uchiha bodies laying around….or playing the situation into his hand and setting up Sasuke’s parents to look like the culprits. Reference panel is here btw:

  53. @Yellowflash, hate to rain on your parade, but in the MANGA, sandaime is called the most powerful Hokage, and according to Kishi, Minato and Sandaime are tied.

    @Token, he outsmarted him because he escaped, got a new arm, recovered, and Minato’s dead. Yep, that constitutes being outsmarted in my opinion lol.

    You guys take thing waay too seriously, just let it all hang out and go with the flow. In my 18 months of shannaro, the only theory I ever came up with is Nagato lost his family lol. But i like reading you guys’ theories, just know I’ll try to disprove them 😛 BACK TO DEATH NOTE I SAY!

  54. Well now we see several useless things as well in this chapter or explains a little like why was Kurenai the only person we seen in the series with that type of eye color, we we see her father tell her his little speak with lets us know that he and most likely her clan died during the attack.

    Second I would like to some what take back something I said in my post Gezo Mado + 9 etc…. I said that if GM was Juubi’s body depowered he is a big SOB..Much bigger than Kyubi…BOY WAS I PROVEN WRONG. On Manga Stream page 5 shows the sheer size of Kyubi….THAT A HUGE BITCH!!!

    Now Minato bested Tobi in battle but like some of you guys said it is not that Minato beat him it is just Tobi guess nearly everything Minato would do except their battle, that is what Minato meant by he seen though everything he did.

    No this special power Kushina has first is it a K.G or just a clan special ability that is a question. Some will say it is a K.G but let it be known she nor did Kishi say so but it was said it was a special power. Same as how many keep saying the 1st Wood release powers are K.G and so far that was never said in the manga. If someone can show me different I appreciate it.

    now this thing but can probably be explained with the arrival of the third next chapter of one after. How did Jiariya get the other half of the chakra and place it into Gerotora? (for those lost the long stomach toad that the seal contract is on it and was within Jiariya and Naruto’s stomach).

    I will say I like this chapter but story wise I read other chapter much sadder than this. I think it is because we already somewhat knows what is going to happen and expected it to.

    Not to sound like Kisu but I feel this chapter Minato made a big mistake. Letting his feeling of family in front of his duty just to let Naruto have some piece of his mother and some power to stop Tobi in the future by letting himself AND his wife die. A power that Tobi can easily control. So he not only lets Kushina died with some of her Chakra in Naruto but he dies placing half a Kyubi into his son. Instead of doing what she asked and wanted to do, let he recapture Kyubi, die and stopping kyubi at less for the time being, raise his son to be a powerful ninja in his own right though a different way. and knowing Tobi’s plans come up with a sure fire pla, to stop him even if kyubi doesn’t come back for years or centuries, a plan is ready and waiting for it and Tobi to come on back. Now I am not being a hater, just something that came to mind while writing this. I still like the chapter a lot but hey I just call it like I see it. and I was a supporter of him not killing Kushina back in 501. that is different this chapter he should have let her go and raise his son and not orpahn him to fend for himself all alone for over 12 years.

  55. and its funny how danzo and the uchiha are the ones missing, which prolly means they were the ones plotting, meaning danzo and the uchiha were the ones that were really behind the attacks, which could be why tobi said what he said to minato before he vanished, whew, that was a lot

  56. @ the truth I agree with u I mentioned it before. How is Tobi connected with village and why it was so important for him to use his tool( Sasuke) to kill Danzo. First, he was after Shisui´s eye and second he wanted to eliminate all, who knew him. Maybe he worked with Danzo sometime or my crazy theory he is another experiment like Yamato, but with DNA of Madara, who get out of control.

    We´ll see we need to ask how is Tobi also connected with leader of Uchiha( Fugu?) and his wife maybe that´s why Itachi was capable to kill also his mother, because he knew that they helped to start this war, because otherwise seems to me not possible that son could kill his mother.

  57. @Greenpeas totally agree with you on Obito’s eye techniques. They spin in opposite directions as well which shows the polarity of the two techniques. That said, Kakashi’s ‘Kamui’ wouldn’t effect Tobi just like Tobi’s technique wont affect Kakashi, well, if he has his MS up and running. They’d cancel each other out.

    Maybe it’s just obito himself and zetsu & madara took him in (while possibly being the ones who started many of the shinobii wars) when they found him on the battlefield. Maybe Madara taught him everything he knew before biting the dust and Obito assumed his identity to bring about the peace/destruction of the shinobi world.

  58. One thing. Don’t worry about the K.G thing about the 1st. I found it.

  59. @uchiha_gaide : I agree they would cancel each other out and it makes sense that there is a relation because when kakashi faced off madara just pre this arc, madara flat out said to kakashi that technique wont work on me?

    I mean why wouldnt it? unless of course like you said they are polar opposites of each and hence related.

    I think definately there is somewhere obito is involved in this whether it is him or just his eye is what needs to be unveiled.

    But i dont think that obito could possible carry the depth of hatred for konoha and also the wish to rule people as well as so much ninjutsu knowledge that the tobi character has represented. That is why i firmly believe it is madara with obitos eye.

    Cant wait for the next arc with sasuke facing off the kages for sure! EMS vs 5 kages!

  60. on another note when kishi going to bring back the bomb red cloak naruto wore against pain?

  61. @ green

    i believe he said that to kakashi, the same reason itachi would say it to kakashi, a true uchiha sharigan user, not saying tobi is, but he could be, isnt going to be got by a non uchiha sharigan user, IMO

  62. @the truth

    no i dont think he did. It was specifically referring to the technique itself.

    kamui was not going to work against him.

  63. @ exactly it sends you to another dimension, a dimension he goes back in forth to without hesitation.

  64. if thats the case kakashi should be able to use the technique as well, instead of projecting it outwards towards someone else, use it on himself, so yeah those could be obitos eyes, but canceling each other out or whatever it is you said, no

  65. I think the difference is

    Kamui – You can transport external items to other dimensions

    Tobis tech – You can use it with reference to your body and anything you touch.

    different sides of the same coin.

  66. tobi isnt able to send someone he isnt directly touching etc to another dimension. He can only manipulate with reference to himself or someone he is holding on to.

  67. so basically neither one has mastered the technique to its fullest extent, but either way something is going to another dimension when they use it.

  68. maybe tobi can do both, but the amount of chakra required to do kakashis version would be pointless to do if you could just grab them, which he doesnt have a problem doing. then you would have to aim, and you see how much kakashi struggles with it.

  69. TOBI IS NOT OBITO OMG!!! obito died, if madara found his body he would be a small boi theres no way a body can grow after death, i think tobi is madara. With a body from zetsu and madaras eyes implanted…. u guys seem to forget dat obito was a good person certainly not someone who would atk konoah.

    if tobi was obito den even if obitos body grew miraculouslly how could it have grown faster then ppl his age (kakashi etc) ????

  70. Oh and when itachi was defeated by naruto and kisame by guy, that was not zetsu’s jutsu!!! dat was a technique using real corpes remember duhhhh!!!

  71. @ beast i agree it isnt obito, but we are talking bout eyes, not a body, second not everyone grows to be the same height, smh.

  72. yes it was peins justu, but itachi and kisame were controlling them

  73. @hebeastwithin

    We dont think that tobi is madara we think madara has managed to obtain obito’s other eye. I think its quite evident.

    the whole zetsu thing is ridiculous, zetsu is like tobi’s patsy and plays a very minor role in the manga doubt he has anything to do with madara! create a body for madara? you must be off your rocker buddy and not read much of the manga?

    What would be potential evolution of story by having zetsu create bodies for madara?

    @the truth

    you definatley highlighted one of the substantial differences between kakashi’s use and madara’s and i think that also refers to your earlier comment. Due to kakashi not being a full blooded uchiha he isnt able to sustain use of kamui. Whereas a good argument as to why tobi can continually use his sharingan is due to him being a full blooded uchiha and therefore madara.

    I definately think due to the length and number of times tobi uses his eye he has quite simply mastered that aspect. What im curious about is the what tobi does with all the numerous sharingan he has in his labs? i mean there has to be a purpose behind them?

    He also indicated that he had nagato’s rinnegan eye? so what are his plans?

    His analytical ability is without peer and his closest rival to that aspect would be the yondaime himself. but the fact that tobi has so much indepth information about konoha, from bloodlines, families etcindicates he is definately from konoha itself and the fact that he unleashed the kyuubi in konoha shows that he wanted to destroy the village even more than he wanted the kyuubi for himself.

    At this stage maybe he hadnt formulated the “moons eye plan yet” maybe he just wanted to destroy konoha.

    I think definately in reference to earlier post the fourth definately postponed madara’s plans.

  74. i don believe tobi is madara, i believe he is around the age of danzo, and maybe related to madara. i say this because he knows too much stuff about the present day konoha and the konoha of when minato was the fourth. i don believe madara would have access to all this information a live or dead. and danzo sure wouldnt tell him anything at this point simply because they r enemies now, and possibly were allies when minato was the fourth. i believe danzo aided in this attack because he got overlooked as hokage once again, and to someone much younger than him.

    just because tobi has better control of it doesnt make him madara, uchiha probably, but a specific uchiha, as in madara uchiha, no.

  75. the only reason i can come up with for him to have all those eyes was so that no one else could get them after the massacre, you see how danzo used them, they are very powerful if used correctly, and he wouldnt want anyone getting in his way, also if he were to start using that technique danzo was using they might also come in use, other than that im clueless.

  76. Be interesting to c where kishi takes it!!!

    but i think for the story sake you need to have an ultimate antagonist and that could only be madara or end up being kabuto getting uber strong with all of his edo tensai summons!

    i cant wait to see that battle!

  77. i think the ultimate antagonist is sasuke, tobi hasnt done enough to prove he is a threat, whether he is madara or not, all weve seen him do is warp in and out, thats wack. sasuke weve seen what he can do pre ems, now what he can do with it, smh, i cant even begin to imagine. let alone what naruto can do once he learns how to control that fox, and when that little power from itachi kicks in

  78. I keep thinking that itachi’s gift would be something along the lines of making sasuke’s power void? like that polarising effect we talked about later?

    I think it will only reveal itself when sasuke is absolutely about to smash naruto and somehow all his powers just stop working or something?

    but yeah going to be kickA$$ to see what naruto will get out of this arc! in terms of power and techs i keep hoping kishi gives naruto some other techs? anything? but most of all hope he gets the FTG cause its such a cool tech. im a bit over rasengan and rasengan X 50 variations!

  79. making his power void? like not letting him fall into a jutsu? or being able to control the fox while its inside naruto?

    i think the rasengan will be what kills sasuke when it comes down to it, i believe they will do that nonsense again where they run at each other arms stretched out powered to the max, and instead of sasuke winning this time naruto will win again. he won the very first time when kakashi stopped them, even though neither one landed the blow

  80. Sorry what i meant was sasuke might try and kill naruto with an ultimate jutsu say susanoo however in that moment its fails because of itachi’s gift and then low and behold similar to how the fourth and kushina appreared itachi also appears to guide sasuke to the light!

    i think sasuke and naruto will have to fight together to defeat a uber powered madara/tobi or kabuto at the end of it. I think it would be devastatingly bad for all fans not to see the once best friends fighting side by side again.

    added to which its so cool when they do! lol like in the movie etc.

  81. I also have a sneaking suspicion that sasuke and itachi are of the bloodline of madara as well.

  82. yeah they look too much a like, lol

  83. @ Kisu, In the anime the fourth Hokage is recognized as the strongest in the village and I already know what Kishi said, but in my opinion based on seeing him in action he is the stronger fighter! You can even see in this chapter, how easily he gets exhausted!

    As is was stated before, even the normal shunshin jutsu consumes a huge amount of chakra and the FTG is way beyond that and he used it countless amounts of times.He took on the Kyuubi’s attack and I’m guessing since space/time ninjutsu are highly regarded they also take up huge amounts of chakra, faught Madara and used FTG and two sealing techniques and it looked like oodama Rasengan! On top of all that he managed to tele-port the entire Kyuubi miles away from the village and managed to save Kushina and Naruto again and now he’s about to use DDS oh and I forgot he summoned Gamabunta which also takes a lot of chakra! Come on, Sandaime only fought the Kyuubi with the entire leaf army and was exhausted!

    Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s awesome and his fight with Oro. was one of he best and if he was young he probably would have lived up to his name but here it look like even though the third was there everyone was still waiting for Minato. I like a lot of character A LOT but Minato is my favorite just like I’m sure you would defend Peins weak minded ass!LOL

  84. Someone also made and interesting point, Where are the Uchiha clan and why aren’t they helping? If they were so innocent they would be fighting and dying like everyone else, they all just vanished and left the children to tend to themselves! I was also wondering what Madara meant by “Many doors are still left open to me”, I think this is what he meant. Maybe the Uchiha were having one of their meetings that night, and just didn’t hear a HUGE FOX with a enormous amount of chakra destroying the village! LOL

    Maybe they just refuse to be Senju’s dogs and help protect the village and Danzo got mad and blamed the whole thing on them- but wait WHERE THE HELL IS DANZO?LOL

  85. I agree it’s not Obito or his eyes, come on his eye is in Kakashi’s head and the other one was crushed by rocks and judging by the picture it looks like it was crushed and even Obito said it! I know you guys love Obito but He’s dead, they would have at least mentioned him more, and I am positive that someone has already named the masked guy because of all the theories other that OBITO!!!!!!!!

  86. @Greenpeas, of course they are of the same bloodline they are Uchihas, they all share the same blood one way or another which is gross, inbreeding, other wise they wouldn’t all have the Sharingan.

  87. Last post, but did anyone notice Kushina’s hair in the color picture when it was standing up like the nine-tails, did anyone else think that was a little creepy?!LOL

  88. @ yellow flash 2 last comment….And that there just happened to be 9 lochs standing on end?

  89. So minato could have survived and trained Naruto into a kickass ninja, but chose to die?

  90. This issue of Minato choosing to die so that Kushina could meet Naruto in the future is for me another case of poor form. I mean Naruto had to endure so much bull* in his life because his father CHOSE to die. What kind of nonsense is that! The way I see it, it would have worked out better for both of them. Consider this situation:
    1. Minato would have been Naruto’s Sensei
    2. He would have still been Kage when Oro attacked NB: Hiruzen would also still be around so that invasion probably wouldn’t even have happened.
    3. Minato seems more likely to have handled that Uchiha massacre better. so Sasuke could potentially not be a fiend.
    4. Minato could have trained naruto to become the 9-tails jinjuuriki when it came back again.
    I know these are all speculative assumptions, but to be honest the way I see it, if someone is actually dying and can seal the kyuubi away for some years while they work to understand how to sufficiently deal with an impending threat. Minato fought both kyuubi and masked man, his intel would have been invaluable, definitely worth Kushina resealing the Kyuubi and dying (AS SHE WAS GONNA DO ANYWAY).

  91. what are the chains coming out of madara???

    I still don’t think madara is madara. buti can’t wait to find out who he is. obito seems a little far fetched but i can understand what people mean about kakashis ability.

    madara’s parting words to minato, about the world bowing down to him does sound similar to his moons eye plan.

  92. really, minato”s decision to kill himself is…stupid. leave your son as an orphan cursed as a jinchuriki! Why? because jiriya said some crap about a destined child! wait a minute… this is the same thing that got Nagato to kill himsel-O GOD ITS SPREADING!!!

  93. wow jaraiya keeps killing people with just words, so like naruto. hahaha

  94. idk were people get that the third and fourth were the strongest of the dead ninja or that acording to kishi stuf but i hope they R not refering to a made up interveiw by some punk in the naruto forums. i belonged 2 that forum an i remember that fake ass interveiw it was a good april fools joke an even after the dude that posted it confirmed it 2 B a fake many stil baught it. jajaja i lmao. here you can check it out urselfs.


    this just meens we have no clue on how just powerful the fourth an third were, thei could B stronger or weeker. But 2 thing R 4 sure interveiw fake an kishi wood never be that specific with detales. We just have 2 judge how the fourth performed as such their is no limit to his power cap if u know wat i am saying. he is not limited by his death or given a skill level limit. U get my drift?

  95. Someone probbaly pointed this out all ready. Can’t read.all the comments as i am on my phone but i gathered from this chapter that minato didn’t have to die. That pisses me off. If kushina could have taken care of the kyubi and left minato to care for naruto and the village that’s what’s should have happend. Tobi wouldn’t have dared to reattack after the spanking he took, and the kyubi would have been out of the picture for a while anyways. That’s the first bad decision i think he mads and its pisses me off.

  96. @everyone criticizing minatos decision to sacrifice himself to seal the nine-tails into naruto. remember when he spoke to naruto back during the pain fight he said that no one could defeat tobi without a special power.


    why let kushina die with the fox without knowing when the fox would return again. but yes on an emotional level he think it was more important for naruto to meet his mom again.

    plus its not like he left naruto alone he left him in the hands of the third and jariya its not his fault jariaya wanted to let naruto grow up as his own man. that benefited naruto anyway he got stronger by himself unlike a certain uchiha kid who just leeched power off of other people.

  97. this may upset people here but this chapter solidifies the 4th hokage as the second greatest ninja of all time.

    that nimber 1 spot goes to the 1st hokage

  98. *number*

  99. This show how strong and worthy Kage title minato was… Tobi who contorled Pein like a pupet is probably stronger than pein other wise pein wouldn´t be the puppet he was, and Minato Kicked Tobi as so he ran away like a scared little kitty, so Minato would have owned pein to beacuse minato is the strongest ther is

  100. @the people the compålain about Minatos reason to not let kushina take the fox and die…

    he did´t want the balance of the tailed beasts to be destroyed..

  101. What i liked about this chapter is just sheer speed of minato using jutsus and sealing almost at the same time! the masked dude obviously didnt think he had a chance to kill minato otherwise he would of took it!

    what I didnt realise is Kushina can actually use that chakra in reality not just in naruto’s head! So i wonder if naruto can use the Chakra Chains now that he knows of the chakra of his mother?

    Also it seems to me that naurto will learn some special seals if he is to eventually be a Hokage and the dead demon seal would be an obvious one! but who would teach him???

    So naurto has only half the chakra of the kyubi, which means that the jubbi cannot exist? or if he did he would not be complete? seems naruto would use sage

  102. @mattmaru
    Naruto can´t learn the Dead demon seal as long as he is a jinchuuriki…

  103. hey kage level, its interesting the debate about who is the strongest kage! As far as i know its the 3rd as he knew allot more jutsu’s then the 1st and 2nd as he was taught by both of them but that doesn’t mean the the 1st and 2nd where weak by any stretch of the imagination.

  104. additionally, minato’s arrogance pissed me off. the shinobi under hiruzen had driven the kyuubi out of the village. Minato should have helped out and come up with a solution with Hiruzen. But instead he teleport the kyuubi away and come up with the bright idea of killing himself.
    you are an uber strong ninja minato, but your decisions leave much to be desired.
    @p: don’t just copy and paste things, without taking time to think about what they mean. What does ‘destroy the balance’ mean?

  105. so the nine tails(maybe all tailed beasts aswell) has eternal resurection syndrome. i wonder if each time it dies and resurects its memory remains..

  106. @thebeastwithin

    Obito would make a great villain. He was a firsthand casualty of war, and he of all people would want to fix the ninja system and create true peace. He probably lost sight of that along the way along with most other characters that seek peace (Nagato) because they realized the ninja system can’t be fixed…it must be either destroyed or completely controlled. Even Minato suggested that there may not be peace as long as a ninja system exists.

    And this is all assuming he retained his identity after being crushed and didn’t develop some form of amnesia. If he was picked up by Madara or Zetsu, they could have molded him any number of ways the same as what Tobi did to Sasuke.

    I think most interestingly is where is Zetsu in all this mess. He is obviously affiliated with Tobi by this point as he already has the limbs created by zetsu’s spores. Maybe Zetsu was the one who infiltrated all the informaiton on Kushina ect. Maybe he’s just recording the entire fight so as to know all of konoha’s abilities since literally everyone is fighting.

  107. I think that Minato made a reasonable decision by choosing to die. As we have been made continually aware of Minato is not really the type of person who takes needless action;it can’t be a stupid choice. There has to be some some reason, or some achievement that Minato could only accomplish through death to motivate him to make this sacrifice.
    So why did minato have to die when his wife was clearly ready to die for him? Why did Minato have to die and leave his newborn son, Naruto, without any immediate family for the rest of his life? Why did Minato have to die with his wife at this time and not wait until Naruto was older to seal the nine-tails inside of him? Minato’s death brings up all of these questions.
    First, like p said, Minato couldn’t let kushina die with the nine-tails inside her because that would destroy the balance between the tailed beasts. If minato did not seal the Nine-tails in some way, other nations like the land of lightning or the land of water would surelyt try to get their hands on it. If the land of Lightning got the Nine-tails, it would kind of be what they wanted kushina was kidnapped by kumo before. And if the land of water got it, tobi, who probably has some ties there right now would find a way to get to it. Even if Minato didn’t know where tobib came from,he still couldn’t let any of the other shinnobi villages have the strongest tailed beast while the leaf village had none.
    And if he had let the nine-tails die with kushina and it did come back again the Leaf probably wouldn’t handle it better than they did with this attack. I mean, basically the strongest ninja in the village could only manage to hold the Nine-tails back. Minato only managed to restrain it because of kushina. If minato had stayed alive yo raise Naruto, there’s no telling that he could find a special chakra to match kushina’s
    So minato could not let kushina die with the fox because it would mess up the balance between the bijuu.
    I don’t think that minato was willing to risk kushina’s life on the slom chance that Naruto would end up with her abililities. This battle upset Minato unlike anything else. He said “This is awful”while looking at the scene.If he had stayed alive even just to watch Naruto grow up., he might have been continually haunted by the fact that he watched kushina die with Naruto in plain sight. He might have been consumed with trying to find the masked guy or the kyubi for the rest of his life. He was probably thinking about kakashi and his father, how even though sakumo did the right thing the village hated him for choosing his friends over the mission. He orobably did not want the entire village to know exactly what he was about to do because it would probably breed mistrust between the kage and his village. Danzo is still alive at this point and might have tried his coup earlier if Minato had stayed.
    Finally Minato probably wanted to seal t the Fox now and not later because there would not have been a better time. If he had to wait until Naruto was older, he would have probably faced some resistence from his son. With the envirinment as it might have been, Minato probably couldn’t have explained to Naruto what having the Fox ibside him would mean. Pain loneliness and all that stuff without the love part No kushina was the best one to have that talk with her son. With her about to die and Naruto still to young to understand, Minato had to give kushina this chance. That’s probably why he chose to use the Dead Demon Seal because of its imprint ability. His death was just a necessary consequence to give his family some way to be whole.
    So minato’s death wasn’t a needless one. He was a grreat Ninja who thought about the future of his village, his fanmily and the world before thinking of his own.
    I am probably not thinking all this through but it seems to me that minato was a model ninja. You guys are free to start tearing this theory apart, but I feel like I have at least put a little something more in the discussion about minato.

  108. @Madzi, bravo. I just didn’t want to be the one to say all of that. When I say I give Minato his props, I mean battle-wise just to be clear

  109. @madzikage/kisuzachi
    he teleported the nine-tails away because it was about to blow up the village and there was nothing else teh third could do to stop it




    im just curious what the hell do u think this blast would have done to the village the hokage’s first job is to protect the village which as you can see has survived without serious damage thanks to the combined work of its hokage and other shinobi.

  110. Like I said “destriy the balance” probably means that having the kyubi become more or less a free agent somewhere down the road is unacceptable. First, because the leaf has enemies in the lightning village and tobi who are just itching tio get their hands on it. Second if either of these enermies attacked the village again with the kyubi or another tailed beast or just a massive ninja invasion. Minato and the Leaf probably couldn’t defend themselves.

  111. what i want to know is if minato mastered the sage arts, why didn’t he use it in this battle when he was low on chakra? you only see jaraiya use it once when he was about to be killed, and naruto uses it all the time, so why hasn’t minato used it?

  112. @jray one has to e still to gain enuf nature chakra to use sage. Tobias was continually on his ass so I’m thinking he just didn’t have the.time maybe?? And for all those arguing madz and kisu just take after me and ignore them lol. They are the type that argue just to argue;it was amusing at first but now its just annoying. If what try say is a great theory or something That all good but when all they do is argue points just to hear themselves it gets annoying so I say ignore them…. so far Its worked for me lol

  113. @jrayla: Minato being a sage was base-less assumption. I once pointed out that fukasaku would have mentioned it during Naruto’s sage training, if for nothing else than the fact that he was the 4th.
    @Naruto Tutor: I hear what you are saying, but I feel that the ‘balance’ was just a means of making villages dedicate resources to taming bijuu. NB: killerbee and yugito are the only jinjuuriki known to have complete control (housing a bijuu does not make it an effective weapon).
    The only reason Naruto was able to ‘defeat’ Pein is because of the intel jiraiya gained and the time and resources Konoha dedicated to figuring him out. The same wud apply there. Use minato’s intel. I fail to understand how minato (who’s not a jinjuuriki) goes toe to toe with the masked man but assumes Naruto will need bijuu level chakra to battle the masked man in the future… Pure arrogance.

  114. @madz Okay. I see what you’re saying, too. Maintaining the balance between the bijuu was more pf a political move by the Fourth Hokage to keep a sort of peace between the nations than it was a manuver to resecure its military strength. You also question minato’s logic pf withholding key infomation about Madara ftom the third and the rest of the village. I don’t really have a good counterargument yet. Maybe minato wanted to multi-task by restraining the kyubi andbeing with his family one more. Minato seems to really want to balance his public and private life on ways that are different from past or future kages. Maybe he thought it was useless to relay that information right then because of the Fox. I don’t know for sure.

    Oh, and I just learned about Onemanga’s fate I’m going to miss its interpretation of chapters like this one, but more importantly I will miss the opportunity to read the early chapters of Naruto for both pleasure and research. Having onemanga as a source helped me to look ar Naruto from a wider perspective. I really couldn’t beginn to comment on Naruto if I dodn’t have access to the manga itself. I guess if I really want cpmment more, I have to go out the store and buy some volumes. I’d be doing more to suport Naruto and Kishi if I did that. Anyways, here’s to one manga for being a great resource!

  115. @Madzikage, Gotta say I don’t fully disagree with you on that one but we don’t know how long the Fox was going to stay trapped, Kushina only said for awhile. The fox could have broken out a few days later or something, he probably wanted to make sure the fox wouldn’t be a threat and if the Fox would once again break out this would be another chance Madara would use to attack again.

    What better way to stop this if the Kyuubi if seal in a male jinchuuriki where the seal won’t be vulnerable to child birth. The Naruto could gain control over the bijuu and use this special child to take down the Masked Guy! It’s obvious what he was doing!

  116. @ Madzikage, Jiraiya said Minato was the strongest ninja to ever come out of the leaf and he didn’t do anything without reason! Everything he did was carefully planned and I believe this is no different so stop trying to find fault in every single chapter it’s starting to get boring.

  117. I think what he meant by destroying the balance of Tailed beast, it would weaken Konohas power! All the five great nations are basically on the same level because the all have tailed beast and by Konoha losing the Kyuubi it could dramatically weaken it and make it more vulnerable to the others trying to take over to gain more power!

  118. Oh man. If onemanga isn’t really going to be shut down,then I’m going to be really annoyed! Sometimes, I’m just a sucker for bad news. I didnt really even do much fact checking. I truly believe all those things I said before, and I really don’t think that thos post should detract ftom my last one. I just feel lile I might just have been wasting my time because I was too hasty to make conclusions.

  119. there is something subscribed on his back and he’s wearing handcuffs

  120. “I fail to understand how minato (who’s not a jinjuuriki) goes toe to toe with the masked man but assumes Naruto will need bijuu level chakra to battle the masked man in the future… Pure arrogance.”

    As you can see, Minato’s skills in analyzing his opponent if higher than any ninja we have seen so far and judging by the fact a normal ninja would have a hard time with Masked Guy I guess he figured a jinchuuriki would pose a greater threat, everyone knows that a Jinchuuriki is the greatest asset to any village. He knew someone would need special powers to to be able to take him. Now that Naruto has control of the Fox,he needs to learn FTG to higher level and Sealing techniques and a few more offensive jutsu and he’s good to go well, I hope!LOL

  121. @yellowflash: I could say the same thing about ur minato poll jockin’ but this is an open forum so everyone is entitled to their opinion as they are entitled to simply ignore the opinions they don’t agree with.
    Additionally, with regard to ur theory about the tailed beasts being a powerful asset to the villages. That’s not true, the manga has shown that other than kumo, most times the bijuus powers weren’t even harnessed by the villages. That’s why I say they were just a was of preventing war by making the villages occupy time and resources to attempting to harness their power.

  122. @Yellowflash, didn’t I explain this way above?

    “well let me explain. The Kyubi obviously wont be resurrected in a short amount of time. IF that’s the case, the Kyubi would simply allow Naruto to die so he can be reborn, the sheer fact he hasn’t done that means its a LARGE time span. This is effectively the same as killing the Kyubi, BUT Konoha will have a chance to re-capture it in the future and thus foiling the MAsked Man’s plan. Or perhaps the translation is sketchy. ”

    That’s what I said.

    Btw, Onemanga is gonna die by next week. Luckily there are many other sites just like it. If anyone wants, I could post a few licks to other such sites.

  123. @madzikage

    Have you ever heard of Nash economics? It’s kindof like that. The Leaf could not have a jinchurriki, and it would be easier, but what if the other villages learn to control their bijuu? Also, what if Kumo decided to attack Konoha with Killerbee, then what?

    We don’t know how much info was transfered between villages regarding their bijuu, probably very little, so each village had to assume the others had control of their tailed beast.

  124. okay madz. lay those links out, if you please!

  125. oops i’m sorry kisuzachi. it won’t happen again. Thank you for helping me btw, there are quitea few interesting user names on this site, how did you come up with yours? Mine is basically naruto and a random word. I guess a” tutor” is supposed to help people understand a subject, but I haven’t really increased the understanding of others about Naruto just yet. kisu,thanks again!

  126. @Naruto Tutor, ha, mine is just a combination of KISame, zabUZA and itaCHI 🙂

  127. Minato got rid of tobi’s hand like it was nothing. I guess to summon enything you should probably keep your hands on your body,even if you can’t use them.

  128. “comeon Kushina!!! teach your SON!”: I think it will be rasengan-esq where she can only tech basics, but since it’s Minato’s technique, Naruto has to figure it out himself.

    “500 chapters later”: Most people realized a while ago…

    “Tobi’s technique wont affect Kakashi”: I disagree, I think it would work to strand Kakashi in another dimension since he has no way to get back. Though he may be able to counter attack before he gets sent.

    I think that Tobi’s Teleportation is beter than FTG but Minato is (or at least was during this last confrontation) beter at fighting with his jutsu than Madara was. However Tobi probably copied his movements and learned from his mistake by now (present day) while Minato is dead so it doesn’t mean much. So I don’t think Naruto will be able to own Madara even if he learns FTG. Here are the differences I see: 1. Madara’s jutsu is unpredictable and requires no set-up: Minato’s is predictable and requires seals 2. Madara’s jutsu phases through attacks: Minato’s sends them elsewhere 3. Madara’s jutsu is sustainable: Minato’s is a one-way type thing.

  129. I get the feeling Tobi had handcuffs because he was kept prisoner deep within Konoha, a super secret prison if you will, Danzo with all the insight to the villages underground, as he has, probably set Tobi loose and they plotted the take over of Konoha until Minato intervened and stopped their plot, it is likely that Madara was defeated by theFirst Hokage, maybe they had that Naruto and Sasuke type relationship, the First couldn’t bring himself to finish of Madara, I mean what is the deal with the cuffs and chains. Another thing I think the ability to attach and detach arms is very important, I mean he managed to stop Suigetsus Decapitation Sword with his arm, but looses it to a Kunai in a fight with Minato, Sasori’s arm perhaps? Maybe he might use Jiraiya’s hacked up arm to release the seal Naruto has in his stomach, their is something fishy about the arm chopping and limb loss. Either way something suspicious about the limbs. Well whatever the case Minato handled the situation very well, weighing the consequences of his decision and choosing as he saw fit.

  130. its defentely uchiha madara, and madara isnt weak, he just messed against the wrong ninja, 4th hokage is the best hokage and was said to be the most powerfull ninja of his time surpassing everyone, even the writer of naruto confirmed that, madara didnt even think harishama was worthy of hokage only he was but admitted fourth was worthy of the title

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