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Gedo Mazo + 9 Biju = Juubi

Hey Folks, I was on Naruto Wiki and I was looking at Ten Tails discussions and something really caught my attention. Someone said it was strange how the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path or for does that love the japanese name Gedō Mazō’s shape resembles Juubi. I don’t know or remember if this was done before but hey what the hell. Now this had me investigate and check something so I went back to Nagato’s flashback in Chapter 447 when he summoned the beast not the statue. I really sat down and weight this theory and it is highly likely this theory can be true. Yeah I may get some negative feedback but this holds some merit.




1: Because Juubi is seen in a shadow silhouette we do not know the actual figure of the beast except its tails resemble Kyubi’s. Both GM and Kyubi’s upper bodies and arms resemble Juubi’s . Many think Kyubi’s body is the main body type for Juubi but you have to remember Kyubi is a physical manifestation of Juubi’s split chakra not its actual body. It’s actual body is not on the Earth , or is it? Keep reading.

2: When you look at Gedō Mazō he has ten stubs on his back and shoulders were the tails could have been but removed when SotSP split the beast. (You have to look at page 8 and page 10 of chapter 447 to get a good count). But the stubs may not mean tails. If look back at the pic of Juubi in Chapter 467 (How ironic 20 chapter after 447..20 divided by 2 equals 10…yeah yeah bad joke..lol) and you will notices spike like figures behind the body but in front of the tails of Juubi in what seems to be the same places the stub are on GM. Look as close as you can and you will see the spikes like figures. The spike theory is more plausible but do not rule out the tails.

3: Now though when we see the statue it has 9 indivdual eyes but the actual beast Nagato summons has its eye or eyes covered suggesting to me that SotSP when he split Juubi of course its eyes were transferred to his Uchiha son leaving a blinded beast explaining the covered eye. It can also be implied that because the 9 eyes on the statue are on the outside of the actual covered eye or eyes of GM then it can be said (But is true) that the 9 eyes are only there to tell the number of beast within the statue. Once all beast are collected the statue could come alive again shed the cover and 9 eyes to reveal the original eye of sorts since the Dojutsus are still with their clan members except Nagato’s Rinningan which Konoha and Konan who have each of Pain and Nagato’s bodies. However we do know at less one of the dojutsus is comformed to be part of the Juubi. The “All Powerful” Sharingan.


4: Yeah Juubi’s body is in the moon but it is weak and all it chakra is missing so a Rinningan user probably could summon the beast without worry of it attacking. I know that it was said that it’s body became the moon by Madara but remember Nagato said that the SotSP using a jutsu similar to Chibaku Tensei was used to create the moon suggesting that its body is somewhere within the moon, most likely the core of it. Give its appearance, Gedō Mazō a good chance to be the beast summoned back by a Rinningan user. Also remember people were wondering the sheer size of the Juubi compare to the moon’s size. The picture the link above leads to shows the sheer size of GM in statue mode (that’s is only its upper body mind you)and if GM is Juubi depowered then Juubi is a big son of a bitch. Much bigger than Kyubi.

Now think about this. Why not use the one thing that was originally the beast body and use it chakra absorbing abilities (which we seen from the GM statue and the GM beast itself) to suck out the beast chakra and soul from the jinchūriki and put it back into its own body? Last but not less because Juubi has no powers left it would explain why GM as an old, wrinkly, decrypted look to it and the reason it can only absorb chakra it because it wants it chakra back and it need to suck its chakra back into itself.

Before I go I checked and compared the Juubi’s raw picture on Naruto Wiki Ten Tailed page, the One Manga scanalation version and Stoptazmo scanalation version and it shows someone tampered with both the scanalation versions that hides the spikes. For what reason I do not know. So if you looking and really can’t see the spike lines is because you maybe looking at translation scaned version. One Manga looks like lower scan quality compare to Stoptazmo but Stoptazmo changed the shade of the beast. Both hide the spike like figure lines.




The Raw version of course is the true version. If you are non believers. Check Shonen Jump May 2010 Volume 8 issue 5 page 221 or US Volume 50, Chapter (of course) 467. The lower link is the same picture used by Viz if you need a up close look. Once you see, you will see this theory is sound.

Something I wanted to put out there.

Sorry guys i couldn’t add the pictures myself to help explain better. So I hope the links will work for you guys. sorry for the inconvenience.


29 Responses

  1. wtf r u getting at??

    long useless post.

  2. ( net is slow, this is why i am not logged on :p)
    1st…. i think…

    Anyways great theory, it holds alot of ground.
    And i think its the only theory as to what the juubi is.

    However i would like to find out more as to why GM has to absorb the tailed beasts in order otherwise it will crack. Just why?

  3. Dammit i wasnt first grrrr…
    its not a useless long post.
    Pherhaps in your opinion, but think about it if the Gm is the juubi in a different form, then pherhaps, using the 7 tailed beast akatsuki have already gathered they could form a varient of the Juubi… as strong, or even stronger then the nine tails ( the nine tails supposedly makes up 50% of the Juubi’s chakra.)

    if its true it could lead to many things….

  4. @cesc
    Useless…. well I can see you did not even read the post. If you did you must have glace through it because it is no way useless and everything I wrote hold more merit then probably any other theory out there as to Juubi identity. OR you just decided to spam. anyway read. If you mean the last part of my post about comparing the picture is to show you that if you look at certain pic you will not see the outline of the spikes. that is why you need to see the raw or Viz versions of the manga to see the spike on Juubi’s back.

  5. And @ Shin

    Thanx for the support.

    The absorbing in order thing could be a plothole or something. since in at first they went atfer Naruto first in Part 1 though he was save by Jiraiya, Then the anime is over stepping the manga by having the seventh tails absorbed before the sixth tails as said by Kisame in that filler, the Akatsuki had 6 or the 9 already. just a plothole.

    but it could be like you said Kyubi is maybe like 50 percent or more of Juubi’s chakra and GM needs to start of small and work his way up. like normal nature if something take on something too fast it can overflow and/or break faster like water in a glass. But if something work over a period of time it is easily controled and will last longer or forever.

  6. I like the post an I believe there is a connection with gm an the jubi would like to see more post like this

  7. @ryu

    so far you r correct now you must figure out what those things you call spikes actually are. maybe looking at on of the other tailed beasts will give you the answers you are looking for.

  8. @ryu1978
    I like this theory, but I think Gedo Mazo was the method that the Sage of Six Paths used to capture the Jubi. Given that it can absorb Biju chakra and can then Synchronize with someone, I think that it was the method used to contain and eventually disperse the Jubi chakra, its only logical that it becomes the container and unifies that chakra so that later on someone could recreate a new Jubi using an adequate host, I think Naruto or Sasuke, depending on the winner of their confrontation, will be used by Madara in order to achieve his goal of recreating the Jubi, and then he will control them or so he thinks, that why he is allowing them to boost their powers. What do you think?

  9. Ok. here it goes. Great Post. Excellente theory. Actually , I think those are not spikes, those are broken tails ( lol, sound weird but listen) as you know, the tails also represent the chakra ( the more chakra, the more tails, as we can see in naruto’s transformations) so, maybe what the sage send to the space wasnt the juubi’s body, maybe it was his chakra, and thats why those spikes ( tails) are broken. and we see that the gm is not as strong as it should be. and thats why it is gathering all that chakra ( tailed beasts) so he can fullfuly transform into the Juubi again ( the full juubi) . and maybe Nagato was able to control it cuz of his rinnegan ( the same reason the sage was able to control it) and now tobi can control it cuz he has the body n the eyes of the sage ( i personally think , that tobi is madara+tobirama senju, i mean, madara’s soul n eyes in tobirama senju’s (aka the sencond hokage) body) (check my theory in the last post, ”Dont Mess with the Yellow Flash”)

  10. nice post. it had me thinking. there are a lot of similarities. i think tobi/madara is trying to recreate the jubi and the sage of six paths. this is where naruto and sasuke come in. sasuke is going to get the strongest dojustu. remember sasukes mangekyo. almost a star looking pattern, has that got the same amount of points as what the jubis tomoes are??? make sasukes eyes strong enough and he will control the gm, giving the gm the middle eye similar to the jubi. which is exactly what tobi/madara told kisame in an earlier chapter (about sasuke controlling the gm after pain passed away). sasuke is a form of hatred, a cold dark chakra source. naruto will be the re-incarnate of the sage of six paths, unbelievable powers, the ability to be the strongest jinchuriki, and i think kishi or someone else said kishi mentioned that naruto will have the coolest eyes of all??? maybe tobi/madara wants naruto and sasuke to fight to the death, ending the power play of the tailed beasts and the strongest eyes, maybe tobi/madara wants to re-create the sage of six paths so there is one who is stronger than all to take lead and create peace or maybe tobi/madara wants sasuke to win using the gm because they are trying to show the true strength of the uchiha, although with the last thought, why let naruto live for so long??? sorry i really have no idea but you know, they are thoughts. 😛

  11. i really like this post and it makes alot of sense, the one sorta hole i see that you did address was the eyes not appearing on when nagato first summoned it, but it would make sense that it started appearing once it started collecting tailed beasts BUT when Akatsuki summons the statue it’s not alive, as opposed to when its used for battle, that doesnt make sense, so maybe when its absorbing a tailed beast, that Gedo Mazo is probaly just a container of some sort to be fused with the actual one after its completed

    Gedo Mazo must be hungry for chakra since thats all it does in the series, and it has been a long time so the old wrinkly appearance does seem plausible

  12. @ CarlosZ and the truth

    CarlosZ, That is what I thought at first. The stubs were where the tails could have been until I seen the raw version of the Juubi picture and noticed the outline spikes like things. I got that Shonen jump i mentioned with that Juubi pic so I got a closer look and noticed that if you look at GM and then Juubi you will notice that the six spike like things on Juubi (to the truth-I say spike like because we of course do not know what they are and they are not part of the tails on Juubi. but lets do look at the other beast and see if they have spike like things on then.) and the front five stubs on GM’s shoulders and that one big middle stub are basically in the same spots. Also is it not strange that whenever we see GM either in Statue mode or actual summoned beast we do not see its lower body….hmmmmmmm….makes you wonder why only is its upper body shown? no other summoned beast or Tailed Beast is shown in this manner. Makes you wonder. The only thing I can’t piece together is that one thing on Juubi’s right side that is in front of tail #3. I do not know.

  13. I truly enjoyed this post. It was an excellent idea and I hope it comes true. Everything else I have to say has been covered

  14. @ryu I get it. thanks for the correction,
    so what I think, is that we cant see the lower part of the gedo mazo because thats where the tails were suppossed to be. And now, connect this to my previous theory : ””’the tails also represent the chakra ( the more chakra, the more tails, as we can see in naruto’s transformations) so, maybe what the sage send to the space wasnt the juubi’s body, maybe it was his chakra, and we see that the gm is not as strong as it should be. and thats why it is gathering all that chakra ( tailed beasts) so he can fullfuly transform into the Juubi again ( the full juubi) . and maybe Nagato was able to control it cuz of his rinnegan ( the same reason the sage was able to control it) and now tobi can control it cuz he has the body n the eyes of the sage ( i personally think , that tobi is madara+tobirama senju, i mean, madara’s soul n eyes in tobirama senju’s (aka the sencond hokage) body) (check my theory in the last post, ”Dont Mess with the Yellow Flash”) ””’
    And we have, the perfect theory 😛 Its complicated, but It kinda have his own logic:P

  15. Excellent post. Never really thought about gedo mazu after nagato or what happened to the pein rinnegans but I’m not sure if it is juubi body because I don’t think nagato was powerful enough to summon something that immensely powerful I mean imagine juubi w/o chakra after seeing what kyuubi can do

  16. @eaglesfan10 Nagato was able tu summon it, cuz it was chakra-less and power-less, and cuz nagato had the rinnegan

  17. @Carlos we still have never seen tobi using ems or ms actually so I still don’t believe he is madara but with ur gm an jubi theory I can see that being true just with tobi if he is using tobiramas body an he has the ultimate eyes then there’s no need for naruto or sasuke an my lil theory is that he’s wanting sasuke an naruto to fight so they can be weakened from the battle an that’s when he can defeat them taking sasukes eyes an narutos body

  18. Yeah, maybe he wants naruto’s body cuz like every villian, he’s greedy and he wants more and more, and he wants sasuke’s eyes to upgrade his own eyes.

  19. NO NO NO NO NO, the second is in a coffin buried in the ground, who has white hair not black, smh. Unless you feel as though during the episode when he came out of the coffin he was acting funny, well maybe it could be him, but its not, honest!!!!

  20. @truth Ohh yeah, and kabuto used to have normal eyes, not snake eyes! but now he has snake eyes! maybe the second’s body changed , while having madara inside him.

  21. yes because the second ate madara, lol

  22. Carlos you must have missed kyuubi launching menacing ball after losing ALL OF IT’S CHAKRA. Bijuu are still uber powerful without chakra thus juubi would be beyond nagato’s control. And rinnegan doesn’t equal juubi ownage just like kakashi can’t manipulate kyuubi just because he’s a powerful sharingan user. Plus gedo mazu could just be a legless statue. Shit like that happens all the time in art. Just look at picaso’s work.

  23. And i don’t agree with your theory either Carlos. If the sage sent the chakra to the moon how do we have bijuu? Unless your arguing they are totally unrelated and juubi just needs their chakra. But then why not just give up most akatski to gm? Kisame= bijuu level chakra as did pein as did most members then you would only need shakaku and Tobi could do that himself.

  24. @Eaglesfan, nah, the Juubi’s BODY is in the moon while its chakra is in the 9 bijus 😀

  25. @eagles you’re right. But Lets see what happens in the next chapter.

  26. I know kisu I was just proving an earlier point:)

  27. This is a really interesting theory, and it really made me think about when Naruto appeared as the sage of 6 paths while sealing the 9 tails, which lead me to the same conclusions as Minatofan.

  28. haha. thats a good one. i already thought of this and i put it in one of my comments before. hehe

  29. Good analysis dude – just watched eps 173, that suckers got (9) stubs sticking out from it – that thing HAS to be the Jyuubi for sure.

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