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Finally I can post a new chapter again! Okay, so heres the newest chapter of Naruto, Chapter 502! Let’s see what mahem will incur. I hope that everyone enjoys!


And heres a little extra for u guys

Let the theories begin!


79 Responses


  2. first a 2nd time!!! yes!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! TRULY AWESOME AND AWEINSPIREINBG! Now i know WHY minato is considered the greatest of the Kages and i only see him do a LITTLE bit of action! This was great, I cant wait to see how Naruto reacts to all of this!
    P.S. ROFLMFAO at Guy’s fashion sense. Now i understand everything wrong with Lee.

  4. i luv minato!!! he is buy proven to be one of the most powerful ninja’s and the more you see him the more you realise just how good he is!!!

    he was able to analyse a situation come up with conclusions and make decisions based on logic within seconds!!!

    You see more of his use of space time ninjutsu which really seems to be the ultimate type of ninjutsu in the narutoverse.

    I really really hope that naruto learns a similar FTG tech because it would be good to see the return of the yellow flash!!! or rather the orange flash! hahahahah

    Still awesome action!!!

    idea’s on how minato loses this? It has to be that he is winning and then somehow has to make a deadly decision? he is just too good to lose this head on!!

  5. you also find out about the sucking oponents into another dimension as an offensive tech which wasnt revealed before. Yes you see that sasuke went somewhere but you didnt know it was used offensively!

    minato is AMAZING!

    can someone also tell me what the difference is between lvl 2 and levl 1 FTG? i didnt ge tit from reading?

  6. this is why minato is my favorite character! its almost unfair how good he is. i dont see how anyone could complain about this chapter. he is acting like a true hokage.

    also is anyone else getting the feeling that itachi and sasukes parents have something to do with tobi and the nine-tails attack. if they are i have to say everything that happened to uchiha clan was well deserved.

  7. im just syked that this is the first time Tobi has been seriously hurt, i mean he just tore off his arm during the fight with danzo’s boys so i dont think the arm was of any importance.

    Damn minato is badass, tobi may have the superior space ninjutsu, but minato is more clever using his!

    Anyone else notice how fast minato came up that it might be maddara, and figure out how tobi’s abilities work and right after that succesfully lands a hit on tobi? That just blew my fuking mind, and here wev been through hundreds of chapters seeing people try so hard to even faze tobi, and minato does it in one fell swoop.

  8. Man, minato is a cool dude. He seems to have the respect of the village, but you know, Minato must have been recently named hokage because shikamaru’s father did not bother to address him as such. As a fighter he is as fast as they come. And he has some of the coolest lines in the series right now:

    Madara: you will face me!
    Minato: AAAnd we’re done!

    Minato plays up the action hero role!

  9. Actually, Sandaime is considered the most powerful *whistles and goes to read the chapter >_>

  10. @kisu-

    Hater lol.

  11. K seriously….. minato is a BEASTTTTT. Not only is his analytical skills spot on along with his lightning speed and quick thinking, he also used a awesome space time jutsu and teleported the nine tails attack to a safe place. And managed to hit madara with a rasengan right in the back. (BTw off topic but did anyone notice how old kakashi looks even though he should be around 16 or so in this panel? hmmmm…. Obito theorys may be dying but i cant say that the theory is dead). Anywho also it Was odd how sasukes parents were out and away from their NEWBORN son. Perhaps they really do have something to do with this incident or maybe they sensed it and went off to help???? ANyways just a couple thoughts. MINATO ftw is awesome…. god why did he have to die?!?!

  12. @kisu seriously minato is soo badass… u cant hate on this guy u just cant man or ur reallly just hating for no reason.
    @naruto tutor that ‘aaanndd were done’ comment was awesome lol.

  13. wow the 4th was amazing, it was really good to see him do some more fighting, when naruto and the rest of his team m8s faced off with pain this included Kakashi and Yamato which r considerd smart in ther own rights had no idea wht time of day it was but the 4th took seconds!! and landed a hit to top it off….evry justsu the 4th has use so far has bin made from him, another tribute to the guys amzing mind, i always wonderd why everyone said he was the greatest hokage, i mean look how great of a ninja the 1st hokage was but now i know my fav character was the best nenji we hav seen so far!!

  14. The Second Hokage is slowly seeming more badass with each new reveal. I guess Hiruzen took part in the fight with the Kyubi. I wanna see him go all out with that angry, overweight, rabies-infested fox πŸ™‚

  15. @Greenpeas, I’m figuring things from here play out like the Gaara/Deidara fight. Minato is in control, the Kyuubi turns out to be too much for the Third and the rest of the village, Minato tries to help there, but his chakra is depleted from battling Tobi/Madara/Whoever, and has to pull out the trump card because he’s out of options. Meanwhile, Tobi/Madara/Whoever realizes that his plan is failing and has to retreat.

    @ftw, yeah, definately suspicious that Sasuke and Itachi’s parents are absent during this fight.

    A good chapter, but is it just me, or are these newer action-heavy chapters almost too fast paced? I read them in no time and it seems like there should be about twice as much material.

  16. yea its ridiculous how his jutsus r just offensive and defensive at the same time and something even as powerful as the nine tails energy attack got sucked up and teleported away like nothing. Not to mention him having his kunai all have the seal on it is genious. ppl kept sayin how that was a fault and how it would not be as effective one on one… well this shows minato knew exactly what he was doing and his analysis seems to be at this point as good as shikamarus… I mean in mere seconds he came to a conclusion of madaras abillities, who it may be and how to best attack him and not only that he successfully landed a attack!

  17. im not hating, just fact stating. Word lol

  18. MINATO IS A BEAST BY ALL STANDARDS!!!!!! Its amazing how he got in that hit on tobi so fast by himself. Everything about how he is fighting and handling the situation shows that he is 100% in every part of his life. btw he is the only person thus far to put a spankin on madara πŸ˜€ Minato = WIN WIN WIN NO MATTA WAT! lol

  19. @corvis remember this is supposed to be a taste as this is all in narutos mind and a further backstory on madara and his identity and the attack. (personally i would love a gaiden of this battle either in anime or a manga going full details if these stop soon).

  20. ther was a good point that was pointed out by someone, this manga also showd us what kinda ability the 2nd hokage had.. seems he was a pretty gifted himself

  21. is everyone forgetting Fu and Torune? Those guys were the first to put a hit on Madara (though canonically its Minato). C’mon, give Danzo’s grunts some credit πŸ™‚

    Gotta admit though, it was pretty neat how Minato teleported the blast away. If only the Kyubi had eaten one of his kunais, then he could just teleport the blast into its stomach πŸ˜€

  22. @”The Second Hokage is slowly seeming more badass with each new reveal”

    this shows that he and the first weren’t using all their abilities when they fought the third, but why are we talking about them the forth hokage is a total badass lol ftw

  23. i loved this chapter, it had action and it had explanations. Minato is by far ONE of the greatest shinobi. He has no eye power (kekkei something…) and all the moves he pulls out is all based on his skill alone. No one taught him anything, he is pure original.
    Madara was stronger here than he was when the grunts fought him. He’s younger. i theorize that his longevity consumes his chakra and his very life essence; hence, if he was younger, he would have more chakra and be stronger overall.

  24. as expected from the fourth hokage….but pls how strong is the second…he has space nd time jutsu(according to minato’s statement on pg 12) and he also can do edo tensei…(accordin to kabuto…not sure of pg)…the second must really be bad ass…let alone his water jutsu’s….. well it has been sed by kishi that minato is the best…so am proud of him

  25. haven’t read the chapter yet, will do so in a couple of hours. Just wanted to say that of course minato should be badass in battle… Yondaime Hokage, Konoha’s YeLLOW FLASH, retreat on sight, etc remember? I just wish such quick thinking had occurred when it truly mattered, i.e. Masked man’s first appearance.

    PS: haven’t read the manga, but people are saying masked man survives a direct hit with a rasengan that was able to disconnect deva path from nagato but masked man can still fight? This is either an example of Kishi and his potholes, or you guys aren’t explaining it properly, but I’ll see when I read the chapter.

  26. Wow it seems the Second was no joke, he was the basis for the most broken jutsu in the Narutoverse, that is impressive. I think that Madara/Tobi is faking a hit like when he faked getting Rasenganed by Naruto when he was posing as Tobi, I don’t know just a thought, Minato is pretty badass, but I’m also interested in seeing how the Third is faring, he did summon Enma after all. That should be interesting.

  27. “This is either an example of Kishi and his potholes” lol. Pot would make a lot of holes in a plot thats for sure lol. Kishi needs an intervention

    @DK, i think its someone different entirely. Why all the mask changes? And why would he regrow his hair just to trim it off again? Besides, in anime and manga, the hair is more important than the face and characters never visit a barber.

    @ftw, I’ll say there wasnt a need for him to use his space-time powers. Just because u can use a move doesnt mean you’ll always use it. Besides, this is just Kishi trying to make Nidaime less suckish. If you realize, his moves are jumbled, there’s no theme to him. How are waster jutsus connected with Edo Tensei? lol Its just a cop out

  28. And guys, if the discussion stops, I’m going to be the devil’s advocate once more πŸ˜‰

  29. Tobi is not madara uchiha, he may be related to him, but he is not him. Tobi may even possess a kekkei genkai that madara also possessed. just food for thought.

  30. @kisu
    well if the Nidaime had used his space-time ninjutsu that fight would have been much shorter because the third could barely keep up with them anyway.

    if u want to keep the discussion going start one about how shady itachi’s parents are looking right now lol

  31. @Kisu: I must agree with u. It seems like Kishi realised that he didn’t have time to develop Tobirama’s character and so he just gives him any spare jutsu that’s lying around. or perhaps Tobirama used to just open the forbidden school and learn whatever jutsu caught his eye.

  32. MINAtO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! OMG, this was the best chapter in a long time, WOW, I am so happy and it was so awesome! MInato it totally living up to the name!

    I guess Kisu and Madzikage are eating their words!HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Don’t hate, just admit you were wrong and kick rocks!

  33. Did you see how he sent the Kyuubi’s blast away without breaking a sweat, you guys have to admit that was awesome!

  34. Kisu and Madzikage just can’t seem to say how great Minato was in this chapter, Kisu is changing the subject to the 2nd and 3rd and Fu and Torune even though they are good comments but come on give him his props, brotha!LOL

    Minato’s analytical skills are amazing, I thought Shikamaru’s was great but Minato only saw him a in action once and gathered that much info and managed to hit him and no one else has done it! I just can’t stop watching this chapter! It was worth the wait!

  35. I know this is a bit random, but, Did anyone notice the hair on the Fourth Hokage’s monument was different now then it was back then? At the present the Fourth’s Hair is down and not spiky at all. But back then, It was really spiky. I think either something happened to the monument during this battle, or the Third Hokage redid the statue to cover up the Fourth’s identity and relation to Naruto. Also, I’m starting to doubt that Tobi is Madara. I mean, why would Minato even ask Tobi if he didn’t have some semblance of what Madara physically looked like. There must have been like a picture, and that statue at the Valley of End must have been a reference.

  36. well, i’m fairly late to this discussion, so i’ll simply say this: DAMN, I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN EPIC CHAPTER. there might b some who disagree (i didn’t read any comments at all, lol), but that’s my 2-cents worth on this chapter

  37. You know what, Madara has to have had some connection to the leaf leaf village leading up to the fox’s attack. Only leaf village should know their way around the security barriers. I’m not sure who Madara’s contacts might be. It may or may not be someone from the uchiha clan.
    By the way, minato really does seem to be the best match for madara so far, as wits and skills go. They have really good comedic timing. I think that scene with guy and kakashi was put near the beginning of this chapter just to highlight this observation. Funny, huh. Does anyone agree, dissagree, or even care?

  38. Oh yeah, another plot hole might be in the assumption that kushina is still in control of the flashblack. Her credibility as a narrator ended last chapter the moment itachi said something. How is kushina supposed to know about anything being said in the village right now? She is virtually on her deathbed.(You guys may have talked about this in earlier post.)

  39. Ok, I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate now. Pain would still win in a fight with Yondaime πŸ˜€

  40. Minato is amazing.

    I think the 1st Hokage is still a better ninja. By far. If Madara had these ocular powers when he was in his prime with the EMS and the 9 tails. Then the 4th wouldn’t be the best. By far.

    It’s crazy to even think Hashirama actually beat both of them. That’s legendary.

  41. this is gonna b e a debate of epic proportions, or just people saying “Piss off Kisu” lol. Either way i cant wait!

  42. @Kagami, Kishi said Madara did NOT have his space-time jutsu when he fought Hashirama.

    @Yellowflash, well it goes without saying how great Minato was in this little skirmish, so I’m pointing out things that weren’t as blatantly obvious.

    On second thought, save the Pain debate till later πŸ™‚

  43. Kisu ridiculous. After seeing minatos quick analysis I’m sure he could figure out pein and his abilities a lot sooner than jiryia did…. not to mention minato is lightning quick. and @kagami according to kishi the third and fourth are the strongest among tHe dead ninja including the first.

  44. When did Kishi say this? If that’s true I gives me doubts it’s not Madara. Even when he lost his eye to Izanagi he still had one left. Doesn’t make sense.

  45. @Kizu
    ….Best trol on this site, w/o a doubt. jajaja devils avocado=trol. jajaja. Great trol, bad arguments that describes you Kizu. πŸ™‚ Damn minatoe = badass, timespace barrier is broken, imagin somone attacking minatoe, thei end up somewhere else, like off of a cliff. 3rd would still school Pein and Nagatoe, he might even let him bak into the academie. 3rd, Jman and Yon would own Pein in 1 on 1 battle. jajaja

  46. i think sometimes u theorists forget that this is a cartoon, a fictional one at that, and reality is based on the writer’s mind…way 2 much over analyzing lol

  47. @Greenpeas I don’t think Naruto needs to learn the FTG. I mean, he’s already got kage bunshin for sneak attacks like minato just pulled.
    Also, one of the things that makes naruto an interesting character is his ability to expand the use of high-level jutsu, like kagebunshin or the rasengan. It’s obvious that FTG is minato’s true speciality while the rasengan may have been an afterthought. Even there are more levels to FTG Minato is probably the only one who will ever fully utilize them.
    I imagine that the only thing Naruto would use FTG for is a quick entrance and nothing more.

  48. People give Jman 2 little credit he uncovered it was madaras sumoning the kyubi even thow he was not prevy to classified info like minato and the third. not to mention Minatoe had refernce points to Mandara. who else would know so much about konoha, Mandara simple as that. their is no references to the rinnegan what so ever totaly diferent situation, dont get me wrong minatoe had to think quikly there but dont downplay Jman, here it proves how smart he was even thow he was not given konoha clasified info.



  49. “lvl 2 and levl 1 FTG”: level one goes to a stationary seal and uses handsigns, level two goes to a moving kunai without handsigns while maintaining speed.

    “weren’t using all their abilities”: I disagree in the sense that they simply COULDN’T use those abilities against Hiruzen. Whatever Space-Time ninjutsu Tobimaru possesed, it was probably less advanced than Minato’s and probably required even more set up/planning. In a hasty battle he couldn’t use Edo Tensei or his Space-Time.

    “After seeing minatos quick analysis”: Well he had a bit of time to think about, and given the knowledge of Konoha and the Kyubbi connection, Madara seems the most likely.

  50. If it was Madara Uchiha, the 4th wouldve told Naruto it was him instead of saying the guy behind the mask. the 4th doesnt believe it is truly Madara even if to an extent it might add up to be him, it is not, this is my TRUTH!

  51. “timespace barrier”: It takes too long for a small agaile opponent. The Kyubbi has the best for firepower, but sucks in speed. Minato has FTG for this, but that itself is not without it’s flaws (though those are only seen after watching him in battle a few times)

    “Minato is probably the only one who will ever fully utilize them.”: I disagree, I beleive this is all build up to Naruto learning FTG and taking it to level 3+ just like how we saw Jiraiya use Rasengan and Sage Mode before Naruto learned it or Sasuke’s various teachers using; Chidori, CS2, Snake Summon,and MS, before he learned them. In fact I also suspect Sasuke will pull out Izanagi, Warp (madara’s), or both befor to long. As to what Naruto will do with it, I suspect that he will use it with Kagebushin so that he can keep going even after a fatal attack.

  52. A bit of time? He did this on the fly not to mention he came to tjw concuusion of madara after referencing tone of info. Yea he had some Indo but to reference all of this information and so quickly is pretty impressive.

  53. Hey guys. Im confused. Where/which chapter did nidaime fight. everybody is talking about his abillities?
    And who did he fight?

  54. Incredible chapter! The fourth is just a smooth badass that I think everyone (minus kisu) will agree is the best. His intelligence and skillset are amazing.

    After hearing about his lvl 2 FTG I immediately thought about “THAT jutsu”. I think that jutsu is a higher level of the FTG that Minato was working on when the incident happened.

  55. “@Kizu
    ….Best trol on this site, w/o a doubt”
    Haha, sadly this troll out-ranks most of ya πŸ™‚

    And I thought I said save the debate till later. Nothing comes between me and watching Yugioh 5ds, not even proving how great Pain was! *goes back to yugioh*

  56. @Eagle87, actually, there are many characters that are probably as good as, if not better than Minato. And fans of those characters would hastily agree. For example:

    @John/JiraiyaFTW, is Minato better than Jiraiya?
    @RinneganInvasion, is Minato better than Itachi or Kabuto?
    @Mart, is Minato better than Kabuto?
    @anyone, is Minato better than Sandaime? Is he better than Tobi? Favoritism
    This is why Kisuzachi(KISame, zabUZA, itaCHI)
    will always defend Itachi, Kisame, Zabuza and Pain as long as its reasonable. For instance, I would never debate Zabuza vs current Naruto, or Zabuza vs Tobi, because its evident he’d lose lol

  57. @kisu

    yes minato is better than jiraiya, itachi and the sandaime, not by alot but yes he is better than all of them. with zabuza, kisame, and kabuto(he iscompletely overated now) its not even a close minato would absolutely destroy all three of them. didnt kishi say minato was the strongest of the dead shinobi that includes everyone u listed

    i would say the closest one is itachi because his fighting style is basically the same as the forth’s, both have insane speed and analytical skills. but no one can keep up with the forth’s speed, the raikage is suppose to be the next best thing when comes to speed and the sharingan couldn’t track him so we can assume it can’t track minato’s movements

  58. That’s just obvious lol. But the more we find out about minato the more u have to realize just how good he really is. And please until we see him fight a strong oponent I do not want to hear kabuto talk lol.

  59. And honestly minato probably is stronger than jiryia see as how minato so far is going toe to toe with an opponent that is supposedly the legendary madara (though probably not) not to mention jiryia has learned the rasengan from his pupil. Minato is smarter than jiryia and has a pretty wide assortment of jutsus.

  60. Oh come on Kisu Minato would totally kick Peins ass, look at how fast he broke down Madaras ability, you honestly think he would have done the same with Peins big secret! He could easyily suck Chibaku Tensei into another dimension and his FTG is so fast he can’t use his other attacks against him it’s no way Pein could have won!

  61. I think the masked Akatsuki is Sasuke’s father because Kushina tells Mikoto that she is having the baby then all of a sudden Madara shows up and attacks and now Mikoto or Fugaku can be found! You think they would just leave their newborn with a child. But maybe they were called away when the Kyuubi attacked, who knows but this Masked guy is only using his normal Sharingan!

  62. @Yellowflash, Token and ftw, you guys really want this debate don’t you? Let me start by making one simple statement. Gravity cannot be teleported because gravity is not energy, its a force, essentially nothingness. Also, gravity in and of itself bends space-time, so saying Minato’s space time jutsus will work is also incorrect.

    Minato’s Reaper Death seal means nothing to someone who could pull those souls out of the Reaper. His speed means NOTHING against gravity (which you CANNOT outrun), so Bansho Tenin removes that. Minato has toad summons, well Pain has a summon that CANT BE KILLED (the red dog). Minato MAY have Sage Mode, Pain knows how to deal with that as well. Minato figured out how to hit the masked man, well so did Fu, Torune, Yamato and Kakashi, and all of them DID hit him. Pain also quickly figured out how to throw off Konoha and gain information with maximum efficiency. Minato is Kage level, Nagato is levels above that lol. I cant wait till 2011 when the next databook should be coming out.

    I would also like to add I never asked any of you the questions. I asked people on this site who love those characters, simply to prove my position on Pain’s abilities. We all defend our favorite characters. Also, I never said Zabuza can beat Minato, I clearly said I would never debate about Zabuza against any current character because most of them are now out of his league. He is simply one of my favorites.

    “….as long as its reasonable. For instance, I would never debate Zabuza vs current Naruto, or Zabuza vs Tobi, because its evident he’d lose lol”

    “didnt kishi say minato was the strongest of the dead shinobi that includes everyone u listed ” No he didnt. He said Minato and Hiruzen are tied. But Konohanians say the third was the most powerful Hokage of them all.

    LMFAO! I REALLY DONT SEE HOW MINATO IS BETTER THAN ITACHI (remember that Itachi and Sasuke CANNOT be held to the same standard)! Please, enlighten me! I also don’t see anything to prove he’s better than Jiraiya, nor do I see anything proving him to be better than Kabuto. We know Kabuto could compete with Sanins since Part 1, and now he’s supposedly even stronger and also has Edo Tensei. He has NAGATO in his original form with all his jutsus in 1 body, Minato would be destroyed against Kabuto lmao. Have fun guys.

  63. Its funny kisu ur practically the only one still talking so much about pein. BTW who do u think is stronger… this masked Guy earlier in his prime or the older version? And why would pein follow someone weaker than himself? My point is pein is under. He command of the current madara who is a weaker version of who he used to be and minato is going toe rotor against the masked man when he was younger…..ill let u figure out what I’m getting at course knowing u u may need some help figuring out simple logic.

  64. And btw kisu weren’t u te one saying the scanning were overrated? So y bother mentioning kabuto going toe to toe with them? (Not to mention kabuto ends up as oros subordinate.) I’m gonna laugh when it turns out kabuto isn’t nearly as powerful as some of u r making him out to be

  65. Yeah, I was done talking about this and he was the one to bring me back in, it’s so funny how he tries to make himself look all innocent!LOL

    First off all MInato would take him out before he uses gravity and it hasn’t been confirmed what your theory is about gravitation and space-time ninjutsu so stop making things up on pure speculation! If he uses Bansho tenin Minato could just disappear before even being brought in and attack from behind and kill him in half a second. Minato also could for him to use Shinra Tensei by throwing something at him and use the five second interval which is an hour to Minato and kill him easily! Chibaku Tensei is an even bigger joke, he can just use a Space/Time ninjutsu to send it somewhere else! Come on there are so many different scenarios it aint even funny! Just face it, Pein is out classed, he probably can’t even hit Madara like Minato did!

    Fu and Torune didn’t hit Madara, they may have hit him with a kunai but nothing like what Minato did and the only thing they were able to do was have the bugs affect him and besides that was two against one, Minato broke down his ability and managed to effectively hit him in seconds! Kakashi and Yamato never hit him they just wrapped Mokuton around his body which you saw Madara easily get out of!

  66. I agree with yellowflash here

    The whole gravity sucks in space-time ninjutsu is wrong, i would go in depth, but il have to save that for later. And besides, this is kishi’s manga, plot hole paradise :).

    Agreed minato’s speed has a serious advantage over pretty much Nagato’s strongest techniques, whats more is that if minato uses sage mode and locates nagato’s real body, its pretty much over then, which is why im sure nagato feared tobi, or rather respected his power.

    About danzo’s lackeys, it wasnt that impressive because even though they managed to land forunes bug attack on tobi, it wasnt a damaging attack because tobi apparently didnt need it.

    And tobi allowed yamato’s mokuton to wrap him, because he wanted to speak to naruto at the time remember?

  67. @kisu

    “Itachi and Sasuke CANNOT be held to the same standard”

    believe me i dont itachi to itachi will always be better than sasuke but according to “madara” and orochimaru sasuke’s eyes are better than itachi’s.

    now about minato being stronger, its not like i said he would rape itachi, but i believe he is the stronger of the two, minato is faster so even the amateratsu would be useless, analytical skills probably about even, i would say that it would come down to itachi’s lack of stamina.

    ” Minato would be destroyed against Kabuto lmao”
    right good one lol, kabuto barely kept up with the weakest sannin and she became useless when she saw her blood.

  68. About sasukes eyes yea they say it is better and by some accounts its a viable statement. During the sasuke itachi fight it was noted by zetsu that although he had a normal sharingan sasuke was able to use it effectively just as well as itachi handled his mangekyu (although it could be argued itachi held back) personally though itachi was my favorite character with minato being second (even before all this the rumors and comments about the 4ths power and skill made him a badass) and kakashi third.

  69. “Minato would be destroyed by Kabuto”

    Kabuto, are you serious? Okay, you’ve seen one affective technique from Kabuto and you automatically say he can beat the Fourth Hokage! We haven’t even seen all of MInato’s abilities and Kabuto’s for that matter to even think about that. Edo Tensei is a strong technique but couldn’t Minato just warp them into another dimension long enough for Minato to instantly kill Kabuto.LOL

    Kisuzachi you are just doing this for attention aren’t you? You are unbelievably desperate for what I don’t know but it’s just sad.LOL

  70. I know this is going to be hard to say but I actually believe Sasuke has surpassed Itachi. I know it’s hard to swallow and I knoe we haven’t seen Itachi in action when he was 100% and had 20/20 vision and even when he was sick he was super impressive but even Shi said it and maybe he have seen Itachi in battle, Sasuke’s Amaterasu surpassed Itachi’s because he can manipulate its shape and maybe Itachi’s Susanoo was stronger and even his genjutsu was stronger but Sasuke did manage to break Itachi’s Tsukuyomi and now that he can use amaterasu better and has EMS and I’m guessing he has mastered Susanoo and a new eye technique, Sasuke is crazy strong!

    You may not like him but you have to admit he is an extraordinary genius!

  71. “attack from behind and kill him in half a second.”:I actually had this debate with Kisu. a while ago, and I’m curious what you think of a few things… How would Minato get seals on Pein? gravity would knock the Kunai away the same as Minato.

    “bugs affect”: I count that as a hit.

    “in seconds!”: He didn’t take any longer or shorter than Kakashi or Fu/Torune, and they don’t even use space/time ninjutsu on Minato’s level.

    “because tobi apparently didnt need it.”: Will you discount the Rasengan next time if Tobi just stands up like usual?

    “amateratsu would be useless”: If you know where he will be you could target Amatseru there and kill him when he jumps. His seals make FTG too predictable.

    “analytical skills probably about even”: Do you remember back in the day when Sharingan we used for more than spamming Sussanno’o? Itachi has better battle analysis abilities, though I do think Minato is smart and has equal strategic analysis. However using the Sharingan to target FTG tags would give Itachi a clear advantage.

    “Sasuke has surpassed Itachi.”: In terms of power, yes definately. But Itachi just had more experience, more finess, and more skill. In a fight I would want Itachi by my side way more than Sasuke.

  72. “If you know where he will be you could target Amatseru there and kill him when he jumps. His seals make FTG too predictable.”

    he doesnt need the FTG his normal speed is fast enough

  73. “his normal speed”: Pein was able to send the giant toad roughly a mile. I don’t think Minato can cover that type of distance in five seconds.

  74. @ Mart, he doesn’t even need the kunai, he could distract him with a clone or something for a second and that would be long enough for him to get behind him and mark him with his hand like he did with the Rock ninja in the Kakashi Gaiden story.

    ” his seals make FTG too predictable”
    Remember he doesn’t have to go where the Kunai takes him, judging by how smart he is he could expect that and use a seal as a decoy and attack from another angle, he could also use more than one seal and that way even the Sharingan won’t know where he will attack and don’t forget the Sharingan probably can see where he is attacking from but their bodies has to be just as fast enough to counter just look at Lee and Sasuke’s match!

    I agree with you on having Itachi on my side more than Sasuke because Sasuke isn’t a calm rational thinker, he is like the kid Naruto who screams and attacks without thinking and Naruto is the calm one now, I guess things have changed! LOL

    Itachi is way calmer than Sasuke, but Sasuke is stronger now in my opinion, I could be wrong, I’m mean we haven’t seen Itachi at his best yet.

  75. I don’t think Pein’s fast enough to push Minato while he is moving at level two FTG.

  76. U know this ftg is kishis version of instant transmission of sorts lol.

  77. U know this ftg is kishis version of instant transmission of sorts lol. And as for being predictable I would think after seeing what we have so far one can see that minato is beyond the obvious and predictable. I mean before these two chapters some people said ftg was useless cause.of the seals…. now we see numerous ways how minato has gone around this problem not to mention how impressively he uses.them in live combat.

  78. @yellowflash2 i agree with you, i definetly think that sasuke has surpassed itachi, even if itachi’s tsukiyomi is still better, look at sasuke now, i say he went past him the second he completed susano and now with EMS there should be no debate. And to all the druggies trying to compare minato to ppl like kabuto(kisu) i think that was ‘ur brain on drugs!’ lol. and pwsh minato is kage level and nagato is lvls above that?…BS, minato woulld take nagato anyday, nagato is bein overrated(by u)!!! Kisu i think ur infactuation with pein is overrated , and u need to chill with it…

  79. posted in the wrong place…

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