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It’s Out! Minato Makes His Move


Silly, silly Minato


69 Responses

  1. If only he used that speed better….

  2. Instant teleportation.. he did use it better….
    He saved naruto from the kunai, warped him away with the paper bombs ditched the bombs, bailed saved naruto, warped home warped to save kushina, warped her home and warped back again.

  3. (thats what she said)

    Also that was a fun little chapter.

    I liked the shot of young Itachi at the end.

  4. I actually really liked this chapter, It shows how minato is trying to save everything but he just can’t.
    And the masked man uses NORMAL SHARINGAN…
    NORMAL Sharingan to control and realese…
    Saskue could rape naruto now….. Maybe thats what itachi’s gift was… somthing to prevent saskue realesing the 9-tails or controlling it.

    Also it would seem that Minato can warp to within a certain range of the kunai with seal…
    Also the sharingan cant track the flying thunder god technique cause its not movement, but a warp, so Minato should be able to fight the masked man/ the kyubbi on fairly equal terms.

  5. i hated this chapter, one it was too short, and two nothing happened, plus we still have no idea who the man behind the mask is.

  6. Great chapter! I cany wait for the next one.

    @Shino Just cuz madara was able to extract the beast it doesnt mean sasuke can do it on naruto. Forr one the only reason he attempted was cuz kushina’s seal was weak during child birth, other wise it wasnt possible….DUHHH

    Minato sure is fast, even without thunder god his speed was so fast that he moved half way across the room before madara could swing his arm… NICE!!!

  7. @ Beast
    right sorry my apologies i forgot the seal was weakened. But still just normal sharingan, EMS could perhaps nah stupid theory…


  8. I liked this chapter, it was a nice look at how sexy the flying thunder god tech is 😀 and how cool and confident minato was gearing up 4 the fight of his life against the masked guy, and the kyubbi.

  9. before i fall a sleep i want to start a debate, listen carefully. if im the most powerful of beings, or Uchiha’s rather and i have the EMS, y in the world would i keep using the regular sharingan, that makes no sense what so ever, smh. i never believed the person behind the mask is madara, and i believe it even less now, it just doesnt make sense. using the EMS would pose no threat to you what so ever, yet you’ve never seen this clown behind the mask use it once, thats strange if you ask me. now maybe madara is still a live and is giving orders and the person running around is someone who was close to him, but this person fighting minato is definitely not madara uchiha.

  10. Maybe he only has one EMS eye and the other is regular? and he doesnt use the Mangyeko (spelling) on that eye for fear of going blind in one eye..

    That could be the reason why he only shows one eye, because like Kakashi he cannot turn the EMS off, also there may be a cache to using the EMS

  11. oh men nice chapter the scene were minato leaves kushina wiyh naruto to go fight make me cry a little
    fuck you tobi you deserve to die in the most painful way

  12. @shino

    so ur saying its madara in another body?

  13. To a degree it could be possible, no signs point out that that is not the case so its still a valid argument. However I’d like to think the most powerful person (Madara supposedly) is better than Orochimaru and has prolonged the life of his body.

    In the statement i made before i didnt actually say i thought it was madara. It could be anyone that has one EMS eye.
    A cool thing would be like ‘Madara’ isnt one person rather several people wearing the mask over the years.

  14. I think its madara. Maybe the reason he doesnt use his ems is because he simply cant… It was said that he was weakend. That could be the reason…

  15. Ive figured it out…

  16. now what i am about to tell you all will blow ur minds, so make sure you pass it on…

  17. hurry up and tell us then…

  18. if you look at Danzo’s arm you see that for every eye that is in there are 3 lines, circles etc around each eye, now if you notive danzos sharigan right eye it has those same 3 circles, hmm… now if you go back to when the man behind the mask started to take his mask off and he had those same 3 lines, hmm… so basically anyone who has the sharigan implanted into them will have those lines, minus kakashi i think. now the man behind the mask could possibly not be a full blood uchiha, or he could have madara uchihas eyes, hmm… because im sure that that not the same guy who fought the first behind that mask…

  19. Your not talking about the tomoe are you? (stupid question i know but anyways)

    Kakashi doesnt have it, kinda puts a whole in your theory. But overall i like it.

    Hopefully form how the masked man, fights in next chapter we can further determine who he is.

    Sorry to say i just thought of another hole in your theory,
    They would be implant lines, Madara took his brothers eyes and implanted them to restore his sight.

  20. lets say kakashi is different because he already had that gash in his eye or on his face rather, and the kind of transplant that girl did wasnt the best of jobs. but lets say a pro made sure that these guys could use the eyes to the fullest extent and the lines came about simply because they werent of uchiha descent

  21. Could be age lines…
    (on the arm??)

    yea ok i like it, possible theory.

  22. @ Kisu, First if you are going to post the opening the any chapter you should do it as an unbiased person, then state your opinion in the comments don’t try to deface Minato just because you yourself don’t like him!

    Okay, I liked this chapter but the only thing is it didn’t give me what I was hoping for and it was too short! I was hoping we finally get to find out who this guy is or at least something that can satisfy us until we do find out who this BASTARD is!

    I was okay with the action level for not, Minato was so DAMN cool in this chapter, you can tell he wants to kill this guy so bad and his Flying Thunder God technique was amazing. Well now I see why it’s so hard to kill Naruto because the Uzumaki are almost invincible! Kushina almost made me cry how she hugged Naruto crying and Minato was pissed off all he wanted to do was kill Masked Akatsuki Guy!

  23. just like the guy who has that other kind of eye, cant remember his name, but he was the one that detected danzo was using shisuis eye, his right side of his face is constantly weird because hes not a person of that bloodline, sorry im tired, so i have to describe everything

  24. @ the truth, maybe he can just use the jutsu with his normal sharingan, I mean Sasuke and Itachi could use Tsukuyomi with their normal Sharingans so why can’t the masked guy use his genjutsu with normal Sharingan!

    I agree that Itachi could have given Naruto a way to block Sasuke from controlling the Kyuubi!

  25. The byakugan guy?
    wouldnt that be because any byakugan user, gets those lines when using the Doujutsu.

    Also that goes back to implant lines. There are to many holes in your theory. Im sorry, i like it but, there isnt any real chance that what your stating can be true. ( the part about this particular detail, showing who is and who isnt part of the clan who claim right to the doujutsu)

  26. My Above comment is @ Truth, by the way

  27. @flash

    im more so trying to figure out y if u r so powerful and almighty y havent u used it yet, or at least shown that you have it.

  28. LOL, we will see.

  29. @ the truth, I thought about that too and I think he didn’t use it to take the Kyuubi from Naruto is because of what Itachi told Kisame!

    He said that they have to seal them in order so the Gedo Mazo can work properly! So I guess he was waiting to capture all the other bijuu first!

    Another thing is I wonder why he didn’t use the Gedo Mazo to extract the bijuu here? Is it that he hasn’t formed Akatsuki yet or what because I originally thought the Gedo Mazo belonged to Pein but Madara has to have it now even thought Pein is dead because of the other tailed beast so the Gedo Mazo must belong to Madara, not Pein!

  30. @Flash, I could have said worse things lol. Silly is just a sweet word to use here. Props to Kishi for trying to make him look cool.

    Damn that Kushina for living longer. I wanted her to die the moment the fox came out. Stupid annoying red0head (sometimes my maliciousness surprises even me :D)

  31. @flash

    im starting to believe that guy cant turn off the sharigan, when we first learned that he had the sharigan when he was sitting up on that roof and had just finished talking to pein it was on, y, he was fighting, wasnt about to fight, and he was in a safe place, hmm… something isnt right here.

  32. correction, he wasnt fighting and he wasnt about to fight

  33. @ Kisu, I know you are trying to act all cool and want everyone to think you are this cool bad guy, but I think you laying it on a little thick! Your probably crying with your teddy bear over the pain Minato and Kushina are going through!

    @ the truth, I really don’t think it’s an implant because wouldn’t he have to cover it up because it uses to much chakra and stamina for a non Uchiha! Kakashi and Danzo and even that guy from the hidden mist had to cover their Sharingan and Byakugans up! Itachi also kept his Sharingan on all the time maybe it’s just a way to show everyone he’s an Uchiha and he has to be an Uchiha to even think about casting an EMS genjutsu on the entire Ninja world!

  34. I also wonder if Kakashi can gain EMS Sharingan if he can find the eyes of Obito’s brother if he has one! Thus masked guy seems to have lots of Sharingan and he even know who they belong to so why not!

  35. not even the great madara kept it on all the time, but idk, i didnt like this chapter, too short among other things.

  36. yes thats the puzzling part, why does he have all those damn eyes…

  37. Okay first off the fact that Kushina didnt die right away after having ninetails ripped out of her proves that even if Naruto gets his ninetails ripped out he can still be around long enough to fight and beat Madara and possibly be healed by Sakura before beating Madara in the finale. Second, THAT WAS AN AWESOME CHAPTER! Third, I liked how near the end Kushina was able to hold the baby Naruto like every ,mother should. It was very heart warming and tear jerking and I enjoyed the fact that kishi allowed Naruto to get physically held by his mother. That is a very powerful message people, hell I STILL hug my mom and I;m 17, there is nothing quite as warm feeling as something like that. Finally, I want to know why Madara chose to release the ninetailes instead of sealing him in the big biju eater (I forgot the name) Anyways I cant wait to hear what other people have to say on this.

  38. I completely agree Suna!! I believe that too and maybe Kishi could find another way to make it that he lives after having it extracted if it’s extracted at all which I believe it will be!

    I hope even after this thing with Madara and Sasuke are over this manga don’t end because there are lot of different ways this story could go!

    1. Battle for the bijuu between villages!
    2. Naruto goes on a journey to find out about the Whirlpool and Uzumaki clan and find other survivors!
    3. We still don’t know anything about the Namikaze clan!
    4. Maybe Sasuke will survive and will be a long time enemy like Goku and Vegeta even though they became friends ( help me out people)!

    Come on give me some more ideas Narutards!

  39. Theory about masked guy being from Eddy´s clan seems more probable to me now . He broke the barrier, which is also some kind of seal ( Eddy´s clan members were the best in creating and surpassing seals). Also thez have mass chakra stamina, because they are bloodline relatives to Senju clan, which members have body from Sage of six paths. So it´s possible that it can be implanted sharingan

  40. The 9 tails has a Sharigan?

    I guess the whole Madara/Tobi being a Uzumaki is pretty much over after this chapter. Itachi doesn’t keep his sharigan activated forever, but Madara/Tobi seems to be the only 1 to have it on all the time. Maybe the EMS isn’t such a myth afterall. Minato’s coat looks cool. I hope we get to see how strong Minato really is, hopefully he does some kinda damage against Madara (Tobi). The Yellow Flash vs Time Warper!

  41. this just goes to show that the juubii will return again. kishi is using the whole uzumaki clan having long lives thing as an excuse to have naruto still be alive if the kyuubi gets ripped out of him. as for killerbee…well….no comment. it would be pretty boring if the juubi doesnt get reborn again admit it.

  42. Oh yeah my reason of saying the whole Madara/Tobi being a Eddy Uzumaki is over is because in this chapter he tells Kushina something like “The Uzumaki clan is really somehing special….Even after getting atailed beast ripped out of you, instead of saying of course you’re still living, your a Uzumaki afterall.

    That was the 9 tails who had the sharigan if I’m correct?

  43. what if the original madara uchiha was living inside the nine tails, and thats why it had the sharigan eye show up during this chapter, and why the dude behind the mask keeps saying it wasnt him who was controlling the nine tails that day, what if the ninetails was controlling him… food for thought, aka theory

  44. Rinnegan:
    9tail doesnt have the sharingan, it came out after getting caught in genjutsu, its the same as Itachi’s crows, they had the genjutsu as well and Sasuke used it on the snake as well and snake had the sharingan coz it was another their control.

  45. I liked this chapter, it shows what I think is hint, naruto will fight sasuke and probably lose, then the kyubi is extracted , the ten tailed beast summoned, and when every bit of hope is gone, naruto somehow will awake stronger than before, win the rematch join forces with sasuke and defeat all the bad guys XD

    Just kidding 😛

  46. Hrm i think the mask guy is from Eddy Village coz he noes too much bout the seal. If he wasnt then how the hell would he noe that Minato did the Kunai seal inside that bijuu seal?

  47. great chapter even better to come, dont want to say too much, but it seems this tobis sharringan is different than the currents tobis sharingan, maybe he cant use the eye warping technique, bob might help us out on this chapter

  48. @truth

    danzo and tobi are old that’s why they have wrinkles. Kakasi don’t have those lines around their eyes because he’s still young. This chapter is so damn short. Now I understand why Kishi made naruto’s fight short, he wanted to show minato’s fight as a part of naruto’s. I just wish tobi’s real identity will be revealed next chapter. Also, why in the hell is itachi on the story arc? My guess would be he will have a part on the minato tobi fight. Tobi might see something on itachi that puts him in his interest, maybe controlling him. I think tobi’s behind the uchiha massacre, maybe threatening itachi that the same incident as he attacked konoha with the fox will happen again if he doesn’t massacre his clan under his orders. Itachi loathing war, which he witnessed during the nine tails attack would do so, or maybe there is a threat to sasuke, whatever. Haah! Let’s just see next week. Thanks

  49. @ truth
    the nine tails had the sharingan because he was controlled. Remember manda (orochomaru’s snake) had the sharingan when he was controlled by sasuke. Why would be the true madara be inside the nine tails? Does he want to be controlled by an ordinary uchiha or be stuck inside this dog and be sealed over and over again? Man, think before you write.

  50. @kisu
    are you gay or something? Why do hate so much of naruto’s characters? Don’t read then, read your gay bleach instead. Go seek some guidance from a gay priest.

  51. i didnt read through all the comments. this was an ok chapter i think, i think kishi could have put a little more into this chapter it felt drawn out and a bit slow.

    point of refrence, kushina survived having the 9 tails released from her, this goes to show me that if akatsuki managed to steal the kyubi from naruto it is possible he could survive its removal.

  52. i have seen a lot about the 9 tails having the sharingan. lets put that to bed right now. the kyubi was being controlled by tobi, which is why the sharingan apeared in its eye.

    if you remember back to sasuke’s fight with deirdra right before deirdra blew himself up sasuke summoned and hid inside manda, oro’s snake boss, and at that time he was controlling manda via a genjutsu and manda had the sharingan eye for as long as the genjutsu was activated.

  53. @darth.

    you beat me to it. oh well.

  54. Minato is very cool 😀

  55. DAMMNIT!!! i’m always late to these things now, and i’m sure everything to b said has been said. oh well, hopefully i won’t b late to Bob’s discussion again this week tho.

  56. Well I wont lie I skipped most of the comments, kind of in a hurry. I post more when Bob does his analysis but up top someone I said why didn’t or doesn’t Madara use his Sharingan on Naruto to take over the fox. That answer was given last chapter. The only time the seal is at its weakest other than the host releasing the beast themselves is child birth, Naruto is a young man, so weak seal on him, impossible. So even though Sasuke and maybe MA…well lets call him Tobi for now since a lot of thing are not adding up for him to be consider to be the strongest Uchiha ever, can suppress the fox they can not take it over. Hey the evidences is in the last chapter. If so Itachi could have done that years ago before Kishi made him a good guy acting bad, or Sasuke or Tobi could have done it during their last meeting at the bridge.

  57. @Kisu: Why do you hate Kushina? She is around Kage level and one of the only strong female characters.

    I do agree though that Minato seems fairly weak so far. His FTG took long enough that Kushina was transported elsewhere, tied up, and extracted before he got back, that can’t have been quick. Also why not use FTG to bring in reinforcements/Alert the village ( say by teleporting Naruto to the Hokage Mansion and coming back with the Third or another powerful ninja.) While he is strong, I hardly think he deserves to be called the strongest dead ninja as of yet.

    On Madara: I don’t think he’s an eddy nin. Others have seen Minato’s seal so Madara probably just recognizes it from the intel. I think you guys forget that when Tobi was first introduced it didn’t show him having a sharingan, and that he doesn’t ALWAYS have it on, just most of the time like Itachi.

  58. @Mart, she’s Kage level? Well that may change everything

  59. first of all this was a good chapter. it gave you a lot to think about but it was to short.
    i thought akatsutki was formed a while after this happened. and i thought the only reason why the jinkuurikis died when the beast were taken from them was beacause they used peins sealing technique and it took its soul away.

    Also on the thought that in the finale naruto is going to fight madara with sasuke. I believe this is just a thought. that they will take madara out of the picture but that wont be the finale i think that naruto will fight 2 more times. The first time naruto will win and the second time naruto will be the hokage and this time they will both die. just a thought. COMMENT IF YOU LIKE.

    also back on the topic with the whole whose behind the mask. i agree that the eyes could be transplanted. because he remembers madara and we just got some backround knowlege about how the first hokage was married to the nine tails jinkuuriki. maybe just maybe it could be from that and this guy now is an uchiha and jusst took madaras eyes. just a thought as well.

  60. @ Mart
    Hey you have to remember yeah being Hokage means you have to take in a lot and think on your feet but I don’t think he looked to weak. You have to remember he had to
    a. try to reseal the fox and save his wife
    c. Attack the stranger and save his son
    Sacrifice is a bitch. and hesitating is not a weakness it a cautionary reflex. I have two son. if it had to come down to something like that I would have hesitated too but ultimately i would have done the same. Save my blood connection instead of my word connection. the Fox could be reseal. you only have one Naruto. Plus he didn’t know what to do until Tobi throw Naruto in the air. A stranger that got into strong barrier. Minato had to figure what to do. Put yourself in his shoes. What would you do despite you abilities?

  61. Did anybody notice on Page 9 the strange tomoe from the masked guy? The upper tomoe is different from the others. There’s a black, thin line but still noticeablle. I even zoomed in to confirm it. It’s definitely there… and why would the editors overook something like that if it didn’t beong there? So… what’s that? When Madara(or who at least claimed to be Madara) liftet his mask a bit, the tomoes weren’t like this.
    Due to this, I think the masked guy is someone else, not the Tobi. But it’s quite interesting. We got to see the masked guy controling the Kyuubi. Kyuubi got sharingan suddenly and they showed the strange sign, the black line which connects all tomoes. Still, the think black line from the upper tomoe of the masked guy is missing. Does that mean if somebody is controlled by Sharingan, he gets them too but not the same ones?
    So, theretically, it’s possible that the Madara we know who doesn’t have the upper tomoe with the think black line is just controlled by the real one? That way he’d have the same sharingan(and MS) but not the same characteristics like the thin black line? Maybe it’s possible…dunno. Still it’s strange. Really strange.
    I really liked Minato there^^ hopefully he’s gonna put up an incredible fight!

  62. i think all who say that MInato looks or is weak, or even made dumb choices need to stop being retarded…He managed to save his son, and give his wife her dying moment with her son. In a situation like that there isint much else u could ask for. And to mart if u think it wasn’t that fast then ur a bit slow, cuz in all this he made multiple trips and was still gentle with them both. After all that he still didnt hesitate or cower having to go back and face that masked guy and the 9-tails at once.

  63. @shinobikaze
    Kakashi can turn he´s EMS of.. I don´t know where u got that he can´t turn it of from…

  64. kakshi désnt even have EMS.. he only have MS

  65. page 3 remind me of Alien movie

  66. @Flash, the last time this manga sparked any emotional response from me was when he whole Village welcomed Naruto back like a hero, that was heart warming. But then Naruto’s gay for Sasuke attitude plus the whole Sasuke-a-thon killed whatever kindness I had left

  67. @p
    are you talking about signs

  68. @ the truth …. i thot of your theory … and i thot may be the reason kakashi didnt have it is becos obito wasnt dead before his eyes was removed… while danzo and the guy in the mask had it becos they took theirs from a deadbody…..remember madara didnt have it when he took it from his bro while alive

  69. @clue427
    I mean the alien movie . when the alien pops out of the stomach

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