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Sasuke Sarutobi/Sasuke Uchiha!!!!!

As everyone knows this weeks chapter was full of lots of information, stuff that we have been waiting to see since the beginning, but one thing that I found interesting was Mikoto and Kushina’s little conversation before Naruto’s birth. Everyone seems to think that Mikoto told this mask Akatsuki the whereabouts of Minato and Kushina but I don’t think she did. The thing that caught my attention was that she named her Uchiha son after a Senju shinobi if the Uchiha hated the Senju leaders so much and were planning on a take over and as the wife of the Uchiha leader why would you name your son Sasuke after the Third Hokages father, and as the leader of the Uchiha why would Fugaku be okay with this, I hope I’m not the only one who is thinking of this!

No pics this post sorry!


28 Responses

  1. I know it’s not much just something that came to mind and wanted to get out there! I also wanted to say that I forgot to put in this was that this made me thing that the Uchiha massacre story may not be finished, a lot of things may have went on that night that we still don’t know!

  2. Yeah, it definately appears that we do not know the whole story there. I think the whole thing was a means to hide Tobi’s true identity.

  3. That does raise a very interesting point! Maybe Kishi did that just so he could relate it to Sarutobi Sasuke but, that doesn’t seem like him at all. And also, I too think that we do not know everything that there is to know about the Uchiha Massacre. I bet even though most of what he said was true, Madara still hid some lies in there to incriminate Konoha more (so as to add to Sasuke’s hate) or incriminate himself less. I mean, all of us know that he lied about the Kyuubi’s attack, saying that it was just “a freak accident” when all of us know that (probably) he was the one who attacked Konoha with the Kyuubi. If he lied about that, then I highly doubt that everything else he said was true.

  4. Or ya know, it could be a gesture of good will by the conniving Uchiha to lull the Hokage in a false sense of security so they can do their coup and fornicate on the skulls of the Senju.

  5. How can Hiruzen be apart of the Senju clan, He’s apart of the Sarutobi clan http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sarutobi . You can say the Sarutobi clan was related to the Senju clan, or blood relatives, but that hasn’t been confirmed, but you do make a point, why would Sasuke father allow his son to be named after someone from a different clan, unless Hiruzen father was a total badass and was feared by many.

    And yes I think the Uchiha Massacre story isn’t the full story, or isn’t true at all, I don’t see the fear of war being the reason to wipe out your clan including your grandma, Mother, Father, and even your Lover. Madara is lying

  6. Yeah they were from the Sarutobi clan but they followed the teachings of the Senju! The third was trained by Hashirama and Tobirama Senju!

  7. “why would Sasuke father allow his son to be named after someone from a different clan, ”

    Its really simple. It’s a gesture of good faith. It’s like sending a princess to marry a prince of a different kingdom, just a gesture of good will. No one should really even be questioning this lol

  8. I’m glad you brought this up yellow flash, I maybe completely wrong but from what I understand Itachi killed the clan by himself or with the help Madara. How can a clan be so powerful be wiped out in one night? And how cone this massacre didn’t wake the whole village. With all those sharingen users the village should have been a war zone. and since the uchiha were the village police force how come they were all in place? couldn’t not one of them escape to get help from other leaf ninja

  9. ok I understand

  10. @ Kisu, Why would they give this gesture to Senju if at the time they hated the Leaf village so much! This had to be around the time things were strained between the two clans!

    The second Hokage had already made them the Konoha Military Police which angered the Uchiha and made them realize the Senju were distancing the Uchiha from Leadership! So they began to oppose them.

  11. maybe sasukes mother is a distant relative of the senju or related to the sarutobis? and now sasuke has uchiha and senju blood in him??? might explain the huge chakra he seems to have?

  12. Yeah yellowflash has a point. Its like why would someone get something they dont want.

  13. The gesture is BECAUSE things were strained Yellow. I think Danzo and Madara worked together to fool Itachi, Hiruzen and the elders for their own gain. It could happen pretty easy with Danzo inside root and Madara in the Uchiha clan

  14. “Why would they give this gesture to Senju if at the time they hated the Leaf village so much!”

    My first comment explains this. It was a gesture becuz things were tense and the Uchihas wanted to lull the Village into a false sense of security etc etc etc

  15. You could also argue that perhaps things weren’t that bad at the time. The village was in relative peace and while maybe some people in the Uchiha were unhappy being segregated, perhaps they didn’t “realize” what it was about. Then after the Kyuubi attack, the village treated them poorly, or at least the elders and the ANBU did and the Uchiha resented being under constant watch.

    I would argue that this illustrates just how fracturing the Kyuubi’s “attack” or release on the village truly was, that the event of the kyuubi’s attack truly was the start of the Uchiha massacre. You could even argue that Tobi planned to have the Uchiha massacred and he used the Kyuubi for that purpose.

  16. Lol i just noticed something, maybe someone has pointed it out before i dont know but anyways. Did anyone think that SaruTOBI, and Tobi might have a connection?

    >_> just sayin ya know? Further clues into who/what tobi really is.


  18. @ Kisu, your thought process is as twisted as mine and as per usual I totally agree with you.
    @yellowflash: I can’t answer for the uchiha but this is why I would do that:Deception: by making it seem like the head of the uchiha (fugaku) is d*ck-riding the hokage, then they wud never be assumed to have malicious intentions. I mean it worked with you now didn’t it? And it worked wonders on the 3rd, I mean had it not been for that pesky danzou and that itachi guy, the uchiha plan would have gone succeeded while the 3rd was blinded by his elation that has daddy would be remembered thru sasuke.

  19. Maybe they wanted to show them as peacefull, while prepairing for overtake, so they give him name after hokage’s father to fool elders into thinking they are peacefull

  20. good point. i think this kind of thought is more appropriate as a comment in the chapter discussion though. if you’re worried it wouldn’t be as noticeable, use a hook at the beginning of the comment like “GIANT BREASTS… btw everyone knows this weeks chapter was…” 😛

  21. as stated here: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/399/14/ , the uchiha were discriminated after the fox’s attack. I really don’t think mikoto and the rest of the uchiha were planning anything back then.

  22. hate to be a partypooper, yellowflash, since this post has a nice discussion going, but shannaro blog standards needs to be reinforced. Theories needs to be fleshed out more and backed up by some research or evidence to be published as a single post. Posting a short blog to gain attention to your idea before anybody else is abusing your responsibilities as an author.

    And to those who are sending me short posts in the last few days hoping to get published, please see https://shannaro.wordpress.com/submiting-blogs-on-shannaro-20/ .

  23. Ok guys, please remember: SARUTOBI DOES NOT = SENJU!!!!!! They are two completely different clans!!

  24. Hey, uh, I can’t set up a hyperlink but Naruto 501 is up on mangastream. So,can anyone help us out?

  25. Sorry Bob, Will Do!

  26. Yeah, Alex is right. Sarutobi isn’t Senju, and we don’t know if she named Sasuke after Hiruzen’s father. It may be a coincidence. Hiruzen’s wife only mentioned that they were the same, and Mikoto never stated she named him after Hiruzen’s father.

  27. @Cookie, yeah, we know Sarutobi’s dad’s name. It’s Sasuke Sarutobi, like the legendary ninja. And Sasuke has the same First name as the Third’s father.


  28. I KNOW KISU! That’s what the whole post is about. I was stating what I thought about it. Do you think I don’t know what I’m talking about?

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