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Thanks 500, A few questions answered with more in mind

First off I want to say Chapter 500 was the one if not the most informative and important chapter in the history of the Naruto manga up to date. Yes other past events were important, the Uchiha massacre, Pains past, Kakashi’s, Etc but nothing as important as what actually happened that day the Fox attacked. Sorry no pictures.

Naruto’s connection to the Sage of the Six Paths.

There were many theories out there since Chapter 462 when Madara gave us a hint to Naruto being connected by blood wise to the 1st Hokage and the Senju and Uchiha ancestors. The best theory was him being Tsunade’s grandson. However that was debunked because of the time different in age between her and Minato. But we got several connections in this chapter. One, the Uzumaki clan are distant blood relatives to the Senju clan. Now though it was not really said I think we all know that the blood connection was that of the Senju Ancestor, the good natured “Son” of the SotSP (I put it in quotation mark because it was never said the he was the Sage’s son. It said it was two young men whoever it was said they were born with the abilities, but that’s another theory for another time. Let us get back to the reason I am writing this.) Which explains Naruto’s seal transformation that resembled the SotSP shadowy silhouette as the Sage’s body and life force energies are past down from the Senju ancestor to his descendants.

So now it is seen that Naruto is related to many of the other characters in the manga, The Uchihas of course, the Hyuga clan (if they are true descendants to the other “Son”), and of course the three other Hokages, just to name a few. Speaking of which, I will go off course for a second. Tsunade is related to Naruto not just by blood but by name in a way. Tsunade is also an Uzumaki by blood as well as a Senji as her Grandma was Mito Uzumaki, the wife of her Grandpa, the 1st Hokage, was a descendant to the Uzumaki clan and Eddy village. That was an indirect surprise. Now it would explain why she is so attached to Naruto and why in some ways he resembles her little brother, it must be in the genes of the Uzumaki clan, remember Kushina said Naruto has her face….LOL.  So Naruto and Tsunade are blood related not just though their connection the Uzumakis and Senjus have being distant blood related but because both are Uzumakis and their blood relation is much closer than the former. So say what if she finds out how she feel, well me I think she knew all along but like everyone else keep it a secret plus Kishi did have the story to this point yet but i think she knows.

Now it was not said at all how Kushina and Mito are closely related except by name but come on it is not like Uzumaki is like a common last name in the Naruto universe like Smith, Johnson, or Robinson… So they are closely blood related just do not know how closely. Could be like the Uchiha, though all were blood related many if not all married or conceived kids with other Uchihas to keep the blood pure and the try to keep the Sharingan in the clan, same with the Hyugas, however we seen how that turned out (Kakashi, Danzo and Ao,). I can see there will be something come out in the fandom saying that Mito is Naruto’s Great Grandmother making the 1st his Great Grandfather. So before we get out of hand here Kushina did not say if she was her grandmother only that she was from the Uzumaki clan.

So this explain many was that Naruto is related to the Senju Ancestor which connects him the Sage of the Six Path.

Also Naruto must have been influenced by the fox’s in the womb as he was born with the whisker makes on his cheek already. Also his normal chakra being so enormous  must be because of the special chakra Kushina had.

The Power of Love

One quick theory and I just want you to follow along, I do not really understand it myself but had to say it. Kushina said that to control the fox or housed by the host one must be filled with love. Well I know she didn’t say the control part but well let me explain that. Whenever someone Naruto cares for which is very close to love in Naruto sense, get hurt by a foe he could release and control the fox to some degree, Sasuke near death by Haku, His fight with Sasuke, and The retrieval of Gaara. But of course when he is overly wilding out with rage it mixes with his caring emotions and things can go a little wrong as with his fight with Orochimaru over Sasuke and his battle with Pain when the young lady that just confessed her love to him was struck down by Pain. Now when he was about to be taken over by the fox in his mental battle with the fox, just three words from his mother gave him a final peace of mind is longing and deservingly needed. The same three word did come from one other person (Sakura didn’t mean it and he seen right through it, so it doesn’t count.) but begin from his mother Naruto was finally able to feel at peace and gain control of the Fox as we know completely, but who knows for sure. So strong positive emotions lets you gain some control of the fox but if you feel at peace, a fulfilling life or gained true happiness with is basically all the same thing, you can gain control, total control of the fox if I am read into it correctly.

Some Ironic pieces of useless info.

Naming the baby: Sasuke was named after the Third’s own father, how ironic is that. An Uchiha named after the father of one of the 4 people that knew of the truth behind the Uchiha massacre even though he did not agree to it.

Ironic Parents: Naruto and Sasuke’s mother seemly good friends, something else ironic.

A Loving Grandfather figure before the Godfather returned: The Third’s wife, Who I am guessing was killed by Madara, gave birth to Naruto. Making the connection between him and the Third pretty strong. His first father figure in my book.

The Circle: The swirling circle on Naruto and every Jonin battle vest is from the Whirlpool nation. Which as been said to be Naruto’s clan symbol every since Naruto’s earlier days in the manga, A symbol that has shown up many times in other place and plots like when he was learning the Rasengan.  This was also said in the past Naruto has it because of the Four Element seal was also shaped like that but know we know it is shape because it is an Uzumaki clan jutsu making it a Whirlpool exclusive at the time.

Now to my very last thing, My theory about SotSP and his “Sons”

The Sage of the Six Paths Plan

Ok this is something I that has been on my mind for a minute ever since the Madara revealed the SotSP past but had to wait until Naruto’s connection to the Sage was revealed. I think after the SotSP knew that no one can really hope to hold 10 tails, Juubi after his passing.  He had to make it so that no one person could use it’s powers for anything, be it good or evil, the power would be to great for one person and would release Juubi on a world that could not defend against it’s power. So as we know the true if Madara is right parts of this plan was…

1. Spliting the beast’s chakra from its body. Which of course was so strong it manifested itself in to the 9 tailed beasts.

2. He needed to place the indestructible body in a place no one could ever get to. So the SotSP using his version of Chibaku Tensei to create the moon around the Juubi’s body and place it in orbit.

3. Split his own power and fused them into two young brother which we consider are his sons. Senju and Uchiha (I am giving them does names for this theory just for now.) giving Senju his body and Uchiha his eyes.

(Quick note: Now though it is another theory for another time, the eye the Juubi may not be a Rinnengan with tomoe like many of us thinks. It could be a giant Sharingan as also seen when Madara was talking about the M.E.P and we seen the moon engulfed in the giant Sharingan eye which looks very much like Juubi’s eye. Meaning when SotSP gave the powers to the brothers not only did he give his Rinnengan up but transferred the Sharingan to the elder brother which could explain why the Sharingan is the only Dojutsu that can control a tailed beast, or He past his Rinnengan to someone else which explains why it was not seen until Nagato awakened it. But like I said that is for another theory. Just had to say something before I go on with the post. )

I think it was the SotSP intentions to have the descendants of Senju to capture and hold the beasts within their bodies and Uchiha and his descendants to help control the beast creating a new and easier was to control the monsters for generations until something can be done but here is where I think he was thinking he was doing right but by doing so created the hatred that is in the Naruto world today between ninja clans. He want to choose a successor to his I guess empire or something of the sort as he already gave his power to the two brothers however he choose Senju because he like the idea of peace though love not might. This backfired creating a power struggle for generations to come and the tailed beast running around until villages themselves found ways to capture and control the beast without the Eyes of the Sage.

Now if many of you have not noticed or pay much attention to it, all the Jinchuuriki do not have Kekkei Genki especially a Dojutsu Kekkei Genki. For one their bodies could not take it as they are meant to possess really huge amounts of chakra and spiritual energies to support the Kekkei Genki techniques used, so if they were to become a host the beast would completely take over the host as his powers would overwhelm the host and create a new stronger body for the already super strong beast releasing a terror not seen since Nine tails release 16 year ago in the manga or even when Juubi roamed the world.

The reason the Senju body can’t use Kekkei Genki techniques because even though many have large chakra with in their bodies. They are using their life force as a source of chakra and are meant to hold tailed beasts. If using a Kekkei Genki without a special gift, means, device to control the constant chakra flow needed to maintain it and because Senju  descendants chakra derives from their own life force instead of spiritual like Uchihas they would get weak extremely fast or die from the over use as seen in Kakashi’s case, most likely a Senju descendant who has been gifted with an Uchiha Kekkei Genki. Because he has no Uchiha blood after the descendent was given the Sage’s Eyes he can not completely control the eyes, which is why it is always active and uses his headband to control its constant use. He does have a lot of control over the eye but you get what I mean.

So in short the body holds the beast the eyes control it

Those are some of my theories and analysis of the recent and outstanding events that took place in Chapter 500 which even though is not uncommon in mangas is a millstone, Congratulations Kishi, Can’t wait to see what he beings in the future now.


16 Responses

  1. Man it’s so confusing all the theroies @.@

  2. The two boys WERE his sons. Onemanga uses Sleepyfans’ translation, and they’re not very good. Here’s is a more accurate translation


  3. Kisuzachi@
    Thanx for clearing that up. Sleepyfans translation is the only one I read well I wanna see Viz translation of now since they are up to Sasuke and Danzo’s fight in the Shonen Jumps

    IT is not as confusing as you may think. It just me over thinking. I do that a lot.

  4. From this chapter, I got the feeling that Kishi was hinting that Nagato was actually descended from the Whirlpool Village since everybody from the village fled and became scattered.

  5. OKay this was a good post, and it listed a lot of things that was already mentioned but one thing that I found interesting was when you stated the Sage gave Senju a strong body to house the Bijuu and the Uchiha the eyes to control its power from raging out of control! The reason why I find it interesting is maybe he wanted his two sons to work together to bring peace to the ninja world!

    Just think about it, in the beginning of Shippuuden Sasuke was able to suppress the Kyuubi’s Chakra and I think this is the reason why! I think the Sage knew choosing one one would anger the other one then why risk it maybe he wanted them to figure it out for themselves. This is how I think this battle with Naruto and Sasuke will end them working together to finally bring peace to the ninja world!

  6. @ Hen I don’t see how you got that, Nagato said it himself he was from the Rain Village, you guys are starting to read to much in to this!

    @Ryu,The Kekkai Genkai thing may have some kind of significance seeing that Gaara is the only one who can manipulate sand and the six tailed had the bubbles thing but I just think those are just special abilities they gained from being a jinchuuriki but it would be cool to see a whole clan of sand jutsu users!

    Also reading this post made me think that Kabuto has the Sage of the Six Paths body because maybe he plans on using Orochimaru’s technique to steal it’s body then revive and seal the Juubi inside of him!

  7. yellowflash i don´t want naruto and sasuke work together i mean why after all sasuke has done he will fight naruto then later he know he was mistaken then fight along side naruto achieve piece to the world and be respected like a hero. common what he needs is to die, die in a fight with naruto just the same way nagato die. because if nagato dont have a chance of living he new live wha sasuke is gona have that chance. if nagato die everybody else who do the wrong thinks have to die

  8. @J-E right on bro! Sasugay needs to be tried for his crimes, found guilty of mass murder and decapitated (that’d probably never happen). He’s already taken and ruin so many lives….he doesnt deserve to be remembered.

  9. here’s an interesting point i noticed….

    Madara’s “Moon’s eye plan” is a 2 part plan:
    1. revive the Juubi after obtaining all the tailed beasts
    2. use that power to cast an eternal genjutsu ON THE MOON to control everyone on earth.

    where is juubi’s body? The Moon. conflicting much? If he extracted the juubi’s body from the moon then he wouldn’t be able to use a genjutsu on it because it’d be destroyed. And i’m pretty sure we all know he can’t use chibaku tensei to create another one.

    with that said, at least 1 of the 2 parts to that plan MUST be a half truth or a lie. my theory?

    this is the juubi:
    this is the juubi without its full power:

    crouched stance look familiar? sharingon relationship familiar? the juubi’s head isn’t oblong, those are 2 of its’ tailed behind his head. obviously i can’t comment on the single eye, but name me an anime where something retains its’ original form when it’s power exponentially increases.

  10. (I’ve been a long time follower here, but I’ve never really posted xD. So this is my first post!)

    @gaiden: I don’t think that theory is very plausible, because of the fact that the chakra of the Juubi was split into 9 different beings, (The One-tails through the Nine-tails) by the Sage of the Six Paths so just saying that the Kyuubi is the Juubi without its full power isn’t really enough. In fact, ALL of the bijū are portions of the Juubi’s chakra and not just the Kyuubi. Madara’s Moons Eye plan is actually to Gather all the tailed beasts and FUSE them back into their original form which is the Juubi (He is basically recreating the Juubi’s physical form by fusing the Biju together). Then, make himself the jinchūriki to the Juubi and cast his Mangekyo Sharingan on the moon and making it project the “Infinite Tsukuyomi” which is a worldwide-scale and perpetual genjutsu which will allow Madara control every living being on the planet, uniting them under him, and creating a world with no war nor hatred, and making Madara the ruler of the world.

    And there you have it ;P

  11. @lugia ya you’ve got a point but i’m just saying the juubi is primarily going to be like the kyuubi mostly in appearance. considering the kyuubi makes up over half it’s chakra that makes sense.

    And yes that is his ‘master plan’ but how is he going to cast an infinite genjutsu on the moon if he pretty much destroys it getting the juubi’s body back? it’s said that the sage of the six paths locked the juubi’s physical body in the moon using chibaku tensei


  13. @Gaiden: I think theres one of three scenarios about how this would happen:

    1. I don’t think he needs to get the Juubi’s body from the moon in the first place because by fusing all the Bijuu’s bodies together, I think it recreates the Juubi’s physical form. I mean all the Bijuu aren’t just chakra so I think their physical form, once they’re fused together, I think that will be the new physical body of the Juubi, Or that Jutsu/Summon that Pein uses to extract the Bijuu from the Jinchuuriki will become the new physical form of the Juubi. So he doesn’t really even need to touch the moon.

    2. Maybe when they said prison, they didn’t mean that the Juubi is in the moon itself. Chibaku Tensei is a very complex justu, and that small black orb that the Deva Path created was probably a miniature black hole or something with immense destructive force and gravitational pull (to be able to pull massive amount of hard stone and earth from the earth itself) So maybe, the Juubi is in some sort of alternate dimension at the very core of the moon because it probably would have been sucked into the black hole/ gravitational pull.

    3. If the Juubi is actually on the moon, (if it was on the moon, it would would probably be in the core of the moon somewhere) then, you have to think of its size of both the Juubi and the moon. If the moon was the exact size of the Juubi’s body, I don’t think it would hold the Juubi for very long. If you look at what happened in the manga/is happening in the anime, you’ll see that when the Deva path used Chibaku Tensei in order to capture the Kyuubi, who is a mere spec of the true Juubi, the amount of Earth that went into the Chibaku Tensei was enormous and the Kyuubi, almost at it’s full transformation, broke out very easily. Now I don’t think that the Juubi is the exact size of the Moon because the moon is ENORMOUS. I think that Maybe the Juubi is around at Maximum 10% of what the Moon is because if it was any more than that amount, I think it would be able to break free from the moon just by using brute force. Now if/when Madara extracts the Juubi from the moon, he will either: A) Teleport the Juubi’s body to the surface of the Moon or Earth (which is more likely) or B) Literally extract it from the moon, taking out a part of the moon in the process (which is less likely). If option “B” happens then I would think that Madara can use the powers he has received from becoming the Jinchuuriki of the Juubi to Use Chibaku Tensei or another Jutsu to restore the moon to its former glory or use the space debris he created from taking out a part of the moon to put the moon back together.

    I think I like the first option the most, but hey, that’s just me ;P

  14. @Madara I have nothing against you but, please don’t use all caps! Whenever someone uses all caps, I feel like they’re yelling at me. I may cap some words to make a point and/or add a little exaggeration but, I don’t ever use all caps. Thanks very much ;P

  15. I don’t think Sasuke needs to return to the village but I do think that they should be allies! Whether you like Sasuke or not he is a vital character to the story and I happen to like his character and understand him even though I do think he is a complete ass sometimes but this show won’t last long without him and Kishi said it himself, Sasuke is his favorite character!

  16. Basically, in my opinion.
    What will happen is, Somthing along the lines of…
    Madara pisses of, ditches, uses Saskue.
    Saskues gets pissed.
    Madara becomes a threat.
    Naruto trying to protect EVERYTHING, falls short in power. just.
    Saskue’s anger toward Madara sees Saskue and Naruto team up.
    Blah Blah Blah…
    Naruto becomes Hokage, Saskue Becomes what Jyira was to the Leaf. Has ties to the village but lives life elsewhere.
    Sakura will become the Ninja Academys Leader.

    OK, yer very basic. but thats essentially the story in its simplest form.

    Then you could have naruto giving all the Countries back their bijuu like the first. Basically massive Cliche ending with Naruto gaining peace through actions that have already been taken… just not in the right way.

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