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The Ah-mazing Chapter 500 is Here!

I so called it! http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/87110441/1

Hope you enjoy! 😀


118 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!! ahhahaha

  2. Second!! And damn, that was a crazy chapter!! Thank god Naruto doesn’t get to give birth, LOL! Can’t wait till next chapter!

  3. WOW. :O

  4. The thing is, I said this was going to happen, but no one believed me (Please see Behind the Curtain: What Do We Really Know)

    I love some of these lines in this chapter:

    1. Minato: Narutooo, get out here! And Nine-Tails, you stay where you are!

    2. Madara: Fourth Hokage Minato. Step away from the Jinchuriki, or your son dies at the ripe old age of one minute!

    Then this is my own quote:

    Kushina: Naruto, I finally get to see you.

    Madara: And now you die B*TCH!

    Lastly, I’d like to say that Kishi really delivered and it was worth the 14 day wait. 😛

  5. Now that was crazy, but damn that Madara is one sick bastard. Who threatens to murder a one minute old child? But now we know, Naruto is related to the Senju clan and the Sage of Six Paths. Oh, I wonder if we’ll get to see any more of these “survivors”?

  6. im lost how di madara get naruto so easily?and graet chapter

  7. such a tragedy. f*****g madara needs to die. id rasengan him until nothings left.

  8. so who do we think is behind the mask now, i can say its not OBITO, lol @ cookie

  9. how old was Shisui before he died?

  10. I KNOW it’s Madara.

    It’s been proven by Kakashi, Yamato, Zetsu, Kisame, Itachi, shall I go on?

  11. so if the man behind the mask is Madara, who was in the 6th coffin?

  12. and why can Madara remove his limbs and replace them later, thats really strange, and why did kabuto (might b spelled wrong) make it seem as though Madara isnt really Madara, do you think the Madara in this event is different from the one in the present timeline?

  13. itachi said that he is nearly a shell of his former self, now what do you think he meant by shell… to me i would think not the real Madara, because if he was simply just weaker, he would say he’s not as strong as he used to be, do you agree @cookie

  14. Kakashi doesnt know who he is, he’s assuming its Madara because that is what he was told, so do you have evidence to support these claims, like kakashi seeing Madara without the mask on, i doubt it, but hey lets have some fun

  15. Shisui was about 15-17, I believe.

  16. interesting so i guess that could rule out shisui, so again maybe this madara is different from the present day madara, and maybe either OBITO or Shisui were recruited, or maybe its madaras brother, please forgive for still using my imagination @ cookie

  17. WOW that chapter was sick there is so much to talk about. The uzumaki clan specializes in seals, and they basically are the keepers of the kyubi. Also the uzumakis and the senju are related. So that means Naruto is related to the first, second, and fifth hokage as well as the fourth. Hey four out of five aint bad. Plus the first married an uzumaki, who I have to say must have loved him a lot to become the first jinchuriki. There is whole bunch of stuff in this chapter to tide us over until next week and maybe the week after that.
    Also it may just be me but the shot of the back of minato’s head while he and kushina are talking to the third and his wife looks like kakashi is standing there.

  18. About Itachi saying he was a shell, he meant that he isn’t as powerful/strong as he was when it was still his generation.

    About Kakashi knowing, Kakashi doesn’t ASSUME anything. He either has no comment, or he knows one hundred percent.

    If it was Obito, Kakashi would have listened how Obito talked, and he’d know from the first sentence whether it was him or not. So, Obito-0, Madara-2

    Shisui wouldn’t have done that. He was devoted to the village, not his clan.

    It can’t be Izuna (Madara’s brother) because he stole Izuna’s eyes long before he attacked Konoha 16 yrs. before the current time. Izuna would be dead by now.

    Now, addressing the Sixth Coffin, I’m guessing it’s either Izuna or perhps Hashirama again.

    This is the current score: Obito/Everyone else-0, Madara-4

  19. whatever idiot here is saying that Madara is obito should shut up right now and wash the fail offa themselves

  20. the questions is – how did madara know the location of narutos birth? A lot of people seem to think that Sasukes mother somehow leaked that info. I think that we surprisingly are not hearing about Danzo doing smth evil here. I bet he saw this as a good opportunity to become hokage and leaked the info he gained from the elders to Madara to stir things up a bit. So gald he’s dead. Madara is such a d-bag for ruining narutos and sasukes lives. He will get what’s coming for him.

  21. Why would you say Sasuke’s mother leaked that info? she seems so nice

  22. He didn’t say it, he has HEARD it. And I agree with you Elerium. In every part of your comment.

  23. yeah I like her as well. Onemanga forums are all over with this. Everyone hates unchiha there apparently.

  24. This was a GREAT chapter! I was expecting it to be good but not this good! Naruto is realted to Senju and we finally get info on his clans origins, the Uzumaki of the Eddy Village! His clan specialize in the strongest Sealing Jutsu and the Keepers of the Kyuubi, it UNbelieveable!

    I am glad we finally have more info on the MAIN CHARACTER! Minato and Kushina are so cool we need to see a lot more of them! It’s also cool that Naruto and Sasukes mothers were friends and it may sound gay but Naruto and Sasuke were cute babies!LOL

  25. eh, I like Uchiha but I won’t bash your theory Elerium

  26. It looks like Kushina had a lot to do with Minato getting strong because of the sealing techniques and I think she helped him create the Flying Thunder God Technique because he uses a sealing sign to use that jutsu! It was cool seeing how concern Minato was about Kushina and Naruto and him crying when his son was born.

    Madara seems stronger here as well but I hope Minato kicks his ass next week, I want to see him in action whooping the crap out of Minato even if it’s just for a second! Madara even seems more cruel threatening to kill a newborn, on the Manga today he doesn’t seem so evil!

  27. @Flash

    All I have to say is: Totally agreed!


  28. so did itachi say he meant he wasnt as strong or are u assuming, i believe you are doing the latter, because its what most people would first think shell to be. most people forget that a shell is simply a cover, cover you say, yes cover. i say im someone and make u believe it, but im actually im someone else. if it was simply madara i believe narutos mom wouldve said that once he described him early in the chapter, but she didint.

    with kakashi, u r assuming again, most ninjas assume, or think ahead at what you might be about to do, but they don truly know until you do it, so in turn a prediction is an assumption. so does kakashi truly know who is behind the mask, i don think its obito behind the mask either, again im trying to figure it out as is everyone else, lol.

    shisui was devoted to… oh yeah you don know that either, everyone thought itachi was devoted to his clan, but he killed them, so who shisui was devoted to is still unclear. shisui and itachi were best friends and i really doubt he killed him i think theres another way to get the ms eyes, kakashi was able to do it, so why wouldnt a uchiha be able to…

    why would madara have that kind of reaction to his brother and or the first hokage, if he survivied their first battle why would he b worried about him now, dead, and in a coffin for that matter, smh, be serious. and im not here to say you are right, or that you are wrong, so go me, i think i evened up the score @cookie, and whoever else wants to join in

    ps all comments are appreciated

  29. Let’s get into this who is the Masked guy, Let’s just wait and find out, it seems like we have benn debating this for months, oh wait we have!LOL

  30. @flash

    when do you think they will reveal who is actually behind the mask and who do you honestly believe is behind it?

  31. @Flash

    To your last comment: The reason he isn’t so evil is because he has had to act lct like a “Good boy”! 😛

  32. Itachi said he is shell of his former self that means he isn’t as strong but just pretends to be I guess but he did say it was Madara!
    Kakashi only said it was Madara because its what he claims to be but Kakashi isn’t really sure! Kabuto knows who he really is!

    Why is everyone bringing up Shisui? He is dead and his eyes are gone, Shisui is not this Mask guy what motive could he possibly have! Besides when the Masked guy attacked the village he would have been around 10 years old!

  33. I think it could be Madara or his brother, but other than that I’m just not sure!

  34. I’ve truly lost interest in this debate. If I can’t change you mind, there’s no poin in debating.

  35. @flash

    i think people bring him up because theres still some mystery surrounding his death, and then the fact that his body parts came up in the kage summit. just a guess

    i think people are trying to take any uchiha that they can and put them behind that mask, and its very interesting, like everyone believes its the original madara, and i just find that hard to believe.

    ps idk either

  36. @cookie

    stop trying to change my mind, i have no clue who it is, im simply offering food for thought, and that was all i wanted u to do, for everyone to do, no one is wrong until it is revealed, some assumptions sound better than others, again ur beliefs are not right or wrong, but the info you have displayed has been beneficial to some, good day sir

  37. Well, the cliffhanger says it’ll be revealed soon. Anyways, what is up with Kishimoto? He gives us a cliffhanger, then another one! That’s just not the Kishimoto we know and love. OH NO! Kishimoto has been kidnapped by Tie Kubo, the master of fails! 😛

    Kubo = 👿

    Kishimoto = 😀

    Cookie = 😦

  38. i might be reaching here, but i do believe the artist pays a lot of attention to detail. pay attention… the hands of the old people in the chapter, look like old people hands, correct? and the hands of the younger people look young, correct? so do the hands on the masked man look young to anyone else? is so theres no way in hell it could be madara, but yet back when the masked guy was in the cave and he revealed the right half of his face it appeared as though he had wrinkles, correct?

  39. @Truth Yeah Madara may be hiding his true identity. Maybe we will find that out next week.

  40. why people say that the masked man is an uchiha.
    maybe tobi is just a regular person who transplanted the sharingan.
    maybe is one of the survivor of the uzumaki clan looking revenge and that why is pushing naruto so far, because he wanted naruto´s full power

  41. mustve been some transplant then, no scars, etc. so who do you think it is if its not a uchiha @je

  42. epic chapter, perfect placement of the plot 500th chapter, so much i wanna say but i’ll wait untils bobs breakdown, one thing i’ll mention is, its weird that tobi has the same mask on as when he was talking to sauske about when itachi first find out about his existence, in that flashback he had long hair too, maybe a different body gets a different mask who knows, the story realy starting to unfold in all directions, also what does biwako sama taji mean

  43. @ profess

    so what are you saying, r u saying that theres more than one Tobi

  44. The last page was epic! “Or your son dies at the ripe old age of 1 minute” XD LMFAO!!!!! The rest was meh. So we see the emo-bastard as a baby huh? And childbirth makes me wanna puke, I’m squeamish like that lol

  45. @Profess, those are 2 ppl

  46. sorry if its unclear i miss used my words, but i said tobi cuz we dont know his true identity, but madara, in this flashback, has the same mask on as the flashback when madara (tobi) was tlaking to sauske about his past
    -bottom panel

    then the other flashback
    -bottom left panel

  47. just adding to the arguement thats all, i believe its a soul transfer jutsu only with uchihas, maybe this body is someone else than the body (tobi) [madara] has the present, different body different mask

  48. I think Danzo knew also true identity of Tobi and he destroyed his Shisui´s eye on purpose. Tobi was this day rly angry when he figured out he won´t have Shisui´s eye. I wonder why is this eye so important for him that he needed to manipulate Sasuke in order to kill Danzo . I think whole fight was just because of Shisui´s eye. Doesn´t look previous Tobi´s mask similar to ANBU ? Shisui was also in ANBU no?

  49. id say the masked murderer is harashima body…if madara will use a body as a shell,it would be somebody that he respect and admires. somehow it has something to with oros experiments in the past. oro transplanting madaras eyes to the 1st and then reviving it and taking it over when the time come.this may be the reason why kabuto is black mailing the current madara. i dont exepect anybody to beleive this theory but i will have to confirm this on the next chapter.

  50. maybe its like the phantom??? passing down from generation to generation their ideals and plans??? 🙂

  51. you know, i mean the mask and hidden identity!!!

  52. i’ll leave the Madara speculations alone for the time being. for now, i will believe that he IS indeed THE Uchiha Madara. i was just thinking that it’s a terrible, crying shame that Minato & Kushina had to both die so young. those two would’ve rocked. but then again, if they hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have the manga we all know and love, “Naruto”. so…. 😐
    (those two characters are growing on me so much).

  53. I also feel bad that they were so happy about Naruto and only got to know him for a few minutes or maybe no a few mintues and to be taken away from their child! And Naruto only have a minute to be with him parents before his life was threatened, it was great to see this but it was a sad story of what is suppose to be a great start! I never really thought about how alone Naruto was until now!

    I can’t wait until Naruto kick Madara or who ever he is ass, and it’s so sad that Kushina and Mikoto were so close and look how far apart Naruto and Sasuke are not, if he really if going to be evil then Naruto needs to kick his ass too. I just can’t wait till the training is over and the fight starts again!

  54. I ere on the side of those who think its Danzou working with madara. I mean it seems pointless to create a masked man in a different (non-Madara) mask it it just turns out to be Madara (we need to create some twist).
    About the Uzumaki clan, so Tsunade’s grandmother was possibly related to Kushina, so at least that would mean that Naruto has a living relative!!! =D

  55. Additionally, what kind of a hokage was Minato, I mean really, putting the whole village (which he is sworn to protect) at jeopardy for a child that he can just re-knock up Kushina to replace… that’s not hokage material!
    Mind you, its a double-edged sword:
    1. If he lets “masked man’ kill Naruto, Kushina would release Nine-Tails in her emotional state.
    2. If he hands over Kushina, then ‘masked man’ will just release the Kyubbi himself.
    Sucks to be the hokage on Oct. 10 16yrs ago. 😉

  56. this was a good chapter. cookie was right, damn i been off something awefull the past couple weeks. though we do know she survived the birth process and the seal was still holding, so it must be madara who released the seal.

    my real question is he went through all that just to have the kyubi attack the vilage? there has to be an underplot there, and knowing madara why would he give naruto back if the whirlpool country is so good at seals it would only make sense that kyubi would be sealed almost immeditly.

    also i didnt read all the comments but kushina appears to have the same seal as naruto does now.

    thats all for now, im at work and didnt have time to read the chapter in depth.

  57. did anyone pick up on the diamond on MITO sama’s forehead? it could quite possibly be the exact same seal that tsunade has on her forehead! good spot by me he he 😛

    very good chapter! love the naruto history! Im not exactly sure if that is Madara as he has another mask but it could quite possibly be him.

    I think that Madara and the fact he can shange his form from physical to none physical is that he may be able to project his sharingan wherever he wants too and then physically teleport his limbs through that particular technique! maybe its a variation of IZANAGI! i know izanagi can only be used once and the users eye is then sacraficed as payment but who knows…!

  58. @ madzikage

  59. oops wrong button. man thats just plain cruel. though i gotta say its smart on kishi’s part to link sasuke and naruto so early on in there lives. the bond that formed between them had its groundwork laid long before they ever met each other.

    not only that but you can draw a comparison to how sasuke developed after his parents were killed to how naruto developed never knowing his parents. there is a hidden link there. sasuke actually had his parents love prior to the incident when they were killed and he turned utterly evil, while naruto had no one and turned out so well.

    this also leaves it open for naruto to be able to talk to sasuke at there next meeting. i sense kishi is setting the framework to bring sasuke back to the light in about 100 chapters from now.

  60. @Truth (To your statement about wrinkles)

    Have you seen Tsunade? She’s in her fifties and looks like high 20s to low 30s. Now, just think of what Madara could do. We also have no clue what EMS does, that could be the reason he lookes so youthful.

  61. I wonder why Naruto has the whisker stripes on his face and Kushina doesnt? Im thinking because naruto was born from a jinchuuriki and some of the chakra must of infused with his essence!

  62. So naruto has 3 seals when he unlocked Kyubi’s Chakra? i wonder if they do anything special the two on his arms?

  63. Wait… So if the Uzumaki clan and the Senju clan are distant blood relatives…
    And the first hokage married an Uzumaki…


  64. inbreeding happened a lot during ancient times (in real life). it was done to keep the blood line “pure” and “royal”. and of course to keep out the commoners who were believed to be of lesser stature, etc., etc. inbreeding also became a reason for the many genetic abnormalities seen among the “blue bloods”/nobility.

  65. @the truth
    It´s not shizu beacuse he was still “alive” back then…
    And i don´t think that tobi is obito either beacuse I don´t think that Obito can become that strong that he is when he free the 9taield on such a little time…

  66. and I think that Maddara os going to have he´s last thought on WHY DIDN`T iI KILL NARUTO WHEN HE WAS A LITTLE CHILD WHEN I HAD HIM IN MY HANDS????… when h´s dying by Narutos hand 😛

  67. so… inbreeding makes a lot of sense in narutoverse. (i believe it still happens in the more “ancient” and “noble clans” of the various villages, to keep their chakra abilities concentrated).

  68. inbreeding is common place amongst the clans. maybe not so much anymore, but it was done to keep the blood line limits pure and concentrated. and when you think about it some of the clans are so large it can hardly be considered inbreeding. think about hyugga and uchiha. those clans were massive, the hyugga actually broke there clan down into head family and branch family’s. so it is certinly not unheard of. ill go so far as to suspect that neji and sasuke were probaly products of some level of inbreeding given there status as genius’s.

    in fact neji is supposed to have inherited more hyugga talent then anyone else, probaly as a direct result of inbreeding.

    though if anyone has any actual facts on either of those cases that prove me wrong by all means let me know. always willing to learn.

  69. So if Sasuke was named after the Third Hokage’s father, that means his name was Sarutobi Sasuke, same as the famous ninja in Japanese pop culture.

  70. Did you just realized this? If you look at Sasuke’s or Hiruzen’s page on Narutopedia, you’d see that in the Trivia section.

  71. On another note, episode 167 is out, and Pein fights the 6-tails Naruto. This is one of those episodes where they had a big budget for fight scenes that they made longer then they were in the manga, and it looks pretty cool. You should check it out soon.

  72. @cookie

    I knew that the Third Hokage and Sasuke were named after Sarutobi Sasuke, but i didn’t know that there was someone with that exact name in the Narutoverse. Now we know that Hiruzen’s father was named Sarutobi Sasuke.

  73. mandara cant be obito cause thn he wouldnt have so much knowledge as madarah does…..obito was more like the naruto of his time so we would lack the intallect in tht first place to pull anything off like wht mandara is doing now and the mandara in this manga would have to be really young for it to be obito cause this was prob only a few years after obito died

  74. what i think… the only person capable of comeing up with this plan is mandara himself, even his brother was odinary cause all he had was m sharingan and stronger than most chakara, mandarah on the other hand is a diffrent story

  75. madara

  76. My favorite exchange is between Minato and the third’s wife. It’s funny to see the fourth hokage acting a little squemish over childbirth.

  77. Great 500th chapter. Madara sure is an a**hole.

    I think the guy we saw in this chapter is Madara, but the guy we see in the current timeline is a guy named Tobi (who abducted Obito or Shisui or met a dying Madara) who’s posing as Madara because people fear his power.

    Btw, no offence, but why isn’t there One Piece on this blog? 🙂 Just wondering… 😀

  78. @Dragon

    do tell more sir…

  79. Hey guys! I loved this chapter. 2 reasons and I would like to explain them as if they were theories.

    1. Doesn’t this remind you of Harry Potter. Lmao!
    Nah, the 1st thing I would like to point out is that from what I’ve read a couple of months ago that the mask that “Tobi” is wearing is related to the Whirlpool Country our the Mist Village Anbu Mask. I don’t know which one it is, but if it is a Whirlpool Anbu Mask then I have a great reason for this theory. ” If that mask is indeed part of the Whirlpool Country then it’s basically a story of Revenge for his Country being destroyed and having some involvements with Konoha. It would only be Revenge because Hashirama made one of their people a Jinchurriki when they were already being hated and feared for the intense high-level sealing jutsu’s”

    2. “Tobi” can’t be Obito’s (Consciousness) but maybe just his body. Even then how could that happen if his body was completely destroyed on the right side when the avalanche crushed him. He also had his eye taken out on the left side. From what’s been said you can only make a trade with another person if it’s reciprocal. Left for an Left and right for an right. Tobi has his right side if it wasn’t crushed. I’m pretty sure the 4th Hokage wouldn’t have left Obito’s body their without looking for it first. Remember that Konoha doesn’t want any of the other villages to obtain it’s beloved bloodlines. So they wouldn’t just leave Obito’s body their without making sure it’s completely destroyed.

    If anyone could find out what kind of mask that Anbu mask is from let me know! It will explain a lot.

  80. why is it either good art bad animation, or bad art great animation??????? episode 167 was sooooooo cool but…….

    TV Tokyo no baaaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


    anyway… i can’t complain much about this week’s manga chapter though. pretty neat. nice story and now things are making more sense…. it’s so sweat that sasuke and naruto’s moms used to get along so well. it’s also destiny that the boys have become best friends, and now sworn enemies. i love destiny related stuff…

    Minato’s tears were so MAN!! every father (no matter how strong) has a wife/son/daughter as their weakest point. of course men cant handle pain when it comes to family because they love them so much!!!!! especially when their beloved wives are giving birth. the mixed feelings of happiness of having a newborn and the agony of watching one’s wife suffering this much is just amazing.

    good job kishi… yet again.

    thumbs up for this chapter!

    ps: crap! this the first time we see sarutobi’s wife!! what a rough old lady!! she almost spanked minato! looool

  81. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh something else!!! no wonder tsunade knew kushina right away!! tsunade’s grandma is an uzumaki after all!!!

    oh, and yet another theory. if there are still uzumaki’s scattered around the globe, wouldn’t that make them naruto’s allies by default? now that’s sweet!

  82. @Lsimz

    your first point i think is kinda off mostly because kushina said the whirlpool country and konoha had strong ties. if im not mistaken anyways, i read through the chapter kinda quick, but i thought that she said that.

    on a side note. tobi is madara. im tired of hearing all this crap about obito is tobi. it isnt possible. he was dead when kakashi and rin left. he also had his only eye that wasnt crushed removed and implanted into kakashi.

    and if im not mistaken shisui was kiled by itachi to gain the Mangeyo sharingan. i do have my reservations about this since what we know about itachi now makes me think he wouldnt kill hes best friend just for power. i do believe he is dead though. since danzo had his right eye that means it had to be taken from him as either a corpse or a prisoner, and madara / tobi cant be shisui since he was also trying to get the eye means he doesnt have it. if he was shisui he should still have one right? and wouldnt that mean itachi wouldnt have unlocked the MS?

    tobi/madara is pulling the akatsuki strings from the shadows as revealed by kisame when he found out who was really leading the group. as far as his body goes i suspect it continues to age, despite gaining the immortality from his EMS, and has started using zetsu’s techniques to replace his aging parts of his body. he probaly implanted his soul in a zetsu clone which is why we see him able to remove and attach limbs at will.

  83. @ bringerofkaos

    What I was referring to is that even though they had strong ties with each other they still were a country where they had nothing to worry about except people fearing them for their Sealing Techniques. Once Hashirama married Mito and came with an idea to have her become the first Jinchurriki, they were obviously hated more. Other countries saw this as a threat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kumo had a big part in their destruction. Since they were desperate for sealing techniques. I also agree it’s not Obito. Can’t be. Body maybe… other wise no. He has no reason to seek revenge for something he was already dead for.

  84. Why does people keep saying that Shisui is Tobi? I mean how many time have he been mentied in the manga serie? 1-2times maybe, the only reason we know about Shisui is beacuse of Itachi so it´s obvius not him who is Tobi beacuse he isn´t an important charter and there isn´t enough background on him for beeing Tobi/Madara. And we probaly never gona hear any thing about Shisui any more in the manga now when Itachi is dead

  85. i got another little side note. on page 6 when talking about the first kyubi jinchuriki kushina says mito sealed it within herself. this goes against almost everything we have been told, atleast by chiyo as she was not only able to seal the kyubi on her own but she was able to seal it into herself.

  86. So what do we know about Naruto’s family tree now? He is the son of Kushina who is a member of the Uzumaki Clan. The Senju and the Uzumaki are distant relatives, and the first hokage took an uzumaki woman as his wife. That means that kushina and naruto are more closely related to the senju than the uzumakis were originally. One question I have is who is Mito’s child? At the very least it is a relative of Tsunade’s, There’s a very good chance it could be one of her parents. Judging from the third’s conversation with minato and kushina, mito may have only had one pregnancy. Of course that doesn’t rule out something like twins,triplets etcetera, but then again since the seal weakens in direct proportion to the number of months a jinchurikii is pregnant, more than birth especially at one time would weaken a seal at least twice as fast as pne birth would. I can see why her seal almost broke.
    On a lighter note, since kushina may have been pregnant for about 10 months, Naruto’s brain might have had more time to develop making his intelligence at or close to genius level. This revelation adds another dimmension to naruto’s relative speed learning complicated jutsu. The best example I can give is that Naruto learned the jonin level shadow clone technique seemingly overnight. This chapter was so cool!

  87. great chapter, was a little disappointed tho that it was only 18 pages.

    shell of one’s self means that you are now just a mere representation of your old self, meaning that you are now does not come close to what you were before. ie. a snail, time goes by nd nd the snail is eaten, leavin behind only the shell. that is how madara 2day compares 2 madara in the past, according 2 itachi any way

  88. okay after reading this chapter i could only say this
    ………………………………………….WTF WHY DID IT END!!!!!
    i mean this chapter was epic and i went through it like water
    but something bugged me when i heard mito sama sealed the kyuubi within herself and came to a conclusion
    MINATO DIDN’T HAVE TO DIE!! and realized that we are missing a BIG plot hole which should show itself next week….hopefully….we’re screwed.

    @ well everyone.

    i stick by my theory that tobi is not madara but i really don’t fully believe he is obito or was the whole time.

    if he was madara then how did itachi know him well enough to know if he was a shell of his former self and how doe we know if that isn’t Shisui’s mask
    after all he was in the anbu.
    my parting argument is why did tobi want Shisui’s eye to begin with?
    why not the other of dozen of eyes danzo had and why was he mad that it was destroyed?

    ja ne ^_^

  89. I know this is off subject but did anyone see that pathetic excuse for a Naruto Shippuuden episode 167, those graphics are pathetically disgusting! I can’t believe they actually made it like that, did they even watch it before airing it, what the hell happened to part 1 graphics they were the best and now we have to witness this crap, I like reading the manga instead of watching it now this is crazy! I don’t know who is in charge but they need a serious talking to!

  90. i think we will all be in for a surprise once the person behind the mask is revealed.

  91. Maybe this masked guy is Danzo, he could have set this whole thing up and his fight with Sasuke is a form of Izanagi and he has found a way to use it, I mean he does have a whole stockpile of Sharingans!

  92. I hope we see Minato kick his ass! This Madara guy is pissing me off, It’s so sad too see they were only together for a minute before every got so messed up! It’s so epic like how Superman only had a little while with his parents before he was sent to earth and his parents died! I just can’t wait till next chapter why do we have to wait! I’ve already read it like five times and am bout to read again!

  93. i doubt that they do too much fighting, cause it seems as though once the fox escapes Minato will be more concerned about the fox and resealing it then actually attacking the man behind the mask, because it seems as though the man behind the mask lacks in true power. if that was the true madara uchiha y even pick up naruto as a hostage y not just take out the fourth, i don believe the fourth could have had a chance against madara in his prime, just my opinion

  94. Truth I agree. Minato from what we have heard in the past seems to be a very great ninja. And someone mentioned minato picking naruto over the village… hell yea what dad wouldn’t?! Minato also managed o subdue the fox and madara would appear to have left after the battle ended. Picking your son and still managing to save your village seems pretty epic and hokage like to me. I hope this lasts a couple more chapters and get to see minatos battle skills as well as how he manages to save naruto and no give up on his wife. IMO I think he will pull it off or perhaps he will step aside….o well next weekwe will see

  95. I thought the Shippuden Episode was animated by the Street Fighter People, did anyone notice God Realms facial expressions? looked like Akuma doing a Dark Hadou on more than one occasion. The fight scene had more potential than what they showed, they blow all their budget on lame fillers only to dissapoint in the bigger more relevant scenes, it wasn’t great artwork but ehh… someone has to do it, it was alright… I guess. Man what Madara pulled of was what I would call a “bitch move” if he is all that powerful why not go the with the “Pain” approach, what a little punk threatening little baby Naruto, big man facing a 1 minute baby.

  96. @midnight wolf spirit

    shisui had a special sharingan that could get into the minds of people and control them without there knowing. this was revealed during the kage summit as danzo had one. and i also noticed that part about the sealing and posted it a couple posts before you. however that was probaly a very special sealing technique minato didnt know how to do, and kushina couldnt due to her condition and the arival of what is believe to be madara.

  97. and i agree. what a fucking pethetic excuse for a shippuden episode. stick to the damn manga. they changed it so much its pethetic, and the animation itself was just plain horrible.

  98. I guess somewhere out there Naruto still has members of his clan left and someone had a theory that this masked guy is suppose to be a long lost member of the clan is a good theory because Kushina said it herself that they were known to live long lives, look at Mito Uzumaki. Maybe the masked guy found a way to make it longer!

    Everyone also seems to think he isn’t Madara but the interesting thing Minato didn’t call him Madara either, he just called him the guy with the mask! So he can’t be Madara or maybe the Fourth didn’t know who he was either!

  99. one thing you have to remember is madara should be long dead. time is a wonderful thing for making people forget about somebody. even if everyone in the village knew who madara was, how many are going to be able to recognize him? the 4th would have no idea who madara is if he as standing next to him. i hope next week kishi puts all the debate to bed about madara and just says who it is. it will make things so much easier, and finnaly end all the obito / shisui theories that aggrivate the holy hell out of me.

  100. im pretty sure there are pictures of madara somewhere in konoha. madara is part of the history of konoha, and im sure he’s been to the valley of the end, so him not knowing what he looks like doesnt make too much sense, especially if he still has that long hair. but we will just have to wait and see, and until then if someone believes that madara isnt the man behind the mask, then let them, because it has yet to b revealed who it is, smh.

  101. yeah i supose that is true, we should find out next week with any luck.

  102. yeah, dude needs to hurry up and reveal it, because if its madara it wont b that exciting, now if its someone else thatll spark up a lot talk, so ill keep my fingers crossed, one for a long chapter next week, and two that the identity of the man behind the mask is revealed.

  103. Kagami Uchiha is Tobi playing as Madara Uchiha

  104. Another Epic Fail by the Anbu, as mentioned in another forum, couldn’t one of the guys yell/ scream their being attacked or someone is coming? their supposed to be elites, but continually get pnwed. maybe their forced to wear the mask after so many fails

  105. @yo

    what makes you think that, im curious to know

  106. Kagami Uchiha is Tobi playing as Madara Uchiha

    There are many reasons

    1. His Teammates Conspired to Kill his Family Using Itachi
    2. When Seen Danzo he said “Long Time No See”
    3. Orochimaru’s Resurrection Justu That Kabuto Used Brought The real Madara’s Body
    5. Kagami was presumed dead but Itachi Never killed him
    6. Madara has RED EYES without Sharingan
    7. Tobi is bout as old as Danzo
    8. Kagami might be Madara’s Son trying to be his Father
    9. Obito Dislikes The Uchiha Clan for how they Treated him
    10. Izuna Uchiha is dead and has no eyes period
    11. Kagami Uchiha would know the story of his father first hand
    12. Sasuke and Itachi would Look Like Madara and Izuna is because Kagami Is Sasuke and Itachi’s Kagami’s Grandson’s and Madara is Kagami’s Father
    13. Kagami Would Help Kill his Family for how they treated his father as for revenge
    14 Kagami would be a Kage Level Ninja beacuse he is on the team with Nothing but Kage Level Ninja (Hiruzen Sarutobi, Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitokado, Danzō Shimura, and Torifu Akimichi)

    Kagami Uchiha

    Marada Uchiha
    RED EYES without Sharingan [/SPOILER]



  107. i found some saying this

  108. @yo

    very interesting… cookie, o cookie where art thou

  109. WoW awesome chapter!!! It certainly filled in a lot of the original story and still left me wanting to know more hehe =). This chapter seemed to introduce a lot of other characters, especially female. Suddenly we’re getting know that Naruto is the 3rd jinchurriki and that his predecessors were related and married to the hokages. What does that mean for Naruto’s future?

    Either way, it’s nice to see some of the wives of the hokages, as well as Sasuke’s mom. Lol, felt like a whole family reunion in this chapter haha! Sometimes I imagine what Naruto and Sasuke’s life would have been like if their families were with them the whole time while growing up. Ah, the funny adventures!

    Now about the Madara thing, hehe wow there’s alot of conversation going on about this, it’s really getting to people…and will continue to torture them until kishi say’s in dramatic fashion, “I’m ready to tell”…or not! Kidding, okay so here’s my thought:

    – Madara is madara only reallllllyyyy old

    – Madara is Obito (maybe that thing about something is going happen to Kakashi this year is to related this)….maybe…not to keen on this one

    – my favorite, Madara is actually a perfect clone of himself – mind, body, and Madara’s soul- and is carrying out either his own or Madara’s mission,
    and that…

    – the person Madara saw in the coffin is the real Madara….orrrr it could be the Sage of Six Paths…that would make that an excellent trump card indeed.

    Okay, this all heresay, back to racking our minds on this, hey maybe everyone’s theory is correct and he’s really is a combo of tobi-obito-danzo-etc.-Madara….lol I’m just kidding!

    Thanks for reading this far anyway!

    Excellent chapter again, can’t wait for next week!

  110. thank you everyone for offering your theories, i appreciate it, keep up the good work

  111. WoW awesome chapter!!! It certainly filled in a lot of the original story and still left me wanting to know more hehe =). This chapter seemed to introduce a lot of other characters, especially female. Suddenly we’re getting know that Naruto is the 3rd jinchurriki and that his predecessors were related and married to the hokages. What does that mean for Naruto’s future?

    Either way, it’s nice to see some of the wives of the hokages, as well as Sasuke’s mom. Lol, felt like a whole family reunion in this chapter haha! Sometimes I imagine what Naruto and Sasuke’s life would have been like if their families were with them the whole time while growing up. Ah, the funny adventures!

    Now about the Madara thing, hehe wow there’s alot of conversation going on about this, it’s really getting to people…and will continue to torture them until kishi say’s in dramatic fashion, “I’m ready to tell”…or not! Kidding, okay so here’s my thought:

    – Madara is madara only reallllllyyyy old

    – Madara is Obito (maybe that thing about something is going happen to Kakashi this year is to related this)….maybe…not to keen on this one

    – Madara is actually an Uzumaki or absorbed one of their powers (they still haven’t said how the village was destroyed)

    – my favorite, Madara is actually a perfect clone of himself – mind, body, and Madara’s soul- and is carrying out either his own or Madara’s mission,
    and that…

    – the person Madara saw in the coffin is the real Madara….orrrr it could be the Sage of Six Paths…that would make that an excellent trump card indeed.

    Okay, this all heresay, back to racking our minds on this, hey maybe everyone’s theory is correct and he’s really is a combo of tobi-obito-danzo-etc.-Madara….lol I’m just kidding!

    Thanks for reading this far anyway!

    Excellent chapter again, can’t wait for next week!

  112. sorry pushed the same button twice hehe

  113. Anyone notice Madara has real arms?

  114. I don’t know about you guys but this chapter really has me seeing Minato’s epic battle with the nine-tails in a different light. The Leaf doesn’t seem that torn apart yet, and its hard to imagine it ever coming to that point, with the Fourth Hokage and the masked guy already facing off. It just seems a little off from the first chapter. I don’t know.

  115. @ siskin

    of course, which is one reason why i said that the masked guy now, might not be the same masked guy in the present day.

    the man behind the mask, who is, where is from, have we seen him before… these r the questions we need answered.

  116. @Naruto Tutor

    Well it could be that some people in the leaf were starting to believe in a true truce, but that the older generation felt tension still, we know Danzo didn’t trust the Uchiha at all. I would bet Fugaku didn’t trust the Senju at all either, and he probably hid this from his wife.

    The Kyuubi’s “attack” ignited those tensions, especially because the village probably didn’t know Kushina was the jinchurriki.

  117. another interesting observation from this weeks chapter is that kushina states that she taught minato quite a few sealing techniques. I think this would have been a fundamental component of how the “yellow flash” came into being. The FTG technique is a teleportation technique based on sealing! maybe Kushina can teach Naruto the FTG technique!

    That would be amazing! i hope that naruto does learn some other tech’s because its getting a trifle boring on the tech department though this is by far the best storyline EVER!

    with regards to madara i firmly agree with above comments the last EDO tensa corpse could only be 2 things

    1) Sage of six paths
    2) Madara Uchiha

    I definately think that Tobi isnt Madara for the flat out reason that Kishi has kept tobi’s mask on throughout the history etc. I mean if he was madara i think kishi would have simply removed the mask in later stages. The only reason you have a mask is to hide the identify of the charachter. If the character is claiming he is uchiha madara and has already claimed that he doesnt have the same level of power why is he continuing to wear a mask?

    Simple answer = because he isnt madara and its a twist that kishi will no doubt reveal.

    What im hoping to discover from next weeks episode is upon extraction of the kyuubi did tobi control the kyuubi or unleash it? two big differences which is really important to figure out. Because based on the control of the kyuubi we will know the identity of madara.

    As only two ppl as everyone knew could control the kyuubi that being Hashirama Senju the 1st hokage and Uchiha Madara.

    Either way off the chain chapter~! well done kishi and hopefully we can see more asap!

  118. Hm it was an awesome chapter but I really start to wonder.
    So Kushina did tell Sasuke’s mom about her child and how she’s gonna call him. But… if Kushina and Mikoto were friends, why didn’t Mikoto take care of Naruto? Or at least look after him, make Sasuke play with him and treat him normally? Kinda strange….
    Or does this imply she was the one who revealed the secret of Kushina giving birth? Kinda like a traitor but maybe she didn’t know about the consequences? Maybe she told her husband or a friend of hers? I dunno…
    So suddenly we are told about the name of the third’s father. Does it play a big role? Kishimoto usually tends to leave things unrevealed but what the heck.. he’s spilled information we didn’t even crave for. So… Sasuke. Who was he? Did he die? Was he related to the Uchiha or why is Mikoto naming her child after him? I mean.. if she admires the third hokage, why naming Sasuke after the third’s father and not after the third himself?
    The masked guy took out all the anbu without giving them time to scream or fight back. Well…. genjutsu? Really strong genjutsu or is he just really fast? Either way, strong. And probably talented. Genjutsu would indicate it’s an Uchiha which we don’t know for sure yet.
    So the third’s wife was taken out. Did she die there or why wasn’t she ever shown before or even mentioned? She died, probably. Or is gonna die in the upcoming fight.
    This is really interesting. I mean, Kishi’s got me there! The last page is such a cliffhanger.
    Why does the masked guy know Minato’s name? He has to be from Konoha and lived there. Otherwise, he’d only know Minato as “Yellow Flash” or “Hokage-sama”, as well as “the fourth”. I believe this is important. Otherwise Kishimoto would have just written “Fourth Hokage” and not – like in the chapter – “Fourth Hokage Minato”. It indicates familiarness.
    Also, he knows about Kushina being a host. That had been top-secret and was only known to a few selected within the village. It can’t be that there was a traitor who gave out information. That way, the masked guy wouldn’t recognize Minato.
    The mask got a hole on the right side so that the one who wears it can see something. Just like Madaras. But it’s different. The person also intends to hide his hair color, not just his face. There’s no need for a cloak after putting up a mask, is there? So… does that mean Kishimoto intended to keep the guy’s haircut hidden?
    That brings up the all too well discussed matter of Madara-Tobi-Obito.
    I definitely would say Madara lives. But…. if this guy who takes Naruto is Madara…. why not show his face or at least Sharingan? Maybe… the Tobi we’ve seen before(the stupid one) isn’t Madara. What if there are two Tobis, one being Madara and the other one of Madara’s underlings?
    I mean…. I don’t really think the stupid “Tobi is a good boy” image suits Madara. He had no specific reason to act like such an idiot. And later, he doesn’t. As if he changed place with somebody.
    That’s just a theory, but… what if Madara found Obito’s corpse by chance and realized he was an Uchiha? Zetsu could have healed his body or at least replace the broken parts except the taken Sharingan. As an Uchiha, his body was compatible with the Sharingan, so he could be used as a container. The quote… I can’t get it out of my mind…. “Madara’s just a shell of his former self”…
    I guess we’re going to know more next week!^^

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