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Naruto Shippūden 166: Confessions… of a Teenage Drama Queen!

Post Author: Cookie, the Legendary Drunk

Shalom everyone!  It’s Cookie, back and ready for action!  Getting down to business, this weeks episode was entitled ‘Confessions’, and even if you did not watch it, you should all know what it’s about.  Since this was quiet a serious episode, my breakdown may not be the funniest of mine.  So please bare with me…

The episode begins with an epic flashback ’bout Hinata as a young child.  The beginning is almost completely about her early childhood when her mother was still alive and when Hanabi was just born.  As she grew older, she began to train with her father Hiashi, although this only showed that Hinata was weak (We still love ya girl! 😉 ).

Determination brings forth hard work. Hard work brings forth strength. Strength brings forth... what the?! Why am I on a computer screen?!?!?!

Another part of this flashback was about when Naruto met Hinata.  Although this was overlooked in the manga, the animation in the episode made it epic!  Anyways, as she is confronted by a few bullies, Naruto attempts to stop them, but to no avail.  As Ko, Hinata’s caretaker, appears, the bullies take off.  As Hinata was about to say thank you to Naruto, Ko pulled her away, saying she couldn’t be around him…

... cuz he be havin' cutties!

Even though he never got a proper thank you, Naruto still became her friend when they enrolled in the Academy.  What occured to me was that I thought they met in the Academy, but they met years before that.  Stupid Kishimoto-senpai!  Don’t make the animation teams do your work for ya!

Anyways, it seems Naruto and Hinata sat next to each other in the Academy.  Awwwwwwwwwwwww!  Isn’t that cute?  Not really, but here’s something that might make you ‘lol’…


Back to business, after the flashbacks, Miss Notreadytogosteady takes an offensive stance, confesses her love for Naruto, and attacks Pein.  The most important part of this entire episode was Hinata gaining the confidence to confess her true feelings and fight someone she knows she’s outclassed by.  That shows courage, and I applaud her for that.

What is up with Kishimoto-senpai and the boobs? I mean, really?! Even Naruto stares at 'em! o_O

Well, after Naruto has his little peepshow, Hinata begins to attack Pein.  Although she is easily overcome by his jutsu, she still gets back up and fight again.  Although she truly fought a hard battle, it was totally one-sided and unlike filler episodes, she isn’t as strong as she looks.  After a few bashings (Like the pimp we all know Mr. Deva Path to be), Hinata uses her new jutsu named Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, a super awesome jutsu that made Pein Almighty flinch!  Just as Miss Hyuga is about to land a finishing blow (That would probably have only tore Pein Almighty’s cloak), she is shoved back by Shinra Tensei.

As she gets up, she can only make it to Naruto, but before she can do anything, she collapses.  As she tries to take out one of the Chakra Dissruption Blades, she whispers the words that Naruto once said.  As she is about to free Naruto’s hands, she is thrown into the air and sent crashing down with extreme force.

Why do ya have ta be a hater, Pein? 😛

As Naruto witnesses Mr. Pein stab Miss Hinata, the Nine-Tails begins to become unsuppressed.   Naruto’s rage soon overcomes him, bringing forth the indestructable Six-Tailed Transformation…

As the Nine-Tails will overcomes Naruto, will Pein prove to be worthy of fighting the strongest of Tailed Beasts, or will he be no match for the deadly beast of destruction?

This is where the episode ends…

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed the breakdown.  I hope you got a few cheap laughs in there.  If anyone would like, you can create a caption of the screen below.  If you do, you might just make it into my next breakdown. 😀

*Insert caption here*

Adios amigos!

55 Responses

  1. super a cool

  2. i wouldn’t consider Hinata a “drama queen”, Sakura and Ino fit that description much better. i’d classify Hinata as somebody whom the universe hates for unknown reasons. and i know some might say “Naruto, Sasuke and Nagato all had much crappier lives than Hinata”, but i respond ahead of time (PREspond??) to that w/ the fact that all of them turned into kickass ninjas at very young ages and can beat the crap outta most ppl, while Hinata’s still mediocre in comparison. altho, in my opinion, she IS better off than “other” girls her age *coughsakuracoughinocough* 😉

  3. I wasn’t actually calling Hinata a drama queen. It’s just a funny title, like the movie with the same title. And Hinata is my second favourite (second only to the Bloody Habanero :P) female character in the series.

    I have a incredibly stupid question: Why does everyone bash Sakura and Ino?

  4. “somebody whom the universe hates for unknown reasons” she’s weak and gets attention she doesnt deserve from the fandom while the stronger characters get less-none (Well at least that’s why I hate her)

  5. @ cookie, mostly cuz they’re annoying and attention whores, but i must admit that Ino’s getting a lot better on both accounts (or maybe it’s just that we never see her anymore?). their also “bashed” partly cuz they’re crappy fighters. but i actually dislike them more cuz they’re annoying than anything else, even tho i mainly only comment on their lameness

  6. @ kisu, uhm, yeah, as far as the “attention from the fandom”, so i suppose that fans drawing her making out w/ Neji, or worse Akamaru, is a good thing? she may b liked by fans, but that in no way would make her feel better as there r plenty of fans who pair her up w/ relatives (i’ve seen pics of HinataX: Neji, Hiashi, and/or Hanabi), animals (again, HinataXAkamaru has WAY to much fanart), or other women (okay, guess i’m not completely innocent of this, considering my in-the-gutter, HinataXKurenai or XKushina thoughts, lol). besides, fans only like her cuz she’s the underdog, ie, cuz the universe hated her LONG b4 u hated her

  7. I like the weaker/not S-rank ninja (S-rank being Naruto and such). Hinata is one of my favourites because, although she isn’t very powerful, she still pushes herself past her limits and has the courage to confess her love and fight someone she knows extremely out-classes her (e.g. Pein).

    I’m sorry to all the NaruHina fans out there, but you do realize that Naruto is almost the antithesis of Hinata? He is very outspoken, extremely powerful, and doesn’t even have the courage to tell Sakura he loves her. What a mismatched pair…

  8. @ cookie, uhm, the stuff on Naruto not being able to tell Sakura he loved her is bull in my opinion, as that’s really the only thing he DID tell her in part 1 and the first half of part 2. on the whole “Naruto and Hinata r opposites”, well, they also share similar values of self-sacrafice and perseverance, so it’s not like they’re incompatible or anything, just different. and it would b good for both of them to at least hang out, as Naruto needs to b a bit calmer, and Hinata needs to b more outspoken, so they’d b good together as at least close friends

  9. Yeah, but marriage and close friends are completely different things. In my opinion, Naruto will end up being single and lovin’ it at the ned of this unending series. If I’m the only one that thinks this, that’s quite sad that others can’t be open-minded and have some common sense. Since when has Naruto ever cared more about a woman than Ichiraku ramen? Sorry, this is a little weird, but I think that he’ll end up marrying some ramen.

  10. personally i hate sakura because she is possibly the biggest cry baby in the naruto universe. all she ever does is cry about how bad she has it. on top of this she relies on naruto almost completly, and she is borderline useless to boot.

    the 1 time she goes off to finally show some determination and guts she tells a blatant lie to naruo and gets caught (hen she said she loved him) and then she uses a sleep bomb of sorts to incapacitate her team to try and take on sasuke alone, and almost kills naruto by mistake after sasuke takes away her poisened kunai without her even realising whats going on.

    she is completly useless as she is and naruto should have let sasuke kill her.

  11. @ cookie, yeah i can see that, the part on him being single, not the marrying ramen part, that was just wierd -_-‘

  12. @Kaos

    You’re terrible. Why would you say that? ‘she is completly useless as she is and naruto should have let sasuke kill her.’ I’m not a Sakura fan either, but I don’t come out and say, ‘Oh, she should die because she’s stupid!’

  13. Just because she’s not the best doesn’t mean that she should be killed off. I’ve never seen someone dislike Sakura so much, not even Nemo.

  14. at first i didn’t hate hinata at all instead she was my favourite, the reason i started to hate her a bit is because of the group known as the naruhina fans (not all of them just a small group) there’s just no talking to them they tend to debate at anything and when you start the debate and ask for why that should or shouldn’t be true the answer is because i say so. i really hate those people

    Cookie i like your point at naruto staying single but if he does marry someone it has to be Sasuke the only person he cares more about than Ichiraku ramen

    The caption:

    Tenten: Look at that huge frog!
    Lee: I wonder if it would taste good, Tenten fry that thing!
    Neji: Do you really have to eat anytihng that you come across?
    Gai: Lee! what a wounderfull idea let’s eat it together! *gai pose*
    Gamabunta: Nuuu i’m gonna become food T_T.

  15. Lmao Cookie u sound like a drama queen

  16. Haha. Nice Whitey! Love the caption. But I’m not for the whole ‘Naruto is Sasuke’s not-so-secret lover’. It irritates me. If they were lovers, Kishimoto-senpai would have had them make out already. I could just see the ‘Make Out Session at the Valley of the End arc’.

    Note: I wonder why they animators didn’t put Konohamaru’s Guy-on-Guy Harem Jutsu in colour… ?

  17. @Black nin

    I’m not a drama queen, I just don’t like when people say, ‘Oh she sucks she so she better die!’ If he had said, ‘I hate her.’ and left it at that, I would have become pissed off and attack him like that.

  18. @ WS, hope i don’t sound like that, as i do have a logical reason for being a NaruHina fan: Hinata is possibly the only female character Naruto’s age, who, if they did marry, probably wouldn’t cause him to die horribly: Sakura, would probably kill him herself; Ino, talks so much that Naruto’s head explodes; Tenten, bore him to death; Karin, all of the above, lol

  19. or alternatively for Karin: gives him an STD

  20. WOOO! I HAVE COMMENTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @cookie

    okay, maybe i dont want her to die, but i do wish kishi would hurry up and age her a bit. what i mean by that is im tired of always seing her cry and failing to being content to let naruto do everything. on top of that she is so headstrong that she nearly walked straight into her own demise had naruto not saved her.

    post timeskip it looked as though kishi was going to put her on the right path. as a medical nin she was able to cure the poison infecting kankuro, and she managed to hold her own rather well against sasori when she fought with chiyo.

    what happens after that? she went back to a weak crying baby. i would have way more respect for sakura if she would just develop into a better ninja in terms of maturity and not always willingly relying on others.

    i can even get past her lack of battle strength as she is meant to heal not fight if she would just develop some damn common sense. every time it looks as though she turns a corner in the right direction she makes a U-turn.

    also, naruto did kiss sasuke in the academy days.

  22. I like Neji becuz he wasnt spoonfed like Hinata was, he found his own path to power. By spoonfed I mean she had all it took to become a powerful ninja (her father was the head of the clan, she had access to the main houses jutsu etc.) but became trash, while Neji that lost everything because of her had nothing but still outshines most of the clan and is now either on par or above Hiashi in skills and power.

    I like Naruto because he worked his ass off and got strong.

    I like Lee because he worked his ass off and got strong.

    I like Pain because he didnt have anything, yet emerged from a war-torn land as GOD.

    I hate Hinata because she’s weak. As simple as that lol

  23. @Kaos

    That kiss was unintentional, as Shikmaru bumped into Naruto and he landed on Sasuke. It was just for comic relief.

  24. @Kisu

    That’s so mean. Just because she’s weak NOW doesn’t mean she’ll always be weak. And if she made CHunin, she can’t be that weak. But, I think that since she has finally grown confident, she’ll be able to train with Naruto and might even learn some of the techniques he knows (Shadow Clones, Rasengan). She also created her own jutsu, which in my eyes is quite an achievement.

  25. “She also created her own jutsu, which in my eyes is quite an achievement.” Filler.

    “Just because she’s weak NOW doesn’t mean she’ll always be weak” There’s no proof she’ll get stronger.

    “and might even learn some of the techniques he knows (Shadow Clones, Rasengan)” Anyone can learn Shadow Clones, but not anyone can learn the Rasengan.

    But then again, its just who you like as a character. I personally hate Hinata.

  26. @cookie

    even though it may have been an accident it still counts. i wonder how sakura feels considering sasuke’s first kiss was naruto. ha ha ha.

  27. @Kisu

    Uh, have you forgotten about Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists? That’s not filler.

  28. i gotta be honest, i am a hinata fan. i know she is a relativly weak character, though who is left in konoha who isnt in comparison to naruto now? and certainly from the original 11 they almost all are. i think i like hinata because she has heart. she knows she isn’t all that strong, and may well never be, but she continues to train to try an better herself despite being relativly weak, and i like that.

    im also someone who wants to see her end up with naruto, though i dont think it will go that route in the end, i would like to see naruto have a chance to adress her and her confession, regardless of which way it may go. i mean really, talk about kick in the head, she sacrifices her willingly to save naruto, then he runs of to the kage summit, and now off to train. he could have atleast stuck around long enough to give her a hug.

  29. “And if she made CHunin, she can’t be that weak.”: Mizuki/Iruka are chunin.

    Cookie: But she didn’t neccesarily create that did she?

    Other than those facts my only other input is to the caption contest:

    Neji: That toad’s drunk again?
    Tenten: Yeah, he hasn’t been able to reign it in since Jiraiya died. They used to go shot for shot, until Jiraiya drank it all. He really needs a new drinking buddy.
    Lee: I’d love to be his drinking buddy.
    Gai: I hope Pein kills Hinata for real as part of a filler arc. It won’t be plot relevant, so it’s perfect for a filler!

  30. @Mart

    Haha at the caption.

    But, she did make that technique, unless I’m missing a crucial piece of evidence against that.

  31. @ kisu, i personally hate Neji for much the same reason i hate Sakura: they’re both total bitches. at least Sakura and Hinata know that they’re fairly weak, but Neji has a god-complex despite being FAR sub-par as both a ninja (Shizune could whoop his ass), and a human being (he’s almost as much of a d-bag as Glenn Beck, almost)
    @ mart, we’ve never seen anything that says anybody besides Hinata can use that lion jutsu, so either she created it, or it’s not somthing commonly used by Hyuugas. on Hinata dying, first off, i’d b surprised if Guy can even remember who she is considering how dumb he is and how infrequently they interact. second, that would b a dumb idea to kill her off considering her popularity, it would likely halve the amount of viewers the anime gets in an instant. third, there have been instances of characters being absent for long periods of time then suddenly become relevant again, so it’s possible that she might do something important again later on (even if it’s only briefly)
    i don’t feel like defending Hinata forever, so could we leave it as this: she’s incredibly weak compared to main characters/Akatsuki members, but like it or not, she’s a fan favorite (as she’s the nicest person in the entire series). and Kishi has something against killing good guys in Naruto’s generation, so she’ll probably never die. but Kishi also hates women and therefore she will likely never become incredibly powerful or become very important to the over all plot

  32. “unless I’m missing a crucial piece of evidence against that.” If you wish to reread the “confesion” chapter, it says nowhere that she is the only user, the originator of the jutsu, or really anything about it. Using the arguement that only Hinata uses it is stupid, because the rest of the Hyugga probably just know better jutsu.

  33. Since when has the strength of a ninja been relevant to who someone likes as a character, take for example Kakashi, yeah he is fairly strong but in the great scheme of things he is relatively weak to others who outclass him outright. I’m a NaruxHina supporter as opposed to a NaruxSaku or NaruxSasu( that would outright kill the series 😦 ) It would be pretty lame of Kishi to not address Hinata’s confession. Her attitude is leaps and bound beyond other ninjas, where were the other ninja’s when Pain was going to take Naruto? The difference between Hinata and Sakura is that Hinata sets a path and follows it, she knows what she has to do and does it, Sakura is all talk and the moment she has the opportunity to do something she cowers and her determination fails her.

    I think you hate extreme stereotypes of women, Sakura, hot tempered, yet extremely emotional unstable. Hinata, shy beyond belief, but strong willed and determined and Ten Ten she is bland to the extreme. Sakura and Hinata are polar opposites in every sense even their hair color is an example of that, but if you had to choose one over the other who would it be, who do you hate the least?

  34. @John, this is really hard. hmm. U asking me that is like asking a guy if he’s rather get shot in the heart or through the head…. If I HAD to choose which one to be locked in a romm with, I’d go with Hinata because I can ignore her more easily than Sakura.

    I just hate when people prefer to talk about weak characters instead of characters that worked harder to get where they are. Neji didnt just wake up and suddenly got strong, or yelled into the heavens and gained a new technique or even transplant someone’s eyes, he simply worked harder than Hinata, but all of that is overlooked by Hinata fans because he beat her in a fight she clearly wasnt prepared for and even though he told her time and time again to surrender, she was the one that goaded him into a final charge.

    “Uh, have you forgotten about Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists” Yeah that hit Pain and what did it do? Tickle him? XD Think about this. Neji didnt have anyone to teach him the Head Branch’s jutsus, he taught them to himself, which is called reinvention. The fact that he could create those moves with little to no prior knowledge of them is why Neji is not on my hatelist.

    “but Neji has a god-complex despite being FAR sub-par ” Apparently Tsunade and the Konoha elders as well as the other Konoha ninja don’t agree with you there NEmo because Neji is a Jonin unlike all the others. And as of the latest Databook, he beats everyone but Sasuke and Naruto.

  35. Caption: Gai: “Poor Gamabunta’s down on his luck. His AA meetings didnt help and now he’s sleeping in the forest. Dont do drugs kids.”

  36. Love the breakdown!


    Neji: You know? When I painted this picture, it didn’t have a toad in it…HOLY CRAP!

  37. @Everyone

    A lot of characters that are weak have tried to get stronger. After the Chunin Exams, Hinata began to train with her father more and perhaps she even trained with Neji once during the timeskip. Although she sin’t very strong, she still worked hard to get where she is, even if it little improvement.

  38. @Cookie:


  39. @Cookie, the fact that she’s still weak is proof she doesnt work as hard as the strong ppl do.

  40. @kisuzachi
    WHY ARE YOU HERE!!??!!!
    just why?
    if this isn’t the proof that we naruhina fan need that see is indeed strong i don’t know what is!
    i didn’t see sakura jump into battle to save naruto and i she did it would be only because he was a team mate
    i honestly don’t see this so called love even if it may apper that was in other animes but it’s just not there
    and she does work hard
    even if she did get a lucky hit in on pein
    compared to what she once was( which was still stronger than ino or sakura) she has shown a great deal of improvement!
    and i guarantee you that if hinata was put up against someone her own age in the chunin exams
    she would have had a better chance of winning
    neji knew more about her and used that to his advantage, but it was not necessarily a bad thing

  41. anyway what i came here for
    did anyone find it odd that hinata’s mother not only appeared in the flashback but her eyes weren’t opened.

    her hair like hinata’s was also a different shade then the normal hyuuga brown or black
    it may go to prove that her mother my not be a hyuuga and why hiashi was so hard on her to be stronger
    until more info comes in all we have to go on is what we’ve seen in the story line.
    i mean we don’t even know her name or if she’s alive or not.

  42. @midnight, I really dont care about who Naruto ends up with. I’m just ranting about how weak and useless Hinata is 🙂

  43. okay, @ kisu, the reason y Hinata couldn’t get anywhere while training w/ Hiashi is cuz Hiashi’s obviously the wrong type of teacher. now, just hear me out, there r different types of ppl, ones who need positive reinforcement, ones who need negative reinforcement, and ones who couldn’t really care less. i list ppl like Naruto and Gaara in the “couldn’t care less” section, as they exponentionally grow stronger no matter what; i list ppl like Neji in the “negative reinforcement” section, as he did something very impressive when everybody was against him, but after everybody started loving him, his growth came to a screeching halt, (and on Neji being sub-par, uhm, if u remember, Shizune and Ebisu are also Jonin, lol) i say this not bcoz of the databooks, but bcoz of the manga, where Neji’s pretty much became useless in part 2 (just cuz Kishi said something, doesn’t make it true, he said 2010 would b Kakashi’s year, and where is Kakashi now?); now onto “positive reinforcement” area, i include Hinata, Lee, and Choji in this area for these reasons: Choji, only good in battle when thinking of Shikamaru (a fairly nice guy to Choji), and never really went anywhere until after joining Team Asuma (a fairly nice guy); Lee, worked his ass off during his time in the Academy, (just like Naruto, Neji, and actually just about everybody except Shikamaru) yet Lee NEVER got ANYWHERE until he met Guy, who was somebody who believed in him, implying that’s all Lee needed to get stronger. lastly, Hinata: Kurenai, in the few months between graduation and the Chunin Exams, got about twice as far w/ Hinata as Hiashi did in 12 years, and Hinata only kept getting better (again, she’ll never b able to take on an S-rank opponantin in her life), this can only b cuz Hiashi’s always been a jerk to Hinata, while Kurenai tried a nicer aproach and did what could b considered miracles when compared to what Hiashi did.
    also, on Hinata’s jutsu not working against Pain, r u really going to compare what u call a “God” to a little girl who’ll never b able to match even the weakest Akatsuki? i think Pain would b INSULTED you’re judging him, who’s above the 5 Kages COMBINED, by standards u should judge Chunins by, i thought u respected him, but apparently u couldn’t care less

  44. So basically ur saying Hinata needs someone that will rub her belly and say “good job” with a pat on the head? How pathetic is that? lol.

    Ebisu is a Tokubetsu Jonin, not a real one, and Neji is only 16-17 and is a Jonin as opposed to Shizune who’s 31. Let’s not forget that Kakashi and Guy are also Jonin. Also, in the 2.5 years I’d say he improved quite a lot. In the Chunin exams they said neither Naruto NOR Neji were suited to become Chunin, but in 2.5 years he rose 2 levels to become a Jonin. You only hate Neji because he beat Hinata, same with Pain. When a character is weak they deserve w/e thrashing they get, especially if they willingly face a stronger opponent and reject offers to quit.

  45. P.s I only mentioned Pain becuz Cookie made the move seem like such a big deal. It isnt.

  46. @ kisu, i forgot about Ebisu cuz he was a sensei. on Hinata “needing a pat on the head” and all that stuff, well, so does Lee and Choji and liekly some other characters. in fact, Konan and Yahiko would b close to useless and Nagato about Chuuni-Jonin level if it weren’t for Jiraiya “rubbing their bellies and saying “good job” with a pat on the head.” and i hate Neji for a number of reasons: he’s a d-bag to just about everybody (not just Hinata), has a god complex despite being fairly useless in battle, and despite his dispicable personality and aweful fighting abilities (which would probably b fairly impressive if it weren’t for his asshole-ality getting in the way), everybody loves him! y, i don’t know, but whatever it was, it was not shown in either the manga or the anime. and on him being promoted so much: Rin, ya know, the not-as-annoying-as-but-still-as-pathetic-as Sakura equivalent, was a Chunin at age 8, so i don’t think that “getting promoted” at young ages means that much. another example: Kakashi became a Jonin at a time when he would get his ass kicked by part1 Sasuke, he got better, but still, not impressive. in other words, getting promoted don’t mean shit in the Naruverse. i can think of plenty of other examples too, just don’t feel like listing them.

  47. oh, and on Hinata’s jutsu, obviously Pain thought it was a big deal considering he chose to use a powerful jutsu, which leaves him wide open for attack right afterwards, to save himself. and when the jutsus hit, it made a pretty nice amount of colateral damage from the force created by the 2 jutsu. also, the Lion jutsu was TWO masses of chakra, comparable in size to Oodama Rasengan, and they were likely made outta Gentle Fist chakra, so if they hit, it’d do some srsly heavy damage, but Pain could make Rasenshuriken, the “kill u twice over, chop up mountains, and shave demons all at once” no jutsu, look pathetically useless, so of course a Gentle Fist jutsu wouldn’t work. using “Pain beat it” is not a valid excuse, no something like “Konohamaru beat it”, that would b insulting, but that wasn’t the case, was it

  48. “obviously Pain thought it was a big deal considering he chose to use a powerful jutsu”: That’s his weakest jutsu for that body… as far as Konohamaru beat it… He probably could come pretty close. He does know the Rasengan.

    Negative-Positive reinforcement doesn’t really matter, Neji is and always will be stronger of the two. He has grown much more than Hinata, has learned/shown more jutsu (though he already knew more so this isn’t talked about much) and was actually able to save his teammates.

  49. Caption:
    TenTen: Look! It’s Gamabunta!?
    Gamabunta: *sigh* Okay….OUCH!
    Neji: That looked like it hurt. o_O
    Lee: That’s not how you do a barrel roll. T_T

  50. @Midnight’s comment a lot of the ways up.

    Do you think the Hyuga marry into the same family? Like Hyuga + Hyuga.

    No, it’s Unnamed Clan + Hyuga.

    @Neji v. Hinata dicussion

    Since when were we debating which was stronger? I may like Hinata, but everyone knows that Neji is the superior fighter. But, who has worked harder? It’s been stated that Neji is a natural genius, graduated from the Academy as Number One Rookie, and learned the Hyuga Clan jutsu just by observation. Don’t you think it was easy for him? Now Hinata, she worked hard to get where she is. I’m not saying Neji didn’t work at all, but it came a lot easier to him. Hiashi even said that she was frail.

  51. Also, would you learn things easy fi your father was pushing you, then gave up on you and said you were worthless?

  52. “learned the Hyuga Clan jutsu just by observation”: This is WHY he had to work so much harder. ALL he had was his observations because he didn’t have the various tutors Hinata had. Gai might have tought him some things, but there is a reason he isn’t wearing a green jumpsuit. He essentialy tought himself things the Hyugga clan developed over generations.

  53. “Rin, ya know, the not-as-annoying-as-but-still-as-pathetic-as Sakura equivalent, was a Chunin at age 8, so i don’t think that “getting promoted” – yeah, Rin got beaten by a squad of Jonin. Once again the ranks are important becuz theoretically, a Chunin shouldnt be able to beat a Jonin, let alone a team of Jonin. Thanks for bringing up Rin. Her stat total is 21 and she was only 12 (became a Chunin @ 11) and 15 year old Hinata’s stat total is only 21.5. If “pathetic-as Sakura” Rin is only barely weaker than Hinata, what does that say about Hinata? lol

    Also, Gentle Fist Technique damages the body’s insides, no matter how much you train u cant make ur insides stronger (this is canon in the Naruverse since Kakashi said it). So in this instance, I can compare Pain to Hinata and it will be just as effective as comparing her to Konohamaru lol.

  54. i don´t know why people (kisu) still say that neji is strong. we all know that he is strong because his byakugan but the fact is that in what kishi show of neji in the manga in the 2nd half (shippuden) was his fight with his teamn against Kisame where he dont do much only defeat a weak clone and later he fight a clone of himself that he only defeat because lee told him wtha to do so in theory hi is strong but in facts ( like the manga shows ) his is maybe just a average jounin

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