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Gedo Mazo

Lately I’ve been wondering about the other Tailed Beast and have been wondering exactly how Madara will utilize their power the fight since they are sealed inside Gedo Mazo. I feel like we’ve all been over looking this statue in our theories and this summons is more important than we think.

First and for most I believe Gedo Mazo is the strongest summons on Naruto based on the display of power we witnessed in Nagato’s flashback during his talk with Naruto. To be able to contain the power of all Tailed beast is amazing and those techniques he used, maybe its origins are from the Sage of the Six Paths and possibly related to the Juubi as well.

I believe that this thing it pivotal to Madara’s plan and maybe the only way to use the power of the Tailed Beast without setting them free. We all know Madara could control Tailed Beast with his Sharingan all those years ago but even he stated that he is nothing more than a shell of his former self. So setting them free to attack the Alliance of the Five Nations is a huge risk, not only could the Alliance capture the Tailed beast but the Tailed beast could rage out of control and turn against Madara himself. This is why I believe Madara will use their power from within the Gedo Mazo Summons, and it explains why he needs a strong ninja to sync with its power. So basically Gedo Mazo in my opinion is like a giant monster Jinchuuriki and if it can contain all Tailed Beast it could be just as strong as the Juubi.

This is where Sasuke comes in now that Nagato is dead, once Madara can control Sasuke (which looks like he can easily do) he will sync him with Gedo Mazo and therefore have control over the Tailed beast and use them both to wipe out the Alliance and capture the Hachibi and the Kyuubi, then once he has them he will use their power to revive himself and then revive the Juubi by putting its chakra back inside its body and then seal it inside himself becoming the Juubi Jinchuuriki!


Now, there have been talk around the Narutoverse that Madara is after Naruto’s body and Sasuke’s eyes. This is a great theory because what other reason could he want Sasuke to become so strong, why put all this fate and power in him if he can’t control him fully. My guess is he wants him to gain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and combine them with the Rinnegan to remake the Eyes of the Rikudo Sage, then Take Naruto’s body which is the body of the Rikudo Sage and combine them and seal the Juubi inside. This seems far-fetched and maybe I am way off but it seems possible to me, I mean look at Orochimaru’s technique to steal bodies and he was also an Akatsuki who Madara even admired for his genius.


Also, is I’m wrong who’s to say Madara’s body isn’t strong enough to contain the Juubi, I mean he has to be strong to be able to live this long but on the other hand we don’t know what state his body is in and what Kabuto is hiding in that coffin! ( On a side note, I just realized that Orochimaru was far more impressive than I thought, to think he had this much ability. If he had gained Sasuke’s eyes he would have been unstoppable!)

Madara wants them to fight because Sasuke and Naruto have both surpassed his current form (Sasuke has EMS and Naruto has control over the Kyuubi). He wants to defeat one another and use them to become stronger, it makes a lot of sense if you think about it, but again it’s just a theory!


29 Responses

  1. I agree with almost all of that. Madara is searching for the perfect Kaze-whatever=The perfect body. If he can get Sasuke to do his dirty work, he can do much more than just be the Juubi’s jinchuriki: He can have stability over all of the tails, and be the most unstoppable, immortal being ever created…He WOULD have immortality if he did this, which is why he wants the perfect body before he tries, because if he doesn’t, he can’t sustain the power, or, if he can, it would later resolve in him having an imperfect body and it may kill him. Ultimately, he wants to be the God that Nagato never could be.

  2. Iv’e been trying to figure out how Madara was going to use Gedo Mazo in this war. I don’t think Sasuke is gonna fight until Konoha is the last village standing, his main goal was to destroy Konoha before Madara operated on his eyes, Most likely he’s gonna stick to his original plan, and plus they have Kabuto and he can take out atleast 3 to 4 countries by himself In my opinion
    Nagato isn’t dead, can’t Madara use Nagato for Gedo Mazo since he was resurrected by Kabuto? I don’t think Madar will remake the Sage of 6 Paths eyes and combine it with the EMS, Madara would need a pair of Rinnegan eyes.
    Madara still has thousands of Sharigans, what is he planning on to do with them? Madara still has Kisame & Zetsu, what roles are they gonna play in this war ?(Although I think Kisame will be the 1st to die)

    Here are my predictions that I want to happen

    1. Kabuto wipes out almost everyone in Kumo or Suna, and when Konoha becomes the last village standing, Kabuto resurrects the whole entire Uchiha clan, Madara transplants their eyes back into their eyeball sockets, and the Uchiha attack Konoha

    2. Nagato get’s back on the machine, chakra rods get pierced in all the other resurrected Akatsuki memebers, so now their vision becomes his, Itachi will have a Mangekyou Rinnegan

    3. Chimey, Chimey, Co Co puff. My mind is blank now

  3. @rinnengan invasion: see this is why I’m a little hesitant on the true power of edo tensei. If the resurrected nagato ha alllll of his abilities than madara has no need for sasuke to merge for the gedo statue. However even given kabuto can supposedly resurrect them (which I’m still not convince this is a real edo tensei by kabuto seeing as how he is a master manipulator and could fake the bodies used. ) there seems to be a reason why madara still needs sasuke to be the link. Kabuto from what We have seen may be powerful but I’m not sure he can take out several nations by themselves.also madara agreed to hand over sasuke when he is done with him but if madara takes his eyes than what real vengeance can kabuto take if sasuke is near death ot extremely weakened? If the risen bodies are legitimetly the same strength as the originals than yes kabuto is powerful indeed. But something tells me there is more to this than meets the eye. If this jutsu is really that strong than madara should have.found a way to use it rez nagato himself and not worry about fedora maza.

  4. No-one ever references my comments. I guess I’m a little too scatterbrained -.-‘

    I like your theory Rinnegan 😀 I would be nice if we got to see Madara go plop with the eyes XD

    Who was Gedo Mazo anyway?

  5. i think gedo mazo is more like a holding vessel. it will hold the tailed beasts at bay. the person madara is talking about syncing with it becomes able to use or manipulate the tailed beasts power. I.E. the person who syncs with it can use the beasts chakra, and perhaps some of there different abilities.

    however the real question is why no one has actually synced with it. i think the only way someone can actually sync with the statue is if all of the 9 tailed beasts are stored inside. afterall if it didnt need all 9 someone probaly pein would have all ready synced with it and started using its power, whatever that may be.

    so i suspect that gedo-mazo will be completly useless in the long run since naruto has the kyubi. the problem is madara can probaly add and remove the tailed beasts from gedo mazo to make new jinchurikki’s at will.

    madara clearly has some sort of alterior motive in this war as he has a plan he had to change a bit when he took in kabuto to akatsuki. everything we know about madara is sub-sub plot’s. he is alway manipulating the scene to favor himself, now is no different.

    what do i want to see.
    1-naruto learning a new technique that isnt a variation on the rasengan.

    2-naruto learning how to extend his rasengan into a sword like structure similar to sasuke’s. (yeah i know counter productive to point 1, but still. imagine the power of that technique.)

    3-a large scale fight in which kisame dies in the near future in a fight with bee and naruto (on the island) that would be a great way to end this arc.

    4-sasuke, sakura, ten ten and choji all dead.

    5-naruto finnaly aproach hinata about her love. dammit kishi. give us a freakin bone all ready. a huge confession like that and then naruto disapears for the kage summit and the training almost immediately.

    wow, looking back on this i think i should really use spellcheck.

  6. @narurler12
    Gedo Mazo was the personal summon of Nagato that can rip the soul out of people bodies it also collects the tailed beast. Lol Your comment was good all the way to the point were you say Pein could never be God, Pein was God, and that is why Madara relied on him so much, and thanks for liking my theory :-# I wrote it before but I guess it was looked over

    Kabuto isn’t so much of a master manipulator, alot of things he say turns out to be true. Madara is the Master manipulator, he’s manipulated the entire Akatsuki, Sasuke, Pein, 4th Mizukage, and possibly his brother Izuna and Naruto’s mom Kushina

    But like you say, Kabuto can’t be trusted but right now he looks like the strongest villian, he’s definitely going to outlast and cause more damage then Kisame and Zetsu. I wonder how Sasuke will feel seeing his brother get used like a puppet, I bet Sasuke is turning good near the end of this battle

  7. Honestly I hope sasuke doesn’t…. I’m tired of the villoan who at the last second is redeemed.I can respect a villain that although wrong holds true to his views…. makes for a unexpected twist. And I’m sure sasuke will not like his brother used as a puppet lol.

  8. @Bringerofkaos
    These the characters I want dead

    Choji’s Parents
    Tsunade’s pig
    Konoha’s elders
    Udon ( the lil kid with the glasses )
    Almost everyone from Suna ( what service do they provide? )
    Karin pf

  9. Meh, I think Pain was god-like, but he was no god. I mean, he was almighty and powerful, but he was no god…Okay, maybe a little, but he was NO FRIKKIN GOD XD

    All the characters I want dead:

    and Shii

  10. well looking at naruruler’s theory, i would normally say nooo way that’s guna happen; however, due to recent events in the manga, i have learned not to dismiss any theory no matter how crazy i think it is.

    ppl i want dead:
    sasuke othr friend (not the watr guy)
    mizukage’s body guard (with byakugan eye)
    konoha elders
    naruto’s gay half

  11. As to the idea of Kabuto taking out 3 to 4 villages alone, no way. I mean all the ones he resurrected were beaten by children in the first place and I find it hard to believe that, say for instance, Kumo was attacked that there wouldn’t we a bunch of Jonin capable of handling that group and the Raikage handing Kabuto his ass. Think about it, the Raikage is so tough Sasuke had to practically hack the naruverse to survive haha. Not to mention they also still have KB. Point is, he’s a crafty som-bitch, but not a one man army.

  12. @Eagles87
    The only Akatsuki memebers that were beat fair and square was Deidara ( but the question is, could Sasuke defeat him without the curse mark? ), the other members were ganged up, like almost 90% of the enemies in this series and past series were ganged up, many others call it teamwork lol.

    The Raikage can’t take on Kabuto by himself, he still has 1 arm. All Kabuto has to do is use Sasori 1000 puppets & Kakazu to blow his whole village away, I say he takes out atleast 3 out of 5 countries because I don’t think the countries are gonna know what hit them.

    Remember Akatsuki was a organization that most nations used because they were not strong enough to fight their own wars. Killerbee is with Naruto at a island next to Kumo. Kabuto could attack while they’re training or while their fighting Kisame, Sasuke was having problems with Killer Bee not the Raikage, but right now it’s no telling what Sasuke can do now

  13. Cool post, I truly believe that over the next two weeks, we really need to come up with theories to discuss. I am in the process of writing one about tailed beasts.
    I have been wondering about how this summon will be summoned now that Nagato is dead. But I think the answer lies in the fact that it is all shackled up, kind of like Madara asked Pein to restrain the Summon in the event of his death in order to fulfill their plans

  14. the thing we are ignoring is the actual strengh of kabuto’s edo-tensi. when we saw oro use it against konoha the 3rd hokage was able to take out both of oro”s summons, and really hurt oro as well before he died and he was old as dust. yeah the summons were able to use techniques but this sugests that there fighting power is probaly weekend.

    we also dont know the downside of edo-tensi. i mean the summons cant have unlimited chakra, so do they have the amount equal to what they had when they were alive? or are they drawing chakra from the person who summond them?

    on top of thatdo we know that kabuto actually controls the techniques they use, or just controls the summons and the summon uses there techniques as they see fit. plus when you think about sasori, most of his puppets were destroyed, does edo tensi resurect all his broken puppets as well, or does his fighting strength take a nose dive?

  15. @Rinnegan Invasion, even if Kabuto used Sasori and the 1000 puppets the Raikage is still fast as hell so he could smash through 1000 puppets before there was anything to worry about., plus I doubt he would have to fight him all alone. I mean in chess you never leave the king unattended and I highly doubt that during times of war that Kumo will be like “Hey Raikage, we’re gonna go do some stuff so hold down the fort on your own ok?” My point on this is he’d have a bodyguard or two to help with any extras Kabuto would bring to the fight. While Kabuto is dangerous, I don’t think of him as much of a powerhouse outside of edo tensai which can be handled. Granted most of his Orochimaru powers haven’t been shown but I’m not horribly impressed.

    As for the akatsuki being ganged up on, well yeah that’s how it went down. But the were ganged up on by kids dude, regular little chunin and Kakashi was there for Kakuzu and Chiyo manipulated Sakura. By bringing them into battle against a village the more experienced village jonin could gang up and beat them faster. The exceptions to this I think are Itachi and Nagato, depending on if they have the full range of their powers when they’re summoned.

  16. @cesc: That makes me feel SO wonderful 😐

  17. @ naruruler13

    About Pain being a god (I think this can be dedicated to John => Jiraiya FTW! 🙂 ):

  18. lolz@Wo Ai Ni

  19. i think gedo mazo is the juubi’s body that can be summoned from the moon! that explains why it can contain the tailed beasts! just my theory.

  20. @Wo Ai Ni
    I laughed at those picture even Pain doesn’t know 😉 . hahaha
    Oh question, did you find the interview source or find if it was fake?

  21. @Eagle87
    Yea the Raikage is fast, and I know Kumo shonobi won’t let the Raikage fight by himself. I thought you were talking about one on one between the Raikage vs Kabuto (using Sasori) remember Sasori also uses poison when he fights, and he also has the 3rd Kazekage as a puppet (also known as the strongest Kage in Suna that ever lived)

    Kabuto could catch their whole village off guard, you seen how easily Sasuke and his team invaded. Although you may not be impressed with Kabuto yet, just look at his entire arsonal. He’s the best Shonobi for War.

    I don’t view a 16 yr old to be a kid IMO, and like I said before, Nations were hired Akatsuki in past wars to win battles. If each country were so strong why didn’t they use their experienced Jonin to win their wars for them?? If they were afraid to lose their best shonobi that makes them look weak

    I’m going for the bad side, even though I know they’re gonna lose in the end 😦

  22. I meant to say nations hired Akatsuki

  23. sasori uses poisons however his body is not naturally full of it… if kabuto res’d him he would not have the poison kabuto would have to make some of it. Also sasoris actual body is a puppet so techinically wouldnt the sasori that pops up be of his old human body? a puppet isnt a soul so his puppet body shouldnt be res’d or thats just retarded lol. Also sasuke and his team evaded the land of iron… however we saw how much of a ass whooping he took by the hands of 1 man (the raikage) the land of iron seems to be laughably weak and the kages are all pretty decent fighters. I know its hard to say that edo tensei could be beat but think about it… if kabuto really is that powerful what use does he have for madaras help???? kabuto is obviously hiding either A the flaw in his technique or B edo tensei is not as souped up as one would think. Hell kabuto could have stayed back and waited for a big event to happen and than attack sasuke when he was unsuspecting… But why did he instead go to madara (who he knows is using sauke probably) and out loud state his intentions?? its bizarre that he would give madara a glimpse of his plans and tell him he wants to kill sasuke. And you ask y hire akatsuki instead of using their own jonin… hell thats easy; if u can get strangers to fight your battles while you train your jonin more and make them stronger y not do it lol. Why risk losing some of your prized ninjas if u can hire a group to do the very same thing!

  24. “Why risk losing some of your prized ninjas if u can hire a group to do the very same thing”. Very same thing of what?? If the nations Jonin had the same power and abilities Akatsuki members had, it would make no sense to hire Akatsuki in the 1st place. The real question is, Why were their Jonin not trained for battle in the first place. Rin & Obito (9yr olds) were chunin when they fought in war, what are the other nations excuse? What is the point of having a ANBU squad? But who knows, maybe the nations defense were not all that great

    Not only did Akatsuki fought wars for different nations, they also were hired to spy, and carry out assassinations

    What does Kabuto have to hide?? I know he tricked Naruto and Sakura in pt 1, but you’re not suppose to let your enemy know what you’re thinking. Kabuto said he has took Edo Tensei to a whole different level then Oro and the 2nd Hoakge.
    No one never said he was the most powerful, even after shocking Madara with the 6th coffin, Madara told Kabuto if he tried anything funny that Madara will kill him. So Madara might be the most powerful, who knows we haven’t seen nothing from him other than his defense, and he is also good at manipulating people so he could have been bluffing

    There is no flaws in Kabuto’s abilities, and if there is any, we haven’t seen it yet. Kabuto is gonna be effective just wait and see. Madara still has 7 out of 9 tailed beast, Kisame is still out there, Zetsu might have more abilities than shown. Remember wars never end quick, Naruto can’t protect everyone, and the countries don’t know when they might get attacked

  25. With 9 eyes Gedo Mazo had to be the original container of the Bijuu when the sage split the juubi.

    But since we see it with a bandage around it’s eyes when Nagato used it against Hanzo I guess at some point, maybe when the Sage himself died, the bijuu must have been released or escaped Gedo Mazo.

    Now, since in that battle Gedo Mazo used Nagato’s chakra to attack, I guess it’s possible that it could be an ‘ultimate weapon’ type of deal when fully “awakened” (think Final Fantasy VII), but what I’ve always hoped would happen is that Akatsuki would reseal the Bijuu into their members for some super charged badass fights.

  26. @Rinnegan Invasion, Fair enough points. I suppose we’ll just have to see how things play out, should be interesting.

  27. I don’t think the Edo Tensei technique itself has a real significance, maybe the body Madara is afraid has significance but not the technique! The Gedo is a huge piece to Madaraa plan because of its power, it holds seven of the nine bijuu and thats what everyone is after!

  28. Well the perfect body would be naruto’s with sasukes eyes i would imagine!

  29. Hey could Kabuto sync the bodies from the Edo Tensei to the Gedo Mazo? I was just wondering with Suigetsu and Juugo in the Land of Iron and Karin in Konoha how Madara plans to get the statue up and running again.Of course I can’t forget that Kisame is stuck in the Land of Lightning.
    Seriously, when are the other storylines coming back into play

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